Leezy is a master of contrasts.

At just 21 years old, the Chicago-based singer-songwriter exudes a wisdom far beyond her years. Leezy is unable to remember a time when she wasn’t singing — she recalls a musical childhood, surrounded by theater and the arts. She’s kept a daily journal since she was ten years old, always ready to be in touch with her internal dialogue.

At first, Leezy was resistant to the idea of pursuing music seriously, considering it a refreshing hobby. In a role reversal not experienced by many young creatives, it was actually her mother who encouraged her to consider a professional route, even buying her an electric keyboard. Leezy continued writing and recorded her first song upon arriving in Chicago at age 18.

Following her youth in the Bay Area, Leezy faced (and overcame) a new challenge. Young adulthood proved to be a battlefield of depression and addiction for the artist, and she made the decision to admit herself into treatment. Her time there was healing in more ways than one: not only was Leezy able to receive professional help, she also began to see her music in a new light. From a talent show among other patients to times of introspection during outpatient treatment, Leezy realized that music was, in fact, her calling. Becoming sober at nineteen is a victory in and of itself, and Leezy was ready to dive into the next chapter of her life with enthusiasm.

Now, Leezy has worked to lock in her own sound, never relinquishing the memory of her darker chapters. Managing to incorporate the rock elements of the late 90s and early 2000s into her bright sound, Leezy matches her penchant for the gritty and authentic with her honest stories. She is inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith but speaks to a new generation with her unique life experience, hoping to make listeners feel less alone in their individual journeys, particularly other young people.

Her latest single, “Sierra,” is a hopeful, dramatic ode to the resilience of the human spirit and will be available everywhere on March 11th. With vocals reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, honesty in the style of Billie Eilish, and a full backing band to bring everything to life, “Sierra” is Leezy’s most vulnerable work yet — an impressive feat, considering her existing catalogue.

In her own words, Leezy describes the track as a chronicle of her journey from rock bottom to sobriety, an accomplishment for which she recently acknowledged the two-year mark. “The biggest thing is that the song is about my own personal journey, and that’s where I drew inspiration from — but regardless of if you’ve struggled with addiction, everyone has struggled with something, and everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to get better.”

Lenni describes “Then Arise” as a “take me to church” song. The organ rings throughout the entire song that builds into an ensemble-like anthem. “It feels remarkably good to sing it,” shares Lenni. “I wanted a bit of that gospel feel for this song, so we brought in an amazing gospel singer. Her voice was so immense, she sang the whole choir and brought goose-bump-power to each chorus. The song isn’t a velvet glove. It’s the kick in the ass that we all need sometimes to get back out into life.” It’s a musical sermon about perseverance.

The powerful song was written by Lenni’s husband, Robert Revel, as an antidote to the severe depression and self-judgment that mired his life for a period of about 18 months. “I was in a deeply precarious place,” he recalls. “I was so disturbingly bereft I could feel a dark edge approaching, and finally one day my brother helped set me straight on the phone.” After that phone call, Robert wrote “Then Arise” in about 15 minutes. He knew it was time to either check out or check in. “That song gave me my answer,” he offers, “I got up.”  

Lenni’s own transformative story began years before the couple’s meeting as well, with fancy LA A&R execs vying to work with her; her promo image plastered on the digital billboard in Times Square pushing her new pop single, a song submitted for consideration in 5 Grammy categories in 2015. Yet Lenni’s pop dream dissolved soon thereafter when she chose to get clean and kick her Adderall addiction cold-turkey in a backyard shed. The ensuing withdrawals escalated severely into a psychotic episode, culminating in her admission to a psych ward on a mandatory suicide watch. Once released from the facility, Lenni chose to commit to her sobriety completely by stepping away from the business of music entirely. Affirming a fresh start, she deleted all her amassed social media accounts, effectively wiping away her presence from the internet.

A week after her 25th birthday, Lenni felt healthy enough to get back into the world. Taking baby steps to gainful employment again, she responded to a Craigslist ad to help someone pack up their garage in preparation to move. That someone was Robert Revel, her future husband.

Unbroken, the soon to be released 8-song album represents her thematic rebirth and reclamation from the clutches of mental health struggles and the exploration of what it means to be truly free. With her husband Robert penning most of the Unbroken album’s songs, the magic of their collaboration has become strikingly apparent. Lenni’s future in music is now established with her return to the music industry and the redemptive release of the singer song-writer’s new debut album.

Lenni and Robert form the 2-person crew behind all of her music videos. Robert directs, shoots, and edits the short films together. For the “Then Arise” music video, the couple hopped in a converted sprinter van and lived in it for a month while driving across the country, shooting in 8 states and 22 locations. From Florida to California, Lenni can be seen in a Sargent Pepper like outfit, performing “Then Arise” on mountain tops, down a highway meridian, at a carnival, amongst wind turbines and many other scenes. This incredible 4-minute video was 6 months in the making; try not to smile while watching it. 

“Sad Ghost” is a stunning slow burn alt pop single chronicling the feelings of being stuck in life. With moonlight-tinted synths under ari’s pristine vocals and an intoxicating bass heavy drop to boot, “Sad Ghost” is a delectable infusion of pop, electronic and alt R&B.  The song is a deeply confessional track, with ari showing a raw vulnerability and a new side of herself that listeners have yet to see. On the meaning of the haunting single ari confides, “It’s about getting a little too familiar with an emotion that you probably shouldn’t, and allowing yourself to get a little too comfortable and stuck in that place of being. There’s a vacancy in my presence in this song or almost lack thereof, meant to signify the moment I noticed that I felt whatever this was for so long, I could barely even feel it at all anymore if that makes sense. Feeling alone, secluded, tired, tired of being disappointed and let down. Eventually the easiest thing to do becomes numbing yourself from it almost entirely. “Sad Ghost” is the voice I gave to that numbness.”

“Sad Ghost” is the second single off of her upcoming EP It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2.  The darker sister follows her critically acclaimed EP It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1, which garnered acclaim by the likes of LADYGUNN who described it as a “fiercely and empowering EP” and by NOTION who proclaimed ari as a “dark pop siren who is one to watch”. It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2 explores the rollercoasters of everyday life, the emotional upheaval and complexity of being human as well as the theme of acceptance. Both EPs encompass the upcoming album It’s Not That Deep, an honest and bold storybook about unapologetically stepping into your power and a riveting soundtrack of entering your Villain Era. Each Chapter is a collage of stories and experiences that were derived to hone in on the concept of reclaiming your power. 

ari hicks has firmly proved herself as a top artist to watch this year. Reigning as a Live Nation’s “Ones to Watch 2022” with nearly 200k TikTok followers and earning acclaim from the likes of Wonderland, Vogue, Alt Press and many more. She further has over 7 million streams across platforms and her music has received acclaim from popular Spotify playlists including New Music Friday, Pop Rising, Pop Sauce and SALT among others. 

MORNING TOURIST – the alias of rising London alt/folk act Sean McKinney – is pleased to present his brand new single: “Small Flame”. The track arrives as the first taster of a brand new album, ‘The Endless Eve’, which will arrive in 2023.


Revolving around an idea that could have stemmed from the minds of H.G. Wells or Aldous Huxley, “Small Flame” is a sci-fi love song filled with what-ifs and parallel realities, dreams and decisions. Imagining a world in which we could freeze time at the peak of a relationship, “before the honeymoon is inevitably over and the once intense gold rush of new love gives way to a reality of more sedate, sobering thoughts and fears for the future”, “Small Flame” is a song that steps into the shoes of a central protagonist caught-up by such daydreams. 

As Sean McKinney AKA Morning Tourist explains of the track:

“Most of the song was written in the passionate haze of a new relationship, but was ultimately completed following its ending. By the conclusion of the song, the perspective of the author has changed from one of a charmed romantic, to that of a rueful self saboteur. While this song was written with the benefit of hindsight, its competing voices are not just reflective, but illustrate the pessimistic thoughts one tries to dismiss at a time when things are actually going well and life is good”.  

Hawthorne Heights have released their honest and emotionally-driven new single ‘Dandelions’ today via Pure Noise Records. This is the bands first new music since the release of their 2021 album The Rain Just Follows Me. 

Speaking about the new single front man JT Woodruff said ‘During the summer, I was walking through the most desperate and desolate place I’ve ever been, which is Bombay Beach, located in the Salton Sea area of California.  It is a perfect example of how we are quite literally ruining the world we live in, for our own temporary amusement.  This place was once a vacation destination for Hollywood celebrities in the golden age of America, and we ruined it because of over fertilisation and chemical runoff.  Now it is basically a cautionary tale of paradise being turned to dust.  It made me realise how temporary we are, and how we must fight to protect the most beautiful parts of our world, and ourselves.  I felt like it was a perfect metaphor for how we are all using the internet to ruin ourselves, and how the last few years have turned us against the ones we’ve loved, and turned us into something we never wanted to be.  But hope is out there, and as we all work to rebuild and repair, we can’t help but feel like insignificant dandelion pods blowing in the breeze.’

Buzzing bedroom-soul singer/songwriter Noah Guy releases his latest single “SMALL TALK CAROLINA” featuring the GRAMMY Award-winning collective The Spirit of New Orleans Gospel Choir. Get it HERE via 10K Projects.

A collaborative effort, the smooth and soulful track brings together the talents of a multitude of award-winning musicians, artists and instrumentalists. Beautifully backing Noah’s raw, dreamy vocals is The Spirit of New Orleans Gospel who received a GRAMMY Award for their contributions on Jon Batiste’s “Freedom.” Beyond that, Noah also tapped in with GRAMMY, Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated multi-instrumentalist Solomon Fox, Emmy award-winning jazz artist Braxton Cook and Tampa-born R&B recording artist Amaria who all collaborated on the song.

“SMALL TALK CAROLINA” will be featured on the LA-based singer’s upcoming EP WHO’S TAKEN TIME?! (ACT I)arriving on November 11th. Also on the project, will be previous singles 5 MO’ MINUTES and 2 DOGS 1 LEASH,” a dreamy tune thatquickly surpassed the 1.7 million stream mark and gained acclaim from the likes of Billboard, 1883 Magazine and more. Fans can pre-save it HERE.

Get acquainted with exciting newcomer SOMOH (Pronounced Soe-Mow”) who today releases your latest new indie-alternative obsession, “Anything.”  Much like her upcoming tracks on her debut EP “A Plan To Get Home” out next year, this track is a profoundly emotional, well-crafted song that explores her relatable feelings of love, friendship, family, and hardship.  “Anything” is available everywhere online via Tiny Library Records.

Give SOMOH’s “Anything” a listen now;

Speaking about “Anything,” SOMOH whose real name is Sophia Mohan said “This song is about coming to terms with your love for someone & knowing that you’d do just about anything for them. It’s a scary but beautiful feeling to fall that deeply for a person.” The song was produced and mixed by Joel Johnston, who has also produced and mixed SOMOH’s entire debut EP out on his own label, penciled in Spring 2023.

Speaking about her upcoming releases, SOMOH said “I’m really proud of this body of work, it’s been a long time coming. The main focus of this EP is about the transitional stages of life from childhood to your early 20s where part of you doesn’t feel ready to face all the changes. I think these songs convey a lot of those situations you have to deal with as you realise the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (e.g falling in love, coming to realisations about the people around you, how you treat yourself). I hope that people listening can find a part of their own story in my songs, it’s always nice to feel like you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.

Knuckle Puck, one of the aggressive pop-punk genre’s preeminent forces has signed to Pure Noise Records, and the future is looking bright.

“We could use this as an opportunity to put forth clichéd and tired expressions of “we couldn’t be more excited” or “stoked to announce..!” says the band.  “But we think there is more worth and promise in simply saying this: we are working on a record that will be out next year on Pure Noise and we are immensely grateful to finally be working side-by-side with them. “

Today, the band put their first single out on the new home- “Groundhog Day”

“Groundhog Day is a song about being in the throes of depression. Repeating patterns, ignoring your well-being, and isolating yourself until you finally make a change.” Says Joe Taylor.

I’m thrilled to share my debut solo EP with you. Golden Hour: First Things First is out now on 604 Records, produced by Pedro Dzelme

Putting myself out there as a solo artist, after years with Marianas Trench as bassist, took some time to wrap my head around. But I was going crazy not making music because, like everyone else, we were on this forced hiatus during the pandemic. When the songs started coming, it was like, “I have no choice. I’ve got to do this, even if just for myself.” I just started at the beginning rather than worry about the end. That made everything less daunting. I had been having an unusually hard time with my moods. I was wondering why I couldn’t shake the heaviness that was weighing me down. It confused me because I’m a happy, optimistic person by nature. Pushing through the resistance anyway, with the music, ended up being the way out for me. In these five songs, I found hope.I was inspired by how complex feelings and emotions are. It’s never as simple as “I’m happy” or “I’m sad,” it’s always more complicated than that. I found Golden Hour was a beautiful symbol for those mixed feelings of life. The sunrise is all about possibility, potential, and rebirth. And sunset, to me, is a time of reconciliation, thinking about what you haven’t accomplished or where you have been let down, celebrating the victories and agonizing over the defeats, but also realizing new potential always lies ahead, and the next day, when that sun rises, all those hopes, dreams, aspirations, expectations, yet again, await to be pursued, whether they’re accomplished or not. And we only find out by living the day!

Kaleidoscope” is about meeting my wife, Emily, but thinking I’d never see her again. We had this magical day together but we lived thousands of miles apart, and it could never work. But here I am, literally in the best place I’ve ever been. That has reaffirmed for me that the decisions I’ve made personally and professionally – whether they felt right or wrong at the time – still led me to the place I need to be.

The magical lyric video can be viewed on my YouTube channel. This song sounds dreamy and surreal, like how the world feels when you are first falling in love. When time is fleeting, both melting slowly and passing by so quickly, as if you’re having to live and leave a dream all in the same day.

Thank you for checking Golden Hour: First Things First. Please follow me on Instagram and TikTok for future updates.


Indiana based rising artist Nathan Archie makes his long awaited debut with the reveal of stunning  offering, Hurt Me Enough.  On the back of videos of him singing he has amassed over a million followers on Tiktok and has already been cosigned by Justin Bieber, Ty Dolla Sign, Metro Boomin and Sam Smith.  Hurt Me Enough is spellbinding in its beauty, combining deeply personal songwriting and goosebump inducing vocals to devastating effect. Check out the video for the track HERE.

In further exciting news, Nathan Archie will be appearing on Fred Again’s upcoming album Actual Life 3, set for release via Atlantic on October 28th. The track Nathan ( Still Breathing) has already been teased on Fred’s IG (Check out slide number 3 for a listen). 

You know you have something special when you can hold your own with Keith Urban.

Flashback to 2014: new Slaight Music signing Roslyn Witter won a radio station singing contest that earned her a live duet appearance with Urban during one of the country music superstar’s concerts in Witter’s hometown of Hamilton, ON. 

Joining the guitar-slinging Australian onstage to help christen the opening of Tim Horton Stadium for an impromptu rendition of “We Were Us” – his duet with Miranda Lambert – Witter did such an amazing job in front of 20,000 people that Urban kneeled and lowered his hands in a respectful gesture of worship. Later, he sent her a personally autographed guitar to express his gratitude.  

“Getting to sing onstage with Keith Urban was insane,” Witter recalls. ” After that performance – there was no feeling like having the crowd sing and cheer for you.”

Witter not only treasured the memory: it whetted her appetite for more.

Aptly fit for Halloween season, flipturn today releases the official video for their song “Sad Disco,” one of the standouts from their debut album Shadowglow. In the 1950s sci-fi/ horror inspired visual, the band stars alongside a few friends to make up a ragtag cast of characters enjoying a summer night by the lake. The night ends up being corrupted by a creature from outer space and the gang must spring into action. The video directed by Casey Pierce, features exaggerated cuts and zooms reminiscent of the horror genre at this time – Watch.

The lyrical story behind “Sad Disco” takes the cliché of “helplessly in love” and giving it a much more literal meaning. As the song progresses and the plot of the video thickens, we see that all the monster wants is someone to love.

On the inception of the video, lead guitarist Tristan Duncan said, “When we were recording ‘Sad Disco’, we were staying in this Airbnb in LA that really spooked us. We somehow convinced ourselves that the place was haunted and we often joked about it. But then there was one night where a car pulled up outside and waited there for a bit; and in our normal paranoid antics, we were freaked out about them watching us. After that, the topic of having something horror-themed for ‘Sad Disco’ came up.”

Future just uncovered the music video for “MASSAGING ME. Watch it here. It remains yet another standout from his critically adored platinum-certified 2022 chart-topper, I NEVER LIKED YOU.

This time around for “MASSAGING ME, Future turns up surrounded by bikini-clad models. The visual lives up to its title as it’s shot through hazy colorful filters as the icon raps directly to the camera. Once again, he delivers a sexy, slick, and scorching clip to accompany this banger.

In addition, pre-orders for the I NEVER LIKED YOU vinyl also launched today, available in colors buttercream and purple. Get them here.

Stay tuned for more from 21st century rap’s undisputed King very soon.

Recently, Future  received recognition from the RIAA in observance of over 95 million units certified throughout his career thus far. This honor notably encompasses 9 albums and 68 separate songs as he inches towards 100 million units awarded (counting US sales and streams) and earns one of the highest totals in the history of the 65-year-old program according to the RIAA. Future was also presented with a plaque for his record-breaking album I NEVER LIKED YOU reaching Gold status, while WAIT FOR Ufeaturing Drake hit double-Platinum andPUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ certified Gold. 

Christened “one of hip-hop’s most refreshing voices” by Pitchfork, Smino is one of the game’s most dynamic musical disruptors. Raised in a family of musicians, the rapper, writer, and producer began playing drums in his native St. Louis at an early age. As an adult, he moved to Chicago and connected with Classick Studios to release his first two EPs, S!ck S!ck S!ck and blkjuptr. In 2017, Smino dropped his debut album blkswn–hailed by Rolling Stone as one of the ‘40 Best Rap Albums of the Year’–and followed that with the 2018 release of NØIR, which landed on year-end lists from ComplexThe AtlanticREVOLT, and more. Between those critically acclaimed projects, he has generated over half-a-billion streams and counting in addition to selling out US headline tours in 2017 and 2019. Furthermore, Smino is a thread in the contemporary artist community with standout feature verses with Doja Cat, J. Cole, EARTHGANG, and Chance the Rapper, among others. He’s also appeared in campaigns for DKNY, Billionaire Boys Club, and Topicals Skincare. In 2021, Smino inked a deal with Motown Records (in partnership with his independent label Zero Fatigue) and will unveil his deepest vision yet with his forthcoming album, Luv 4 Rent, releasing October 28th. The album boasts singles “90 Proof” [with J. Cole] and “Matinee.” Smino is also set to co-headline his Luv Is 4Ever Tour with JID, kicking off January 2023.

Tomboy” is the second single from A STARR following her debut release “No Filter,” which was co-written with Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Poo Bear (Justin Bieber, Usher, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez) and produced by Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Shndō (Justin Bieber’s “Peaches”). The track quickly garnered over two million streams following its release, along with media support from Ones To Watch, Spindle Magazine, and HAZZE Media and finds A STARR unapologetically and authentically introducing herself to the world. 

Gravitating towards music since she was a toddler, A STARR quickly found a creative outlet through entertaining and began to develop her presence as a performer, acting in multiple school plays and performing in talent shows. It wasn’t long before A STARR caught the attention of Poo Bear who saw something different in the young artist and they immediately dove into writing and recording with the legend’s support, unlocking her talents like never before.

Indie rock band, Phoneboy is thrilled to release their new single “Runaway” that is out now and featured on Wonderland Magazine.
The band says, This song is basically describing a manic episode. Young adults are especially prone to overthink their purpose, how people perceive them, and their complacency. In these spirals, people make drastic changes to feel control or just need someone to reassure them. These feelings of fear and confusion/mania are what this song is trying to portray.
In support of their new music, the band will be hitting the road with The Happy Fits starting in November till the end of the year.

hip-hop’s resident rockstar Tyla Yaweh releases “Sex Symbol,” a stylish new single laced with emphatic flexes and unrelenting cool. Listen HERE via London Entertainment/Epic Records. Taken from his upcoming album RAGER BØYthe song comes today with an official music video. Watch HERE

Skittering over thumping 808s and a ghostly vocal sample, Tyla uses the track to outline the details of his rockstar-worthy lifestyle. “This a custom issue, diamonds look like Skittles, I hang with the hitters,” he raps. Carefree, yet tethered to a murky soundscape, “Sex Symbol” emanates the chaotic energy of life in the fast lane. The music video, which was directed by Loris Russier [SiR, Ella Mai], encapsulates this mood throughout with eye-catching performance footage.

Sex Symbol” sets the stage for Tyla’s album, RAGER BØYThe project is an even denser dose of the electric blend of melody and visceral thrills that propelled Tyla to stardom. It’s as much an album title as it is a lifestyle: RAGE, according to Tyla, is an acronym for Release All Good Energy.

Continuing a banner year, history-making GRAMMY® Award-nominated Louisiana-bred rapper and one of the most-listened to artists in the world YoungBoy Never Broke Again and his Never Broke Again collective dropped a new single and music video entitled “Searching” [feat. Ten] via Never Broke Again, LLC/Motown Records. Listen to “Searching” HERE, and watch the music video for “Searching” HERE

“Searching” places Ten’s talents front-and-center. His incisive flow cuts right through the trap production as he dips in and out of intense bars. He chants, “I’m up in the trench, you know where I stay,” through syncopated delivery. The accompanying visual opens a window into his world. The camera catches him in the back of a car and outside in the neighborhood as he turns up. Meanwhile, bright graphic novel-style editing adds another dimension to the track as special effects race across the screen. 

The new single sets the stage for the arrival of the crew’s anxiously awaited compilation mixtape, Nightmare On 38th St, releasing on October 28th. Pre-order it HERE

Austin, TX-based Urban Heat is a three-piece post-punk band known for their magnetic blend of immersive new wave sounds and dark pop hooks woven with lyrics of timely socially conscious messages. The result is a cathartic and nostalgic listening experience, delivering musings on existence and romanticism against a penetrating industrial gothic pulse.

Heavily influenced by 80s post-punk and dark wave, Urban Heat combines striking synths, Hortsmann’s throaty baritone, and unexpected melodies with hints of melancholy fused together for a signature spellbinding journey. The band formed in 2019 when multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jonathan Horstmann enlisted Kevin Naquin and Paxel Foley to form a live show based on his analog sound design.  After running in the same musical circles for years, the three members decided to form a supergroup of diverse rock artists in the Austin music scene.“There’s not a ton of other Black musicians in Austin who play rock, and having that representation was important to me.” confides Horstmann.

Finding inspiration in processing life-changing current events, navigating mental health crises as well as “exploring the different ways our minds cope with a slow-moving apocalypse,” Urban Heat began releasing music in 2019 and have since shared a series of thought-provoking singles as well as an EP. 

The band’s 2022 six-song EP Wellness is a raw and authentic narrative on coping with mental health issues. From the things that trigger us, to the ways we cope, Wellness explores “disenfranchisement, nostalgia, self-doubt, and depression,” confides Jonathan Horstmann. The collection of introspective songs also provides a level of comfort, reminding listeners that they are not alone and we’re all going to get through this together. Leading single “City Lights” details the small moments in time that make life memorable and special. From sharing stories until late in the evening to bonding with the ones you love, the track discusses the passage of time and how getting older becomes easier when you have healthy ways to cope. Emanating with soaring synths, warm basslines, and echoing post-punk inspired vocals, “City Lights” is a euphoric and introspective listen. “Have You Ever?” “is about questioning everything you’ve been taught and those times that truth seems more like a thick fog than a stone tablet,” foretells Horstmann. The existential single lives in the questions, bringing listeners a relatable anthem. With gripping midnight-pitched landscapes under Horstmann’s explosive vocals, “Have You Ever?” fuses pop, punk, new wave, and rock for a compelling listen. Urban Heat enlisted the help of Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist and producer Party Nails to write and sing a verse, adding a fascinating dimension to the upcoming new take on the original viral single.
Urban Heat is known for their eruptive and undeniably engaging musical performances, earning them slots at acclaimed festivals including Austin City Limits, SXSW, Freakout Fest, Levitation, and more. The trio has been praised by the likes of KUTX of NPR, and many others, earning their spot as a new and influential band to watch.

Reaching for hope and determination in the face of adversity – DEUX FURIEUSES – return with “Our Day Will Come”, the final track  to be taken from their new album ‘Songs From Planet Earth’. 

The duo are also gearing up for a support tour with Skinny Lister this Autumn, as well as a headline album release show at London’s Lexington on 18 November.


Arriving at a time where political resistance and insurgence against inequality has never felt so urgent, “Our Day Will Come” blends rousing punk rhythms with a glimmering sense of hope for the future.

With blistering electric guitar lines, impending drums that clang like a rallying call for the masses, and impassioned vocals that tell the tale of a world in tatters, Deux Furieuses explain:

“”Our Day Will Come” was written during the COVID-19 pandemic at a time when we couldn’t sing out loud for fear of aerosol transmission. ‘Sing it out without any fear’ was hope for the future.”

South African deep house duo Artwork Sounds teams up with Russell Zuma and CocoSA for “Inkululeko” – released as the inaugural single under OUT OF ORDER (OOO), a brand-new label initiative launched by Warner Music. 

With Artwork Sounds dominating the exploding Amapiano scene in recent times, thanks to their masterful take on the globally flourishing genre – explained by Rolling Stone as “bright, jazzy dance music” – “Inkululeko” hears the duo effortlessly join forces with renowned talents Russell Zuma and CocoSA, serving undeniable artistic chemistry in what is sure to become another staple on the Amapiano scene the world over.

Fusing sunny, sweeping pad synths with alluring bass stabs and a soulful deep house groove, “Inkululeko” is a sensational introduction to the upcoming OOO: AFRO album from OUT OF ORDER. 


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