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Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Reunite For Apple’s Forthcoming Film ‘The Instigators’

Matt Damon and Casey Affleck have signed on for a forthcoming heist film titled ‘The Instigators’. It will debuted on Apple TV+ and be produced by Ben Affleck. The last time this trio was working on the same film, it was the award winning ‘The award-winning trio previously starred in the acclaimed 1997 film ‘Good Will Hunting’.

‘The Instigators’ will be directed by Doug Liman, who worked with Matt Damon on ‘who will be reuniting with Damon after two decades, as the two last worked together in the action thriller ‘The Bourne Identity’. The movie is reportedly about “two thieves who must go on the run with the help of one of their therapists after a robbery goes awry,” reads the logline.


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Written by Neill Frazer

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