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Exclusive Interview with ELLE WINTER and The New Single “Rotation”

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Singer, songwriter, and actor Elle Winter has already amassed a strong fan-base from her early successes in the music and entertainment industry. Her debut EP “Yeah, No.” released in March 2020, paved the way for Elle’s unique voice and emotional approach to songwriting to reach more people than ever before. Elle was named one of People Magazine’s Emerging Artist for 2021. 

Born and raised in New York City, Elle took to music at a very young age. She was discovered by Radio Disney at age 14 and took part in their “Next Big Thing” program that included the release of several singles and a national tour in which she began building a fanbase. 

As Elle made her way through high school, she continued pursuing her music career along with acting. She worked on new songs and independently released the single “One More” in 2018. A radio tour followed, as well as spots on The TODAY Show and the honorifics of being named Elvis Duran’s Artist of the Month, as well as KIIS FM’s Next Up Artist. 

Image Credit: Dae Howerton

In 2019, during her freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, Elle signed with Sony Music’s The Orchard (previously RED MUSIC) off the strength of her forthcoming EP. On a majority of the EP’s tracks, Elle worked with production team The Orphanage, who has notched credits on recent albums from Demi Lovato and Alessia Cara and has given Elle’s music the unique pop flavor it possesses. The EP zeroed in on Elle’s personal experiences and there is no better evidence of that perspective than her standout single “Yeah No”. Elle refers to this song as her “empowerment anthem” which has connected with over 20 million people on streaming platforms. 

Elle is currently working on a new music project that continues her message of empowerment with a larger theme of self-expression and standing up for oneself. The new body of work is produced by Grammy award winning producer Kizzo (“We Are”) and co-written with Elle by Grammy award winning songwriter Autumn Rowe (“We Are”) and the legendary Jeff Barry (“Be My Baby”, “River Deep Mountain High”). Elle’s new music is soulful, pop with a real retro quality. She intends to release more new music at the beginning of 2023 under VENICE.

Image Credit: Dae Howerton

Hi Elle, welcome to OLC! So what gravitated you towards music growing up? Did your family have a musical background at all? And who were some of your early influences as a kid?

Hi there! I have always loved music and performing. My mom says I started singing and talking at the same time! My family definitely encouraged me to pursue music and always supported my career, but no one else in my family has pursued it! Still, music was definitely a big part of our household. Growing up, I was super inspired by the strong female artists like Christina Aguilera and Pink that were dominating the charts in the 2000s. I was also heavily influenced by Motown and music from the ‘60s, as the genre and era are favorites of my parents.

How were you discovered by Radio Disney at the age of 14?

I had been performing and recording my own, original music since I was 9 years old in and around NYC. I was signed by an agent around that time who eventually had me travel to Los Angeles to meet with Radio Disney and Disney Channel. While I was there, they asked me to audition for Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing program, which featured new artists and their original songs. They felt I was a good fit for the program and booked me for Season 5 of the show. 

Through high school I read you also pursued acting? Was that something you always wanted to get into?

Yes! I have always loved acting. Like music, I find it truly is a medium through which we can tell stories and connect with others. I feel music and acting really go hand in hand, so I’ve enjoyed pursuing both simultaneously. During high school and college, I was fortunate to book a few acting roles and experience being on set. I’m looking forward to pursue more roles in the future!

You’ve released some incredible music throughout your journey and career, and now were excited to announce you have a new single out called ‘Rotation’, can you tell us a bit about it and what inspired you to write this song?

Thank you so much! I am so excited to share my newest single, “Rotation.” I wrote this song with Grammy award winning producers and songwriters, Kizzo and Autumn Rowe (“We Are”). My entire new music project has a real emphasis on confidence and female empowerment, and this song reflects that message. I have always been inspired by the strong female artists of the ‘60s who challenged social norms, and Rotation embraces this concept of women to writing their own narratives while taking control of their relationships. It tells women that they too can date with a roster of choices and decide for themselves who is worthy of them. We all wanted to create a really uplifting, sassy, danceable song that reflects that feeling of freedom and fun in this approach to dating.

You worked on the song with producers Autumn Rowe and Kizzo, whom you have worked with before, how did you all team up and what is it that draws you to working with them?

I have actually known Kizzo since I was 14, but we had never really had the opportunity to work together until recently. Once I moved to Los Angeles, I reached out to Kizzo and we went into the studio to work on what will be the focus track of my EP, “Yes Please.” He then introduced me to Autumn Rowe, who he collaborates with often. The three of us in collaboration then developed this new project. We spent a considerable amount of time together and they really got to know me, so this familiarity is really reflected in my music. I feel this project really brings my stories to life in a genuine, authentic way. They are both so talented and I loved working with them. 

Can we expect a music video for the song and if so anything you can tell us about?

I have lots of fun visuals for this song that I plan to release. The visuals are full of bright colors in line with a retro aesthetic that captures that throwback quality I love, while incorporating modern elements as well.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing your songs?

I am really inspired by my own life and personal experiences. I am constantly writing music, whether I am in the studio, at home, or just out and about. I want to tell personal stories so that listeners can identify with them and realize they are not alone in their experiences. 

I read that your first major acting role was in the movie ‘Three Generations’ alongside Susan Sarandon, Elle Fanning and Naomi Watts, just to quietly name a few lol What was that experience like and how did you land the role?

It was such an incredible project to be a part of. I was given the opportunity to audition for that film and was honored to be chosen for the role.  I learned so much from working alongside such an incredible caliber of talent, and it was so exciting to be on set with them in my hometown of New York.  

Are you hoping to get back into acting? And being a songwriter have you ever wanted to write a movie script and tell a story on a bigger scale?

Yes! My goals for 2023 are to get back into acting and hopefully I will have some exciting projects on the horizon. Writing a movie would be amazing, so maybe one day! I love storytelling through my music and delving into different characters, so we’ll see if writing a movie is in my future! 

What does the rest of 2023 hold for you?

I am releasing my “Yes Please” EP in early February and I am super excited to perform it live and share this new music with the world! 

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Written by Neill Frazer

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