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Hotly tipped, Leeds-born artist Eden Rain drops her first single of the year today in stunning new offering, Bed( For A Year).  A polymath who creates intricate left-pop built on her gorgeous vocals and clever turns of phrase, Eden has picked up some early DSP support and press acclaim from areas such as DAZED, DIY, Best Fit, CLASH and more on the back of a few standalone singles.  New track ‘Bed ( For A Year)’ showcases Eden’s skyreaching vocals over soaring production and arrives with news that Eden’s debut EP ‘Gutter Vision’ comes out on May 19th.  Eden played her first headline show, a sold out gig at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters in late Jan, and just announced a second show at Folklore on May 22nd. Speaking on the release, Eden states:

About 10 years ago, when I was in high school, I was given a book called ‘The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year’. It was written by Sue Townsend and it sat on my bookshelf for a really long time and I didn’t actually read it, I just always stared at the cover of the book from my bed. When I was sad, (classic) for an extended period of time (depressed), I found that I couldn’t stay away from my bed. I read the book then because I was like ‘ugh, wish I could be in bed for a year’, and it’s about a married woman who’s twin children move away from home and she goes to bed for a year and doesn’t leave. And so that’s what the book is and what the song is based on, in a nutshell. I return to the book (and the bed) when life gets hard and I wanted to write an ode to that<3

Chicago-based psych-pop multi-instrumentalist Elijah Montez, the frontman and sole songwriter of Daydream Review shares a new hypnotic single “No Eternity” out everywhere now, that aims to imagine a future beyond a discouraging past and present. The kaleidoscopic debut LP by Daydream Review, Leisure, is due out April 7 and available to pre-order now via Side Hustle Records. The LP is also available to pre-order on vinyl here.

Daydream Review will be taking the new music around his home city of Chicago, IL this spring in celebration of the release. This month, the artist will play at G-Man Tavern, then in April at Cole’s Bar and will conclude on May 26 at Schubas Tavern with tickets to select shows on sale now via

The latest release from Daydream Review, “No Eternity” recalls the turmoil of 2020 from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to the momentous Black Lives Matter protests that flooded the streets. The track aims to imagine what the future might look like if the past and present have felt so harrowing. Sonically, the track came together long before the lyrics did, and its dreamy, lush atmosphere compelled Daydream Review to follow it through and finish it. “Lyrically, it may be the closest to a song specifically about COVID–not the pandemic itself, but between the BLM protests in Summer 2020 and this change a lot of people have had to the nature of work, I had a hard time thinking of how things would look on the other side of it, and trying to make sense of the future when the only context you have is the past.”

 LA-based alternative singer-songwriter Jane., shares pensive single “Dreaming” out everywhere now, along with an accompanying visualizer, ahead of his forthcoming dreamy EP Celeste, due out March 31 and available for pre-order now via Good News Only.

“Dreaming,” the fourth track on the five track project, is a soothing search for peace and hope as Jane. attempts to hold onto the belief that society will progress positively, despite the deep-rooted issues that plague American life. Unlike previous releases, “Dreaming” carefully tackles more complex, real-life issues and offers a quiet place of refuge, even just for four minutes.

Jane. shares that today’s release is his favorite track on the forthcoming project, and recent events encouraged the song to pour out of him. “I felt the need to address some real issues that are repeatedly happening in the country I live in and this song felt like it evoked the right emotion to do so.” On the creative process, Jane. says, “I started playing some chorus on the piano and the verse melody just fell out of me. Every record there’s a song that just writes itself and on this project, ‘Dreaming’ was it.”

Ne-Yo, the three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning R&B hitmaker, iconic songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, has sold a cumulative 20+ million adjusted albums worldwide. His debut single, 2005’s “So Sick,” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified quadruple Platinum. Since then, the Motown Records/Compound Entertainment recording artist has racked up a collection of hits including “Sexy Love,” “Closer,” “Because of You,” “Miss Independent,” and “Push Back” [feat. Bebe Rexha and Stefflon Don]. Three of his albums have entered SoundScan’s Top Current Albums chart at No. 1. Ne-Yo has also proven to be as powerful with his pen as he is in the studio and on stage. The Las Vegas native quickly became known as a go-to hitmaker, penning bangers like Rihanna’s “Unfaithful,” “Russian Roulette,” and “Take a Bow,” along with Beyoncé’s 2006 breakup anthem “Irreplaceable” and songs for such artists as Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Carrie Underwood, and Celine Dion, among others. Ne-Yo’s film and television credits include NBC’s World of Dance, Empire, Stomp the YardSave the Last Dance, Battle: Los Angeles, George Lucas’ Red Tails, The Wiz Live! and Starz’ Step Up: High Water. Most recently, Ne-Yo released his eighth full-length album, Self Explanatory, which boasts singles “Handle Me Gently,” “Don’t Love Me,” and “You Got The Body.”

Singer-songwriter Gabrielle Grace is thrilled to announce her new album There Are Two Sides To Everything to be released on June 15th. As a preview she has released a new single “Two Sides” that is out now and featured on Under The Radar.
Gabrielle Grace says, “Grief isn’t linear and we are always left with questions that will never be answered. This song sums up the pain that is captured in our walk with grief. I never knew my biological dad and these are the questions I’m left with in these lyrics.”
Gabrielle has been releasing new singles every month leading up to the album.

An American-citizen raised in the heart of the Canadian prairies, award-winning roots / Americana singer-songwriter Noah Derksen writes with the groundedness of harsh Manitoba winters mixed with the failed optimism of the American Dream. He currently lives in the West End neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Noah has been steadfastly honing his craft as a songwriter and musician, touring across continent and writing songs with artists from around the world. He’s teamed up again with JUNO-award winning producer Murray Pulver on his third full length album. Sanctity of Silence follows the arc of love, from start to finish. It’s out on March 9th, 2023 on Overdraft Records.

This release is a follow up to Noah’s 2019 album America, Dreaming. Also produced by Murray Pulver, the album represents an observation of the United States and Noah’s identity as an American-citizen; an observation of how things change with time, and internal, on his own shift in perspective. The album earned him a 2021 Canadian Folk Music Award for Emerging Artist of the Year.

Plus, Noah’s got long, flowing auburn hair and a twinkle in his eye. What’s not to love?

Sentimentally arriving the same week as Valentine’s Day, Australian/English savant of purposeful pop, Mereki today releases her new single “Twin Flame.” After opening with swelling and all-consuming chamber pop vocals, the song then dissolves into a more playful, upbeat adventure. Surrounding the listener with electronic experimentation and cascading vocals, the new track is the embodiment of the woozy dream-state of being in love – Stream.

Diving into the meaning of the single, Mereki said, “’Twin Flame’ is about meeting someone for the first time and knowing immediately that you’ve met before, maybe a million times. And that this being has played every meaningful role in your life and that no matter how many challenges you might face together or what role they might play this lifetime, you’ve found each other again and you are together forever.”

“Don’t Fall Asleep”

• “‘Don’t Fall Asleep’ is about the feeling of not wanting to fall asleep because you don’t want to miss a second of being with your person. And even though the morning will come soon, sometimes, it’s not soon enough.” – Hunter Daily

• This is Hunter Daily’s fourth single and music video. Soon, she will share a remix of the track by PRETTY YOUNG.

• The arrival of this brand new track precedes Hunter Daily’s forthcoming debut EP, Die In LA, out in Spring 2023.

Of all the art forms that have benefited from humanity’s newfound, unprecedented access to the entire recorded history of creativity, hip-hop has continually proven that its knack for synthesis, interpolation, and reinvention makes it the best suited music to the digital age. That sonic fearlessness and infinite adaptability is at the core of what makes Windsor, Ontario-based producer/songwriter Datsunn such a vital force. 

As a prolific content creator, you may be familiar with Datsunn from his Twitch streams, his captivating Instagram beat making videos, or his collaborations with major brands like Native Instruments, Roland, and many more. But no matter how you arrive, Datsunn’s entrancing blend of classic hip-hop, soul, and R&B will entice you to stick around. Citing influences that run the gamut from J Dilla to Lewis Taylor, Datsunn has perfected an ultra-smooth brand of engrossing eclecticism that is as fresh as it is familiar.

Whether it’s the jazzy loops that comprise the backbone of his 2022 full length Forever Flowing or the silky neo-soul of his new single “End of the Day,” Datsunn’s affection for traditional forms is elegantly married to the multifaceted post-modernism that defines art and artists in the social media era. It’s not often that music can offer comparable results to both longtime students of the form and newcomers alike, but Datsunn’s reverent reinterpretation of old ideas for a new age is a spellbinding and evergreen sound that is nearly impossible not to love. 

After years of being the go-to photographer for New York’s favorite indie acts, Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen, aka rlyblonde, is taking her turn in the spotlight. She released her first single “Fantasy“earlier this week, and she is back today to reveal the song’s official music video. 

Directed by rlyblonde herself and filmmaker Jisun Lee, the “Fantasy” music video is a playful riff on The Bachelorette. “I find The Bachelor franchise to be the strangest, most ridiculous, most engrossing socially accepted cultural phenomenon on television,” she says. “How the hell do you really get to know someone in 10 minute intervals? How real is your relationship when you basically fabricated romance the entire time?”

Starring as America’s sweetheart, she confronts the ridiculous, over-the-top displays of femininity that women are expected to perform, especially in hetero dating culture. In contrast to the unrealistic whirlwind romances depicted on the show, the “Fantasy” video descends into chaos and concludes with the bachelorette becoming a runaway bride. 

The video serves as a luxurious introduction not only to the audio-visual world of rlyblondebut also to the capacity of her other upcoming venture, HOT CREATIVE, a fresh on the scene creative production company geared towards musicians like herself. Founded with a team of music-industry professionals along with a rock-solid freelance network, HOT CREATIVE aims to work hand-in-hand with artists to help build their own unique “fantasy worlds” for their music to live in. 

With 735+ million streams, multi-platinum selling Virginia to Vegas is one of Canada’s most promising global exports. With the US as his Top Country (then CAN+AUS), 225+ social followers in China alone, radio airplay across Southeast Asia, South Korean National beer sync, International collabs, & his first press tour overseas, VIIV is making waves on a global level. In Canada he currently has Top 5 & Top 15 radio hit, is on a national headlining tour, & continues to work with a collective of some of today’s best songwriters & producers; Mike Wise (Britney Spears, Usher), David Mescon (Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross), & Geoff Warburton (Shawn Mendes, Demi Lovato).

Best known for his sticky pop choruses & and electronic hooks, Virginia to Vegas is taking his signature sound international.

Family is what ties The Pairs together. With soaring harmonies, they share stories of life’s hope, hilarity, and hardship. An honest, quirky stage presence and their unbottled chemistry, quickly connects them with their audience. The line between the stage and the crowd becomes blurred as if we’ve all pulled up a seat around their family’s lively kitchen table. Powered by three classically trained vocalists and a former punk rock drummer, The Pairs offer a unique blend of music that will hug your eardrums and inspire you to dance.

After teasing a string of stand-out singles, bursting with character, strongboi reveal their 7-track body of work ‘strongboi’. The collaborative pair have crossed genres & attitudes to bring an eclectic mix of bouncing bangers & smooth rolling grooves. You’re in for a treat. 

See below for the tracklist;


Fool Around







Previously unreleased single and focus track Flame is a weightless, intoxicating offering, led by Alice’s dreamy vocals. The single is a love song about seeing someone’s potential and wanting the best for them. Influenced by classic r&b, it’s emotional, sincere and like the rest of the album, born to be kept on repeat. 

strongboi is the passion project of long time friends & bandmates Ziv & Alice. They began with a super lo-fi vision of using mainly casio keyboards & toys, but today they stand as a full band project, still emulating it’s lo-fi beginnings but whose live shows take you on a journey from disco dance tunes to jazzy ballads, ensuring all forms of expression are on the table.

The berlin-based duo have created their own, independent musical world without artistic rules or restrictions, allowing them to thrive in a space of their own. After self-releasing 3 singles in 2020 recorded in a Berlin living room, the pair went on to build a studio of their own in East Berlin, named ‘La Pot’, where they recorded the album.

Previously released single ‘Fool Around’, the album’s opener, sets the tone with its slinky, irresistible melodies and luxurious production. A fun and playful song with a classic disco inspiration that invites you to dance and sing along. The irresistible bop scooped praise from the likes of Cool Hunting, COLORS, Notion and KCRW as Top Tune of The Day.

On ‘Unconditional’ the pair extend their collaborations to Salami Rose Joe Louis; a climate scientist turned artist and producer. Clash magazine described the release as a ’vivid piece of alt-pop that grapples with bold new ideas, whilst NPR spoke warmly of the release, describing it as follows’ ‘the hopeful, sparkling synths that emerge like bubbles at a kid’s birthday party, reminding you there’s still so much more left to find joy in, as long as you hold on.’

Leading the way for their album release, latest single “cold” has already been handpicked by Elton John on his Rocket Hour Apple Music radio show. Arriving at the end of last year, the track was inspired by the vibe of Bootsy Collins and Funkadelics. The bouncing love song was born out of desire and fiery passion,with an earnest approach to the lyrics that have a sincerity and immediacy to them. 

Under the producer/songwriter moniker Terence “TEE” Lam, he made his industry debut producing the 2014 JUNO Award-winning R&B/Soul Recording of the Year, Can’t Choose, by JRDN. Following that, he co-wrote two Billboard Hot 100 hits: triple-platinum singles “Here” by Alessia Cara and “Too Good” by Drake ft. Rihanna. Adept at jumping into any genre, TEE crossed over to produce for a few of K-pop’s biggest acts (EXO, Monsta X, D.O.) and wrote songs for major electronic artists (Adventure Club, DVBBS, Kaskade x Meghan Trainor). Most recently, his skilled production earned him credit on “U Should” by 2021 Best New Artist Grammy nominee CHIKA and “Living Hell” by global TikTok sensation Bella Poarch (leading single off the Dolls EP).

Now, POLUN is ready to give the world more with Trillium, his forthcoming debut EP inspired by his life’s journey. Creating an infectious sound that infuses unique pop melodies with emotionally charged beats, Trillium is an intimate soundscape featuring some of POLUN’s favourite collaborators. The third single, “Takes Me Over” with Anthony Arthur, captures the inexplicable feelings of being spellbound to love. We are all prisoners to this energy and there’s no controlling it when it takes us over.

rising newcomer Ella Tiritiello reveals her debut EP ‘the youth, emotions and everything in between’ alongside two new singles ‘The Silence’ and ‘Too Beautiful’

Listen to focus single ‘The Silence’ HERE

& the EP in full HERE

After firmly pinning herself as an exciting new talent, 16-year-old Ella Tiritiello reveals an exceptional body of work that looks to be a key moment in her rise. The 5-track set is a gorgeous showcase of Ella’s pure vocal talent and flare for relatable and impressive songwriting. See below for the tracklisting;

the youth, emotions and everything in between

  1. The Silence
  2. Take it Personal
  3. Not Your Girl
  4. Too Beautiful 
  5. Say Something

Lead single ‘The Silence’ is a poientent offering born from the aftermath of a break up. Reflective and powerful, the single makes for a dreamy listening experience. Sharing more Ella explains: The Silence emphasizes a void that follows a breakup. Contradicting each-other, The Silence speaks about the emptiness of being apart however voices the relief of the breakup.

The second new track to be revealed today is ‘Too Beautiful’. Touching on those negative inner voices many of us face, the track boasts tender vocals complimented by a stripped back arrangement. Ella explained further; Too beautiful exposes the harsh self-critical voice that torments you from behind the scenes. I think many will be able to relate to the feeling of when things are too good you self sabotage cause you don’t feel you’re worth it.’

Singer/songwriter Marco Giovanni has released the music video for his debut single “Straight Face,” out now. Marco’s refined vocals shine on “Straight Face” as he praises the shero in his life and reaffirms his devotion noting that affection, security, and stability are important for their relationship to thrive, and he won’t be coming up short. Silhouetted by strobing lights, the visual captures the vibe of the song with its bouncing tempo and warbling synths paralleling the idea that regardless of any obstacles that come in their way, their flame may flicker, but will never go out. 

“Making the ‘Straight Face’ video was an incredible experience. We shot it down in Nashville with director Patrick Tohill and it was a really fun time,” shares Marco“We tried all these different lighting setups and basically just bumped with the record. It resulted in an amazing end product and I’m so excited to be sharing this with you all.”

When Annelle Staal’s tour was cancelled by the global pandemic of 2020, they turned to the internet to share their music from their bedroom in North Carolina and discovered a whole new world. A pioneer in the world of virtual performance and a visionary in their artistry, Annelle tells a story about what it means to be an passionate storyteller, entertainer, and human being living in a brave new world through their music. Annelle’s sound varies from blue-eyed soul, to organic acoustic pop and nostalgic 80’s inspired sounds. Celebrated by Dive Magazine, Earmilk, ABC News and BuzzFeed for their creativity and courage, Annelle’s sultry voice and lyrically driven studio projects are impossible to ignore. Their new single “My Girl” is a springtime sapphic love song of your dreams, filled with 60’s inspired acoustic sounds and an organic, lush vocal. Annelle confides, “This song feels like a fresh take on nostalgic pop, and truly captures the joy and playfulness of a first-time queer relationship to me. Like a fresh start that makes you feel sentimental, I can’t help but smile and dance when Iisten to this one–it’s always felt special to me.”  Watch Annelle live on every weekend. 

Indie rock band, Phoneboy is thrilled to release to release their new single “What a Coward” that is out now along with the music video that can be viewed at
What a Coward” is off the band’s new album Moving Out to be released on March 24th. This is the third single they have released as well as “Runaway” and “Ferrari.”
The band says,  “After the fun we had writing our “Ferrari” music video, we thought it would be a shame for those characters stories to end. We wrote What a Coward about the potential pitfalls of nostalgia, so exploring surreal scenes from our childhoods seemed like a fun way to continue the plot. We were inspired by dream and afterlife sequences from film, tv, and other music videos. “
In support of the new album, the band will be hitting the road starting on March 24 in Asbury Park, NJ and wrapping up April 29 in New York, NY. See all tour dates below.

Back with a bona fide blockbuster, rising Arlington, TX rap phenomenon AAP Deno serves up a new single and music video entitled “Supa Ties” [feat. Raw Youngin] produced by GRAMMY® Award-winning global megastar DJ Khaled. Listen to “Supa Ties” HERE and watch the music video HERE.

The track’s skittering beat sets the tone as AAP Deno’s melodic flow immediately captivates. He promises, “I got supa ties, as Raw Youngin rolls through with an equally vibrant cameo—all blessed by Khaled. The accompanying visual commences with a video call with Khaled where shares some words of wisdom. It cuts between moments in a massive mansion and outside of luxury sports cars as ladies and friends surround AAP Deno while he lives life as loudly as possible. Ultimately, he elevates luxury rap to new heights for another generation now!

“Supa Ties” lands on the heels of “Big Payment. It has just started to gain traction at streaming platforms in addition to earning acclaim. Rolling Out applauded it as “a single that oozes the anxious energy of a hustler looking for a come-up” in addition to plugs from OutLoud CultureUndergroundHipHopBlog, and HipHopSince1987.

It served as the follow-up to “Wishin” [feat. B-Lovee]. Beyond starting to react on streaming platforms, he turned up on UPROXX Sessions with a showstopping performance of the track. UPROXX immediately proclaimed, “It’s clear that AAP Deno and ‘Wishin’ are here to stay.”

Last, he ignited buzz with his independent project, SupaDave. Meanwhile, HipHopSince1987 applauded him as “a unique artist who combines the elements of going hard and creating music that you can bump to, but still focusing on keeping it real and relatable.”

However, it all just paves the way for his incoming next body of work—coming soon.

AAP Deno will be making more major moves in 2023. Stay tuned!

Singer-songwriter Sasha Atlas is thrilled to release her new EP On Fire that is out now.
Sasha says, “’On Fire is my debut EP. Most of the songs were conceived in quarantine in New York City, and reflect the identity crisis i went through while forced to spend extended time with myself. The record roams between genres with pop, rock, and electronic influences and explores her relationship with my changing values and the difficulty of following one’s passions in an increasingly unstable world.”
Sasha is a recording artist from New York City. A musician, writer, and financier, she has lived many lives. From sneaking into underground music venues in Bushwick as a teen, to doing deals with Wall Street’s hungriest wolves, to spending months in lockdown through curfews and unrest, Sasha has been every iteration of the city. She strongly believes in blending genres, resulting in an alternative sound that draws from numerous genres including classic pop and rock, metal, singer-songwriter, and electronic music. Her influences are diverse, and include Rina Sawayama, Evanescence, The Pretty Reckless, Kate Bush, Muse, Lilith Czar, and many more.

Gambian/ London based newcomer BINTA reveals her first offering on LA label Mind Of A Genius ( Gallant, THEY., ZHU) in stunning new single, Do You Wanna. Equally inspired by her Gambian roots and London upbringing, BINTA’s razor sharp brand of left-pop is evident on Do You Wanna, her floaty vocals decorating electronic beats to create a catchy dancefloor ready offering. Speaking on the release, BINTA states:

“Do you wanna is ultimately just a cute question you have when you like someone. Like you know you don’t want to get into anything serious but at the same time you don’t want to stay in this awkward stage. like why stay here on earth when what we feel for each other is like were flying through space.“

Working independently, Binta released a debut EP which hit the top 10 in the Gambian charts, catching the ear of luminaries such as Zane Lowe and BBC Radio 1.  Do You Wanna is the first step of a busy few months. 

After performing his chart-topping full-length debut album, Give Or Take on multiple sold out US nationwide and European dates last Fall, electrifying Coachella and Wireless Festival performances, GRAMMY-nominated multi-platinum R&B star GIVĒON will touch down in Europe this Spring for a highly anticipated headline tour. This run kicks off on May 2 in Manchester, UK before rolling through Birmingham on May 3 and London on May 5. He crisscrosses mainland Europe with gigs in major cities such as Paris, France on May 10 and Berlin, Germany on May 12 before concluding in Stockholm, Sweden on May 16.

Tickets go on sale HERE this Friday, February 24th 10am Local.

In addition, after performing two sold out shows at Radio City Music Hall in August 2022, GIVĒON joins the stacked lineup at Governors Ball in New York, NY June 9-11.

Upon arrival in 2022, it bowed at #11 on the Billboard 200 and at #3 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart. The New York Times heralded the project as one of “The Best Albums of 2022” while  Rolling Stone hailed it as one of the “100 Best Albums of 2022” and went on to proclaim, GIVĒON’s voice could make a nursery rhyme sound like an intimate ballad. On Give Or TakeGIVĒON uses his superpower to cut deeper than ever before, belting stingers as memorable as his one-in-a-million baritone. It has generated over half-a-billion streams and boasts the platinum single “For Tonight.

Stay tuned for more from GIVĒON soon.

Lil Shakz releases another single ‘Pop Up’ lifted from his forthcoming debut project release    ‘Tunnel Vision’ out March 10th. 

Following on from the release of ‘Belong To The Streets’ which was Charlie Sloth’s Track Of The Week on Apple Music, and playlisted on Kiss Fresh, ‘Pop Up’ is one for the ladies showcasing his versatility to switch between different subjects.

With a catchy hook packed with powerful punchline and wordplay, this track shows Lil Shakz ‘more playful but determined side as he tells us he is dedicated to his music, not women. His lyrical ability shines through as does his creativeness in this video which shows him and lady at a photoshoot.

Headed for the top since he was a young boy with his dad being a former member of Brixton Hip-Hop group 57th Dynasty and setting him musical challenges growing up. He also spent his evenings after school in his uncle’s barber shop freestyling to beats and rapping to customers.

He went on to win Link Up TV’s Pen Game rap battle. Going on to release some seriously memorable freestyles across his social media, Lil Shakz has continued to build a strong relationship in music and with his fans.

Watch out for this incredible rapper as he will be bringing you more music in the coming weeks.

Manchester-based quintet Soup! have re-emerged with “Supplies”, their first single of 2023. 


Unfolding like a late-night run-in between retro-tinted jangle-pop and modern-day stark in a lively Northern Quarter backstreet, “Supplies” sees the fast-ascending five-piece further stake their place as one of the most compelling acts on the city’s burgeoning scene.

Putting a crisp and commanding spin on post-punk sprechgesang and veering further into synth-laden art-punk territory, the new track finds the band offering their two cents on the inevitable pitfalls of our poor life choices.

As vocalist Matthew Beswick explains:

“”Supplies” is about the frustration of watching someone close to you live their life in a way you know isn’t going to make them happy in the long-run, and also wanting them to come back to you but feeling selfish about it and questioning your own motivations.” 

Houston-born rapper Yung Pooda sets a sizzling tone for the year with the release of two new tracks “Already Know” featuring A Boogie wit da HoodieAngelica Vila and “Did It Again” featuring Fat Joe via It’s A 10 Records. Get “Already Know” HERE & “Did It Again” HERE. The two Cool & Dre-produced tracks dominate with a buzzworthy appeal that takes Pooda’s Texas-born flare to new heights. 

Entering a new chapter this year, as he places the final touches on his debut project, Yung Pooda has carved out his own lane on his path to rap stardom. His range in subject matters leaves fans anticipating his next move just as much as his lethal beat selections. Having already earned acclaim on coveted music playlists for his latest releases- “Already Know” is on Apple Music’s Friday NightNew In Hip HopIt’s Lit!,BASE:Line & Spotify’s State Of MindB.A.E. and  “Did It Again” is featured on Spotify’s New Joints, Apple Music’s Get Up and GoNew In Hip Hop, Amazon Music’s Breakthrough In Hip Hop and Tidal’s Hip Hop WorkoutNew SouthYung Pooda swiftly arrives back to the forefront as Houston’s next bet for success this year. 

Sean “Diddy” Combs is back to music announcing today the debut of singer/songwriter Jozzy first  EP “Songs For Women, Free Game For N****”, his first release from his label Love Records. Love Records represents Combs’ triumphant return to R&B as an Executive Producer, Curator and A&R creating timeless R&B music with the next generation of world-class artists, producers, and songwriters. Multi-platinum songwriter and music visionary, Jozzy, steps into the artist spotlight with her much anticipated 8 track EP on February 24th. 

Jozzy is a very special and dynamic talent that only comes around once in a generation, so I’m excited to see how her music sets a new standard for R&B,” said Sean “Diddy” Combs. “Her skills as a writer and performer, matched with her style and energy has the potential to make her one of the greats and I’m proud to play a part in shaping the next chapter of her career.” 

Diddy first introduced Jozzy to the world during the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, announcing her as his first artist under Love Records before sharing the stage with her as she performed.  At the time, Diddy stated that Jozzy is “one of the most talented songwriters and artist” he had ever worked with and that she reminded him of”R&B Biggie.” 

My new single, “Takes Me Over,” is a song that captures the inexplicable feelings of being spellbound to love. It’s a dark, energetic dance-pop tune contrasted with an emotionally beautiful yet powerful vocal performance by my good friend and long-time collaborator Anthony Arthur.

This is the third single from my upcoming debut EP, Trillium. “Takes Me Over” has a special place in my heart, as it was one of the first songs I made with Anthony (co-written with Jocelyn Alice) and it’s the longest time I’ve ever spent working on a song (six years on and off)!

Watch the official music video for “Takes Me Over” with Anthony Arthur over on YouTube.

Listen to “Takes Me Over” with Anthony Arthur on your go-to streaming service.

This song ultimately reflects on the all-consuming emotions that take over with the realization that against better judgment, you’ve given everything to someone whose heart isn’t in it anymore.

Thank you for spending time with my music. I’m excited to share more of Trillium with you over the coming months.


Singer/songwriter Claire Guerreso is happy to release her new single “Without You” that is out now and featured on CW’s show All American.

Claire says , this song is about losing someone that you could never imagine living without. It is both heartbreaking and empowering to be honest about wanting something so badly that has come to an end.  

Claire Guerreso combines her love of multiple genres into a powerful mixture of her own song creations. She specializes in making and performing music for media outlets as well as writing with and for other artists. Her songs have a global reach having been featured on TV, film, radio, and ads. Her ability to write and sing has taken her music around the world and has lead to many collaborations with international DJs and artists. Equally apt at writing dark, ethereal songs, upbeat dance tracks, and introspective ballads, Claire imparts depth into her songs with her haunting, compelling voice and melodies.

You may recognize her music from such shows as, All AmericanGrey’s Anatomy, Station 19, Reign, Lucifer, Pretty Little Liars, Shades of Blue, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, American Ninja Warrior, and many more.

critically-acclaimed, multi-hyphenated artist TJ Atoms, on the heels of his steady rise on mainstream motion pictures, releases his new single “Put You On” along with the official music video made available to experience HERE. Listen to “Put You On” HERE. Today’s latest new music release serves a satisfying follow-up single to his acclaimed debut single “Potato Chips” (2021).  
Put You On” exudes a feeling of thenow balancing genres of Hip Hop and New Jersey Club Music stemming from TJ’s east-coast born roots as a Philly native. His range in music defies all genres and creates the understanding that the term rapper does no justice for his artistic contributions through song and lyrics. With accuracy, TJ Atoms delves into sonic escapism that brilliantly bleeds into all the avenues he continues to conquer.  

The ground-breaking reggae group Easy Star All-Stars shared ‘Moonage Daydream,’ the newest single from their upcoming album ‘Ziggy Stardub’ – a reggae reimagining of David Bowie’s ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars’ – out April 21 via Easy Star Records.


First premiered via Consequence, the hypnotic track is a sultry rendition of the classic version. Featuring vocals by Naomi Cowan, the track closes with a fittingly cosmic guitar solo by Alex Lifeson of Rush. The result is a hazy, dub-leaning homage – while also making nods to David Bowie’s signature baroque glam, with a full string section and a flute solo from Jenny Hill replacing Bowie’s recorder from the original track. Michael Goldwasser, producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist of the band says, “This has been my favorite tune on the Bowie album since I first started listening as a teenager. In light of that, it’s interesting that it’s the song that I changed most radically by simplifying the chord progression and pedaling on one bass line for the entire track, which gives it somewhat of a hypnotic effect and roots it in reggae tradition.”Noami Cowan expands, “David Bowie is an artist that set many trends for artists of today, musically and energetically – so it was an honor to be approached for this project.His journey reminds us that we’re all limitless beings who can be free to be ourselves.”

Matilda Mann, who today releases her new single ‘The Day That I Met You, which seamlessly combines a timeless sound wrapped around an also timeless message. Matilda will be playing. London’s Jazz Cafe on May 18th. 

Here’s the song;

Playlisting – here

Speaking about her new song, Matilda said “The world can suck. And some days it feels more like a constant than temporary. But then you meet someone, and the hand life dealt you, suddenly doesn’t feel so bad…

Matilda Mann is a born-and-raised Londoner who has enjoyed an incredibly bright start to her still-young career in music. On the airwaves, Matilda has enjoyed tastemaker support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 where her last was premiered as Hottest Record In The World, KCRW & NPR. At press, she’s had similar impressive support from titles such as Evening Standard, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, DIY, COLORS, and NME to name a small handful. Offline on stage, she’s supported The Staves and other rising UK talents Holly Humberstone, Arlo Parks and Beabadoobee.  Matilda’s own headline shows are growing impressively having sold two London shows in 2022 (Lafayette & Earth) with a performance on the Park Stage at Glastonbury in between.

2023 will be an important year for Matilda Mann who has plenty of music on the way that’ll further highlight her enchanting, poetic songwriting. Although she is an important new British artist to look out for in 2023, her talent feels more timeless. 

Murray A. Lightburn, the longtime frontman of Montreal’s acclaimed The Dears, will release his deeply personal new album ‘Once Upon A Time In Montreal’ on 31March via Dangerbird Records. And today, Murray is pleased to share the title-track single, along with a video created  by the production team at 4-VU.



Lightburn lightheartedly jokes that ‘Once Upon A Time In Montreal’ is an audio version of a biopic, inspired by the passing of his father – a jazz musician from Belize who moved to Montreal via New York to reconnect with his teenage sweetheart. 

Discussing the new single and album title-track, Murray says: 

After getting an education in Jamaica and England, my mom got a job in Montreal as a nurse. My father was living in New York. They had dated back in Belize and reconnected years later in New York. My father didn’t really want to leave for Montreal, but he did. And it was hard for him: the harsh winters, the language barrier, the colour of his skin. He was a skilled musician but that was barely going to keep the lights on — never mind feed a growing family. His lack of formal education, and his lack of French, limited his opportunities. Nevertheless, he just wanted to be with her. So he figured out a way, and that’s what his life was mostly about, I think — what I’ve deduced. Maybe there’s way more to it and that’s the romantic version, but it’s a version at least I can understand. Nothing else computes. My parents stayed married for 56 years.”


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