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‘Creed’ and ‘Rocky’ Spin-Offs In Development From Michael B. Jordan

Image Credit: USA Today

‘Creed III’ was a massive success at the box office and continues to be, now early reports from Deadline state that there could be more spin-offs based on both the Creed franchise and the Rocky franchise in the works. Right now early reports state that the potential projects are headed to Amazon Studios, spanning across both film and TV projects. Filmmaker and star Michael B. Jordan has had meetings about a variety of Creed-related projects throughout the past year, with intentions to grow the universe.

Deadline also reports that an anime series connected to the Rocky spin-off is in the works, with a companion live-action TV series also potentially happening. Also while I predicted it during the screening, a project centering on the daughter of Adonis Creed, Amara is also in the works. Another project that’s also been looming is a “Drago” spin-off movie which would focus on the character of Ivan Drago and his son, Viktor Drago.


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Written by Neill Frazer

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