INsiders Guide: Hot Bodies In Motion, ‘Birds Of A Feather’ Compilation, JASMINE IS, BLACK EYED PEAS, Paul Fishman, Against The Current, Tyler Posey, Luke Elliot…

Hot Bodies In Motion was formed by good friends Scott Johnson and Ben Carson in a Seattle basement 12 years ago. Both Johnson and Carson share a religious upbringing, which shaped their musical interests early as Johnson picked up guitar and Carson learned bass. By immersing themselves into their community, the duo explored a variety of musical outlets, such as high school choir and gigs at local farmer’s markets. After meeting in college choir, Carson and Johnson eventually started to jam together in their free time, which led to the creation of Hot Bodies In Motion.

Tracing their influences to various artists, ranging from Pharrell Williams and The Black Keys to

Rage Against the Machine and Mariah Carey, Hot Bodies In Motion is a powerful blend of throwback rock, dripping with soulful swagger that is equal parts fervent and sensual. With inescapable guitar hooks, pulsing rhythms, and a vintage vibe, Hot Bodies in Motion both promises and delivers. The duo has collaborated with notable artists such as Macklemore, Natalie from JOSEPH, and Allen Stone. Furthermore, they’ve championed major media outlets with placements in the Lionsgate Film Abduction, Netflix’s Lucifer, and NBC’s The Night Shift.

After a 10-year hiatus, Johnson and Carson are back and better than ever. Their first single back, “All Night,” paved the way for their upcoming EP, Fortune, dropping later this year. Fortune explores themes of difficult decisions in life that keep us up at night, being there for a loved one in crisis, and learning to embrace things outside of our control. Their unique sound, described as “baby-making mammal funk,” gives the duo creative freedom as they break genres. Stay up to date with Hot Bodies In Motion’s upcoming releases by following them on Spotify,  Instagram @HotBodiesInMotion, and by visiting

Dirtybird Records releases its latest compilation Birds Of A Feather featuring original tracks by David Tort, Mr.Diamond, Deefo, and Lenny Kiser

Across four distinctly dynamic tracks, Birds Of A Feather showcases sounds from different corners across the globe, featuring Spanish producer David Tort, Ecuadorian electronic artist Mr.Diamond, Indonesian beatmaker Deefo, and even repping the label’s hometown with San Francisco house producer Lenny Kiser. 

The compilation opens with ‘Hey Yeah!’ from David Tort, a buzzing techno cut filled with spine-chilling synth builds and scattered percussion. Mr.Diamond offers an energetic house heater, ‘Bakeneko’, that zippers with fast-paced rhythms and arpeggiated melodies. Deefo plays with vocal chops to deliver a quicky piano-led original titled ‘Take Control’. Lenny Kiser closes the compilation with ‘Opal’, a grungy, experimental instrumental filled with offbeat rhythms and distorted basslines. 

Regarding his track, David Tort said, “My track was inspired by intimate dark rooms and vast festival crowds. It’s my signature sound with a modern twist that keeps it both underground and sexy. Using a vintage synth, I wanted to create a main sound that’s both timeless and cutting-edge.”

Mr.Diamond added, “Really happy to join the DIRTYBIRD fam! ‘Bakeneko’ is the result of experimenting with different synths, trying to find the perfect sound, and using all of them in one track to create a groovy musical collage.”

British pop/dance artist JASMINE IS is ready to light up the dance floor with her new track ‘Love of Money’ out now on all digital streaming platforms. Listen here.

‘Love of Money’ is the second single from the debut album HEAR by JASMINE IS, which is set for release in May. Produced by Philip Larsen (Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga) this electro dance-pop song explores the old adage that money can’t buy you happiness.

“I sent Philip the song with a reference for the kind of feel I was after, a dance vibe,” says JASMINE IS. “The inspiration for ‘Love of Money’ was someone I know who had an unhealthy obsession with money, spending lavishly, living hard and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day. It was an endless cycle trying to fill an emotional void with stuff, and of course, that never works. I liked the idea of a pop/dance track juxtaposed with the seriousness of the message: the insidious nature of greed.”

JASMINE and Philip had a somewhat unique working relationship when recording her new album HEAR. Being intensely private and avoiding phone and video calls, JASMINE’s preference was to communicate only via messaging and the odd voice note while sending files backwards and forwards for the first year.

Says JASMINE: “The limitations caused by the pandemic and having to work remotely, actually suited me perfectly. After about a year working together, messaging only, I’d written a song that Philip composed a beautiful piano piece for, but when I heard it, it immediately sparked a completely different melody with a very different subject. As he was going to have to create something else, I decided it would be better to discuss things over the phone. That was the first time we spoke! And as for the first Zoom call, that took another 6 months! Thankfully, we’ve proved that working remotely and invisibly for the most part, doesn’t have to be detrimental to collaborating and creating music. But who knows, it’s entirely possible Philip and I may meet up one of these days..under a Vulcan! But that’s another story..”

‘Love of Money’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more information, please visit

Lifting off to another stratosphere yet again, multi-platinum andsix-time GRAMMY® Award-winning, genre-bending pioneers Black Eyed Peas reveal their music video for “BAILAR CONTIGO” [ft. Daddy Yankee]. Watch HERE. The track remains a standout from the group’s acclaimed ninth full-length album, ELEVATION, out now. Listen to ELEVATION HERE.

As the vision of and director noMSG, the video for “BAILAR CONTIGO” co-mingles eye-popping next-generation animation with masterful choreography, breakdancing, and performance footage of Black Eyed Peas and Puerto Rican superstar Daddy Yankee. The music video brings viewers into a whole new dimension aesthetically and once again finds the group breaking boundaries sonically, visually, and creatively as only they can.

“BAILAR CONTIGO” remains a fan favorite from ELEVATION, posting up close to 20 million streams and counting thus far, with the album tallying over 313 million streams to date. Released in late 2022, the 15-track juggernaut album kaleidoscopically spins together hip-hop, Latin, R&B, electronic, trap, and more into a larger-than-life vision of what pop can be in the 21st century without borders. It finds Black Eyed Peas expanding the collective musical consciousness and pushing boundaries yet again. The band set the stage for the ELEVATION era with the international smash “DON’T YOU WORRY” [ft. Shakira David Guetta], which has already accumulated more than 196 million Spotify streams and 160 million YouTube views of the music video. They then followed up with “SIMPLY THE BEST” [ft. Anitta El Alfa], which has generated more than 26 million Spotify streams and 49 million YouTube views of the music video. Along the way, the album received acclaim and attention from the likes of Billboard, NME, Forbes, Uproxx, and more, and performed on ABC network’s Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series in Central Park, and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Paul Fishman: electronic artist, composer and record producer is a globally renowned creator of innovative electronic music. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, as well as producing and composing music for many internationally acclaimed feature films. Paul is set to release a new single “Dysfunktional” on 31st March 2023 which will be made available across all streaming platforms.

Paul Fishman has been involved in electronic music since aged 17 when he joined London’s Cockpit Theatre experimental music group, performing works by Stockhausen, Cage, Terry Riley and other contemporary composers. While studying composition at the Guildhall School of Music was signed to Warner Brother Records and mentored by Derek Taylor. During the 80’s he formed the group Re-Flex who achieved international success with both album and single “The Politics of Dancing”. Although regularly performing in the UK, the band first gained attention in America, where they topped the US dance charts, had a Billboard hit and toured extensively supporting The Police and The Thompson Twins. They were among the first of a wave of UK artists to be featured on MTV.

Paul’s knowledge of electronics gained him a reputation as a respected session musician and was in demand by film composers. He has worked with legendary artists and record producers (Public Image Limited, Elton John, Slade, Trevor Horn etc.) As a record producer, among his credits include mixing tracks for Motown’s Marvin Gaye & The Temptations, artists signed to Prince’s Paisley Park label and UK artist Yazz. Throughout his career he has continued to produce a wide range of different styles of music, from dance, pop, soul, jazz and even classical. Among his film credits are – ‘Superman’, ‘Death Wish’, ‘Breakdance’ and produced and mastered iconic soundtracks ‘Get Carter’‘The Internecine Project’ (Roy Budd) and ‘Just a Gigolo’ (David Bowie & Marlene Dietrich).

Returning to a love of electronics, with the goal of creating music that was different and outside current trends, in 2019 Paul released  “It’s About Time – Part 1”. The album is entirely instrumental, boldly attempts to combine electronic music with different genres, where ‘space age’ cyber-funk and ambience get to live together with ‘big tunes’. This was followed in 2020 by “It’s About Time – Part 2” . Later that year an unreleased album of songs written and recorded with Dave Harris (Fashion, Rick Wright Pink Floyd etc.) under the name Boom Boom called “2 Into the Groove” was made available. In 2021, Paul released “Art Official Intelligence”, an album of new songs which featured the singles ‘Bad Man’ ‘Lockdown’, ‘Going Down Slow’ and ‘On’, supported with videos produced by Paul.

The new single “Dysfunktional” is the first to be released from the forthcoming album “Abnormal”- out later this year and was inspired by his relationship with autism. He explains: “…I have spent a considerable amount of my life with those who like myself are “on the spectrum”. They are among the most creative and intelligent people I’ve had the fortune to meet and truly capable of thinking outside the box because they are. For many, it does not represent a disability but a gift as it is the ingredient that makes them different and exceptional. To be an artist, it is a requirement”.

“Dysfunktional” features Paul on vocals and keyboards but also some select musicians: Leo Richardson is regarded to be among the best sax players in the UK and a leading figure within Be Bop jazz. Todd Oliver, Paul’s son, a very gifted guitarist and artist, has performed on many releases including with UK singer Kwabs. Dave Harris on B vox- Paul simply describes as “a legend, good friend & Bume”. 

The track was created with “The mothership” aka Lilly, named after his mother. He explains: “Born during lockdown, Lilly is a modular synthesiser system, a distant cousin of Tonto that has slowly grown and evolved. It is an extremely versatile musical tool, capable of creating complex rhythms that surprisingly work well with funk and is featured throughout my new album Abnormal. Similar to my mother, Lilly is on the spectrum and totally outside of the box.”

New York pop-rock band Against The Current have shared an acoustic version of their recent single “blindfolded.” The new version of the song takes the energetic, fiery original track – the first independent release from the band in seven years– and trades it in for a more mellowed-out feel that allows frontwoman Chrissy Costanza’s captivating vocals to shine. 

Fans can stream “blindfolded” (Acoustic) now at and watch the visualizer at

On the new track, Chrissy shares, “Reimagining our music in different skins has always been central to our identity. The same way we’ve refused to follow the rules of any one music scene or genre, we allow our music to do the same. ‘blindfolded’ (acoustic) lets us tell the same story in different light.

The initial release of “blindfolded” was featured on Spotify’s All New Rock and Fierce Femmes, Apple Music’s The New Rock and Breaking Rock, Amazon Music’s Fresh Rock, and other notable playlists, as well as landing the band as cover artists on Spotify’s All New Rock playlist.

Against The Current are getting ready to head out on the road for Nightmares & Daydreams World Tour alongside Trophy Eyes and special guests Yours Truly. The tour kicks off on April 22 in Orlando, FL, and will be visiting cities throughout the United States before wrapping up in Greensboro, NC, on May 17. All tickets and VIP upgrades are on sale now at

Tyler Posey has shared his newest single “Don’t Mind Me” off of his upcoming album UNRAVEL, out May 26. Dripping with a healthy dose of early 2000’s nostalgia, the new track is “definitely a song that says don’t take life too seriously,” according to Tyler. Fans can stream “Don’t Mind Me” now at

On the new track, Tyler shares, “Don’t Mind Me’ was the last song we wrote for this album. I wrote the guitar and music what feels like almost a year before the lyrics. I sat with it for a while. The production that Matt Malpass put behind the guitar that I wrote reminded me of a very specific time of music in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, so I went with that vibe for the melody. I love the wordy chorus too.”

Tyler recently announced his brand-new album UNRAVEL, set to be released on May 26. The album features sixteen new tracks, including previous singles “Lemon,” which premiered originally in Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+, and “Gravity.” Fans can pre-order UNRAVEL now at

On the new album, Tyler shares, “Being an independent artist, there is a lot of freedom, and that’s exactly what this album is. Freedom. It’s got every genre from screamo hardcore punk to chill beach vibes. Listen to it from start to finish in order, to really experience the ride that is UNRAVEL, my first full length LP!

Tyler Posey is no stranger to the spotlight. His storied acting and music career spans over a decade starring in dozens of TV shows and movies including Teen Wolf and Truth or Dare, as well as being a member of multiple bands including PVMNTS and Five North. In 2020, Posey decided to take a big step in his music career by becoming a solo artist

Standing alone in the spotlight for the first time has been freeing in more ways than one, least of all when it comes to his courage to open up about the hell that was 2020. The early days of the COVID pandemic were particularly pronounced for him, exacerbating deep-rooted anxiety, depression and childhood trauma that manifested in a self-destructive pattern of drug and alcohol abuse. Left to his own devices while quarantine orders ruled Los Angeles, life inside Posey’s home became a dangerous cycle of isolation and intoxication.

This new chapter of Posey’s career sets off a powder keg of personal reflection and growth, grounded by his elastic voice, juxtaposing a devil-may-care growl and smooth-throated pop-punk sheen.

Oslo-based American singer-songwriter Luke Elliot invites us to share in his heartbreak on new single ‘What It Is’ out now on all digital streaming platforms. Listen here

A huge break-up ballad enhanced with both strings and choir parts, What It Is’ is the 2nd single from Luke’s upcoming album Let Em All Talk, due to be released via Icons Creating Evil Art on May 19th.

“This is a piece about my family before it fell apart,” says Luke. “It’s still difficult for me to listen to. It happened in Sweden with Peter Kvint in about 5 minutes. I struggled with the lyrics for a while, but the melody came immediately.”

Let Em All Talk follows the release of Luke’s evocative second LP The Big Wind (2020) – a boldly textured and instantly immersive album with a film noirish touch that is simultaneously sleek and modern at the eye of the storm. Rolling Stone France picked The Big Wind as its Album Of The Month upon release and referred to Luke as an “undeniable talent combined with a truly stunning voice.” MOJO Magazine in the UK called him “…a master of accessible, twisted, gothic Americana.” 

Musically, an eclectic mix of influences pumps throughLuke’s veins that range from John Coltrane, Duke Ellington and Dylan to The Cramps, Gun Club and Mink DeVille, to films such as Badlands, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers. And his interest in film hasn’t stayed with music, it has also taken him to the big screen. It turns out the multi-talented artist has acting skills as well. He performed his song ‘All On Board’ in the Norwegian TV-series hit Exit, Norway’s most streamed series ever, and he played against Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix)in crime series Wisting.

‘What It Is’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more information, please visit

Dead Lakes have released their long-awaited first full-length album daydreamer via SharpTone Records. Produced by Sam Guaiana (The Devil Wears Prada, Silverstein, Between You & Me), the new album is designed to be consumed front-to-back on a solo nighttime drive and challenges listeners to take a chance on themselves in the name of personal discovery. Over the course of twelve dreamy tracks – including singles “wrong way,” which has garnered over a million streams on Spotify, “strange juice,” which became the band’s most viewed music video after only five days, “stamina,” and “tongue planet” – listeners see Dead Lakes follow their own advice and leave their former selves silhouetted by the glow of the sinking sun, emerging reborn in the neon twilight.

“From the jump, daydreamer puts you in the driver’s seat of the story,” explains vocalist Sumy. “This record constantly blurs the line between reality and daydream both sonically and lyrically. We wanted to extend that energy to this record by giving you a mix of what you’d expect from us with a surreal fresh energy and perspective. The result ended up being a sonic journey of sound and emotion. This record runs parallel with the ride of life. The gut-wrenching moments, self-doubt, relationships, vices, and the feeling of euphoria.”

Fans can stream daydreamer now at

Alongside the new album, Dead Lakes has shared a music video for the track “quicksand.” On the track, the band explains, “’quicksand’ is about those relationships that are so up and down. It’s tough when you love someone or something that isn’t meant for you. You don’t want to give up on it, but sometimes it’s best if you want to feel like you can see daylight again.”

Lil Wayne presents his first-ever career-spanning compilation album, I Am Music, available at all streaming platforms now via Young Money Entertainment/Republic Records.

Listen to I Am MusicHERE.

The 18-track collection boasts the latest single “Kant Nobody” [feat. DMX] produced by Swizz Beatz. The track has already amassed 8.4 million Spotify streams and counting as well as 5.9 million YouTube views on the music video. Plus, it boasts Tha Carter IV standout “6 Foot 7 Foot” [feat. Cory Gunz], which has recently surged back to the top of the conversation, recently reaching #8 on the TikTok Top Tracks in the US. Other highlights include the diamond-certified smash “Lollipop” [feat. Static Major] as well as “Mona Lisa” [feat. Kendrick Lamar], “Drop The World” [feat. Eminem], “A Milli,”“Fire Man,” “Go DJ, and more.

The bay area avant pop artist Grooblen today shares her new single “Gastropod”. This latest offering from songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ellie Stokes and company tears out of the gates with melodic abandon; setting the stage for what is hinted to be a busy year ahead.

In kaleidoscopic technicolor fashion “Gastropod” channels influence from psychedelia and cabaret to bring the dreampunk alter ego Grooblen to life. It may also be the only single you hear this year that features the adjective “fusiform”.

Reflecting on the track, Stokes says, “Gastropod grapples with some depressive tendencies after a series of dalliances that were very uncharacteristic to my personality. I was dealing with a breakup at the time and attempting to explain to my ex-partner that I was doing just fine.”

She continues, “the song sets out a journey where I begin as a “slug or snail”, seeking protection from the world within my “shell” at the cost of pushing away potential new friendships and relationships. By the end, though, I start to view myself as more of a human again, realizing that the “shell” was just a facade and that I am capable of growing on my own terms and personally uncovering pride in my accomplishments.”

“Gastropod” is accompanied by a vibrant visual shot across locations throughout Grooblen’s stomping ground of San Francisco and Oakland, CA. The video explores the message within “Gastropod”; contrasting the seeming freedom of the opening beach shots with Grooblen’s feeling of inauthenticity when dolled-up “inside” her shell in the later scenes.

With Roadmap to Redemption, Mobile displays the same undeniable chemistry and deft songwriting chops that propelled them to prominence in their original career from 2002-2015. This time out, however, the original four-piece band (front-man Mat Joly, guitarists Christian Brais and Frank Williamson, and drummer Pierre-Marc Hamelin) have an entirely new perspective on their partnership and the music industry.

The result is a record that captures the urgency of their earlier material but finds Mobile growing into a more focused style; a seamless blend of modern pop and the signature sound they developed over countless hours of practice and performance.

Produced by Gauthier Marinoff, Roadmap To Redemption is equally as compelling and vital as Mobile’s early work. But getting back together wasn’t about reliving their past or chasing a hit; it was about chasing something even more intangible.

Mobile first found success in the early 2000s, winning CHOM’s L’Esprit competition in 2001, relocating to Toronto in 2003, and constantly honing their performance and songwriting chops before landing a deal with Universal/Interscope. On the strength of hits like ‘Out of My Head (which was nominated for a MuchMusic Video Award and reached the top spot on the Canadian Billboard Chart) and the placement of ‘Montreal Calling’ and ‘New York Minute’ in a variety of TV shows, films, and video games (among them One Tree Hill, Bon Cop, Bad Cop, NHL 07, and FIFA 07), the band found their profile growing nationally.

Episode 357 w/ Chuck D | N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode the Champs chop it up with the legend himself, Chuck D! From the iconic group Public Enemy, Chuck D shares his journey. Chuck shares stories of Public Enemy, creating classic albums, and PE’s impact on Hip-Hop and beyond. Lots of great stories that you don’t want to miss!! Make some noise for Chuck D!!! 💐💐💐🏆🏆🏆

indie-pop singer / songwriter, RYMAN, is thrilled to release his new single “Sex” that is out now.

Ryman says, “Hookup culture is toxic and is complicating the lives of many young people. Even though it may be a common issue, you might not hear a man talk about it as often. I know it’s common that men have trouble being vulnerable and opening up about their emotions and feelings, but that’s exactly what this song is. I wanted to take an honest look at being burned. It’s a sonic walk of shame from a male perspective.”

This is his first release of 2023 and  followup single to “Sugarcoat” and his 2022 EP “Change”.

RYMAN may just be 18, but this Nashville Native singer-songwriter and pop artist is already carving out a very unique path for himself. With 2023 poised to be a break-out year, this eighteen-year-old pop star is well on his way to making RYMAN a household name.

“ I love and appreciate all genres of music, because no matter its origin, music is the language of the heart. I use it as free therapy to process life and all of its experiences, good and bad. I hope my songs hit home in a special way, after all home is where the heart is.”

Vancouver-based Glass Forest is an indie-pop group comprised of Nick Owen (vocals/keys), Stephen Clarke (bass/beats) and Abby Wale (vocals). They have gained a reputation for euphoric live shows that blend electronic dance elements with atmospheric soundscapes.

The group released singles Anywhere and High on Your Love with accompanying music videos directed by Jordan Clarke, topping the subreddit r/listentothis. They released their single To the Ocean with Platinum Certified record producer Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run) which was featured on Sofar Sounds | Now Playing Spotify playlist as one of the Top Alumni picks from around the world.

Glass Forest’s video release for I Remember (featured on BooomTV) features contributions from directors Amos LeBlanc and Jordan Clarke, cinematographer Cole Graham, and production company Film Boldly.

The group will be releasing singles over spring 2023 as they work towards their debut EP release in May 2023.

Murray A. Lightburn, the longtime frontman of Montreal’s acclaimed The Dears, returns today with his deeply personal new solo album, ‘Once Upon A Time In Montreal‘, available digitally, along with a vinyl edition available online and in stores via Dangerbird Records. 

The new album arrives as Lightburn announces his live return to London this Winter, with a one-off performance at St Pancras Old Church confirmed for Friday 1st December. Tickets are on sale now.

The album, which Lightburn jokes is an audio version of a biopic, was inspired by the passing of his father, a jazz musician from Belize who moved to Montreal via New York to reconnect with his teenage sweetheart. The two were married for 56 years, until he passed in April 2020 in a Quebec nursing home where he’d been living with Alzheimer’s.

Despite growing up with the man, Lightburn—the youngest brother of three—says his father “was almost a complete stranger to me. I could almost count the conversations we had, and none of them were very meaningful. I had to deduce that our happy moments were listening to Expos games together. I never knew how he felt about my career or the things I’d achieved—all of which I got from him.”

Marshall Vincent shares his stunning new single ‘Ring Ring’. 

Listen HERE

Reflective and intimate, Ring Ring comes as a hypnotizing offering born from a toxic relationship. 

Powerfully authentic, Marshall Vincent’s relatable songwriting packages a challenging situation into a rich, exquisite listening experience. Sharing more, he explained: Within the relationship there was a struggle of power that was met with insecurities. We were both coming at it from our own angles and things weren’t clicking. We couldn’t relate to each other. The track is a conversation with myself, asking them to meet me where I’m at.

‘If you weren’t so insecure i’d swear that we’d be happier’ 

Ring Ring comes as a teaser ahead of Marshall Vincent’s sophomore EP ‘Burn On Arrival’ due for release next month. Interconnecting with his debut EP ‘In No Particular Order’ the new body of work will be the next chapter in his journey of learning what love and trust means. Expect cinematic intensity and emotive soundscapes.

Born in Chicago but now based in Berlin, Marshall Vincent has been making waves as a rising alt-pop artist since launching in 2021. Inherently led by performing, he has captivated many with his magnetic stage presence and genre bending sound. 

Marshall’s musical influences span from the more traditional storytellers such as Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush, to the more contemporary artists such as Moses Sumney and Serpentwithfeet. All of which contribute to a unique refreshing new sound, all of his own. Heartfelt ballads teamed with haunting basslines and dramatic strings set the perfect scene for his creative, cathartic songwriting. 

Already fully immersed in Berlin’s thriving queer and art communities, Marshall Vincent is quickly expanding his impressive reputation. With much acclaim already in the bag from the likes of Crack, PAPER magazine and Nylon, 2023 looks to be a big year for the emerging artist. 

Singer-songwriter, Ilan Bell is thrilled to release his new single Anna as part of his debut album. He has been featured in Illustrate MagazineMesmerizedSistraSinusoidal MusicLost in the Manor, and many more.
About the song, Bell commented:
Anna is about what it means to find someone, to lose someone, and all the stages in between. Every line came from experience, so it’s a very personal song. I think  there’s something really honest about writing for someone who’s not there because, at that point, nothing goes unsaid.”
Based in New York City, Ilan Bell is an indie singer-songwriter who has generated widespread anticipation for his debut album, American Love. Joining forces with Grammy award-winning producer Paul Falcone (Jay-Z, Beyonce, Tom Odell) as well as indie bands TOLEDO and Vern Matz, Ilan Bell delivers a series of understated ballads alongside more anthemic tracks that callback to the 60s and 70s while still pushing the sonic envelope. The first single, Through It All, was featured on dozens of articles and over a thousand playlists within weeks.

Instant Empire hails from Denver, CO and is made up of Scotty Saunders (vocals, lyrics), Sean Connaughty (guitar, keys), Lou Kucera (guitar), Aaron Stone (bass), and Matt Grizzell (drums). Together, they have been chronicling the human condition through their signature brand of indie rock since 2011. Over the years, the band has garnered comparisons to a number of indie rock’s finest artists, including The National, Bright Eyes, The Hold Steady, Death Cab For Cutie, and Manchester Orchestra.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the band started writing songs – lots of them. During the lonesome early days of the pandemic, writing these songs gave the band an outlet to grapple with universal issues which were hitting close to home: death, aging, a slow disintegration of hopes and dreams, reflecting on the past and the future that stands in its wake.

Over the past few years Instant Empire has been hit with a seemingly endless number of personal issues: the death of parents & friends, health issues, long days and nights in and out of hospitals, lost jobs, lost paths, and an incalculable sense of isolation. The weight of these items seemed to naturally coalesce into the songs they have been writing.

The result is Instant Empire’s fourth full-length LP, titled Standing Eight Count. Musically and thematically, Standing Eight Count is expansive. “It felt like the canvas we were working on had been broadened,” explains the band’s singer and lyricist Scotty Saunders. “An undercurrent of deep personal struggle permeates these songs. Broken and battered characters, on the ropes, but still standing, still fighting the good fight … this theme is woven in and out of the 11 songs that make up the album.”

Instant Empire recorded Standing Eight Count at their own studio with the band’s own guitarist and keyboardist Sean Connaughty on production and engineering duties. Standing Eight Count was mixed and mastered by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon, Kingston, NY. Additional recording was done by Rich G. at Ghosthouse, Denver, CO. “D. James Goodwin has worked on some of our very favorite albums over the past decade. He was awesome to work with, and he really did a masterful job mixing this thing. It sounds lush. He made it sound and feel like a living, breathing recording. We love his work on this album.”

Ultimately Standing Eight Count aims to be a companion to listeners through these strange and difficult times. Instant Empire’s previous releases inclue: Cathedrals (LP; 2019), Last of the Lovers (LP; 2017), Lamplight Lost (LP; 2015), Keep Up! (EP; 2013), Heavy Hollow (EP; 2012), and Instant Empire (EP; 2011).

Standing Eight Count will be Instant Empire’s fourth LP, and will be released digitally on March 31, 2023. There will also be a limited number of vinyl available to purchase from the band.

Standing Eight Count tracklisting:

1. The Palace Thief

2. Every Little Light

3. Slings and Arrows

4. Most Likely to Succeed

5. Ulalume

6. Tiny Flashes

7. No Coda

8. (Not Sure I Believe) In Ghosts

9. Disco Systems in the Dark

10. First Time, Long Time (Michael Calls In)

11. Paper Thin

Indie rock band, Mise En Scene is thrilled to announce their new EP Reality Bites to be released June 23rd. As a preview they have released the title track along with the music video to “Reality Bites” that is out now.
The band says, “’Reality Bites’ was a very fun and easy song to write, it came out in about 10 mins and was inspired by the 1994 Winona Ryder movie of the same name.”
They continue about the music video saying, “I knew we wanted to film a music video in this wonderful old laundry mat in Gimli, Manitoba where we grew up. It has a nostalgic look (and smell) and reminds me of being a kid with my mom in the hot summers washing our sheets and doing laundry there.”
 “Reality bites, and it hurts every time.”
So sings vocalist/guitarist Stefanie Blondal-Johnson with her signature swagger amidst the title track of Mise en Scene’s latest EP, and if there’s a single, consistent thread woven through the ripping alt-rock duo’s output since their 2012 debut, it’s that she and drummer Jodi Dunlop can take everything that hurts – or inspires or confounds or elates – and shape undiluted emotion into something utterly captivating.
Reality Bites found Mise en Scene working with producer John Paul Peters (Begonia, Comeback Kid) in their shared home city of Winnipeg, and despite its relatively short runtime compared to their acclaimed catalog of full-length LPs, the collection arguably showcases the widest breadth of Mise en Scene’s musical output to date, blending influences from Blondie to the Black Keys to Best Coast into a sonic concoction all their own.

After generating over 100 million streams independently and attracting Future to his corner, Tallahassee hip-hop contender Real Boston Richey unleashes a new single and music video entitled “5 Star” today. Listen to “5 Star” HERE and watch the music video HERE.

The track’s ominous production sets a foreboding tone as Real Boston Richey’s inimitable flow kicks into high gear. He threads together bars with smooth and slick cadences through a smile as he warns, “I might pull up with your boo and hit a five-star restaurant, order me and her some soup.” The accompanying visual opens on a white Mercedes pulled over by the police, only for Real Boston Richey to punch it and draw a high-speed chase. In between, he parties with a bevy of women as he raps to the camera with charisma and charm.

Most importantly, it heralds a whole lot more from the rapper soon though. Stay tuned!

Real Boston Richey has quietly emerged as one of rap’s most dynamic new voices. He has attracted high-profile plugs from The SourceThe FADERXXL, and Pitchfork, among others in addition to a coveted co-sign from Future. He has generated tens of millions of streams across releases such as Public Housingand Public Housing, Pt. 2 highlighted by bangers, including the Future collabs “Bullseye 2” and “I Want You” as well as “Keep Dissing 2” with Lil Durk“Navy Seals” with Lil Crix and Kodak Black, and “Certified Dripper 2” with MoneyBagg Yo.

indie singer / songwriter Irene Diaz is thrilled to release her new single “Lost” that is out now.
Irene Diaz says, ‘A confession of desire, LOST  is that in-between where longing and fulfillment collide.’
In support of her new music, Irene will be hitting the road throughout the year and doing a residency at The Silverlake Lounge every Wednesday in June. See all tour dates below. More to be announced.
More than a decade after breaking into the Los Angeles indie scene, singer/songwriter Irene Diaz is breaking new ground in 2022 with her first full-length album, Lovers & Friends. The highly anticipated album was more than five years in the making and executive produced by Grammy Award nominee and Latin Grammy Award winner, Carla Morrison. 
The Highland Park native originally launched her career in 2010 as a modern torch singer crooning soulful ballads with bare bone instrumentals, accompanied only by the piano, guitar, or ukulele. Her minimal approach not only paid tribute to musical influences like Sade, Nina Simone, Hope Sandoval, and Ritchie Valens, but also underscored the rich range and captivating emotions conveyed by her voice alone. 

Rising R&B songstress Isla George is calling for action with her latest single and music video “Be Kind To The People,” out today. A powerful anthem for all who believe in the importance of spreading positivity and compassion, “Be Kind To The People” urges listeners to recognize the value in not only loving yourself, but also those around you while maintaining a sense of humanity especially during hard times when the world feels the most divided. As the neo-soul track places a spotlight on Isla’s sophisticated vocals against a backdrop of brass and steady percussion, the accompanying music video draws attention to the social justice activists who continue to fight daily for racial injustices, LGBT+ rights, and climate change among other issues. 


“I personally have a tendency to feel everything and everyone. For so long I felt crushed by my empathic nature and I started feeling the weight of the world,” shares Isla on the track. “I consistently found myself asking what can I do and how do we heal the world together? I just wish we could all be kind. A lot of my focus became outward, which I feel a lot of us do and I began questioning how can we change and inspire others? How do we inspire kindness? What I realized is all along I wasn’t being the kindest to myself. It was outward focus for me until I wrote this song.”

Produced by multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated music producer, songwriter, and artist Adrian Gurvitz (Andra Day, Stevie Wonder), “Be Kind To The People” showcases Isla’s authentically raw talent and passion as she evokes the golden age of soul and offers a modern R&B twist that is as refreshing as it is timeless. The track also takes inspiration from Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” which is known for its socially-conscious lyrics about making a change within yourself before you can try to make the world a better place. 

Following on from the release of ‘Insane’, London’s up-and-coming songstress Tar Ráe has unveiled her latest slice of heaven. Wrapped in soft melodies and an acoustic backdrop, ‘Too Bad’ is an apologetic single that continues to boast Tar Ráe’s promising artistry.


Housing a warm production, ‘Too Bad’ is an emotional test of love. Reputable for her silky vocals and enchanting lyricism, Tar Ráe wears her heart on her sleeve and takes accountability for her actions in this hypnotic single, I took you for granted for real/ Never thought of how I made you feel / And now you’re moving on and it’s too bad it wasn’t me / Heard you met someone and it’s going well / Heard she’s falling right where I should’ve fell”, she sings. Speaking on the release Tar Rae commented, “Too Bad is about admitting that you took someone important to you for granted and dealing with the regret you feel as a result”


Born in Romford, Essex and raised in Peckham, South-East London, Tar Ráe grew up in a musical household listening to Gospel, R&B, and Afrobeats. It was inevitable that one day she would follow down a similar path and explore a career in music of her own. Taking inspiration from artists including Beyonce, Chris Brown, Brandy, Whitney Houston, and Rihanna, the London native wrote her first song at just fourteen years old before deciding to pursue singing seriously two years later following a conversation with her father. Attending studio sessions in 2019 Tar Ráe began recording her own music before sharing her debut single ‘See You’ in 2021. Catching the eyes of many reputable songwriters and producers, the newcomer is ready to take it up a notch in 2023 with a catalogue of new music.

Emm Gryner is an award-winning singer, songwriter, actor and best-selling author. 

Emm sang and played keyboards in David Bowie’s band, and appears on numerous recordings, including his landmark 1999 SNL appearance, Bowie at The Beeb and Toy. Bowie’s acclaimed Glastonbury 2000 documents her performance in front of more than 100,000 fans at Worthy Farm. 

With her rock band Trapper, Gryner shared arena stages with Def Leppard, and she also helped coordinate and create the first music video recorded in outer space to the world (Space Oddity with Commander Chris Hadfield).

Detroit radio formed the soundtrack of Emm’s life and career and her brand new record is a celebration of that music. From Motown, jazz and pop, to Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and the Doobies, Business & Pleasure is infused with the sunshine soul and stellar playing of the late 70s and early 80s. These songs, produced by Fred Mollin, written with poet Michael Holmes, and recorded with drummer Shannon Forrest (Toto), keyboardist Pat Coil (Michael McDonald), bassist Larry Paxton (Alison Krauss), and guitarists Tom Bukovac (Taylor Swift) and Pat Buchanan (Hall & Oates, Dolly Parton), embody a take on yacht rock that sails deep into the 2020s and introduce the world to a bold new character: a powerful woman whose passion, presence, conviction, humour and grace serves to unite the world in music, joy and love, once again.


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