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INsiders Guide: Lauren Waller, The K’S, Fleece, Daydream Review, Hannah Rose Platt, April March, Eden Rain, Boiler Room World Tour, Pet Needs, FAKE A SMILE, Jason Kent…

Lauren Waller’s debut album, Talking To Myself, delivers a bittersweet intoxicating cocktail of indie, alt, and pop capabilities, with fresh, forward-thinking sounds. Lauren nails it with playful invention, swagger, lyricism, introspection, and theatricality. From luminous dreamscape pop to catchy dance songs, Waller’s emotionally generous storytelling and distinctive voice provide an antidote for the run-of-the-mill.

Talking To Myself consists of 13 fun loving and catchy songs, most of which are familiar favorites, like the dark wave and synthpop “Dopamine,” the bubbly bedroom pop “Nothing But Life,” and the up beat urban-inspired dance track “Best Coast.” She introduces new songs too, like the catchy pop song “Green Eyed Jealousy,” the airy and lighthearted “Chapstick,” and the dance and electro “Backseat,” among others.

The Los Angeles-based artist bridges the divide between 1980s dark wave and modern electro-textured indie pop. Her aesthetic also encompasses the confessional and poetic intimacy of the singer-songwriter idiom and the thrilling satisfaction of modern pop. Her soulful pop has earned her favorable comparisons to Lorde, Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, and Ingrid Michaelson.  

Warrington indie-rock risers – THE K’S – have unveiled a new video for current single “Chancer”. 

Unfolding like a triumphant victory lap following a riotous few months of touring, the new video is produced and directed by Geoff Owens and was made using live footage from the band’s recent UK and Ireland headline tour. 

Completing a 12-date run which saw multiple sold-out dates, their Liverpool show upgraded to the 1200-capacity O2 Academy (previously Academy 2), and a performance at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall (as part of a special Teenage Cancer Trust show with Kasabian and The Snuts); The K’s have documented it all in the official video for “Chancer”. Capturing The K’s rip-roaring performance and on-stage dynamic to a T, you watch the new clip here.

A feel-good indie-rock track filled with buoyant choruses, a pulsating live-ready energy and danceable rhythms made for the big rooms, “Chancer” sees The K’s take a change tack from wistful previous release “Hoping Maybe” with joyous results.

Balancing frontman Jamie Boyle’s trademark eye for the lyrical descriptive and nous for clever phrasing, with guitarist Ryan Breslin’s ear for a bouncy and melodic chorus, the result makes for one of The K’s most immediate singles to date. Elaborating on the story behind the track, Jamie explains:

“”Chancer” is a first person account of finding drunken solace in a private members’ club after being stranded in an unfamiliar city — and the events that ensued.” 

“If two men just ain’t right, then I’m living in a world that’s upside down,” Matt Rogers, lead vocalist and songwriter of Montreal-based LGBTQ indie-rock band Fleece, croons on “Upside Down,” a song on their most recent LP, Stunning and Atrocious. On that album, the band wasn’t holding back on sharing their roadmap for how they see the world. Their newest single – “It’s The Life” – takes that same spirit, but channels it into something fun, buoyant, hooky and splendidly addictive.

In fact, Fleece has never paused, even for a moment, to define themselves or add labels to their experience, instead opting to open up and be. This band is au naturel and it shows, right from their earliest days and rise to notoriety through their rice cake-munching “How to write an Alt-J song” viral video (which amassed 12 million views). Since that video, that notoriety has only amplified. Subsequent releases and antics have added fuel to this fire and grown large and dedicated followings on Spotify, Instagram and TikTok, resulting in worldwide audiences and millions of monthly streams. The band’s recent singles “Upside down,” “Do U Mind? (Leave The Light On),” and “Love Song for the Haters” have each leapt past the 2-million stream mark. Along the way the band found themselves on tour across North America multiple times, supporting renowned bands Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians, Mt. Joy, and others as their demand as a headliner grew in these same markets.

Chicago-based psych-pop multi-instrumentalist Elijah Montez, the frontman and sole songwriter of Daydream Review shares his highly anticipated, kaleidoscopic debut studio album Leisure out everywhere now via Side Hustle Records. Alongside the album release is the latest layered single “Dissolving” out now. There is also a limited run of the LP on vinyl available to purchase now.

Daydream Review is currently taking the new music around his home city of Chicago, IL in celebration of the release. The official album release show is at Cole’s Bar tomorrow night and the final how of this run is on May 26 at Schubas Tavern with tickets on sale now via

Leisure, out now, is Daydream Review’s debut full-length studio album featuring his most realized work to date. Over thirteen chromatic, experimental tracks, the artist’s airy production and thoughtful, existential lyricism transports listeners to a fresh sonic universe that pushes the boundaries of modern psychedelic pop. Diving deeper into the album’s meaning, Daydream Review explains, “‘Leisure’ is about the ever-present tension between the desire for free time, for personal enjoyment and leisure, and the demands that capitalistic society places on those desires, and how it restricts the ability to enjoy that free time. Your job and work, to me, seem to be consistent specters that haunt your ability to enjoy your free time, knowing that those demands are always awaiting you when your free time comes to an end.”

It is this balancing act that informed much of the album creation and its themes. The artist continues, “Leisure, as a concept, became something almost otherworldly and that much more desirable, something you dream about when you have so much time funneled into work, and the repetitive act of balancing those two ends up being something almost hypnotic, and I tried to channel all of that into the sonic qualities of the album.”

HANNAH ROSE PLATT returns with the hauntingly beautiful new single: “Feeding Time For Monsters”.

An all-consuming record that will devour your attention whole, the Ed Harcourt-produced track stars on Platt’s upcoming album ‘Deathbed Confessions’, which arrives on 19 May via Xtra Mile Recordings.


Feeding Time For Monsters” unlocks the haunted house that lies within all of us. A paranormal and psychological thriller to stand your hair on end, it’s a song that sees Hannah face-up to the demons of the past that lie behind every door, while shining a light on those darkest of secrets that define who we are. 

Complimenting the song’s ghostly narrative, Hannah has teamed up with esteemed animator William Davies to produce a spooky ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’-style video that needs to be seen to be believed. Watch it here.

Speaking about “Feeding Time For Monsters” and its innovative animated video explains: 

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“If a house represents the psyche – what would haunt the rooms of our very own haunted houses? I explore a mix of my own ptsd experiences and personal ghosts in this song. Ed and I wanted to create a sense of chaos and dissociation with woozy vocals and thrashing guitars (and the animation by William Davies is just astonishing! Check it out!).” HRP

Luring the listener in with its siren-like vocals, spectral arrangements, and wistful storytelling, “Feeding Time For Monsters” soon opens its jaws to a monstrous climax of noise and emotion that will have listeners unable to tear themselves away. Swiftly following recent single “Dead Man on The G Train”, the two tracks released so far are some of the many standout moments to be discovered on Hannah Rose Platt’s highly anticipated new album…

A singer-songwriter with a penchant for the peculiar and a multi-instrumentalist who relishes a murder-ballad, Hannah Rose Platt will release her upcoming album ‘Deathbed Confessions’ on 19th May 2023. Deriving inspiration from the dark, the depraved, and the eternally damned, ‘Deathbed Confessions’ offers twelve poetic ghost stories that could enchant you into an early grave. A concept album inspired by classic horror, from Rod Serling’s ‘The Twilight Zone’, to the BBC’s ‘Inside No 9’, and the balladeer categories of Samuel Peyps; Platt distils them all into alternative/folk ditties soused in the supernatural, post/rock vignettes of revenges served cold, and poisonous piano ballads potent enough to make the blood curdle. 

Speaking about her vision for ‘Deathbed Confessions’, Hannah Rose Platt says:


“I’ve always been fascinated by the variety of emotions ghost stories and horror can evoke. I wanted to create a sonic anthology series of haunting vignettes, and wrote a collection of songs exploring polarised themes of death, love, the afterlife, murder, regret, the uncanny, the kindness of strangers, and the downright bizarre! The characters in the songs are linked as they travel by train to the afterlife, each revisiting key moments, decisions and regrets that subsequently shaped their lives. I hope the listener feels a desire to curl up and be transported back to ‘story-time’!”

Who is April March? Born in NYC, raised in a pre-war apartment perched on the edge of the Upper East Side, she became a singer and animator by gazing into Spanish Harlem drawing while harmonizing over the fire escape with her sister. She soon found her way downtown where Harry SmithAllen Ginsberg and Wallace & Gromit’s Nick Park mentored her. After hours she sang and wrote songs, opening for The Buzzcocks, River Phoenix and so on. She recorded with members of The Gun Club and REMRonnie Spector plucked her to record and perform with her as a Ronette, diverting her from the stage at CBGB’s up to Madison Square Garden. 

Eventually going the way of most animators, for an animator is actually just an actor whose acting is done through a pencil, she headed out to the high desert near Hollywood to attend Disney’s Animation Program. From there she veered left to join the team behind Ren & Stimpy. Mid-season they were all fired by the network for pushing their edge an edge too far, only to reincarnate amongst the creators of SpongeBob Squarepants

Brian Wilson summoned her to record with him, telling her he loved her voice, that he had already recorded her back in ‘62 even though that was a few years before she was actually born. He told her that her voice was so unusual that she would probably go far. He was right. The world was soon introduced to her at the movies via Quentin TarantinoGus Van Sant, Alexander Payne and Bertrand Tavernier, all of whom featured her on their soundtracks.

Who are Staplin? Arno Van Colen is the wildly inventive leader of the group Steeple Remove. Norman Langolff is his perfect match, raised in recording studios, couch surfing as a child, with an extra dose of the musical spark of his father Frank Langolff who was composing and producing with Serge Gainsbourg. Staplin’s first album was released out of nowhere in 2020 to critical acclaim earning them a residency on Radio France’s FIP as well as the badge of: “reinventor of the soundtrack genre.”

That brings us to April March Meets Staplin. Along with April March, Toby Dammit (Iggy Pop’s drummer, as well as a touring member of The Bad Seeds), completes this picture. As Truffaut once said, “It’s a beautiful day outside. Let’s go to a movie,” so let the needle drop. “Le Rayon Vert” will lead you across Maupassant’s rain drenched meadows to a fuzz guitar driven Snow White as she lays down before Alfie Solomons. A palomino will carry you through the fog toward the waves off the rocky coast of Catalina to hear Natalie Wood’s last sigh. As the needle nears the run off groove you’ll be far out and away from wherever you happen to be.

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 ‘ Crumb’, the stunning new single from London based/ Leeds born artist Eden Rain. With her debut EP, Gutter Vision set for release May 19th and her sold out headline show at Folklore in Hackney set for May 22nd, Eden is revealing another example as to how she has been building a reputation as one of the city’s most exciting new artists.  Connecting with Jonny Breakwell ( Pinkpantheress, Goldlink), the track showcases Eden’s timeless vocals atop an intricate arrangement.

“I definitely want to feel like the first me rather than a copy of someone else,” begins Leeds-born artist Eden Rain: a simple statement, but one that’s not always a given in the modern landscape of algorithm-adherence and writing to please the TikTok gods. For the now London-based musician, however, personality and personal style is key and, having grown up in a household filled with the sounds of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Janis Joplin and other “female artists with a distinct writing style and voice”, it’s something that runs naturally in her blood.

Heading into a spring that will see her headline London’s Folklore with her live band and unveil a new EP that wrangles pop hooks with a continued exploration of the “stormier, spikier” side of her, having allowed things to naturally unfurl now is the time that Eden Rain is ready to step front and centre. “When I found a niche of just being myself I realised it’s not the worst thing in the world,” she shrugs. “If people can resonate more with me being real than me being a glossy, put together version of me, then that sounds way more appealing.”

Independent global music and broadcast platform Boiler Room have announced a Los Angeles stop on The Boiler Room World Tour. Presented by LA-based event collective Stranger Than;, Boiler Room will touching down in LA on August 12th, showcasing some of the most exciting names from the West Coast & beyond.

Stranger Than; has remained a key force in the US electronic music scene, pairing unparalleled production with unique urban venues throughout Los Angeles and positioning themselves as the premiere stateside partner for global institutions such as CircoLoco. Stranger Than; recently hosted one of LA’s only large scale electronic music events directly beachfront with Innervisions icons Dixon and Âme at Cabrillo Beach. 

Tickets for Boiler Room Los Angeles now on sale here 

Lineup to be announced in coming months

Essex punk-rock risers – PET NEEDS – have unleashed a new video for “The Argument”, ahead of a run of UK live dates with The Lottery Winners.


A fiery and furious back-and-forth that sees PET NEEDS joined by collaborator Bridget, “The Argument” is a highly charged track about a relationship spiralling out of control. Brimming with the band’s usual brand of frenzied alt-rock and zany humour, frontman Johnny explains:

“After playing a show with Bridget and hearing that incredible scream, I went home and wrote a furious, vicious 90 second break-up song. Imagine a scene from a Shakespearean tragedy if it was set in the Queen Vic. Purely fictitious, of course!”

Accompanied by a playful official video that sees Johnny and Bridget on a dinner-date gone horribly wrong, he adds:

“We dusted off our best am-dram skills to shoot a video with Jonathan Dadds at the gorgeous Colchester Arts Centre.” 



Making a stunning entrance into 2023, Bournemouth trio Fake A Smile leave a lasting impression with Debut single Prom Dress. Hooking up with Mercury Award winning producer Gianluca Buccellati following a serendipitous meeting at a London hotel, the newcomers unleash an infectious blast of sun bleached indie driven by woozy vocals and crunching guitars.  An exciting glimpse into their debut EP,  Shoot Me To The Moon, Prom Dress signals the arrival of a must watch band. Speaking on the track, the band state:

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“We wanted to create a body of work that introduced listeners to our core sound. Prom Dress came together after a conversation we had about staying present and not getting too hung up on the past. We worked with producer Gianluca Buccellati (Arlo Parks, Biig Piig, White China) in LA to refine our sound and solidify what we wanted to say as a band.” 

Kent is a maker of swampy folk rock songs. He’s released four records with his band Sunfields and has recorded and toured as a sideman in an array of Montréal bands including; Elephant Stone, The Barr Brothers, The Dears, Kandle, Vulagires Machins, Peter Peter, Laura Niquay…).

His debut album was released in 2006, and his sophomore album (Soft Commotion) fifteen years later. He has toured Europe, the US, Mexico and Canada incessantly.

Now he brings us his latest album, Common Tongues, which delves into the caverns of song with grainy vocals, acid laced guitars, boisterous pianos and swampy undertones of swampy folk rock.

VINCINT, the rising pop star known for his powerful vocals and captivating performances, has just released his latest music video for “Romance” today; WATCH.
The music video, directed by Jake Wilson (Saucy Santa feat. Latto, Jonas Brothers, Lizzo, Cher, Ariana Grande), is a glossy visual that perfectly captures the mood of the independent singer’s first official single since 2021. Filmed at Heart in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, the video features VINCINT locking eyes with one particular love interest on a dance floor of shirtless men, intertwined with scenes of energetic choreography, stunning fashion, and made complete with a cast of friends and stars alike, such as Gus Kenworthy, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Johnny Silbilly, Kerri Colby, Griffin Matthews and more. The complete “Romance” official music video cast list is below.
“Romance” is the latest single off of VINCINT’s upcoming album, which is set to be announced later this year.
The music video for “Romance” is now available to watch on VINCINT’s official YouTube channel following its exclusive premiere via Rolling Stone earlier this morning.
Rolling Stone: Vincint Finds’Freedom’ in aSea of Shirtless Men in Steamy ‘Romance’ Video
“Romance” official music video cast list:(Alphabetical order)
Alphie GarçonBeau ButlerBrandon Kyle GoodmanCharles ConolyChris DamnedClint MorrisDevon DanielsDexter MayfieldDrew ValentinoGriffin MatthewsGus KenworthyHeartthrob RobIsrael IsaacJahari WhiteJames O’BrienJohnny SilbillyJordan BlokKaio QuierozKelechi KaluKerri ColbyKirk VaclavikMario JosePhillip LambertReignRob ZumayaSimeon CarsonTaylor VasekTeddy BearTitus Fauntleroy (as VINCINT’s love interest)Trevor SilvaTy Talley

rising female talent HoneyLuv and house icon Seth Troxler release Marc Kinchen a.k.a. MK’s official remix of their upcoming collaboration ‘Sex & The City’ out now via Tuskegee Music. The release also marks the return of Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers’ label imprint, Tuskegee Music, following a 4-year hiatus.

Sampling Chicago house icon Paul Johnson’s 1998 ‘So Much’, ‘Sex & The City’ oozes with the old-school rhythms and new-school flow that have bonded HoneyLuv and Seth Troxler. With his remix, MK looks to highlight the classic tones of the original while adding his own Detroit flavor. An irresistible arrangement of groovy basslines, shiny synth stabs and crisp drum patterns, the house superstar has delivered an enticing remix that will leave listeners in anticipation of HoneyLuv and Seth Troxler’s forthcoming collaboration. 

Regarding the collaboration, HoneyLuv said, “To even be in the same room with Seth is an honor but to collaborate with him on a track is a dream come true. Seth has been one of many of my inspirations during this journey of mine. This song is definitely the essence of what house music is and what the future will be and I’m so happy Seth was able to help create that with me”.

Hana McCartney and her new single, “Dope”. The track out now, is about how it is easy to be peer pressured by the people you love and how it can quickly move from love to manipulation. The music video comes out on the 20th as well. Sonically, she’s the Gen-Z love child of Sky Ferreira and Lana Del Rey from her Ultraviolence era. “Dope” is a big, uplifting blend of shoegaze-soaked indie pop that is sure to make her the next big thing in the genre.

Rising Liverpool four-piece – KEYSIDE – have unveiled their retro-tinted new single, “Paris To Marseille”. 


A jangling slice of airy indie rock dripping with a distinct Liverpudlian edge, “Paris To Marseille” is a classic guitar track deftly updated for the modern day.

Reminiscent of indie icons like The Smiths and The La’s, or contemporaries like The Lathums or The Snuts, the cut blends airy acoustic guitars with twanging riffs and melodic bass-lines that see Keyside firmly stake their place as a new name to watch closely on the thriving Liverpool music scene.

Speaking about the track, frontman Dan Parker explains:

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“”Paris To Marseille” was written sometime in winter 2021, and I had already written most of the lyrics apart from the verses. I remember walking by the Mersey at the time, which inspired the opening lyric: “across the water / moon lit reservoir”. 

Premiered by The Big Takeover, the single is accompanied by a nostalgic official video that sees performance shots of the band superimposed over fuzzy footage of the French capital, watch it here:

Keyside are Dan Parker (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ben Cassidy (lead guitar), Oisin McAvoy (drums) and Max Gibson (bass, vocals). After forming just 18 months ago, the Liverpool four-piece released their debut single “Lights Out” last year, and gained praise from the likes of Gigslutz and BBC Introducing for their breezy brand of guitar-driven indie rock. 

Hailing from all corners of the continent, Ben and Dan are Liverpool natives, while Oisin is from Ireland and Max from Spain. Endorsed by Carl Hunter of legendary Liverpool band The Farm, Keyside have already gained quite a reputation in their hometown — renowned for their unapologetic and confident sound that “is able to take you out of a darkened sweaty basement and into the fresh fields of festival season” (Liverpool Noise). 

Having recently sold out their first two hometown headline shows, Keyside have also supported some of the most exciting names in the city and gigged in some of Liverpool’s top venues including the O2 Academy and The Arts Club. Due to support The Lilacs at a SOLD OUT show in Manchester, catch the band live as follows:


 25 March – MANCHESTER The Deaf Institute (w/ The Lilacs)

The Hails pull back the curtain on another layer of their upcoming debut album with the release of “Fiona.” An occult, otherworldly groove, the track evocatively tells the tale of being caught in the orbit of a larger-than-life femme fatale, who seems to single handedly hold life together. Half functioning as a thank you letter and half asking far too much of someone else, the song grasps firmly onto the life raft of Fiona Apple’s discography. With production by Pat Howard of Magic City Hippies, the dominance of the Florida indie scene is on full display with “Fiona” – Stream.

The Hails front man Robbie Kingsley explained, “’Fiona’ finds us in one of our moodiest grooves. It has a cadence that I don’t think a lot of our other songs have. The layers in the chorus are thick but there’s a hint of intricacy that can be felt through each lyric, which I love.”

He continues, “It was important to me to cast a net of mysticism on top of the song because I was carefully avoiding being trite with the lyrics. The song comes from a time where I just couldn’t seem to make sense of life, so using Fiona Apple’s music as a grounding mechanism felt comfortable. Plus, the heroic aura from the energy of her music felt like something I should sing about.”

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Marcus Lowry is a Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer based in Montreal. Since earning his Bachelor’s degree in jazz performance from the University of Montreal in 2017, Marcus has worked with a wide array of Canadian and international jazz, folk and pop artists, such as Belle Grand Fille, Diane Tell, Alex Le Blanc, Aaron Dolman, Marthe Halvorsen and many more.

His debut solo album, “Time, Time, Time” is set to be released this coming fall. It is produced by the beloved Canadian musician and producer Joe Grass, recipient of two Félix awards and multiple Juno nominations. 

Marcus is also one half of the aptly named avant-folk duo, Gen & Marcus. In 2019, they co-produced and released their first album, “Warden”, to local and critical acclaim. The following year, Marcus served as the producer and musical arranger of Belle Grand Fille’s second album, “Nos Maisons,” which also received widespread praise as well as a Félix nomination.  

My name is Thomas Kelly, and I have a band called Tired Kid. I’m based in Toronto, ON, and I play music inspired by 90s alt rock bands that meet classic bands of the 60s and 70s.

My new song, “Scotch,” is inspired by my walks to coffee shops, my friends, the band TOPS, and the scotch I like to drink!

Watch the official “Scotch” music video created by Laura-Lynn Petrick on YouTube.

When I sent the song to director Laura-Lynn Petrick, she had crafted a narrative based on the song itself. Stylistically, we went for 16 mm film and something that looked like it might’ve been shot in the early 70s.

Sip a glass of scotch does it turn you off?

You don’t even have to say

I can tell by the look on your face

Thanks for listening!

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I hope you look forward to hearing more from me 🤞

— Thomas Kelly of Tired Kid

Sophia Habib is a singer, writer, performer and producer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Delicately dancing between infectious pop, spellbinding R&B and silky neo-soul, Sophia’s music is a hypnotic blend of her love for the 00’s, along with smooth R&B vocals and a dark, melancholic tone taken from her classical piano background. Having studied at the prestigious Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, her sound reaps a musical maturity and sophistication, while her honest themes touch on relatable, everyday life experiences. Breaking barriers and doing the unexpected, Sophia’s music exudes a subtle suspense and tension, allowing for surprises around each and every corner. 

Following the release of her 2022 album, Fragile, Sophia is unveiling three live tracks, each accompanied by a stunning live video. Featuring two songs off of her album, “Lifeline” and “We Can’t Work This Out”, as well as the addition of a new song “Thank You”, the release showcases the artists incredible live skills. Performing alongside an orchestra, Sophia’s love for classical music shines bright. She shares, “To work with an orchestra was a dream I just had to fulfill. I called Anton de Bruin and asked if he wanted to do another collaboration with Cloud Orchestra. And that’s how it started!”

Directed by Eloi Genrich and Rebecca Weltner and filmed by Maric Dam, the three videos are shot in a beautiful, minimalist location, allowing for the focus to be on Sophia and the music, with no distractions. Shimmering with a vulnerability, warm golden hues blend with dark shadowy elements, adding further depth to the sound and the song’s narratives. 

Thematically, the song’s are based on true events from the artist’s life, as she gives listeners an honest glimpse into some of her most personal and raw moments. Sophia confides, “Thank You is very simply a love story! It’s thanking someone for showing you what true love is and that you are worthy of receiving that love.” “Lifeline” speaks of desperately wanting someone to love you, even though you know they’re no good for you, but ultimately realising that you don’t need the approval of anyone to be loved. With streaming numbers in the hundreds of thousands and rave reviews from the likes of PAPER Magazine, Wonderland Magazine and Earmilk to name a few, 2023 is set to take Sophia Habib to new heights.

Credit: Clark Terrell

Following the announcement of their full lineup, Seismic Dance Event have announced talent additions and day by day lineup schedules for their debut Seismic Spring lite edition. The event has also released a stream of Fatboy Slim’s Seismic debut last Fall on YouTube.

This spring, jungle-pop and acoustic house duo, SOFI TUKKER, will be joining the Seismic Spring bill where they will be performing an exclusive hybrid set featuring performers and live vocals, offering something truly immersive for their Austin fanbase. German techno pioneer, Chris Liebing, has also been revealed, bringing storied history as one of the scene’s foremost flag bearers to the event.

Fans can also relive the magic of Fatboy Slim’s Seismic debut this past Fall via a full-length stream of the widely requested set on the event’s YouTube page. The stream is the first to be released from Seismic with more 2022 edition sets to be released soon.

The two-day Seismic Lite Edition, taking place this May 19-20 at The Concourse Project in Austin, Texas, will employ a one stage outdoor format where fans can celebrate the return of warmer weather in an intimate environment. The one stage experience of Seismic Spring furthers the brand’s commitment to fostering a tight knit community of underground and electronic music lovers.

Produced by Austin dance music powerhouse RealMusic Events, Seismic prides itself on showcasing the city as one of electronic music’s hidden gems. Coming off of a successful fifth edition this past November, the event will return to its perennial home of The Concourse Project for an expanded two festival offering in 2023.

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The RealMusic Events team has spent the last 14 years fostering the Austin scene as an unexpected home for the electronic sounds of tomorrow. It is this commitment to writing the next chapter of the city’s diverse musical history that stands at the heart of the Seismic ethos.

Tickets are available now and can be purchased on the Seismic website here. This includes 2 Day GA and 2 Day VIP options with payment plans available, along with single day tickets now available. Seismic Spring is an 18+ festival.

Seismic Spring: Lite Edition

Friday, May 19
John Summit
Coco & Breezy
DJ Hanzel
Hot Since 82
Oden & Fatzo (Live)

Saturday, May 20
Chris Avantgarde
Chris Liebing
Josh Wink
Nicole Moudaber
Speaker Honey

Rising R&B sensation Zae France has announced his 2023 tour ‘This Vibe Ain’t For Everybody,’ which is set to kick off on April 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Neighborhood Theatre. The North Carolina-born/Connecticut-raised R&B heartthrob is gearing up to hit the road for eight show dates as they all reach sold-out statuses. Zae will also perform this month at the eagerly anticipated Sol Blume Festival on April 29 in Sacramento, CA. 

This past February, Zae unveiled his first single of the year, “What It Do” featuring Philly-born singer/ songwriter Fridayy. The track is currently in rotation on Spotify’s esteemed playlists R&B Weekly and Some Kinda Way and received praise from notable publications such as Rated R&BLyrical LemonadeKazi Magazine, and more. This Is R&B raved “What It Do” ft. Fridayy is out today and shows the way that Zae France has a unique ability to elevate and continue to give people what they want. The harmonious new track can be described as warm, fun, and having an upbeat R&B vibe. The new song displays Zae’s ability to craft a catchy hook and how he is continuing to climb to the top of the R&B world with every release.” Elsewhere, Essence via their subsidiary platform Girls United highlighted Zae as one of fourteen artists ‘Trailblazing Their Way To Mainstream Music,’ furthermore sharing, “France is an artist who studies the key elements of R&B being quality writing, a message and of course, vocals. He was recently signed to Def Jam/ Compound Entertainment and is gearing up to release his third project full of his R&B flavor.” 

Houston hip-hop artist Saxkboy KD today unveils his latest official music video to his rising track “Dior Doe Boy” with That Mexican OT off their recently released collaborative project The Show Must Go On. Watch HERE.
Dior Doe Boy” highlights KD’s rise to the forefront, standing tall in his light while spewing the truth of people eagerly yearning to give him the time of day now that he’s made it big. The bouncy, base-booming record is an anthem of confidence brought to life by an illuminating, gritty music video.
Earlier this year, Saxkboy KD doubled down on his Houston hometown pride by releasing his collaborative EP, The Show Must Go On, with his fellow H-town comrade, That Mexican OT.  Including nine tracks, highlights include recent bangers like “Pillow Talk” and the energetic single “Just Talking.” The project has amassed over 1M + combined streams across DSP channels as one of the project tracks’ “Creeping” rises with reception across social media platforms. Stream ‘The Show Must Go On’ by Saxkboy KD & That Mexican OT HERE

Gal Musette is the artist name used by Grace Freeman, who began writing piano and guitar based lyrical compositions and performing at open mics in her home city of San Clemente, CA at the age of 10. Her graceful approach to melody-driven indie-folk has captured audiences all over Southern California.

At age 14, inspired by The Magnetic Fields’ triple album 69 Love Songs, Gal recorded her own collection titled 70 Love Songs, which caught the attention of the band, and won her an opening slot on a few of their Midwestern U.S. tour dates. In more recent years, Gal has opened for several renowned artists such as Macy Gray, Suzanne Vega, Todd Snyder, and Donavon Frankenreiter. While her artist name is taken from bal-musette, the accordion-based, waltz-style French instrumental music, Gal’s primary inspiration is drawn from songwriters including Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Björk, Cocteau Twins, Burt Bacharach, Big Thief and The Cure.

In October 2021, Gal released her debut album, Backwards Lullaby, featuring a vocal duet with one of her biggest musical inspirations, Rufus Wainwright. The record explores the pangs of hopeless romances and unrequited love, what it’s like to move beyond idealized love into the acceptance of what is real and constant, as well as the cyclical nature of life and love in relationships. In July 2022, Gal released an orchestral EP consisting of three re-imagined cuts from Backwards Lullaby featuring the musicianship of Via Mardot, a talented multi-instrumentalist based in Detroit, Michigan.

Gal’s 2022 single “Je vois le ciel” is a tune sung entirely in French with lyrics heavily inspired by surrealist French poetry. The track features classical inspired piano, haunting theremin (performed once more by Via Mardot), and plenty of harmonies which masterfully intertwine with contrasting bass and drums, driving the song with a consistent groove while grounding the whimsical treble tones.

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Gal’s indie pop release “Plateau” was written when in bumper to bumper Los Angeles traffic and details a season of numbness and monotony as well as the death of idealization of life and love, while her new single “Moment” channels experiences of grief and loss through cinematic vocals and bittersweet melodies over intoxicatedly esoteric chamber pop soundscapes.

“Je vois le ciel”, “Plateau” and “Moment” are songs leading up to Gal Musette’s forthcoming album Pendulum to be released this summer.


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