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The New Single Was Simply A “No Brainer” For DJ Khaled And Justin Bieber

“Another One” is exactly right for hip hop music producer DJ Khaled who reunited with artists Justin Bieber, Quavo and Chance The Rapper for the new hit single “No Brainer”. The track marks a musical reunion for the four artists who released their hit single, “I’m the One” last year which became a Billboard number 1. “No Brainer” will be featured on DJ Khaled’s upcoming album “Father of Asahd”, and in an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Khaled confirmed that there will be 11 songs for his 11th album. “I’ve recorded more than 11 songs but I’m only picking 11,” he told Lowe, saying that his last album had 23 songs in honor of his son Asahd Khaled, who was born on October 23rd. “Basically, if I can’t get what I want and get a sound and produce the vibe I want, then it got to stick to it, until I get it right. I’m not trying just to turn the album in. I want to make this the album.”

If there’s one thing Khaled knows it’s that star power will pave the way for success; Bieber’s hugely infectious hook will burrow its way into your conscious. The record is largely propelled by Bieber’s poptastic vocals, and adding the “go to” man of hip hop at the moment Quavo, your destined to debut at number 1 again. “No Brainer” is full of pop, rhythm, and urban influences and makes it’s impacts on the charts officially Monday, July 30th. Khaled’s next studio album, “Father of Asahd,” is due out this fall. It was executive produced by Asahd, who turns two in October. Enjoy “another one” on us…

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Written by Neill Frazer

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