Music Spotlight : Witt Lowry


showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor.
“a witty remark”

When he first started his music career, Witt went through the dictionary and found a word that described his wittiness. From Witty to Witt Lowry, dropping the “Y” and creating a last name by using a variation on his middle name Laurence, after his grandfather who was a huge inspiration in his life. It was back in Spring of 2011, when Mark Richard, Jr. made a life changing decision; to leave behind the graphic design world and commit solely to his creative talents. Witt’s honest brand of hip hop has amassed a huge amount of fans across the globe, and followers who are dedicated to spreading his for all to listen.

He’s earned comparisons to artists like G-Eazy, with a flow similar to that of Slim Shady, combined with the lyrical messages of Macklemore, making Witt Lowry an artist to watch out for. Lowry has a strong commitment to his music, known for working on a song until he believes it is perfect. This dedication to perfection is the reason he has seen such a large amount of growth in such a small amount of time. He has accrued a following of 78,000 YouTube subscribers, 28,700 Twitter followers and millions of views of his music videos through the Internet, he created a platform from which he can make a career creating and touring.

In 2013 Witt Lowry released “Kindest Regards” a self-titled mixtape full of raw emotion, an insight to what was going to be a bright future. It contained the hit singles “Wake Up” and “Kindest Regards” which helped Lowry gain some momentum in the underground rap scene. Since then has released “Like I Do” and “I Could Be” which propelled Lowry’s presence in the rap game. In 2015 it finally came, Lowry released his debut album “Dreaming With Our Eyes Open,” which ended up reaching #24 spot on Billboard’s R&B & Hip Hop Chart, #5 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart, #23 overall in iTunes, and #5 in iTunes Hip-Hop Chart. He then embarked on a tour taking on the Northeastern parts of the USA.

After his debut was a success, Lowry started working on a new album the day after the release. He tweeted in 2016 that there would be another album, but life had other plans for Witt Lowry as his father passed away from cancer late October 2015. During that time Witt never mentioned anything about his personal life and what he was going through. In late December, Witt Lowry would release a new single called, “Numb” produced by Steezefield which was the first single off of his new album titled “I Could Not Plan This”.

When Lowry released the single “Into Your Arms” featuring Ava Max, he quickly catapulted back into the Billboard charts and become the artist everyone couldn’t get enough of. He also released the single “Piece of Mind 4” which was another hot insight to just how great his forthcoming album is going to be. To see how talented Lowry is an rapper check out his emotional single “Last Letter”. An evoking song that’s dedicated to the battle Witt’s father faced with Cancer, the track is amongst Lowry’s most touching records yet. Currently laced up with over 3.5 million streams on Spotify. Witt Lowry without question is going to be one of the biggest new artists in hip hop.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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