INsiders Guide : Disco Shrine, Will Bowes, Maggie Szabo, Laura Jean Anderson, Scarlet Sails

Maggie Szabo: “Only Human” is the brand new single from recently Billboard profiled artist Maggie Szabo. The track is featured on the new Netflix film “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” and displays Maggie’s powerful vocals backed by some heavy electro pop instrumentals. Maggie Szabo is known for collaborating with high profile artists, and has garnered over 13 million hits on YouTube alone. She’s quickly become one of the most wanted songwriter’s and vocalists for notable film and TV placements, but her latest work has focused primarily on her solo project which was written in some of the most lavish places on Earth.

With an upcoming EP on the way entitled “Worthy” on the way, we’re excited for new music to come from this up and coming dynamic artist. “Only Human is available now.

Disco Shrine: The LA based Disco Shrine has released a brand new single “Up In The Air”, and we couldn’t be more excited. This song is about my parents immigrating to America from Iran after escaping the Iranian revolution in the 70’s. “Up in the air” paints a picture of them literally up in the air on their plane ride over to America, leaving the past behind and looking towards their new future. It’s also symbolic of their whole lives suddenly being up in the air, uncertain, and not knowing what to expect at all.  It’s more so in my mothers perspective and the strength she had to leave her whole life behind to bring a better life for her children and family. ” – Jessica Delijani (Disco Shrine)

The song “Up In The Air” narrates the struggle Jessica’s parents had when immigrating to America from Iran, and is a fitting anthem for the current situation faced in America. Jessica Delijani is the pop vocalist behind Disco Shrine, who make music of high energy, electronic beats and infectious melodies. Jessica started behind the scenes event producer, helping to throw various dance parties and festivals in LA and San Francisco. It wasn’t long before she took her talents to the stage and became the spotlight of one of the biggest up and coming dance acts in music today. Check out “Up In The Air” below.

Will Bowes: “Mad At The World” is the powerful new pop ballad from Canadian artist Will Bowes. This track was written just after the attacks in Toronto, and addresses the negativity we all face on a day to day basis. The songs purpose is to deliver a message of both hope and unity. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bowes work, he’s the lead singer of Toronto based pop band Gold Complex. He is also an actor and has starred alongside Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence in the movie “House At The End Of The Street”, as well as roles in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and Netflix’s “Alias Grace”.

His new single will hopefully spark the hope in all of us that we all seek and desire. “Mad At The World” is out now.

Laura Jean Anderson: “Thinkin’ ‘Bout You” is the latest release from songstress Laura Jean Anderson. Being compared to the great Nina Simone after emerging in 2018 with a successful line of singles including “Love You Most” and “Silence Won’t Help Me Now”. “Thinkin Bout You” has been released ahead of the official announcement of Anderson’s new EP “Lonesome No More” which is set for release October 12th. Laura described the new single saying “This song is about that moment after you leave a lover, when you realize you can’t talk to them about the hard times after being entangled with them for years. So all you can do is think of them sweetly and plead that it’s ok with the universe cause it’s getting you through it.”

Check out the latest effort from Laura, and her watch her soulful vocals shine yet again on this artful single. “Thinkin’ Bout You” is available now.

Scarlet Sails: “Scarlet Sails has the antidote to the dog days: a brand-new video for the song “Upside Down,” a poppy anthem about letting go and moving on.” – Tidal

Fitting words from media outlet on Scarlet Sails new single “Upside Down”. The band has been compared to Radiohead and Oasis for their unique blend of rock & pop, with uniquely catchy melodies. Scarlet Sails consist of Russian born singer-songwriter, Olya Viglione and Dresden Dolls drummer, Brian Viglione. Their chemistry was immediate with Brian bringing life to the songs
that Olya had been writing. It wasn’t long before the line up was rounded up, with guitarist Mark Kohut and bassist Kevin Jones joining to complete Scarlet Sails. “Upside Down” is a powerful anthem that will no doubt put this band on the map. Lead singer Olya Viglione spoke of the song saying, “Upside Down” is a song about facing life and its changes, letting go of the past. It talks about chances that you don’t consider that end up turning your life around when you least expect it. Karina Kandel, our director, expressed the meaning of the song in her concept for the video, through a peculiar relationship of the main heroine with her suitcase that symbolizes the past and the memories that she has a trouble letting go off. This was a lot of fun to shoot and act out with a retro look to match the mood, me and our whole team had a blast”.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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