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INsiders Guide: Elohim, Airpark, Gunnar Gehl, Johnny Gates

Elohim: Los Angeles based artist and producer Elohim has released a new collaboration with AWOLNATION, a re-work of AWOLNATION’s track, “Table For One.” The song comes from AWOLNATION’s album “Here Come The Runts”, and Elohim basically reincarnates the track into her own version that become’s a duet. AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno spoke of the song and their pairing with the talented Elohim; “With this track we’re working to keep breaking down “genre” walls while encouraging a collective celebration of loneliness and empowerment”. “Elohim has a very special and unique voice. After diving into her songs, I became a fan and then an even bigger fan of her as a kind, sensitive and honest person,” Bruno went on to explain. “I love that we come from different worlds and found a way to join together.”

Elohim also spoke about the song “Table For One”; “When AWOL asked me to be a part of Table for One I was quite excited and said yes right away. It was only after I sang the song and lived with it that i realized how much the lyrics truly meant to me.  I am on the road touring right now and it can be very lonely. Aaron has been an amazing friend and inspiration to me, encouraging me to find comfort peace and beauty within the one on one time with myself. Last week was the first time I legitimately said ‘table for one please’.” 

This is an incredible teaming of some gifted artists who have delivered a surefire hit. “Table For One” is available on all streaming services now.

Airpark: Ben and Michael Ford Jr are the pop/rock duo Airpark, and the Nashville based group have a new 70’s inspired single, “Devotion”. Tennis (comprised of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley) recorded, produced and mixed “Devotion,” along with the other four tracks off Airparks EP. “Devotion” shines in a technicolor of laid back instrumentals, with Ben’s smooth vocals taking center stage. Michael spoke about the single saying; “‘Devotion’ was the first song we recorded out in Denver with Tennis. Thanks to some really great vocal direction from Alaina, we got the final vocal in just a few takes. I think it might be my favorite vocal performance I’ve ever recorded – it feels urgent but not over performed. The majority of the tune was completed in a day and gave us some strong momentum for the rest of the sessions at Mutually Detrimental.”

Airpark is currently on tour for the rest of the year with St. Lucia, Illiterate Light and Babe Club. They are due to release their next EP in early 2019 via their own Eugenia Hall Records.

Gunnar Gehl: Teen pop heartthrob, singer songwriter, Gunnar Gehl has finally released his debut single “Ocean Blue.” “Ocean Blue” is one of many pop songs fans will hear from Gehl this fall. Fans will be able to see him live as he takes his talents on the road in support of PRETTYMUCH on their US Tour. Gunnar has managed to capture some of the simple moments in life, but they’re moments that are important to us. His music aims to capture all of his thoughts that occupy the time and space in between hellos and goodbyes between two people. Gunnar Gehl has an amazing voice and an incredible gift of storytelling through his songwriting. His musical styles are similar to that of John Mayer, who struck him for the way the singer-songwriter becomes alive through guitar.

Gunnar spoke of his first single “Ocean Blue” saying; ”I chose this song as my first single because it’s a song my fans can sing along with me, and makes me ‘feel’ the best. I like to tell something that’s true to me so that when I sing it 100 times, it’s always real. I’ve always loved the ocean, and although some might think the song is about the ocean, it really is about the eyes of this girl I’ll probably never see again, Yeah I wished I would have said something to her, but hey it made for a dope song. I have really amazing fans and I can’t wait for them to sing along to this fun song.”

Johnny Gates: LA based singer/songwriter Johnny Gates has dropped his new single “Brooklyn Nights”. Intimate and atmospheric with reminiscent vocals of an early Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, this track builds up and turns into an indie rock masterpiece. Johnny grew up with a love for music, and started his first band in high school. The bands determination to them to Nashville, where they got the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in music. Johnny has toured the US several times, evening opening for music legend Rod Stewart.

Johnny’s single is without a doubt going to be a hit on rock radio airwaves, and the singer spoke of his new single “Brooklyn Nights” saying; “’Brooklyn Nights’ is actually the first song that I wrote all by myself. It’s about a girl that I used to go to New York City with when I was younger… we would always stroll around Brooklyn together and dream up stories about our future, about us living together. We pictured it all happening, but it never did. And now, I can’t go back there without thinking about her. So I wrote this song about just that… Connecting a place to a person.”

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Written by Neill Frazer

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