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Exclusive Interview with Rising Star Sabina Beyli

Rising star, Sabina Beyli, knew music was her passion ever since the young age of 4 years old. Growing up, Sabina’s parents caught on to this passion, and immediately enrolled her into piano school, as well as set her up with vocal training. After becoming a finalist on The Voice Kids Turkey [2016], Sabina started garnering respect and attention from other musicians/producers, which further catapulted her musical career. As the years have passed by, Sabina has made it her personal goal to inspire the younger generation to dream big and fight for what they want, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, race, age and their background. This goal reflects directly in her music, and is especially ingrained in the lyrics of her single “Close.”

“Close,” has already skyrocketed to almost 120K Spotify plays, following an already existing 395K+ plays on all her other tracks. Influenced by the likes of Billie Eillish, Justin Bieber and BTS, Sabina’s music is a mix of both Pop and R&B rhythms. She likes to portray different feelings within her music; from having tracks that are beat-drop heavy, to having tracks that are more of a “kick back and relax” vibe, with the lyrical journey at the forefront. “My EP is very diverse – it has a bit of everything, and I guess that is only natural for a teenager like myself,” she states proudly. With over 250K Spotify streams, over 8M Youtube views, and a constant growing Instagram fanbase of almost 50K followers; Sabina is ready for the next chapter of her U.S. domination.

She has just released her brand new single ‘Replace You’ and fans already can’t get enough of the track. She will continue to release a series of singles throughout the upcoming months, ending with her highly anticipated EP, “Good Intentions”. I got the chance to talk to the rising star on all things music;

Hi Sabina, Welcome to OLC! Everyone would probably know you from the huge success you had with your single “Close”, for all your fans out there, how did you become involved in music and how were you discovered?

Hi, thanks for having me! I became involved with music from the very beginning (as soon as I learned how to speak to be precise). Singing and music have always been like a refuge for me- it always made me feel safe and comfortable, and so I realized I want to be the one to make others feel that same way too you know? So I started writing my own music and sharing it on all types of social media, so that people have the ability to have a taste of my music.

Growing up who was your biggest musical inspiration and what did you love so much about their artistry?

Growing up as a child (and till this very day), my biggest musical inspiration is Justin Bieber. I’ve always looked up to him because he started from literally nothing, and now millions and millions of people listen to his music. He is also very kind and compassionate which is so important to me.

Another inspiration of mine is BTS because just like Justin, they started from very little and now have gained the biggest fan base in the world for working so hard and making such beautiful music. To be honest, not a day passes by without me listening to their songs. BTS is such a unique group because they truly love what they do and they are the humblest human beings.

You look up to Justin Bieber as an artist, and I love what he did with his album “Purpose” blending EDM and Pop, is that something you would love to incorporate into your musical styling’s, being able to be diverse in all genre’s?

I will definitely be combining multiple genres into my music because there is no limit to creativity and music has no boundaries. My upcoming songs are already a mixture of R&B and Pop.

You have over 9 million views on YouTube and just a quiet 50k+ followers on Instagram, how powerful do you think social media can be for upcoming artists?

Social media is crucial for artists because it gives you the ability to communicate with the world and share your music through it. You also feel a lot of pressure to keep up with all the content, especially me being just 16 and having to focus on school as well.

Now your brand new single “Replace You” is out now. What inspired this song? How does it differ from previous songs you’ve released?

“Replace You” was heavily influenced by a song from Ariana Grande “Needy” because I absolutely love her and “Needy” is one of my favorite songs of hers. “Replace You” is about me wanting to replace someone who played an important role in my life. Listen to the song and you’ll understand the rest 😉

While growing your music career, how do you balance your time between being a musician and being just Sabina Beyli? And do you think your friends keep you grounded?

Sabina Beyli is the musician. I know that nowadays artists have certain personas they put out on stage and off stage, but Sabina Beyli is no one without music…Maybe in the future I will as well have that separation between the girl I am and Sabina Beyli, but as of today, I am a musician whose name is Sabina Beyli.

Now your first ever EP entitled “Good Intentions” is on the way, what can you tell me about it and who helped you write and produce it?

I worked with 2 very talented producers JD Walker and Skylar Mones. I’ve written 2 songs with JD and the other 4 with Skylar and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such creative and understanding producers.

Given the opportunity, who would be the one person in the music industry you’d love to work with?

Thinking about this sends shivers down my spine but I will officially say “I made it” if I make a song with BTS… I don’t think it’s possible to explain the love and gratitude I have towards them.

Now I did read an interview you did and one thing that did draw my intention is you like to cook? Is that true and if so what’s your go to dish to make?

Hahaha yes, I do love cooking, but what I love more is baking. I’d always bake different kinds of pastries and share them with my classmates almost every week just because I loved making them.

What else does Sabina Beyli enjoy doing in her downtime?

I love challenging myself and trying new things, for example learning new languages, working out (for mental health), drawing, doing makeup and reading. But most of all, I love coming up with new melodies and lyrics that could potentially be some of my future songs.

I also read you like tennis, I also am a fan and grew up watching it, who is your favourite player at the moment?

Yes, I used to play tennis a few years ago. I really like Rafael Nadal.

What advice can you give to people trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry?

The best advice is to be authentic and patient. I sound like a hypocrite because I am not a patient person at all, however it is very important to believe in time and how it will help you take care of everything. You should also believe in yourself and want this wholeheartedly because there’s a lot of competition in the musical industry, so you should give all of the 100% of yourself and dedicate them all to music.

Where to next for Sabina for the rest of 2019?

My mini album “Good Intentions” will be out very soon! I am so excited to finally share the 4 remaining songs with everyone. “All The Way” is my favorite from the EP, and I can’t wait to hear all the feedback from my fans and supporters!

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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