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INsiders Guide: Natalie Shay, Moonroof, Tanya Ryan, Pink Roses, OFFICER, Ghost Caravan, Tyra Jutai, Jack Moves, Sizzy Rocket, Kate Kelly, Tyra Jutai, Lisa Nicole and more

Natalie Shay is a 21 year old indie pop/rock artist hailing from North London. The multi award-winning musician has established an ever-growing presence, media acclaim and a loyal fanbase through her explosive live performances and viral-worthy anthems, recognising her as one of the UKs hottest emerging talents.

Combining her youthful and charismatic aura with her classical training and time spent at the prestigious BRIT School, Shay has finessed the ability to produce undeniably catchy music, whilst maintaining a musical maturity. Compared to the likes of Haim, Little Comets and Fickle Friends, the Londoner has absorbed a similar energy and dynamic within her new music.

Shay’s upcoming EP NAKED is a five-track release delving into the everyday experiences of a 21 year old, detailing relationships and life as a young musician. Continuing the songwriter’s love of 80’s soaked music, NAKED cleverly blends the best of era with modern flares. Shay expresses, “I love authentic 80s synth and drum sounds, but I also love modern pop vocal lines and effects. And of course lots of guitars. I try to include a flavour of each of those things in my music. It was very important to me that all of the songs had their own unique stamp and vibe but still all fitted and worked together under the same project”.

Leading single “Not The Girl” narrates the relatable situation of modern dating, but through a fun and lighthearted lens. “This song was written on reflection of a relationship, but more from a perception of understanding rather than a big ‘f*ck you”, shares the singer. However, years after finishing the song, Shay realised that the lyrics now took on a whole different meaning, depicting the feeling of sometimes not feeling good enough and frustrations towards working relationships. Sonically “Not The Girl” features upbeat buoyant melodies, effortless vocals and vivid storytelling lyrics.

“Owe It To You” shows a more heartfelt side of Shay’s songwriting, emitting a raw and truly personal essence. Thematically the single is about being in a relationship and struggling to resist temptation. Title track “Naked” shares the topic with “Owe It To You”, illustrating the breakdown in a relationship, knowing you have interest elsewhere but struggling to let go for the fear of being alone. The single sees Shay’s first time including brass instruments in her music, bringing the song to life through a vibrant saxophone solo.

Shay sold out two headline shows in 2019, with her music continuing to pique the interest of notable publications such as Billboard, Clash and The Line of Best Fit. To date she has collectively amassed hundreds of thousands of streams, with her single ‘Yesterday’ being placed in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in nine countries. Natalie Shay is a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store. NAKED is slated for release 17th April with an EP release show at Camden Assembly on the 16th April (tickets available on DICE).

On June 2nd, 2019, Moonroof opened for The Lumineers, Death Cab for Cutie, Grouplove and others at the Radio 104.5 12th Birthday Show. Radio 104.5 also played the band’s track Honey Honey, which has recently amassed over 200,000 plays on Spotify, on its New Music Discovery Show the week before the Birthday Show.
Indie-Pop Band, Moonroof, releasing refining new sound with their new track “Magazine”

Philadelphia-based, Indie Pop architects, Moonroof, is thrilled to release their new single, ”Magazine” which is due out February 21st, 2020. “Magazine” is the artist’s latest single that refines a new sound and explores a wide array of emotion. The track is definitely something indie and pop enthusiasts should look into.
The focus of this bright track came to life after a girl in her younger years never had any problems, everyone idolized her for the beautiful looks. She even happened to be on the cover of a magazine where everyone admired her.
However, years later she ended up being an extra on a movie set, even though many believed she would be a star. She tries her best to regain the love that she once had, but everyone still associates her as that girl in the Magazine. One’s looks might be important, but you can’t bank on it in the long run. It’s definitely helpful to be good looking, but it won’t get farwithoutbeinggoal driven and humble.
Moonroof is no stranger to the Indie-Pop scene, and their past music releases have proved themselves able to compete with the best on the scene. They have back-to-back success in being selected to play with major bands at radio festivals, and have gained an immense amount of recognition over the last year. Moonroof is thrilled to release “Magazine” that supports their latest sound. Their music is eclectic, and each track contains a story that transports you into a different point of view. In the meantime, check out Moonroof on social media and give their other tracks a listen!

Photo Credit – Natalie Pinchak

Canadian singer/songwriter Tanya Ryan is thrilled to announce the release of her new album, Open.

Ryan says, “In my own life, I wanted to understand the expressions, facets, and nuances of love – love observed by a romantic partner, sexual love, mother’s love, self-love, and a love of one’s ambitious pursuits. This album represents my own understanding of love.”

The first full-length album for Ryan – produced by Mark Troyer – is her first batch of new music since her Top 3 finish in 2017’s Project WILD Artist Development Project.

Open comes after a period of deep transformation for the Okotoks, Alberta native, which is most apparent in the album’s newly-released lead single, “My Heart Song”.

I went through a period of depression in which I felt really lost and isolated. This song came from the smallest voice that reminded me there is a force greater than ourselves that can support and guide us if we choose to reach for it. It was the final song written for Open, and I chose to release it as the first single because it is the most vulnerable and real. My intention moving forward in life and in music is to be entirely transparent. This was the most honest first step,” says Ryan.

Ryan’s new music marks an artistic shift as well. Known for her country sound on her 2014 EP Simple As That and at many live shows like the Calgary Stampede and the Big Valley Jamboree, the CCMA Discovery alumnus and ACMA-nominated artist has adopted a “country crossover” style for Open that also integrates roots and pop elements.

In keeping with this new creative direction, Open features six tracks written by Ryan.

Joining the aforementioned self-love opus, “My Heart Song” are the empowering life fulfilment anthem “Almost Famous”, the assertive love ballad “I Want You” (co-written with Steve Mitchell in Nashville), the unapologetic tongue-in-cheek pop-funk track “So. Damn. Good”, the contemplative ballad of relationship exploration “Love Like That”, and the heartfelt ballad about a late mother’s wishes on her son’s wedding day “Dimes”.

For Ryan – a soon-to-be mom herself – Open is an authentic expression and exploration of love in its many forms.

Photo Credit: ryanjayphoto

for anyone who feels stuck in the wrong place, the wrong hometown, the wrong school, the wrong job, and have dreams of something bigger – this song is for you.

two years ago, alone in san francisco on a sunday afternoon, sitting on a bench in the embarcadero overlooking the bay, i wrote “dreamin’.” i was at a very lonely point in my life; dreaming about leaving san francisco and moving to LA to pursue music, but feeling stuck where i was. i found myself alone on the weekends. life was passing me by.

dreamin’” took 15 minutes to write. it came out so naturally; i was finally able to let out everything that i had been feeling through song. now, two years later, we live in LA and “dreamin’” has come to life. that’s why there’s a positive element and sound to the song because now here we are, living in LA! you can see the Hollywood sign from our window!

looking back, it’s like all i was dreamin’ about has become reality.

thank you for listening!

pink roses

Dark indie soundscape ensemble, OFFICER, announces “Willow & Anchor,” from their forthcoming album Night Tennis, due out February 28, 2020. One can love the greatest poets and love pop music, but not often in the same moment. It is the 4th track to be released from the impatiently awaited – by an avid cult following – new album from this former RCM Artist of the Year, OFFICER.  The idea for, or maybe better-put, the unveiling of NIGHT TENNIS was the coming together of two things… first, it came from a place of Logan battling off severe anxious thoughts during long stretches of insomniac nights whilst intermittently watching old footage of Robert Rauschenberg’s performance artwork in 1966 called Open Score.    “You will immediately get hooked by the charming and enjoyable vocals. This track showcases their ability to deliver a unique sound and a professional production. The lyrics are catchy and the melodies are very beautiful and harmonious.”

by Jason Cipparrone

We are excited to share our new single, “Live Out Loud,” with you. This song is a call to arms, a celebration, and a best friend throwing you a dance party when it’s needed the most.

We have written this track to be an anthem for those who feel cast out for being different and for those who have something important to say. The song was produced by Joseph Thompson, who is based in the UK. We worked long distance, him recording the track in Bristol, while we added the vocals and additional keyboards recorded in Toronto. 

We want to continue to push our music in the direction of personal and poetic lyrics coupled with grand, dramatic tracks. It’s as if we get to see the world through glasses that make the colours a bit more vibrant and the moments a bit more joyous.

Live Out Loud” is for people who want to live in full colour and at full volume.

Thank you for listening.

Ghost Caravan

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Tyra Jutai is a young, female producer, song-writer, singer, and performer. She is Toronto-based and Toronto-born. Her music is alternative and combines elements of her influences including, rock, folk, jazz, and pop genres. She’s currently releasing singles off her forth-coming debut EP.

Jack Moves got his start late in 2014. A Member of Toronto metal groups Godstopper and Ayahuasca and a former member of hardcore act Column of Heaven, he had grown tired of working within the limits of heavy music, and so decided to strike out on his own.

Inspired by live looping performances of Reggie Watts, Jack started busking at the corner of Queen and Spadina in downtown Toronto. As a one-man band with a captivating and crowd-pleasing live show, he quickly started playing a wide variety of venues, from clubs to parties to tattoo shops to Portuguese restaurants; sharing the stage with hip hop artists, electronic producers (he is the host and DJ for the monthly concert series “Frequencies”), metal and post-hardcore bands, and many others. He also ran a weekly-updated live looping youtube channel from 2015-2018.

With his first EP, I Go to Work, Jack distilled his live show, which at the time involved  him creating all the music live, using just his voice and a looping pedal. His first full east-coast Canadian tour followed.

Then, in 2017, Jack emerged with a new ep, I Been Working. It showcased an expansion of his palette, which now included a far vaster array of electronic sounds. Vocal-based live looping, although not as prominent in his recorded output going forward, remained an important element in his live show.

Speaking of shows, Jack followed up the release of I Been Working with a spring tour of Europe that saw him travel across ten countries, with a highlight of opening up for experimental hip hop legends Dälek in Budapest. Following that, it was back home to Canada for another east coast tour with fellow weirdo solo act/MC, Garbageface. A few singles followed, showcasing Jack’s trademark diversity…80’s-influenced melodies here (“Demon Eyes”), demented choral parts there (“Moment of your Time”), and straight up hip hop bars over there (“Emilia”), and in turn saw him receive praise from the likes of Earmilk, the CBC, and Alan Cross’ A Journal of Musical Things. A return visit to Europe at the end of the same year saw him further solidify his fan base abroad.

Later 2018 saw him make an appearance at Follyfest 10 in New Brunswick, and a third visit to Europe in the fall; at around which point he released the EP I’m Insane, a collection of Ozzy Osbourne covers redone in his unique style.

As 2019 draws towards an end, Jack is happy to announce his first full-length album, Passing Protagonists, is soon to come, and will feature further electronic experimentation, richer harmonies, more novel blends of genre and a loose concept revolving around the comedic absurdity of the “western” experience.

Sizzy Rocket presents her new single, “THAT BITCH.”  Seamlessly fusing bombastic punk-inspired riffs with electro-pop melodies, Sizzy’s new single is the ultimate self-empowerment record.

“’THAT BITCH’ is about owning yourself – even the crazy, messy, wild, emotional parts that might be ‘too much’ for people, even when you feel insane and down and alone. It’s about being unapologetic in the process of figuring out who you are and pummeling through anyone and anything that gets in your way,” Sizzy writes. “I hope it becomes the song you put on when you want to feel confident and sexy and dance in your mirror and let it all out and scream at the fucking world – because you’re THAT BITCH and you can be whoever the fuck you want to be!”

Sizzy Rocket is the cool best friend you with you had growing up — the one who doused herself in glitter and moved to New York to start a punk band. And that’s exactly what she did, along with booking her own shows at underground clubs and releasing secret songs via Dropbox to her rabid Twitter following. During her time in New York, Sizzy worked with top tier producers which led to a deal with UMPG and songwriting cuts with all the cool girls of pop, from Noah Cyrus to Bea Miller to Hey Violet.

In 2016, Sizzy released her official debut album THRILLSThe album’s lead single, “Bestie,” became a viral sensation, receiving praise from the likes of New York Magazine, PAPER, and BUSTLE. With a whole new swarm of fans, Sizzy quickly dropped a surprise mixtape titled Hot Summer in 2017. Her sophomore album, GRRRLwas released in Summer 2019 and was supported with a self-booked sold out US tour with buzzy newcomer chloe mk as support. To close out the year, Sizzy & chloe mk released a two song EP titled I KNOW WHAT U LIKE

When she’s not trading fan mail with her cult, Sizzy is either building her own independent record label, designing and packaging her own merch, or booking her own tours. Sizzy challenges what it means to be a pop artist in 2020 with her DIY approach, openly queer and unapologetic lyricism, and her genre-blending musicality that takes influence from punk, rock, pop and beyond.

Following up on her promising debut LP The Wonder of It All, Nashville-based artist Kate Kelly is back with “Quiet as a Mouse”, a heartfelt new single that reveals another side of her artistry. With her two previous records, New Heartbeat EP in 2016 and The Wonder of it All in 2018 greatly influenced by jazz and soul music, “Quiet as a Mouse” marks a shift in her musical direction. Inspired by artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Feist and early-career Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Kelly is now exploring a more indie-folk, ambient sound. Her new track could be the artist’s most personal and vulnerable song to date.

“I wrote ‘Quiet as a Mouse’ several years ago as I explored feelings of abandonment after a breakup. It was an all-consuming emotion, one that I felt in my body and in the passing of time. This song became important to write as I learned how much of myself could be regained through being left alone. It is an exploration of being left, leaving, and saying goodbye. There is strength in our endings if we honor the pain” confides Kelly.

The singer-songwriter teamed up with New-Orleans based visual artist Virginia Walcott to create a simple yet powerful black and white music video that adds another layer to the meaning of the track.

“The pain of feeling detached or unwanted in the presence of someone who once felt like home can be paralyzing. For this reason, it seemed obvious to us that the video needed to first create feelings of discomfort, rawness, disillusionment, and fear. But the song doesn’t just address the difficulties of leaving and being left — it takes you on a journey through what it feels like to fall and then rise, embracing a new beginning. There is a turn at the end of the video that sheds light on the joy, freedom, and renewal that exists if you truly move through your pain. You can find that home is not just another person, place, or feeling — it’s also yourself” explains Virginia Walcott.

“Quiet as a Mouse” will be available on all digital platforms now.

Photography Credit – Suzanne Sagmeister

Canadian country artist Lisa Nicole is proud to share her newest single and music video “Wait on Me”, which is newly available on all digital platforms and was released to Canadian radio on February 10th.

“Wait on Me” – written in Nashville by Lisa Nicole, Jason Thomas, and Dave Pahanish – is the debut single from her 2020 fall album, Where the Wild Hearts Beat, and her first collaboration with CCMA award-winning producer Jeff Johnson. Cliff Hokanson directed the accompanying music video, which was released on February 5th.

This is the first single for the Canadian singer – originally from Castlegar, British Columbia – since she moved to Nashville for the spring and summer of 2018 to add fuel to her creative fire.

Lisa Nicole says, “There are moments in life that test the balance of our commitment between professional goals and personal relationships. While there is great pressure to choose one over the other, I don’t believe it has to be that way. Your heart can want – and have – both. ‘Wait on Me’ is about making the bold choice to follow through on your dreams, but also build a future with someone you love anywhere and anytime – regardless of obstacles.”

The move to Music City connected Lisa Nicole and her longtime guitar player Thomas with Nashville hitmaker Pahanish (Keith Urban, Toby Keith). Her long-distance relationship with a Canadian partner back home proved to be the catalyst that inspired the trio to pen “Wait on Me”.

The choice to uproot from the Kootenays to Nashville was greatly inspired by a transformative and serendipitous 2017 moment for Lisa Nicole – winner of the 2015 Music BC/BC Country Music Association Artist Development Project – when she visited Nashville for a songwriting trip. Encouraged to see a pop-up concert by Keith Urban, she arrived with her 2016 EP in hand, only to end up on stage by night’s end to sing an impromptu duet of “We Were Us” with the superstar.

Following her extended stay in Nashville in 2018, Lisa Nicole returned to Canada with heaps of inspiration and a wealth of new material. Since then, she has joined forces with producer Jeff Johnson (Meghan Patrick, Chris Buck Band) to record her first full-length album, Where the Wild Hearts Beat – boasting a commercial country sound with an infusion of rock and pop. “Wait on Me” is the first gift from this collaboration. The album will drop this fall.

“Wait on Me” is available on all digital platforms.

Lisa Nicole will support “Wait on Me” with a Canadian radio and media tour along with select shows.

For tour dates and more information about Lisa Nicole, please visit

Listen to “Wait on Me” on Spotify:

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Mike Taveira is revealing his new pansexual pop anthem, “Curious.” The single is being released alongside the official music video which premiered on Billboard Pride yesterday. The video stars notable queer icons such as RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Monét X Change and Sonique, trans model Arisce Wanzer, and George Todd McLachlan from Showtime’s Shameless, among other familiar faces, and offers a glimpse into what it means to identify as pansexual.

Growing up without any openly pansexual figures to look up to, Taveira knew that his personal journey needed to be expressed through his own music. “Curious” is a celebration of queer identity, highlighting pansexuality and sensual connection between people of all genders. Taveira debuted his artist project late last year with the release of “Heart.” The single landed on Billboard Pride’s Queer Necessities playlist and quickly garnered 100K streams, no small feat for a newcomer.

On both “Heart” and his latest release, “Curious,” Mike Taveira showcases his infectious R&B-pop sensibilities while tackling the complexities and vulnerability of sexual identity. With an underlying message that preaches to be true to yourself, whoever you love and whatever you identity as, Taveira is set to become a force in the evolution of queer pop music.

I’ve been singing since I was barely old enough to walk.

Initially finding my footing on YouTube, I amassed a following of nearly 100,000 subscribers through my cover songs. Now, it’s time to come into my own.

Never Forget You” is one of my favourite songs that I’ve written.

I don’t usually write about things that I’m going through, but this one is very personal to me. I hope it helps people that have lost someone.

Pairing lyrics that make you think with melodies that make you feel, my music is a first-hand account of how it feels to experience the world & love as a teen today.

Thanks so much for listening,


(Photo Credit: Linus Morales)


Swedish-born artist ANFA, who comes from Balochi/Iranian roots, has released her debut single, “Fukk It.” The song is available everywhere now here and is released via Cosmos Music.

A bombastic debut, set against driving beats and fiery lyricism, “Fukk It” takes a cold, hard stare at social media and its detrimental ubiquity in today’s society. As ANFA describes, “Through ‘Fukk It’ I’ve been investigating my own relationship with social media, I even met with a mental health expert to find my own digital balance… It’s a true love-hate relationship.” 

Born Anfa Lashari in the Swedish town of Borås, ANFA’s heritage stems from the Baluchistan region of Iran. The youngest of 6 siblings, ANFA struggled to define herself as a child, a condition made more tumultuous through bouts of crime, her parents’ conservative roots, and a family on the brink of collapse. A born rebel, ANFA’s outcast sensibility led to heavy substance abuse by age 11, which continued through her teens. Through it all, music was a constant. 

As ANFA states, “I grew up hearing songs from all around the world: Swedish, English, Balochi, Iranian, Balkan, African. I’m one of those kids who was born and raised in one country and my parents in another but I still respect and carry my parent’s culture with me…it’s one of my superpowers.

At age 15, after winning a Swedish rap contest with her sister Sabina, the two landed their first record deal, which launched a creative pairing that would continue to blossom, fused by their revolutionary spirits. They soon formed LASH, a fearless rap duo whose mission statement was “hip-hop has no gender.” They went on to perform at the Swedish Grammy Awards in 2017 and 2018 and were profiled by outlets such as Vogue

Now, at 21 years old, ANFA is full speed ahead and “Fukk It” marks a bold introduction to her solo project ⎼ her new creative focus alongside recent studies in music production. Blending confessional rap with striking, unpredictable production, ANFA intends to use her artistry to uncover and expose truths amidst the complexity of young adulthood in the digital age.

“This is the sound playing in my head when storm surge is washing away neighborhoods and highways and walls of flame are closing in from all directions, and news keeps broadcasting mindless tweets…” -Unequal

Unequal is the brainchild of legendary producer Dave Sardy whose credits include The Who, LCD Soundsystem, Oasis, and many, many more. To bring Unequal to life Dave collaborated with a wide range of artists. Some are people he has worked with before and others are brand new collaborations born out of mutual admiration. The first release “Step Ahead” featuredR&B star Son Little and that was followed up in the fall of 2019 with the release of “Mothman” featuring Alex Maas of The Black Angels. Unequal will continue to roll out tracks through 2020.

If we believed in manifestos, this is what we would say: Discord + choice ≠ inevitable consumer product. The experience ≠ the goal. Culture ≠ commerce.

The ≠ is the message.This Statement of No Rights or Responsibilities (“Statement,” “Terms,” or “SNRR”) derives from ≠ Principles, and is our terms of service that governs our relationship with users and others who
interact with ≠, as wellas ≠ brands, products and services, which we call the “≠Services” or “Services” or Fuck You. By using or accessing ≠, you agree to this Statement and all others to be issued by ≠. You will not find resources at the end of this document that help you understand how ≠ works.

“Sardy is a legend to me. I was honored to do this with him. This is easily the best sounding thing I’ve ever done. His level of production is something I can’t wrap my head around. Really humbled to be a part of this song and I think my vocals sound rad.” -Mondo Cozmo

Swedish born artist JANOS spends his time between the streets and pubs of Oslo and London. Fusing beautiful pop melodies, soulful vocals and explosive energy, the pop-punk soul artist delivers listeners with a fresh, contemporary sound. From fragile, heartfelt ballads to funky upbeat anthems, JANOS tells a story relating to the highs and lows of our generation.

JANOS’ message is one of strength and self-empowerment. After years of performing with other bands, the Swedish artist finally took the leap to go it alone, setting him free to create the music that is true to who he is. With the desire to mix organic sounds with elements of R&B, pop and rock, JANOS was able to create an entirely unique sound. Inspired by the likes of Daft Punk, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, JANOS has crafted an infectious and dance-worthy sound, rich with colour and oozing with euphoric surges.

The musician starts 2020 off with two brand new releases, both of which incorporate elements of JANOS’ new found love for jazz and soul. The infectious ‘Sicky/Sticky’ which has been a huge crowd pleaser at live performances for it’s uplifting feel good vibe, is the first track to be recorded with a horn section. The big, bold brass sound, along with soulful vocals and funky guitars, creates the ultimate groove-fuelled track. ‘Sicky/Sticky’ narrates trying to hide from your worries with drugs and alcohol, while still hoping it’s not too late to reach your dreams.

Then there is ‘Sweet 16’, a vibrant track which despite its upbeat dance worthy melodies, was initially written from a very sad place. Reminiscent of Bruno Mars meets The 1975, ‘Sweet 16’ details the journey of growing up and struggling when tough times get you down. Sonically the song shimmers brightly with Kygo inspired synths, adding a tropical flavour and highlighting JANOS’s ability to craft music which results in an undeniable earworm. 

JANOS has been applauded by fans and critics across the globe, receiving notoriety from prestigious publications and renowned radio stations including the BBC. 2020 is set to be an exciting year for this artist on the rise.

Not many bands can credit a Rankin Family singalong as the impetus for their start. For Villages, it was a catalyst. 

In the late aughts, traditional music was the furthest thing from the minds of Matt Ellis, Travis Ellis, Jon Pearo, and Archie Rankin. Having left their Cape Breton homes for the allure of the big city, the musicians formed Mardeen – a group steeped in Halifax’s history of melodic pop- rock and anchored in the vein of their musical heroes such as Sloan, The Super Friendz, and Thrush Hermit. Long heralded as one of Atlantic Canada’s hidden treasures, Mardeen amassed heaps of praise from critics and peers alike. 

Steadfast, prolific, and revered, Mardeen found themselves looking back on their heritage after an unexpected trip down memory lane. “One late night, a singalong of Rankin Family tunes broke out,” says vocalist Matt Ellis. “I remember saying to the rest of the band that we need to write something that evokes the sound of home.” 

Named after an essay penned by Cape Breton illustrator Kate Beaton, Villages was born. Beginning with a song called “Hymn After Hymn”, the group parlayed their newfound appreciation for Celtic and British folk into a four-song EP with the same name. Produced by East Coast icon Joel Plaskett, the output cemented the four-piece as an entirely new entity focused on melding the melodies and lyrical influences of their deep-rooted history with contemporary instrumentation, moods, and sounds. 

This turning point culminates on the self-titled Villages full-length. Recorded at their home studio in rural Nova Scotia with producer Thomas Stajcer (Joel Plaskett, Erin Costelo), the record presents a unique take on life in the Maritimes. From the opening ethereal thump of a distant kick drum and chiming distorted chords on “Awakening of Spring,” to the reel- esque drive on “Maggie of the Cove” and “Sarah’s Whistling Tune,” to the country-tinged inflections on “At Your Door,” the eight-song LP tells the story of four young Nova Scotians coming back to their traditions on their own terms. 

Ringing like a rural anthem, Villages serves as a reminder that while it’s easy to leave.

My brand new single, “Stubborn,” is a toxic warning dressed up in romance and excitement. While the beat is bright, poppy and pretty, the lyrics and meaning are quite dark and sinister.

“Stubborn” was inspired after dating someone who threatened to commit suicide if I ever tried to leave him, but refused to get professional help. The relationship itself stemmed from an insecure need to feel needed, and a desire to fix people surrounding me – almost like playing God.

Watch the accompanying music video
for “Stubborn” via YOUTUBE now.

The official “Stubborn” music video is the first of five. It tells the first part of a story that will be carried on throughout the remaining visuals.

If there’s anything you take away from “Stubborn,” let it be that the qualities you notice most in others are also present in yourself.

Thanks so much for watching & listening!


 Edmonton indie rock band Nature Of’s third full-length album, The Mean, gets its official release today and is available NOW on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and all other digital retailers and streaming services. To celebrate the release of their new album, Nature Of are also premiering the video for their single ‘Middle of the Morning’ and have announced a few Alberta tour dates in April, including a belated album release show in Edmonton on April 4th. See below for full tour schedule. 

Nature Of teamed up with producer Marcus Paquin (The National, Arcade Fire) to record The Mean, which refers to the point on a spectrum where the scales no longer tip in favour of one side or the other.

“Perfect balance is hard to find and harder to maintain so it’s less about stasis and more about moving in directions that inspire growth while remaining grounded,” says lead vocalist Steven Schneider. “The songs on The Mean explore a personal struggle to exist within the push and pull; between the extremes in life. A large part of these recordings were done at home so there are lots of creaks and cracks unintentionally contributing to how the record sounds.”

After meeting through the skateboard community in their hometown of Edmonton, the band released their self-titled debut album in 2014 and their 2nd album Cherish in 2017. Nature Of is poised to breakout this year with the release of The Mean and have already been featured on CBC Music, the Edmonton Journal, and recently toured with Close Talker. 

Look for Nature Of on tour in support of The Mean this spring. For more information and the most up-to-date tour listings please visit:

Riches is the manifestation of an ongoing dialogue between Catherine McCandless (of Young Galaxy) and Wynn Holmes (choreographer). It is a multidisciplinary collaboration of music, dance and performance. These songs are the first iteration of the project, and take a narrative approach to themes concerning the performance of creative rituals, identity, transgression and devotion. Thief In Your Eye is Riches’ second single.

Meet sisters, Stereo Jane (Sydney and Mia), who are thrilled to share their new single “Strangers” out now along with the music video that is featured on Billboard.

Taking influence from the likes of modern hit makers like Twenty-OnePilots and Imagine Dragons, as well as iconic voices like Queen, Aretha Franklin, and Amy Winehouse, “Strangers” showcases a new side of Stereo Jane’s sound, while still staying true to the their method of writing around prominent vocal melodies and drum patterns.

The band says,

Strangers” is a powerful follow up that builds off of the triumphant sound featured on their past singles, “Holy Hell” and honest grit of “Real World.

Stereo Jane presents an edgy blend of genres that leaves you wanting more. When you first lay eyes on Sydney and Mia, you would never think that these fresh-faced, 21-year-old cover girls could morph into multi-faceted musical divas who can rock out on any stage. There are few things more powerful than siblings finding the same creative spark within themselves and working together to build something impactful. With Sydney at the helm belting out her powerfully soulful vocals and guitar and Mia driving the heartbeat of every song on the drums, the group exemplifies what it is to be a young, real band with a resonating sound.

Perhaps this wide spectrum of musical inspiration can also be attributed to their move from a suburb outside of Detroit to the sprawling metropolis that is Los Angeles. This newfound freedom allowed the sisters to let loose and discover new depths to their songwriting and performance. Worked with some of the top songwriters and producers in Los Angeles, Stereo Jane’s music embodies this journey, resulting in a new single that feels uniquely satisfying for them.

In support of their new material, the band will be making their New York debut at Bowery Electric on February 26 at 6:30PM show.

“Strangers”, “Real World”, and “Holy Hell” are just first taste of what listeners can expect from the duo’s new releases.

“Strangers” is available everywhere at:

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Theodore is thrilled to released his new radio edit of his single “The Lisper” that is out now and featured on Atwood Magazine.

Theodore says, “’The Lisper’ is a song that I was fighting with for some years. It’s probably the first love song I ever did and definitely the brightest. It’s a song that celebrates pure love, in the way that we all dreamed about it as children. The lyrics present the whole experience of falling in love. Musically, the first part of the song is calm, sweet and a bit reluctant. And the ending feels like a parade shows up, like fireworks hit the sky. Which is exactly how it feels when you get the first positive signs from your loved one!”

The recently released LP Inner Dynamics, was announced on NPR’s All Songs Considered and had already garnered considerable success with his previous album It Is But It’s Not; however, where his previous album attempted to explore the interaction of opposing elements in the universe, Inner Dynamics finds Theodore looking inward to examine the dualities of his own identity in search of new creative potential.

With over 2 million Youtube views, Theodore, has supported Sigur Ros and DIIV and among other festivals played at Reeperbahn Festival [Best Performance Of 2017], at Eurosonic festival, Musexpo LA, and SXSW 2018 & 2019 – where he was picked as NPR Music’s ‘Favorite Discoveries And Memorable Moments’. He ended his 40-dates headline tour in Europe and the US with an exclusive concert on Bob Boilen’s Tiny Desk. Theodore has received support from tastemaker publications such as CLASH Mag, Music Week, Tsugi, FGUK, Gaffa and Szene and radio play from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne, while his single Towards? (for what is to come) is currently playlisted on renowned national radio stations NPR All Songs 24/7 Music (USA) and Flux PAssport Approved (Germany).

Los Angeles, singer songwriter, Zander Hawley is thrilled to release his new single “Thumbs” that is out now and featured on American Songwriter.

Zander says, “’Thumbs’ is a love song through a regretful lens. Taking control of your life, and instead of celebrating yourself for it, mentally berating yourself for not having done it sooner, certain that at the antique age of 22 you surely missed your chance at happiness in love.”

Zander Hawley is a songwriter from Los Angeles. He began his career in high school with the band Honeywater, releasing two EPs to critical acclaim and 40 million+ streams to date, before transitioning to a solo career. His solo work has been described as “an avalanche of feeling” (Atwood Magazine), “acutely self-aware” (Noisey) and “consistently captivating, lyrical storytelling” (Ones To Watch). Since the release of his debut album in 2017, he has released two singles and toured with The Naked and Famous, Charli Adams and Henry Jamison. He likes dancing and the X-Men.


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