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Brooklyn-based artist Chloe Lilac has released a brand new single, “Moderation,” out now via RCA Records. The song is available everywhere. Watch the official video here The song is taken from Chloe’s forthcoming sophomore EP, due later this year. 

Brimming with a punk-inspired edge styled alongside jarring guitars and unabashed vocals, “Moderation” is Chloe at her most raw to-date. She describes, “This song is about my struggle with mental health and self hatred. I’m a really intense person and I sometimes feel like people can only handle me in moderation.”

“Moderation” follows previous single, “Obvious,” which was praised by MTV News for its “explosive confidence” and sparked Refinery29 to proclaim, “Lilac is so talented that I can barely stand it.” Early 2020 single, “Here’s Your Song,” saw critical love from outlets such as The FADER and UPROXX, who noted the track “shows another side of Lilac — one that’s more introspective.” Watch the “Here’s Your Song” official video here

The writing of my new single, “Don’t Call Me,” was a therapeutic experience. It was me being confident enough in my growth to say, “If you change your mind, keep it to yourself.” 

“Don’t Call Me” is streaming on Spotify now.

Watch the official music video on YouTube.

I wanted to make the video as bold as the statement. I thought of the most extreme phone call I would never want to get, and ran with that, allowing myself to be a teeny bit vengeful. 

Okay, maybe more than a teeny bit.  


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Brooklyn-based duo Eighty Ninety are presenting the official music video for their new single, “Know Me.” Shot on the shoreline of Maine during golden hour, the video is a tranquil, dreamy visual that evokes feelings of wonder, longing, and nostalgia.

Eighty Ninety — the musical project of brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James — released “Know Me” as a single earlier this month. On “Know Me“, Abner’s voice floats over Harper’s earthy blend of banjo and acoustic guitar as the track builds to a vibrant pop chorus, complete with 808s and stacked ethereal harmonies. “The song is about loving someone through life’s darker moment and how that kind of love can bring hope, meaning, and maybe even redemption in the face of tragedy,” the brothers explain of the track.

Eighty Ninety first catapulted onto the scene in 2016 with their break out single “Three Thirty,” which hit #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts, and was followed by their debut EP Elizabeth. Since then, their music has garnered over 23 million streams and was even hand-picked by Taylor Swift for her official Spotify playlist “Songs Taylor Loves.”

Eighty Ninety’s songs fuse intimate storytelling, sticky melodies, and minimalist pop productions built on acoustic instruments and electronic sounds in a style they call “808s and telecasters” — a shorthand for both their music and their anything-goes mentality in the studio. “We let the emotional arc of the song, rather than any set of genre conventions, lead us to instruments and sounds,” the brothers say of their process.

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It’s Maya Malkin from Motel Raphaël. I am thrilled to launch my solo project, with the release of my first official song “Hostage” today! Stream it on Spotify & Apple Music, and share the lyric video on YouTube while you’re at it.
I wrote this tune in a songwriting camp under a time constraint, which really fueled a fire in me. Inspired by the feeling of being emotionally and psychologically held hostage by the damaging cycles and traumas of a toxic relationship, the song captures that extreme frustration and exhaustion.
The “Hostage” single artwork is a recreation of a Coca-Cola ad from the 50s, alluding to the commodification of women in 1950s advertisements, and the concept of the housewife.
There can be so much pressure, abuse, and emotional labour that goes on behind closed doors that women end up taking a lot of the psychological hits for. This song is a sonic representation of she’s not crazy, he’s just an asshole.
While the subject matter isn’t the lightest, it’s danceable. Most of my favourite moments are memories of me and my girlfriends jumping on couches screaming our lungs out to our favourite icons’ anthems. I hope this can be a version of that for you.
Hope you and yours are safe. ❤️ ⁣
Maya Malkin 

Artist and songwriter Tessa Violet has released the official video for “Bored,” a song from her recent debut album, Bad Ideas. Watch the “Bored” official video now here.

Conceptualized and shot to convey feelings of isolation Tessa was experiencing at the time, twists of fate now bring the video’s theme all too close-to-home in our current quarantined state amidst the global pandemic. Filmed at the YouTube Space and directed by Jade Ehlers, Tessa describes,

  • “I wrote ‘Bored’ at a time when I was feeling extremely isolated. I was working from home and having trouble sleeping, struggling to build community or find things to do out of the house. Not to be super dark but I dreaded going to sleep because I was dreading facing another day. When my director Jade and I wrote the treatment for the video a few months back, I wanted to make a video that reflected that sense of uneasiness and dread, feeling like there’s no way out. Fast forward to now and it’s pretty wild this release coincides with a worldwide self isolation. Maybe it will comfort you, maybe it will drive you crazier. Either way, we’re in this together.”

In light of the pandemic, Tessa also launched the virtual ‘Something To Look Forward To” tour from her bedroom, which she is streaming live on YouTube. Dates below. Watch here.

Born in the Philippines, raised in New York and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Raquel Lily is an independent singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and online personality. She streams music performance and a variety of content, including live vlogging (IRL Streaming), Just Chatting, Social Eating, gaming and cooking on Twitch. Graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, Raquel left the medical field and dove head first into her creative pursuit in music and began online streaming in 2017.

Raquel confesses how her songwriting is a cathartic, emotional purge. With the simple objective to guide listeners through an impassioned ride, her songs are driven by genuine experiences from an introspective and honest place. Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston and old school R&B, Raquel wanted to capture a similar essence of synth-heavy, soul soaked music. Her love for old soul groups and classics, including Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, also shines brightly throughout her music.

Formed in London by childhood friends, Seven Spies are a three-piece band looking to infiltrate the ears of the world. Consisting of David Blomiley (vocals, guitar, piano), Olly Brown (drums, backing vocals) and an ever-rotating bassist taking form of old band members and musical friends, you can expect to witness a healthy dose of melodic riffs and anthemic choruses.   

Seven Spies fuses the best of rock bands such as Muse and Radiohead, while highlighting vocals reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and Bjork. Billie Eilish’s use of intimate multi-tracking also makes an appearance throughout their music, along with the big riffs and fuzzy guitars of Rage Against the Machine and Jack White. This amalgam of diverse artists and influences, allows Seven Spies to carve out a pocket of sound that is entirely their own. 

Their highly anticipated debut single “Chameleon” narrates the different faces, personas and behaviour we put on to negotiate our daily lives in different situations and the pressure people place on themselves to hide their struggles and internal demons to the outside world. Sonically the chorus shows a defiance against these pressures, external and internal, saying in the end they won’t overwhelm or control who or how we want to be. Blomiley confides, “The subject of the songs seems to be stuff that has been bubbling away inside of me for a while that I need to get out. I find song writing massively therapeutic in a way.”

Self-produced by Blomiley and Brown in their bedroom studio and mastered by John Davis (The Killers, Lana del Rey, Royal Blood, Lewis Capaldi, Gorillaz) at Metropolis Studios, “Chameleon” delivers an intimate, yet polished result. Featuring gritty, raucous guitars, tenacious melodies and textured harmonies, showcasing Blomiley’s impressive vocals, “Chameleon” is an energetic release, bursting with both conviction and charisma.  

With the hope their music may connect with listeners, allowing them to make their own relationship and associations, regardless of the intention or creation, Seven Spies are unleashing their explosive sound.

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I’m Katie Morgan, and I’m excited to be sharing my debut pop-rock single “Leave” with you. Stream it now on Apple MusicSpotify, or SoundCloud. Watch the lyric video on YouTube.

Leave” is autobiographical and deeply personal. High school was hard for me, and I hope you understand my story through this song. It’s about feeling like I had hit rock bottom, not knowing where to go next, and how badly I just wanted people to leave me alone.

On the other hand, the recording experience was comfortable. I felt motivated and stress-free writing with Jesse Weiman, who also produced the song.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Sizzy Rocket is releasing a powerful new visual, “Smells Like Sex (Art Video).” The lo-fi, DIY video builds on the empowered, unapologetic, hypersexual world that Sizzy invites us to embrace on “Smells Like Sex.” Read Sizzy Rocket’s statement below and watch the “Smells Like Sex (Art Video)” here.
Artist Statement: Sizzy Rocket – “Smells Like Sex (Art Video)”
“Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.” – Oscar Wilde

“I have been thinking a lot about sexuality and my identity, how much I define myself by it and how empowered and inspired I am in my ownership of it. The urge to fuck is one of the most humanizing feelings, and one of my favorites — it fuels my creativity and the evolution of my artistry and it’s a big part of the romance I’m so inspired by in relationships with my muses. And yet somehow, no matter how eloquent I am, I’m still patronized. I find myself constantly policed, mostly by men, mostly putting me in my place for “disrespecting myself” and being a “bad example” for girls. Or it’s the opposite and I’m creeped on and unnecessarily encouraged or shamed for being not enough —  skinny/pretty/whatever. Sometimes it can feel claustrophobic, like I’m trapped in the explicit nature of my work. It’s hard not to absorb the scrutiny and feel insecure.

But trolls on Instagram who slide in my DMs to yell at me about posting naked pics aren’t the only ones at fault here. Culturally, we’ve come to idealize and idolize a sort of “fantasy woman” — a submissive, hyper-femme bot, perfectly proportioned, completely pornified, void of emotion, and always down to fuck, never on her terms. But in order for this fantasy girl to exist, we have to strip her of her identity — robbing her of her authenticity and a true catharsis.

The MacBook photobooth footage in this video represents my raw identity, untangled from manipulation and untouched by any collective gaze. I wanted it to be delightfully lo-fi, fun and casual but still elevated and neon — my signature “DIY” aesthetic. I’ve layered this footage with clips from my favorite, most notorious sex tapes — Paris, Pamela, and Kim — our cultural “fantasy girls” who have capitalized in the most extreme ways on the pornification of their identities and re-claimed ownership over them. Ironically, during the sex tape era, the more iconic the tape, the more likely it was for the star to transcend any preconception or degradation. but pornified women who don’t have A-list celebrity status remain too easily disposable in their anonymity… and I’m calling bullshit. Think of this art video as an experimental blend of iconography, raw identity, and my own self- perception. What do you get when you blur the lines and can’t distinguish between them?

Through my work I’ve become ready to accept my complexities as a woman with a lot of layers. My way of being and self-actualizing doesn’t fit in any one box, and instead of feeling misunderstood I am choosing to celebrate this uniqueness. I hope it can inspire you to explore your own multi-dimensionality — it’s what makes you sexy in the first place.”

If a song could do a naked cartwheel in your kitchen wearing drag makeup, give you a big hug, compliment your juicy thighs, then send you out into the world with an aggressive hair flip, this one would.

Say hello to Rozette, and sink your teeth, into BITE—the big, powerful, wild, fun, sexy, quirky and SO empowering it’s-basically-selfish spring anthem you didn’t even know you needed.  Watch the video here:

The new single and video from Calgarys queen of sassy charm shreds any pretence of subtlety, diving headlong into a tale of carnal revelry, of unashamed pleasure-seeking, and unmitigated frisky fun.

Rozette is as delightfully naughty, as ruthlessly honest and as deliberately provocative as she wants to be. To her core, she is all about truth-telling, ball-busting, being unquenchably passionate, fiercely articulate and someone who inspires others to be likewise through her example, and through her music.

There are no hard and fast rules in life and music. I am a walking contradiction. I am complicated and I am okay with that. Yes, I have blonde hair, yes, I have tattoos and swear more than occasionally. But I’m also straight edge. I don’t drink booze and I’ve never fancied bars or typical nightlife. We are juxtapositions, we are inconsistent, and were allowed to be.” Rozette said.

Rozette is unabashedly body positive, a powerful LGBTQ ally and advocate, sexually literate and liberated, and an affirming voice for all those who choose a life, a lifestyle and forms expression outside the perceived norms. She lives the kind of life that she sings and writes about, and conversely, her writing has come to be inhabited by her empowered spirit.

The video for Bite is built on Rozettes irrepressible personality in all its brashness, boldness and brightness. The colours are extreme, the costumes are devilishly enticing, comically convincing and overall tone is of unbridled fun and freedom.

We had a bunch of concepts in mind for the video and I finally just said, I just want it to be big and colourful.’ I said I am going to buy a bunch of wacky costumes. Were going to match the costumes to the lyrics. Were going to make it literal and funny and thats what it is, and people will either get it or they wont,” she said. “I wanted the video to be as obnoxiously ‘me’ as possible. But really,who DOESN’T want to don a hot dog suit AND a too-tight 80’s thong workout suit in the same 3 minutes? This girl is here for it all.

Leading up to the release of Bite, Rozette released a series of Quarantunes – clever parody versions of some of the biggest hit songs from over the years which have garnered over 500,000 views on Facebook.  These include her take on Dolly Parton’s Jolene, dubbed Vaccine; Lady Gaga’s Poker Face is now Poker Virus; Christina Aguilera’s Genie In A Bottle is now the hilarious Teenie Weenie Bottle. She has also riffed on the Disney classic Let it Go (Stay At Home), Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun,  Celine Dion’s The Power of Love (We’ll Have Time), Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll (Swipe and Scroll) and Aretha Franklin’s Respect (Disinfect). (See attached previous press release attached for more info)

Bite is the first of a series of singles to be released in 2020, pandemic be damned! It marks the introduction of a fresh take on modern pop music, from an artist who has reached the pinnacle of her creative powers, her confidence and her ability to be refreshingly honest, compellingly clever and make musical moments that will make people wanna do that aforementioned cartwheel in their kitchen.

Lili Kendall debuts her full-length project, love, herself., a transformative and healing body of work that chronicles womanhood, self-empowerment, love, and life.

love, herself. is a dreamy odyssey into the world of Lili Kendall. She refuses to be boxed into any one genre, instead dabbling with elements of soul, R&B and pop in order to create her own sonic universe across the record’s 10 tracks. Lili’s vocals remain her calling card throughout the record; her soulful cadence and passionate vocal hooks feel like magic.

Lili wrote love, herself. during a transformative period in her life, following her move from her hometown of Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, California. Love has always been a driving force in Lili’s life and work, and after writing the single “love, herself.,” she felt drawn to building the project around that same concept. “I’ve found peace in the lyrics of these songs, writing this project has been how I processed and released all that I’ve encountered over the last two years,” she shares, “and I hope listening to these songs has the same effect on people that they’ve had on me.”

love, herself. Track List
1. all through the night
2. i am my own
3. hallelujah
4. third degree love crimes
5. closed doors interlude (ft. PineappleCITI)
6. lonely empress
7. space+time
8. raining sins
9. somewhere else
10. love, herself.

Stream love, herself.

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It’s OK to not feel 100% all the time.

It’s OK to express how you’re feeling even though it can be scary – people care.

My new single – “Fear” – is out now.

It represents a vulnerable chapter in my life in which I was living on my own in an unsure time, feeling super liberated, and nerve-wracked at the same time.

Writing this song has allowed me to let go of that fear and chaos that I hope you’re able to release, too.

Produced by Alex Lustig, “Fear” follows my debut nudes & clouds EP.

Fear” is available to stream and save on APPLE MUSICSPOTIFY & SOUNDCLOUD now.

Makk Mikkeal




Born in Harwood, Ontario, Kyler Tapscott began playing the guitar at age 11. Adept at many styles, Kyler’s played alongside such musicians as blues-rock artist Romi Mayes, Americana roots vocalist Amanda Rheaume, folk singer-songwriter Pat Temple, and Jimmy Bowskill’s country, blues and rock band, The Hometown Beauts. No matter who he’s playing next to, Kyler’s love of deep grooves, catchy phrases and hooks shine through his work, making him a key member of any band.

His recently recorded EP, Kyler, marks his debut as a solo artist, and showcases his talent not only as a guitarist but as a singer-songwriter, too. His self titled EP, Kyler, produced by Darcy Yates of the Juno-winning band Bahamas and featuring a lineup of Toronto’s top musicians, is an eclectic mix of Kyler’s influences, which range from rock to roots, John Mayer to Jamiroquai.

The inspiration for my new single, “Blue,” came after I hurt someone. They left and I felt like I was missing something. When one thing that brightens up your day is gone, everything else around you feels a little more dull. 

Listen to “Blue” using your preferred platform:

💙 💙

I worked with Jason Amos to produce the song, recorded at home in my basement the way I usually work. I just throw on some sweats, get cozy, and start recording.

Blue” finds me becoming colourblind, with the only colour I can see left being blue. All the things around me are not looking or feeling the same. 

I want you to appreciate what and who you have. It’s a cliché to say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, but that sentiment is at the heart of “Blue.”

Thank you for listening,

Myles Castello

Grammy-nominated Seth Glier is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi instrumentalist. NPR describes his voice as “otherworldly” while praising him as “an engaging performer and storyteller.” His critically acclaimed, emotionally dense catalog of work often draws upon traditional roots music, experimental instrumentation, and moody atmospheres that result in soulfully intelligent stories that can alternatively fight the power or break your heart. 
“The music of Seth Glier veers towards being indefinable.” – Paste Magazine
With five albums, five Independent Music Awards, and even a U.S. State Department sponsored international tour under his belt, Glier has also played with a diverse list of artists such as Ani DiFranco, Martin Sexton, James Taylor, Ronnie Spector, and Marc Cohn. He’s currently on tour and is debuting new music, including his two latest songs “If It Wasn’t For You” and “Stages”, both releasing in 2020. Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, “If It Wasn’t For You” echoes the young activist’s own concepts about the transformative power of turning one’s trauma into gratitude and awareness. “Stages” captures the magic and secret joy that’s shared when close relationships evolve using the universal art of ritual. Both singles will be available on exclusive, collectible 7″ vinyl in a very limited run, offered only at his live shows. Glier plans to put out more music throughout the year while continuing to connect with audiences using his eclectic, often humorous, and always insightful artistry.    




The catalyst for my new single, “Dinosaurs,” was the thought of hooking up like it’s the end of the world. Using a very dark theme and juxtaposing it with a dance beat has created my best version of a coping mechanism within a song.

This track was produced by Dajaun Martineau, who helped create a fun and collaborative environment in his studio. We got to play with this song in a creative way, including dinosaur sounds and crumbling rocks throughout the mix.

I have always strived to make music that feels uplifting but is lyrically darker and real. To “live it up” also means being a responsible person who takes worldwide situations seriously. You can still have fun and do your part.

In celebration of taking care of our planet and our future, I will be donating funds and planting a tree for every thousand streams on “Dinosaurs.”

Thank you for spending time with this song,

Chris Ning

Photo Credit: Crystal Tsang

There’s a first for everything! And today marks the release of Canadian dance pop artist RIELL’s first “real” pop song, aptly titled ‘First’. Destined to be a sing out loud break-up anthem for years to come with its powerful ‘I’m loving myself first’ chorus, ‘First’ is the 3rd single to be released from RIELL’s debut album PARADISE which will be out on October 31st.

Following the release of‘Stubborn’ and ‘Control of Me’, the ‘First’video is the 3rd in a series of 5 connected videos that will be released ahead of RIELL’s debut album. The music video concept is about growing from past mistakes, as shown in the ‘Stubborn’ and ‘Control of Me’ videos prefacing it, and ending up somewhere better because of it.

“I wrote ‘First’ at the end of summer, one week after moving to England for a semester abroad, in my tiny dorm room on an old, beat up guitar that I bought at a second hand store for 10 pounds,” says RIELL. “I was changing everything about my environment, so I was inspired to think about altering my perspective on past and future relationships. Instead of asking if I was good enough for somebody, I wondered what it would be like to ask if they were good enough for me. The video jumps from flashback clips from the past 2 videos, as well as foreshadowing clips from an upcoming video, to shots of some of the most beautiful places I could think of: an altering of perspective.”

RIELL is an internationally touring and Top 40 charting dance pop artist, songwriter, and topliner from Canada (Edmonton, AB). She shares her obsession with raw experience and adventures from around the globe, creating an innovative mix with comparisons to artists like Halsey and Anne-Marie. This October, RIELL will release her 7-track debut album, PARADISE. Produced by Robbie Townsend, Biometrix and featuring M.I.M.E., the album revolves around themes of self-exploration, an obsession with hardship and the impact of perspective on reality.

A highly sought after topliner and vocalist in the EDM scene, RIELL is currently working with popular EDM producers such as Egzod, Besomorph, and Unknown Brain (1.5 million monthly listeners). In the past year, her feature work has accumulated over 25+ million streams, 75+ million views, landed spots on prominent Spotify curated playlists, and been supported by prominent DJ’s such as The Chainsmokers and Martin Garrix. RIELL has charted over 100 times across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa with her top track hitting #1 in Taiwan on the Electronic charts for her collaboration, ‘Take It’, with Unknown Brain and ThatBehavior.

RIELL’s new single ‘First’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services. For more information, please visit:

pop singer/songwriter Gillian releases her new single, “High,” and accompanying music video. A delightful piano-driven pop ballad, “High” is the first tease from Gillian’s upcoming full-length album, 3AM.

On “High,” Gillian’s voice tiptoes between sparse piano as tension mounts towards an arresting chorus: “You spend all your free time getting high.” Punctuated by haunting percussion and towering delivery, “High” delivers a poignant message on the horrors of addiction. “The song took true emotions I was feeling in a relationship and created a story with them,” she recalls, “it’s about how addiction can affect a relationship.”

Gillian treats her music as a conduit for truth. Whether behind the piano or with a guitar in hand, the Boston-based artist chronicles life’s ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and trials and tribulations with thoughtful clarity, poetic eloquence, and a stirring soulful voice. Documenting the dissolution of a relationship, confronting the pains of addiction, or facing loneliness, she confidently conveys unbridled emotion with wisdom that belies her 16 years of age.

Gillian made her introduction last year with the independent release of her debut EP, Unfiltered. The lead single, “What It Felt Like,” impressively tallied 200K Spotify streams — no small feat for an unsigned act. 2020 is set to be another banner year for Gillian as she heads towards the release of her album, 3AM, due for release this Summer.

Photographed by Felice Trinidad

Sometimes we find ourselves with someone who we know isn’t right for us. 

I get it, I’ve been there. 

My new single – “Love Games” – is not a sad song. 

It’s about a past relationship I stayed in fully aware that it wasn’t healthy. 

I was in love, so I felt okay with being in that situation. Relationships are a two-way street.

I hope this song helps you to feel understood and recognize that you’re not alone.

Watch + Share the official video for “Love Games” on YouTube now.

Listen to “Love Games” wherever you get your music here.

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This past year has been filled with so much love, growth and many amazing people that have helped me be a better person and artist. It’s time to bring you new music – with the same heart – as NIIVA.

Stay tuned for my debut EP.



Californian singer-songwriter, Cody Lovaas’ is thrilled to announce his new EP, Pull Out Couch, to be released on May 15th. As a preview, the first single, “Tired” is out now along with the music video that can be viewed here.

Cody says, “’Tired’ was written from the perspective of having too much empathy for a world that you don’t feel like you are able to change. during the creation of this song, I sort of made a promise to myself to stop making excuses and to live the life I want to live tomorrow, today. I didn’t intend for this song to come out during the pandemic we are in right now, but my exhaustion has been amplified, and therefore my drive to live for today has been amplified.”

Pulled Out Couch EP is a collection of empowering and emotional tracks showcasing Cody’s raw dynamic vocals around a notion about love that people may confront in their everyday life. Cody says, “From love that tried to withstand geographical struggles, to a twenty one year old trying to figure himself out, to a five year long cat and mouse relationship, I wrote all these songs when I first moved to Los Angeles, sleeping on my manager’s pull out couch.”

Last year Cody released his debut EP Honestly that is out now as well. The EP is available at – which includes  “Talk Slow” and “Finally Falling.”  “Finally Fallen” and “Talk Slow” have garnered over 60 Spotify playlists including New Music Friday as well as being featured on Apple playlists such as Best Of The Week, Today at Apple, Breaking Pop and more.

Along with his streaming success he has also already received 4 IG placements and featured in 37 YouTube videos by 29 unique creators. The total reach for the YouTube creators is 9.5M which garnered a total of 860k+ views.

Cody Lovaas has simple and confessional lyrics in soulful vocals, melodic acoustic performances, and smooth pop production. Lovaas plays with the boundaries of pop, acoustic, and electronic music, crafting a variant that retains pop’s effortless melodies while exchanging the genre’s cosmetic compositions for sincere and wistful love stories.

Lovaas’s records have premiered on Billboard, Idolator, Culture Collide, Ones to Watch and We Found New Music. In 2017, he released his debut single, “Lie,” which garnered over 5M plays and appeared on Spotify’s Chill Vibes and Pop Chillout playlists. The following year, he dropped “Find,” a single produced with artists Shallou and Kasbo that reached 20M streams as well as “Prove It,” which earned 3M streams and a place on Starbuck’s Coffeehouse playlist. Lovaas’s most recent releases Talk Slow and Finally Fallen gained over 70 playlist placements as well as.

Lovaas was fourteen and performing at an intimate open mic in his beachside hometown of Carlsbad, CA, when he caught the attention of Jason Mraz, who promptly began to mentor him and develop him as his protégé. Lovaas quickly emerged as an intuitive and prolific songwriter. Throughout his teenage years, he found his way up the coast and into studio sessions in Los Angeles. By writing hundreds of songs before the age of twenty, Lovaas cultivated an honest and impressionistic style. Today, his writing draws on a youth spent falling in and out of love and demonstrates the restraint and maturity of a seasoned artist.

EP1 was inspired by so many different artists and genres over the past 30 years. Elements of house, techno, disco and club drum & bass as a backdrop to late 70’s and 80’s songs that call upon bands and artists like Roxy Music, Brian Eno, and Talk Talk.

These songs make for a really fun listen with plenty of ambient and sonic textures that are most pleasing to listen to through a pair of nice headphones.

We hope you dig it! Thanks so much for listening.

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Malaysian artist alextbh has debuted a brand new single titled “Moments.” Listen to the song and watch the official video everywhere now here.

“Moments” comes alongside the announcement of Alex’s debut EPThe Chase, set for a June 12 release via Empire. A skilled songwriter and producer, much of The Chase is self-written and produced and marks the culmination of a breakout year for the rising artist, whose single releases have amassed 40 million+ Spotify streams.

“Moments” is a bold display of alextbh’s ability to merge modern R&B with an underlying pop sensibility that is equally inventive as it is brazenly raw. Speaking on the track, Alex notes, “The prelude to the next chapter of my story, ‘Moments’ explores the strained duality arising from being bruised in the aftermath of a broken romance and attempting to avoid channeling that negative energy into the next one (though not always succeeding). It’s a vicious cycle, but one easy to fall into; this song uncovers that dilemma.”

This spring, Alex was featured on BBC’s Music Life alongside Yuna and mxmtoon. On the live side, Alex has already shared stages with the likes of KhalidSevdaliza, and Jess Connelly, and most recently joined Yuna as direct support on her European tour. He has also played festivals such as Good Vibes Festival in Malaysia, Laneway Festival in Singapore, and Lalala Festival in Indonesia, and is confirmed to play Jakarta’s We The Fest 2020.

“Moments” follows December single “superstore,” a sultry downtempo track that sparked love from outlets like FLAUNT and Billboard, and he performed the track in a live session for MTV Asia as their April 2020 Spotlight Artist.

Running off a string of successful single releases, including early track “Stoop So Low,” which has garnered 20 million+ streams alone, Alex is poised for a big year. Previous singles “still mine” “walls,” “no space,” have also landed Alex multiple covers on Spotify Malaysia’s ‘New Music Friday‘ playlist:

Singer songwriter, Bryce Drew is thrilled to release her new single “Love Life” that is out now and featured on Glitter Magazine.

Bryce says, “Everyone who knows me will tell you that this song is my mantra. My last release, “21”, shared that I’ve been single for a very long time. “Love Life” is me saying, well, hold up— don’t go thinking I’m just here waiting around. It’s my treat yourself, love yourself, pick-me-up anthem.  It feels very timely that this would release right now when many of us are at home in solitude and searching for positivity. I hope it reminds whoever is listening to not let the current circumstance keep them from finding joy… buy your own flowers, make the nicest dinner, and light all the candles! Laugh at yourself while you’re at it. That’s what I’ll be doing.”

She recently released “21” and “Lucky Number” along with the music video that can be viewed here:

Originally from the cultural melting pot of Miami, Florida, 24 year-old Bryce Drew’s music can be similarly described as a melting pot of genre. Influenced by artists such as India.Arie, Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse, and Tracy Chapman, Bryce has an identifiable freedom in her vocal phrasing, guitar playing, and picturesque storytelling which she uses to blend pop, folk, and soul. After spending four years in Nashville studying Songwriting at Belmont University, Bryce relocated to Los Angeles, where she is currently recording with Grammy-winning producer Greg Wells (Adele/Dua Lipa/Katy Perry) for her debut project. The two are currently featured in an 11-episode series on called “Start to Finish”, documenting the creation of Bryce’s song “Lucky Number” from the very beginning of the songwriting process all the way to mastering. Bryce can be found around LA performing at classic venues such as the Hotel Café and has recently toured as the support act for Nina Nesbitt.

Meet pop singer, Emma Jaye (aka Emma Holzer) who is thrilled to release her new music video for the single “Dumb” –

Emma says,  “It’s a song that I made with everyone in mind,” Jaye explains. “We live in a very strange culture, where people, especially women, are told that they should feel apologetic for feeling totally confident and beautiful. That needs to change, so I wrote a song to try and counteract it. It’s all about feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin. I know it can be hard to feel that way all the time, but I’m hoping that this song can help.”

The 23-year-old newcomer is committed to adding an underground edge to the mainstream, making music that sounds different and cool, provocative and new – and that’s exactly what she’s got in store this year, introducing herself through a set of alluring pop songs that will knock you down and pick you back up again.

An actress as well as a singer and songwriter, Jaye appeared in movies and on television, playing  roles in “Boardwalk Empire”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Spring Breakers”, and “Barely Lethal,” among others. While you may still see her onscreen from time to time, her heart is fully invested in her music:

2020 finds Jaye embarking on a bold new adventure, and she’s taking her listeners along for the ride. Combine that mission with her slew of exciting, edgy songs, and the sky’s the limit for Emma Jaye.

“Dumb” is out now everywhere at:

Trope is an alternative prog/rock band located in Hollywood, LA. Formed in 2016, the band have been perfecting their sound and songwriting, leading to their highly anticipated debut album Eleutheromania. Combining hypnotic rhythms with dark, progressive elements, singer Diana Studenberg gives the band their recognizable sound with her delicate-to-angst vocals which cascade dramatically atop their dynamic melodies. 

Eleutheromania, meaning “a manic zeal for freedom”, is a prime example of their music which craves to break free from patterns. The album is engineered by Mike Fraser (ACDC, Aerosmith, Metallica), mixed by David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Eagles, Dave Mathews Band, Pantera, AIC). With influences ranging from 90’s alternative rock band’s including Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Smashing Pumpkins, combined with elements of their love for the likes of Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley, Trope have concocted an intoxicating and distinct sound. 

Leading single “Shout” is a cover of the well loved song by Tears for Fears. Bursting with resonating guitars, powerful vocals and crashing drums, the track builds into an anthemic release. Trope have taken “Shout” and made it completely their own. Studenberg explains, “Due to the song’s pop sensibility and 4/4 beat, it didn’t fit into the Trope realm at the time. But as things progressed and electronic instrumentation was replaced with organic instruments including bass, guitars and ebow, the tune took a darker turn and actually really worked for Trope.” 

The band were inspired by the poignant lyrics, particularly the universal message in the lines ‘those one track minds, that took you for a working boy. Kiss them goodbye, you shouldn’t have to jump for joy.’ Studenberg confides, “How many of us have been in situations where we’re mistreated and looked down on by people who just don’t recognize our value? I believe, in life, we shouldn’t have to placate or put on a clown face and do a fucking happy dance to appease people who behave toxically towards us and lack the foresight to really see who’s in front of them. I see this whole song as a reaffirmation of value and strength and of our ability to move past these situations and people and towards the things that help elevate us emotionally and spiritually.”

The visuals for “Shout” were directed and filmed by Stewart Whelan, along with the help of an incredible film crew. Whelan’s credits include cinematography on The Flash TV Show and Metallica’s ‘Some Kind of Monster’ among others. Dramatic nighttime city landscapes set the scene, intertwined with explosive performance footage, giving audiences an insight into the band’s boundless energy. 

Trope have performed shows internationally in Europe, Canada, the US and around Los Angeles in such legendary venues including LA’s Whisky A Go-Go and The Viper Room, as well as the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest, where they played the main stages in the past two consecutive years and have shared stages with Switchfoot and Sevendust. Trope have also shared stages at the legendary Hollywood Improv with world class comedians Iliza Shlesinger (Unveiled/Netflix), Steve-O (Jackass), David Koechner (Anchorman), Bryan Callen (Hangover), Harland Williams (Something About Mary) and more.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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