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Trailer: Michael Bay Produces First Hollywood Feature Film About Coronavirus Called ‘Songbird’

The trailer for Songbird, the first feature filmed in Los Angeles since quarantine, which has sparked criticism as a tone-deaf “horror movie” about an ongoing horror that America – and the world – is still experiencing. Songbird, directed by Adam Mason and produced by Michael Bay; portrays a love story between Nico (Riverdale’s KJ Apa) and Sara (Sofia Carson) during America’s 214th week of lockdown in 2024, as a late-stage version of “Covid-23” mutates to infect people’s brains.

In the trailer a Los Angeles billboard ticks up to 8.4m deaths, infected Americans are forced into quarantine camps, and sanitation “police” raid homes for suspected patients.

Check out ‘Songbird’ below.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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