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Stockholm artist Miynt has released a brand new single titled “Nothing personal,” out now via B3SCI Records. Listen here.

A trip back to her guitar-driven roots, the song is a nostalgic slow-burner setting Miynt’s delicately haunting vocal against understated production showing the confident restraint of a seasoned artist and songwriter.

The new track follows the release of recent single “A bite of papaya,” which drew widespread love from Spotify including the Oyster playlist cover as well as adds to several New Music Friday playlists, All New Indie, and OFF POPThe Line of Best Fit loved the track’s “cinematic style and slick, light-footed melodies,” while DIY coined it “a dazzling psych-soaked dance-pop number.” Vogue Paris also added the track to a monthly playlist. 

October 2020, Miynt released AA-side “Give me palm trees and inner peace” / “Lovesong,” along with a self-produced, stop motion video for “palm trees” hereThe release saw critical love including support from BBC Radio 1 / Jack Saunders, who named Miynt a ‘Future Artist’ as part of their ‘Next Wave’ series. 

Kris Angelis continues to amass one success after another. Her recent EP “That Siren, Hope,” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter chart, and in the Top 100 of the Billboard Top Current Albums Chart. It climbed the Americana Albums radio chart and had tracks added on SiriusXM. Two tracks off her latest project are already making waves with “I’d Give Anything” being added to Spotify’s “New Music Nashville” playlist and American Songwriter’s ‘Daily Discovery feature, as well as the heartfelt “My Quiet” making it to the finals in the International Songwriting Competition. Despite all her many successes, she continues to leave listeners aching with emotion and filled with wonder at her craft.

On “The Skies We Look To,” Angelis partnered with producer Bill Lefler to craft an album about holding on to hope even when it feels far off in the distance. The EP bursts to life with the first track, “I’d Give Anything,” which bumps to the rhythm of a heartbeat as Angelis reflects on the simplicity of youth and the passing of time. Its folky-Americana influences introduce a side of Angelis we haven’t seen — but keeps us wanting more.
Single “My Quiet,” which inspired the name of the EP, whispers with haunting vocals and hopeful exuberance. A track about the pleasure and pain of loving someone — and how going through all of it makes the journey worth every up and down — it’s a calm, reflective space where Angelis truly shines.  
Flush with warm violin and the soft two-step rhythm, “Flicker” is equal parts bluegrass and folk. It’s a track that makes you want to grab a partner and move across a hay-strewn dancefloor, only to fall in love the way the protagonist does in the story itself.
With “Meet You In Our Dreams,” the music imitates the story itself, creating a sparkling dreamscape of acoustic guitar and quiet vocals. A lullaby that wishes for more but settles for less, it’s the perfect track to describe what it’s like to love and lose at the same time.
If there’s one thing Angelis excels at, it’s the tender moments that overflow with emotions. That’s what “Sunset” is — a stunning vocal moment flush with violins, acoustic guitar, and harmonies that wash over you like water.
Co-written with Angie K., a hint of country/Americana sneaks back into “20 Miles to Empty,” where Angelis pays homage to her ability to keep pushing, playing music, and achieving, even when her body feels close to empty. The cowboy western-like strings give a cinematic feel to her experience.
On “That Wine Stain,” the songwriter reflects on a tumultuous relationship with an addict and the heartbreaking effect on her life. The quiet sadness fills the stripped-down instrumentation, which features a unique percussion loop created by wine glasses, a true testament to her creativity and dedication to the storytelling.

With her most recent EP, “The Skies We Look To,” Kris Angelis makes joyful departures from her usual sound while continuing to impress fans and critics alike with her masterful storytelling. Kris Angelis’, “The Skies We Look To” is out everywhere on April 30th, 2021.

Sharing real life snapshots in song, Rence magnifies his personal perspective through a genre-less palette, bordering pop, alternative, electro, indie and hip-hop all at once, yet never dipping into one for too long. He first introduced himself on the breakthrough independent project, Pink, featuring standout single “Baby Blue.” In 2019, after signing to Epic Records, he followed with the release of “Expensive” [feat. Noah Cyrus] and his major label debut EP FALL 2019. In 2020, his consistent output continued with the bold and buzz-y “hate u, btw,” “Type 2,” “Tears in December,” “Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart” and “Strawberry Blonde.” With over 50 million streams and counting, Rence has received acclaim from the likes of Pigeons and Planes (who named him “Best New Artist” Dec 2019), The FADER, Lyrical Lemonade, Nylon, Billboard, V Magazine, Paper, i-D, Wonderland, Flaunt and Zane Lowe. Now, he embarks on the next chapter of his career, starting with “Endless.”

NAACP award winning actress and singer/songwriter Talia Jackson (Netflix’s “Family Reunion”) releases HIDDEN, her first song entirely written by her about the freedom she feels from being free from a toxic relationship and needing no one but herself. During the pandemic, with filming on hold, Talia began writing all of her own music as a solo songwriter and will be releasing a song each month through the end of the year. 

Talia stars alongside Loretta Devine as Tia Mowry-Hardict’s character’s oldest daughter, ‘Jade McKellan,’ in Netflix’s multi-camera comedy “Family Reunion” from veteran showrunner Meg DeLoatch (“Family Matters”). Originally hailing from Wisconsin, Talia moved to Santa Barbara at the age of seven to begin pursuing her twin passions of acting and singing. When she’s not in front of the camera or in the studio recording new music, Talia loves songwriting with her brother actor/singer/songwriter Armani Jackson (Netflix’s Little Boxes/TBS CHAD) and lending her voice to mental illness awareness and Global Lyme Alliance.

Aibai is a 23-year-old producer based in Minneapolis. Her songs are filled with ambient, cinematic soundscapes that create a daydream-like atmosphere. Originally focusing on making electronic music, the young musician has started to diversify her sound in her recent releases, exploring more of the alternative, indie and R&B realm. Inspired by electronic artists like Odesza and Flume, as well as indie/alt greats such as Clairo, Rex Orange County and Goth Babe, Aibai combines these two worlds, while giving it a unique flair of her own.

Aibai confides, “I decided to combine genres and make an indie electronic EP. This first single “Glow” is a perfect example of that. With the indie vocals of Des who goes by Swims, combined with my ambient music, I was able to produce the indietronica sound I was going for!” Sonically “Glow” is inspired by the outdoors and the feeling you get when you immerse yourself in nature. “Glow” features warm, laid-back vocals which shimmer atop the oscillating synths, while the layered harmonies resonate deep throughout your body. The chilled-out, slow-paced song emits an intoxicating, feel-good vibe that you can’t get enough of. Lyrically, the contemplative song talks about readjusting into single life and wondering what it will be like, now that your love has gone.

Gentle tugs on electric strings lay the mood and tempo, with incoming silky, cooling vocals from Colby Hansen in “More Than Friends”. The track has a laid-back, rippling essence of femininity with an indie/alt glow from the use of analog instruments. This track is a tad less electronic than the rest of the EP, but still contains an electro hint on the vocals and delicate production flutters, putting Aibai’s sonic stamp on it. The track narrates the fear of telling someone you like them more than friends, then suddenly realizing the hard-hitting, heart-breaking reality there is nothing more to the bond than being buddies. 

“Feel Again” featuring Mønty C oozes a cinematic, indietronica aura. Along with ambient piano and soft claps are the looping electronic riffs and euphoric synths that enrich the intensity of the emotions. The song has lots of subtle builds, constantly uplifting you with vocal cries flooding the background of the soundscape in an affecting howl, dripping in feeling. The lyrical context written by Mønty C touches on regaining and rebuilding trust in a romantic relationship that is struggling to maintain its closeness.

“Open Up” is a gentle bubbling stream of warmth and radiance. Featuring breezy bass lines, an up-beat, gently bouncing beat, dancing, high vibe guitar and stunning dynamic pauses that carry much emotiveness. Swims opens up on the track about flowing through life, knowing it’s ok to start over and that being vulnerable can bring much happiness. Each experience allows you to grow and build resilience, you will learn to understand that “all along you had the key.”

Overall, the EP is a delightful blissful experience. Aibai’s production on each track encompasses the beauty of raw instruments adding an electronic flame over the sound. Her soundscapes are dreamy, feminine and a beautiful escape into heavenly, soft, swirling sounds. The features across the EP all complement the delicacy of the instrumentation and it’s clear that each track is emotionally charged and meticulously thought out to ensure the perfect yin and yang combo of indietronica.

Multiplatinum indie pop trio AJR have today released their fourth full-length album OK ORCHESTRA. The 13-track record, which features their current single “Way Less Sad” and the US double-platinum chart-topping hit “BANG!”, is available everywhere now via AJR Productions/Black Butter. Listen to OK ORCHESTRA HERE. Watch the official video for “Way Less Sad” HERE AJR—made up of brothers Adam [bass, vocals], Jack [vocals, guitar], and Ryan [ukulele, piano, vocals]—hunkered down and crafted what would become OK ORCHESTRA throughout 2020. Ryan and Jack share an apartment, while Adam lives down the street, so they maintained a rhythm of writing and recording in order to emerge from the pandemic with something they were proud of. “I think we definitely got closer,” said Ryan. “In times like these, you realize what values are important. There are a lot of things you can live without, but you can’t live without family. We really tried to create a world on this album. With each record, our fanbase has grown steadily. Their support made us more confident to invite them into this space. We really embraced who we are, and it’s the most diverse album we’ve ever made. It’s got some of our happiest and most jovial songs. It’s got some of our saddest and angriest songs. We’re expanding what we do. It’s exciting.”

Photo Credit to Katherine Kwan

Wish I Never Met You is a heartbreak anthem about being hurt by someone that you loved deeply. You should probably let them go, but now they’re all tangled up in your heart and mind. They are a part of your life, a part of you. The only way to get out of it without even more pain is simply if you had never met them at all. 

Stream Wish I Never Met You wherever you get your music –

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The writing of this was really raw, sitting at the piano late at night. A broken heart is painful, so I hope this song allows you to process those emotions in whatever way you need to. Belt it at the top of your lungs in your car in traffic, listen in the rain, cry out in the shower, or with an empty ice cream tub in hand. Make it a part of your own story.

– Sophia Fracassi xx

Ekelle is a multi-genre artist and songwriter from Toronto. Ekelle rhymes about what she knows best: her real-life experience! Money, sex, drama and identity stir together to create a style that she calls Hood Pop – Popular music with a street edge. Hood Pop combines elements of hip hop, pop music and R&B. Ekelle hopes that the honesty in her music will motivate others to share their stories too and to never give up. At the beginning stages of her career she thought she just had to pick one genre to work with which was hard for her because so many different styles gave her inspiration. Ekelle has since then branched out and decided to carve out her own sound that represents her eclectic tastes and interests. Ekelle loves to candidly rap out her real lived experience and/or play with metaphor and simile as she sings. She puts her songs together with dreamy soundscapes and hard hitting beats that can turn up any party! Noticing a void in the music scene, Ekelle found that no one artist was telling a story that she could fully relate to. Ekelle was finding that she enjoyed the music being made today, but there were aspects of her story there were simply no songs for, so she decided to create them herself. Her cathartic approach with her newly improved sound began to take her places. Drawing on her experiences with heartbreak, happiness, race, love, sexual orientation and more she definitely has an anthem for you.

I am writing to you to share “chestnut street,” a track that recounts the story of how my relationship with my girlfriend of two years began. Released on our first date anniversary. We met working on a high school play where I played piano in the band and she was one of the lead actors. On our first date, we took a long walk down one of the railroad tracks in my city late at night and quickly realized we had feelings for each other.

Take a listen to “chestnut street” through Apple Music ➹ Spotify ➹ SoundCloud

I collaborated on the song’s lyrics with two friends of mine from Nashville, Danny Polo and Alex Slay, using Discord, which has been an amazing way to write songs with others during the pandemic.

I hope you enjoy this track, there is plenty more to come.


Drawing comparisons to Björk, Sinead O’Connor and Sylvan Esso, Shrines is the moniker of Brooklyn-based singer and musician, Carrie Erving (Ponyhof, Will Butler of Arcade Fire). Our Ship is Ready, her new visual EP, is due out on April 16. Today she releases the project’s clip for “An Buachaillín Bán.” Our Ship is Ready is a collection of her modern re-imaginings of traditional folk ballads, which she learned while living in Ireland, from traditional singers including Iarla Ó Lionaird and Karan Casey. Of the track, Shrines shares: “I first learned ‘An Buachaillín Bán’ several years ago from Karan Casey and was struck by its haunting emotional power. It’s such a raw detailing of anger and grief, which were relevant emotions for me when I recorded and filmed this version in 2020. An 18th-century song that addresses the oppression of the Irish people, An Buachaillín Bán’ translates to ‘The Fair-Haired Boy’ and is believed to have been a coded reference to Irish allegiance to Bonnie Prince Charlie. In recording my version, I leaned into the idea of the ancient Irish keening tradition, in which women would vocalize the whole community’s grief as a form of catharsis.”

 Of Our Ship is Ready, Shrines shares: “My time in Ireland collecting songs from the Sean-nós (the Irish language term for “old style”) tradition has had such a deep impact on the way that I sing and write music. Our Ship Is Ready is a project that I hope to continue in the future, with more collaborators and volumes of collected traditional songs. I offer this first volume as a snapshot of a creative process during the pandemic, in which I reached back to the source of some of my deepest inspiration as an artist, and recorded and performed these songs while living in isolation in nature. These are some of my favorite songs that have stuck with me for many years and I am excited to have the opportunity to arrange them in my own way and share them.

 My husband (the videos’ director, Brody Bernheisel) and I have been quarantining on an island in Maine. We’ve filmed music videos that seek to capture these traditional songs’ reverence of the natural world. Creatively, there is a direct connection for me between the natural settings we chose for the film locations and the wild nature that is present in so many of these ancient songs. I also imagine a connecting thread to the original settings in which they were perhaps written: within solitude and as an ode to nature. From my side of the Atlantic, I’m engaging in a conversation with these ancient themes and stories and bringing my own creative interpretations to them. Arranged with strings, piano, and synths, these songs also pay homage to the inspiration of my favorite folk records from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Alongside a recurring theme of a reverence for the land, the songs share the thread of the same theme of beginning a journey, looking out into the unknown with trepidation or excitement. For me this project is also a snapshot of a creative process during the pandemic — recording vocals at my home studio in Maine with vocal producer/mixer Rosana Cabán (Psychic Twin) and engaging in an extended long-distance correspondence of recording, arranging and mixing with my longtime collaborator, cellist and co-producer Chris Loxley.

 The videos themselves are a snapshot in time: isolated in nature, solitude, or dancing alone in ones’ room, and living in a sense of waiting and looking out towards the future. My hope is for the music and videos to provide the viewer with a chance to escape for a few moments into the quiet magic of this place, which has been a source of grounding and solace for me during this difficult year.”

 Shrines’ debut EP, Release, dropped in 2019 and was produced by Rosana Cabán (Psychic Twin).

Credit: Luke O’Toole

Irish post-punk duo Twin Diver were born out of necessity. The pair packed up for London in early 2020 to work on new material and play the circuit. Unfortunately, their plans were cut short when the world closed down within a matter of weeks. During this period, the pair found themselves temporarily stranded with nothing but a bass guitar and a midi controller. From this desolate environment came a new sound and a new beginning for Twin Diver.

New single ‘Television’ grabs you from the get-go and drags you on to the basement dancefloor of some dingy East London haunt. There are moments reminiscent of more contemporary artists like DIIV and plenty of retro vibes for fans of The Dream Academy or The Smiths. When the jangly guitar sounds kick in, you can’t help but imagine them played by a late-eighties Johnny Marr – head down, shades on and looking completely out of place on some Tops of the Pops stage. The lyrics work perfectly with the track, commanding a Joy Division-like presence with the refrain of “And when I die, I hope they put me on television.”

In their own words “The track delves into how people want to feel special and the pursuit of that feeling. I think everyone has a strange thought process around needing to feel important, almost a case of not caring what people think of you as long as it’s you they’re thinking of. As people in general, we have a very precarious sense of self.”

Hey Neill,

When someone’s having a conversation about you or with you it doesn’t mean that you have to engage with them.   My new song, Conversations, is about not giving a fuck about what people have to say. People will always try and bring you down, but you gotta remember to value yourself. Play Conversations via your preferred platform.

Thanks for taking the time to listen!

Olive B

Toronto-based, alt-pop artist, JULIANA EYE is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and live support musician. After years of playing in bands and writing songs behind-the-scenes, JULIANA is stepping forward to showcase her own music in 2021. With Pop at its core, her music draws influence from 90’s Alternative Rock, Indie & Dance music and pairs it with introspective and self-empowering lyrics through her alluring vocals.

Born and raised in the Toronto suburb of North York, JULIANA took to music obsessively at the early age of thirteen as an act of teenage rebellion and an outlet for finding herself. She spent the majority of her adolescence playing guitar and writing songs in her bedroom, jamming in basements with her friends’ obscure bands, and venturing to downtown clubs to watch local artists perform. While attending University for art & graphic design, EYE toured and recorded with indie-rock band, The Ruby Spirit, as a backup vocalist and self-taught keyboard player. JULIANA has since pursued a career as a live support musician for a number of artists including CARYS (Warner Music/Atlantic Records), Juno-nominated, AMAAL (Universal Canada), and LØLØ (APG, Independent) to name a few.

Brixton legend Sneakbo releases new single “Dripping”

One of the UK’s most consistent rappers, whether it be singles, mixtapes or album’s, never leaves fans waiting for music. This year he has been releasing a flow of exceptional singles such as “I Don’t Wanna Die” and “Chasing The Bag” and follows up with new release “Dripping” with DJ Target taking the radio premiere on his 1Xtra show on Thursday evening.

Produced by his long-term collaborator Lekaa Beats “Dripping”, is a straight up UK rap track that sees Sneakbo hitting the beat over a core piano led instrumental in a way that only a master of his craft can do. Still Greedy brings a different element to the track with his melodic waviness making it into a certified banger as the two artists bounce off each other’s vibes.

The video is one of a kind too as it flips between bike riders, luxury cars, street dancers and old footage of Sneakbo, showcasing his back catalogue of music videos.

The King and pioneer of Afro-tinged rap that fuses rap, afrobeats and dancehall is recognised as the first artist to create this sound by his peers, thus paving the way for a new generation of artists today and superstar Drake, who stated “Huge fan, I’m inspired by his movement”.

There is a lot more music on the way, so stay tuned as this year there will be a flurry of new material from Sneakbo

By: Season Three

Slowly is set after a long night of contemplation, when the morning cravings have set in. You’re aware of the problem, and want to make different choices, but the temptation is too much to handle. A bad habit can speak to you like a toxic love interest; that little whisper in the back of your head telling you it’ll be fun … just do it … one last time …

I struggle with a smoking habit and a tendency to become overly attached to the ones I love. The way that I battle with my addiction is the same way I engage with people… Slowly is a light-hearted bop with a sinister feel, playing on the idea of someone you love being that same type of devil on your shoulder. Imagine those 20-somethings in a toxic relationship. After a long night of arguing, they robotically enter the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. During this kitchen moment, their phone is blowing up with their ‘lover’ now asking to come see them, and they’re struggling to fight the urge. A temptress is singing the song in an, sassy and sultry way around while they’re trying to shut it all out.

Sorry for the smoke screen, baby. I know you’ll feel it all when it’s too late is how a personified addiction would speak to me. A sarcastic and amused being, that gets a kick out of pretending to be an innocent coping mechanism. The way we trick ourselves into believing our addictions aren’t harmful… until it’s too late. 


Photo Credit: Callie Lugosi

After resisting recording studios for a half-dozen years, laid-back indie-country songsmith Amos Nadlersmith was finally convinced to begin recording a small collection of his vast catalogue in the fall of 2018.

“I’d never gotten around to it,” says Nadlersmith, who goes by the stage name Amos the Kid. “I didn’t know if anyone would be interested, and I was content to just play a show every once and a while. When Adam asked me to come record, I thought, OK, I guess it’s time to give it a shot.”

That casual collection of recordings ultimately became Mountain View, the first release on fledgling label House of Wonders Records that some said immediately felt like a “Manitoba classic” (Kaelen Bell, Exclaim!). The EP’s success, however, was far from guaranteed—in fact, Nadlersmith had assumed his effort to be doomed when the first COVID lockdowns began and his shows started getting cancelled one month before release day. However, the new social dynamic ended up working in the favour of the release, which connected with people longing for big summer nights and small moments of human interaction. Suddenly, Nadlersmith saw a response to his music which he could have never dreamed of — over 100k streams, a placement in a CBC documentary, additions to big-name Spotify playlists, and the EP’s inclusion in multiple best-of 2020 lists.

Photo Credit: Stella Kudritzki

“To put it simply, “Nosebleed” was written when I needed the hug and support I didn’t feel like I was getting. I was traveling to Los Angeles every month for week-long stays from San Francisco and working with my first label and with all these added members to my musical journey, I had never felt so alone. In parallel, California was experiencing its most devastating natural fires today and I felt like my home was now literally burning to the ground.” – ZOLA

Strengthening their international presence with the uniquely distinct and tranquil sound, Thai alt-pop band My Life as Ali Thomas return with their remarkable new visual offering for “My Red Golden Sun”, perfectly timed for the Spring season. Following on from January’s well-received “Rinn”, the collective continues to captivate their fans, this time round with an intriguing short story, gripping viewers with a fresh new perspective on escapism in all forms. With creative direction vividly led by Kanchit Sopchokchai, this impeccably crisp and clean-cut visual creates an undeniable feeling of freedom, all while gluing the audience to the screen. The genre-defying group once again does not fail to showcase their differentiating and experimental take on creating music. Proudly unveiling this compelling visual for “My Red Golden Sun” via Warner Music, the new single visually paints a hard-hitting sense of liberation, championed by and eloquently packaged with the tailored fusion of string and percussion instruments. Speaking on “My Red Golden Sun”, My Life as Ali Thomas explains: “‘My Red Golden Sun’ will be the most familiar sounding song for My Life as Ali Thomas fans. It’s our take on campfire folk-rock, talking about old love and moving on. Love, and finding love, is like chasing the sun. We chase it simply because it’s what we do, and though the sun hurts us sometimes, could be disappointing or even bad to us, we must not stop chasing. ‘My Red Golden Sun’ celebrates old dreams that didn’t come true, and reminds us to dream anew.”

Jacq Charles is a dynamic talent. Having engaged his creative peers through production and engineering, he now debuts as a self-produced singer/songwriter with his release ‘Lay Low’. 


At the very core of ‘Lay Low’ you will first discover Jacq’s exceptional artistry. A weaver of musical fibers, his creations entwine melody, genres, tempos and his lyrical experiences, to create his own tapestries. Infectious, haunting yet smoothly sensual, ‘Lay Low’ transports you to a place of ease and escapism as his vocals sail you through the percussive mid-tempo beat. Layered with carefully selected instrumentation, the beat leans on influences of Hip Hop, Dancehall and Afrobeats, perfected by Jacq’s impeccable understanding of the culture and music production that they come from. Originating in Lyon, France, Jacq Charles came from a large Sudanese family, this, teamed with his relocation to the UK at 10 years old allowed him an early insight in to varying cultures and experiences, including music. His exposure to instruments such as the guitar and a wide variance of musical genres allowed him to further explore his love for creating and also his preferences of musical storytellers, finding magic within artists such as Tracy Chapman. By the age of 13, Jacq discovered music production and quickly gained the necessary tools to unlock the official pursuit of his musical vision.

Submerging himself in a world of music and creativity, it is understandable to find Jacq cites artists such as Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Burna Boy and Wande Coal as some of his influential figures. His music steps beyond the realms of playlist fodder and become a vessel to convey visions and feelings to their audience making every ounce the perfect storm for an immersive listen.

Speaking on his music mission, Jacq states: “I hope what I create has the ability to help others, help others to get lost in the music, maybe help them to make sense of things they have been through hearing me recall something similar, or help align them with joy and great energy. For me, great music provides hope, and what is more powerful than that?”

This pre-summer track with a romantic spin is the perfect way to get in the mood for the upcoming season. An African collaboration sees Blaq Jerzee and Mr Eazi the Nigerians crossing to the Continent to work with East Coast, Tanzanian giant Harmonize. Together these three are really pushing the boundaries and the future of African music to a new level.

Producer-songwriter Blaq Jerzee has been making inroads into becoming a prolific figure in the African music scene. Previously working as a top hitmaker in Nigeria, with production credits across smash songs from Wizkid and Tiwa Savage. Moving into the limelight for the first time after formerly lifting others to glory. His potential as an artist is limitless with all the talent he has shown so far, and this upcoming track proves this.

Mr Eazi the singer-songwriter has brought his skills forward and displayed them on this track. Pioneering Banku music, the fusion of Nigerian and Ghanaian musical patterns. This sound has taken him worldwide becoming very successful in the UK and a list of collaborations like no other. Harmonize is the King of the East coast, having achieved over half a billion views across his YouTube channel, is now on course to take his native genre of Bongo Flava to a global scale.

With the personnel involved, it is no surprise that the track offers the sweetest of melodies throughout. Blaq Jerzee is on the chorus with a distinct but gentle feel, the type of chorus that you do not forget easily. We are then taken into Blaq’s verse where his voice transforms to its richer and deeper side, his singing dances across the beat with great rhythm. The passionate and mesmerising verse from Mr Eazi is a true signature of him as an artist. This is followed by Harmonize’s harmonically rich verse, the third and final verse of the trio

The visuals for the song, illustrate perfectly the vibe set out in the music, including a broad portfolio of picturesque locations which all reflect a tropical and coastal vibe. Evidence of the tracks danceability is clear with various choreographed pieces throughout the song. An exceptional music video for a delightful song.

What better way to announce Blaq Jerzee’s move to artistry than a finely calibrated, feel good track, alongside two African Giants!

Following on from ‘Early Morning’ featuring M Huncho Park Hill is supplying his fans with a steady flow of new music with his new truly moving track, which based of his own personal experiences. Park Hill narrates the story of a couple facing relationship issues, with his lyrics and storytelling being played out through the visuals.

Born in the US but growing up in North West London, Park Hill did not have it easy, with his mother often behind bars. He was brought up mainly by his Grandmother and turned to music at a young age to get away from the chaos in his life.

Innovative melodies, often heard in ‘Trapwave’, paired with emotive storytelling help paint a vivid picture in the listener’s mind, which translates seamlessly via the accompanying visuals.

Hill possesses a beautiful and soothing voice which is exercised effortlessly on this song. Stripped back to just Hill and a guitar it feels incredibly intimate and touching. Demonstrating himself as a complete artist who can write a song with meaning and remain tasteful at the same time.

His sound is a hybrid of London and Atlanta. Moving to the US in 2016, Park Hill started working at 11th Street Studios where he operated alongside artists such as Future, Travis Scott and Lil Durk. Later becoming Lil Durk’s personal engineer. Durk noticed Hill’s talent and featured him on a project in 2018 with ‘Let it Rain’. 

He came back to the UK to bring this fusion sound back to the streets of London. 2019 saw him feature on M Huncho’s ‘Utopia’ Mixtape, he is no stranger to the industry on either side of the Atlantic. 2021 has already seen a 2nd link up with M Huncho for his track ‘Early Morning’, alongside producing the Lil Durk track “Love You Too” featuring Kehlani.
Hill is boasting 1Million+ streams across his discography on Spotify alone and is only heading in one direction! Improving his ability and expertise year on year. 2021 is Park Hill’s year!

Take my hand and get lost in the rhythm with me. My new track, G.L.I.T.R. is a nostalgic song. It takes us back to those summer flings we once had. I wouldn’t say it’s a sad song, but it’s always fun to reminisce about those relationships.

G.L.I.T.R. is streaming everywhere now –

Watch the official lyric video on YouTube now.

G.L.I.T.R. captures the feeling of driving in the car on a hot summer night with someone you really like, going nowhere in particular. I hope that you can be transported back to those moments as you listen!

Thank you for hearing this song,

Nova Rose ✨

We’re all looking for that spark with someone where we feel it too.

It’s not new, but it’s certainly rare.

Feel It Too” is the first single from my upcoming 2021 EP, Silk Sessions.

Based on a romantic evening with my partner, where he put on a beautiful song, lit some candles, and slow-danced with me in my little Queen West apartment in Toronto.

This jazz-inspired track holds a very special place in my heart,

in dedication to my former audience at Poetry Jazz Cafe in Kensington Market.

Recorded at a cabin in the woods with producer SLWJMZ (Saukrates, Clear Mortifee, Boy Pape), we used the birds and insects as a soundscape on both sunny and rainy days. Summer is my season, breathing the universe in and out, living in the heat and flowy fabrics. The music is meant to feel as smooth as a silk scarf around you.

Sometimes the people we fall for can surprise us.

I hope this song acts as a down duvet for the next time you fall for an unlikely lover.


WhoisOrion has been circling the pools of upcoming UK rappers for a hot minute with a string of independent releases across the likes of GRM Daily, Link Up TV and his own channels. Standing out from the crowd with his infectious personality, fun loving visuals and distinctive rap style, WhoisOrion releases latest single ‘Dun Out Ere’ as he delivers a dose of light-hearted, feel-good vibes.


Hitting a NIK Beat$ production, the bouncing instrumental is ignited by animated lyricism, energetic delivery and spirited ad-libs as WhoisOrion takes a firm grip of the record. 

Dun Out Ere’ is a song I think a lot of people would relate to” explains the rapper, “I felt I needed something that was lyrically catchy that people would remember and relate to. I definitely think for my generation, “Dun Out Ere” is the perfect quote for that”.

Having been part of the PXL Records camp since its inception, WhoisOrion is label mates with the likes of Blinkie, the producer of his previous single ‘Formula Won’ and the man behind Bugzy Malone & Chip’s smash ‘Notorious’. A self-taught producer himself, WhoisOrion comes from 4 generations of musical heritage and has a vast knowledge and experience of music from every corner, and whilst you can often find him edging towards fun-loving vibes in his public output, his exceptional level of artistry behind the scenes, can only be commended. Undoubtedly it is his adept musical capabilities that allow him to effortlessly shift between being a skilled rapper to a melodic, harmonious singer. 

Delivering music at a time when many of his contemporaries are focussed on street life and hardships, WhoisOrion consistently delivers a fresh and accessible sound that sweeps us up in its wavy vibe whilst remaining full of bars, punchlines and impact. An artist arriving at the new frontier of Black British music, WhoisOrion is an essential find in the next generation of rappers

amid the growing, viral success for his debut single “Make Ya Holla,” Tampa-born rapper, entertainer STEF makes his mark with the accompanying video for the #DGAF, braggadocious-banger via 10 CITY/ MOKA


On his excitement for the new release and what fans can expect next, STEF says, “I can’t believe it’s finally out! Man, it’s been long overdue…but you gotta trust the process. I’ve been on edge to share this world we are creating sonically and visually…it really is something unique and special. Most importantly it’s needed in today’s crazy times. I want fans to have something to be excited about and stand behind! We doing timeless work that transcends beyond genres and hype & I’m here to make a statement.

Stef, best known for his magnetic personality through social media, released the audio release to “Make Ya Holla” late last year and sent social media in an uproar with its outlandish too-good-to-look-away lyric video that complemented his lyrical, witty style. The blissfully- bizarre visual is the first official introduction to his distinct & creative side as he welcomes everyone to fully immerse themselves in the world of STEF. The first stop on the journey finds viewers in an adventure-filled adult shop named Bust’ N Nuts that turns out to be a night to remember for a gang of gals. Aside from an array of alter-egos that show off STEF’s comedic style, internet sensation Coco Blake also makes an appearance. 

The FLEUR aka Flowers in Narnia produced track “Make Ya Holla” quickly amassed streaming success on Spotify (800, 000 + streams) and Soundcloud (300, 000 + streams) with 20,000 video uploads on Tik Tok since its release. The accumulating praise has him in a vivid light as one to watch for the year. 

Indie-pop artist & producer Olivia Morreale reveals the official music video for her new single “PARASOMNIA,” the second single from her forthcoming EP ‘SPACE DREAMS.’ 

A dreamy wonderland of gauzy synths, infectious bass and intricately layered vocal chops, “PARASOMNIA” is a musing on the way in which subconscious thoughts and desires are unlocked through dreams. For the music video, Olivia worked with director Sammy King to create the perfect encapsulation of what it’s like to be inside a dream. The resulting visual in an avant-garde odyssey full of otherworldly characters, vivid hues and surrealist storytelling. The video also stars a variety of local LA creatives, ranging from dancers to fashion designers. “Everyone in the video and involved in the making is also an independent artist or creative,” Olivia writes. “We gave them a huge amount of creative liberty and tried to involve everyone in the creative process which I think really made the video.”

Los Angeles-based Olivia Morreale kicked off this year with the release of “NO ANSWER” and “PARASOMNIA,” two of the new singles from her EP ‘SPACE DREAMS,’ due out later this year. Growing up in New York, Olivia was captivated by the jazz great like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald. Now, melding her jazz background with her immersion in the pop utopia of her new home of Los Angeles, Olivia is creating a hybrid sound all of her own. Inspired by synth-pop, chillwave, jazz, and soul, her music is timeless and refreshing all at once.

In addition to her own releases, Olivia has toured as a background singer for Engelbert Humperdinck and was featured as a star vocalist on Jason “Spicy G” Goldman’s Hypnotized EP. Her ethereal, distinctive vocals have been her long standing calling card and her forthcoming EP, SPACE DREAMS, is a chance for her uniquely hypnotic cadence to take centerstage. 

Moe Chaieb is a Montreal-based producer whose music meets at the intersection of moody and groovy. With strong influences from the worlds of house, RnB and pop, his synth melodies are designed to evoke feelings beyond those sparked by beating kicks and rhythmic basslines. Listeners are able to immerse themselves fully into Chaieb’s universe with his visual art inspired by Swiss modernist graphic designers, such as Odermatt, Tissi and Brockmann, as well as leaders in the Light and Space movement, like James Turrell.

Growing up to Algerian parents in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Chaieb immigrated to Montreal, Canada at 18 years of age to study computer science at McGill University. After several years of pursuing a career as a software engineer, over the summer of 2020, Chaieb decided to commit his full time focus to multi-faceted art and music production.

Emma Hewson is a Toronto-based artist making feminist, jazz-inspired electro-pop music for sassy, yet sensitive listeners.

Passionate about intersectional feminism and human behaviour, Emma is an accomplished pianist, singer, teacher, and interdisciplinary artist. Her vocal style is reminiscent of R&B and hip hop artists like Erykah Badu and Doja Cat, while injecting a generous dose of timeless soul that makes her intricate songs reminiscent of Norah Jones’ beloved classics.

A native of Guelph, Ontario, Hewson studied jazz vocal and free improvisation at Toronto’s York University before moving on to develop her freelance career. In 2014 she officially launched her artist project with the release of her debut EP EMMA, a poignant collection of stripped down acoustic songs that she wrote between the ages of 18 and 23, through which she explored the inner workings of relationships and mental health. About the EP, Hewson says, “I learned so much about the recording process and what it takes to put together an entire EP on your own. I’m really proud of it and it also feels like a very different, long ago chapter of my life.”

photo credit: Brooke Boyer

LA-based indie pop artist Hannah Hausman continues her journey of self-love and rediscovery with “whole foods parking lot” out now via Quadio Records.

The singer-songwriter’s newest single is another honest documentation of the emotional rollercoaster that is young love and follows Hannah Hausman’s 2021 label debut “will i ever feel like this again?” which heralded praise from 1883 Magazine, MTV, Ones To Watch, PARADE, PopularTV, The Deli LA, among others. Originally crafted to process her emotions after an unexpected encounter with a toxic ex, “whole foods parking lot” was never intended to be released and left untouched as a question mark. Upon uploading a clip of the free-write on TikTok, the slew of comments from listeners who could relate to the unnerving experience inspired her to make it official and figure out the ending.

“I felt like I was just getting over everything and then seeing my ex sent me spiraling backwards,” Hannah Hausman admits, “It was such a weird feeling and I didn’t know what to do, so I came home, started playing the piano, and wrote this song.” She tells EUPHORIA“Writing this song helped me find a sense of closure – not only for the event but for the relationship as a whole. In a sense, the song is everything I wanted to say to him in that moment and helped me find freedom to let go of the bitter, unsettling feelings I was holding… If he hears it, he will definitely know it’s about him.”

A run of exceptional and critically acclaimed singles climaxes with the release of the debut album ‘Misdiagnosis of Chyvonne Johnson’ from TrueMendous. Marking the release with a fresh, new visual for one of the albums finest cuts, ‘Mood Ring’ is a skippy track that details unpredictability and emotional instability in a relationship. The track has been heavily supported by the likes of Shortee Blitz & MK, DJ Target and fellow Brum native Lady Leshurr, and it is the perfect dedication to mark the occasion.


As one of the UK’s most dynamic and exhilarating rappers, TrueMendous is incomparable. Her music is packed with statements, a point to prove and a refreshingly undiluted determination to deliver her music, her way. Executing a weighty 17 tracks in its entirety, the album is a complete representation of TrueMendous and without a doubt, her most accomplished body of work to date.

Releasing on the ground-breaking, Brighton based hip-hop label High Focus Records, the album features production from Dirty Dike, Illinformed, Chemo, Wundrop, Mark Fear and more as well as guest vocals from the legendary Masta Ace, Kofi Stone and Rozzz. A selection of tracks has floodlit the way to the album release, starting with the aptly named ‘Cause A Scene’ – a torrent of vigour, razor sharp flows and powerful lyricism that was received by thunderous applause. Sophomore release ‘Worst Child’, a conscious Hip-Hop number demonstrating an introspective side to the Birmingham rapper, followed soon after, premiering with Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1. Produced by Illinformed, the record was teamed with a visual that captured the heart of London Town, from the iconic venue Chip Shop in Brixton, to outside shots filmed in Camden, TrueMendous showcased the spirit of the city through the transcending backdrops of her enthralling music video. 

After hitting the UK Top 40 with ‘Opp Thot’, Poundz has been a huge name in the music scene and become a machine at driving out UK anthems. He’s undoubtedly living up to the expectations of the numerous tips he had for becoming a breakthrough act in 2020 by the likes of NME, Clash and the BBC, having released his solo drops ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Tik Tok’, and featuring on a string of major hits including S1mba’s ‘Rover Remix’ and ‘Freaky’ alongside Swarmz and Dappy. He’s also becoming an unlikely British sweetheart with his awesome character and fun loving demeanour – as seen on the hilarious Classical Kyle he did

Born in Tampa, Florida, raised in New Jersey, LEADR (aka Alexander Tang) is a singer-songwriter-producer-director based in Los Angeles. Growing up queer in the 90’s to traditional Vietnamese parents, LEADR uses visual spectacle and his distinctive voice to share his own harrowing journey.

“Growing up in Cherry Hill, NJ, people called me a fairy and now I’m embracing my inner faerie.”

Sporting signature pointed ears and acrylic nails, LEADR flexes recycle fashion and leads with a no-filter-love-yourself charisma. After emerging on the indie scene with his initial release, “Waves” in 2018, Atwood Magazine described “Waves” as “a pulsing, blissful rush of emotional ambiance that washes over us with purity, minimalism, and temporal energy.” The track was subsequently selected by the Starbucks Corporation to play at their locations worldwide.

A spate of successful releases followed.

“11:11”, for which LEADR garnered acclaim from the likes of BILLBOARD, Vogue, Dancing Astronaut, and more. SPOTIFY’s Fresh Finds: Indie (for “3am”) and Sagittarius Cosmic (for “Gaia”) playlists. In 2020, LEADR led a group of artist friends to cover John Lennon’s “Imagine” which he posted on Facebook. Yoko Ono, The Beatles, and John Lennon liked LEADR’s cover so much that they showcased the video on their Twitter accounts.

Today, the rising star continues to spread love and light.

17-year-old Armani Jackson spent the last decade performing alongside top names in Hollywood and building a solid resume for himself in television and film. Beginning at the age of 6, Armani’s charming appearance and the ability to perform across a range of genres, makes him a fan-favorite.

Armani is no stranger to the screen; he played Braden Morris, the “Bubble Boy” on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy in Season 10, played the lead role opposite Elijah Wood in the Lionsgate feature film, “Cooties,” and booked his second feature film role opposite Vin Diesel in “The Last Witch Hunter.” Armani then went on to get the lead role of Netflix’s Cary Fukunaga produced “Little Boxes.” In 2016, Armani was named by Indiewire as one of the Breakout Actors of the Tribeca Film Festival. His other acting credits include, “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” “Ready Player One” and will soon play Joey on the TBS/HBO MAX highly anticipated series, “CHAD,” which stars and was created by “Saturday Night Live” alumna Nasim Pedrad. Nasim and Armani previously worked together in the film “Cooties.”

Armani spends his free time developing scripts and concepts for horror genres, and psychological thrillers. He understands that there is a gap in the industry for films and shows to be created by teens, for teens. Armani hopes to create a space that allows Gen Z to pitch their creative concepts in collaboration with his own production company – Blue Velvet Productions. Armani’s aim is to create more visibility for youth creatives who don’t have the access or resources to share their innovative ideas.

While he’s created solid on-screen momentum for himself and his career, Armani has also been creating his own music. After delving into his musical talent last year, Armani has already produced a number of beautiful singles – his most recent being “Out Of My Brain”. The single “Out Of My Brain” is inspired by leaving a toxic relationship and focusing on what is good for one’s own mental health. Armani writes his lyrics from lived experiences. He does this to openly explain his songs’ meaning and aims to make them feel relatable.

As a young adult with a platform, Armani knows that he is in a position to provide a positive influence to his peers/generation. Armani is creative with his ability to connect with his expansive audience. He does this with integrity and authenticity, which will ultimately make him rise in a highly competitive industry.

LACUNA J is an independent and self-published artist/songwriter based in Manchester. Like her name, her music is alluring and evocative, referring to herself as genre-fluid, LACUNA J will not be defined to a certain box. Relating more to the stubborn daisies flowering through the cracks in the pavement than to English roses, this songstress is quite simply a force to be reckoned with. After honing her craft at the Tisch School of Arts at NYU, LACUNA J’s magic lies in her ability to create misfit love songs and confessional odes about sexuality and bleeding emotions in a unique combination of indie lyrics and electronic beats. Her captivating tracks range emotionally from melancholic to exuberant, bubblegum pop anthems.

 With a distinct authenticity and individuality, LACUNA J’s music is a total breath of fresh air. 2021 sees a new era of music, from exotic melodies streaked with neon, to moody lyrics that pack a punch. Her latest tune “Fool (For Loving You)” narrates her perspective as a spectator. It’s easy to become blinded by love and be blissfully unaware of someone’s toxicity and this songwriter knows all too well what it’s like to be in a vulnerable position at the hands of someone heartless. Written as a means of attempting to crack the rose-tinted glasses of a loved one, LACUNA J shares, “I guess it’s a silent plea for them to figure it out on their own without my interfering but the frustration of also sitting back not wanting to be officious.”

Describing her songs as “diary entries” she shares, “It’s almost like my subconscious is spilling all the tea on what I’m really thinking or feeling.” The lyricism is chilling, beautiful, raw and most definitely relatable. The production has an empowering tone with the trumpet-esque synths that elicit fierce feelings and a diverse catalogue of dynamics. With an R&B style beat that floats into a more pop feel, “Fool (For Loving You)” is glazed in waves of bright, luminous melodies that thrive amongst the vibrant soundscapes. The track contains a selection of sounds and pockets of individual elements that result in a journey of dreamy clouds of LACUNA J.

LACUNA J has landed multiple official Spotify playlists, amassing close to half a million streams across all platforms. Garnering support from the likes of BBC Introducing, as well as BBC Manchester and Gaydio, LACUNA J, is also known for her songwriting and top-lining work for Sony ATV.

When you hear Julian Skiboat you stop and listen. Hailing from San Antonio, the 24-year-old, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter evokes emotions out of each and every lyric and guitar strum. What’s astonishing is that up until recently, he has made all of his music on his iPhone 5. Starting out writing music at the age of 18, Julian was a drummer for local pop-punk bands in his hometown. Now the young enchanter has found his own sound. Following the release of his debut EP nice to meet u, which has garnered over one million streams to date, Julian is now unveiling his next slew of singles. Transitioning from his usual “sad boy” romance songs to tracks about self-growth, the upcoming releases are all inspired by his day-to-day living, touching on themes from his own experiences and relationships, to everyday occurrences and general thoughts, providing comfort to listeners by reminding them that we’re all in this together. 

His latest single “My Room” was written as a reflection of how the artist has been feeling during the pandemic. He confides, “It’s about feeling bored, lonely, and stagnant.  I have such a love for this song because I think it really represents me well.  Having this upbeat happy instrumental with slightly sombre lyrics really embodies me as a whole.” Emphasizing how better days are always ahead, the songwriter shares, “I think with my upcoming songs and projects I really want to dive into that kind of like “it could be worse”, “I can make it through this” message.” Sonically the track features laid-back tropical infused guitars, warm hazy vocals and Skiboat’s signature quirky soundscapes creating an enthralling juxtaposition.

Continuing to press his artistry forward and with a step up in production and musicianship, Julian is showing his dedication to furthering his craft. The sombre style he has developed has led to press pickups from Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, DIY, Earmilk, Lyrical Lemonade, Hilly Dilly, Urban Outfitters and more. Julian Skiboat seems poised to become a household name.

ROY3LS: BY BLOOD! This statement contains a significant depth of meaning that surpasses the literal fact that they are sisters. This trio seeks to connect with people at a much deeper level, aiming to create music that penetrates the mindsets and paradigms of culture, religion and social barriers. Their songs seek to uncover those places, moments and mindsets of our lives that hold us hostage and limit our God-given potential to be all we were created to become through the sacrifice of Christ. This is why we are ROY3LS: By blood! The Nashville sisters Destini Rose, Stefanie Lynn, Faith Ann Marie are now unveiling their latest single “Destiny.” Inspired by current events, the song acts as their response to the unforgettable 2020. The trio confides, “After an uncertain year, Destiny is our response to how we are going to move forward in 2021 and how we are going to stay true to who we are no matter what the circumstances are around us.” The song is a much needed pick-me-up for everyone who has suffered the repercussions of the lockdown blues. 

Offering an uplifting anthem “Destiny” explodes with powerful, feisty instrumentation, haunting harmonies and passionate vocals. With an animated percussion section and brooding synths, the track follows the trio’s mantra of “sass with class!” 

With the hopes to inspire people to step into their destiny and pursue it with passion, ROY3LS want to use their music to help people understand their purpose in life – to find out who they really are, whose they are and the family they belong to. 

Their previous single “Quality Lady” was recently featured on the Samsung Ultra Galaxy advert, propelling the sisters to listeners across the globe. With their undeniable force, ROY3LS are storming ahead, with “Destiny” currently available worldwide.

Los Angeles-based pop darling CAPPA releases her new single, “Fatal.” American Songwriter exclusively premiered “Fatal,” praising the song’s “sticky melody” and “detonating lyrics.” “Fatal” will join singles “Colder” and “Contact High” on CAPPA’s forthcoming EP slated for release later this year. 

CAPPA’s signature combination of atmospheric production, alluring vocals, confident lyricism, and catchy hooks is on full display on “Fatal”. The song explores a tumultuous relationship that never feels like it’s on solid ground. “It was like a mini therapy session to channel these feelings into a song,” CAPPA writes. “I think ‘Fatal’ can be related to experiences we’ve all been through, whether in relationships or friendships.”

Since her 2015 breakout, “Hush,” which premiered on SPIN and was later featured in a Victoria Secret ad, CAPPA has released two EPs – ‘CAPPA‘ & ‘Queen of Hearts‘ – and a steady stream of effervescent singles. Over the years, CAPPA has been championed by key tastemakers like NYLON, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, and Billboard. Her songs can also be heard on hit TV shows like Riverdale, Selling Sunset, and Siesta Keys, as well as in commercials for Lady Gaga’s HAUS Laboratories and Under Armour. 

Originally hailing from Philadelphia, CAPPA first landed in Nashville and quickly became synonymous with the emerging pop scene there. Buoyed by her success in Nashville, CAPPA made the leap to Los Angeles a few years back and has continued to expand her resume as an artist, songwriter, and vocalist. Well-known for her hypnotic vocal stylings, CAPPA has featured on tracks for major electronic acts like SNBRN, Dirty Audio Justin Caruso, and TELYKast, and curated an exclusive vocal sample pack for SPLICE.

Topping both local and international music lists of “Artists You Need To Know” and featured in Fader and ComplexAdria Kain is soul-filled, honest, and effortlessly cool. These characteristics are well-reflected in the new track & video for “Alone In Kenzo”, Adria’s “reminder of what it feels like to be loved again for the first time”.

“When you close your eyes, imagine a warm summer night in the city, a single street light, the sounds of a distant sax player & 2 people who feel a strong connection growing between them after spending an evening together. A moment shared between two that opens up a safe space for each to loosen up and become more comfortable with one another. My aim with this song was to create that exact environment through music.” – Adria Kain

Adria’s career has led her to open for the likes of platinum-selling artists such as BJ The Chicago Kid, Miguel, and Ari Lennox, while her vocals have been sprinkled throughout PARTYNEXTDOOR and Allan Rayman records. But 2021 has a lot more in store for Adria, including a number of new singles, remixes, and an album later this year.

“Alone In Kenzo” is available for streaming HERE.

Emerging as 2021’s most thrilling breakthrough artist, enigmatic singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Eddie Benjamin unveils his debut Emotional EP today. Get it at all DSPs HERE via Vol. 1/Epic Records.

Alongside the project’s arrival, he premiered the music video for the song “Speechless” earlier today.  Watch it HERE. The clip is directed by Audrey Ellis Fox (Rina Sawayama, My Chemical Romance) and co-stars Maddie Ziegler. It unveils a show-stopping choreographed interpretation of the meditative ballad’s sparse sonics and soulful lyrics. Released late last year, the song itself has earned acclaim, with Wonderland Magazine fittingly describing it as “dreamy.” Says Eddie“the story is about an important moment in a relationship where you feel like you’re nearing the breaking point and how we sometimes go to crazy measures to show and prove our love.”


Elsewhere on the EP, he gets funky for the disruptively addicting title track “Emotional. Strutting along on a wild wah-drenched riff, it culminates on the instantly catchy chant, “You’re making me emotional, and I don’t get emotional. Then, there’s “Diamond Eyes” with Sia. Together, their voices entwine in a fascinating and fiery call-and-response as the hook glows brightly. Additionally, he puts his own spin on the Amy Winehouse classic “Back To Black. Just last week, Eddie revealed an intimate live performance video of the cover, recorded in New York. Sitting alone at piano solo in the accompanying performance, his dynamic and enthralling vocals take center stage. Watch it HERE.

STEENgenre-bending, Southern California native indie-band, made up of sibling-duo STEEN and ZAY, make their official debut today with the release of their highly anticipated & first collaboration single titled “Red Lights.” Ambiguous of any specific genre or aesthetic, STEEN, with their intoxicating new single, takes audiences into an alternative yet familiar new world fueled by surf punk guitars and synthesizers met with heavy vocals.

When asked about the new record coming together, STEEN shares: “Once you cut through the feel-good acoustics of the record, Red Lights is heavy and encompassed in pain. It’s a play on humanities fatal flaws, mental health and addiction. It’s so common to fully recognize toxic behaviors yet continue to full heartedly live in misery. Amid the outcry and fire burning inside, when you lived in the fire for as long as many have, you can burn through your own demises and see the other side.” At the end of the day, it’s our duty to do the best we can even when we feel alone—when we experience life’s everyday wildfires. 

New York-based, Japanese singer and songwriter Shihori has  released her latest single “Invisible” today, an emotional and gripping ballad that climatically captures the tough trials of love. 

“Invisible” is a powerful exploration into fleeting feelings within a relationship. It begins with melancholic piano and Shihori questioning if this relationship was a mistake. The wistful chorus sweeps in with her singing, “I wish I could make you smile again,” and the piano builds into a captivating swell that begs to be replayed.  

Shihori on “Invisible”: “When lovers grow apart, it always starts out from very small miscommunications. They need to be fixed on the spot. You may need to forgive each other, because nobody is perfect.”

“Invisible” is the first single from Shihori’s upcoming album, which will be released summer 2021.

Challenges are what make life compelling. Overcoming them is what makes them meaningful. New York based acoustic singer-songwriter David D’Alessio announces his new video for his latest single, “Throw Yourself in Front of It,” set to release on Friday, March 26th. Produced by the late Grammy-nominated Edward “Felix” McTeigue, the motivational track is the first single from D’Alessio’s upcoming EP, This Far Apart, out Summer 2021. 

Filmed in the historical Brooklyn neighborhood of Coney Island, the black and white video follows D’Alessio as he takes a socially distant stroll down the iconic Riegelmann Boardwalk. Filmed in one shot, the cinematic video captures people from all backgrounds and various interests embracing and facing our new normal. 

Be sure to stream David D’Alessio’s new single and video “Throw Yourself in Front of It,” out March 26, 2021, and look out for his new EP, This Far Apart, out Summer 2021.

As kids, we dream that the world is like what we see in Disney movies. Then we grow up and realize that the world we imagine may never exist. Brooklyn-born artist Raymond Castronovo didn’t let life snuff out his idealism. In his new single, A Better Place,” the rock ‘n’ roll artist puts his vision to music, with his band Streetwise backing him up. The song is out now and is the third single from the band’s upcoming debut album, Crossing Bridges, out on April 23, 2021.

As a young artist, Castronovo turned down a record label deal to focus on raising his family. Several years later, he has a beautiful family as well as a successful construction business, but he never gave up on his dream of fronting his own band and touring the world. Today, the Brooklyn-born artist is well on his way to fulfilling that dream with his rock ‘n roll band, Streetwise, along with his own recording studio and record label.

Castronovo also brought in top notch musicians for his band, including Joe Martinez (Chubby Checker, Irene Cara) on bass, Paul Glazer on lead guitar, and Carl Obrig on saxophone. 

Check out “A Better Place,” the new single by Raymond Castronovo and Streetwise, out now on all music platforms. Look out for the new Streetwise debut album, Crossing Bridges, out April 23, 2021 on DayQuest Records.

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