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INsiders Guide: Ryan Caraveo, Maxwell Varey, LEADR, Dasha, Warp Trio, The Final Chapters of Richard Brown Winters, MrMyish, Bushrod, Rosenblume, Erez Zobary, Kevin Hackett, Indigo, Eunice Keitan, June3rd, Keegan Trumpour…

Seattle born and raised and current LA native, recording artist Ryan Caraveo today releases his highly anticipated new album Northend Sweetheart. The new album comes out just after his surprise performance last night at Lollapalooza where he performed the classic “Complicated” alongside Steve Aoki. Ryan was originally featured on Steve Aoki’s reimagination of Avril Lavigne’s iconic hit, “Complicated”. 

Being included in this popular collaboration, which also included Yves V, allowed Ryan to showcase his songwriting talents with his new verse. This modern take on the pop punk classic has garnered millions of streams across platforms since its release in May. 

The new 14-track, Northend Sweetheart, showcases Ryan’s genre-fluidity while combining elements of alt/hip-hop, pop, and pop-punk. The young artist has honed his ability to create catchy earcandy without skipping his consistently thought provoking lyrics. Ryan allows himself to be vulnerable on each song discussing topics of depression, fame and love while creating laid back yet captivating music. 

Northend Sweetheart follows a stream of very successful singles from the LP that pushed Ryan’s total streaming numbers to over 750M streams across all digital streaming platforms.

The first single from the collection, “Ricochet,” is a dark acoustic slow burn, and a contrast to the rest of the album which features more of a digital production. Ryan sets the tone of the record through his brooding lyrics “kill yourself with love, leave enough rope for me.”

Subsequent singles, “Superstar”, and “Holly” reveal his refreshingly honest take on fame and Hollywood. The mellowed synths allow for the hook on “Superstar” to shine, proclaiming “I am no superstar” where Ryan expresses his imposter syndrome and reservations about being a role model. “Holly” shares the LA native’s cheeky view on image obsessed La-La Land: sample lyric “I don’t know if I need a savior or 10 write-ups in FADER.

The honeyed “Daisies” is a sweet love song that paints a unique picture of a boy pining after a girl. The track features a soft reverberated beat under Ryan’s matter of fact vocals. The videos that accompany the singles are creative, original video storytelling that frame out the meaning of the lyrics and expand the musical experience. RYAN CARAVEO ON YOUTUBE

18-year old indie-pop newcomer Maxwell Varey unveils his groove-led new single, ‘Psycho’.

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 A familiar name amongst the Manchester music scene, Wigan-born Varey spent the past 4 years gigging heavily across the city’s venues alongside his previous band before being forced to step away from live music by the UK lockdown. Using the downtime to spark several realisations and fresh waves of inspiration, Maxwell launched his solo music career in the winter of 2020 with debut single ‘Lucid’.

 Now tackling his songwriting with the DIY approach which sees him write, record, play and produce each and every element of his music – Varey takes influence from right across the musical spectrum; whether it be Tame Impala, Tom Misch or Anderson Paak. 

 Mixed by Adam Gorman at Pinhole Studio (Chloe Foy, Seafret) and mastered by Christian Wright (LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead, Coldplay) at Abbey Road Studios, new single ‘Psycho’ finds those influences representing themselves in the form of deep, psych-tinged grooves and funky electro-rhythm; maintaining the infectious, singalong nature of Northern indie while elevating himself into the realms of alt-pop.

 Lyrically, ‘Psycho’ finds Varey fascinated by the way that a manipulative personality can find even a person with the darkest of mentalities able to win the sympathy and love of an outsider.

 “It’s a dark description of how complex a manipulative relationship can become,” he explains. “I find it fascinating how people often find themselves sympathising with certain characters in films and shows, even if their character is a stalker or murderer. 

 I can kind of understand it though – it’s strange how psychology works, and I wanted to convey that within a song. It’s as if manipulation can go beyond fiction, and in some ways the viewer can find themselves equally as manipulated as the characters in a show.”

“I’m Alright” is the fresh single from LEADR; a catchy pop anthem produced by Bram Inscore (Troye Sivan, BTS) and co-produced by LEADR. The song is available for purchase and is streaming worldwide on all platforms.

Listen to “I’m Alright” HERE.

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Written by LEADR and Bram Inscore, “I’m Alright” is about taking back your power from a toxic relationship and doing it with a live-your-best-life attitude. “Your words, they try to burn me, never did you wrong,” flowing to the relatable realization, “You gave me many reasons, taught me how to move on”. 

LEADR said the song helped him understand and forgive a relationship that did not work. “When I wrote this song, it was therapeutic for me because it was a good reminder that I had to sever these old cords to improve my overall well-being. Plus, it’s such a release knowing how to set healthy boundaries.”

In June, LEADR marked another milestone after being inducted onto Spotify’s Out Now and AAPI Pride editorial playlists for his last single, “Hi, I’m Human.” LEADR’s “I’m Alright” carries the momentum forward and sets the tone for his follow-up singles, coming in the fall. 

Dasha – “Nervous”

“This song is about my first intimate experience. It’s about letting my guard down for the first time and letting someone know me better than I’ve ever let anyone. l was so in love and it was a really special experience. It was a really vulnerable and relatable moment for me so opening up about this experience is so important because I know so many of my supporters have felt the exact same way that I was feeling.”

Since her single deal with Sony Germany, Dasha has rapidly risen in the pop sphere. From a record deal signing with Quadio Records, to earning praise from SweetyHigh, TigerBeat, EARMILK, and more, many are taking note of this pop powerhouse. Establishing herself as the queen of 00’s with poppy nostalgia and snappy lyrics, Dasha completely reinvents herself with the first track since the release of her debut EP. Dasha’s $hiny Things garnered over a million streams and grew from 1,000 to 150,000 monthly listeners in a six month period.

Combining the spirit of the words as beautifully captured by Mirah an Likwuid, with the subtext of the current reality of the ubiquity of our digital selves juxtaposed with the desire to just get out an dance, “Welcome to the Pandemic Disco”, the second Chapter of the Warp Trio’s Pandemic Disco Fantasy, tells a serious story about the year 2020 within the campy context of the over-the-top Disco Fantasy setting.

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“After writing some instrumental material, we pitched Likwuid and Mirah the lyrics “Is this a Fantasy? Is this reality?”, to use as the springboard for lyrical content. Being the lyrical rock stars that they are, they came up with lyrics that pack hard hitting, rhapsodic truth-telling into the contexts of a radio-length pop song.” – Warp Trio

“While writing and singing these words I was thinking about the work, the effort, of fighting for justice, the purifying nature of entering into this struggle, the focus and commitment required, and also that love is at the root of what drives us to do it.” – Mirah

Richard Brown Winters is one of the world’s  bestselling authors —  and it has been almost a decade since anyone’s heard from him. But when one ardent fan joins a ragtag group journeying to Winters’ desert cabin, he will uncover a truth that threatens to destroy everything he knows about his favorite author — and the world Winters has built — forever.

International music executive, producer, singer, songwriter and artist manager MrMyish steps out with his official debut release as he masterminds an all-star lineup for afrobeat blended, summer anthem ‘Money Dance’. With production courtesy of world-renowned producers Bayoz Musik & Footsteps, the hard-hitting rap verses from Moelogo, Roxxan and Lavida Loca contrast perfectly with the melodic, afrocentric, party based hook. With a vibrant essence and up-tempo melodies alongside a dancehall/afrobeat drum-based fusion, MrMyish creates a future classic that will echo from the DJ booths of clubs across the world, just in time for it reopening.


As a UK based music mogul, MrMyish has played an integral part in developing artists into international success stories for the last 20 years. Starting his career as part of the Sony street team, his role developed in his move to Def Jam where he marketed some of the world’s biggest superstars including Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Rick Ross, Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber. His evolution to A&R then saw him work with pop legends such as Mr Hudson, Pixie Lott and Elton John before his desire to launch his own label and management company ‘My-ish Music’ became the focus. Since its creation the label has worked with the likes of Not3s, Sway, Donae’O and Princess Nyah and cites the likes of Incisive, Prince Jamil, Moelogo and Julian Marley as clients, solidifying itself as a pillar of the Black British Music scene. Now taking the lead with his own slew of releases, MrMyish collaborates with his Myish family to present ‘Money Dance’. Speaking on the release, MrMyish’s explains “Money dance is the mixture of all that’s right with the UK music scene, blending artists from multiple genre’s on 1 record and creating magic that bangs. It reintroduces new and old fans to the force that is Myish and the creatives that make it a family.”

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Continuing his stream of hot new releases, Brixton based alt-rapper BUSHROD soars back onto the new music scene with latest summer bop Omens, featuring Alice D.

Plucked from his recently released mixtape TV Dinner, Omens further highlights BUSHROD’s signature indie pop/hip-hop fused sound, decorated by flirtatious guitars licks and a grooved-out bassline for an effortlessly sleek and understated vibe.

With BUSHROD’s punching rap vocals contrasting with featured artist Alice D’s soulfully smooth topline, both artists outline the notion of receiving insincere support alongside their success.

Speaking on the track, BUSHROD explains “Omens is about feeling like you owe people something when you don’t at all. When old friends see you ‘doing well’ they want to be a part of the journey and act like they’ve somehow helped you to get to where you’ve got to. When in reality, they haven’t supported you, they just suddenly want something in return. People in general don’t want to support the struggle, they only want to support when they see that you’re on the up.”

“The record is written from my own personal experiences of people wanting a ‘piece of the pie’. Not to blow my own trumpet, but the last year or so as things have picked up for me music-wise, I’ve had so many more messages from people I cut off years

ago, who are now miraculously interested in what I’m doing and it’s like, you weren’t interested when I started making music, but you suddenly are now?”

Written in just a few hours, “Knight In Shining Armour” nonetheless pulses with the flow and finesse it can take some artists a lifetime of searching to find. Genteel in its delivery and unassuming in its earnestness, it’s a song of unrequited love to rival the best; breathtakingly beautiful on the surface and heartbreakingly honest beneath. As Rosenblume explains:


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“I kind of just came up with it and the rhythm of it came naturally… Lyrically the song was inspired from hearing that a girl I’d been in a long term relationship with had found someone else. It cut me a little bit deeper than I thought it would and a sudden realisation that I was no longer her “Knight In Shining Armour” hit home.”

The track is a strident introduction to ‘Rosenblume’. His first extended release since his debut EP in 2015, Rosenblume’s first full-length album may have been a long time coming but promises to be every bit worth the wait.


Growing up Rosenblume’s main influences came from his father’s cassette collection in the car as they spent many journeys listening and singing along to The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The Drifters, Sam Cooke, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, James Taylor & Carole King.  Seeping into every fibre of his DNA, it’s easy to detect elements of all of the above and so much more in his classic songwriting stylistics. From the skiffling beat of opener “Enough To Burn”, to the expansive Van Morrison-esque pastoral flourishes of “Knight In Shining Armour” or “Name In The Sand”, the hammond-organ guided Americana of the Glen Hansard-inspired “Turn Every Fire” (complete with blazing guitar solo), the low-slung blues/funk grooves of “Halfway There” or the hushed, stripped-back balladry of tracks like “In The Long Run” or “Paint Things Red”; Rosenblume explores the avenues of his heroes with noble conviction.

To Bloom is a coming-of-age story, a celebration of successes and stewing over failures, both within myself and with others.

This album tells of blooming into the woman I am and getting to know myself, my sexuality, desires, flaws, and expectations.

As I have grown into myself more and more, I have been able to make better choices for myself.

The title track is a reminder that we have the inner strength to reclaim our power, take control of our lives, and build ourselves up to [come] out stronger from the difficult moments.

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Click here to stream “To Bloom” and the album in full now.

Watch the official lyric video for “To Bloom” on YouTube.

This track and the album as a whole model radical transparency, vulnerability, and self-acceptance in a way I have never fully been able to articulate before.

I hope that you find your own empowerment and are able to reflect on your own identity as you listen.

Erez Zobary

I am writing to you to share my new EP, AWAKE AFTER MIDNIGHT.

It is a record about falling for someone for the first time, in all its intricacies.

The pit in your stomach as it all begins, the tears of laughter, the difficult conversations, and the overwhelming feeling of letting someone in.

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This EP captures the atmosphere of late night drives with my girlfriend, something we happen to do a lot as she lives in a different city from me.

The song “After” was written about the struggles and pain of long distance during COVID, as well as insecurity – knowing that the one you love might struggle to see themselves in all the beautiful ways that you see them.

The sad reality is that we can often be incredibly hard on ourselves and fail to recognize our own beauty. Yet it is an amazing realization to know that we have people in our lives who see what we can’t.

Listen to “After” and the entirety of AWAKE AFTER MIDNIGHT on your favourite platform.

Before I had someone to think about while listening to love songs, I would often daydream of someone who didn’t even exist yet while listening to some of my favourites.

I hope that you can find that emotional tug that I was channeling as you listen to this EP.

Kevin Hackett

Lost In You” has a sense of chaos and tragedy to it, as it’s a song that grapples with the experience of falling deeply in love with someone toxic.

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It captures the feeling of getting lost in that dangerous, lustful place where you find yourself running back to them in an addictive way, even though you know it’s wrong.

You can stream “Lost In You” now via your preferred platform.

This track has an EDM flair to it and it’s a little off centre from the regular pop music I would normally gravitate towards, but it spoke to me and I felt it was important to include it in my body of work.

It concludes an era in my writing, providing a bookend to a chapter in my personal and professional life.

Thanks for taking a listen!


I drew inspiration for Lay Your Weapons Down from a conversation with a friend of mine who had been a refugee and imprisoned for protesting – fighting for basic rights of the most marginalized in his community. He suffered years of torture and psychological trauma but his spirit and hope for freedom and was unbreakable.

I wanted to highlight the perspective of those that have been forced into conflict and had no other choice but to fight for survival or to leave their homes. At the same time, it is also a reminder that the greatest casualties are often the poorest and most marginalized individuals.

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Lay Your Weapons Downis raw and gritty to communicate the urgency of its story – you can hear the song on your preferred platform below.

See the music video for Lay Your Weapons Down via YouTube.

I chose to use archival footage from the Vietnam War in this video because it’s a part of history that has provided us with the benefit of hindsight. 

We know of the many civilians whose lives were torn apart and the soldiers in combat who were trapped in someone else’s war. Many that were drafted were from poor, working class backgrounds – at the mercy of those in power. 

It is a story that is as old as time and remains relevant today.

“Lay Your Weapons Down” marks the first time I am intentionally incorporating parts of my Southeast Asian (Malaysian, Singaporean) heritage into my music and more importantly, it is also a musical statement I feel that I need to make in the face of anti-Asian racism.
Thank you for lending this song your time,

Eunice Keitan

Florida-born, LA-based artist June3rd releases his eagerly anticipated album debut JEMENI featuring the incomparable Rick Ross and Philly-born artist FRIDAYY via Labyrinth Music Group. June3rd turns the page to new heights with the release of his first body of work that takes listeners on a journey chronicling ebb and flows faced in life native to his experiences. The project is executive produced by RIAA certified platinum producer duo Dream Addix as the Kissimmee native takes the lead with songwriting. JEMENI is available to purchase/ download HERE.

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Opeongo is the moniker of 28-year-old singer-songwriter Keegan Trumpour of Midland, ON, CA. After releasing Miasma in October 2019, Opeongo returns with his sophomore follow up we’ll all go with (the-will-o’-the-wisp) set to be released later this year or in early 2022.

My new song, “Burns Like Fire,” is about finding that person that makes the entire world melt away when you’re with them.

It channels both the ecstasy you feel when you’re together and the pain you feel when you’re apart.

Hear “Burns Like Fire” on your favourite streaming platform today!

I know a place, if you’d like to go

Where two hearts can fall in love and lose all control

Love isn’t just an emotion. It’s a time and a place – physically, mentally, and spiritually – that somehow exists outside of what we experience everyday but is still a part of it, all at the same time.

Enjoy the warmth of this track.

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Thank you for lending me your ears,
Steven Ryan

(Credit: Quinn Blackburn & Michael J.)

New York-based artist and songwriter BAYLI has released the official video for her new collaboration with Atlanta-bred hip-hop artist and songwriter ILoveMakonnen titled, “SICK!” The song is BAYLI’s first release since her recent signing with Snafu RecordsListen to the song everywhere now here + watch the official video here

A slick summer anthem embodying the fast-paced punch of NYC culture, the official video elevates the track to new heights, of which BAYLI notes, “The lyrics really inspired the creative direction for this video. We wanted the video to feel as sexy as the track so we thought it’d be fun to do a girl on girl strip scene. My team and I are super DIY so the video shoot was very quick and dirty! It was a small and closed set for respect for our beautiful artist and dancer (SLM) who came last minute to film. It always feels amazing to just get to work with your friends.”

On the track, BAYLI describes, “‘SICK!’ is really about being hyper fresh and fly, inspired by NY Fashion Week at its finest with a mix of street style.” ILoveMakonnen adds, “Bayli sent me sick and I was like yeah I can do it! Bet! Did it and now we are here!”

Gal Musette is the nom de plum of Grace Freeman, a musical prodigy who began writing piano based lyrical compositions and performing at open mics in her home city of San Clemente, CA at the age of 10. Her graceful approach to melody-driven indie-folk and French chansons has captured audiences all over Southern California. At age 14, inspired by The Magnetic Fields’ triple album 69 Love Songs, Gal recorded her own collection titled 70 Love Songs, which caught the attention of the band, and won her an opening slot on a few of their Midwestern U.S. tour dates. In more recent years, Gal has opened for several renowned artists such as Macy Gray, Suzanne Vega, Todd Snyder, and Donavon Frankenreiter. While her artist name is taken from bal-musette, the accordion-based, waltz-style French instrumental music, Gal’s primary inspiration is drawn from songwriters including Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Bjork, Cocteau Twins, Burt Bacharach, Irving Berlin and The Cure. 

In October 2021, Gal will be releasing her debut album, Backwards Lullaby, featuring a vocal duet with one of her biggest musical inspirations, Rufus Wainwright. The upcoming album explores the pangs of hopeless romances and unrequited love, what it’s like to move beyond idealized love into the acceptance of what is real and constant, as well as the cyclical nature of life and love in relationships.

“Summertime,” the first single from the EP, was released in June and tells an overwhelmingly nostalgic and bittersweet narrative about short-lived friendships, like romances, that fade with the season’s change. The romantic and warm nature of the song overflows with a joyous indie-folk melody laced with snippets of loss and heartache.

Gal’s newest single, “Ghost,” is rooted in tragedy and carries her listeners through the struggle of being in love with two people at the same time. Heart-wrenching vocals and gentle piano fill this song with raw emotion, painting a vivid portrait of pain, passion, and longing – but also leaving much of the song’s meaning open to unique interpretation. Gal confides “there’s no one meaning to be understood from the lyrics- I would hope that each listener could take something a bit different from them. The “ghost” could be seen as a metaphor for an imaginary friend that stuck around a little overdue- even when you’ve grown up and shouldn’t be clinging to those fantasies anymore.”  Indie-rock band Coma Culture is featured on the song and adds to a harmony full of ecstasy and emotion.

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Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Slayyyter worshiped pop culture from afar as a devoted fan of top 40 stalwarts like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. She realized early on that if she was ever going to hear the music of her dreams, she was going to have to make it herself. 

 Fast forward to 2021, Slayyyter is praised as “a key player in the next generation of retro-futuristic pop stars” by DORK following the release of her new album Troubled Paradise. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno and The Wizard of Oz, Dazed has applauded the project as “a thrilling addition to the hyperpop canon – a melting pot of genres and delicious, scream-along pop choruses.”

Slayyyter’s sound is rooted in a desire to escape the complications of the present day. “I feel like everyone’s brain was turned off,” she says to The Guardian, “It was vapid in such a fun, cool way. Now everyone’s so overstimulated with all this information, the world is in flames, the environment is heading towards absolute destruction – everyone’s longing for the days of pop music when there wasn’t so much doom in the air.”

 ABOUT VEVO: Vevo is the world’s leading music video network, connecting an ever-growing global audience to high quality music video content for more than a decade. Founded by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment in 2009, Vevo offers fans worldwide a vast array of premium content to choose from, showcasing official music videos alongside a constantly developing lineup of live performances and innovative original programming. From top superstars to rising new talents, Vevo brings incomparable cross-promotional support to artists across the musical spectrum, at every stage of their careers.

 Vevo has consistently evolved over the past decade to lead within today’s ever-changing media landscape, embracing partnerships with a number of leading distribution platforms to deliver extraordinary content within ad-supported environments. With more than 26B views across television, desktop and mobile devices each month, Vevo brings music videos to the world – when, where, and how fans want them.  

 Vevo is available on YouTube, Samsung, Samsung TV Plus, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo Show, PlutoTV, Apple TV, Roku, Comcast (Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex), VIZIO, Sky (NowTV and SkyQ), Foxxum, XITE, NetRange, Redbox, T-Mobile Play, Virgin Media, Xumo, Telstra and Vewd.

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British bass producer Tisoki today released his poignant debut album, ‘01953’ on Monstercat. Featuring ten tracks that traverse classic dubstep stylings, trap-fueled grime, experimental bass, and beyond, his genre-fluidity is a glimpse into the varied musical journey that brought him to where he is today. The new single, “Made 4 This” signals a shift in Tisoki’s artistic evolution, catering to an introspective listening experience prompted by the last year spent in isolation. With the album title paying homage to the postal code of his hometown in Wymondham, UK, ‘01953’ is a collection of formative influences drawn from the underground culture and spaces that shaped him.

Tisoki reveals, “I’m so excited to share my debut album ‘01953’ with the world. It’s been a year in the making through some very tough times and I feel it’s a true representation of the art I want to put out.”

Adding another unforgettable tune to his repertoire of bold and brazen singles, L.A. popstar-in-the-making Miles Wesley returns with new captivating song Medicine ft. Jutes.

Never failing to illustrate the versatility and innovation within his musicality, Medicine sees Miles outline the notion of being hypnotized by an intoxicating relationship, as stripped back sonics lay solid ground for his self-assured vocal prowess. Emerging with mellow acoustic guitar licks and an achingly catchy hook, the track showcases the singer – songwriter – guitarist’s more tender side, whilst simultaneously upholding the signature swagger that has left his global fanbase clamoring for more

Consistently proving himself as one-to-watch, Miles Wesley carves his own place in the industry with his contemporary stylings. Seamlessly blending hip-hop vocabulary with impactful pop melodies, Miles creates tunes which deliver a kick, shattering the confines of genre and expectation. Propelled by unbounded self-belief and a drive to succeed, the artist broke out of his hometown in Texas in 2017 and headed to L.A. to fully devote his time to music.

Going back-to-the-future with a rush of pure 80s filtered pop, DARLING BOY is back with stellar new single: ‘Breaking Into Forever’.

Darling Boy, otherwise known as Alexander Gold, carries musical promise wherever he goes. A musician, actor, and songwriter, his multi-faceted talent has seen him flit with ease between the worlds of music, theatre and film and with a string of dynamic singles under his belt, Gold has been praised far and wide for his bold artistic sound.

Breaking Into Forever’, his glittering new offering, mixes powerhouse beats with shimmering pop melodies and retro-fitted synths to create an irresistible three-minute adventure out-of-time. 

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Entirely self-produced, save for a little editing help from XTC legend Andy Partridge, ‘Breaking Into Forever’ is an impossibly catchy three-minute pop monster cut that would feel right at home on the soundtrack of Stranger Things. Reminiscent of classic Dexy’s Midnight Runners or The Human League, its definitively 80s’ keyboard sound, synthesised strings and vocoded vocals amount to a track that is addictive, danceable and beams with a glossy chrome sheen.

Speaking about the track Gold says:
“It’s dedicated to someone who changed the direction of my life profoundly, in a very short space of time”, says DB, “effortlessly smashing down a door that I’d long thought was a wall. It’s about the power we all have to make a real difference, and a testament to the notion that sometimes all it takes is a fleeting moment.”

Equal parts nostalgic and enchanting, the single will be released on the 25th June. With the horizon open, and possibilities endless, the single is certain to take Darling Boy to new heights and listeners to another era altogether.

Co-directed by Josie with Laura Marcus, the video aims to show that the sense of frustration Josie talks about in the song – a frank addressing of her thoughts and experiences of the unsafety of women in society – is a shared experience between so many women, and that the simple step of making the conversation more open is the first step to creating change.

Director Laura Marcus shared this on the directorial angle: “When I first heard ‘I Just Wanna Walk Home’, I was actually making my way home late at night. I hadn’t even realised I was automatically clutching onto my keys as a precaution in order to make myself feel safe. I think Josie’s song is such an important message, and hopefully one of the many stepping stones towards raising awareness and inspiring change. However, the real change doesn’t happen when us women talk to each other – it starts with greater education and judicial intervention. Men need to be having these discussions between themselves, so that us women don’t have to endure this sense of fear for generations to come.”


Josie’s song has started much-needed conversations since its release by urging for a social change towards safety for all women and encouraging countless women to share their own stories and experiences – receiving major encouragement from the one and only Annie Mac, who selected it as her ‘Hottest Record in the World’ for her Future Sounds show, as well as airplay from the likes of Jordan North, Scott Mills, Clara Amfo, Gemma Bradley and Jack Saunders; Josie also discussed the song and topic in her national UK TV debut with Channel 4 News and Sky News as well as BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.

LA-based indie-pop artist and producer, Jenna Kyle has teamed up with DJ/producer Sinego, who created a dark, organic house mix Kyle’s recently released title track “Ojos” — which they call “La Noche Mix” — out now. The track caught Sinego’s attention instantly and this collaboration highlights Kyle’s love of production and connection and takes the track to new places.

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The title track, “Ojos,” from Jenna Kyle’s debut EP, arrived last week along with a lyric video. This new bop is the second single from the Ojos EP, which will arrive on September 3, 2021. The track represents a new era for the Los Angeles-based singer/ songwriter, producer and live electronic artist, who has actively been leaving her mark as one of the 2% of female music producers in the industry. Jenna Kyle supports women’s rights and LGBTQ equality and stands with The Ally Coalition. 

On the new single, Kyle says, “Ojos is the first song I wrote and produced myself. It’s surprising how few women are producing music still, but the doors are definitely open and there’s a strong group of us out here doing it! I vacillate between feeling enraged that there are so few women in the profession, while simultaneously feeling proud to help hold the torch for the next generation of female producers coming up, all while battling the imposter syndrome many of us feel when saying “I am a producer, I produced this myself!

Nathan Lawr is one of the unsung heroes of the Canadian indie rock renaissance, having served as the drummer-of-choice for artists including Feist and FemBots, while also being a key collaborator in the 1990s Guelph, Ontario scene that spawned Constantines, Jim Guthrie, Royal City and Sea Snakes.

In 2000, Lawr began releasing acclaimed albums of self-penned folk songs, but made a dramatic turn a decade later in forming Minotaurs, a politically-charged, Afrobeat-inspired group that on any given night numbered eight to 10 players on stage. It was an intense period for Lawr that found him taking on the roles of bandleader and producer, and although Minotaurs continue to be a going concern—the band released its latest album Higher Power in March 2020—the urge to establish himself as a more traditional singer-songwriter never faded.

Alt-pop rocker D.K. Lyons announces the release of his new anthemic single, “Summer Lullabies,” out now on all streaming platforms. The single is the first release from his new EP, Vandalism, due out this fall.

Lyons describes his newest “Summer Lullabies” single as “me trying to write a party song and still ending up including some subtle philosophy.” A follow up to his previous hit single “Danger,” Lyons flips the switch from tentative and uncertain about the future to confident and in love with the process of chasing a dream. Rather than focusing on the end goal, Lyons implores his listeners to fall in love with the process, focus on the next step in front of you, and always remember to draw confidence from those steps.

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Atlanta-based singer-songwriter TARYN shares her new single, “Brand New.” Opening with echoing finger clicks, TARYN begins the song with a simple chant that continues over the course of the track: “Wash my mouth of all the little things / Clean it out and begin again / Brand new ooh / And begin again brand new.” Even as the interlocking drums, bass and guitar kick in, her ethereal vocals remain the song’s driving force, building throughout with lush, layered harmonies.

TARYN wrote “Brand New” while driving on the freeway and worked with producer Joey Burcham to turn it into a fully-formed track. “There was a simple message I wanted to convey lyrically and the instrumental did the rest,” TARYN explains of her approach. “I’ve carried my past around and let regrets fuel decisions without justification. ‘Brand New’ let me realize our past is not something we have to correct, but it helps us understand our growth. We’re here to learn, experience, and explore. It’s a gift to be vulnerable, to feel comfortable expressing experiences in sonically harmonious ways”

Deanna Devore is a Chicago and Toronto based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer and producer. Her music beautifully blends downtempo electronic beats with organic instrumentation, creating emotionally captivating music that has been resonating with audiences across the globe. Devore’s polished musicianship, modern production techniques and compelling songwriting exude maturity and sophistication that spans across a multitude of genres.

“Need To Know” has a rich, lo-fi ambience, with a soothing, groovy melody, making for the perfect late-night single. Featuring D.Lylez (a top 24 contestant on The Voice season 18), the track was produced, recorded and performed by Devore herself, as she shows us her striking musical talent. Honing in on a variety of genres, which is signature Devore, this single is steeped in fusions of chill-hop, R&B, neo-soul, jazz, with a zesty dash of orchestral flare.

Written during the pandemic, Devore explains how the isolation elicited a long period of reflection. Described as a nostalgic song, “Need To Know” reminisces about a certain someone, detailing that feeling of needing to know that they are thinking about you too. The chill-hop beat lends a smooth vibe to the soundscape. Lylez’s divine crystal clear vocals, his gentle falsettos and melodic agility complement the dancing keyboard motifs. Alongside the floaty, orchestral elements, there is a heavy neo-soul, jazz flush that brings an atmospheric wash, creating an ethereal musical diversion to help you escape the uncertainty of the times.

Devore has seen success performing to sold-out venues and festivals across the map, such as Summerfest, CMJ, NXNE, and 80/35. She has had the pleasure of opening for renowned artists including Jamie Cullum, Bonobo and SG Lewis, as well as Raveena, Mother Mother and Yoke Lore. The composer has also been adding to her musical portfolio by scoring both feature & short films, as well as composing music for commercials including a Starbucks ad, podcasts and animation videos. One of her original songs, “A Beautiful View” is in the new feature film “Tom of Your Life”.

Making their debut release of 2021, Newcastle four-piece Club Paradise bring us a euphoric single titled ‘Do You Feel The Same?’.

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Emerging with retro guitar licks and oscillating synths, ‘Do You Feel The Same?’ muses on the self-doubt the group have battled with throughout the pandemic. Crashing drums and reverberating vocal callbacks evoke a sense of longing, while remaining sonically in line with the band’s growing discography: a mix of pop hooks and triumphant, anthemic indie-rock.

Speaking on the release, front man Ryan Young says it’s, “the first time I’ve opened up about how I can often feel this nauseating self-doubt and weight. I get these days where, for whichever reason, I feel excluded or like I’m not doing enough and my mind spirals.” Going on to say, “almost everything I do is coupled with a brainwave of some kind of TV show or music video” – a reflection that perhaps explains the ‘80s soundtrack’ flavour of this latest offering. “This feeling of being high, as a protagonist in my own life, leads to the low of wondering if anyone even notices”.

Provocative pop phenomenon Miss Madeline is burning up the hot girl summer with today’s premiere of her new single, “Bad Girls,” available now at all DSPs and streaming services HERE.

The idea for “Bad Girls” started with the lyric ‘I found god in the basement of a rave,’” says Miss Madeline. “My producer/collaborator Chicken and I ended up going off this idea of a club night being a ritual, a part of the religion of being a bad girl. ‘Bad Girls’ tells the story of this holy experience, which could be just one night…or one night that turns into a bender, or…a lifestyle. So, basically, I fucked god in the backseat of a taxi or something like that.

Miss Madeline has spent much of this summer in Los Angeles celebrating “Bad Girls” with live performances including spectacular sets at the infamous roving rave party, Heav3n, as well as the influential We Found New Music (WFNM) showcase. Additional live appearances will be announced soon – follow Miss Madeline on social media for updates and more. 

Said The Whale have earned their place in the Canadian music pantheon. They’ve won a JUNO Award, topped the alternative radio chart, and amassed a devoted base of fans who affectionately describe themselves as “SaidHeads” — all the while maintaining their resolute independent spirit. Now, more than a decade into their career, the Vancouver group are opening their most ambitious chapter yet.

Throughout 2020, lockdowns meant that the band members were at home, away from the relentless touring cycle that had defined most of their 14-year career. Singer-songwriters Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester, plus keyboardist Jaycelyn Brown and bassist Lincoln Hotchen, threw themselves fully into working on new material with producer Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) at his Tugboat Place Studio, resulting in the most towering, maximalist music of their careers.

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“Steve is an incredibly detail-oriented producer,” says Tyler. “We would work until four or five in the morning. Then sleep at his house and work the next day until late into the night. It was exhausting, but each song came to life in such an amazing way with so many layers.”

Seth Glier’s new album The Coronation is an invitation to forge a new, more beautiful world out of the current chaos. “For most of my adult life, I’ve held the belief that humanity is right around the corner from something transformative,” Seth explains. “If we could only see that our separateness is an illusion, then a future of global cooperation and interdependence would be undeniable. As the coronavirus locked down the world, I watched this long-held belief inside of me becoming a reality right before my eyes. The dolphins returned to the Venice canals, and millions of children saw the stars for the first time. I wanted this album to feel like a roadmap towards reunion in a reconnected and repairing world.”

Glier’s sixth album on MPress Records, The Coronation is a beautiful and powerful collection that explores an expansive range of musical styles and topics from the personal to the political. A Grammy®-nominated singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Western Massachusetts, Glier has also won five Independent Music Awards. NPR describes his voice as “otherworldly” while praising him as “an engaging performer and storyteller.” His critically acclaimed, emotionally dense catalog of work often draws upon traditional roots music, experimental instrumentation, and moody atmospheres that result in soulfully intelligent stories that can alternately fight the power and break your heart.

After touring 250 dates a year for half his life, not being on the road in 2020 allowed Glier to write from a place of stillness. The Coronation’s credits reflect the spirit of interconnectedness explored in the album’s lyrics. “I knew at the onset that I wanted to work with many different people and producers on this record but I don’t think I knew why until after finishing it,” Seth explains. “Being in collaboration is a constant reminder that our actions have profound effects on the subsequent actions of others and how powerful it is to be united in common cause.” While The Coronation has multiple producers alongside Glier himself — longtime collaborator Ryan Hommel (Amos Lee, Heather Maloney), Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Dashboard Confessional), and Alex Wong (Delta Rae, The Paper Raincoat) — the record has a cohesive, mostly synth-driven sound. Guest artists include vocalists Everett Bradley (Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates) and rising star Raye Zaragoza, and cellist Dave Eggar (Coldplay, Evanescence). “I think collaboration might be what makes ‘The Coronation’ a cohesive album,” Glier says. “It’s wildly diverse from song to song, and the making of it began to mirror a new world I wanted to live in.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM) Executive Director and President Rocky Bucano today announced with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and New York State Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie the dynamic lineup of Hip Hop, Latin freestyle, dance, freestyle, techno, and funk artists set to perform at the “It’s Time for Hip Hop in NYC” concerts to be held at outdoor venues in The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens.

As a celebration of New York City’s comeback during NYC Homecoming Week, between August 14th to 22nd, all tickets for “It’s Time for Hip Hop in NYC” concerts—produced by New York City, the Universal Hip Hop Museum, and IDEKO—will be available for free.

“You don’t want to miss the local, legendary talent performing throughout NYC Homecoming Week,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “As we celebrate this Summer of New York City, we’re proud to partner with Rocky Bucano and the Universal Hip Hop Museum to bring these momentous concerts to our boroughs, free of charge. And if you get a ticket, you can go as long you have proof of your first dose of an approved COVID vaccine.”

BAD is comprised of NYC based duo Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman. Having met in high school, the two have been writing and recording music together for about a decade. While they mainly focus on pop songwriting and production for other artists, BAD was born out of a passion for funk music. That passion combined with their musicality and an incredible group of fellow musicians led to the release of their debut EP GOOD, which has been making listeners dance across the globe.

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Inspired by their love for funk grooves and pop sensibilities, BAD pulls elements from throwback funk and soul, 90’s and early 2000’s pop and R&B and contemporary pop and hip-hop. Brex and Hoffman succeed in creating a sound which allows the music to come across as nostalgic yet fresh, throwback yet brand new.

Bursting with exuberance and strutting with confidence, debut single ‘Refresher’ shimmers with funk-fueled melodies, 80’s electronic instrumentation and a vibrant horn section. ‘Sweat’ follows suit, while delivering animated sonic soundscapes and fun, dance worthy rhythms. The ultimate summer bop sparked inspiration from the 90’s workout Barbie aesthetic.

A frequent theme throughout BAD’s music is an overall sense of fun, lightheartedness and self-empowerment, with the utmost desire to make people feel-good and move.  The single “Jupiter” is a pop dance banger all about partying with our extraterrestrial friends in otter space. BAD’s upcoming single “Bubblebath” is a fun and quirky tune all about taking that time for self-care.

BAD is the fun and cheeky musical duo we all need.

Black Sands is the alter-ego recording project of Andrew Balfour, Californian bred producer, creator, and collaborator, now based in Amsterdam. The power of collaboration is the soul of Black Sands; where creative voices join forces in a common vision and mission to create something larger than the sum of its parts. Contrasting musical perspectives are invited into an aural collision as Balfour channels his dark beats into synthesis with pop and R&B vocal collaborators. Black Sands is a modern music collaboration of creative osmosis, drawing out fresh but familiar ideas to produce power-house and anthemic tracks from the artists he works with.


Formerly a touring musician with a number of alternative rock bands, Balfour nurtured and developed his sonic palette from a young age. Taking inspiration from a wide selection of genres, he unites the music of his past with more contemporary influences of The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and The 1975. The result is an international collective ricocheting off artists in Los Angeles, London, and Bogota to creatives in New York, Amsterdam, and Berlin, forming a refined and balanced harmonization of pop and R&B. 


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Black Sands’ EP Afterglow represents the alchemy of this perfect collision; developing from his darker experimental sounds into an upbeat expression of hope riding on modern synthy beats and soaring pop vocals. A collection of singles exploring the process of grief after the tragic, sudden death of his sister, Balfour confides, “Like many people who go through such a traumatic loss, I didn’t know how to process these complex emotions and talk about it. Music helped me focus that confusion and allowed me to grieve,” continuing, “Afterglow is about the moment you decide to take a step and find beauty in living and moving forward.” 


“Frozen” touches on the loss of his sister and being stuck in a place of not being able to move on from the devastating pain. The song has an affecting melancholic undertone, bursting with passion and heartfelt melodies. Despite the difficult topic, “Frozen” has a tinge of upbeat, major sounds, pointing to his strong love and connection with his sister. “Frozen” is composed of dark-electro bass, heartbeat pulsing synths, ballad-esque harmonies laid over a bed of rich, pop piano and atmospheric R&B flushes.


The EP comes to a close with “Impossible.” Entering with a prowling, echoing guitar riff sat over sharp strings and electrifying vocal energy, the track has a haunting synth melody. Overall, Afterglow is a beautiful amalgamation of sounds and textures, oozing an irresistible, cinematic R&B edge, gritty bass-slapping motifs, and footnotes of pulsing electro synths.

Anna Wolf is ready to claim her space as a complex, compelling, globally relevant artist with her new EP, ROMANCE WAS BORN.

The five-track release eludes easy classification, with the South African-born, London-based artist moving with conviction through music that is dramatic and orchestral (Dreaming Again), hushed and textured (Can I Get High on You?), visceral and kinetic (Heaven Breathes Out) and other-worldly and rhythmic (Vegas).  Available on all streaming platforms from 30 July 2021, ROMANCE WAS BORN includes first single, Gong, which was released earlier in 2021. Together with its accompanying video, the song earned critical acclaim for its moody, dark and unforgettable sound and visuals.

Indeed, it’s this combination of her singular music with different elements of artistic expression that ensures Wolf stands out; that enables her to inhabit the worlds of both conceptual art and pop, with her songs ready to transport listeners, fill the dancefloor and climb the charts.

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“In so many ways my creativity starts from a visual impulse that then starts fluttering through the music,” says Wolf. “The songs on the EP contain imagery and stories that surfaced within me and found expression in, first my demos, and then with Matthew (Fink) who is truly like a wizard in the studio.”

Photo Credit: Anthony Harrison

Manchester outfit Sea Fever shares multi-layered dynamic new cut ‘Under Duress’. Stream ‘Under Duress’ here. The new cut is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Folding Lines’ due on October 22nd (CD/DL), with its vinyl version following on October 29th. Pre-order the album ‘Folding Lines’ here. Ahead of the album release the band will play a special gig in Manchester at  Night & Day Cafe on August 13.  Tickets for the Manchester show are available here.

‘Under Duress’ explains the band; “is about unrequited love,” says frontman and guitarist Iwan Gronow“Lyrically the song is about the constraints of emotions, how your mind can be coerced and work against its own will”. “It feels like an epic musical journey, walking through different landscapes from sunrise to sunset,” adds the band’s multi-instrumentalist Tom Chapman.

Sea Fever is a five piece collective fronted by Iwan Gronow (Haven, Johnny Marr) on vocals and guitars, alongside singer Beth Cassidy (Section 25), the collective also features New Order’s Tom Chapman and Phil Cunningham – with Tom on bass, guitars, synths and programming and Phil on guitars, while powering the band’s pulsing beats is Elliot Barlow.

Sea Fever explains that their coming together as a unit felt inevitable: “We’d wanted to work with each other for ages, so when we finally sat down in the studio, the band just seemed to come together naturally. It felt like we were really free to explore the kinds of music that have always inspired us, we dug right through the record crates of our minds to shape the sound of Sea Fever.” 

The result is a debut ten-track album that represents the sound of a band instinctively working together; effortlessly exciting and equally timeless. 

Fusing intelligent electronics and clanging guitars, underpinned by soaring and hypnotic strings, the band has already picked up early support from the likes of Chris Hawkins on BBC 6 Music, Louder Than War, XS Noise, Gigslutz and Music News, among others.

‘Under Duress’ single is out now – Stream ‘Under Duress’ here

Sea Fever ‘Folding Lines’ album out on August 13th – Pre-order the album ‘Folding Lines’ here

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Arrows is the collaborative project of Bombay based artist David Britto. Formed in 2018, the project sees Britto inviting guest vocalists to feature on his music, with each song delivering something unique and fresh. When Britto is not composing or performing, he writes for Rolling Stone India and also runs a successful podcast series called ‘My First Record’.

His new single “To Your World” is the ultimate warm, feel-good single. Inspired by moving away from a relationship, but constantly being drawn back into situations surrounding it, the tune is a way of helping to understand that there’s more to life than a relationship. Britto shares, “Through the verses I talk about wanting to shut the past down, while the chorus is me telling myself that there are more possibilities and new adventures to be had with life.”

Working alongside Yohanan D’Souza, the two wanted to create a “jam band” feel. With a gentle but energised tone, “To Your World” emits an uplifting aura, with a warm blues/rocky essence to the production. Honing in on an emporium of inspirations including the likes of Foo Fighters, Oasis, The Beatles and The Beach Boys, the track embodies multiple genre-influenced instrumentations. The drums and guitar give off a rock smoke, while the charming, fun piano riffs ooze a blues edge. Glowing brightly “To Your World” glistens with layered harmonies and soulful vocals from Raghav Meattle, who provides a familiar and comforting feeling. This is the perfect summertime anthem, certain to bring a smile to your face.

Electronic neo-soul artist – Nnic – is pleased to present her debut EP: ‘Slow Motion Fantasy’; a collection of three, equally evocative and enigmatic alt/pop creations that explore all corners of the alt/pop universe.

Born out of a need for vibrant energetic escapism whilst living amongst the slow outdated attitudes of cushy suburbia, the Dublin artist joins forces with esteemed producer Yurn to deliver a remarkable debut offering.


Following recent singles including the twitching Billie Eilish-inspired “Chase Dream” and the sleek dancefloor orientations of “When You’re There”, Nnic today joins the dots with the cerebral synthtronica of: “Slow Motion Fantasy”.

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With ideals aligned to those that reverberate through the entire EP, “Slow Motion Fantasy” sees Nnic taking aim at the false promises and perceptions often found in cushy Suburbia. Rejecting the quintessential ‘good life’ as a “breeding ground for unprogressive ignorance”, the track is piqued with incisive lyrical commentary that finds the singer daring to challenge conformity and standing her ground. Homing-in on one of its most cutting lyrical barbs, Nnic elaborates:

“‘You’re inside take on the point of real estate is greed’ is a jab at advice culture directed at young people on how to tackle the demonstrably corrupt housing crisis. These comments are often made by government officials who are continually apathetic to solving the issue and prefer to focus their energy on demolishing club venues in order to build more hotels. Irish society would thrive a whole lot more if it could stop making young people feel like a bug on a windshield.`

With singers from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds, there is room for everyone to bring their individuality while creating a whole new sound together. To “assemble” means to gather as one and with each singer bringing an essential ingredient, the result is a unity of global spices creating a brand new flavour of their own.

“Blue Monday” is Assemble’s debut release. They wanted to celebrate the originality and impact of this classic electronic track, while doing something different; using the human voice to express electronic instruments. Having a female lead vocal gives a different lyrical weight, and in light of some of the seismic events over the past year, they uncovered a whole new interpretation and tried to communicate this. The lead vocalist Barbara Pursey shares, “The single is not so much a protest narrative but a recognition of self and others and how we can come together through working together to see and appreciate our differences and similarities with a big dance at the end… HOPE.”

With hundreds of separate vocal parts, working in studios, at home and across Zoom, Assemble’s cover of “Blue Monday” was born in the midst of lockdown. The allure to the track came from the undoubtedly futuristic wash over the single. Vocal producer, MD and Assemble founder, Juliet Russell says  “I could just hear the track vocally – the undulating synths, the pads, the low choir sustained notes, the nod to disco”. The clean beatboxing, brassy bass humming, euphoric vocal melodies, harmonies and charming breakdowns that come totally unexpected, this track is a carefully crafted piece of art.

The track also sees their first collaboration with SK Shlomo (Bjork, Imogen Heap, Damon Albarn), the first-ever World Looping Champion. His beats give the track its rhythmic edge that elevates the track beyond a traditional choral sound, accompanying the voices of Assemble which portray the basslines, synthesisers, lyrics and percussion.

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Assemble has performed on Channel 4’s First Dates and on Paloma Faith’s beautiful rendition of Silent Night, raising money and awareness for the #ThankYouMidwife campaign, supported by PampersUK. They have also appeared on BBC1’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show and performed with Bill Bailey on the London dates of his Larks In Transit tour.

Disruptive multidisciplinary artist creatx is back with the compelling, off-kilter “Sunday”, the latest in a series of eclectic, exuberant tracks from the LA-based artist.

The track, which was produced by teddy NBD and EZRA OST, begins with playful sing-song vocal lines over wavy, oscillating synth drones. The song’s opening line – “So full of myself that my cup runeth over” – is a characteristically uncompromising affirmation of creatrx’s celebration of queer black creativity and confidence. From here the beat drops into an irresistible half-time groove before finally ratcheting up to the relentless polyrhythms of the track’s finale.

Speaking on the track’s positive, inclusive message, creatrx shares: “We sex positive, baby! Honouring all choices; celibacy or promiscuity or sex work, is liberatory for the chooser. I was born on a Sunday, which many religions regard as a holy day. I wanted to play with the idea of what’s holy. I view sexuality and sex as holy, a place for the divine to shine through. Across the globe, patriarchy deems women who are comfortable with their sexuality as ‘wicked’ or ‘impure’. Regardless if women even have sex, if they have ‘impure’ thoughts or ‘tempt’ men just by existing, are referred to as hoes. So, instead of it being weaponized against me, I claim it. I know that honouring all choices women and femmes make; celibacy or polyamory or sex work, etc., is putting the HO in HOly. I’m here for that.

White Beaches, the new single from anglo-Scottish duo Blue Violet, is a rare beast: a gorgeous, hypnotic gem of deceptively wistful pop delivering a universal rallying cry for perhaps the most important issue we all face – the protection of our planet from our own worst impulses. 



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Produced by the band’s regular collaborator Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi, Marianne Faithful), White Beaches was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s School Strike For Climate movement, as well as the power of Mother Nature herself, with the opening line ‘Are you with her?’ conjuring up images of both. 


“The younger generation want stronger leadership and better examples set by their politicians, and Greta has captured not only the imagination of her peers but the attention of the world’s leaders,” says singer Sarah. “They really can’t afford to ignore her as she represents all of us.”


“A marine activist friend of ours wrote that ‘no matter how powerful we believe ourselves to be, we are not mightier than the planet itself – it will fight back and still be here long after we are gone’. I’m sure that’s right, but we need to do our bit to help. We got in touch with [ocean conservation charity] Surfers Against Sewage to gain a better understanding of the kind of reality we are dealing with concerning ocean pollution and it’s truly awful.”

alt-pop artist Caroline Romano releases her new single, “The Hypothetical.” Opening with soaring, distorted guitars and energetic percussion, “The Hypothetical” swells into a head-banging, pop-punk number as Caroline’s angsty vocals growl tongue-in-cheek lines like, “Dress you up / You’re my Ken Doll / Because Barbie always makes the call.”

As the name may suggest, “The Hypothetical” is about a hypothetical romance with that one person you just can’t get out of your head. “I think those can be the most fun romances,” Caroline quips. “I wanted to capture that feeling of being so infatuated with a crush that it’s borderline a state of psychosis. Everything’s sweet and sour all at the same time. It’s nothing serious. It’s Barbie and Ken in wonderland, even if it’s only in your head. It’s just hypothetical.”

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“The Hypothetical” comes on the heels of “PDA of the Mainstream,” a single that set the precedent for Caroline’s metamorphosis into a pop-punk powerhouse. With a number of singles already out — including her Billboard charting R3HAB collaboration, “I Still Remember” — she has quickly garnered millions of streams as well as support from key tastemakers like Hollywood Life, American Songwriter, and Just Jared.

Globally successful singer-songwriter Carol Ades has announced today’s premiere of her powerfully intimate new single. “Crying During Sex” is available now at all DSPs and streaming services.

“Crying During Sex” marks the latest and most striking release thus far from Carol Ades (pronounced ahh-dis), formerly known best as acclaimed singer and songwriter Caroline Pennell. The provocative, deeply personal pop track heralds Ades’ much anticipated debut EP, arriving everywhere this fall, and will be joined by a Zachary Bailey directed visual later next week.

It’s about a really confusing hard time in my life where I was quite literally crying every time I would have sex,” says Carol Ades. “I felt like my body was hovering above me and it was so scary and confusing and sad at the same time. I’m not in that place anymore, but I wrote this in the thick of it so I could try and make sense of the experience. I think it’s something people don’t talk about a lot and I’m definitely not the only one who’s experienced it!

I mean, quite literally I was going through this really difficult experience where anytime I had sex I would cry. It was a mixture of sadness and confusion. It felt like my body was working against me. In my mind sex was supposed to be something that felt good and brought you closer to yourself but it wasn’t working that way for me. This song is simultaneously so special yet so sad to me because it takes me back to that confusing time that I’m still working through now! When I tell myself ‘Everything will be alright’ in the song, I’m really trying to hold onto that part of me that knows it will be. I don’t think a lot of people talk about sad sexual experiences because it hurts to re-live but I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced it in some form.

rising Washington rapper Travis Thompson releases BLVD Boy, a kaleidoscopic swirl of gleeful flows and sweet melodies that arrives just in time to soundtrack the peak of summer. Boasting features from G-EazyJuicy J, Kyle, and more, as well as production from Tyler DoppsIllmindMike & Keys, and Mars, this new record follows 2019’s thrilling Reckless Endangerment, and its boisterous energy serves as a reminder that Thompson is one of rap’s most exciting new stars. Listen to BLVD Boy HERE.

BLVD Boy’s title is a nod to Thompson’s youth, to the days he spent growing up and hanging out on Seattle’s Ambaum Blvd. The production’s electric energy and Thompson’s vivid bars evoke carefree days of skateboarding and house parties, and the all-around good vibes of his past and present. It’s all there on standout “Dead Prezis,” a G-Eazy-assisted, hyphy-inflected bop with soaring West Coast synths, lithe rhymes, and a hook that evokes the mellow lifestyle of a Blvd Boy. “All I ever wanted was a couple dead prezis in the pocket, and a couple of bad hoes going steady,” Thompson raps on the chorus. “And a lil’ neck pain, from the gold chain heavy.”

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Travis added: “I named the album BLVD BOY because my very first mixtape was called Ambaum, which is the the street I grew up on,  and this feels like not exactly closing the chapter on me being a kid- but starting to connect the dots and really just grow up. Sonically I wanted it to feel like every piece of the neighborhood growing up. From like west coast trunk slapping shit to pop melodies that my momma played on the way to church. I wanted to start telling the story of myself more in depth. Rawer. A straight to the point look of who I am and how I came up, but also examining how it made me who I am today. BLVD BOY!”

He infuses those vibes with playful pettiness on “711,” a pulsating, Juicy J-featuring track that finds Thompsonrecalling his younger days and flexing on haters. On “Parked Cars,” which features Kyle and Kota the Friend, he explores the claustrophobia he felt during the past year, dreaming of a better world amid hard times. “I wanted to capture the feeling of having nothing but time, a whip, and people around you who make you happy,” he says. It’s an apt description for both that song and for BLVD Boy—an LP as free and fun as a summer night. 

This new record follows a hot streak for Thompson that began with his colorful 2016 tribute to the area that made him, Ambaum. Since then, he’s only grown as a writer and artist, releasing fully realized projects like 2018’s YouGood? and 2019’s Reckless Endangerment and working with some of rap’s biggest stars, including fellow Washington state star Macklemore on 2017’s “Corner Store.” BLVD Boys breezy production and intricate bars only underscore what’s made him great all along—there are few rappers with a personality and presence as magnetic as his.

pop singer-songwriter Bailey Baum reveals her debut EP ‘Over It‘ via Next Wave Records / Ultra Records. The 5-track EP features past singles “Bad For Me,” “Over It,” and “Take Me All The Way,” as well as two brand new songs, “Not Missing You” and “Thinkin Bout Me.”

The ‘Over It’ EP is a raw, emotional story packaged with ethereal soundscape, captivating melodies, and vivid lyricism. Written as a means to traverse her own transformative heartbreak, Bailey explores the confusing yet painfully familiar feelings of despair, sadness, frustration, and regret over the course of the 5 tracks. Eventually, Bailey emerges from the ashes of heartbreak — and gets “over it — through self-love, growth, and acceptance.

I want the EP to help people feel empowered to get ‘over it,’ while also acknowledging how important it is to let yourself feel everything deeply,” Bailey says. “No emotion or thought you have is invalid, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel of heartbreak. We all deserve to find happiness and peace and fulfillment and that all starts within yourself. I’m still learning and growing from my experiences, this EP is all about that process.

Salt Lake City based artist SOUNDRshares her truth and creates an outlet for the misunderstood with her newest single “MANIA.” The haunting emo-pop track cascades with guitar swells that erupt into a heavy hitting chorus juxtaposing between soft and hard melodies. The feel of the track parallels the message exploring the duality of mental health. 

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SOUNDR has been making a name for herself since 2017, becoming a feature artist for the world’s biggest electronic producers and amassing millions of streams. As a feature artist SOUNDR was just scratching the surface on her story. 

Now, becoming a solo artist, SOUNDR returns to her roots of emo and alternative sounds that inspired her to write music in the first place. The new project and sound was created to fully express herself and be open about struggles with mental health After the release of her single, “Control” her latest single is the next example of self-expression.

Using her quick-witted lyrics and an understanding of alternative elements that spans decades, SOUNDR explores mental illness and how others perceive her in a breathtaking tour de force. MANIA,” defines itself as a candid track on mental health acceptance that balances tranquility and rage in ways unheard before. 

MANIA” tells the story of someone hiding parts of who they are to ensure that they are liked. SOUNDR’s vulnerability on the powerful track is evident through her brutally honest lyrics, raw and emotional vocals, and the distorted guitar melody that plays throughout the track.

For us, every song we make takes us on a journey. Sometimes we’ll be hit with pure inspiration and things seem to go smoothly, but a lot of the time we have to just grind it out.

Even though it can be tough mentally sometimes, creating songs is still the most fulfilling thing for us to do with our lives. We wrote “Song We Made” about the celebration of having something that we enjoy working hard at.

View the official video for “Song We Made” on YouTube

Press play on “Song We Made” via your favourite streaming service

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You can follow us on TikTok 🎵 Instagram 🎵 Twitter 🎵 Facebook

I’m trying to get near it, just to see the colour, glimpse into the other side

We went into writing this track wanting to level up our sound and have created our best work to date. Our approach to making music has completely transformed and “Song We Made” is the first of many releases that truly represents this shift.

Songwriting for us is a constant effort of trying to get closer to a feeling of excitement and surprise – that moment where we feel like we have cracked the code and can’t help but get up and dance.

Enjoy listening!


Dropping what might be his biggest collaboration yet, rising superstar and multi-platinum singer Jacquees serves up a brand new single entitled “Not Jus Anybody” featuring Future today. Get it HERE.

As a stark piano drips in the background, he immediately captivates with his signature showstopping vocal range on point. Meanwhile, GRAMMY® Award-winning multi-platinum hip-hop titan Future rolls through with otherworldly rhymes and a hazy melody. The track unites two Atlanta forces together once more, and the results immediately overpower in the best way. The music video, directed by Jon J, will premiere today at 12p ET on all streaming channels along with broadcast partners BET Jams, BET Soul, MTV Live and MTVU. Watch HERE

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Born and raised in Toronto, Tilsen was singing before she could speak. As the daughter of an opera singer, she formed a deep affinity with the human voice. Tilsen’s songs explore real love. Her vocals are intimate as if she is singing her lyrics from between the sheets and into her lover’s ear. Coupled with catchy productions and melodies, vulnerable vocals and bold conversational lyrics – Tilsen tells a love story that is relatable to anyone who has experienced love and heartbreak.

I spend a lot of time reflecting on my life and my relationships. I sort of document my thoughts and feelings in my lyrics.

Singer-songwriter Larissa Tandy pens a love letter to Vancouver on her latest single ‘No Fun’ out today on all digital streaming platforms. Watch the video here.

’No Fun’ is the 3rd single and video to be released by Larissa Tandy this summer, following ‘Drive’  (released on July 23rd) and Sirens’(released on May 21st). Larissa wrote the track as an ode to her current hometown, Vancouver, BC, which is widely known as the ’no fun city’ in Canada.

“I’d fallen hard for Vancouver, back in 2007, when I came here for a ‘few weeks’ vacation,” says Larissa. “I made some friends, had some fun, fell in love with someone, and stayed. Ten years later, after a long stint of living and working in Nashville, I was a week away from heading ‘home’ to Vancouver. I was lying in bed, phone in hand, and I guess I was trying to reconnect with my life in Vancouver. But everyone seemed to be leaving town. The few good friends I’d made here were either headed to Toronto for the sake of their careers, or moving to BC’s Sunshine Coast where they could still afford to buy a house and start the next phase of their lives as parents. It made me nervous. I had committed myself to a life here – could I still make it work? Could I afford it? I guess I wrote ‘No Fun’ while trying to process all that, and maybe talk myself off the ledge. And I’m glad I did.”

You know all of those warm and fuzzy first-time feelings you get as a teenagerthe ones you wish you could hold on to forever?

AVIV retrofits those emotions into her songs. The 15-year-old Toronto singer, songwriter, and multi- instrumentalist pens the kind of affecting and arresting D.I.Y. pop that’s both nostalgic and prescient (You could think of it like nineties alternative pop born post-social media). After generating millions of streams independently and receiving acclaim from Atwood Magazine and more, she continues to perfect this approach on a series of singles for Photo Finish Records.

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“I’m just a teenager who acts much older, still gets excited about little things, and really loves to over- analyze her emotions and put them into music,” she says. “I try to be true to myself with everything I do. The more AVIV the music is, the better.”

AVIV grew up in a big family of four siblings, including her twin brother. Every Saturday, they went record shopping together on Queen Street in Toronto, picking up classics by Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, and more. “Most families went to the mall,” she smiles. “We went to the record store together.”

At six-years-old, she studied piano under “an old-fashioned teacher who scared me into practicing and getting good!” Around the same time, she developed her voice and eventually picked up guitar. Casual poetry transformed into songwriting as she regularly played her early compositions for friends and family. Throughout high school, she obsessed over the likes of Clairo, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey.

“They’re my three moms,” she laughs.

Once the Pandemic hit, she found herself listening to more music than ever and, at the same time, writing as well. Working with her big brother’s friend Jackson Follemer as co-producer, she regularly took the train to Montreal to visit them at McGill University and started to record music in 2020. Following “Cookie Dough,” her independent single “Girls In Red” claimed coveted real estate on playlists such as “indie pop & chill” and eventually amassed hundreds of thousands of streams. “Frontlawn” and “Lonely Bitch” only increased her momentum with consistent organic growth.

“Music became a way to convey my emotions,” she admits. “Since I won’t even talk to my friends about a lot of these things, it’s an outlet for me to talk about things I don’t talk about.”

With its glassy synths, simmering guitar, cinematic hum, and candid lyrics, “Black Coffee” represented another evolution. It initially came to life as a guitar and vocal demo by AVIV before producer Rian Lewis [Kiiara, D.R.A.M.] added his touch. The single initially debuted on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” and attracted widespread critical acclaim. Atwood Magazine described it as “a song that acts as an album of memories, a reminder to enjoy the moment and to find a possible way to reconcile,” and Fashionably Early predicted, “This is sure to be a hit.” At the same time, it illuminated her keen melodic instincts and vivid storytelling strained through the hook, “And all of the memories and all of the warnings. Poured it all down in the drain. Yeah, we’re like black coffee. But we could fill it up if we wanna.”

Joined by OCTAVIO the Dweeb, she makes her Photo Finish Records debut with the Official Remix.

“With COVID, a lot of my friendships and my friends’ romantic relationships just came to a full stop,” she observes. “People drifted. When you pour out your cup of black coffee, there are all of these grains in the bottom that stay there. Those grains are all of the things that could’ve been pursued, but the cup was already poured out. That’s the deeper meaning.”

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In the end, AVIV preserves feelings you don’t ever want to lose with each and every song. “If my song takes you somewhere emotional, there’s nothing better to me,” she leaves off. “Or, if it makes you answer a question you’ve had about your life, that would be amazing. My songs make me answer my own questions. When I release them, I hope they do the same thing for you.”

Singer-songwriter Leeroy Stagger examines the emotional pain of a break-up on his latest single ‘Does Anybody Live Here?’ out today on all digital streaming platforms. Watch the video here.

‘Does Anybody Live Here?’ is the 2nd single from Leeroy Stagger’s new album Dystopian Weekends, set for release on October 1st. The song and video explore the pain of a broken heart and the loneliness and feelings of isolation that occur when a relationship ends.

“It’s been ages since I’ve felt the weight of a broken heart due to a break up,” says Leeroy. “Last year some close friends decided to break it off after a few years of a joined life together. As a writer, I’ve always been able to put myself into most others shoes and empathetically feel those feelings. That moment as it all goes down, if we are enlightened enough, it can go fairly smoothly. If we aren’t, it can be a real mess of tension and tears. This situation was no different from most breakups. Everybody can relate to a broken heart – the melancholy and pain of a separation. My job as a songwriter is to distill those feelings into a four-minute song.”

Pink Elefants — the project of Maryland-based artists Finch and Illeven — share their new single/video “Sinderella.”

On “Sinderella,” listeners are treated to a bombastic mix of hip-hop beats, breathy vocals, and melancholic pop melodies. “The song is about persevering through the obstacles that others put in front of you,” the duo say. Lyrically, the song drives home the importance of self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance, revolting against outside noise.

The music video is an absurdist-horror take on the themes explored in the song. Explaining the cinematic concept behind the video, the duo write, “at the beginning of the video when we sit down and begin to watch the performance, the dancer in front of us seems grotesque. We begin to judge her, harshly. As that happens, our true selves begin to surface, while our actress transforms and heals. The monsters at the end almost feel helpless as they spew their disgust, but the dancer smiles…she has transcended and become more of herself, no longer affected by the harsh opinions of man.”

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Photo Credit: John Brant

Stephonne is a queer R&B singer-songwriter known for pushing boundaries with his music and effortlessly blending the genres of Alt-Rock & R&B/Soul. Stephonne released his latest single “The King’s Gambit” whose mysterious, sultry aesthetic carries throughout the track paying tribute to his influences, like Prince, Billie Holiday, and The Alabama Shakes. Stephonne wrote this track about having strong feelings for a man, but due to the fear of rejection, was afraid to share these sentiments aloud. Stephonne compares the skill of flirtation to a game of chess, but grows tired of the game realizing what he wants is transparency. You can listen to “The King’s Gambit”

Photo Credit: Matt Oliveira

Photo Credit: Matt Oliveira

Next, Mimika is a Toronto based Pop artist who is setting her sights on releasing honest Pop music comparable to songwriting abilities of Julia Michaels. Her newest single “Bandaid” is a lyrically honest Pop ballad about when coping mechanisms won’t work for low mental health days. Mimika’s creative writing background has really allowed her to thrive lyrically within her songwriting and has made her music increasingly relatable amongst her fans and listeners. You can listen to “Bandaid”

Photo Credit: Lucid Phase

Lastly, LA based, Indie Jam band Lucid Phase, made up of members Cyrus, Jacob, and Garret, have released their latest single “Wind Is Gone”. This track features a mellow, laid back groove perfect for summer and easy going vocals. They wrote this song to remind listeners to live in the present and appreciate the simple joys in life. You can listen to “Wind Is Gone”

Fusing heavenly synth-dripped walls of electronic sound with pop-perfect melodies; Michael Graff is an emerging artist from the United States. His songs are inspiring, motivational and explore a range of powerful emotions.

The young artist first got into music during his childhood where he would play the piano at church. After developing a strong passion for the craft, he began learning other instruments – eventually becoming proficient on many. Music played a pivotal part in Michael’s life, giving him a sense of identity and direction. He uses it as a means of therapy to express some of his deepest parts of himself. Michael hopes that with his unique brand of upbeat, motivational pop, he can bring the same joy to as many other people that music has for him.

Sam Pine is a 22 year old Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer-Songwriter born and raised in Denver, Colorado. His music is best characterized as eclectic and full of groove combining Alt-Pop, Jazz, and RnB for a sound all of his own. Sam Pine’s self produced debut album Evergreen releases July 30th.

I had relationships that felt very tested and at some points exposed. This pandemic really had some harsh truth and the hook of the song askes whoever listens or at least in my perspective the girl I was seeing ‘why cant you be the one for me?’ It’s that classic long distance narrative but with my own spin.”

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