INsiders Guide: Exclusive Interview with Elise On Her Dreamy New Single “Note To Self

Elise delivers a powerful soul-infused message of leading with love on her new single, “Note To Self,” out July 23rd, 2021. The Dallas-native is known for her roles on the Disney Channel as well as various award-winning independent films. Yet, it’s her foray into music that is currently capturing attention. Her 2019 singles, “A-Frame” and “Few Words,” captured the attention of new fans and critics alike. Her repertoire of incredible performances include singing the Anthem on Nationally televised networks and shows at the House of Blues Dallas. On her new single, “Note To Self,” Elise shimmers in the light of positivity and hope. Elise’s quiet and soulful vocals serve as a waterfall of good vibes as the melody undulates with smooth ripples of perfect grooves. On a song all about make decisions out of love rather than fear, she delivers inspirational sparks of brilliance like, you’ve always been enough / on your own / baby you don’t need to earn their love / that’s not how spirits grow.” The track, equal parts urban jazz and deep soul, encourages us to see past the bad to the moments of gold-painted happiness in the future. It’s the perfect burst of positivity we need after a year filled with all these uncertain ups and downs. Be sure to check out Elise’s newest single, “Note To Self,” out now.

Hi Elise welcome back, how are you and most importantly have you been keeping safe?

Hello, hello! Thanks so much for having me back- I’m thrilled to be talking with you. Yes- all vaxxed up over here but continuing to keep it safe and thoughtful. Thanks for asking!

So lets talk about your new single “Note To Self”, what inspired you to write this song?

So, this song came in two different waves. I wrote the hook a couple years ago actually, wrote other verses with a totally different melody, and had it mastered and ready to release. Something just didn’t feel right with it, though, so I held onto the song instead. At one point earlier this year after some time away from it, I pulled the stems up and started writing again. New verses, new melody, new message. I re-engineered parts of the song and got some help on vocal mix (shout-out to Aaron at Greenville Avenue Studios), and here it is! I love releasing music as I’m still learning- it helps keep me accountable to continuing to create and share, and to break the habit of holding onto songs, spinning my wheels and trying to find non-existent perfection. In many ways that perspective is what inspired this song lyrically- at a high-level anyway.

Did you derive this song from any particular moment in your life?

A lot of what makes up the song lyrically came from stream of conscious- things I had written in journals, recurring thoughts in my head about shared experience and the spaces we find ourselves collectively sometimes. Living through the last 18 months as we have, I wanted the verses to serve as some kind of mental hug when anyone listened to them. From time to time I caught myself subconsciously being so hard on myself, and when writing this I kept circling back to ‘what would I say right now to comfort and encourage somebody else, that I’m not also saying to myself’? And that’s where the ‘Note To Self’ title came from- a reminder to myself, and a virtual hug to anyone listening. 🙂

Can we expect a video for the single and if so can you tell us anything about it?

I worked with an incredible artist to create a lyric video which will be released this month- it revolves around hand-drawn motion graphics and I think it brings out the mood of the song so well. Once I get the right tags and release the video I’ll be able to promote the artist who worked on this with me!

Do you feel as though being an actress it helps you in your music career? I would assume it helps mostly with music videos?

Absolutely- they go hand-in-hand. On-set and related acting experiences help directly with music videos, photo and promo shoots, press junkets- you name it! Personally, I love using each to help with the other. So as an example when I’m breaking down a script and doing character work, I’ll almost always have music that I use to help bring out that character’s mood or experience. Or, many times I’ll take something that I experienced in my own life, and then write lyrics about it from the character’s perspective, instead of just my own. It’s a great exercise that helps on both sides!

Do you have any plans to take on any acting roles in the future?

Yes! I recently booked a short, independent silent film in Los Angeles that I am SO excited about. It’s going to be a beautiful, ethereal cinematography montage of sorts that takes place under water..! I’d say I’m a pretty good swimmer with extended breath control from singing, but this will be my first on camera water emersion experience haha- so wish me luck, I’ll need it! 🙂

Now with “Note To Self” out, can we expect an EP or any more music?

Another yes! I’m so excited to get to share a new single this October, and am planning a handful of releases throughout next year to follow! I can’t wait.

With the world coming to some kind of normalcy, do you have any plans to do some live shows?

Yes, yes, yes! I don’t have a specific date to give you at the moment we’re speaking, but I’ll be performing live in and around Dallas this fall and next spring, and will be back in Los Angles this time next year!

What have you missed most about live performances and live music?

The feeling you get being on stage, connecting with listeners OR feeling connected with the artist who you go to see; the fact that no performance is every truly the same twice- it’s irreplaceable.

What’s next on the agenda for 2021?

Sessions and auditions! Last month I finally got to see my extended family in CA and Seattle for the first time since lockdown began, so that really filled up my heart. Now it’s time to get back to work again! I’m excited to be on set later this month and of course am looking forward to next release in October. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to work in some ultimate frisbee time in there as well.  🙂


Written By: Neill Frazer

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