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The great statesman, Alexander Hamilton, once said “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Alternative rock singer Chris Timbers dares to invoke Hamilton’s sentiment in his new single, “Had Enough.” With mixed emotions towards the current state of the world, the Virginia-based musician penned this motivational track urging listeners to hold firmly to their opinions and to speak up when faced with injustice. Mastered by world renowned engineer Ryan Smith (Bob Dylan, Coldplay), “Had Enough” is all digital platforms today, Friday, August 2o, 2021.
In his third release this year, Timbers summarizes a message he has conveyed throughout his musical career – to take a stand. Crafting meaningful music with a message, Chris Timber’s upcoming album Don’t Mind The Rain, will showcase the artist’s evolution while simultaneously highlighting his impassioned stance on current global affairs. Timbers sophomore album is scheduled to be released Friday, October 1, 2021.

Love has always been compared to a powerful drug. Psychologist JoAnn Deak once stated “romantic love is not an emotion, it’s a drive.” NYC-based singer-songwriter David D’Alessio conveys these sentiments in his upcoming single “Crazy Love,” from his new EP, This Far Apart, that comes out this fall. The mellow ballad tells the story of detaching from a dysfunctional relationship fraught with dizzying highs and plummeting lows. D’Alessio shares a personal yet universal story in his latest single “Crazy Love,” set to be released on August 20, 2021.
The process of creating music has always been cathartic for the Hawaiian-born D’Alessio. Drawing inspiration from life’s more subtle and traumatic experiences, the Manhattanite turns pivotal moments into melodies. With his previous singles “Before Tonight” and “Throw Yourself in Front of It” showcasing the songwriter’s storytelling capability, D’Alessio delivers his most intimate track to date.

Above and beyond, Jordn is a Los Angeles transplant that has a narrow focus with a universal understanding: live with purpose, follow your dreams. Jordn is a native to a relatively unknown island in the Caribbean called Dominica. His sound is equally motivating and poignant, a humbling perspective against the backdrop of a cinematic soundscape. That’s the formula.
After collaborating with numerous artists, including co-writing songs for Chris Brown’s Indigo album “You Like That”, “Part of the Plan” and “Cheetah,” Jordn is gearing up to release his EP High Hopes. The first single from the EP, “Blessed,” immediately sets the tone for his upcoming project .“Blessed” drips with deep emotions and biting verses intertwined with smooth melodic runs, entrancing vocals, and powerfully dark downtempo hip-hop production by producer Nico. The track screams perseverance and self-mastery through heavy beats that ignite the soul.
His upcoming track, “23,” a standalone single but a pivotal part of Jordn’s journey, is a song of strength, courage and power over a smooth flow, hypnotic beat and fiery hip-hop production by producer Cai. Inspired after watching Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance docuseries for the fifth time, it’s a track that showcases the artist’s self-awareness and determination, which outpours into impactful words, messaging, and masterful delivery.
A unique talent with a visceral worldview, Jordn is the pop conscious of the millennial. Welcome to the future.

After prior demonstration of his ability, the 22-year-old artist returns to bring his distinguishing blend of UK R&B and Pop. ‘Good Thing’ is sensitively produced, both in the music and the video. Offering a clear indication of how far Harry has come since the dawn of his artistry which started when he was just 13.
Always possessing a love for music, as a fresh teen, Harry supported the multi-platinum selling boy band Blue at a 20,000-attending show and it did not stop there. He also supported The Game on the Amsterdam show of his European tour. An innovative mix of musical influences and genres, such as Craig David, Dappy and Chris Brown which can be heard in this recent single ‘Good Thing’.
“Classic R&B made me fall in love with singing and there’s still a place for those elements in 2021, I just want to fuse it with what my generation love today.” says Harry. Not just his voice caressing the R&B instrumental but filled with a desolate story and a narrative of looking back on a past relationship, how it was a “Good Thing” but it’s over now. Sonically the track provides empathy, successfully portraying Harry as a character. Expert backing vocals play a superb role throughout the track and the chorus despite being of a sad nature, is charmingly written with an enchanting melody and replay ability. The instrumental helps to set the mood, flowing and changing with the track as the journey and tone changes throughout. Dreamy chord progressions are played across guitars and wobbly piano synths which sit over the R&B drumming arrangement.
The partnering visuals feature Harry alongside a female actress giving context to the passionate lyrics of the song. Using multiple locations including Chinatown in London, the viewer witnesses distressing scenes between the two characters which gives that extra graphical passion that can be heard in ‘Good Thing’. Mixed with monologue sections of performance with Harry, this classy production does his next hit an abundance of justice.

Following a compelling run of singles so far in 2021, rising Dominican R&B artist Andrew Tejada is back with the enigmatic but emotive “Pregunta”.
Following on from his previous heater “Cuando Quieras”, Tejada adopts an unmistakeably darker tone with “Pregunta” – emerging with the haunting echoes of a child’s laughter before quickly accelerating into sparse street grooves and deftly executed vocal lines. Showcasing his effortless lyrical flow and innate intensity, Tejada outlines the notion of questioning his purpose in life over a bed of snappy, hip-hop esque production.
Speaking on the track – Andrew says: “The story behind Pregunta is pretty straight to the point. The title stands for “question” and from my point of view, we humans carry a lot of them. I never know what a song is going to be about when making it but for some weird reason the production of this song kinda told me to dive into my unhappy thoughts and confront the main question – “what is the meaning of life”. As personal as I kept this track, I’d like to think that many others can find themselves in this song as well. We are all unique but our pain stems from the same root.”

Conscious artist and abolitionist Indigo Mateo offers up smooth new R&B record “Restart,” that highlights the familiar feeling of looking back a little too fondly on a toxic relationship. With the addictive single, Indigo knows it’s completely natural to wish things had turned out different, pleading “I want us to start over.”
“There’s really no way to sugar coat it — “Restart” is actually one of the more toxic songs I’ve written. While writing this song, I was using my imagination to romanticize a toxic relationship I had. Sometimes there are pieces of denial we hold on to instead of fully letting someone go. This song embodies the headspace one might be in when considering all the other possibilities within a connection. I want people to know it’s okay to fully feel their feelings. I think that’s what my music and this song is about. Not shaming ourselves, but fully expressing our hearts, and looking at ourselves and our possible choices from there.” – Indigo Mateo

Like musicians all over the World, New York City’s Warp Trio entered the Fall of 2020 with a full instrumental record ready to go, but no tour to play it on. In light of their forced hiatus from road life, and in efforts to make something positive out of these dark days, they decided to get to work on a new record that would not only signify the times, but also one that they would purposefully not be able to feasibly take on the road. Rick threw down some beats and bass, Mikael added his keys and synths, and after Josh & J.Y created a lush Disco-esque orchestra of strings, they reached out to some of their talented and inspiring vocalist, filmmaker, animator, and dancer friends to collaborate on a project that aims to show a small glimpse of the roller-coaster of feelings and experiences lived by folks in this time of tumult.
After many hours of home recording, “Zoom-Jams”, and a few All-Night film shoots, Warp Trio’s Pandemic Disco Fantasy was born. Clocking in at a little over half an hour, P.D.F. is a six-track video concept album that musically posits the Warp Trio alongside several guest vocalists (Likwuid, Mirah, Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, Daniel Henri Emond, and Claire Wellin) as soloists with an orchestra. Each track is accompanied by a video chapter that tells the fantastical stylized story of the narrative. Visually, the movement talents of Emily Houghton, Sophia Qin’s psychedelic animations, and the filmmaking prowess of Andrew Wells Ryder bring the music to life.

‘Underglow’ provides an emotional journey for the viewer, Mugun uses his unapologetic delivery and compelling style to keep us captivated. The Coventry rapper continues to break the mould, as the colourful, uptempo and quick paced visuals provides the perfect scenes for the highly lyrical Mugun to paint the ultimate picture. The combination of his descriptive, metaphorical and powerful lyrics is the perfect balance for the deafening sadness that runs through the heart of the single. His deep love for lofi beats accompanied with the blend of hip hop, trap and jazz, aids the delivery of his politically charged narratives and fascinating street tales.

Hailing from Liverpool, LONA infuses alternative pop with rock and roll energy. With a strong and powerful message of wanting to end bullying running through the core of everything LONA does, his heartfelt and vulnerable vocal performance emphasises the honesty of the lyricism – an unflinching reckoning with the effect our digital lives can have on mental health.
Talking on the sentiment behind the track, LONA explains: “I wrote ‘Let’s Just Chill’ during a dark time where I found that I was being sucked into this void where I was being bombarded with highlights of how great everyone’s lives were online. You only really see snapshots of people doing well and it’s hard not to compare your own lives to these highlights…’Let’s Just Chill’ is a reminder that sometimes it’s best to just turn my phone off, turn the volume of the world down and just take a breather.”
Continuing on in an exciting year for the rising talent, LONA has slots at Neighbourhood Festival and will be opening the main stage for Liam Gallagher at the Isle of Wight Festival later this summer.

Since Professor Paws arrival onto the scene just 18 months ago, he has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. His first release from his To The Bag EP, ‘Southside Girl’, was undoubtedly well received, obtaining praise from trendsetting magazine Notion. He then followed with the lead single and title track, ‘To The Bag’, amassing over 125,000 views and over 75,000 streams in the process.
With a musical approach that is second to none, Professor Paws creates a unique hybrid between new age R&B and a gritty UK rap sound for his new EP. The opening track ‘To The Bag’ portrays his distinct R&B style, highlighting an instant ensemble of differing melodies whilst delivering punchy lyrical content that we’ve come to expect. This release epitomises his approach this year as he sets his aims on getting ‘straight to the bag’. The next track ‘Southside Girl’ is the perfect blend to stir up the party feeling as the vibrant melodic chorus instantly captures your attention while the hard-hitting rap verses deliver the perfect contrast. This song captures the excitement and flirtations of a relationship blossoming in its early stages. Moving in to ‘Sillionaire’, Professor Paws continues the musical theme of the EP, providing an R&B influenced hook with the raw rap that has become synonymous to his sound. A strong sense of the London artists affluent lifestyle shines through the lyricism, as he proceeds to remind us that ‘he is the man’.

I wrote “Shady” for you to play poolside, at a festival, or even on a road trip. Capturing the vintage mood of bossa nova, I blended this with the production and blissful vibes of contemporary music.
Put your headphones on and get lost in the lush tapestry of sounds that make up “Shady” –
Watch the official visualizer for “Shady” on YouTube, featuring mixed media visuals by Mexican artist, Erick García Rivera.
The song was written with my collaborator, Dom McAllister, over an iPhone Zoom session in 45 minutes as we both drank a bottle of wine each.
I brought a bossa nova inspired guitar loop which Dom instantly loved. He immediately began writing and recounted a story about an encounter he had with a partner who was communicating in an elusive manner, which inspired the song’s title. I hope that “Shady” can accompany you to parks and patios, as it was written to match the pace of our lifestyles over the last couple of years.
Thank you for your time,
French Braids

Tim Rose and producer D Did That (Darien Newton) and have been on a Lofi Hip Hop road trip— making beats in Tim’s van recording studio “Vanna White.” The final destination is unknown — pit stops along the way include Paisley Park, Dilla’s Basement, the Hard Hitting Drum Factory, John Mayer’s ranch in Wyoming, and possibly some pit stops for pizza from Delicious Vinyl. Good beats for the road — wherever it may lead!

French producer and bass house prodigy Kohmi returned to Monstercat today with his new ominous bass-house single, “San Francisco.” Inspired by the city of San Francisco, Kohmi captures its industrial nature through wailing sirens, deep basses, and glitchy synth stabs. The crisp percussion and thumping kicks drive the track forward, breathing dark energy into the mysterious track. Thanks to his boundary-pushing sound design, Kohmi has earned support from artists like David Guetta, Oliver Heldens, and Dillon Francis, cementing himself at the forefront of the next generation of house music.

Kohmi shares, “The idea of this song came from my fascination with San Francisco. I wanted to recreate the city if it was in my dark and mysterious universe.”

Written By: Neill Frazer

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