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The Kourtney Kardashian-Approved Facial Tool: a Must-Have This Fall For Glowing Skin.

When it comes to beauty routines, leave it to Kourtney Kardashian for the best tips to look and feel your best. The famous beauty recently revealed that her fall skincare routine has been changed, as she likes to alternate her routines frequently to optimize the best care for her skin. The clean-beauty advocate revealed that she has been using SACHEU Beauty’s Gua Sha – made with 100% stainless steel.

The reality tv star said: “This Gua Sha is cooling and nonporous, so it doesn’t clog pores.”

Loved by millions of beauty enthusiasts alike, the traditional Gua Sha tool is an ancient tissue healing tool used in Chinese beauty rituals since the seventh century. Gua Sha tools provide a rejuvenating massage that reduces puffiness, tightens skin, diminishes wrinkles, and helps the dermis absorb products quickly. The SACHEU Gua Sha is 100% stainless steel, so its construction not only offers a chic facade, but is easy to clean thoroughly. This tool is safe and effective for any and every skin type.

Founded by influencer Sarah Cheung, SACHEU Beauty provides a new journey dedicated to redefining the skincare industry using the cleanest, healthiest materials for the face. Cheung believes in only using the most eco-friendly materials for her products.

Stainless steel Gua Sha tools have been proven to be cleaner products to use as jade and quartz facial rollers tend to be hotbeds for bacterial growth, creating a perfect environment for acne flare-ups and other skin anomalies. The stainless steel Gua Sha is perfect to cool down irritated skin and promote healthy cell rejuvenation. 

SACHEU Beauty sources its steel from recycled material, is 100% recyclable, allowing for fans of eco-friendly living to indulge in their self-care routines without contributing to the global carbon footprint. Each product ships in a branded carton made of cardboard for easy recycling and comes with a travel pouch for easy transportation and stashing serums and toners.

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