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• “This song is a direct reflection of being 16 and getting that first set of keys. The nights were young and the whole town revolved around that 1998 Subaru wagon. The car was far from perfect and the inside was covered in burnt CDs with mixtapes of songs I had specially made for driving around town with my high school girlfriend. No matter how old I get…no new car will ever replace that time period in life.” – Roman Alexander• “Better In A Car” is the first single from Roman Alexander coming off of his release cycle with “Between You & Me.”• Roman Alexander kicked off the “Good Times & Late Nights Tour” with Levi Hummon reinforcing his talent and charisma on and off stage.

• “THIS ONE IS ABOUT THE SWEET RELEASE OF DEATH! Which sounds like a bummer, I guess, but tbh it could really be a party! In fact, I insist on a party at the pearly gates. Password for entry: TolliverVsTikTok. The gospel chorus is all about connecting to my Baptist father and my roots, and getting a chance to see him again via this song. I think he would love it! And I hope you do too. Y’all get into it now, feel me?” – Tolliver• “Death Back To Birth” is the third single from Tolliver’s upcoming EP Daddyland coming November 19th on SideOneDummy Records. It’s a two-step heater with a chorus that’ll make you cry.• Tolliver’s new music showcases his unique blend of R&B, Soul, and Funk. Recommended for fans of Thundercat, Outkast, and CeeLo Green.

• “‘Problematic’ tries to capture the feeling of connection between two people that can’t go without each other. That mutual desire – that physical addiction – prevents either of them from letting go even when they both know it’s what they should do.” – The Keymakers• “Problematic” is the final original release of the year from The Keymakers as part of their always-on strategy.• “Problematic” is for fans of SG Lewis, Daft Punk, The Weeknd, and Elderbrook.

GRAMMY® Award-winning duo Bob Moses return with a galvanizing new single and video, “Time And Time Again. Listen HERE, and check out the video HERE

Newly signed to Astralwerks in a unique global partnership with Domino Recording Co., “Time And Time Again” defines the start of a thrilling new era for Vancouver-bred musicians/producers Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance.  To that end, the track marks both the debut release and the expansion on the immaculate collision of house music and emotionally charged pop they’ve brought to past hits like “Tearing Me Up” (a GRAMMY® nominee for Best Dance/Electronic Recording), adding new depth and dimension to their gorgeously sculpted sound design. Produced by Bob Moses and mixed by GRAMMY®-winning producer/engineer Mark “Spike” Stent (Lady Gaga, Lorde, Frank Ocean), “Time And Time Again” elegantly merges its indelible melodies with prismatic textures and trance-inducing grooves, ultimately forming a hypnotic backdrop to Howie’s captivating vocal work.

Says Bob Moses, “It’s a big week for us: a new tour for 2022 and now our first new music in a while.  We spent most of the last year in the studio, and this track feels like the perfect first taste of what we’ve been working on.  It’s a celebration of the return of dancing with friends after almost two years spent inside.  It’s also a special song for us personally because it was inspired by a close friend who we lost too soon.  Writing the song was cathartic, and it helped us realize that all of those shared adventures of dancing until the sunrise are memories we’re lucky to hold.

Directed by Lucky Sherry, the video for “Time And Time Again” beautifully amplifies the song’s euphoric yet ominous mood, thanks in large part to its kinetic choreography. In a series of scenes shot in shadowy bedrooms and other intimate spaces, the

video’s cast of characters dance with both urgency and utter abandon, embodying the track’s potent rhythms to wildly spellbinding effect.

From recording artist to radio co-host, busy Canadian singer/songwriter, and Billboard charting artist Avery Raquel has been entertaining audiences professionally for over 10 years. She’s released 3 solo albums to critical acclaim and airplay across the country and is now prepping for her self-titled fourth release in 2022.

This new project of all original Alternative Soul is reminiscent of, and her love for RnB/Soul music of the past, but with a more current, contemporary style. Influenced by artists such as Etta James, Carole King, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Bruno Major, Allen Stone, and so many others, Avery’s created, on this new collection of personal, yet relatable songs, a soulful fun mix of RnB/Soul and Pop, with a flavour of her Jazz, and Blues experiences.

And. at the age of 20, Avery isn’t new to songwriting either. In late 2018, Avery Raquel released her 3rd solo album, ‘My Heart Away’, which was comprised of all original music, written by the accomplished and maturing artist. The music achieved media exposure and radio across the country and into the US and even Europe. The album debuted at #11 on the Canadian iTunes Top 200 RnB/Soul chart.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter and musician, Dylan Hartigan released his debut full-length album, The Way My Bones Creak. The record was co-produced by Grammy-nominated producer Bobby Holland (ZZ Ward, Kesha, Drake White) and acclaimed singer/songwriter Maggie Rose.  

The Way My Bones Creak is a collection of songs that show off Hartigan’s distinctive Americana-inspired indie-folk melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.  

While this is Hartigan’s debut album the songwriting maturity and musical depth put him in a league all his own. “It’s easy to see that this artist has depth,” Infoucsvisions observes, “tales to tell and the skills to share them with musical brilliance.” 

Hartigan has planned a very special album release party in Nashville at The Basement on Nov 13 before joining back up with Maggie Rose, who he has been on tour with for a majority of the year, and will continue to tour as support through the New Year in St. Louis.  

All up to date tour information can be found at ​​

The Bergamot (Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece) have released their new song “Burns,” the first new song from the duo since their 2019 release Mayflies. The duo spent much of 2020 hunkered down in Arizona. In the arid desert, the pair performed 100 consecutive live-streamed concerts, satisfying not only themselves, but countless (new, and old) fans from around the globe.  

All while, amidst the solitude of quarantine, continuing to write, produce and perfect new music. Working closely with friend, and colleague Matt Wiggins (who produced Mayflies) The Bergamot is thrilled to share their first offering in two years. The new song deviates from the happy-folk sound of Mayflies and shows the band flexing a more sophisticated production seeped with sonic growth and expansion. 

The music video for Burns features two people taken away from each other and being reunited. “Through 2020, we have all lost significant loved ones, things, opportunities. Taken out from right underneath us. As we reflect on what the future holds, we are uncertain what will resume or be replaced. It’s a time of great opportunity and hope, but also of tremendous uncertainty” says Hoff. 

“We’ve seen great tragedy through these times – but great moments of beauty as well.” concludes Hoff. “We hope the video really captures the desolation but optimism that we all have for the time ahead.” 

“We held off on releasing a full album in 2021 due to the inability to tour and support such a release, with all the shifting sands of the late stages of COVID. So we are taking the leap that 2022 will be the year of music’s full and glorious return!” Speece added. 

“Burns” is the song that will build the anticipation of being with the ones we love. It’s not over yet, but surely it’s getting better. After traveling to London to work with Matt Wiggins (Glass Animals, London Grammar) to work on The Bergamot’s latest release ‘Mayflies’ out now Nathaniel says he “Was inspired so much by Matt and the experience of being in London, that it was inevitable that another record was going to come from the experience.” While The Bergamot is putting the finishing touches on a new release with Matt set for the spring of 2022 as well.

Critically acclaimed guitarist and vocalist, JD Simo, today releases his new LP, Mind Control. 

Paste Magazine exclusively premiered the new album and said, “Simo has a history of working with a diverse range of sounds. On Mind Control, his reach is as thrilling and inviting as one expects.”

JD told Paste Magazine, “Over lockdown my buddies and I were really obsessed with Afro Beat and North Mississippi trance stuff. So lots of Fela, Tony Allen and Junior Kimbrough especially but also Fred McDowell, Jessie Mae Hemphill, CeDell Davis. R.L. Burnside too.

So that mix really permeates a lot of the record. Those Afro Beat grooves with that real raw sludgy thing on top. It happened really naturally and without preconception.”

Mind Control marks JD’s third studio album, and his first since the start of the COVID-19 shut down and showcases his growth as a musician and a songwriter. He showcases complex guitar work and insightful lyrics to create an emotional and thought provoking experience.

American Songwriter premiered the first single, “Know It All” from Mind Control and said, “Simo’s artistic growth and newfound creative liberty can be heard in full force on his new single, “Know It All.”… A bluesy track showing off his road-worn skills—with blistering guitar fills…the single is representative of how songwriting (especially with the level of openness Simo was embracing) can be a phenomenal vehicle for thinking about how to live a good life.”

JD also released the psychedelic single “That’s When You Know That You’re Down” which was lauded by American Blues Scene, “‘That’s When You Know You’re Down” is a guitar-driven, blues-based psychedelic rocker that echoes the avant-garde sound of early Captain Beefheart — affording the listener imaginative thrills.”

The album opens with the funky and bluesy “Go Away Satan” which JD performed live for Paste Magazine

“I’m In Love” and “Let Go” follow as the second and third songs, each displaying JD’s dynamic songwriting, and his ability to take elements from multiple blues adjacent genres and combine them to create a unique listening experience.

The drum-driven “Want What I Don’t Have” breaks up the album’s two singles, “Know It All” and “That’s When You Know That You’re Down”. Adam Abrashoff’s steady drumming keeps the song moving forward along with Adam Bednarik’s cool and laid back bass lines.

“Fucked Up” features sludgy and grungy guitars, which switch between heavy distortion to masterful leads.

The album closes with “Devil Is Always Watchin’”, “People Pleaser”, and “Recovery”. 

JD’s guitar work is unmatched, and his impressive and tasteful solos display his prowess with the instrument. JD is currently on a co-headlining tour with Boston based blues band GA-20. 

Alicia Stockman is a Utah-based folk-meets-Americana singer-songwriter whose music pulls back the veil to reveal everyday vulnerability. Her songs are written like intimate moments, drawing listeners into a relatable emotional journey. 

At a young age, Alicia Stockman began her deep love for music, compelled by the vivid storytelling of powerhouse songwriters including Patty Griffin, Brandi Carlile and Jewel.  After performing in a loud rock n’ roll band playing bars with sticky floors and belting out Stevie Wonder tunes, Alicia began writing her own music more seriously.  Realizing her new songs didn’t have a place in a loud bar with a party atmosphere, she branched out and started playing more intimate venues, quickly finding her home in the folk and Americana scene. Her whisky-dipped soulful vocals and creative takes on day-to-day realities soon sparked the interest of “Nashville’s Americana Queen” Mary Bragg who began collaborating with Alicia on her new album.

Her debut 10-track full-length album is entitled These Four Walls and is a collection of  “songs to make you feel and feel seen.” The album says, “I see you. I’ve been there. I understand.” Written over a three year period, These Four Walls is a luminous roots release infused with gritty blues rock guitar licks and attention worthy melodies. 

The first track on the album, “Stay Between The Lines,” was written during a long drive home from New Mexico and the highway inspired single discusses how we all can sometimes “dance between right and wrong and personal limits and boundaries to keep life interesting.” The reverb drenched guitar and wild west twang make “Stay Between The Lines” an alluring listen. 

Halfway to Houston” is a token break-up song where Alicia recalls a painful memory of lost love. The song is poetic and emotive, laced with soaring vocals and intimate lyrics that express feelings of suffering and melancholia. “I wrote the chorus of this song while hiking a trail network near my house. It was a healthy way to process the end of this relationship while my ex-partner moved out of the house.” “Halfway to Houston” impresses with dreamlike slide guitars and melodies full of bittersweet nostalgia.

In the album’s title track, “These Four Walls,” Alicia hopes to destigmatize the conversation on mental health. She confides, “I wrote ‘These Four Walls’ to help me process a former relationship in which my partner had severe depression/anxiety disorder. This song was my way of unpacking all that and finding a way back to myself.” The song features a stripped-down melody with dreamy, tender lyrics that showcase her vulnerability as an artist. 

“Lonely Together” is an Americana-dipped folk song with witty lyrics about finding love and connection at the grocery store. With gospel backing vocals under Alicia Stockman’s soulful chorus and vibrant harmonica riffs, “Lonely Together” is a relatable and irresistible track for all the singles hoping to find love.

Recognized for her unique songwriting and performance formula, Alicia has received accolades from several performing songwriter competitions including Songwriter Serenade, Tucson Folk Festival, Suzanne Millsaps Songwriter Competition, and the Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival. 

These Four Walls is out now.

Heyrocco share the music video for their single “Love Drunk” in celebration of the beginning of their 17-date US tour with alt music scene godfathers The LemonheadsIt’s been three years since Heyrocco upped sticks from their native Charleston, South Carolina, and began their slow trek west to their current Los Angeles home. With “Love Drunk” they throw themselves Stetson-first into the frontier spirit, delivering a sun-bleached cut that marries the band’s homegrown southern twang with a pinch of west-coast hip-hop and a liberal dose of the self-deprecating wit that has been a Heyrocco hallmark since their 2012 debut LP Comfort (Giant Kid). The music video for “Love Drunk” was filmed off of California State Route 62 near Pioneertown and finds the main character in the video stumbling home after a long day of doing nothing at Pappy & Harriet’s, the local watering hole.

New York-based tropical/electronic outfit Delsonido has released a brand new EP titled, BLOOM. Listen on Spotify now hereThe new project is released via Miami-based record label Mishu Records and features new single, “Déjalo.”Titled after the band’s late trombone player Jason Bloom, the BLOOM EP was born out of the depths of the global pandemic and boasts a collection of tracks whose themes channel a brave move towards a brighter future. On the EP, Delsonido notes, “After the chaotic 2020, we let the music guide us to the light again and be reborn like flowers after the winter.”Describing focus single, “Déjalo,” the Delsonido calls it: “A legacy from the music to tell us to feel it.

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