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INsiders Guide: Rayvon Owen, Chris Nurthen, State College 333, Ekelle, Dread Pitt, Keni, Cj Pandit, Federico Aubele, Bealby Point, Agender, SURAN….

Pop/R&B artist Rayvon Owen new single “Faraway Lover” is out now along with the music video that can be viewed at  
Rayvon says, “I tend to write as I am feeling in the moment, and “Faraway Lover” is no exception. Caught in the middle of holding onto love vs. risking love that may not last, my past reminds me that if I have found something good, maybe I shouldn’t let it go this time. Almost nothing in life is certain to last forever, so you may as well enjoy and hold on to it while you can.
Rayvon Owen smoothly and seemingly effortlessly brings authenticity and emotion to his lyrical narrative and melodies. Each song in his catalogue is a glimpse into who Owen is as a person and a testament to the joy that can only come from being yourself.”

(photo credit: Harris Beauchamp)

Memphis-based roots rock singer/songwriter Chris Nurthen aka SweetNur, has released, “Bay Dale” today on all music streaming platforms. The song is his second in a series of singles the artist is releasing through the summer. 

Nurthen is known as SweetNur throughout the east Tennessee area, both for his mobile catering company (SweetNur’s: Home of the Iron Pie) as well as SweetNur, the artist and his entertaining House Shows. Having written and performed music since high school, the former Naval Officer and Varsity Football player continues his course in bringing his music dreams to fruition. Earlier this year, he was chosen as one of the Top 10 Finalists in the 22nd Annual Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) Song Contest, presented by CMT.

In addition, NSAI has proclaimed Nurthen as “One to Watch.” He was also nominated for the 2021 Best Song Award, with one of his songs named among the NSAI Top 40 Songs of the Year.

Released on web3 via top multimedia creative hub Metabyte Studios, the forward-thinking project includes 333 NFTs, with each holder receiving a unique combination of musical and visual elements from each track.

I’d like people to interact with my music and creations in ways that you’re not able to do by just listening to a song. Since the scope of my musical life is very wide I see music NFT’s as a way to share creations in a more broad sense that doesn’t require an obligation to a specific genre or musical role. I’d like to use this as an opportunity to meet new fans and have them experience the culture that shaped me, both digitally and IRL,” shares Fütterer.

Allee Fütterer teamed up with creative director and nostalgia enthusiast Emma Cole to bring the project’s visual elements to life. With the use of analog devices, State College 333’s NFT visuals capture the timelessness of film while immersing the viewer in an enthralling contrast between past, present and future.

Allee is a versatile creative songwriter, singer and musician. She has served as the bassist for Conan Gray and Mayer Hawthorne, as well as co-founding indie rock outfit The Astronots. The Astronot’s 80’s California garage sound made its way on film and TV, including CBS’ Life in Pieces and A24’s Under the Silver Lake. The prolific songwriter  has further written for Sony EMI and Universal Music Publishing catalogs. Her productions have received acclaim by the likes of Billboard, Ladygunn, Earmilk, and more. She is currently endorsed by Aguilar Amplification, Sinasoid Cables, Mellotron, Guild Guitars, G&L Guitars and Kala Brand U-basses.

State College 333

Ekelle is a self-managed artist and songwriter from Toronto. Ekelle rhymes about what she knows best: her real-life experience. Money, sex, drama, and identity stir together to create a style that she calls Hood Pop – popular music with a street edge. Hood Pop combines elements of hip hop, pop, and R&B.

Ekelle loves to candidly rap out her real lived experience and/or play with metaphor and simile as she sings. In creating her own genre, Ekelle doesn’t limit herself to rigid categories and more so embraces the mood, allowing for a dynamic experience where some songs are different from each other, but still represent and distinguish her from others. She’s performed at events like Afrofest and the Durham Caribbean Festival. Singles off her last EP, Hood Pop, have made waves with blogs like Exclaim, EARMILK, The Hype Magazine, and FOMO.

In 2020 Ekelle had a collaboration with Northern Touch All-star, Thrust, performed for GTA Pride, Nuit Blanche, Radio Humber, a special collaboration show between ArtStarts, RISE, and RBC, and was signed to Motive Music Canada. In 2021 Ekelle was a featured artist at Indie Week, NATIONxNATIONand performed at Northern Touch Music Festival. She also received her first FACTOR grant, and completed the DMMI program with Ryerson University. Ekelle’s debut album, Let’s Get It, drops on May 27th, 2022.

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I’m Dread Pitt, a producer from the Netherlands. You can find out more about me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. I’ve just released a self-produced EP titled Melting Pot. I hope you’ll check it out on SoundCloudSpotify or Apple Music.

Teaming up with BMG, we aimed to make a set of tracks that would be relatable to a lot of situations, while having a great energy and rhythm to it. I started creating songs with several artists from fresh corners in music, guided by what felt right. In the end, it’s a collection of songs with different angles and vibes, but still packaged together as one.

On “Whoa” ft. Emmillienne, I was inspired by the tropical sounds of the Caribbean with the lush steel drums and the rhythmic sounds of the bongo. If you listen closely during the intro and outro, you’ll hear the soothing ocean. I always put a lot of effort into filling in small pockets within the beat to make everything fit the rhythm. Then with the melodies and vocals, the feeling of melancholy and self-confidence come to mind. Check out the official lyric video for “Whoa” on YouTube.

I hope these beats will make your head bop.

Dread Pitt

Photo credit: Maddy Rotman 


Today, LA based newcomer Keni makes her stunning return in the reveal of striking new offering, ‘Bev Hillz’. A stirring indie-pop cut, the track serves as a standout showcase of the breathy vocals and off-kilter songwriting that has seen Keni pick up widescale acclaim from areas such as PAPER, Coup De Main, Wonderland, CLASH and more over the past months.  She is set to move towards the release of her first EP, with ‘ Bev Hillz’ being the first taste of that.  A kooky homage to her heroes Weezer,  the track arrives with tongue-in-cheek video.  Speaking on the track, Keni states:

I love Weezer. always have, always will. Beverly Hills is a staple of my childhood. i grew up in LA and hannah montana was my favorite show so what else would anyone expect. I live and have lived in the san fernando valley forever. i love it here. it’s my home but i want to move up. i don’t take myself too seriously, similar in that sense to this song. in my silliest, wildest dreams i do want a star on the boulevard. i know how that may sound but i WANT one. a big fat star with my name on it. and that’s okay, because you probably want one too. that’s what this song is about.”

Cj Pandit reveals his incredible sophomore EP ‘+44’. 

Listen to the title track HERE

& the whole record HERE

Oozing with creativity, +44 is a stunning snapshot into the world of Cj Pandit.

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 Born out of a necessity to create and express, the four track body-of-work depicts freedom, reliance, change, self confidence, guilt and what it means to push your boundaries creatively. Each track on the record makes its own mark, culminating in a dynamic, genre-bending record that is here to occupy a space all of its own.

Title track +44 is a heartwarming ode to human connection and what it means to have that special someone at the end of the phone. 

Sharing more, Cj explained: “+44 is a song about that one person you turn to or call in your heaviest times. It’s a look at the perceptions we have about each other, how much we can take and how heavy a weight we can bear. I might know a little bit about life but I’m nothing more than a double denim wearing therapist when it all comes down to it.”

Brooklyn-based Argentine singer/songwriter Federico Aubele shares his long-awaited sixth studio album, The Holographic Moonout everywhere now. Along with the album, Aubele shares a brand new self-directed video for All Things Pass,” where the singer reflects on the significance of love in one’s life and ultimately, makes peace with change, growth and the natural progression of time.

Aubele’s sixth full-length album, The Holographic Moon, featuring artwork done by Aubele himself, is out everywhere now. Over 11 tracks, with plenty of soothing acoustic guitar and deep baritone vocals mixed with thorough introspection, Aubele finds a renewed perspective on all of life’s highs and lows–from love and heartbreak to inevitable change and the challenges of growth, yet ultimately, succumbs to it all to find peace. With the help of guests ranging from Mauro Refosco (David Byrne, Atoms for Peace) on percussion, Iain Cook (Chvrches) and Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto) on synths, Melissa Mary Ahern (Sulfjian Stevens) on vocal harmonies, the YMusic Ensemble (Paul Simon, Jose Gonzales) on orchestra arrangements and Kenny Wollensen (Tom Waits) on drums, Aubele looks to push boundaries of what traditional lyricism and genres might look like, and further establish himself as a dynamic, multicultural musician to watch as he continues to reach new depths.

It’s Zack from Bealby Point.

When someone tells you “I’ll try my best,” it rarely means they’ll actually try their best.

Even if the intention is true, when does one really ever try their best?

What’s the best someone can do?

Try My Best” is inspired by empty promises. The phrase is seldom actualized, but rather used as a Get Out of Jail Free card or sarcastic remark.

Stream “Try My Best” via your preferred platform now.

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Our song plays with the theme of unrealized potential and being true to one’s self.

What can we achieve when we truly put our mind and heart into something?

Somehow what I say right now, will make it up to you somehow. I’ll try my best.

Thanks for hearing our music,

Bealby Point

 LA-based post-punk four-piece Agender share a two-in-one video game-style video for synth-punk tracks “Trouble & Desire,” and “Womb 2 Wound” along with the release of their long-awaited sophomore album, No Nostalgiaout everywhere now. The queer band, made up of Australian lead singer Romy Hoffman, bassist Cristy Michel, drummer Christy Greenwood and synth player Sara Rivas makes schizo, synthy, paranoid, post-punk with a dash of dysmorphic desire and have been turning heads in the post-punk scene since their debut album in 2014, Fixations, and most recently for their 2022 single, “Top Bottom Top.” Coming this summer from the band is a remix EP, in collaboration with JD Samson and Harvey Sutherland

“Trouble & Desire,” is a fast-paced, drum-backed track that meets where being anxious and avoidant in a relationship intersect. “Womb 2 Wound” builds on the bold tone as it opens opens with the classic assertiveness of Agender declaring, “Fuck my biological clock with my philosophical cock.” “It begins with a punch in the face. The face is that of expectation and time. The song is about a hyper-aware person striving to be an ego-less, body-less self, who can transcend pathology and their attachment to people and things. It’s a song that champions the notion that the solution to all problems is always spiritual.”

Solo artist, CEO, and Founder of the music label, S-TASY, SURAN has released a new single with the next-generation pop star, Peder Elias. The track was produced by Royal Dive, Saimon, and SURAN, who is specifically credited with the arrangement. The track is a laidback Summer single with subtle and sweet vocals with an acoustic guitar melody.

“‘Darling’ is a sweet song by myself and Peder Elias that will help you welcome the Summer. It is my first international collaboration and I hope you will like it!” – Suran

“Collaborating with SURAN from the other side of the world is superfun and I was so happy she reached out to me to do a song together! Also can’t wait to travel to Korea later this year, and maybe play “Darling” live with SURAN?” –  Peder Elias

This single release comes shortly after SURAN released her most recent EP, Flyin’ (Part 1).  SURAN is known for her unique and emotive vocals, and famous collaborations with SUGA of BTS (“WINE” featuring Changmo and produced by SUGA), with Taeyong of NCT (Title track of Flyin’ (Part 1, “Diamonds”) among many others. 

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