INsiders Guide: YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Poesy, Yung Pooda, Rags and Riches, Asylums, Mica Miller, FRANSIS, Eighty Ninety, Boyfriend…

History-making GRAMMY® Award-nominated Louisiana-bred rapper and one of the most-listened to artists in the world YoungBoy Never Broke Again and his Never Broke Again collective proudly present a new compilation mixtape entitled Green Flag Activity today. The project is available HERE via Never Broke Again, LLC/Motown Records.  

The collective paved the way for the project with the massive posse cut “Gang Baby” [feat. YoungBoy Never Broke AgainRojay MLPRJAE, & P Yungin]. Right out of the gate, it generated 947K Spotify streams and counting as well as 2.4 million views on the music video. Meanwhile, its predecessor “Pull Up Actin” [feat. P Yungin] raked in 4.5 million Spotify streams and 4.6 million views on the music videoREVOLT plugged it and wrote it “sees NBA trading bars with rising Louisiana star P. Yungin over a beat courtesy of frequent collaborator DJ Trebble.” 

Green Flag Activity—executive produced by YoungBoy Never Broke Again—also boasts appearances by multiplatinum star Quando Rondo as well as Meechy BabyNBA Herm, Big B, and more. The crew recently ignited Instagram teasing the project with a tracklist postas well as their Utah vlogs here and here. Check out the full tracklist below. 

Last year, the team popped off on the debut project Never Broke Again: The Compilation Volume 1, racking up millions of streams and earning acclaim. It’s time for Green Flag Activity now! 

POESY is the solo project of classically trained singer, songwriter and pianist, Sarah Botelho. She was discovered after she appeared on the first season of hit Canadian music competition show, THE LAUNCH. Her incredible breakout performance propelled POESY to new heights yet unseen, landing her a major label deal with Big Machine Records and an opportunity to collaborate with esteemed composer and producer Stephan Moccio (Celine Dione, Avril Lavigne) on her debut single ‘Soldier of Love’ . This release charted in the Billboard Top 40 and was followed by a four-track long EP entitled Glass Box Confessional. Her singles “Body Language” and “Strange Little Girl” debuted in the Top 20 at Rock Radio. Classically trained in both singing and piano from the tender age of 4, the musical world has become POESY’s playground, having had vast experience in musical theatre, numerous rock bands and even operatic singing. By pairing inspiration from her favourite novels with an air of vulnerability from her own experiences, POESY unleashes her signature siren sound, filled with big drums & bittersweet melodies. POESY has had the recent honour to write and record an original anthem for Canada Games 2022, which she will perform at the opening and closing ceremonies this summer. Her most recent project – her debut LP I Exist – was made in collaboration with UK producer Stephen Lipson (Annie Lennox, Billie Eilish) and explores themes of betrayal and the journey back to one’s truest self. Her live show is a choir girl gone rogue – with her whimsical outfits and charming storytelling, she commands your attention and pulls you headfirst into every song.

Houston’s most promising chart-topping artist Yung Pooda continues to hold a flag for his reign as Houston’s hottest hit-maker with today’s release of his new single “Trophies,” available today via It’s A 10 RecordsHERE. The track comes as Pooda’s label, It’s A 10 Records promotes his song, “Drop” which is the #1 Most Added Song at Urban Radio and the #2 Most Added Song at Rhythmic Radio this week.  The listening audience has been reactive; “Drop” currently ranks #22 on Shazam in Houston and is charting in nine other cities within just one week of radio promotion.


A promising young rapper with a proven track record of hits, Yung Pooda is primed for a breakout this year and shows no signs of ceasing his moment. The official  “Drop” music video directed by the renowned Mr. Boomtown now topples in over 1 + million views via YouTube7 + million views on Tik Tok as media outlets such as EamilkLyrical LemonadeRevolt TV and more plugged the release as a favorite from the rising star.

RAGS AND RICHES are an adrenalized, American pop-rock band hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 2017, the band features brothers Tanner & Peyton Whitt. Over the last four years, the band has discovered their unique sound, identity and aesthetic. 

Through their organic, kaleidoscope of creative abilities the brothers hope to be a light to guide people for owning what it is to be human – to grab life by the horns and live to the fullest, embracing all the twists and turns on the rollercoaster of it all. They share, “Our music is written to inspire others and spark hope for everyone to leave their legacy with the time they are given. No matter what is weighing on you in the present, or if you feel surrounded by your stress and anxiety, let that be a part of who you are and use that as motivation. This world is yours for the taking.”

Their debut album ALWAYS GOLD features ten tracks all covering a multitude of emotions and feelings that we experience in life. Touching on themes ranging from time, stress, money, happiness, anger and faith, the album is an honest and true reflection of everyday life. They share, “Since these songs were mostly written in the beginning phases of RAGS AND RICHES, we were focused on what life looks like as a band and a future in the music industry. That is how a lot of these topics popped up.”

A colorful concoction of sounds and styles, the band take inspiration from the likes of Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots and Kanye West. Bursting with life and full of attitude, the album is fast-paced and energetic, as thundering percussion, animated guitars, throbbing basslines and quirky synths provide the foundations to this deliciously extravagant release. 

RAGS AND RICHES have impressively clocked close to three million Spotify streams and had numerous TV appearances on shows such as Morning Show, Everyday Kentucky and Good Day Kentucky. With the hope to inspire a generation of dreamers, RAGS AND RICHES continue to forge ahead with the unveiling of their debut album.

Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed comeback single ‘Crypto Klepto’, ASYLUMS return with another slice of anarchic agitpop called ‘Scatterbrain’ along with the announcement of their eagerly awaited fourth album ‘Signs Of Life’, due 14th October.


Album opener and new single ‘Scatterbrain’ comes out of the starting blocks like Dr Feelgood and The Jesus & Mary Chain gene-spliced with Richard III era Supergrass, urgent, pseudo sardonic but somehow still fun, it sets the tone for the whole album which was always intended to be life-affirming and joyous after a deeply reflective period.

Recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios with genre-bending ‘Manic Street Preachers’ producer Dave Eringa in the driving seat, ‘Signs Of Life’ is a record that evolves the Asylums’ sound once again while still staying true to their musical and lyrical DNA.

Asylums ‘Signs Of Life’ draws inspiration from a spectrum of human emotions and examines how they intersected with technology during the accelerated change of the last few years. As well as dialling their manic rock sound up to 10, this record also draws from the likes of R.E.M., The Magnetic Fields and The Beatles who all arguably made some of their best work during a live hiatus.

Producer Dave Eringa on ‘Signs Of Life’:

“When Luke said he wanted to do an album at Rockfield in 8 days – all played live & to integrate big strings into their sound –  it sounded so ridiculous I thought “let’s do this”! Only a band that can really play can do this kind of recording. No clicks, no tricks – all live off the floor, a few judicious overdubs, some amazing string arrangements from musical polymath Henry & a bizarre interruption from Countryfile – it was a pretty intense week and I couldn’t be prouder of them for what they achieved! They’ve really taken themselves to the next level!”

Track Listing for ‘Signs Of Life’:

1.    Scatterbrain

2.    Understand The Psychology

3.    Instant Coffee

4.    Signs Of Life

5.    Crypto Klepto

6.    Erase The Edges

7.    If You Can’t Join Them Beat Them

8.    Say Goodbye Before You Die

9.    Nursery Rhymes Against Humanity

10.    Everybody Has A Space To Fill

11.    Spat Out The Other Side

12.       The Mirror 

On June 10 UK soul artist Mica Millar releases her anticipated debut album ‘Heaven Knows’ – a stunning collection of modern soul songs showcasing a confident new artist who’s not only found her own voice but one that has put all of life’s challenges and triumphs into her art. 

Exploring themes ofhuman nature, hope, spirituality, love, oppression, inequality and empowerment, ‘Heaven Knows’ draws inspiration from a plethora of vintage soundscapes, most notably soul, blues, gospel and jazz. Respectful nods are paid to girl groups of the 60’s and 70’s and Motown giving the album a timeless quality that is both reassuringly familiar yet distinctively Mica Millar.

Highlights include the first single ‘Preacher Man,’ with its addictive chorus imbued with Mica’s flawless smoky vocal and the follow up Girl’ – thought-provoking, relatable and uplifting in equal measure ‘Girl’s lyrics are drawn from true stories about inspirational women close to Mica, originally released on International Women’s Day. There’s groove aplenty in the classic More Than You Give Me’ whilst title track Heaven Knows’ bursts with confidence, showcasing Mica’s immaculate, powerful vocal performance atop a bed of gospel infused musicianship. ‘Flashlights’ is Mica’s ‘movie depiction of romance.’ A smooth and sultry soundscape of what it would feel like if being in love and the simplicity of just making memories with someone was an acceptable indicator of success in life. 

Tracks like ‘Trouble’ and ‘No Money, Nor Faith (Freedom)’ are packed with attitude – the former deals with fate, resilience and facing your fears, with searing organs and a rich palette of voices, whilst the latter, an album standout, is a powerful protest anthem about inequality, capitalism, oppression and human exploitation. There’s plenty of softer moments too, like the big bluesy ballad ‘Will I See You Again, and the late night jazz-infused ‘Down River’. Songs likeStay’ and Nothing’s For Keeps’ both showcase a stripped back and emotional performance from Mica – some final moments of tranquillity before the fuzzy-blues-rock of ‘Give View My Prayer’ closes proceedings hinting at a more experimental edge to Mica’s song writing. 

FRANSIS are a London based alt/indie band fronted by singer-songwriter Emma Withers. Formerly known as Emma & the Idles, the band have been hailed as ‘Jessie J meets Joan Jett’, making a name for their balls to the wall approach to their sound and sharp songwriting style.

Reminiscent of Wolf Alice and Florence + The Machine, FRANSIS make music that smacks you in the face in a slightly different way, and whilst they float between genres of rock, indie, pop, soul and blues; they show an unrelenting penchant for dramatic, powerful and meaningful music. After busking on the streets of London and making a name for herself as a unique and energetic performer, powerhouse singer Withers decided to form a band to accelerate the sound she so desperately wanted, and boy did she get it. FRANSIS was born.

“Pin Me Down” was spurred by the tragic murder of Sarah Everard. It tackles a subject which is often difficult to talk about but shared by so many women, that of sexual assault, candidly focusing on the mental strain particularly in the aftermath, and the struggle behind closed doors. Described as a therapeutic exorcism, Withers shares, “This song is vulnerable and real, I wanted to focus on the self destruction, the brokenness, the confusion, the anger, and then finally the release which is supported by the music constantly, and as the song intensifies we hit an explosive finale, and an emotional release which was incredibly satisfying to perform in the studio, I did like 8 takes of this to get the raw emotion out of me, this is bonded with the mammoth eruption of epic guitar lines and pure power from the band.”

Despite the serious nature of “Pin Me Down” there is a positive outline, of admittance and then at the end, a collective sense of women standing together. A strong message that no-one should feel alone in their struggle, to let shame keep their burdens as skeletons or be fearful of walking down the street alone at night. Withers encourages, “Get mad, scream, cry and use this song for its intent, let us stand together for change. If Pin Me Down helps one woman come to terms with any trauma and speak out about her experiences, the job is literally done. You’re not alone.”

“Pin Me Down” is the second single to be released off of their upcoming EP, which will be celebrated at their very own launch party at The Water Rats in London on 1st July 2022.

Eighty Ninety — the indie-pop project of NYC-based brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James — return with their new EP, ‘The Night Sky.’

The 8-track EP, which includes a mix of previously released singles and a few brand new tracks, is an indie-pop paradise ablaze with catchy pop hooks, ambitious production and confessional lyricism. Made up of vignettes from the pair’s shared history as brothers and collaborators, the songs explores themes of love, choices, friendship, heartbreak, hope, memories and dreams. 

The duo elaborate on the creation of the EP: “When we were writing and producing these songs we found ourselves returning to a central theme: that powerful feeling that some things in our lives are meant to be, and how that feeling impacts the choices we make that shape our lives.”

Modern pop provocateur, singer-songwriter/producer Boyfriend has announced today’s premiere of her new single, “Sugar and Spice (Feat. Pyra),” available now at all DSPs and streaming services. The track – which sees Boyfriend joined by award-winning T-pop superstar Pyra – was recently heard on such hit TV series as ABC’s Queens and Showtime’s Queer As Folk. This single heralds the upcoming fully independent release of Boyfriend’s long-awaited debut album, Sugar & Spice, due on Friday, September 9.


“The title track pokes fun at the still-prevailing mythology of the feminine mystique using nursery-rhyme cadence,” Boyfriend says on today’s single release. “With girl power commercial campaigns and media trends, ‘feminism’ can be flattened into a marketing scheme… seeing an empowered woman in a tampon commercial or an all-female Ghostbusters cast does not an equal world make. Representation of course matters, but all of these representations are ultimately on behalf of consumerism and can mask the reality of women’s rights day to day. This song is a reminder of the silly and infantilizing language that predated “girl boss” and is still resonating even if our patriarchal tyrants have changed their vocabulary for street cred.” 

British duo push baby continue to explore the dynamics of their evolving sound with the new single “Circles” – the latest drop from their upcoming album due out this Summer.

Once again continuing to raise the bar of how their sonic brand can be defined, the soft-grunge edge of “Circles” offers an intriguing contrast to the slickly produced boyband-pop of previous singles “Change My Mind” and “WHAT YA GONNA DO?”. Inspired by the mundane nature of ‘everyday life’, the single’s repetitive motifs perfectly balance apathetic dreamy vibes with up-tempo drums to emerge as a track making boredom sound bewitching. 

Building on the momentum from their 2021 album Wow, Big Legend, push baby continue to stamp their identity in this exciting new chapter of their careers. After going their separate ways from mega-manager Scooter Braun just before the pandemic, push baby prove they’re growing into mature creatives who are free from the controlling restraints and ‘politics’ of the major label machine – reaching new heights in their artistic evolution with creative usage of spotlights and minimal fashion looks in the stripped back, one-shot video for “Change My Mind”.

San Diego?

• After a spark of virality on TikTok, Amon releases “San Diego?” – a major vibe that pays homage to his hometown of San Diego.

• Featured on HipHopDX and supported by the TikTok community with tons of entries to the open verse challenge.

• This track will be spun on iHeart’s JAM’N 95.7 in San Diego.

Brooklyn-based alt-pop singer-songwriter, Sabrina Song, shares her first single, the contemplative track, “Doors” and its accompanying video, from her forthcoming EP due out this winter. The tune finds Song reckoning with the desire to hold on to herself in the midst of an unhealthy relationship trying not to let one small action lead to its demise. “Doors” also features Song’s own writing and production, and instrumentation, including the bass lines and drums.

Sabrina Song, who cites Mitski, Lucy Dacus and Carole King as inspirations, has released two EPs–Undone, and How’s It Going To End?, in 2019 and 2020 respectively, consistently transcending her prior work with the next. She made a splash in 2021 with her single, “Thaw,” which caught the attention of acclaimed indie singer-songwriter, Phoebe Bridgers after Song performed it on NPR‘s 2021 Tiny Desk Contest and led to a feature in NPR’s Top Shelf series on All Songs ConsideredSong has also performed regularly around New York City, including a successful string of opening slots for Moon Kissed at Elsewhere Zone One, Hannah Jadagu at the Sultan Room, and Sarah Kinsley at Mercury Lounge. She finished 2021 with NYLON‘s premiere of “Good Night,” who wrote the track is a “lovely, delicate electronic-pop track,” inspired by nights out in Brooklyn and the transition in and out of isolation, and in 2022, Song performed as an official artist at SXSW. Today, Sabrina Song, who is the sole writer and producer behind her work, is ready to bring listeners into her promising world, on her terms.

“Doors,” sees Song gently explore toxicity, reckoning with ways to address a relationship that has remained unsustainable. A quiet edge exists throughout the track, where listeners may find themselves waiting for the beat to pick up, or explode, but it never does, brilliantly capturing the feelings evoked by the lyricism and song itself. Song explains,“‘Doors’ is about a toxic relationship where no matter what you do or say, they are never satisfied. I reference specific moments throughout my life where it feels as though I was letting someone down or being let down myself, yet was still made to feel as though it was my fault. The chorus shows that feeling you have when you just need to get out of a situation and be alone to process: “I don’t care how it sounds, I just want to go home.”

Manchester lo-fi indie band Vala have truly made the first half of 2022 their own. With sell out shows in both their native Manchester and in the capital, as well as supporting their friend and BBC ‘one to watch’ Sfven they’ve had an amazing run of shows this year already. The band’s previous two singles ‘This Town’ and ‘You Don’t Want My Love’ have gained massive radio play on Radio X, BBC, XS Manchester and Amazing radio UK/US.

Stepping slightly away from the band’s more upbeat, lo-fi indie pop style that earned them a fan and production mentor in The Strokes/Libertines producer Gordon Raphael, the band revelled in changing the pace as front man Joe Knowles explains, “We’ve enjoyed slowing down for this track, with it feeling like a continuation of the production and style of our 2021 single ‘It’s Alright When You’re Falling’. The samples of poolside noises are from the film ‘Eighth Grade’, lifted from a scene that was both funny and harrowing and stuck with me so much I had to add the sounds to a song called Swimming. I love the fat drums and bass when they enter around the halfway mark, and is worth the wait to hear one of Vala’s signature moves.”

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