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For the strapping lads comprising Toronto rock trio The Dirty Nil, Big Bear was so much more than a convenience store parking lot they gazed upon from their second-floor bathroom window – the trash-strewn asphalt stage where seemingly every element of the human experience played out like a never-ending theatrical production.

The house was all at once a shared residence, creative commons, and god-forsaken pirate ship, its revolving cast of crewmates armed with instruments, alcohol, and overdriven amplifiers. Indeed, they lived, laughed, and loved there even though no kitschy wall sign from a suburban mom’s Etsy shop told them to.

“We were there through our 20s and having the best time,” shares guitarist Luke Bentham, namedropping some of the transient roommates than who spent a few months under the roof with them – members of fellow revered Canadian rock outfits including The Glorious Sons, Attack in Black, Career Suicide, Seaway, and Single Mothers. “It was so conducive to creativity and collaboration. When we turned 30, though, it felt like time to spring from the nest, so we all put our separate plans into motion, and then I immediately started to miss everybody.”

Rapid-rising Essex punk outfit Bilk unleashes their high-octane, swaggering rock record “Be Someone” – released via the Manchester record label Scruff Of The Neck.

Forming a reputation as one of the most exciting young acts on the underground, Essex-born creative powerhouse Bilk is comprised of Sol Abrahams (guitarist and lead singer), Luke Hare (bassist) and Harry Gray (drummer). The collective’s electric chemistry is on full display across their newest offering “Be Someone”. Anthemic guitar chords and power-charging drums set foundation for Sol’s cocky, whip-smart lyricism – elevated by fiery tones and the kind of tongue-in-check charm that will continue the growing attention around the rising outfit. Offering gritty authenticity with melodic punk sounds, Bilk are carving their own lane with a polish and verve that belie their relatively young ages.

Since bursting onto the map with their breakout 2018 record “Spiked” (1.5M streams), Bilk’s muses of Arctic Monkeys, The Jam and Eminem go some way towards explaining their blend of indie, rap and punk; It’s a unique style that’s seen them build to well over 6M streams on Spotify alone, as well cut their teeth with an incendiary debut performance with BBC Introducing at Reading & Leeds Festival this summer.

‘Runaway’ marks the third single release in the run up to the release of Ghostface600 mixtape ‘TMAC’-T(UG)M(ELODIES)A(PE)C(OLOUR)’. A tape dedicated to his late friend  Tugga, ensuring his name lives on.

Ghostface600 has been rising through the ranks over the years, from making music as a member of UK Drill group Block6, to releasing his first solo project 600 SZN as well as several successful singles such as ‘Fast Life’, ‘Paper Planes’ and his face reveal single ‘Super Freak’.

Having already released ‘Blue Mat’ and ‘Dragon Tattoo’ in the past few weeks Ghostface600 has shifted away from the gritty disposition of his previous work, touching on a more R&Drill sound, ‘Runaway’ opens with soft keys and has Ghostface600 describe himself as a ‘Rapper with Trench Melodies’.

Taking influence from everything around him, Ghostface uses every aspect in his life, with his bars being conversational in his music, he builds his character on masculinity, love, street life and loss, ushering in a new vulnerable side of his artistry that his fans haven’t seen before.

Vevo, the world’s leading music video network released the complete list for its highly-anticipated Vevo “DSCVR Artists to Watch” 2023 campaign. Starting Monday, November 28th, Vevo’s DSCVR ATW will showcase high-quality live performance video content from the class of 2023, with unique performances from each artist, shot exclusively for Vevo. 

Born out of Vevo’s taste-maker series and brand DSCVR, “DSCVR Artists To Watch” is now in its 9th year. With a record-breaking 550 submissions, the current list consists of 20 global artists whom Vevo has tipped to break through to the mainstream.

Vevo’s DSCVR ATW program is one of the most highly anticipated and competitive lists in the emerging music space, as the artists and bands that make it receive critical exposure and promotion that help propel their careers. ATW artists and bands will be marketed and featured in Vevo’s expert music video programming via playlists and editorial features across Vevo’s network, including YouTube and connected TV platforms, such as Roku, Samsung TV Plus, and Apple TV. 

Vevo’s Artists to Watch content will also see the official launch of a brand-new DSCVR set. The new set was designed to help artists express themselves in new and interesting ways through visually striking elements like new entry points, columns, corridors, archways, and windows. 

Speaking to their Vevo DSCVR “Artists To Watch” live performance video for “on & on,” piri & tommy say, we are so gassed to be VEVO artists to watch! DSCVR always has such a sick selection of artists and we can’t believe we’re part of it!”

Becky Thomas, Editorial & Programming Lead, UK/EU adds, “Combining dreamy pop vocals with ethereal beats, piri & tommy are bringing a fresh new take to the UK’s dance scene, and we couldn’t be more excited to add them to the mix for 2023’s Artists To Watch program. The electronic duo have already seen viral success and with fans such as Charli XCX and Pinkpantheress singing their praises, it’s clear to see how much talent piri & tommy possess. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in 2023!”

Manchester born, Berlin based newcomer Sable is set to release her stunning EP, ‘English Literature’, this coming Friday. Closing out a year that has seen Sable support Glass Animals,, play a mini-UK tour and gain acclaim from areas such as Wonderland, House Of Solo and Dummy, the EP serves as further testament that Sable is an artist to keep an eye on. Walking the line between Northern English romanticism and Berlin club culture, it’s a real enthralling listen. Speaking on the project, Sable explains;

“English Literature came together over the course of 6 months, inspired by some of my favourite books. I tried to lift archetypes off the page and transpose them into a modern setting. The more I wrote, the more I realised the characters I was drawn to felt like reflections of my own life, so in the end the EP is as much about me at 25 as it is about these figures that were written hundreds of years ago. From sexuality to love to rejecting the idea of motherhood, the setting may change, but those emotions are pretty timeless.”

This is Fox Revett (he/they), your local choir boy gone rogue, and a multi-instrumentalist inspired by classic singer-songwriters and ahead-of-the-curb hyperpop trailblazers.

The song “I Think I’m Missing” is about a loss of self. Oftentimes we sacrifice our hopes and dreams in the pursuit of something easier, and with that comes a large sacrifice of self.

The song also speaks to our experience going through the global pandemic. So many of us got displaced, isolated, or had to reconcile our dreams due to limited financial resources. Many people lost family, homes, friends, or jobs. This song speaks to that feeling of not knowing who or where you are now.
Listen to “I Think I’m Missing” on streaming platforms everywhere.

 Look at me now, just a 20-something going under…

I recorded “I Think I’m Missing” in Muskoka, during rainstorms. I felt very inspired by nature and wildlife, so I sampled a lot of the outdoors’ sounds and ran it through programs like auto-tune to build instruments for the song. Once I built out the song, my friend Adrian Morningstar of indie rock band Birds of Bellwoods, filled in the song with guitar and traditional instrumentation.

You can also see the incredible fantasy world we built for the music video on YouTube now.

Shot over the course of a few days, we did a lot of the cinematography in and around the Scarborough Bluffs and the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. We then had a studio day where we shot on a set that was built to blend a living room and a forest. We’ve used all of this footage and incorporated elements of artificial intelligence to build a unique fantasy world.

Fox Revett

New York City-based duo – LAVEDA – offer another glimpse into their glimmering second album with new single: “F***”. 


A windows down, wind-in-your-hair, late night drive-worthy track, “F***” sees Laveda perfecting their ansty and ethereal brand of dream-pop while tapping into the agitations and anxieties of young adulthood.

Blending chiffon shoegaze rhythms with propulsive ‘90s-tinged guitars and distant drums, the new cut builds gently to its shimmering conclusion like a college coming-of-age story that sees a disillusioned protagonist defeat their adversaries to come out on top. 

Vocalist Ali Genevich explains: 

“By my second year of college, I knew I wanted to write, record and perform music all the time. I had a heavy load of requirements for my music degree, so it felt like school was just this big delay to actually starting the career I envisioned. By my fourth year I was completely checked out.

“College felt like high school part two to me. I thought most people would have grown out of the desire to be in cliques and look up to whoever was popular by age 19, but I realised that some people never do. I watched a few friends go through some toxic relationships. It was a perfect breeding ground for sh**ty dudes to prey on naive girls. I wished I could make all the bad people disappear so they couldn’t drag down the ones I cared about with them.”

Reminiscent of  Soccer Mommy, NewDad, Snail Mail or beabadoobee, “F***” follows Laveda’s earlier sun drenched single “Surprise”, both of which will feature on the band’s much anticipated second LP ‘A Place We Grew Up In’ – due April 2023. 

Featuring Laveda’s full live band, including Dan Carr (bass) and Joe Taruone (drums), ‘A Place We Grew Up In’ was produced by Dylan Herman (Beck, Pynkie) and is set for release on VT/NY-based label PaperCup Music in Spring 2023. 

Germany based artist M. Byrd releases his new song “Over You / Over Me” via Nettwerk Music Group. On the track, M. Byrd’s vocals soothe over a vibrant and vital  soundscape colored in broad strokes of strings.  

M. Byrd’s balmy vocals soothe over a vibrant and vital soundscape colored in broad strokes of strings in “Over You / Over Me.” “I dreamt there were snakes all over my apartment,” he admits. “A snake is a symbol for drastic change in your life and you’re repressing it. There’s a lot of change for  me.  I’m  starting  to  be  a  full-time  musician.  There’s  still  a  pandemic.  I  tried  to  dress  up  this darkness nicely.” “I talked to a friend who is into interpreting dreams, and she said that snakes in dreams meant that I was going through a profound change in my life. I remembered a quote I once read in an essay by Freud:  ‘A  dream  is  the  liberation  of  the  spirit  from  the  pressure  of  external  nature,  a detachment of the soul from the restraints of matter’,” states M. Byrd about “Over You / Over Me.”

M. Byrd’s music  expands  moments  of  stark  intimacy  to  widescreen  proportions  boosted  by shoegaze scope, alternative boldness, and pop palatability. The German   singer,   multi-instrumentalist,  and  producer  unearths  universality  from  intensely  personal  songwriting.  After generating 10 million plus  streams  and  acclaim  from  outlets  worldwide  he  continues  to  perfect this vision on his 2023 debut LP, The Seed [Nettwerk]. He traces the origin of his passion for music back to playing the drums in front of the TV at three years old. Eventually, he found his dad’s guitar. He embraced inspirations as diverse as Alice Coltrane, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Elliott Smith as well as renown filmmaker David Lynch. Encouraged by a teacher, he picked up electric guitar and attended countless roots jam sessions at local haunts.
In 2020, he turned heads with the single “Mountain”, followed by “Morning Sun”, gaining millions of streams and praise from Ones To Watch, Earmilk, Atwood, etc. At the end of 2020, he holed up in Detmold, Germany in a WWII era British Corps squash hall rechristened as a studio with producer Eugen Koop to create The Seed. Leaving his mark on each level of the music, M. Byrd personally played guitar, synthesizers and bass. In the end, M. Byrd draws you in to inspire your own evolution, stating, “When you listen to the album, I hope you feel like you can grow with me. Maybe you’ll find confidence in yourself. We’re planting this thought with ‘The Seed’.”

Montreal based Canadian two-piece indie pop band Down With Space was formed in 2019 by vocalist/guitarist Rob Helsten and drummer Steve Dumas just before the world shut down. Down With Space is the combination of an English speaker, (Helsten) and a French speaker, (Dumas) who have found an understanding through music when language can sometimes elude communication. Working out of Delicate/Automatic recording studio (co-owned by Helsten), it’s only natural that they have adopted a DIY ethos to keep their process in house while creating sounds that are equally balanced between synthesis and organic instruments. Having recently been awarded a FACTOR artist development grant, Down With Space is looking forward to a productive 2022.

LA-based futuristic R&B-funk artist, Shira Elias, highly anticipated sophomore EP SERVICES the EPout everywhere now. Alongside the full project comes the latest triumphant, self-assured single “OK“. The silky track explores the complex feelings that come with exiting an unhealthy relationship, and the moments of acceptance and relief that follow.

Catch Elias perform new music and longtime favorites during a solo set on December 10, and later, join the new Cool Cool Cool funk outfit on December 11 at North Beach Music Festival with tickets and more information available now at

SERVICES the EP is a dreamy, six track collection from Shira Elias that boldly encapsulates the singer’s growth as she further establishes her sound and discovers more of herself–both as an artist and as a person. The release of the EP picks up where Elias’ 2020 debut EP, GOODS the EP left off. It kicks off a new chapter for the singer, one that is refined and self-assured. Elias explains, “Where ‘GOODS’ was my first solo endeavor, really trying to find a voice while still living and grinding in New York, ‘SERVICES’ is me exploring a new world, moving to Los Angeles during a global pandemic, and trying to love who I am. I think you can really hear the evolution and the difference in the writing and production.” Produced by MEGA, featuring co-writing by Mackenzie Green and Taplin on keys, Elias is thrilled to share her most realized body of work to date.

Alongside the release of the EP is the project’s newest emotional single “OK.” The sleek, sultry track allows Elias to find peace in parting with someone she once loved. Delving into the nuances of love, Elias ultimately finds confidence in leaving the unhealthy relationship behind and proudly recognizes her self worth. “This is an ANTHEM for me. I needed to make this song for myself,” says Elias. “For so long I let myself be in a toxic situation because of fear. OK is the final moment of acceptance and honoring that it’s OK to walk away and it’s OK to acknowledge that you are worth all of it. I think everyone can relate in some way or another to feeling stuck in a situation, and I hope that everyone can chant along at the end, that epiphany, “I NEVER NEEDED YOU.” I really dug deep for the emotion in this one.”

Billion streaming Australian metalcore trailblazers THE AMITY AFFLICTION — Joel Birch [vocals], Ahren Stringer [vocals, bass], Dan Brown [lead guitar], and Jon Longobardi [drums] —have shared a powerful new song “Show Me Your God”.

Speaking about the new single Joel Birch said “Show Me Your God is the first song of our first self-produced record. The song is the first in a series of explorations and internal meditations on how our past shapes us and interacts with our various mental struggles in the present, drawing from both personal experience and also the trauma of close friends who have passed away or who have dealt with close loved ones passing away.”

the rising Switzerland-based musician, singer, and songwriter Mary Middlefield releases her emotive sophomore single, Two Thousand One.” 


Middlefield began writing “Two Thousand One” immediately following a complicated and toxic breakup. The foundations of the track were written from the comfort of her own bed with her mother there by her side.

Throughout “Two Thousand One,” Mary Middlefield offers full transparency on the emotional abuse she experienced throughout a previous relationship. The title of the track holds a significant meaning to Mary that is much more than meets the eye. Building the track around her initial chords, “Two Thousand One” was further developed with a synth and drum arrangement to complete a Folk-inspired sonic driven by Middlefield’s rich vocals.

“The process of finishing the track happened so quickly, it was recorded two weeks after it was written, but it’s definitely one of my favorites to date,” Mary Middlefield explains. “I love how the song offers emotions from the head and heart which people often get during difficult moments within a relationship. It’s a fun, sad, Folk song.”

Ready to blow up the internet yet again, Future presents the blockbuster music video for “712PM” directed by none other than fellow game-changer Travis Scott. Watch “712PM” HERE.

The track “712PM” opens his chart-dominating blockbuster album, I NEVER LIKED YOU and instantly captivates from the jump. With cinematic scope and uncontainable energy, it pops off as the perfect visual companion to the song and reaffirms the brilliant minds of both Future and Travis Scott. This marks the second monumental collaboration between these two superstars this year. Travis served as creative director for Future’s groundbreaking live performance of “Love You Better” from the Brooklyn Academy of Music on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

Future capped off a banner 2022 by picking up six nominations at the 2023 GRAMMY® Awards. The Atlanta juggernaut has notched multiple nods in coveted categories. He landed two nominations for “Best Rap Song” with both “WAIT FOR U “[ft. Drake & Tems] and “Pushin P” [ft. Young Thug] with Gunna as well as two nominations for “Best Melodic Rap Performance” for both “WAIT FOR U” and DJ Khaled’s “Beautiful” [ft. SZA & Future]. Elsewhere, he competes for “Best Rap Album” with I NEVER LIKED YOU and received a nod in “Best Rap Performance” for the mega-hit “Pushin P.”

Recently, I NEVER LIKED YOU passed over 2.6 billion global cumulative streams to date Future also received recognition from the RIAA in observance of over 95 million units certified throughout his career thus far. This honor notably encompasses 9 albums and 68 separate songs as he inches towards 100 million units awarded (counting US sales and streams) and earns one of the highest totals in the history of the 65-year-old program according to the RIAA. Future’s record-breaking album I NEVER LIKED YOU has reached Platinum status, while “WAIT FOR U” featuring Drake hit 3 x Platinum and “PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ” is now certified Platinum.

With her dripping vocals, colorful lyrics, and slicing wit, viral alt-pop artist Emei has rapidly built up a fan base over the past year. Leaning on over a decade of stage experience, Emei invites audiences into her world, leading them through her hyper-relatable musings on young adult life.

Even before she started writing, Emei developed incredible stage presence from her experience competing on Chinese Idol at 15. After receiving third place on the show through months of stadium shows, Emei began releasing her own music on Chinese platforms and eventually performing on Dancing with the Stars of China. When Covid hit, Emei started releasing new music on American platforms, gaining media coverage on Earmilk, Ones to Watch, Early Rising, and Lyrical Lemonade. Emei’s single, “Late to the Party”, hit 5.5M streams after videos of her performing the song live hit a collective 9.5M views on Tiktok and Instagram Reels. Emei has been featured on the cover of Salt and Fresh Finds Pop. Her music has been playlisted on New Music Friday, Big on the Internet, Pop Sauce, Young & Free and more. Her debut EP End of an Era was released October 26th to critical and commercial acclaim. Her new single “Backtrack” is a fan favorite. The track is about when someone tries to take back the messed up things they have already said. “Backtrack” features Emei’s love for live performance, highlighting live drums, guitars and of course, a clear cut lyrical performance  This song is Emei’s last record of 2022, finishing her pop rock “era” with a bang.

Newly signed to Avant Garden ( Emotional Oranges, Chiiild, Unusual Demont), Chicago born, Atlanta based artist Aáyanna makes her debut on the label with a ridiculously catchy single, ‘Risky’. Working with producer Juberlee ( Playboi Carti, Smino, Big Latto), Aáyanna is something of a genre chameleon, creating music which touches on R&B, alternative, indie and more, drawing inspiration from a litany of artists ranging from Sade to The Marias. Speaking on the release, Aáyanna states:

Risky is about taking your power back. It’s about cutting ties with people and situations that no longer serve you. It’s also about having fun, sometimes we take life too seriously and realize that we aren’t enjoying it. Risky is the definition of work, play and having your way. 

Méduses is the first single from Voda, the remarkable new album from Montréal’s exploratory harpist Sarah Pagé. The spellbinding, seven-minute piece suspends the listener in a mood of contemplation, carrying undertones of despair and hope in equal measure. Conceptualized around the evolution, movements and mythologies associated with méduses (French for ‘jellyfish’), this pensive trio for cello, bowed harp and bass evokes a powerful sense of reverence.  Across Voda’s nine dynamic movements, the Montréal harpist explores concepts of mortality and vitality as they entwine with humankind’s relationship to water. Growing out of a collaborative performance piece with Russian/Ukrainian choreographer Nika Stein, the organically-flowing compositions of Voda reveal great movement, catharsis and tenderness. Méduses is a perfect introduction for the curious listener: a wading into the abyss of possibilities.

“The latest album from Montréal’s exploratory harpist Sarah Pagé is a dynamic journey that drifts the listener through tangled knots and flowing eddies. Comprising nine long-form movements, Voda gathers, grows and throws off tensions, revealing murky depths and phenomenal tenderness. Where her last album, Dose Curves, was rooted firmly in the harp, Voda’s scope is much wider: instruments populating the pieces include bass, cello, violin, koto, electronics, oak branches, water bowls and waterphone.

The genesis of the pieces included on Voda (a Russian word meaning ‘water’) date back to 2014 when Pagé was invited to collaborate on a contemporary dance piece by Russian/Ukrainian choreographer Nika Stein. In Voda-Eau-Water, Stein and company explore themes of mortality and vitality as they are typified by humankind’s relationship to water. These conjoined realities are told through symbols drawn from Russian myth and poetry: a peasant woman washing her clothes in a river, an immortal water nymph encountering the concept of death; a dripping wet cave, a spa, a swamp, the abyss. Developing and mounting the piece was an incredibly fruitful experience for Pagé, and so the pandemic found her revisiting the work. 

Over the course of a calendar year, Pagé dissected, experimented, scored and expanded the original pieces that accompanied the performance. Working in collaboration with a trusted circle of players and technicians at her home studio outside Morin-Heights (including Stein who contributes the album’s lone vocals), bits of myth and bodies of water were transmuted into sound, creating a standalone album of great breadth and intensity. Following instincts that both harkened back to and pushed beyond the original material, Pagé employed an array of techniques to go deeper into the concepts of the work. For instance, several of the bed tracks were processed through a large piece of sheet metal that was mic’d and dipped in and out of a basin of water. And that intensive process created but one subtle colour amidst the vivid soundworld that is Voda. 

“What would it take to make a difference? Why does it feel like doing things the right way accomplishes nothing?” These questions were present in my mind as I began to write new music for myself.

I began thinking of how being polite was holding me back from doing good. The past several years have changed me as a person, and I asked myself how much more I would need to change to really be a force for positive change in the world.

My new song, “Everything Taken” came about from the feeling of unshakeable restlessness that myself and many others felt during the height of the pandemic.

Listen to “Everything Taken” today on streaming platforms everywhere.

I’m still grieving lost loved ones, broken relationships, and the end of many long threads in life. In many ways it’s easier to think about having things taken away from me, rather than losing them to circumstances. In reality it’s a bit of both, but I wanted to channel my anger toward the powers that be in this song. I’m choosing to focus on what I would need to do moving forward as a responsible citizen, as a caring friend, and as someone who wants to be good.

Brian Raine of Ways In Waves

Korean-Canadian alternative R&B virtuoso Sylo releases his next single “Drop A Pin.” Vocal-forward and driven by a gently plucked guitar, Sylo laments over the fleeting nature of perfect moments. Along with today’s release, he also announces the January 11 arrival of his highly anticipated EP blanket. Using this year to create at his own pace, Sylo is grateful for his fans’ patience as he perfected a deeply meaningful body of work that he is now ready to share. 

“I wrote this at the height of the lockdown, when it felt like the walls were closing in around me. The only things I could depend on were meditation and my lover,” Sylo says about today’s single.

Between light and darkness, there is a dreamy place where I oscillate in between.

bitter taste” captures the mood I was in while on painkillers and other medications during my time in the hospital.

The story for this song goes back to my time in hospital for cancer treatment during COVID. There were strict visitor regulations which meant that only my partner, Amanda, could come visit me throughout the months that I was stuck there. On top of this, she could only visit 1 hour per day. During all this time of loneliness and isolation and due to the drugs I was on, I often found myself dreaming of her and wishing that she could stay with me for longer.

You can stream “bitter taste” on streaming platforms everywhere.

Sing along to the lyric video on YouTube now.

I woke here, alone in bed

I couldn’t stand the loneliness so I thought of you instead

I wrote a cancer themed song collection during my time in the hospital which will be released as my debut solo LP, entitled OFF TRACK, produced by Liam Jaeger.

Click here to watch an acoustic performance video of “bitter taste.”

I’m so ready to share this album with you,

Steve Neville

(Credit: Lindsey Blane)

18-year-old Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Jade LeMac has released a live session video for her brand new single, “Meet You In Hell.” The live session video release comes alongside Jade’s announcement of her debut EP, Constellations, which is set for a February 10 release. Watch the live session video now here. Pre-save the Constellations EP here

The live session strips back the bombastic original song, revealing the raw power beyond Jade LeMac’s haunting vocal. Speaking on the live session, Jade notes, “We had such a great time recording this live session, I think the one-take video is visually so compelling and I really hope people enjoy this version as much as I do.”

Released October 28, “Meet You In Hell” is Jade’s first official release since her recent signing with Arista Records. The song has garnered critical love from outlets like Just, and Raydar Magazine as well as Spotify support on playlists such as Pop Sauce and Young & Free. Watch the song’s spellbinding official videohere.

With over 30 million streams and counting, today’s new single is the latest addition to Jade’s growing collection of emotive pop tracks that boldly traverse themes of vulnerable introspection and personal empowerment. Championed by GLAAD as one of their “20 under 20” LGBTQ Changemakers of 2022, which Teen Vogue spotlighted as well, Jade LeMac is on a fast rise among the top new artists to watch. 

Asher Ossn shares his stand-out debut single ‘Bound’


HERE on Spotify

HERE on Apple

Coming as a striking new voice, 21-year-old Asher Ossn is here with his impressive first cut ‘Bound’

Hailing from South London, the singer/songwriter and musician incorporates influences of experimental electronica and elements of garage in his debut, pairing it with an expressive vocal, alluring melodies and introspective lyrics.

Asher takes inspiration from a wide range of artists, from SOHN and Imogen Heap to LORN and Burial. On the debut track, Asher says “Bound is about initial magnetism and connection which can quickly become suffocating and not what it seemed to be”. Written by Asher himself, the dynamic track offers a glimpse of what’s to come from the artist.

Asher Ossn is due to release his debut collection of songs in 2023 with further material dropping over coming months.

Follow Asher Ossn on Instagram HERE


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