INsiders Guide: MEGHAN TRAINOR + KIM PETRAS, Sam Casey, JAMES HERSEY, Havanna Winter, Cat Janice, TUYS, L.T. Leif, Victoria Anthony, Flawes, Smaller Hearts…

GRAMMY® Award-winning, global superstar Meghan Trainor recharges, re-energizes, and revamps her global smash “Made You Look” with a brand new Official Remix featuring Kim Petras. Listen to “Made You Look (Feat. Kim Petras)” HERE. The original highlighted her acclaimed new album, Takin’ It Back, out now. Listen to Takin’ It Back HERE

About the track, Petras commented, “I had ‘Made You Look’ stuck in my head for months. It’s just so catchy and I felt like the song was like a warm hug. So I loved it right away, and then when I got asked to jump on it, I was really, really excited. I think Meghan is such a great pop songwriter, so it was an incredible experience. I’ve never worked with an artist who wanted to track me and comp my vocals and do it all together. She really is like a little angel and such a treasure and deserves everything that’s coming her way with the song and I just feel so excited and honored to be a part of it. We collaborated in a really special way that I won’t forget.

This notably marks the first collaboration between Trainor and rising pop powerhouse Petras. Together, they lock into a bouncy call-and-response as Petras urges “Don’t be shy, just put your hands on me, as Trainor’s towering runs ring out. It adds a whole new dimension to the fan favorite. 

On the collaboration, Trainor gushes, “Kim is an icon. I have been a fan for a very long time and I am so excited to have her on ‘Made You Look.’ We had such a fun time in the studio together and she added the perfect energy to the song. She is a queen and I cannot wait for everyone to hear her voice on this song! She really brought it to a whole new level.”

“As a young female artist, I believe that many people expect certain social norms or points of view from me that I consistently disagree with or can’t provide.” Toronto songstress Sam Casey’s music effortlessly weaves two separate yet overlapping themes together over pop-driven beats and contagious choruses. The powerhouse anthems tackle the idea of maintaining your mental health and navigating an, at times, brutal and demanding music
industry. Her songs dive into those same honest spaces of self-reflection. Her lyrics evoke the trying times when she must trudge through that negativity and come out stronger, ready to tackle those difficult situations that life throws up.

“My role as an artist is to say the difficult things and to be honest about the unattractive qualities in myself and, in turn, this hopefully may slowly minimize the fears of my listeners. If we can be honest about our identity and even allow ourselves to feel shame about certain aspects of ourselves, then we can accept that shame for what it is and move on. We can be more accepting of ourselves and others,” Casey shared. “Most of all, the songs help me realize that I will fall, lose, be rejected, or have a crazy episode from time to time regardless of how hard I fight the feelings and, if I do fall, then I should just accept it, move on and not look back.”

Indie pop/rock artist James Hersey is thrilled to release his new single “Right Where I Am” that is out now.
James says, “Right Where I Am is the second single from my upcoming independent album. Recorded at the legendary Toolhouse Studio in Germany, it’s a further step away from the bedrooms and home-studios of my previous releases. I missed recording with a band – the energy and imagination of creative musicians – and wanted to get away from the illusory world of laptop productions. This song is an antidote to loneliness, with a beat that puts you directly in front of our stage. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.”
James Hersey started releasing DIY bedroom pop in his late teens, quickly establishing a name in Vienna’s indie scene. In 2015 a rooftop performance of his song “Coming Over” became a viral hit, remixed by EDM heavyweights filous, Kygo, and Dillon Francis.

16-year-old viral Pop sensation Havanna Winter has shared her most emotionally charged single thus far, “Death Wish,” available now via Stevie Van Zandt’s new Wonderwall Records at all DSPs and streaming services. Produced by David Arkwright (Bella Poarch, Illenium, Icona Pop) and co-written by Winter, Arkwright, Anette Winter, and Maya K (Bebe Rexha, Anita, J Balvin), the track is joined by an official lyric video streaming now on YouTube.

‘Death Wish’ is about love and how romance is unpredictable and a bit of a double-edged sword if you will,” says Havanna Winter. “Sometimes it’s a blessing and other times a lesson…but you never know in advance, and you have no choice but to gamble, even with your heart at stake, because if you don’t, you might miss out on the most incredible part of life and something true, real, and meaningful. The inspiration behind it came from one of my favorite movies: Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet. I am so obsessed with the theme of the movie, with a mix of Shakespearean and the Roman Catholic, modern-fashion-pop-culture, being the most beautiful, yet most tragic love story of all times.

Driving with a fine fusion of emotional integrity and energizing musicianship, songwriter and artist Cat Janice delivers a fresh thread of artistry to the modern music scene. The indie gem presents a skilful balance of soaring vocals, snappy guitar lines and euphoric synths, for a uniquely immersive take on alt pop. Proving both exciting and deeply human, Cat’s versatility knows no limits. From the dance-pop rhythms to finely-honed vocals, Cat is equal parts skill and character. Inspired by the likes of Remi Wolf, Benee, and Willow, Cat’s love for music transcends the limits of style. Her songs connect with their strong grooves and confident melodies that feel genuinely fresh. 

Born and raised in Northern Virginia by a vastly musical family, Cat took to violin and piano at an early age. What followed was 14 years of classical training, with valuable time spent as part of orchestral productions, jazz bands and theatre shows. The writer/producer explains, “I’m trained in multiple styles of music, I want to use all of it. I don’t want to be defined by a genre. I want to create what I want, write about what I want, and sing in whatever style I want. If there’s anything cancer taught me, it’s that I need to just do what makes me happy. Because at the end of the day, your emotions through creativity is the only thing you’ll be able to leave behind, so say what you want!”


Between energetic live shows and cinematic videos, TUYS craft an exuberant mix of artistic sophistication and pop hooks.

Based in Berlin, the group consists of three primary school friends who create a mix of driving art rock and emotive psych pop music with chiming guitars, synths, and wide-ranging vocals. Tour mates of The 1975, Everything Everything and Imagine Dragons, TUYS are kicking off their 2023 with stellar new single, ‘ Look Alive’. Speaking on the track, the state:

 Look Alive should feel like a run through the disorienting video game of current times in which you lose the sense of reality in gamified chaos. It is about looking to feel alive in constant distraction.

An adopted member of the Scottish DIY music scene whose life and art has been heavily shaped by northern landscapes and climes, L.T. Leif is rooted in the self-sufficient spirit of the Canadian prairies, and carries with them the indelible experience of spells spent in Finland,  Iceland, and the Pacific NW.

Leif has been involved in many bands and projects, first entering the scene with Calgary orchestral pop sweethearts The Consonant C. Since the group disbanded in 2011, Leif has explored many configurations and approaches, from experimental noise collaborations with the infamous Bug Incision crew to playing sold-out shows with the punk-hearted OK JAZZ, drumming with slacker-rock bands (Hex Ray and Hungry Freaks), playing synths with Matt Swann (of Astral Swanns), and singing in a witch choir (Hermitess). Leif’s admirers include K Records maestro Calvin Johnson (they toured together with The Believer Magazine). Releases under the solo-with-friends moniker L.T. Leif have included the 2016 double album ‘Shadow on the Brim / Rough Beasts’ and Leif’s first release on Lost Map Records, the 2022 Lost Cat cassette compilation of live and unreleased tracks, ‘Introducing L.T. Leif’. Leif’s spirit is collaborative, generative, experimental, and kind – the band members and the parameters of the project are ever-evolving, but, as Leif says of the project: “to the friendships

 Victoria Anthony releases “Another Regret,” an exhilaratingly defiant pop-punk breakup anthem about how the wrong person can scare you from trying something new.

The track, co-written by Victoria and Ryan Worsley, is grounded by Victoria’s unwavering vocals that are reminiscent of the early aughts’ mainstays.

“Another Regret” is also the first of three singles from her forthcoming sophomore album (due out in Spring 2023) that unveil a new direction for Anthony. “It’s still pop, but with a little bit of a grunge-inspired rock feel, and more honest lyricism than I’ve done in the past,” she explains.

Listen to “Another Regret” HERE

Fresh off a sold-out 15-date tour of the UK and Europe in November 2022 with American Tik Tok sensation Leah Kate, Anthony’s dynamic live performances were embraced by enthusiastic fans in every city. “It was mind-blowing to see these audiences singing along to my songs”, says Anthony. “I didn’t expect them to know every word!”

Flawes’ modern take on timeless pop put them on the map from the very beginning, resulting in a famous fan in the shape of Billie Eilish, sessions with Finneas, repeated support from Radio 1 and performances at Reading and Leeds. Just as they were set to go stellar the world was thrown into turmoil, but the trio continued to engage fans keeping their debut album ‘Highlights’ in the spotlight during lockdown, and then made the most of the downtime by releasing their ‘Reverie’ EP early in 2021.
Flawes are now back – better than before. Their dogged determination is rewarded as they announce the June 9th release of their fittingly-titled new album ‘One Step Back, Two Steps Forward’ alongside brand new single ‘Don’t Blame Me’. After experiencing a disruptive few years, Flawes are now perfectly primed to fulfil their near limitless potential. Listen to ‘Don’t Blame Me’ HEREWatch the lyric video HERE.

Smaller Hearts began as a game. Kristina Parlee and Ron Bates tore up a bunch of pieces of paper, and on each they wrote a word that could describe a song: slow, fast, quiet, loud, odd time signature, with or without certain instruments, et cetera. Then they’d mix the paper all up in a bowl, like David Lynch drawing today’s lucky number, and pull out a few. The results were treated as instructions: the corresponding song would be written and recorded to the random spec of the draw.

The results were mixed. Some of the combinations that resulted made a nonsensical racket, and some of them hewed closer to the hooky indie pop Parlee and Bates loved. Taken together, these experiments pointed the way to a new sound that the two began to become obsessed with: catchy synth-pop laced with just enough experimentation and discord to satisfy their taste for noise. Touchstones were Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys, but laced with the narcotic rush of My Bloody Valentine and the tone bursts of Stereolab.

Veterans of the Halifax scene—of such bands as The Maynards, Moonsocket, Shoulder Season, Orange Glass, and more—Parlee and Bates imposed one self-restriction upon formulating Smaller Hearts’ aesthetic: no guitars. They wanted to try something new.

Self-produced at their home and featuring a striking cover photo of an amusement park in Tokyo, Smaller Hearts’ debut album arrived in 2018. It landed a single on Spotify’s Outliers playlist, made the top ten on the nationwide Earshot chart, number one on its Electronic chart, helped the band secure a Music Nova Scotia nomination for Best Electronic Artist, and earned accolades all around.

HORIZON is the 9th studio album from French duo THE INSPECTOR CLUZO.

“This is an electric one. A rock one and three years of work” Produced in Nashville by their friend and mentor Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, the Raconteurs, Jack White), who calls this “the most personal album of the Cluzos.” Every song in the new album corresponds to an event of their life, something that they personally experienced, especially as professional farmers.

Like their fight against big factory farming to protect their geese and their farm Lou Casse. Their fight for an agroecological system Songs like “Running a Family Farm is More Rock Than Playing Rock’ n ‘Roll Music”, or “Saving the Geese” talk about the massive bird flu pandemic they have to navigate.

Songs like “Swallows” discuss the negative impact of chemical farming. And The title track “Horizon” may be their most personal song yet, says the band “this is our philosophy on life.” “Horizon” was written 15 years ago, and recorded for the band’s first LP, but it never made it onto the album.

Warrington indie-rock risers – THE K’S – have revealed a wistful new video for recent single “Hoping Maybe”, ahead of an extensive UK tour this March.


A cinematic and sentimental new video that captures an electrifying love story unfold alongside a series of compelling performance shots, the video was directed by Geoff Owens and arrives as an ideal accompaniment to the heartfelt track. 

For a band that still believes getting right up in front of people is the best way to let them know what you’re all about, The K’s have finally managed to stay still long enough to record some new music — with “Hoping Maybe” leading the charge.

If 2022 was all about laying the live foundations, 2023 is all about raising the roof with new music for the band.

Indie rock artist Young Borra is thrilled to release his new single “Face The Music” that is out now.

“Face the Music” is a high tempo, high octane modern rock n roll/indie banger from NYC nightlife DJ and personality Jonas Young-Borra – featuring a solo from Madonna’s original touring guitarist and writer of “Lucky Star” Paul Pesco. Mixed by Shakira “Hips Don’t Lie” producer Serge Tsai, Mastered by Brian Jackson.

Born in the Bronx, raised in New York City. Jonas Young-Borra (Young-Borra) is today’s answer to yesterday’s pop-star. He writes, sings, programs and plays original material. He believes in quality over quantity in a world that is flooded with the latter. He listens more than he speaks and speaks more when he needs to. He is well-informed and he is a much needed character in a character business.

Toronto’s Cam Kahin today announced his new EP and debut for Dine Alone Records, WHEN IT’S ALL OVER, will be released on April 6th, 2023; pre-order here. Kahin also shared the brooding, thunderous new single “birds,” which he describes as “the heaviest song I’ve ever written, both sonically and lyrically. It’s a four and a half minute panic attack, collapsing into and out of a screaming, sludgy breakdown. My darkest and most unapologetic song to date.” “birds” arrives with a cinematic video directed by Lebni Thodakee Avitia (Heirmanos), which perfectly reflects the track’s grim and blistering dynamics. “The message of the song is something I can relate to, as I had experienced derealization/depersonalization myself,” explains Avitia. “I wanted to convey that feeling, but also knew that those phases of depression are seen as an evil spirit trying to take over in some religious cultures. I threw that twist in as an homage to some of mine and Cam’s favorite horror movies.”

WHEN IT’S ALL OVER was recently named one of the year’s most anticipated Canadian releases by CBC Music (“one of our favorite new discoveries”), and its announcement follows “compass,” another EP single released last fall to support from FLOOD Magazine (“an electrifying and concise pop song—fans of Cloud Nothings and Joyce Manor rejoice!”), CBC Music, Ones to Watch (playlist), and more.

Kahin grew up in Dunnville, Ontario, a small community with around 6,000 residents, where he always felt like an outsider: he was the only person of color in town, there were no music venues, and what art existed there wasn’t for him. He escaped the small-town doldrums by listening to bands like Cage the Elephant, Biffy Clyro, and PUP. By age 13, he was sneaking out to hardcore shows in Hamilton and Toronto. Those shows pounded an energy and darkness into him that he brings to his music and live performances.

“WHEN IT’S ALL OVER is a depression-fueled coming-of-age story,” says Kahin. “Every month you’re a different person. It’s a lot of feeling uncomfortable, and not knowing what’s stable and what’s not.” His new EP is the sound of life forcing him to the brink of self-destruction, and the pendulum swing of the path back to some semblance of peace. Set against a suite of fuzzy prog garage rock and ear worm guitar sludge, with explosive crescendos that all claw at the weirdness of growing into a world of relentless instability, it’s the sound of music as survival: loud, honest, and desperate to live.

London-based artist Prince of Falls delivers an entrancing new single “Holding Back.” Marked with an addicting groove, the track blends 80s influence with trap soul percussion. Prince Of Falls offers highly nostalgic melodies on the record and slips into his psyche, recalling dark memories and feelings.

“Holding Back” is about being addicted to a person and 

losing full control of your own mind. – Prince Of Falls

Emerging from the depths of London, Prince of Falls is a 25-year-old Nigerian-born, Greenwich-raised artist whose mystical melodies range somewhere on the spectrum of dark R&B and intimate rap. The hypnotic beats take listeners into a more private corner of the human experience. Forever chilled yet pulsating with purpose, it is in this way that Prince of Falls is determined to continue to connect with people all across the globe.The resulting sound is incredibly unique and has achieved over 40 million streams across all DSP’s. 

To understand his vision, it’s important to look back on his upbringing and the journey that has shaped his multidimensional creative mindset. Having grown up in Nigeria, Prince of Falls’ musical ear was shaped by his mum’s love of gospel music and hearing his dad play hits from Nigerian artists such as P-Square and Styl-Plus. Over time, the young artist was slowly introduced to pop tunes coming out of the US. Reminiscing on the freeway he’d joyfully dance along to music by artists like Rihanna. “I remember dancing to “Pon de Replay” at home and my aunty saying how I obviously liked expressing myself with and through music. It was true and, looking back, I guess I took that on board.”

Lil Yachty continues to grow his legacy as a creative maverick with Let’s Start Here. (Quality Control Music/Motown Records). The Grammy nominated artist who’s known for challenging the status quo and disregarding expectations on his artistry does just that on this new album. 

For many months of 2021-2022 the acclaimed musician poured himself into a full band experience in the studio day and night with stints ranging from El Paso to Brooklyn. A deep, introspective and expansive Psychedelic Alternative album “Let’s Start Here” came to life Executive Produced by SADPONY. His longtime love of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and multiple psychedelic journeys influenced this ambitious and intimate album. The work will be enjoyed today on January 27th worldwide.

This ambitious and realized album serves as an introduction to a new era of craftsmanship. 

Turning up with a sound primed to light up the sticks and the skyscrapers, country trap king Jamie Ray re-ups and re-charges his debut. Country Trap, with a special Deluxe Edition out now via Against Da Grain/Human Resources/Epic Records. He reloaded the fan favorite with four brand new tracks enhanced by his signature drip.. Listen to Country Trap (Deluxe)HERE.

To celebrate its arrival, he just uncovered the music video for his buzzing anthem “Country To The City,” which has begun to ignited millions of views on Tik Tok. Watch HERE. Plucky banjo twists and turns around a head-nodding beat as he makes a declaration, “I’m the first country boy to make ‘em throw it back and twerk. In the visual, he cruises around surrounded in a flatbed truck filled with hay flanked by dancers in between rapping on the farm and on the hood of a new GMC truck.

Check out the full tracklisting below!

Thus far, Jamie Ray has distinguished himself as country’s ultimate disruptor. He has collected north of 30 million-plus streams, earned a cosign from Young Thug, and even teamed up with Southern rap legend Bubba Sparxxx on a Remix of the #1 classic “Deliverance” in addition to collaborating with everyone from Lil Baby to YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Now, he’s bringing his brand of country worldwide! Get ready…

Hailing from Miami, Florida, bilingual girl group, Bella Dose became a phenomenon by simply being themselves. With each member – Brianna Leah, Jenni Hernandez, Melany Rivera, and Thais Rodriguez – a triple threat individually and unstoppable when together.

Initially formed in 2017 by music executive Vicky Curiel, the girls have since taken off, racking up millions of streams and attracting a massive audience of millions of followers across all social media platforms, taking TikTok by storm with their singing & dance challenge videos with even superstar Shakira also creating a dance to Bella Dose. The girl group has been featured in publications such as ABC News, Rolling Stone, Glamour, Wonderland, CNN, HOLA! and slayed the covers of Photobook MagazineContrast Magazine and OBVIOUS Magazine. As well as being interviewed by some of the biggest Latin & Spanish talk shows such as Despierta AméricaNoticias SINAl Rojo Vivo and more.

With heritages from Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Chile, the girls embody their Latin flavors through their music, all while bringing a tidal wave of female empowerment for the Gen-Z generation.

With passionate lyrics and a bold beat, “Mírame” speaks about that situation we all know too well – rediscovering yourself in the midst of a broken relationship.

Produced by local Dembow producers, the rhythm gives an upbeat, fast-paced tempo that makes you want to dance all night while forgetting about the one who broke your heart and helping you realize that you’re better off without them.

Bella Dose brings a fresh perspective on what a girl group is today while representing the core elements of what a girl group is and has always been – unapologetic, dynamic, strong and influential. Bella Dose sweeps in a new era of mainstream bilingual music rooted in the Latin space, undeniably bringing a unique elevation to music.

Epic Records and GRAMMY® Award-winning iconic producer, rapper, DJ, entrepreneur, and cultural connoisseur Swizz Beatz unleash the ominous third single from GODFATHER OF HARLEM: Season 3 entitled “Murda” [feat. Busta Rhymes & Murda]. Listen to “Murda” HERE via Epic Records.

Busta Rhymes shows out with a rapid-fire lyrical onslaught befitting of his reputation as one of the most uncompromising and undeniable spitters of all time. He channels classic New York hip-hop with elite verbal acrobatics. Meanwhile, Philly vocal powerhouse Bilal pulls up with a soulful counterpoint to Busta’s fireworks.

It lands in the wake of Dave East’s “Damn.” Immediately, REVOLT proclaimed, “On the song, the two New York natives combine their strengths to embody the attitude of the series.” Listen to “Damn” HERE.

Scottish sensations – SHAMBOLICS – have confirmed details of a UK tour for April and May 2023, kicking off in Glasgow. All dates are listed below, with tickets on sale today here.

The news follows the release of their courageous single “Living In Shadows” (out now), and the announcement of a new EP: ‘U Serious Boi?!’, which will arrive on 14 April 2023.


A gentle guitar ballad that erupts into an uplifting acoustic anthem by its close, “Living In Shadows” glistens like a reassuring ray of light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel of mental health struggles. 

Arriving as the band announce their signing to Manchester-based tastemaker label Scruff of the Neck Records, vocalist Darren Forbes explains of the new track:

“”Living In Shadows” is a song of optimism. It’s a song of hope for anyone going through a dark time. After seeing friends struggle badly with mental health and having gone through a few bad patches in our own lives, we wanted to write a song that was a reminder to people that darkness is only temporary and that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.”

Monstercat Silk veteran Shingo Nakamura returned to the label today with his nostalgic melodic house single, “Come Closer.” Reminiscent of his classic instrumental tracks, the new record combines those signature stylings with  stunning piano melodies that his core fans have long asked for. The dreamy arpeggios echo with his profound atmospheric elements that have cemented him as Japan’s leading melodic house producer. The single marks an exciting new beginning for Shingo as a full-time musician, leaving his day job behind to fuel his passion.  

Shingo Nakamura shares, “I hope you enjoy the combination of the soft piano melody and the track. I had received many such requests from fans who had been listening to my music since around 2011.

One of Monstercat Silk’s leading visionaries, Shingo Nakamura has carved a globally momentous path for over a decade with his distinctly euphoric soundscapes. Multiple records from his collection have reached #1 on Sirius XM Chill, and continue to garner the prestigious likes of Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, BT, and more progressive and trance heavyweights. Last year, he made his ADE debut at Monstercat’s Silk Showcase in October, with plans to embark on his largest tour to date this year. Look out for more new music and live performances overseas that are soon to be announced. 

Bass producer SKYLER, formerly known as Skyler Madison, today launched a refresh on her brand and sound with the trap-fueled single, “Hit My Line,” on Monstercat. Inspired by spontaneity, the heavy bass progressions and thrilling trap drops are the soundtrack to unplanned nights becoming the greatest memories. Breaking from her familiar future bass sound, the new record welcomes her creative instinct to explore a heavier side of her cinematic palette, emerging as SKYLER. With a diverse range of melodic bass to deep future trap, fans can look forward to hearing more of her cutting-edge stylings on her debut Monstercat EP later this year.  

SKYLER shares, “This record can best be described as trusting the unknown, or better yet, just going with the flow and making the absolute best out of it; which I’m sure we can all heavily relate to in some form. As a human-being, I feel like we can all try to strive for just enjoying the moment and not overthinking things as much as we do.”

Originally an open-format DJ, the trailblazing queer producer has since made a name for herself gaining support from Flux Pavilion, NITTI, Krewella, and more. Last year, SKYLER celebrated a milestone with her festival debut at Tomorrowland, and will continue to dominate the live circuit in 2023. The next chapter of SKYLER will put her engineering and sound design skills on full display, as she polishes her records with harder bass and heavier chord progressions than ever before. 

New York-based dark-pop artist LEXXE is back with her new single, “X.” Pairing swirling disco beats with raw, diaristic lyricism, LEXXE has created a song that is euphoric and emotional all at once. A heartwarming tale of love and loss, “X” is an ode to her father, Xavier (X), who passed away 20 years ago this year. The nontraditional release date – Sunday, January 29th – is her late father’s birthday. 

“A few years ago I was performing and could absolutely swear I saw my father sitting front row,” LEXXE says. “I love to write about the supernatural and the things we don’t understand, so while I acknowledge that seeing him could’ve been something my mind made up, it doesn’t make it any less poignant,” Lexxe writes. “The song is composed of different lines about me questioning life and death, talking about real life events (the show where I thought I saw him, his friends seeing me in random bars and crying because I look like him, the last time I saw him) and it’s really a question of do we ever really die?”

Photo Courtesy: JD Barnes, a digital content property owned by iONE Digital, has released its latest cover featuring none other than award-winning actress, singer and entertainer, Naturi Naughton-Lewis. Naturi Naughton-Lewis is known as Tasha in the acclaimed television series on STARZ, Powerand Power Book II: Ghost. Naughton-Lewis is a singer, actress, entrepreneur and mother – all of which she juggles effortlessly with grace and poise. She collaborated with to share her stories of feeling powerful and powerless while navigating motherhood and Hollywood.

In a one-on-one interview with HelloBeautiful, Naughton states, “I’ve chosen to just surrender sometimes, which is not easy for me. That’s like a personality thing.”

Following on from November’s “I Don’t Suffer Anymore”, “What If We Break Up?” is the brooding London based vocalist’s second release; overflowing with GaDDel’s emotionally charged confessions, a minimal backing of just a Yamaha 1954 Grand Piano allows his raspy, tender vocals to take centre stage and deliver the track’s poignant, self-written lyrics in full capacity.

With his finger on the pulse of sounds emerging from every genre and culture, GaDDel uses these broad influences for his storytelling, songwriting and composing which he first started honing during his childhood – using his parents’ business (a greenhouse garden) as a playground, by sampling animal and nature sounds and turning them into his first songs. 

Eventually making inroads by moving to London in pursuit of his pop star dreams, GaDDel’s progress was unfortunately cut short after his mental and physical health rapidly declined. Taking time out of his music career to recover, GaDDel sought major escapism from his troubles by creating new material inspired by his experiences with depression, mental health and strained relationships – channelling life’s heartbreaks into cathartic, relatable musical moments. 

Now in a securer position and finally ready to start again, “What If We Break Up” and “I Don’t Suffer Anymore” offer a glimpse into the emotional depth of an intriguing, introspective newcomer – let me know if you’d be interested in speaking with GaDDel about his story and upcoming music.

EDGEOUT Records artist Bluphoria are thrilled to share their newest single “Ain’t Got Me.” “Ain’t got me was one of the oldest Bluphoria songs I’ve written,” says Reign LaFreniere. “It was one of those songs that made itself after I had the chords. It’s a bit of a nostalgia trip for me that I hope others can relate to.” The song premiered earlier this week via V13 who said “For a band that only started playing together their sophomore year at the University of Oregon and is already this sharp, we feel pretty confident that these kids are going places.” The band also performed the song live on Today in Nashville last week. “Ain’t Got Me” follows the releases “Walk Through Fire” and “Set Me Up” all off of the band’s forthcoming major label full-length debut, expected to release later this year.

The songs Lily writes speak for themselves. The infectiously lush synth-pop gem “Real“, showcasing Kincade’s affecting nostalgia and dextrous vocals, has racked up over five and a half million streams on Spotify alone. A song she performed at Live One’s Grammy event in Vegas last year (video here). Lily describes herself as someone who “[makes] music for driving with the windows down”, and the two EPs she’s released so far are full of the sweeping cinematic soundscapes and diaristic narratives to prove it. Aside from being a phenomenal singer, Lily is also a songwriter and writes for other artists besides herself. (Mckenna Grace “Haunted“).
With her boundless charisma and savvy yet sincere use of social media, Lily has formed an incredible bond with her fans. 

Some artists take offense when compared to other acts, the implication being that their sound is unoriginal or derivative. Lily Kincade, on the other hand, embraces comparisons to her influences (namely Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey) as a way of connecting with her fans, most of whom grew up idolizing the same stars. By populating her social media feeds with covers and memes of songs that her fanbase has known for years, Lily manages to create an in-language with her followers. This devotion to curating community amongst her listeners is what truly sets Lily apart; she has a Discord page where she regularly shares jokes and edits with her fans, as well as a weekly “mental health check-in Monday” that has become something of a ritual with her sixty thousand-plus Instagram followers.


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INsiders Guide: Colony House, A Very Special Episode, SM6, RIZ LA VIE, Sumaroo, Robin Eaton, Themes For Great Cities, The Get Right Band, FLØRE, WHIPPED CREAM…

Review: Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge Are Solid In The Heartbreaking Dramedy ‘Spoiler Alert’