Composer-pianist and algorithmic maestro – LARKHALL – will return in 2023 with a collaborative new album: ‘And You Were: Say You’re With Me Reworked’. Released on 26 May, the record will feature nine radical reinterpretations of songs which featured on Larkhall’s 2022 album ‘Say You’re With Me’ created during the isolation of lockdown


Enlisting a cast of creatives who have crossed paths with the Bath-based artist AKA Charlie Williams since his move to the UK, the album will see guest appearances from artists including Echo Juliet, Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres, Neil Gay, Simeon Walker, Jim Cornick, Josh Semans, Harriet Riley, and more, all of whom lend their idiosyncratic stylings and individual talents to this eclectic release.

Leading the way into the new release, Larkhall is delighted to unveil two of the album’s most immediate and engaging cuts: James Yuill’s reworking of “Eleven Japanese Streams”, plus Ani Glass’ rework of “Cascade”, both of which are available to stream from 24 February.

Earning his stripes remixing for legendary acts like Erasure and M83, and premier producers like Mint Royale and David Holmes, the Moshi Moshi-signed James Yuill brings his vivid visions to the world of Larkhall for the first time. Transforming the pensive piano score of the original into a playful synth-pop wonderland, Yuill’s rework of “Eleven Japanese Streams” glitters with the bright, innovative and optimistic energy of his own folktronica creations. 

Speaking about the rework of his 2022 album Larkhall says:

It’s a great way to hear another side of a musical idea and the perfect excuse to collaborate with someone who’s in your creative circles but you haven’t worked with before. James was on my radar as a great-musician-and-nice-guy around the London scene, we got talking on social media and the invitation for a remix was simple “Here’s the track, do whatever you want!”

So impressed with Yuill’s rework, the track would provide the lightbulb moment that would therein inspire a full collection of reworks, ‘And You Were: Say You’re With Me Reworked’, which will arrive later this Spring. As Larkhall adds:

“His remix of Eleven Japanese Streams is so good that it actually inspired the rest of the “reworks” album— it was an idea that had sort of been kicking around in my head, but hearing his remix made it clear that this was something worth pursuing.”

Emerging from Vancouver Island, Canada, Xana is an emerging pop powerhouse. Her command of pop music keeps her songwriting enthralling, as her blissful vocals glide across the most intimate storytelling and worldbuilding. It’s her intoxicating vibrance that sets Xana apart, as she encompasses themes of LGBTQ romance, female empowerment, sex positivity, self-reflection, and discovery across her flourishing repertoire. 

Following the success of her debut album, Xana is back with her new single “Bad Bandit”. Since connecting with producers Liam Moes and Shane Stephenson at the beginning of 2020, her musical endeavours have taken off. Finding inspiration in various different styles of music, Xana’s experimentalism thrives, as she dips her toes into whatever she’s connecting with at that moment. Finding familial comfort in her love for country music, “Bad Bandit” encapsulates Xana’s love for all things western, as she conjured up a host of intriguing characters and chronicles alike. She explains, “One of the first things I wrote was the first verse “Like Clyde and Bonnie, I want you on my body, bandits who aren’t sorry, a money hungry party” and that’s what sent us down this old western character pop-rock rabbit-hole. It was a song we got to have a lot of fun making.” 

Paying close attention to the enthralling soundscapes and ambience of older western movies, Xana turns cinematics into soundscapes in her truly unparalleled way. “Bad Bandit” soars with roaring rhythms, a pounding bassline and Xana’s truly echoic vocal energy, enveloping into a rebellious anthem that amounts to the perfect level of sass and success. 

Hoping to make people feel more connected to their emotions, Xana encourages her fanbase to embrace their truly authentic selves. She confides, “It’s so beautiful to see them fiercely be themselves and form friendships and relationships with each other. Music that brings people together is the most successful, and I’m so grateful to share this space with them.”

Garnering humbling support from several Spotify editorial playlists like New Music Friday Canada, The Locker, Fresh Finds Pop, Ready to Rock and Limelight to name a few, her music video for “Kitchen Light” has surpassed one million views on Youtube. With streams surpassing 20 million on Spotify alone, Xana continues to be a trailblazer of her time.

Pop provocateur Kristen Knight makes a powerful statement with her first official single – the electrifying “What You Came Here For”. Commanding attention with its retro-flavoured pop production, “What You Came Here For” infuses an empowering message of resilience conveyed through Knight’s raw, earnest vocals, thundering synths and a slick dance-pop beat. Kristen Knight made the following statement about “What You Came Here For”: “This song is about breaking the chains of control, and designing your own narrative as a creative being. Be unafraid to be unapologetically who you are. Don’t put yourself in someone else’s box of expectations. Don’t dim your shine to fit in. You aren’t here to make anyone else comfortable with who you are or how you choose to express yourself.”

Born and raised in Miami to artistic parents who were immersed in Miami’s nightlife, Knight’s house was always filled with music, inspiring her desire to sing for the rest of her life. Describing herself as “a chameleon musically” due to her varied tastes in genres, the trained dancer had always been quietly working on making music in the background of her career as a professional dancer, performing as a showgirl on Miami’s South Beach for some of the biggest artists in the world. Learning how to produce as a way to further fulfil her creative desires, Knight eventually began working as a DJ across Florida; Knight was soon an in-demand fixture on the scene, earning global recognition for her DJ skills and taking her sets to huge crowds around the world including Osaka, Dubrovnik, Mykonos, Tenerife, Croatia, Ibiza and Amsterdam.

Following their acclaimed 2021 release Roses, Australian indie folk-rock outfit The Paper Kites returns with “The Sweet Sound Of You,” the first single from their upcoming ‘Roadhouse’ project. 


In the winter of July 2022, the band performed an unannounced month-long residency in the small Victorian town of Campbells Creek (Australia) while working on their sixth album. Locals and passers-by stepped in from the cold, foggy air to find a warm cracking fire, crowded tables and booths and a dimly lit bar.

“We had talked about this for years” Sam Bentley explains, “We were drawn to the idea of holding up in a town somewhere and playing the evenings as a house band. The Roadhouse became this place for us.”

The Sweet Sound Of You” talks of the changing of the seasons, the passing of time and the memories that linger in between. Sam Bentley croons lyrics of carefully crafted imagery alongside Christina Lacy‘s lilting piano and the band at their tender best. Expanding their line-up, the five members of The Paper Kites recruited three extra musicians to make up their roadhouse band, including multi-instrumentalist Matt Dixon – who’s weeping pedal steel features on the track – as well as Hannah Cameron and Chris Panousakis. Performances from The Roadhouse were filmed by cinematographer Keiren Watson-Bonnice and are set to be released with the upcoming singles.

Beans on Toast – releases the powerful new single: “Against The War”.


One year since the war in Ukraine began and with the Doomsday clock closer to midnight than ever before, the UK folk singer returns with a timely protest song that needs little explanation.

As Beans says:

“Against the War is a protest song. It’s a song about peace written in a time of war. It wasn’t an easy song to write, but like everyone, the horrors of the Ukraine invasion have been at the forefront of my mind for the past year.”

From Neil Young to Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and countless more, the greatest folk artists have always used their voices to make a stand against conflict. Continuing in that tradition, the message from Beans on Toast couldn’t be plainer here, as he sings: “Peace is what I’m standing for and I’m Against the War”.

Available on Bandcamp as a “pay what you feel” release, all proceeds from the sales of “Against The War” will go directly to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (C.N.D.). A limited edition T-shirt will also be available from 24 February, with 20% of profits additionally to be donated to the C.N.D. 

Rising South-East London rapper KayOrAlpha returns to the ether with his gritty offering “Lemme Introduce Myself (Intro)” via GRM DAILY.

Following a musical hiatus to hone his sound, the 21-year-old artist now displays his creative evolution across a heavy, drill-soaked offering. Confident and sophisticated lyricism sees Kay battle inner-city pressure and the disruptive influences that come hand-in-hand. Hugely impacted by his late father’s love for music, “Lemme Introduce Myself (Intro)” reflects the turbulent realities of trauma, loss and mental health while showcasing his clear purpose to leave a long-lasting legacy on the scene.

Accompanied by an electric official music video, the visuals see KayOrAlpha envision the rigorous path he’s taken and the determination of an artist seeking to reclaim his spot as an exciting young prospect on the rise.

Exploding onto the scene in 2020, KayOrAlpha has been steadily perfecting his craft, delivering sharp, potent visualisers that quickly announced his entrance into the landscape. Tracks like “Cookie Bop” – over 100K views on its GRM DAILY debut – earned Kay breakout status, with a slew of singles following before a life-changing situation halted his journey.

Jazz FM’s ‘Soul Act of the Year’ Mica Millar returns with single ‘Trouble’, lifted from her debut album Heaven Knows with a cinematic new music video releasing 24th Feb.

Packed with attitude, this fierce track from the UK Soul artist incorporates searing organs and a rich palette of voices while tackling themes of karma, fate and resilience. Lyrically, the song warns of the perils in taking risks, yet the bold and confident music counterbalances them with an encouraging tone to give it a shot. The accompanying, soon to be revealed, music video follows the journey of a man’s life from childhood to adulthood as he carries and attempts to offload his metaphorical karma in the form of a suitcase.

”The idea for this video was originally inspired by my grandad’s story. He had a bit of a ‘colourful life’, let’s say… but the message that he tried to impart on me before he died was that instead of fighting his demons he was acknowledging his mistakes and trying to make amends by doing some good in the world. That was his way of ‘repenting’ I suppose. That’s the sentiment I wanted to convey through the video. ” says Mica.

Already picked by many a critic as an album highlight, ‘Trouble’ has also had a ton of European support, making its way into mainstream radio playlists in Germany, Italy SWR 1, WDR 5, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Radio 24 and many more  – the latest in a string of continued coverage across Europe. Other singles from ‘Heaven Knows’ have received radio airplay across France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Poland. The album was also named by Germany’s Pop Magazine as one of the ‘Best Albums of 2022’, along with previous single ‘Preacher Man’ making their ‘Best Songs of 2022.

Before then Mica continues to add more shows to her first ever national headline tour – opening at London’s prestigious Jazz Cafe, and including headline slots for Manchester Jazz Festival and Leeds Jazz Festival – plus new shows added across Scotland. The full list of dates so far can be found below with the additional shows in Scotland going on-sale Friday 10th Feb..

5th May – Jazz Cafe, London

21st May – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

25th May – Band on the Wall (Manchester Jazz Festival), Manchester

30th May – The Wardrobe (Leeds Jazz Festival), Leeds

17th June – Summer Hall, Edinburgh

18th June – Òran Mór, Glasgow

19th June – The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

GANZ, A.K.A Jordy Saämena is an Amsterdam-based producer/DJ extraordinaire who developed his masterful blend of hip-hop and electronica from a young age. Over time, GANZ’s sound has evolved, seeing him explore new territories and experiment with indie, pop and avant-garde music. 

His new four-track EP, I’m Glad I Found U Pt.1, is the result of GANZ delving into lost projects and realising that some of them deserved to be finished. With a plethora of songs to work with, the artist spent months reworking tracks, sharing “This was one of the most fun projects I’ve been working on the last years and gave me so many vibes I decided to make a series of EP’s like this. That’s why this one is called Pt.1.” The EP is built around pounding electronic beats with a glimpse of hip hop and elements of earlier UK/Glasgow sounds, beats and vibes.

Intro track “Shelter” featuring vocals by Ebony Morrison/Chase Zara, from Australia, sets the tone for the entirety of the EP. Radiating a kaleidoscope of bright synths, the ethereal track builds into a soaring, euphonic atmosphere. “Paper Pane Borders” was originally written back in 2017 and is the anthem of this EP. A fast-paced, energetic tune which is certain to lift the mood at any party. 

I’m Glad I Found U Pt.1, is the beginning of a new chapter for GANZ. He confides, “New year, new vibes and I’m ready to start again with a clean sheet. The EP carries so many big emotions, so it’s definitely one to play when getting in the party mood.”Encouraging others to do whatever feels good and to not get too influenced by the world or compare your art to others, GANZ expresses, “No one is better or worse. We’re all here to share our art and if you put some emotion into your work, nobody can say that it’s bad. It’s just their taste.” With over 200,000 monthly listeners, his synth-focused productions and remixes helped usher in a new era of electronic music. With streaming numbers in the millions, we’re set to see huge things from GANZ and future collaborative opportunities in the coming months.

Multi-platinum songwriter and music visionary Jozzy steps into the artist spotlight with the release of Songs For Women, Free Game for N****s, her debut EP out now via Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Love Records. 

“Jozzy is a very special and dynamic talent that only comes around once in a generation, so I’m excited to see how her music sets a new standard for R&B,” said Sean “Diddy” Combs. “Her skills as a writer and performer, matched with her style and energy has the potential to make her one of the greats and I’m proud to play a part in shaping the next chapter of her career.” 

The release of Songs For Women expands Jozzy’s musical impact and reach, and introduces the world to her own artistry in a way that shows why she is one of the great artists and tastemakers leading the future of R&B. The 8 track EP masterfully blends multiple genres — From R&B, soul and pop to hip-hop, alternative and contemporary music — culminating in a one-of-a-kind sonic experience that places Jozzy in her own unique musical lane. 

“This project is about sharing the true emotions women feel navigating relationships while giving men honest game at the same time,” said Jozzy. “I understand both sides of the spectrum, because I have both masculine and feminine energy, which is why I believe the world will relate to the entire body of work.”

Pop newcomer Penelope Robin comes through with a defiant message on the thrilling “Animal” – her first official single, released independently via The Orchard.

A gritty, bass-heavy blend of pop-rock and Penelope’s Latin roots, Penelope’s mellifluous vocals in “Animal” explore the ferocious journey of escaping toxicity, be it a person, situation or relationship.

Penelope Robin made the following statement about “Animal”: “The sound on this track is different than anything I’ve ever done before — I wanted to mesh together all my favorite genres and it just worked! I feel like this new sound captures my true personality and the lyrics open up a window in a very honest way into my life and the many things that I go through. What I really hope is people can relate and feel like they have a friend in me when they listen (or hopefully, dance!).”

With all of her music being a reflection of her innermost thoughts and feelings, Penelope Robin’s diary-like music gives her the opportunity to express emotions in a different form. Writing from experiences and interactions with people and their

emotional impact, Penelope’s personal and insightful music aims to explore the ups and downs, the good and the bad through genre-bending, memorable musical moments.

BC indie alt-rock band The Hillties are back with their new pop-influenced single ‘Feel It’ out now on all digital streaming platforms. Listen here

Produced by Ben Kaplan at Hipposonic Studios in Vancouver, ‘Feel It’ was inspired by the turmoil of the COVID pandemic and the band’s love of their community and surroundings in Nelson, BC.

“This song was written in a world of change and challenge, where we realize that love and loss drive our creative process,” says rhythm guitarist Craig Beauchamp. “And that by using our personal experience as a template, we can explore the emotional landscape of the human experience.”  

Winners of the Kootenay Music Award for Best Reggae Song (2018) and Best Jam Band (2019), The Hillties are a multi-genre group that uses unique instrumentation to blend their diverse influences into original music.  And the band’s influences are not just from the music world, they also draw inspiration from visual art, surrounding landscapes, performance art, theatre and many other unsuspecting areas of life.

‘Feel It’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more information, please visit:

producer, DJ, and modular synthesist Lubelski releases his wide-reaching 16-track Happy Accidents remix album, out now via Dirtybird Records. 

In the year following the release of Lubelski’s sophomore album Happy Accidents, the modular synth maestro has stepped into the spotlight as a left-of-center champion in the studio and behind the decks. Now, the LA-based artist dons his curatorial cap to deliver a multi-genre masterpiece with the official Happy Accidents remix album. Highlighting mainstays and rising acts across the electronic music spectrum, the remix album is a testament to the widespread  support Happy Accidents has received since its release.

Kicking off the remix album, German innovator Roman Flügel delivers a left-field interpretation of ‘Asylum’. UK selector Skream offers not one but two dynamic flips of Lubelski, Claude VonStroke and Life on Planets’ ‘Ice Cream Cone’, bringing fast-paced percussion with his ‘909 Mix’ balanced by the off-kilter rhythms with his ‘Modular Mix’. Atlanta-based underground icon Nikki Nair twists ‘Satisfied’ into an out of character, French electro-inspired remix flush with shiny strings and disco chops. Berlin-based house artist Yulia Niko adds a sultry melodic edge to ‘Dreaming’. 

The collection swerves into the global underground with a hot and heavy rendition of ‘Macrodose’ from new-age techno riser AK Sports and Black Loops’ two version deconstruction of ‘Diffuser’. Fast-rising producer Mary Droppinz raises the energy with her robust percussive-heavy remix on WDYDTTYD’, while Dallas-based producer Red Eye reimagines the same track with interstellar stylings.

When asked about the remix album, Lubelski said, “I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to put this remix album together. It feels especially powerful to have some of my closest friends on this remix album alongside artists that I’ve idolized for as long as I can remember. Each artist took their time and pushed themselves to create something unique. We were able to bridge so many different genres, spaces, and styles but it still came out feeling cohesive.”

Rising R&B/Pop starlet Nat Slater starts the new year with a bang with her latest offering “My Candy Rain”, the first release from her forthcoming debut EP.

Produced by LA based, chart-topping producer and multi-instrumentalist Oren Yoel, [Miley Cyrus, XXXTentacion] the pair are calling the track ‘G&B’ – a new genre that combines the R&B Nat grew up listening to with her London Garage roots passed down from her mum who featured on Garage classics with the likes of Artful Dodger and Smokin Beats. Dreamy synths lay the foundation for Nat’s signature vocals as the track opens with the hook from the original “Candy Rain” by 90’s NY group Soul for Real. The strands form a perfect blend of infectious melodies with a fresh take on nostalgic-looking production.

Speaking on the track Nat states: “I wanted to bring my two worlds together, I love experimenting and just having fun in the studio! Working with Oren was so dope he just has the best energy.”

London-born Nat started off her music career at just 15, playing open mic nights across the city. Gaining swift acclaim from the likes of WONDERLAND, CLASH and KISS FM the fast-rising newcomer is taking the scene in her stride, now spending her time between London and LA working closely with producer favourites Oscar Schellar (Pink Pantheress), Monro (Jhene Aiko) and Mark Hill (Artful Dodger, Craig David).

With more music set for release this year, “My Candy Rain” will no doubt continue the growing attention around the young talent. A new name in R&B/ Pop has arrived.

Australian producer/DJ EDDIE releases ‘Post-Rave Heist,’ a powerful collaboration with dynamic Canadian bass producer/DJ LŪN and the second single from his forthcoming EP Onzeker Kraft Vol. 1, which will be released March 17 via HypnoVizion. 

‘Post-Rave Heist’ strikes a sense of urgency in the listener, painting a vivid image of a cyberpunk duo racing through an outer dimension in search of their next adrenaline rush. The hypnotizing beat and robotic vocals hold the audience transfixed, eagerly anticipating the next phase of the journey for EDDIE and LŪN’s characters.

EDDIE is one of Australian dance music’s best-kept secrets. His progressive approach to electronic music quickly captivated icon deadmau5, who became the first to introduce EDDIE and his signature sound through the mau5trap imprint. With more releases on top-tier labels such as Monstercat, Deadbeats, TMRW Music, Bassrush Records, and more, EDDIE’s versatile catalog features electrifying original music and remixes for leading dance acts such as Zeds Dead, deadmau5, and Zomboy. His contributions to the scene have been recognized by industry authorities throughout his career, including a coveted spot on Your EDM’s Artists To Watch round-up.

This record showcases EDDIE’s evolution as an artist and stand-out signature sound. He enlisted LŪN to complement his skilled sound design with her unique midtempo production. The alter ego and character of Juno award-winning singer/songwriter Lights, a household name in Canada, LŪN has captured the attention of the bass music world, with several notable upcoming releases, collaborations and North American tour dates. 

Sun Room releases their highly anticipated EP Outta Their Minds. The sonic representation of California, straddling the line between garage and surf rock, the meteorically rising band fuses their carefree authenticity, brash vocals, rebellious 60s inspirations, and a total disregard for the “rule book” on how polished indie rock has come to be. In four songs, the band steps out as an indisputable force – Stream.

Straining at the leash to bring people together in the name of music, whether it be in a sweaty, overcrowded basement, or a sold-out stadium, Sun Room is heading back out on the road with Inhaler next month for their North American tour. Then in May, the band will take the stage at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees festival.

Diving into today’s release, lead singer Luke Asgian said, “’Outta Their Minds’ is our newest EP that comes straight out of our garage. It’s fun, loud, and has a bit more of a bite to it than any music we’ve put out before. It has sounds that show our roots and influences from both 60’s British Invasion garage rock, as well as surf punk. It also encapsulates our life, as a band, in San Diego right now; Being broke, surfing every day, pissing off our neighbors with loud house shows, and falling in love with the girl at the local mechanic shop.”

Further elaborating, he said, “We all grew up in beach towns around Southern California and there were so many sick bands playing house shows all the time in each one of our towns and I think that sound is deeply ingrained in us at this point. For this EP, we were really influenced by a lot of 60’s British Invasion and garage rock like The Kinks, early Rolling Stones, The Kingsmen, and The Sonics.”

Christee Palace is a pop singer/songwriter hailing from a large family of musicians in her hometown of Windsor, Ontario. Her father Pete Palazzolo, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and teacher, is a seasoned veteran in the music industry, having taught thousands of musicians across Canada, including Jeff Martin of The Tea Christee Palace is a pop singer/songwriter hailing from a large family of musicians in her hometown of Windsor, Ontario– something she proudly shares with all who meet her.

Christee got her start achieving local and Canada wide success with her first EP “Alive Today” and two follow up singles— her songs “Out of Time” and “Light It Up” both charting in Canada’s Most Active Indies chart in their first few weeks on radio. This drove her to pursue music on a larger scale, relocating to Toronto Ontario.
To date, Christee is approaching 500,000 collective streams on Spotify, having been featured on playlists such as “New Music Friday”, “It’s a Bop” and “New Music Now”.

From winning the Jim Beam National Talent Search and an Indie Award, to opening for artists such as Sean Kingston and Walk off the Earth, Christee’s polished live show and captivating charisma continue to land her incredible milestones.

To date, Christee’s songs “#1 Girl”, “You’ll Think of Me”, “Temporary” and “What Have You Done to Me” have been featured on notable TV shows on the USA Network, E Network, and Bravo!
A versatile and vibrant artist, Christee’s colourful personality and talent are undeniable — just check out her TikTok and Instagram.

So, who the fuck is Sam Casey?

It doesn’t take long to figure that out. This Toronto-based songstress wears her authenticity like your favourite pair of well-worn jeans. Exhausted by people trying to tell her who she is, Casey’s response was her new EP, More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships. The EP is inspired by the past two years of her life: all the breakups, the makeups, the drugs, the dancing, the crying, the anxiety and the love. ALL OF IT. She is unfiltered, unapologetic. Her honesty is as risky as her music. “There are no secret messages on the EP, no hidden meaning. It says what it means and it means what it says. And so do I.”

Performing the songs from More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships has taught her so much about what being an artist really means and the impact you can have on people. The songs give her the opportunity to create an experience for the audience that they can relate to and that stays with them long after the show is over. “One of my biggest strengths is my affinity for everything real,” Casey says. “I look mad when I’m mad, I look pretty when I feel pretty, I look ugly when I feel ugly.” She decided to really dig into feminine rage with these songs. It’s an intimate emotion that most people (especially women) only show to the people they think can handle it.

Brooklyn noise-pop trio A Very Special Episode today follow the February 3rd release of their cult-inspired “Heaven’s Gate” single with the unveiling of the track’s official music video. This trippy visual sends the protagonist on a journey that explores the song’s refrain of “it’s not a grift, it’s self discovery” amongst an otherworldly setting that exudes dystopian unease.

Vocalist/bassist Kasey Heisler explains, “The video is about the “search for ‘me’”. At its heart, we took inspiration from films that blend sci-fi and horror, like Beyond The Black Rainbow and Suspira. These projects, as well as our single “Heaven’s Gate”, communicate the feeling of wanting, and trying, to take control of one’s own life by counter-intuitively surrendering to some greater and possibly evil power.”

Over the course of the last two years, AMPERSOUNDS, a new project from French house icon Fred Falke and one of LA’s most beloved DJs, Zen Freeman, has been quietly gaining momentum. A string of buzzed about releases on their Orange label, have featured the likes of Todd EdwardsMacy Gray and Rufus Wainwright, and flitted between floor filling edits and classic original house cuts. Their newest release, Nightdrive, epitomizes what makes AMPERSOUNDS such a potent combo. Swirling 80s styled synths, an effortlessly cool vocal contribution from Mr. Hudson and some LA club magic and glamor.

Today, AMPERSOUNDS releases their highly anticipated music video, which features Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio driving through the streets of Los Angeles – outrunning the police, doing donuts, and kidnapping someone. The video’s creative director is Daft Arts’ Cédric Hervet, who has overseen creative direction for Daft Punk for many years.

Falke and Freeman have known each other for years, both based in LA, the pair have shared a studio for almost seven years. AMPERSOUNDS became a priority for both of them during the pandemic, serving as a feel good creative outlet.

As a DJ Freeman has bridged the gap between Hollywood, fashion and electronic music, curating music for Gucci and Vogue and soundtracking events for The Academy® Awards and Vanity Fair among countless others. In addition to his touring, Freeman oversees the weekly Saturday Night at Ian Schrager’s Sunset at the West Hollywood Edition, which has hosted the likes of James Murphy, DJ Harvey, Heidi Lawden, Carl Cox and more.

Terry “Sir Will” Williams creates intoxicating hip hop and R&B releases marked by intense passion and an undeniable musical flair. Defined by years of overcoming poverty, inner-city life, and unforeseen challenges, the artist channels his inner resilience and uses innovation and versatility to confidently inspire others through his powerful music and authentic voice. With a natural talent for crafting hooks and creating relatable lyrics, Sir Will has built a dedicated fanbase of avid listeners.

Growing up in Compton, California, Sir Will overcame a difficult childhood with his family members selling and abusing drugs and loved ones involved in gang activity. Inspired by Los Angeles icon and local rap hero, “DJ QUIK”, who performed at his neighborhood’s annual block party, a young Sir Will wanted to achieve that same human “superpower” of becoming an influential rap icon who enthralled and motivated audiences around the globe. At just eight years old, a young Sir Will began songwriting, rapping and entering in local talent shows and performances showcasing his original music.

Since 2021, Sir Will has released a series of infectious hip hop and R&B singles under his label, Will Do It Entertainment. Working alongside West Coast legendary producer Rhythm D and other icons such as Battlecat, Drumma Boy, Bobby Keyz from the Loopholes, and LA Reid’s son Antonio Reid Jr., is a sought after artist who has established himself as a rapper known for slick metaphors, great hooks and a captivating vocal clarity. He confides, “I want any listener watching me perform or listening to me wherever you are, to hear every single word that comes out of my mouth. I feel we do not have enough of that in today’s music, and I want to bring that feeling back.”

Sir Will’s “Moment of Truth”, which features Arizona rapper JudgeDaBoss and showcases the artist as a powerful thought leader and a musical force to be reckoned with in the hip hop world. Thematically, the song explores undeniable confidence, determination and ultimately finding success after life’s trials and tribulations. Featuring effortless flow and lyrical prowess topped off with throbbing bass and heavy-hitting synths, “Moment of Truth” is an unhinged and potent anthem of perseverance. With production by Pandora Nightz, the song’s masterful and dynamic elements keep listener’s on their toes for a fresh and invigorating musical listen. 

His single “Weight Up” is a modern hip hop anthem dedicated to appreciating the beauty, decadence, and finer things in life with his signature charismatic feel-good flow.  “Weight Up” is all about investing in yourself; putting in the work and celebrating the results. As Sir Will puts it, “The term ‘Weight Up’ stands for whatever you’re doing in life. You can always do it better and go harder.” Antonio Reid Jr. brought together multi-platinum, Grammy nominated West Coast legend Rhythm D (Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Mack 10, Paperboy) and Grammy nominated, Billboard award winning icon Bobby Keyz of the Loopholes (Future, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Moneybagg Yo) to produce the hard-hitting, razor-sharp sound of “Weight Up”.

Italian producer and DJ Rowee returns to Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream imprint to release his four track EP, Begin The Life. The EP features contributions from rising Berlin vocalist Eleonora, as well as Greek artist and past collaborator One of Vas.

Since he began releasing music in 2017, Rowee has made a serious impact with his unique style of dance music. In addition to being an All Day I Dream frequenter and fan favorite, Rowee has released music on TRYBESof, Lee Burridge’s other imprint, as well as labels such as Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, BLOND:ISH’s Abracadabra Music, and Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings.

Begin The Life is a sonic journey through Rowee’s musical universe, filled with ethereal pads, hypnotizing melodies, and euphoric instrumentation. The focus track of the EP, “Faded,” features the mesmerizing vocals of Eleonora and sets the tone for the rest of the journey. Each subsequent track takes the listener deeper into Rowee’s unique soundscape, with a perfect balance between deep and dance floor-ready vibes.

“My vision for this EP was to create a connection between each track,” explains Rowee. “The EP starts with a profound song to begin this journey in the right way and goes through dancefloor’s vibes with a deep touch until the closing track. The final track, Afterlife, talks to the listeners through the melody by telling them that “the end is just another beginning.”

Illinois-based band REAL FRIENDS have released their brand new EP There’s Nothing Worse Than Too Late’ today via Pure Noise Records. Stream the record in full – HERE. To celebrate the release the band have released their brand new single and video,‘The Damage Is Done’. The EP, features previously released singles ‘Tell Me You’re Sorry’ and ‘Always Lose’, was produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep) and mixed by Kris Crummett (The Callous Daoboys, Knuckle Puck.) 

I had my first crush on a girl three years ago. She was a pharmacist who never wore makeup, always wearing her oversized white gown. I never knew her name and she saw me as a stranger.

I kept visiting her as a patient at the pharmacy where she worked for six months before I went to China. When I came back to Vancouver three years later, she was no longer there.

I wrote this song for her, naming her “Montana.”

Listen to my debut single, “Montana,” produced by Grammy Award-winning producer and former Ludacris collaborator, Josh “igloo” Monroy, on all streaming platforms.

Watch the accompanying lyric video on YouTube.

I imagined this song being played when two girls meet each other in downtown Toronto at night and the sparks are flying in the air on a street full of vibrant neon lights, so my producer and I made it a dance pop track.

“It was alright” is the key line in this song. It’s alright to discover a new self. No matter who you love, you are unique and special. Embrace this with self-love and compassion.

Thank you for listening,

Helena Li

Italian-brother duo Mathame have released their latest single ‘To Hope’ via Astralwerks. The infectious single exemplifies the captivating Mathame sound that has enthralled electronic music fans across the globe. 

What Mathame describes as “their version of a party track,” ‘To Hope’ builds through winding synths and erupts with pulsating club energy; evoking an uplifting and joyous ambiance. After Mathame created the track in a Tulum hotel room in only two hours, demonstrating Mathame’s technical prowess and musical genius. 

With Mathame’s recent releases ‘Come For You’ demonstrating the duo’s intimate and emotional side, and ‘So What’ channeling their dark and voluminous core, ‘To Hope’ serves as the next step in the roundabout sonic journey Mathame has been creating for fans through their latest string of singles. Holding onto the track since pre-COVID, Mathame decided to release ‘To Hope’ after witnessing the single garner massive crowd reactions across the world as it quickly became a favorite to play amongst the DJs on the global club circuit.

Reya is a London based dark pop artist whose music speaks from the depths of her heart. 

With Chilean heritage, Reya is originally from Norway but grew up in Spain, resulting in her rich, multicultural upbringing being a key ingredient to her unique style and sound. Her roots play a huge role in her story, with the artist having recently rebranded after previously creating music under a different name. Reya’s journey to where she is today has been a rollercoaster. Over the last year, the singer, songwriter and producer found herself in the midst of studying final bachelor year in Music production, releasing 6 singles, played on Norwegian national radio and BBC introducing, several shows in London – with the highlight of supporting the Norwegian treasure DAGNY at her London show, and her following show in Norway.

Starting a new chapter under a new name, the artist is finally creating music that she has complete control over, with people that she loves. She explains, “My way of fighting back is fighting for myself. This new music is closer to what I would consider my roots, my influences and what I wish to speak out into the world. To me it represents power. The power to stand up for myself and what I feel is right. To stand against people, especially men, who choose to ruin careers whenever they feel threatened. ” The new sound is much more raw and real, expressing strength over oneself and being reminded of the fact that endings also simultaneously mean new beginnings. 

The first single to be released is “attention” which narrates coming to terms with owning who you are and being unapologetically yourself. Identifying that sometimes who you are may make others uncomfortable, and that’s okay. Reya asks that instead of shrinking to fit in, stand out and do what you most desire. “attention” dares to overstep boundaries and speaks the truth, providing the perfect soundtrack for when you need to walk like a boss or when you need to tap into a confidence you may or may not always carry.  The fiery new single oozes sass and an edge, as she brings different sounds and cultures together to create something entirely her own. Reminiscent of Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth and Rosalia, “attention” sees the artist connecting with her heritage more than ever before. Starting 2023 off with a bang, this new chapter for Reya is certain to be an explosive one.

Fresh off his “Global Impact Award” at the 2023 Recording Academy Honors and closing out the 2023 Grammys with Jay-Z, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID,” Lil Wayne responds to fans’ very vocal disappointment with his placement on Billboard/VIBE’s  “50 Greatest Rappers of All Time” with his new single, “Kant Nobody” featuring DMX,  produced by Swizz Beatz. The track premiered via Zane Lowe’s Apple New Music Daily (listen to interview HERE) and released via Young Money Records/Republic Records.
Clocking in just over 3 minutes, Lil Wayne incinerates the record, which features a classic freestyle from the late DMX who punctuates how the greatest rapper alive feels. Lil Wayne also dropped a visual accompanying the track. Directed by TAJ vs TAJ, this video featuring Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz includes nostalgic black and white imagery that exudes classic hip hop with a refreshing modern twist.

Alternative/Americana band West Texas Exiles are thrilled to release their new EP Volume 1 that is out now.
The Band says “In support of our new music we’re having multiple Texas release shows in Austin and Lubbock as well as an in store performance at the iconic Waterloo Records!”
There’s Texas, and then there’s West Texas. You can leave it behind but you can’t let it go. Nobody knows that better than the newly formed West Texas Exiles. Love of music and a restlessness to escape their hometowns brought them together in the Live Music Capital – Austin,TX. 
With an upcoming EP under their belts, they nonetheless have a deep catalog among the 3 singers/songwriters: Marco Gutierrez (Dirty River Boys), Daniel Davis, and Colin Gilmore; backed by bassist / producer Eric Harrison and drummer Trinidad Leal (DRB, Dixie Witch, Grady, Honky) With influences from The Flatlanders and Buddy Holly to Augustana and Jason Isbell they are reinvigorating the music scene with a modern interpretation of the lone star vernacular.

Gal Musette is the artist name used by Grace Freeman, who began writing piano and guitar based lyrical compositions and performing at open mics in her home city of San Clemente, CA at the age of 10. Her graceful approach to melody-driven indie-folk has captured audiences all over Southern California.

At age 14, inspired by The Magnetic Fields’ triple album 69 Love Songs, Gal recorded her own collection titled 70 Love Songs, which caught the attention of the band, and won her an opening slot on a few of their Midwestern U.S. tour dates. In more recent years, Gal has opened for several renowned artists such as Macy Gray, Suzanne Vega, Todd Snyder, and Donavon Frankenreiter. While her artist name is taken from bal-musette, the accordion-based, waltz-style French instrumental music, Gal’s primary inspiration is drawn from songwriters including Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Björk, Cocteau Twins, Burt Bacharach, Big Thief and The Cure.

In October 2021, Gal released her debut album, Backwards Lullaby, featuring a vocal duet with one of her biggest musical inspirations, Rufus Wainwright. The record explores the pangs of hopeless romances and unrequited love, what it’s like to move beyond idealized love into the acceptance of what is real and constant, as well as the cyclical nature of life and love in relationships. In July 2022, Gal released an orchestral EP consisting of three re-imagined cuts from Backwards Lullaby featuring the musicianship of Via Mardot, a talented multi-instrumentalist based in Detroit, Michigan.

Gal’s 2022 single “Je vois le ciel” is a tune sung entirely in French with lyrics heavily inspired by surrealist French poetry. The track features classical inspired piano, haunting theremin (performed once more by Via Mardot), and plenty of harmonies which masterfully intertwine with contrasting bass and drums, driving the song with a consistent groove while grounding the whimsical treble tones.

Her new indie pop release “Plateau” was written when in bumper to bumper Los Angeles traffic and details a season of numbness and monotony as well as the death of idealization of life and love.  

Already an influential figure in his hometown scene, rising Texas-born rapper Saxkboy KD steps into his spotlight as he lays the foundation for this takeover in 2023—stacking each win brick by brick. Today, the newly announced Cash Money Records signee releases his new single “Just Talking” alongside his fellow Texas comrade That Mexican OT. Get it HERE via Cash Money Records today. Today’s release sets the stage for the release of their joint EP The Show Must Go On, out March 3.
Over a pounding baseline trap beat, Saxkboy KD perfects a delivery made to feel his budding dominance on the Rap scene. That Mexican OT adds a hard-hitting flare as the two rising rappers play off one another with effortless ease. With a project coming out next week, Saxkboy KD plans to reach another level. Keep an eye on the Texas trailer-blazer as he continues to rise.

Hailing from the barrier islands of South Carolina, Andrew Christopher Rutherford Royal has a deep connection with the land and embodies a non-traditionalist’s interpretation of the eastern South. He writes Southern Gothic cameos which he weaves into often dark, Indie Americana. After writing and curating the works for an album he records and mixes the music for Rutherford Royal (as well as other artists) in his remote cabin studio overlooking a hidden waterfall in southern Tennessee. His debut EP Bleak is a six song collection that profiles series of misunderstandings about love. Each track presents as a cameo which is an attempt at describing times when I have felt lost in the liminal spaces of bachelorhood or failing relationships. Though the lyrics take plenty of artistic liberties, the songs themselves are true experiences which serve as a record of my personal struggle to connect,” confides Rutherford Royal. 

Meet indie pop singer Sam FreeShe is thrilled to release her new single “Fell In Love at 15” that is out now and featured on Celebmix. “Fell in Love at 15”, is the first single from her highly-anticipated debut EP.
Sam says, “At some point everyone has their first love followed by their first heart break, Fell In Love At 15 is a homage to this young love we all experience.”
Sam Free is an indie pop singer/songwriter from Las Vegas, Nevada. She grew up in a big musical family with lots of talent and began singing and writing from a young age. When she was ten her grandfather bought her her first guitar, inspiring her to want to become a great singer and performer.
In 2020, She was accepted into her dream school, Berklee School of Music – but when Covid hit the reality of her attending was too far out of reach. Instead, At the age of 18 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career, collaborate with other artists and expand her horizons.

Back with more heat, country trap king Jamie Ray serves up the Official Remix of his buzzing banger “Cowboy Gangsta” now featuring Atlanta legend Peeway Longway. Listen to “Cowboy Gangsta (Remix)” [feat. Peeway Longway]—HERE.

“Cowboy Gangsta” receives an infusion of energy from Peeway Longway on the Remix He comes through with a focused and fiery cameo meant to ignite impact, adding yet another dimension to this signature banger from Jamie. Meanwhile, the original “Cowboy Gangsta” remains a fan favorite, posting up 6.7 million Spotify streams and 9.5 million YouTube views on the music video.

Of  course, it also adorns the Deluxe Edition of his debut Country Trap, which just arrived via Against Da Grain /Epic Records. Listen to Country Trap (Deluxe)HERE.

Thus far, Jamie Ray has distinguished himself as country’s ultimate disruptor. He has collected north of 30 million-plus streams, earned a cosign from Young Thug, and even teamed up with Southern rap legend Bubba Sparxxx on a Remix of the #1 classic “Deliverance” in addition to collaborating with everyone from Lil Baby to YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Now, he’s bringing his brand of country worldwide! Get ready…

German-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer M. Byrd releases his new track “Outside Of Town” today with Nettwerk. In his latest effort, M. Byrd finds hope even in stories of sadness. Inspired by a friend who was displaced due to war, “Outside of Town,” touches on the struggles of uncertainty and the pain of loss. M. Byrd juxtaposes this with messages of hope heard in the atmospheric guitars and his impassioned vocals yearning for a better future. 

“I wrote ‘Outside Of Town’ a few days after meeting a friend who had to flee from a war with his daughter. It tells his story in a fictional city that is surrounded by desert and war, sustaining itself with big walls and what little water they have left.” M. Byrd adds, “every time I play the song, it reminds me of how I admire people who are fighting for a better life for themselves and their families. All of us could be in the situation of having to look past the borders of our homes, and every one of us should play a part in helping the people who are willing to go through so much suffering to provide a safer place for their family and children.“

“Outside Of Town” follows the release of M. Byrd’s previous singles “Seed,” “Flood” and “Over You / Over Me”, all off his debut full-length album The Seed out June 16th.
German singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer M. Byrd unearths universality from intensely personal songwriting. In 2020, he turned heads with the single “Mountain”, followed by “Morning Sun”, gaining millions of streams and praise from Ones To Watch, Earmilk, Atwood, etc. At the end of 2020, he holed up in Detmold, Germany in a WWII-era British Corps squash hall rechristened as a studio with producer Eugen Koop to create The Seed. Leaving his mark on each level of the music, M. Byrd personally plays guitar, synthesizers and bass on the record. After generating 10 million-plus streams and acclaim from outlets worldwide, he continues to perfect his vision on his 2023 debut LP, The Seed [Nettwerk].


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