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Pop artist Anie Delgado is releasing an empowering new single “Reaching for the Ground.” This effervescent dance pop track about embracing rock bottom before growth was co-written by Delgado and producer So Wylie. So Wylie recently amassed a social following of more than 150,000 after going viral for sampling bird sounds and creating production videos. Delgado continues to grow her social audience with 57,000 followers and counting. “Reaching for the Ground” is out on all streaming platforms.

Anie Delgado’s new single is a mesmerizing blend of ethereal sonic soundscapes that takes you on her dizzying journey. Delgado’s unique pop sound is reminiscent of other female artists such as Maggie Rogers, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande with a dreamy and experimental twist. “I grew up in a small conservative town,” explains Delgado. “When I left to move to NYC, I had a lot in me to undo. This song is about the time when I decided to fully commit to exploring myself. I found that tumbling toward rock bottom was an important step to my next chapter. I think it’s a quintessential feeling for anyone coming of age and finding themselves. You find yourself wondering what the **** am I doing? These harder moments are so vital for growth.” While you may get lost in the hypnotizing beat of the track, lyrically, Delgado talks about shedding her old self and daring to see over the edge despite lacking safety nets. A native of Miami, Florida, Anie Delgado was immersed in a childhood full of her Cuban heritage full of a colorful Latin culture of food, music, and family. Delgado began her love for music at an early age, inspired by artists like Cher, Gloria Estefan, Barbara Streisand, Julia Michaels, and Taylor Swift.

After high school, she was accepted into The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, whose alumni include Jason Derulo, Anthony Ramos, and Paul Sorvino. After the rigorous program, she was cast in the Buddy: A Buddy Holly Story musical for a two-month residency at The Palace Theatre in the Dells​. After finishing her residency, Delgado decided to leave the indie film/theater scene in NYC to focus on her writing goals and performing her own music. Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles where her talent was quickly recognized as she began working with top producers PJ Bianco (The Jonas Brothers, ARIZONA, Demi Lovato) and Nick Lee (Lil Nas X, Stray Kids.) Since, Anie has released a number of celebrated singles including Dancing While the World is on Fire which was featured in Billboard and her new debut EP You Ruined Forever which was critically acclaimed by CelebMix and Earmilk. This ethereal dance pop track will be out March 8th, 2023. A music video will be released on Youtube on March 15th, 2023 as a collaboration with content creator Sleeping Loops. To stay updated, follow Anie Delgado on Instagram.

As Slug raps over one of the most dynamic productions Ant has ever released, the song lays the groundwork for an album-length exercise in fumbling consciousness.

The video is directed by Marmofilms, and features an eclectic cast of guest stars, including actress Taryn Manning, rappers Murs & Chino XL, pro wrestler “Platinum” Max Caster and more.

So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneouslyis an almost unnerving excavation of paranoia inspired by the general malaise of a pandemic weary society full of civil unrest. The album features guest appearances from Sa-Roc, Murkage Dave, Shepard Albertson, Bat Flower, and cover art by renowned visual artist Michael Alan Alien. 

Slug explains the new single is “a gentle reminder that you are gonna be Okay. I have no idea how you’ll manage, but I fully believe in you.” Previously teased album cuts “Sterling” & “Thanxiety” are available today, as well as the 2022 single “Sculpting With Fire.”

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Americana artist Juliana Riccardi has released her latest single, “Right On Time,” an inspiring country-folk tune about owning your choices and having the confidence to forge your own path. “Right On Time,” the first single in her forthcoming 2-song series, The Nashville Session, is available to stream and download now on all digital platforms.

Blending a roots Americana sound with soul and folk influences – distinctive of Riccardi’s hybrid, fluid musicality – “Right On Time” creates a sense of uplifting nostalgia, the wistfulness of looking back on your journey with tenderness and gratitude. Led by guitar and soulful vocals, the song is warm and grounded, without foregoing its dreamy, cinematic qualities. An authentic, romantic portrayal of prioritizing herself and gaining perspective in the track, Riccardi warrants her commitment to growth, vulnerability, and joyfulness. “‘Right On Time’ reminds you that you’re not too late or too lost; and that you can make a turn whenever you want,” she comments. “I wrote this song at the top of that year as a mantra to challenge my old, limiting beliefs.” Beneath its gentle exterior, “Right On Time” is narrated with the confidence gained through hindsight and time passing – as its lyrics say, “You’re right on time… So, get out there, and please enjoy the ride.” Riccardi crafts an older presence looking over her younger self’s shoulder, reassuring herself and others that there is no such thing as wasted time. 

Yves Paquet is getting ready to unveil his sophomore album A Decent Man on February 24,
2023. Born in Brazil, the Belgian artist released his first full-length solo work Every Now And Then
in 2021, a colorful pop album that followed many collaborations on the international dance scene, including the German-language hit UFO with The Subs which peaked at #1 in the Belgian Dance Charts. Never afraid of taking risks, Yves Paquet’s music knows no boundaries and it’s a comment from Rolling Stone France describing his single 25-28 as an “incredibly charming piece of folk” that planted a new seed in his free-spirited mind. Remembering numerous trips to Ireland, UK and Brittany, Yves allowed his heart to wander through the old legends, fables and fairytales that used to fascinate him as a child, while also exploring his Native American roots. “Creating music purely reduced to the core, connecting with other musicians, sometimes only with an acoustic guitar and a voice telling a story, has helped me to reconnect with my initial joy of songwriting”, he confides. Contemplating the changes in nature and society with a hopeful lens, the project was introduced last year with the debut single A Southern Tale, crowned “Acoustic Track of the Week” on BBC Sounds. The 10 songs of A Decent Man aim to provide a shelter where to pause for a moment, as reflected in the title-track that closes the album on a high, light-hearted note. “It’s about learning to take a step back, to leave space for nature and one another, Yves Paquet explains. This is something I aspire to myself: a more simple, humble, present way of living. The world is rapidly changing. Between hectic agendas, social media
and the pressure we put on ourselves, it can sometimes feel suffocating. A Decent Man is my statement song. This is not necessarily who I am at this very moment but it’s definitely an approach to life that I think is necessary to adopt in order to make this world livable for all of us”.

Directed by Rock And Egg (Highly Suspect, Des Rocs, Ski Mask The Slump God), “Contraband” places a spotlight on the multi-layered project exploring various elements of rock while providing the perfect amount of comedic relief. Parodying 2008’s Tropic Thunder, the music video features a cameo from internet star King Bach and finds the combatants on a mission through the jungle with toilet paper guns in hand to recover one of their own while smuggling out highly valued contraband. 

GXTP which is an acronym for ‘guns and toilet paper’ — was conceptualized during the pandemic as a way to tap into a genre the group of creatives had not yet explored. “Contraband” is just a taste of what’s to come from the band – stay tuned for more music coming soon!


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