INsiders Guide: Lisa Heller, JACKPAL, Krooked Kings, Kinneret, The Dirty Shirts, COLBIE CAILLAT, SOHMI, Rezz, The Jungle Giants…

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lisa Heller released the third single called “hollow” from her upcoming EP “SADIE”. The song is the follow-up to “brown paper bag” and “you were the worst part of my life”. The track was written by Lisa Heller and Brandon Rosenfeld. Produced by Chris Jobe and Lisa Heller.

The alt-indie, feel good singer JACKPAL makes music blending modern pop sensibilities with the raw, unfiltered charisma of a rock-n-roll front man.

The charming confidence he carries, however, was years in the making. As a young teen, JACKPAL (aka Jack Powell) faced scrutiny and ridicule as an aspiring rapper living in the south. It wasn’t until his school bully stole his phone and found his notes app filled with lyrics that things began to turn around. Soon after, his biggest hater would become his biggest champion; inviting Jack to his home studio to start writing and recording music together as friends. 

Krooked Kings come from humble beginnings. In 2019, a group of five college friends from the University of Utah came together to write music and play shows in backyards and basements. Over the course of the last few years, the band has proven time and again their ability to write heartfelt indie rock gems. After signing with Los Angeles based indie label Nobody Gets It Records in 2020, the band released their breakout single, “‘96 Subaru”, which has amassed over three million streams. By September 23, 2021, Krooked Kings released their debut project, The Comedown. After the the release, Krooked Kings hit the road on two support tours with Goth Babe and Rare Americans, as well as three headline dates in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for new music from Krooked Kings in the coming months, as they wrap up recording their sophomore album with artist/producer, Day Wave.

A self-described “psychedelic indie space cowgirl,” 20-year-old Kinneret exudes a unique, magnetic aura. She stands as a beacon of positivity, radiating love with her sonic palette and lyrical themes. Her brand is one of inclusivity and creativity, and those who love her, love her. Her single “No Wind Resistance!” has amassed over 100 million plays on Spotify to date, featuring shimmery synths and soaring vocals over trunk-rattling 808’s and trap drums, hitting a niche previously untapped. With over 340K followers on TikTok and nearly 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Kinneret’s fanbase gets bigger by the hour. She’s building speed and preparing to drop her third album, which will feature Dev Lemons, MKULTRA, 070 Sebastian, SpaceKing, and more.

Like so many of us that were re-discovering ourselves through the existential crisis of the pandemic, The Dirty Shirts singer/songwriter Nick Santa Maria was doing the same and found himself diving headfirst into soaring guitars, disco beats, and sequined mod-inspired threads. Having found himself off the road for the first time after years of playing as a sideman for other artists, Nick finally had the time to return to writing songs of his own, constructing what would become the soundtrack to his new reality. The lockdown gave him time & perspective into what he truly wanted to do with his life, and rather than building someone else’s temple, he’d build his own. 

After reconnecting & writing a handful of songs with childhood friend & fellow studio/touring musician Cameron Moreland and experimenting with a heady spectrum of soundscapes, The Dirty Shirts was born. What arose married the nostalgia of the Warped Tour era of music they grew up playing with the shimmering atmospheres and image of the glam rock and pop music they’d come to love.

The combined music and aesthetic that The Dirty Shirts have cultivated, dubbed “Dance Floor Rock n Roll”, was a response to the drudgery we universally felt from exhaustive quarantines. Nick writes to remind people of the uninhibited times and badass music of the past, with the hope of debaucherous times to come. Songs that remind us of blaring music with your friends, shouting the lyrics deep into the early hours, and not worrying about the vaccination status of your uber driver..  

Proudly wearing influences from The Strokes to Gorillaz, with hints of David Bowie on their sleeves, The Dirty Shirts hit the ground running with live shows throughout their native Texas in March 2021 after the long awaited release of vaccinations. Soon after, they released multiple singles and a music video, and recorded their debut full-length album with Grammy-winning producer Tre Nagella, which they released on May 6, 2022. With a string of national tour dates planned for 2022, a love for the past, a hopeful eye on the future, and a drink in hand, The Dirty Shirts are bringing their soundtrack for the new normal (if there ever was one) to the masses. 

Will You Count Me In

• Will You Count Me In is a curated collection from multi-platinum singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat, now streaming on all digital platforms. The compilation features hits such as “Try” and “Bubbly” alongside popular duets including “Lucky” with Jason Mraz and “We Both Know” with Gavin DeGraw.

• “It warms my heart to know that ‘Try’ is a song that continues to inspire women to be themselves, and to love and embrace exactly who they are. Beauty comes from embracing our imperfections and allowing each of our differences to shine.” – Colbie Caillat

• Colbie has been hard at work on new material in her home of Nashville, TN with plans to release the first single from her seventh solo album this spring.

Korean-American dance music sensation SOHMI releases her new single ‘Missin U’ on Permission / Thrive Music.

The next phase of her upcoming Recital EP, ‘Missin U’ is a testament to the intimate nature carried throughout each of her creations. A lively and rhythmic followup to her previous singles ‘Somebody’ and ‘Only One’, SOHMI’s latest offering is a club-centric take on her ‘minimal pop-tech’ sound. Capturing the essence of long-intended voicemail, the track is sprinkled with SOHMI’s glitchy chopped vocals over an energetic drumbeat. ‘Missin U’ serves as the third release off SOHMI’s upcoming Recital EP, due out this spring.

Regarding the track, SOHMI said, “This is the closest moment to a ‘club record’ on the EP, with a bit more emphasis shined on the drums and groove than the vocals. I still wanted it to feel intimate and personal however, as every track of the EP is meant to feel sort of like a sonic page out of my diary. So the chopped up spoken words throughout the track were sampled from an actual voice message I left on my co-producer Sam’s phone. It’s not an overly complex track, and was meant to capture a simple, fleeting feeling; the rush of leaving a voice message or reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to – but have missed – for a long time.”

Canadian bass music legend and HypnoVizion label head Rezz releases her newest track ‘Suffer In Silence.’ The forcible single previews the goth-tinged side of Rezz’s production that will guide the new music she has in the making. 

A dark, heavy mid tempo instrumental, ‘Suffer In Silence’ is the quintessential Rezz track, and one that fans will recognize from her live shows. A hard drop and spiraling chimes signal Rezz’s trademark hypnotic sound, while a fuzz-laden buildup shows the mastermind drawing inspiration from rock and punk music.

Isabelle Rezazadeh, AKA Rezz, made her massive 2015 debut on Skrillex’s label OWSLA and has since racked up tens and millions of streams, sold out legendary venues and headlined top festivals around the world. Her sound oozes with originality, striking a balance between bass heavy and minimalist tech production. She earned the JUNO Award for Electronic Album of the Year in 2020 for her Beyond the Senses EP, graced the cover of Billboard in 2019, and in 2022 launched her own label imprint HypnoVizion. 

Beyond being a reflection of Rezz’s penchant for the eerie, ‘Suffer In Silence’ represents a dark period in her personal life. The track shows the producer’s deft ability to let anxiety, uncertainty and fear manifest themselves in a track that still commands a dancefloor. 

‘Suffer In Silence’ has been a consistent track in my shows over the last year. I made it while experiencing severe insomnia that lasted almost 6 full days. It creeped me out while I was working on it, but I knew I had to finish it to encapsulate that period of time.” – Rezz

Absolute titans of the Australian indie world, The Jungle Giants return today with their new single “Trippin Up” – the first single from their upcoming fifth full-length record. The playful earworm blankets the listener in a cocoon of sensation that renders them unable to resist the urge to groove along with the track’s whimsical melody. Sonically vibrating between electropop and indie-rock, the genre-agnostic band peels back the first layer of what fans can expect out of their next body of work – Stream.

In the track’s official video by Pollen Arts Club and directed/produced by Leigh and Joe Agius, lead singer Sam Hales is dancing through the digital plane. Fusing many styles and mediums of art, the video mirrors the difficulty of placing The Jungle Giants’ music into a defined box – Watch

international DJ & producer Folamour releases “Friends” featuring Tim Ayre, his new track out now on Columbia France / Ultra Records – listen here

“Friends” shines a light on the importance of friendship and kindness to balance the solitude of our fast city life. For Folamour, this means being surrounded by the people he loves through the fast-paced,and sometimes solitary, life of a worldwide touring DJ. Featuring Kistuné signed and Australia based artist Tim Ayre, this groovy nostalgic track leads us through new alternative pop sounds and shows the great set of skills of Folamour, moving from kicking house productions to alt-pop catchy vibes with talent.

About the track, Folamour says “My friends and loved ones are the reasons to do so many of the things I do, they are my fuel and my lifeline. Dedicating this one to all the friends in the world ✊🏼 Hope you’ll feel that hymn to friendship as much as we do. ❤️”

Folamour has announced the release of his upcoming album Manifesto for Spring 2023. Recorded between the bustling cities of Marseilles and Amsterdam (Wisseloord Studio), the artist aims to share a universal message of peace and communion. The fFunk/house music lover and outstanding producer, he draws inspirations from his various artistic encounters to grow his musical creativity: artists like Tim Ayre, Leisure, Amadou & Mariam, Emmanuel Jal or Jungle By Night will bring their talent and energy on this new project.

Sinnce 2015, Folamour has played 600+ shows in more than 30 countries. His House of Love tour is now taking him to the world’s biggest electronic venues and festivals – Olympia (Paris, France), Printworks (London, UK), Sonar festival (Barcelona, Spain), Solidays (Paris, France), Sziget festival (Budapest, Hungary), Dour Festival (Dour, Belgium), to name a few. For a backstage glimpse into this massive tour, don’t miss the YouTube series ‘For the fam’.

Dipzy and Chris Clark team up for their collaborative single ‘Stay Fresh’, out now via Dirtybird Records. 

The pair of Miami-based producers have brought their flair for spicy sounds and tropical tones with ‘Stay Fresh’. A lively percussion-heavy offering fit for any sun-soaked dancefloor or underground nightclub, ‘Stay Fresh’ grooves with its bright rhythms and bouncy vocal chops. Dipzy and Chris Clark have crafted a sensational house heater and welcome addition to the Dirtybird catalog with ‘Stay Fresh’. 

Regarding the track, Dipzy said, “Chris and I share a unique obsession with basslines that shake the studio, rumbling the literal soul (and other tenants in the surrounding space). As damaging as it was to the studio’s structural integrity, we fine tuned the low end on this track to really move the room, threw in a cacophonous soirée of percs and mod synths; topping it off with some snappy and snarky vocal chops that truly sent the track to the moon.” 

Chris Clark added, “Honestly this track was us just having some fun in the studio but the second that Dipzy added his flavor, I knew it had Dirtybird written all over it.”

I came across a ticket for an event that read “One Night Only” and I was intrigued. This idea of seizing an opportunity that may never come again really resonated with me and how I was feeling at the time.

This phrase turned in my mind, over and over. I put my fears aside and decided to put myself and my art out there. That’s how the song “One Night Only” came to be, and how it also became the prevailing theme of my debut solo album of the same name.
Hear “One Night Only” on streaming platforms now.

Sometimes the moment really hits you and you realize: there’s only one chance and it might never happen again. Go see that show or go BE that show, free yourself, get it while you can, and go live in that moment.

Through soft reflective verses followed by a break-though, high-energy and driving chorus, “One Night Only” offers the listener a feeling of profound personal liberation.

Let it take you away.

Billy Rogers

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Jared Saltiel can often be found working behind the scenes, channeling his talents as a string arranger, producer, and composer for the stage. A manic multi-instrumentalist in the vein of Jon Brion, his original music taps into his gifts for orchestration and atmospherics, receiving comparisons to chamber pop icons Rufus Wainwright and Sufjan Stevens. With his acerbic wit and crafty narrative constructions, Saltiel is a compelling lyricist and an unapologetic perfectionist. Today he releases “A Stranger, Your Name” – the first taste of his new EP, Dream Song, out on March 24 via Adhyâropa Records. Watch the video for “A Stranger, Your Name” here.

A soul-searching record written entirely during the peak of social distancing, the shadow of unprocessed grief hangs over this haunting new collection of songs, ranging in style from spacey indie rock to baroque singer-songwriter pop. Performing the vast majority of the instrumentation himself, Saltiel worked with producer/engineer and longtime collaborator Ken Rich (Ingrid Michaelson, Son Lux) to help craft the detailed sonic textures. 

Despite the rich, full-bodied sound, Dream Song is a very intimate affair, with the only other contributors being Maxim Moston on violin (Antony & the Johnsons, Rufus Wainwright), and Emily Hope Price on cello (Pearl & the Beard, Kishi Bashi). No matter the topic, be it ghosts, fascists, infatuation, or Exodus, these songs seek out disquieting ambiguities with uncompromising honesty. 

Of Dream Song, Saltiel shares: “There’s a throughline of deeply penetrating introspection in these songs. There’s very little that’s performative or self-conscious about the material; it’s like the songs are not concerned with the outside world, only interested in going deeper. And I think this record manages to exist in that space without feeling self-indulgent because there’s that sense that nobody’s watching. It’s just a sincere attempt to process some really heavy experiences.”

Cookiee Kawaii became known outside of New Jersey with the jittering, mattress-squeaking club track “Vibe” which went viral in 2019 and became even more popular the next year with TikTok users. Unrestricted by genre, the vocalist’s stylistic range cuts across Jersey-club, R&B, and rap. The daughter of house DJs, Vanice Palmer was born into music and has been recording since the early 2010s. After she adopted her stage name, a display of her love for sweets and anime, she peeked above the underground New Jersey scene and now reaches club/dance fans across the globe!

Maddy Little is a Canadian indie artist, based out of Toronto, Canada. Maddy has spent her formative years immersed in indie-folk band We Wander diving into the Toronto indie scene, performing at historical venues such as The Opera House, El Mocambo, Adelaide Hall, Lee’s Palace and more.

Maddy has been deeply influenced in her songwriting by artists such as City and Colour, Dizzy, Phoebe Bridgers, turning to storytelling in her music.

Currently working on her first EP as a solo artist, debuting her first single “Six Feet Under,”  exploring her vulnerability and emotion as a songwriter.

rap superstar in-the-making Lola Brooke quells an eagerly awaited demand for new music with the release of her latest track, “So DISRESPECTFUL,” out now via Arista Records/Team Eighty Productions. The roaring, bass-heavy new music release from flourishing rap phenom is met with a cinematic music video available to watch via YouTube/VEVO HERE. Listen to “”So DISRESPECTFUL” HERE.

Within the first seconds of the Reefa Music[Lola Brooke “Here I Come,” “Back To Business”] and Gyard [Lil Durk] produced track “So Disrespectful,” listeners are met with an intimidating, grim beat that encapsulates the presence of Lola’s ‘Big Gator’ energy. Lola floats over the base-knocking track on wax like the heavyweight champ she has proven to be in music and more. Her punchlines and adlibs taillies up more victories as she reminds you that she’s always ready for war and wins—it’s Gator Season. The lyrically-stacked “So Disrespectful” music release made its debut today with an accompanying music video, directed by BenMarc [NLE Choppa, BIA, Moneybagg Yo,] that sharply displays the energy Lola continues to be known for in vivid color. 

Within the last year, Lola Brooke’s rise in music has soared to astronomical heights. Her single “Don’t Play With It,” still setting a tone as a breakout hit, has amassed 77M+ worldwide streams to date. The track has recently earned placements on flagship Hip Hop playlists like Spotify’s “RapCaviar,” Apple Music’s “Rap Life,” and Amazon Music’s “Rap Rotation.”

There are lots of people who sing but not everyone has a voice. Apryll Aileen is a classically trained pianist with a touch of science & spirituality; an alt-pop soulful vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from Atlantic Canada.

Sultry vocals and an alluring stage presence make Apryll a fan favourite at music festivals worldwide. She transcends genres, creating her own undefinable sound with influences coming from pop, rock, electronic, folk and R&B. She doesn’t imitate – she creates.

Studying classical piano since she was five years old, Aileen has since incorporated her classical foundation into the melodic pop music that pours out of her soul. It’s been said, she’s a hybrid of two polarities, blending melodic songwriting and vocal tones from artists such as Miley Cyrus and Adele but with the storytelling edge of Stevie Nicks.

She came into this world during a fierce lightning storm; like a bolt of energy, her personality is charged with charisma and passion. You’ll feel her energy when she enters the room and the vulnerability and authenticity in her vocals will hit you right in the gut. Chock full of captivating lyrics and melodic hooks, her songwriting will leave you saturated in all the feels, wanting to dance but also, contemplate life’s meaning.

93FEETOFSMOKE is a singer-songwriter/producer from Virginia and based in LA who has been making a lot of noise in the emo-rap scene for the past few years. Since 2015 he’s racked up over 100M streams across his catalog as an independent artist and has gained a very loyal fanbase. He released his Photo Finish debut album in July with features from phem, guardin, Kamiyada+, Tosh the Drummer and more. To promote the album he went on tour with both Belmont and Travis Mills’ band girlfriends and hosted an album release party at LA’s iconic venue The Roxy. His single “conversations” chronicles the negative thoughts inside our head and how this unhealthy, self-critical dialogue affects our well-being. Co-written and produced by Erik Ron (Set It Off, Taylor Swift, nothing,nowhere), the track is filled with passionate and raw vocals, grit-laced melancholic guitars, and an anthemic chorus all colliding in the end for an explosive and cathartic emotion-fueled release.

John Lloyd Young, the Tony and Grammy Award-winning original star of Jersey Boys, returns to the Café Carlyle, March 28 through April 1, with an all-new set of Golden Era classics. With his highly personal interpretations of hits made famous by Little Anthony and the Imperials, Roy Orbison, the Four Seasons and more, Young brings the room alive with thrilling emotional moments and unforgettable melodies.

Amongst various others, The New York Times has praised Young, saying he “has a one-in-a-million tenor shading into falsetto that he can direct through the stratosphere.”

Film, stage and concert artist, John Lloyd Young, is a Tony and Grammy winner, multi-platinum recording artist and Presidential Appointee. As the original “Frankie Valli” in Broadway’s Tony Award-winning Best Musical, Jersey Boys, Young garnered unprecedented accolades from the New York and national media, going on to become the only American actor to date to win all four major Broadway Leading Actor in a Musical honors for a Broadway debut: the Tony, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Theatre World Award. Young starred in Jersey Boys on London’s West End and was hand-picked by director Clint Eastwood to reprise his role in the Warner Bros. film adaptation, becoming one of only a select few actors in entertainment history to take his Tony-winning role to the big screen.

As a concert artist, Young has taken his expertly curated repertoire of classic pop and R&B to filled-to-capacity rooms, thrilling his audiences with a “disciplined one-in-a-million high tenor shading into falsetto that he can direct through the stratosphere” (The New York Times). He has played The White House, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Hollywood Bowl, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the U.S. Embassy in Finland, Mar-a-Lago, Clint Eastwood’s Tehama Country Club, New York’s Café Carlyle, Feinstein’s in NY and San Francisco, Radio City Music Hall, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

John Lloyd Young’s five-star-rated solo album of classic R&B, My Turn…, debuted as a best-seller on Amazon. It remains a fan-favorite with several songs from the album requested at each of his live performances.

Appointed to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities by Barack Obama, Young was sworn in at the Supreme Court of the United States by Justice Elena Kagan. As a member of the Committee, Young represented the United States on the first U.S. Cultural Mission to the Republic of Cuba, along with fellow Committee members Kal Penn and Alfre Woodard, guest artists Usher, Smokey Robinson, Dave Matthews, violinist Joshua Bell, playwright John Guare, U.S. arts officials, including the Chairs of the NEA and the Smithsonian Institution, and members of Congress.

Performances will take place Tuesday – Thursday at 8:45pm, with General Seating at $100 per Person / Bar Seating at $80 per Person / and Premium Seating at $150 per Person. Friday and Saturday pricing begins at $95 per Person for Bar Seating / $130 General Seating / and Premium Seating at $180. Reservations can be made online via Tock. Café Carlyle is located in The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel (35 East 76th Street, at Madison Avenue).

Follow Café Carlyle on Instagram @cafecarlyle and Facebook or visit here for more information.

girlfriends (Travis Mills & Nick Gross) have released their brand new single, “Over My Dead Body” out today via Big Noise. Produced by Andrew Goldstein (Machine Gun Kelly, Papa Roach, blackbear), the catchy track referencing the raw past of a toxic relationship brings a cathartic release with melodic emotional intensity paired with newly found freedom. 

Listen to “Over My Dead Body” now here

Earlier this week, the duo received strong fan response when they announced they will be hitting the road this summer, as part of The Used & Pierce The Veil‘s “fast selling” Creative Control Tour. They’ll be hopping on the tour starting in Asbury Park on June 12th, hitting top markets like New York City, Cincinnati, Dallas, Irvine and more before wrapping up in Phoenix on July 2nd. See below for a full list of girlfriend’s current on-sale dates. 

The group has also alerted fans to stay tuned for more headline dates to be announced soon. 

With 93+ million global streams to date and roughly half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, the prolific pair conjure songs that are at once pleasingly familiar and warmly unique. Inspired by the style of caffeinated pop-punk that first shaped them, the group’s music is a vehicle for self-expression and catharsis, a means to process grief, uncertainty, and renewed vigor for life destined to connect with others who struggle. 

SPIN called girlfriends’ self-titled debut “polished, impassioned, and commanding,” comparing their cross-genre appeal to MGK and Trippie Redd. 

Grammy award-winning artist Cassian, and Anyma of the acclaimed melodic-techno duo Tale Of Us have joined forces to deliver an electrifying remix of Jimi Jules’ hit single “My City’s On Fire”, released on Rose Avenue Records, founded by RÜFÜS DU SOL. 

One of 2022’s biggest dance records originally released on Innervisions and executive produced by Dixon, Anyma and Cassian’s remix is a dynamic and powerful track that combines driving percussion, distorted vocal samples, and a pulsing bassline, while also incorporating subtle melodic elements that add depth and complexity to the overall composition. The collaboration showcases the unmatched chemistry between the two artists, with a sound that is distinct enough to identify them individually, yet cohesive enough to create an unprecedented dynamic.

Despite Anyma and Cassian’s busy touring schedules in 2022, the two found the time to come together for this highly anticipated remix, which both artists have played at recent shows around the world. A natural collaboration, ANYMA and Cassian have been fans of one another’s work, with ANYMA being a fan of Cassian’s mix engineering work, original productions, and playing his 2022 single ‘React’ in many of his sets.

“This remix began life almost one year ago on the day that Anyma & I first met. After a quick hello we immediately began to work”, said Cassian about the release. “We quickly created an instrumental track that we both liked but it wasn’t until a few weeks later that we were sent the vocal for ‘My City’s On Fire’.  Anyma realized it would fit perfectly with the track we had already made and we put together the remix right away. From the moment I started playing it at shows it quickly became my most requested song and I’m so excited for its release on Rose Avenue”, he added.

Indie pop singer Sami Thompson is thrilled to release her new single “Taste Me” that is out now and featured on Celebmix.
Sami says, “Taste You” is about being on the edge of sexuality without the pressure of sex. it allows you to have the space and freedom to explore yourself as-well as someone else.”
16 year old rising pop star Sami Thompson is back with her new single “Taste Me” The new single builds on Sami’s success with her latest songs “On Read” and “Wildfire” which dropped this year and already has over 1 million streams across all DSPs. At only 16, Sami already has over 15 million streams worldwide and has appeared on MTV, NIck Music, Sirius/XM and more. 2023 promises to be the year that Sami breaks out in a HUGE way.

Indie pop sensation James Hersey is thrilled to announce his new album Let It Shine to be Released on September 15th. As a preview, James has released a new single “Cut Me Out” that is out now and featured on Under the Radar.
The single “Cut Me Out” is a powerful and emotional track about past betrayals and serves as the third song from the album, following the release of first and second singles “Fake Love” and “Right Where I Am”. The album showcases James’ evolution as an artist returning to his roots.
“I wanted to create a sound that was both raw and honest, and I believe “Cut Me Out” perfectly embodies that sentiment,” said James. “This album is a reflection of my journey as a musician and a reminder to never compromise on your artistic vision.”
The album, produced by Jochen Naaf, features a puristic approach to recording with live instrumentation and a neo-vintage sound handcrafted in the studio with his friends Antonio Fortino and Daniel Schreiber on bass and drums.

Delivering a powerhouse collaboration, Epic Records and GRAMMY® Award-winning iconic producer, rapper, DJ, entrepreneur, and cultural connoisseur Swizz Beatz uncover the soaring seventh single from GODFATHEROFHARLEM:Season 3 entitled “Street Opera” [feat. SAINt JHNFivio Foreign, & BIA]. Listen to “Street Opera” HERE via Epic Records.

The track unites three 21st century titans on one cinematic anthem. SAINt JHN uplifts the energy to the heavens, while Fivio Foreign stomps across the beat with drill bars. Meanwhile, BIA makes her presence known with a highly quotable turn. “Street Opera” lives up to its title as a skyscraping anthem.

GODFATHER OF HARLEM has yielded a succession of standouts. In addition to “NARCI” [feat. Mike Diamonds], “Top Tier” [feat. ADE& Symba] arrived last month, inciting buzz further. Meanwhile, GRAMMY® Award-nominated Ghanaian multiplatinum artist and songwriter Lord Afrixana [Jidenna, Beyoncé] delivered an entrancing Afro-inspired anthem for the Soundtrack with “Bad Guy.” It picked up plugs from HipHopSince1987 and more. 

It served as the follow-up to Busta Rhymes’s banger “Murda” [feat. Bilal]. The Source asserted, He combines vintage New York hip-hop with expert verbal gymnastics. Meanwhile, Bilal, a vocal powerhouse from Philadelphia, arrives with a soulful counterweight to Busta’s explosive performance.

It landed in the wake of Dave East’s “Damn.” Immediately, REVOLT proclaimed, “On the song, the two New York natives combine their strengths to embody the attitude of the series.” Listen to “Damn” HERE.

The latter arrived on the heels of “Hustle, Repeat” [feat. Swizz Beatz & Jadakiss]. Listen to “Hustle, Repeat” HERE

Right out of the gate, HipHopDX praised, “The song was released on Friday (January 13) and finds Swizz lacing Kiss with an alarming, heavy-hitting beat over which the LOXlyricist unleashes his ironclad bars about the hustling lifestyle.” In addition to plugs from ThisIs50 and more, HotNewHipHop raved, “The LOX wordsmith’s gritty bars and slick wordplay takes center stage over Swizz Beatz’s production while detailing the criminal underworld. Though Jadakiss isn’t making blatant references to Bumpy Johnson, the resilient attitude mirrors the Harlem Kingpin’s.

Each Friday, a new track will debut in advance of Sunday’s new episode of GODFATHEROFHARLEM: SEASON 3.

This marks Swizz’sthird season as Executive Producer of the Soundtrack. The music from Season 1 & 2 has amassed tens of millions of streams and counting in addition earning acclaim from Entertainment, and many more.

Airing on Sundays at 9pm ET on MGM+,GODFATHEROFHARLEM stars and is executive produced byForest Whitakerand produced by ABC Signature, a part of Disney Television Studios.

Hip-hop/R&B artist Trip Carter is thrilled to release his new single “Heels” that is out now.
Trip Carter says “Heels” is the first track since I’ve dropped  Slim Tripper II in November. It’s a laid back, nostalgic R&B banger produced by Blue Rondo and myself.
Born & raised in Los Angeles, Trip Carter first got into music when he picked up the bass guitar at the age of 10. He soon earned a jazz scholarship to University of Southern California. It was at USC that Trip began to explore his songwriting; fleshing out ideas across all genres. Upon graduation, he hit the ground running and released 2 well-received mixtapes on Soundcloud. It was around this time that he was introduced to Sabrina Claudio and Felly, who both decided to take him on tour. Flying back and forth between the 6LACK tour with Sabrina, and Felly’s Wild Strawberries tour, there was no shortage of real stage experience, with Trip playing in the backing band as well as performing his music in the opening slot. With the 2020 Pandemic hindering the touring process, Trip buckled down and took time to build up his sound and social media presence. By 2022, he had built up a TikTok following of over 400K people. Now that things are getting back to normal, he has increased his release schedule and is ready to get his new music out there.


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Freya Ridings Shares “Can I Jump?” From Her Upcoming Album ‘Blood Orange’

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