INsiders Guide: Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra, Issei Herr, The Mars Volta, Dakota 66, Star2 and $tupid Young, Cookiee Kawaii, Alice Phoebe Lou, Faith Marie…

composer, trumpeter, interdisciplinary abstractivist and modern music mogul Rob Mazurek announces Lightning Dreamers, a new work written for a compacted version of his long-running Exploding Star Orchestra, releasing March 31 2023 on International Anthem. A track from the album, “Future Shaman,” and an accompanying video directed by Rob Mazurek are available today. A follow-up to the acclaimed 2020 Mazurek/ESO release Dimensional Stardust, the album features guitarist Jeff Parker, vocalist Damon Locks, drummer Gerald Cleaver, and pianists Angelica Sanchez and Craig Taborn, among others. It was recorded mostly at the remote Sonic Ranch studios in West Texas, not far from Mazurek’s current home in Marfa, in the days leading up to a debut of the music at Trans Pecos festival in September 2021. Mixing and post-production was headed by Dave Vettraino from IARC studios in Chicago across 2022. Today’s single and album opener “Future Shaman” was co-produced by Jeff Parker and features added percussion by Mazurek’s longtime São Paulo Underground collaborator Mauricio Takara. The track finds Mazurek and ESO where they left off with Dimensional

Stardust – deep in a chromatic funk fantasy of outer-space grooves and Bartok-ian riffs. Vocalist/MC Locks brings the Orson Welles via Deltron 3030 energy while Taborn and Sanchez face-off from behind Wurlitzer pianos and Moog synthesizers. Mazurek describes the track as “a beat and lyrical sojourn into the clouds and then the eye of the storm and finally an ascension to the stars. A snaking counterpoint summoning the spirit world. An attempt at communication, renewal/rebirth through sound and movement.”

Mazurek has made an indelible impact on creative music over the past thirty years since emerging from the musical nexus of the 1990s Chicago scene. He has written more than 400 compositions, is featured on more than seventy recordings from various labels, and has led or co-led many ensembles including Exploding Star Orchestra (his flagship large ensemble), Chicago Underground, Isotope 217, and more. 

In the liner notes for Lightning Dreamers, Mazurek writes that the music is “an evocation of a theme from the “Black River Suite,” which I have been revisiting and reimagining over time.” He elaborates: “I spent 3 years of my life on the great Rio Negro in Manaus, Brazil, where the Black and White Rivers meet. It is custom and a kind of rebirthing to take a boat to the dividing/divining line of these 2 great rivers and dive into and through, as an affirmation of the simple premise (although We All Come from Somewhere Else) that we all come from the same place… the stars. The feeling of moving between and through these great bodies of water is etched in my soul forever. The visual and sonic material (both thematic and imagined) evokes the spirits past, present and future along this mighty river. The undercurrents of time, the movement of storm systems in the sky, the gentle sway of a boat moving upriver, the power and intensity when the wind decides to blow and the torrential rains fall. The sound of the electric eels below, the melodies of the inhabitants along the way, the shattering blasts from lightning in the sky. The river flows on and on and on.”

we’re sharing the Brooklyn cellist and composer Issei Herr‘s “Aveu (The Beginning Is a Farewell) feat. Maria BC.” Cello and voice reach euphoric heights and end in a soft whisper, completing the cycle that begins with “Aubade (The Farewell Is a Beginning)”on Herr’s deeply personal ‘Distant Intervals‘, an indelible instrumental album with universal themes of memory, acceptance, and transformation.

On December 17th, 2022, we filmed a performance at St. John’s in the Village. Check that out here.

Tour dates:
4/12 New York, NY – Trans Pecos
4/27 Boston, MA – The Lilypad
5/15 Los Angeles, CA – 2220 Arts
5/20 Los Angeles, CA – Floating
6/7 Tokyo, Japan – Forestlimit

The Mars Volta will release ‘Que Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazon’ via Clouds Hill.

Much more than a simple “un- plugged” version of ‘The Mars Volta’ – the bands self titled seventh album and return as a band – this acoustic rendition furthers the mission of the source music, which drew into sharper focus the traditional Latin influences that have always inspired Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala. This is, says Rodríguez- López, The Mars Volta’s version of a “folk record”, tracing the melodies and rhythms of the parent album back to their traditional Caribbean roots and chal- lenging listeners to hear the group in an entirely new light.

Today, fans can stream “Blank Condolences (Acoustic)” via this link:

The upcoming new album isn’t simply more content, but a bold, radical, political album, and one that recontextualizes the music of the group’s powerful last album within the lineage of the Latin and Caribbean sounds that Rodríguez- López has been mining his entire career, only many ears couldn’t hear past the distorted guitars to know what was going on. The songs are re-orchestrated and set to the traditional Caribbean rhythms that Rodríguez-López grew up on. Here, “Black Condolences” becomes an object lesson in this music, segueing be- tween three different traditional rhythms across its three-and-a-half minutes.

Dakota 66 is an indie rock band from Dublin, Ireland. The band’s influences include The National, R.E.M., Radiohead, and a wide variety of artists, drawing from country rock, and post-punk crafted artists such as Lou Reed and David Bowie. 

The album, If Not Now When, says it all. The band has been together for more than 10 years but has only decided to release their first album. As they say, “it’s taken a long time to craft songs with something to say” and they are reflections on life, people, and emotions. The album includes songs like “Reeling Back The Years,” bringing back the carefree feeling of youth we all search for, “Bubble,” about friendship, and “Ode To A Friend” which touches on the sensitive subject of loss. The band includes J Gallagher on vocals, Brian Grace on guitar, Brian Curran on bass, and Thomas Leonard on drums. 

The album drawings by Declan Considine reflect the lyrics in a picture. Hope, dreams, love, loss, and friendship. 

The band will release a second album next year. 

Star2 began his life in a Thai refugee camp where he was forced to flee genocide from the Burmese army in Myanmar who burned his village to the ground. A lottery in the camp brought him to San Diego with his grandmother and her four children. Working alongside producer Chico Bennett, his collaborations with acclaimed rappers include Soulja Boy, $tupid Young, Mozzy, MBNel, Luh Kel, Lil Poppa, HoodTrophy Bino, YSN Flow, and MarMar Oso to name a few. Star2 has also received acclaim from the likes of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, GQ, Earmilk, BET, Lyrical Lemonade, HotNewHipHop, HipHopDX, The Source, Ones to Watch and more.

Cookiee Kawaii became known outside of New Jersey with the jittering, mattress-squeaking club track “Vibe” which went viral in 2019 and became even more popular the next year with TikTok users. Unrestricted by genre, the vocalist’s stylistic range cuts across Jersey-club, R&B, and rap. The daughter of house DJs, Vanice Palmer was born into music and has been recording since the early 2010s. After she adopted her stage name, a display of her love for sweets and anime, she peeked above the underground New Jersey scene and now reaches club/dance fans across the globe!

Alice Phoebe Lou, the captivating South-African singer-songwriter, has released the dreamy companion video for her latest single, “Shelter,” streaming now on her official YouTube Channel here; WATCH.

Captured on 8mm film and edited by Andrea Ariel, with additional footage from Jasha Hase and Alice herself, the music video showcases unseen behind-the-scenes footage of Alice on tour last year, with aspirational blue skies and sun-kissed memories.

“Shelter” is the first and latest single from Alice’s new album set to be announced soon, available now at all DPS here; LISTEN.

The sound of “More Than I Am” was executed to encapsulate the meaning of this song and the existentialism of it. A lot of elements are felt, not heard, and Faith wrote these lyrics with a vision for people to listen and immerse themselves into a full experience. “More Than I Am” intertwines darkness with the bass and synths, alongside brighter elements such as the lead harp. This juxtaposition is meant to convey the feeling of acceptance of pain and confusion, while also giving a glimpse of hope while the song is evolving in that direction. Faith Marie’s personal journey as an independent artist, overcoming obstacles and achieving success on her own terms, is an inspiring narrative that resonates with listeners and fans.

Malachy Tuohy is an Irish singer and songwriter known for his soulful voice, down-to-earth songwriting style and musical versatility. He is a member of the Irish band the Riptide Movement, with whom he has earned international recognition and a gold-selling, number 1 album, with hit songs such as “All Works Out” and “Elephant in the Room”. In addition to his work with the Riptide Movement, Tuohy writes and collaborates with a host of artists and will release his first solo album titled I Cross This Universe in June 2023. Born out of the covid lockdown, I Cross This Universe showcases Tuohy’s impressive range as an artist and songwriter. With exceptional production by Gavin Glass and special guest performances from Albert Lee, Moya Brennan, Rachel Grace, Beth McNinch and Paul Brennan. “I Cross This Universe” is a beautiful offering that solidifies Tuohy’s place as one of Ireland’s great songwriters and performers.

Australian indie folk-rock outfit – THE PAPER KITES – have unveiled a second offering from their upcoming ‘At The Roadhouse’ project: “Till The Flame Turns Blue”. 


A prime example of the shining folk/pop that has earned them fans the world-over, “Till The Flame Turns Blue” sees the five-piece fusing lilting indie/americana arrangements with the kind of sentimental storytelling that will stop you in your tracks.

“But we were born in the moonlight baby, In the fire of a silver stream, So maybe we could just, We could burn until the flame turns blue” coos frontman Sam Bentley, his tender vocal surrounded by a soothing, multi-layered soundscape of pedal steels, hammond organs, gauzy guitars, and gospel-like backing vocals. Capturing The Paper Kites’ keen ability for melding magical folk-rock melodies with lyrics that shimmer and sting like long-forgotten memories rising to the surface, “Till The


Interplanetary ravers HENGE are coming to a town near you.

Announcing plans for an extensive UK tour this Autumn, the Cosmic Dross pioneers will be unleashing their momentous live show at 26 venues nationwide.

The tour announcement follows the release of HENGE’s new single “Get A Wriggle On”, with the band due to perform cuts from upcoming third album: ‘Alpha Test 4’ (26 May, Cosmic Dross Records) on this run.

With evening gigs, matinee performances, and after parties all confirmed on the route, catch HENGE between 22 September – 10th November at these destinations listed below. Dogshow will support at all dates.

22/09 The Rockin Chair, Wrexham
23/09 Lost Horizon, Bristol (+ matinee)
24/09 The Cornish Bank, Falmouth
26/09 The Phoenix, Exeter
27/09 South Street, Reading
28/09 Electric Ballroom, London
29/09 Joiners, Southampton
30/09 Concorde2, Brighton
05/10 Gulbenkian Arts Centre, Canterbury
06/10 Kanteena, Lancaster (+ afterparty)
07/10 Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek (+ matinee)
11/10 Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
12/10 Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff 
13/10 Esquires, Bedford 
14/10 Club 85, Hitchin 
18/10 St Stephen’s Church, Ipswich UK
19/10 02 Academy, Leicester 
20/10 Cobalt, Newcastle 
21/10 Brewery Arts, Kendal (+ matinee)
26/10 Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh 
27/10 Stereo, Glasgow 
01/11 Yellow Arch, Sheffield 
02/11 The Crescent, York 
03/11 The Brudenell, Leeds 
04/11 Band on the Wall, Manchester (+ matinee)
10/11 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool 

Tickets on sale now – here:

Korean-American dance music sensation SOHMI releases her new Recital EP on Permission / Thrive Music.

Rounding out the final chapter of SOHMI’s anticipated Recital EP, the titular track is an edgy dance-pop cut filled with sultry vocal accents and entrancing celestial tones. Through a transportive, ethereal soundscape, SOHMI showcases a harmonious blend of her self-pioneered ‘minimal pop-tech’ genre.

As a whole, Recital represents SOHMI’s most personal project to date, touching on themes of escapism and metamorphism. Marking her debut 4-track EP, Recital is a testament to SOHMI’s transcendence as a multi-talented singer, producer, instrumentalist, and DJ. Recital features SOHMI’s previous singles ‘Missin U‘, ‘Only One‘, and ‘Somebody‘ and arrives ahead of her return to Coachella for this year’s Do LaB stage. 

Regarding the track, SOHMI said, “I wanted to end the EP with something really different, and take the listener outside the expected club-structured farem instead into something that simply feels and sounds like a dream. ‘Recital’, the track, is the soundtrack to all the many daydreams I’ve had over the course of my childhood and life, which were always about becoming some kind of performer for as long as I can remember. While I’m singing over nearly the entire track, there are no real lyrics, just freestyled humming, as one might while daydreaming about becoming something and somebody bigger than themselves in an alternate version of life. Then when the EP starts over again, you find yourself there. You begin at ‘Somebody’.”

Brazilian producer GUEDES releases his single ‘Bass A+’ on Dirtybird Records. 

Originally released as a BIRDFEED exclusive in 2021, ‘Bass A+’ has been promoted to the main label after becoming an overnight hit heard on the dancefloors of the Dirtybird Players Tour. The Dirtybird debut from the Brazilian artist is a gritty 5-minute cut filled with wobbling, distorted basslines and textured percussion. A rolling four-on-the-floor beat that oozes with the off-kilter edge the label is known for, it’s no surprise ‘Bass A+’ has become a favorite in Claude VonStroke’s recent sets.  

Regarding the release, Claude VonStroke said, “I was digging through the BIRDFEED records and I started playing this one out, and I realized it’s absolutely insane and I love it.” 

GUEDES is a rising Brazilian producer and DJ based in Curitiba. His energetic blend of techno and funk has landed him on labels such as House Of Hustle, Deep Insane, Naschkatze Underground, and now Dirtybird Records. GUEDES is the latest up-and-coming international producer to garner attention from the iconic house and techno label, following the recent Birds Of A Feather compilation which featured artists from Indonesia, Spain, Ecuador, and more.

GUEDES invites the flock to pregame for the Dirtybird Players Tour with ‘Bass A+’ out now.

LA’s The Aquadolls reveal the next single from their upcoming record Charmed (June 2), with “Burn Baby Burn.” Starting off in high gear with fuzzed-out guitars and anthemic vocals begging to be shouted back by a crowd, the release is an empowering reminder to demand what you deserve. Produced by Chris Szczech (The Goo Goo Dolls), the arena-ready single feels like if 80s Joan Jett scored a cult classic teen flick from the early 2000s – Stream.

Diving into the essence of the track, bassist Keilah Nina said, “The ultimate girl gang anthem, this is a banger that’s all about finding comfort in your friends after being torn down. Learning the importance of not taking shit from anybody and letting that inner fire roar! It is also about finding solace in the meaningful connections you have with your sisterhood, rather than giving all your energy to toxic romantic partners. Our girl gang tells it as it is, no matter how fiery it comes off.”

Lead singer Melissa Brooks continued, “If you’re in a mood to tear down the town, blast this song to feel like the ultimate bad bitch. Featuring a distorted guitar riff channeling the energy of ‘Take Me Away’ from the 2000s movie Freaky Friday and the powerhouse of The Hives’ ‘Tick Tick Boom’, this Chris Szcech recorded track will leave the listener feeling unstoppable.”

Michigan indie rock outfit Low Phase have shared their newest track, “Smokescreen.” Pulling inspiration from rock bands from the 1990’s and giving it a push into the present with playful guitars riffs and vocal call-and-response sections, “Smokescreen” showcases the unique brand of indie rock that Low Phase is using to plant their flag in the genre.

Fans can stream “Smokescreen” now at 

On the new track, the band shares, “This song is commentary on complicated interpersonal relationships. The balance between adornment and love, but keeping individualism throughout it all.

Formed in 2020, Low Phase are a 4-piece indie rock band from Grand Rapids, MI. Taking inspiration from the throes of growing older and the uncertainty of human relationships, frontman Caleb Waldvogel’s songwriting offers listeners a unique take on the indie rock style. For nearly a decade, Waldvogel’s talent for lyricism has allowed him to stand out in the local scene and beyond. Alongside him, Marley Ferguson’s haunting guitar lines and soprano backing vocals weave expertly throughout each song, commanding the attention of anyone who hears them. Backed by John Bomer on bass and Miles Ferguson on drums, Low Phase’s rhythm section is characterized by a deep pocket and an unassumingly complex cadence on which each song rests.

Asheville, NC-based psych rock trio The Get Right Band share cinematic, timely fifth studio album iTopiaout everywhere now. Alongside the complete project, the band share the dreamy, psychedelic title track featuring Bo Koster of My Morning Jacketout now. Tonight the band will kick off a run of dates along the East Coast with an album release show at Asheville, NC’s Salvage Station with Disco Risque. Tickets to all shows are available now via with a full list of dates below.

iTopia, out today, is the electrifying, momentous concept album by The Get Right Band. The LP, which features Bo Koster (Roger Waters, My Morning Jacket) on keys, Jacob Rodriguez on saxophone (Michael Buble), and Eleanor Underhill on vocals (Underhill Rose), masterfully explores the impact of social media on relationships, mental health, sense of self and the ever-evolving state of the world.

Through seventeen thrilling tracks, the album follows a protagonist who falls into a deep online rabbit hole, passing through techno-utopianism to the most anti-social side of social media. In a moment of clarity, the protagonist begins to climb out of the dark hole as they aim to understand what’s true and what isn’t, and makes a wavering attempt at optimism. In addition to the notable features, the album is primarily self-produced and self-recorded with drums and strings tracked by Julian Dreyer at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, NC. The rest of the album was recorded by the band in various home studios, later mixed by Matt Zutell at Coast Records and mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B.

Proudly putting their evolution both as people and as artists on full display, Gentry explains, “This album not only represents our growth and progress as a band, but also as people. The themes of the album and the content of the songs touch on some of the most poignant issues of our society at this moment in time. We hope people can relate to the subject matter and that it also gives the listener some hope for a different future.”

Mears adds, “This album is a story that is taking place right now. It’s a story at the intersection of technological and social evolution in a world in which people feel growing disconnection and discontentment for the people and systems which so greatly affect our lives. It’s a story of the fragility and susceptibility of human nature and a tale of caution that we can all relate to.”

“In making ‘iTopia’ we had to acknowledge how media, and particularly social media, is affecting each of us.” Mears continues, “These things strongly shape our world view and when you start unraveling the motives and incentives behind the things you’re being told, a bleak feeling can emerge. I hope this album makes people think about all the things that they’re consuming and how it impacts themselves and everyone around them.”

Tess Elena, born and raised in New York City, is an independent artist who has catapulted her name into the limelight with her soulful, jazz-infused take on the indie pop, folk genres. Her playful lyricism and bold flair have cemented her as a musical force within the singer songwriter community. Driven by her degree in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, her feminist roots inspired her music by everyday life as a woman and her personal experiences as she grows and moves through the world. 

Her debut EP, Fire Escape, is a collection of songs written after returning to NYC from living abroad in Thailand and being thrown back into the big city hustle environment. The story behind these songs are a compilation of romantic relationships, sexual desires, and coming of age. Strong, introspective, and reminiscent, the EP oozes with soul, emulating raw emotion, and dancing between playful yet insightful and powerful yet vulnerable. 

“Subway DMs” shows the often shamed sexual side to women in a consenting way. Written about meeting a cute guy on the subway and feeling the sexual tension, she speaks of the push and pull of wanting to be forward but also wanting the other person to make a move. This totally catchy and fun single is certain to be stuck in your head all day long, as we see the musician playing with different genres and instruments. Then there is “Emotion Mommy,” a commentary on the unfair distribution of emotional labor in romantic partnerships and how to create clear healthy boundaries. Elena shares, “I didn’t want to be the emotional caretaker in my relationships. I wanted to capture how women in romantic relationships often carry an invisible weight of emotional labor that is often at an unfair level compared to their male partners. It started with this concept of “Emotion Mommy” that felt like it was a form of parenting in a way. I realized that it wasn’t fair to be performing all of the emotional labor in the relationship and that it should be an equal partnership. As I wrote the song, I started to think of lyrics that would demonstrate motherhood in a romantic relationship.” The empowering single enters with sultry vocals and moody instrumentation, suddenly picking up in the chorus, with jangly guitars and infectious harmonies creating a memorable listening experience. 

Title-track “Fire Escape” shows how the songwriter’s safe space of creativity and growth of her childhood fire escape became a similar feeling in the romantic relationship she is in currently. Raw and honest, this sweet track peels back layers to the songwriter as she gives us a glimpse into her intimate feelings. 

Lastly, “Heart Attack” is a coming of age heartbreak song that shows the vulnerability of a girl’s first love. The artist confides, “All of these songs together create a unified full picture of what my lived experience is as a woman today. I want to show what I believe the tapestry of being a woman can look like, with all the nuance and complexity of being a human being. It’s important for artists to demonstrate through song, what we believe we are allowed to be, especially as a woman.”

Having been commissioned by the United Nations to write and perform an original song for their Youth Assembly in 2017, Elena has since then gone to create a band and perform at venues all around NYC. Her highly-anticipated EP, Fire Escape, is certain to turn heads as we see Tess Elena on the rise. 

Puma June, a moniker for multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Shanti Abbott, is a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Evoking a hopeful sadness through her introspective song writing, June has a rich, ethereal chamber-pop style, with a sprinkle of R&B. With eclectic influences from Aretha Franklin to Feist to Lana Del Rey, there is no way to really place Puma June’s sound – perhaps somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Charlotte Day Wilson, unhinged.

June, a vocalist, self-taught guitarist, and Suzuki-trained violinist, spent her formative years song writing and getting involved in musical projects in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario. Most notably, June created a folk duo with her twin sister, initially known as “Shanti and Vale”, and later, “Concordia”. The two never expanded past the small-town scene and after the release of their 2019 single, decided to shift focus onto their solo projects. June was a part of various other orchestras and indie-rock/folk bands through her formative years, including backing vocalist and violinist for Barrie-based indie-rock band “House Art”, Toronto-based folk-rock group, “Hungry Lake”, and a violinist in the Huronia Symphony Orchestra. Finally, in 2020, “Puma June” was officially born – a project mixing all the genres of June’s youth and finally giving June the platform to find her own, singular, voice.

One of the most needed voices on the Atlanta rap scene, Ralo today has released his latest track, “Street Honors,” featuring Jadakiss. On top of today’s fresh new song unveil, Ralo also has announced the release of his next project, titled  97 Months, out April 21. Pre-Save 97 Months HERE. Listen to “Street Honors” featuring Jadakiss HERE.
Street Honors” cements the range of realness Ralo has maintained since his emergence on the music scene. Currently incarcerated, Ralo shows that no holds are barred for the Rap maven as he expresses his deepest thoughts and overall artistry. Evoking feelings that make his presence felt through grim bells and a knocking base, “Street Honors” moreover doubles-down on the strength of Ralo, which has not—in the slightest bit, weakened. As it stands, it has been 97 months since Ralo has been incarcerated. His forthcoming project, along with today’s new track, was recorded entirely on the phone.

GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist, producer, and songwriter Kid Culture shares a brand-new single entitled “Persistence of Memory” via Epic Records and Vol 1 Records. Listen to “Persistence of Memory” HERE

“Persistence of Memory” highlights his fluid melodies over a laidback beat laced with airy guitars and glimmering keys. As the momentum builds, he promises, “I’ll be down for whatever, in between clever compliments such as, “Yeah, you’re hot just like summer.

Stay tuned for the premiere of a cinematic music video to accompany the track.

It lands in the wake of his infectious debut single, “Keep It. Beyond tallying nearly half-a-million streams and counting, it earned widespread critical acclaim. WONDERLAND. declared, “ ‘Keep It’ by Kid Culture is an impressive debut single that showcases the artist’s undeniable talent and creativity, and CLASH hailed it as “an instantly addictive piece of music.” Grimy Goods summed it up best, Kid Culture proves he’s more than just a hip-hop producer.

Everything sets the stage for breakthrough from Kid Culture this year.

Kid Culture has been impacting the game from behind-the-scenes by producing and co-writing chart-topping hits for the likes of Justin Bieber, Cordae, Eminem, and more, and now he is taking center stage.

Kicking off what promises to be another unforgettable season, multi-platinum hip hop artist DDG unveils his latest single “This Summer” today via Epic Records. Listen HERE and watch the official music video HERE.

Driven by a head-nodding beat, DDG launches into a breezy flow punctuated by one quotable line after another. Eyeing the crown, he proclaims, “I’m on a mission. Bitch, I’m waiting to be at the top. Bringing his words to life, the visual finds him on a yacht in Miami. Under the bright sun, jet-skis speed by as he raps to the camera from the bow of the vessel accompanied by two models. It seamlessly sets the stage for a red-hot summer for DDG.

This Summer” arrives on the heels of a slew of buzz-worthy singles DDG has shared with fans recently, including Way Too Petty,” “HANDS UP!,” “Forbes List,” “Vegan,” and “Maybach Curtains.”

DDG continues to prove his influence through his music and savvy business acumen. He kicked off 2023 by being named to Forbes’ annual “30 Under 30” list for music/entertainment, cementing his status as a forward-looking culture shifter. In addition, he made headline-worthy appearances at both Milan and Paris Fashion Week at presentations by Gucci, Bally and Off-White. Most recently, DDG has accumulated new RIAA certifications for his music: His break-out hit Moonwalking in Calabasas” ft. Blueface is now officially double platinum for sales of over 2 million units. In addition, “Hood Melody” ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again from his collaborative project Die 4 Respect with OG Parker is now certified Gold.

Glove announces a headline run of US and UK tour dates spanning May and June. Starting off in Tampa, the band will join the lineup of Tropical Heatwave Festival before making their way up the East Coast, with stops in major markets including New York and D.C. Partway through the run, Glove will make a detour to the UK for more headline shows and a few dates with Nation of Language. All upcoming shows can be found here and below.

Last year, the band released their debut album Boom Nights. The addictive alt-rock/synthwave offering is the soundtrack to the worst or best night of your life, dealer’s choice. Produced by Cage The Elephant’s Brad Shultz, the album propelled the band to take on their biggest year yet. Some highlights include playing at Austin City Limits, SXSW, Substance Festival and Levitation, tours alongside Jack White, Spoon and Foals, and being included in Rolling Stone’s Best Music of 2022 list. 


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