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INsiders Guide: Maya Donovan, David Kushner, Reya, ODDKO, Lois Rae, JETTA JURIANSZ, DOE BOY, MARLOW, Mandi Crimmins, DENISON WITMER, AG CLUB…

Maya Donovan is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter raised and based in Brooklyn, NY whose style draws on a host of genres: folk, soul, pop, and jazz. A masterful storyteller, Donovan writes of the most painful parts of life with unflinching honesty, empathy, and humor. Her rich voice, armed with delicate control, will pull you into her music and keep you there. 

A graduate of New York City’s prestigious LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts (the “Fame” school), Donovan has been making music for as long as she can remember. Some of her first songs she wrote before the age of 10, hunched over a first-generation iMac computer. Donovan comes from a long line of creatives: daughter of Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Vanessa Roth, and granddaughter of screenwriter Eric Roth, whose prolific work includes the Forrest Gump screenplay. 

Listening to Donovan’s music is an invitation to walk with her through the world as an anxious homebody, as someone who loves deeply and overthinks everything. In her songs, she reflects on subject matter ranging from living through the pandemic as a hypochondriac to the way the internet deludes us as we navigate interpersonal relationships. 

Donovan’s songwriting has a distinctly modern sensibility, while remaining grounded in the familiar, accessible sounds of Laurel Canyon in the 1970s. When she’s looking for inspiration, Donovan immerses herself in the music of fellow contemporary female singer-songwriters such as Julia Jacklin, Weyes Blood, Madison Cunningham, and Fiona Apple. 

About every 6 weeks, you can find Maya at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village where she is currently an artist in residence. There, she plays the same piano once touched by Stevie Wonder, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell (among many others). Onstage, Donovan is at home. She is wry, self-deprecating, and raw as she shares intimate stories with audience members and demonstrates that vulnerability is her greatest strength.

Rising singer-songwriter David Kushner has shared his eagerly anticipated new single, “Daylight” produced by Rob Kirwan (Hozier, “Take Me To Church”), available now at all DSPs and streaming services. An official music video from Altar8 Studio takes us to a woodland church where fire, water, air, and ash find David pensive and soulful. The video directed by Luke Shaw and Landon Juern premieres today via YouTube HERE.

 “With my song ‘Daylight,’ I aim to convey the paradoxical desire for something that is simultaneously harmful to oneself, using elements of light and darkness,” shares Kushner. “The lyrics ‘Oh I love it and I hate it at the same time you and I drink the poison from the same vine’ encapsulate this concept.”

With over 610M global career streams in under 12 months, more than 3M monthly Spotify listeners, 24.5M combined YouTube views, and over 70M TikTok likes, David Kushner has swiftly drawn a fervent fan following for his unique tone and storytelling ability. Produced by Ron Kirwan, “Daylight” is the long-teased second single from Kushner’s forthcoming debut album. The eagerly awaited debut sees Kushner joining forces with a number of iconic artists and producers, including The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz, David Baron (Matt Maeson, Shania Twain), and 2x GRAMMY® Award-nominee Rob Kirwan (Hozier, PJ Harvey, U2). Pre-adds/pre-saves are available now HERE.

Reya is a London based dark pop artist whose music speaks from the depths of her heart. With Chilean heritage, Reya is originally from Norway but grew up in Spain, resulting in her rich, multicultural upbringing being a key ingredient to her unique style and sound. Her roots play a huge role in her story, with the artist having recently rebranded after previously creating music under a different name. 

Reya’s journey to where she is today has been a rollercoaster. Over the last year, the singer, songwriter and producer found herself in the midst of studying final bachelor year in Music production, releasing 6 singles, played on Norwegian national radio and BBC introducing, several shows in London – with the highlight of supporting the Norwegian treasure DAGNY at her London show, and her following show in Norway. Only to have the music taken down… As a result of all this, REYA without the AND returns. 

Starting a new chapter under a new name, the artist is finally creating music that she has complete control over, with people that she loves. She explains, “The underlying theme in my new music is essentially taking back control. Step by step, and one way of doing so, was by saying no thank you to certain behaviours and taking charge. This change can be so difficult, however living for someone else and not yourself is even more difficult in the long run. Choosing yourself is always worth the growing pains.” The new sound is much more raw and real, expressing strength over oneself and being reminded of the fact that endings also simultaneously mean new beginnings. 

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Following the release of her unapologetic track “attention” which narrates owning who you are, Reya now unveils the dark and fiery “Kinda Like It”. The single sees the artist fighting back, as she puts herself in the villains shoes after being disrespected for too long and realising she actually kinda likes it. Sonically, the track emits a shadowy and eerie energy, as a menacing beat and mischievous lyrics transport listeners to the dark side of Reya. 

Reya confides, “It was written during a time when I felt like I constantly got wronged by a person, and I put up with it for too long. I wanted to envision myself doing the same bad things to them as they did to other people. However, my mom raised me well enough to only imagine giving out such bad karma through a song, which was good enough for me. Essentially, it’s a way of taking the power back from, and giving it to yourself, and kinda liking the control that comes with it.”Having garnered acclaim from the likes of Earmilk, Wonderland Magazine and Atwood Magazine, to name a few, this new chapter for Reya is already proving to be an explosive one.

ODDKO is known for creating exceptional, high-production music videos and their latest release is no exception. The accompanying music video for “Censorship” aligns with the song’s concept and promises to captivate the audience. The band’s debut single “Disobey” has already amassed an impressive 3.3 million views on YouTube for their award-winning music video and over 2 million streams on Spotify.

ODDKO is an independent band that self-produces their boundary-pushing music videos, thanks to the mastermind of Giovanni Bucci (ODDKO’s founder and frontman). Bucci, who has directed music videos for Korn, Dave (Dave Santana), Fleshgod Apocalypse, has also worked as a motion designer on countless films, including Star Trek, Terminator, and RoboCop.

ODDKO has many new tracks in the works, including several collaborations with established artists, and has already released a few remixes from artists Zardonic and Aesthetic Perfection. With their latest release, ODDKO hopes to inspire their fans to question the rationale behind censorship and promote free expression of ideas. The band has always been known for their unique and powerful music, and “Censorship” promises to be no different.

Here’s what people have been saying about ODDKO:

“Outrageous maelstrom of sights and sounds, paced and cut so expertly, ‘Disobey’ is both intoxicating and satisfying at the same time. The energy of the integrated components is fantastic. And the music itself, while not for everyone, is much to my liking.” – Dan Sarto/AWN (Animation World Network)

“Disobey is, legitimately, fantastic. I really dig the tunes and vibe.” – Joshua Millican/ Dread Central

“Amazing!! That shit is dark ‘n’ scary, I love it!” – James ‘Munky’ Shaffer/Korn

“This guy is one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever met in the music business. I had the pleasure and privilege to track drums for his first album containing some of the best music in the genre.” – Francesco Paoli/ Fleshgod Apocalypse

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“Sick track and video \m/” – Zardonic

“In command of both sound and vision, Bucci has seamlessly integrated them both…”  

– David Knight/ Promonews

There comes a time in life where acknowledging what’s best for you comes with sacrifice. In this case, it’s friends. Uncovering the real from the fake, up-and-coming songstress Lois Rae does exactly that whilst embracing her power in brand new single, ‘RADAR’.


Housing production from Manon Dave (Idris Elba, Che Lingo,, ‘RADAR’ is underpinned with a seductive beat that enables Lois Rae to boast her silky tone and slick lyricism atop. Taking a stand and prioritising what’s best for her, the songstress bares all in this unapologetic drop, “Back in the day they didn’t f*ck with me, now they wanna say someth’ / I’m done with that fake love / Actin’ like my day 1’s / Never heard from nobody / When I was on my way up” she sings.


Paired alongside a scenic visualiser, Lois Rae takes to the beach and delivers a hypnotic video that correlates seamlessly with the feel of the track. Speaking on the release Lois Rae commented, “One thing that has changed my life is only surrounding myself with genuine people. I believe it’s important to keep your boundaries strong and protect your energy at all costs – I wanted to make sure that the people who listen to my music do the same. RADAR has been written with the purpose to communicate this message and to help the listener remember their worth any time they find themselves forgetting. Not everyone needs to be in your circle, or on your radar.”

Singer-songwriter Jetta Juriansz is thrilled to release her new single “Mine” that is out now.
Jetta says, “Mine” is a love song for greedy hearts everywhere. May you keep yearning, pining, and asking for what you want.
This song was written for Jetta’s partner, Nick Cabot Rodriguez who is featured on the song as a bassist and in the “Mine” lyric video (directed by Nicole Lipp).
Jetta Juriansz in an LA based musician, actor and comedian. Best known for CBS Showcase 2023, playing Ali Mills in the Pre-Broadway run of Karate Kid The Musical, and cast member of sketch comedy TV show, Studio C. Also recently seen on SWAT (CBS) and this month you can catch her on Station 19 (ABC). 
Jetta’s original music has hundreds of thousands of streams around the world – reaching Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and more! Including her most popular song, “My Nothin’”, (with 757K streams on Spotify and 85K views on YouTube). 

Embarking on another creative chapter, critically acclaimed Cleveland hip-hop phenomenon Doe Boy returns with a brand new single and music video entitled “ROLL THE DICE” [feat. Dej Loaf] out now via Freebandz/Epic Records. It marks their first collaboration together and Dej Loaf’s first feature since 2020. Listen HERE and watch the music video HERE.

Produced by Pooh Beatz [Jack Harlow, DaBaby] and Go Grizzley [Drake, 21 Savage, Nicki Minaj], the song sees Doe Boy evolve at lightspeed. This time around, he leans into woozy R&B with romantic otherworldly crooning and vulnerable confessions such as “I’m heavy thinking.” Over the loose guitar-laden beat, Dej Loaf delivers a slick and scorching cameo of her own as their hypnotic harmonies interlock in unison. The accompanying visual clearly projects this chemistry on-screen as they tell a relatable story. After an intro of dice in the clouds, the intimate highly stylized video threads together a series of passionate and solemn moments against either black or white backdrops. With this elevated approach, the clip highlights Doe Boy’s progression as a genre-breaking force.

Most importantly, the track paves the way for his next full-length project. Turning another page, “ROLL THE DICE” illuminates his ability to seamlessly switch lanes and, ultimately, sharpen his signature sound more than ever before.

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MARLOW is a project headed by Eastbourne singer, songwriter and model, Freddie Marlow. Creating a sonic world which is purely about a feeling, the music speaks from the depths of his heart and is delivered with a hint of mystique. Although led by Freddie, MARLOW is still a completely collaborative effort, with a band of musicians made up of Angus (Guitar), Seb (Bass), Archie (Synth) and Liam (Drums) who work closely alongside Freddie on everything. Together MARLOW sucks listeners in through a dynamic surge and zesty, modern approach. With an infectious alt, pop rock sound and emotional, heartfelt lyrics, MARLOW provides you with a soundtrack to help get through the ups and downs of life, alleviate sadness and reflect on everything we experience as humans.

Off of the upcoming EP, Home, due later this year, MARLOW unveils “Over”. A hugely uplifting song that aims to paint a picture of someone trying to hold on to something/someone too tight and hoping the other doesn’t let go. “Over” features an incredibly catchy chorus and inspiring atmosphere. “It’s a plea to another to hold on,” confides Freddie. The single is also accompanied by an ingenious video directed by William Pope. 
Offering some backstory to this track, Freddie explains, “This song was inspired by real events in my relationship/relationships. There are times when communication breaks down and I feel like at any moment the other person may fall through my hands. In the verses I’ve tried to paint the picture of myself looking at someone and searching for all the things I would like to say, but as I try to say them I feel as if my hands are tied. It’s not a depressing song, it’s uplifting and the pounding drums and shiny synths reflect the fight. The simplistic lyrics will allow the listener to think, reflect and feel.” 

Also off of the EP is “I’m Not Leaving”, a song which shimmers with an echoing guitar line, warm, emotional vocals and a driving, uplifting chorus. Emphasising the importance of being there for the one you love, Freddie shares, “This track was inspired by my girlfriend going through a tough time. It’s basically me saying, ‘I’m here for you no matter what’”.

Speaking further on his writing process, Freddie reveals, “I’m heavily inspired by emotional moments in film and TV. I try to visualise all of my songs as though they are being played behind an emotional scene (sad, happy or dramatic) in a movie or TV show. I’m also inspired by relationships; in particular my own, and enjoy writing emotionally driven songs that describe my feelings toward a situation”.

MARLOW has had the privilege of performing at The Isle of Wight Festival and has also received support from the likes of Wonderland Magazine and Earmilk, as well as national radio play on John Kennedy ́s Radio X show. They will be returning to The Isle of Wight Festival River Stage this year. With the upcoming release of the highly anticipated EP, as well as a headline show at The Old Blue Last in London on May 19th, 2023 is set to be an exciting year for MARLOW.

Mandi Crimmins is the chaotically-relatable rockstar you’ve been searching for. This Los Angeles-based Berklee grad is known for her vulnerable raw lyrics and unhinged pop hooks that draw the listener in. Mandi suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and does not hide that, but instead uses it to connect and relate to listeners also struggling with mental illness. Her fierce authenticity has garnered her a cult following of 40k on TikTok, with the mental health community rallying behind every release. 

Since moving to Los Angeles from her hometown in Massachusetts, Mandi has developed her sound into a raw gritty realness that’s an addiction to hear. This gained the attention of alt-rock band The Haunt, who has served as a main collaborator of Mandi’s since. 

Mandi is making her official artist statement with her upcoming EP, BORDERLINE – a concept rock EP about mental health that takes listeners on a rollercoaster of highs and lows. The EP is an epic experience of introspection and high emotions bursting with raw-edged hyper-confessional lyrics. From chaotic, high-energy moments to darker, melancholy periods, the EP covers a range of emotions, but one thing remains constant – her totally unfiltered approach. 

Mandi shares, “While I was in the process of writing the EP, I actually ended up getting diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Writing to me is therapeutic and usually whatever is weighing on my mind most comes out during the writing session. After I finished the EP, I realized that I had been writing about my diagnosis before I even had it. They all perfectly described what it feels like to be in my head.”

Her music speaks for itself with its raw, real power that meets songwriting prowess – you can’t help but be addicted. With her storytelling lyrics and vulnerability, Mandi confides, “I hope more than anything that my music inspires someone to get help if they’re struggling. I hope it makes people feel seen, validated, and strong.”

Denison Witmer has released a new standalone single, “It’s Okay to Live A Quiet Life,” in two versions, “For A,” and “For E.”. Produced and performed by Witmer with help from Thomas Bartlett (Doveman, Sufjan Stevens, Taylor Swift), and Andy Park (Death Cab for Cutie, Pedro the Lion, Noah Gunderson), Witmer wrote the song after a road trip with a friend who asked, “When is it ok to just be? Can’t I just live a quiet life?” 

“So much of our energy is spent trying to separate the signal from the noise,” says Witmer, “This song is meant as an encouragement to the listener to pause and take the time they need to rehabilitate. It’s ok to live a quiet life. You don’t have to prove a thing to yourself or anyone.”

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Returning with a big bang, super-duo Jody Fontaine and Baby Boy of AG Club present a brand new two-pack entitled 2MORE today. Get the pack HERE via Epic Records.

2MORE lands a one-two punch with the hypnotically, head-tripping single “aorta” and the smooth and slick “flippin shit” Right out of the gate, booming bass bumps beneath nimbly-rapped verses on “aorta” as the chantable chorus takes hold. Suddenly, it takes a left turn on a manic bridge punctuated by horns and live drums and one last lyrical freakout. An old school sample offers the perfect counterpoint to quotable rhymes on “flippin shit” as the hook promises, “I’m gonna keep on flippin shit!” 

At this rate, they’re about to flip the whole game upside down.

It arrives in advance of their much-anticipated Coachella debut on Saturday April 15 and Saturday April 22. Beyond promising two unforgettable shows, AG Club excitedly introduce their very own limited-edition capsule collection with True Religion at the festival. It was all hands on deck to achieve the custom ‘fit designed in partnership with True Religion True Creator Peder Cho, the designer behind the up-and-coming fashion brand Utopia.

Making headlines, NYLON recently christened them “L.A.’s next big music collective” in an in-depth feature, while The Fox Magazine profiled them and attested, Their sound has been compared to the likes of A$AP Mob and Odd Future, but it’s important to highlight their originality. The guys write their own lyrics inspired directly by life experiences, and it’s their cinematic visuals that inspire their fans that they too can make their wildest dreams come true.”

The next era of AG Club begins today!

93FEETOFSMOKE is a singer-songwriter/producer from Virginia and based in LA who has been making a lot of noise in the emo-rap scene for the past few years. Since 2015 he’s racked up over 100M streams across his catalog as an independent artist and has gained a very loyal fanbase. He released his Photo Finish debut album in July with features from phem, guardin, Kamiyada+, Tosh the Drummer and more. To promote the album he went on tour with both Belmont and Travis Mills’ band girlfriends and hosted an album release party at LA’s iconic venue The Roxy. His new album is ALTAR74, an introspective and raw gritty rock 10 track full-length narrating 93FEETOFSMOKE’s personal journey through mental health struggles and overcoming turbulent emotions surrounding burnout, loneliness, and chasing constant stimulation. 

Malachy Tuohy is an Irish singer and songwriter known for his soulful voice, down-to-earth songwriting style and musical versatility. He is a member of the Irish band the Riptide Movement, with whom he has earned international recognition and a gold-selling, number 1 album, with hit songs such as “All Works Out” and “Elephant in the Room”. In addition to his work with the Riptide Movement, Tuohy writes and collaborates with a host of artists and will release his first solo album titled I Cross This Universe in June 2023. Born out of the covid lockdown, I Cross This Universe showcases Tuohy’s impressive range as an artist and songwriter. With exceptional production by Gavin Glass and special guest performances from Albert Lee, Moya Brennan, Rachel Grace, Beth McNinch and Paul Brennan. “I Cross This Universe” is a beautiful offering that solidifies Tuohy’s place as one of Ireland’s great songwriters and performers.

Whoever said Grime is dead is clearly living under a rock! Veteran D Power Diesle has returned with a bang. Calling on fellow emcee K Dot for his street heater, ‘Sour’, via EB Records, the pair encapsulate the genre’s true essence in this wheel-up worthy banger!


Posing as the first taste of what’s yet to arrive from his forthcoming EP, D Power Diesle is kick starting 2023 with a bang. Charged with ferocious flows and skilful wordplay, both D Power Diesle and K Dot go back-to-back, exchanging gritty bars over the bass heavy production courtesy of OLJA Beats. Homing in on the sounds of London’s inner city, ‘Sour’ is a cruise down memory lane where pirate radio, rap battles, and raw freestyles were taking over the UK’s capital.


Correlating with the feel of the track, the accompanying visuals show both artists deliver nothing but straight greaze. Housing quick transitions from start to finish, the energy is unmatched. When asked about the release D Power Diesle commented, “Just what Grime needed in this current climate of ‘Grime is dead’”

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Returning with his first music of 2023 – THOM SOUTHERN – is pleased to present: “Love Hz”. 

A one-off release, the enigmatic Belfast songsmith is back with a new single that finds him stripping back the sonics, to craft something of an unadorned and unassuming beauty. Pared back of arrangement and unspoiled by overproduction, “Love Hz” lets Southern’s lyrics do the talking on this carefully crafted lo-fi release.

Delivered in his typically laid-back and understated style, Southern spins a tale of doomed romance and pining loneliness, as lyrics like “been in love with a girl from a different world // been abused, mistreated, I never saw it coming” linger heavily in the air like the gunpowder and mystery of a long since faded firework.

Speaking about the subject matter behind “Love Hz”, Thom Southern explains:

“”Love Hz” is the track that started it all with this direction.  It’s a simple folk song about the pain of heartache and not only the loss of that person in your life but the loss of who you were when you were with them.”

Irish psychedelic pop sextet – EXTRANAUTS – are back with the new single “Lazarus” this April, ahead of their upcoming debut album ‘The Alchemist’ (out 2 June 2023). 


A kaleidoscopic and groove-laden guitar-pop record, “Lazarus” finds hypnotic harmonies and swirling synths pirouette amongst lush layers of percussion. Taking inspiration from the biblical story of Lazarus — the man who defied death to return to the living — it sees the six-piece cook up a little miracle of their own.

Produced by Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream, Kasabian) and recorded at Grouse Lodge in Westmeath, Ireland, “Lazarus” tells a tale of regret, redemption and rebirth. As the band explain:

“”Lazarus” is a song about the hope that things can change, but it is also a warning that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”

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Said to have been written “forever ago”, “Lazarus” has been in the Extranauts’ locker for some time and soon cemented itself as an early favourite. Catching the ear of Alan McGee who heard the track while visiting Ireland a few years back, the Creation Records founder dubbed it “a modern day classic” and encouraged them to release it. Finding its verdant and fully-realised form this year, “Lazarus” finally sees the light of day this Spring.

“Lazarus” arrives as an early taste of what to expect from Extranauts’ upcoming debut album ‘The Alchemist’, which is set for release on 2 June 2023. Packed-out with anthemic floor-fillers, the album was also produced by Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream, Kasabian, Andrew Weatherall), who was able to capture the band’s immense live energy in dazzling technicolour.

Taking inspiration from ‘60s psychedelia just as much as it does dance music, the band’s debut long-player sees Extranauts wear their influences proudly on their sleeves. Funnelling a rich amalgam of genres, styles and sounds into thirteen tracks, the album swings from retro-tinted indie-rock cuts like “Uptight” and the twangy “Liquidator”, to more hazy and heavy electro-driven moments like “Everybody In The Night” and the groove-laden, jangling “The New Age Of Innocence”. 

Alongside the electrifying new single “Lazarus”, the album also features previous singles “Slow Robot”, “We Used To Dream”, “It’s About Time” and “Debonair”; all of which are available to hear now.

Boasting a breadth of influences, earworm worthy hooks, and catchy funk-fuelled melodies in aplenty, the long awaited release of ‘The Alchemist’ marks just one small step for Extranauts, and one giant leap into a vibrant, technicolour universe of sounds to come…

Experimental pop duo – YOVA – are back with an urgent and impending new single: “Feel Your Fear”. 

Letting loose a runaway freight train of jumpy guitar rhythms and primal percussive rumblings, the new single from the duo of Jova Radevska and Mark Vernon is one intended to heighten the senses and toy with what drives our fears and failings. As Jova explains: 

“”Feel Your Fear” is about the human’s fallible nature to form addictions in order to alleviate pain. We can do this with a person too: we can believe that their company will save us from the challenges we are facing and we cling to that, when in fact we haven’t addressed the real cause of those feelings. It is often our insecurity and un-dealt trauma that makes us cling to people/substances, addictions in general.”

Citing ESGGang of FourKing Sunny Adé, and early Talking Heads as being amongst the subliminal influences that played into the track, “Feel Your Fear” sees YOVA deftly update their dynamic brand of alternative pop music with hints of garage rock, Afropop and funk to gripping effect.  

Goth-pop priestess – FREYA BEER – is back with an invigorating AA-side release:
“Fantasy” // “Galore”.

Her first new music of 2023, the “Fantasy” // “Galore” AA-side single arrives as Freya begins to etch out the successor to her acclaimed debut album ‘Beast’. Toying with that which tempts us in both lucid fantasies and shadowy realities, these two bold, dark and exhilarating new tracks find Freya Beer delving into what drives our deepest desires and showcasing two very different sides of her artistic abilities.

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You stretched your pegs out wide, slightly confused my appetite” teases Freya on “Fantasy” as she opens up the floor to a track of rapacious sexually-charged spills and raw garage rock thrills. Told through tactile, tantalising prose and prowling proto-punk riffs, this latest cut finds Freya celebrating the uncensored version of ourselves we become in our wildest daydreams. As Freya elaborates:

“Fantasy is an unfiltered exploration of self-discovery and expressing your thoughts in a fictional world. I wanted to write a song that emotes raw emotion and tells the listener to embrace their feelings in a positive way.”

On the flipside, “Galore” is an altogether more salacious affair that explores what can happen when those fictional pursuits and carnal desires boil over into real world infatuations with uncertain consequences. As Freya explains: 

“Galore is about people who are infatuated with something, almost bordering on ‘obsession’. The line “I’m your galore, you don’t want anyone else babe” depicts how this obsession is becoming a feeling of escapism and creating a fictional storyline for themselves.”

Moon Worm was born out of necessity. Jack Schaefer grew up on a farm in rural North Dakota, loving indie rock but having no one to share his passions with. As a result, being “able to do it myself was kind of a necessity,” Schaefer admits, so he writes, records, and mixes all of Moon Worm’s music himself. The project is, in that way, clearly rooted in one man’s singular vision. Now based in Minneapolis, his latest work is the “Midnight Audio” EP – with the self-titled lead song as the focus track, available now across all the usual reputable streaming platforms.

Moon Worm’s most recent singles, the uber summery falsetto of “These Games”;  the ‘indie rock song filtered through zero-gravity space’ a.k.a. “Dopamine” and the glorious twinkling synths of“Meet Me There,” stand on the shoulders of the 2021 Moon Worm LP “Odyssey”. Recorded in the attic of a North Dakota farmhouse, “Odyssey” is aptly titled, a journey through post-punk synth washes and bursts of dream pop lucidity; Schaefer wrote the record, he says, after getting “exposed to the music of Tame Impala, Beach House, M83, and Mac Demarco during my college years,” and those influences shine through on his debut LP, a space-age fantasy from a 2020s vantage point. But it is his newest work that really underscores how much Schaefer has come into his own.

Indeed, the “Midnight Audio” EP demonstrates a burst of artistic growth as well as a more personal pursuit for deeper thematical meaning, as Schaefer says: “Themes surrounding love, uncertainty, and regret clash with a side of me that knows it’s best to just let things fall into place on their own. I am proud of these songs and hope that others can relate and hold onto the feeling I cast into the world.” To illustrate: the track “Dopamine” is a fatalistic life lesson; in life the things that are most difficult are the most rewarding and maybe even in ways you don’t realize at the time. “These Games” details the uncertainties of a new love affair, whilst “Meet Me There” is a happier tune about the journey involved in a meeting of people and minds and the strange and sometimes unknown directions this may take you.

Title track “Midnight Audio” is an intensely introspective and ethereal electronic dreamscape where he evaluates the past, present and future and the very limits of our humanity. Schaefer insists it is a “…song about regret and wondering if the choices I made in my life are the right ones. A slow realization that we’re only on this earth for a short amount of time and if you let these feelings control you then you can never truly appreciate those around you and the experiences you’ve had.” Given our collective shared human experiences these last few years, this sentiment resonates powerfully. 

In case you were wondering, Schaefer originally chose the name Moon Worm after the worm moon, the first full moon of the springtime, “a sign of new beginnings.” Moon Worm, by the sounds of it, is only just getting started.


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1] Midnight Audio

2] Dopamine

3] These Games

4] Meet Me There

You know those nepo-babies that seem to be living the most lavish lives and are all over the media right now just because of their parent’s connections? You just sit there baffled at how easy they must have it from what is shown on the outside!

Well, instead of having my mind explode over this jealousy, I decided to write a little song about it! Something that you can dance around to, while indulging in a teeny bit of bitterness. You can think of this as an ode to nepo-babies, if you will.

Listen to “I Wish I Was This Girl” on your preferred streaming platform.

Watch the accompanying animated visuals on YouTube.

I Wish I was This Girl” is kind of an, “Oh, woe is me” song, but with a playful and tongue-in-cheek style.

I think we all come across those feelings of envy once in a while, so let’s not take ourselves too seriously or put so much overwhelming pressure on ourselves.

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My producer, Simon Jacobsson, and I created a retro pop sound which envisions driving down the road in sunny LA with palm trees all around you.

It’s okay to admit you get a little jealous sometimes and let out some steam!

I Wish I Was This Girl” softens the edge of comparison.

Remember that you don’t need to be so hard on yourself.

Thanks for listening!


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Following 50+ record-breaking, sold-out shows in Las Vegas, global superstar and eight-time GRAMMY Award-winner Usher has announced a series of exclusive new European shows in Paris at La Seine Musicale.

Kicking off on September 24, Rendez-Vous Á Paris will feature hits including “Yeah!”, “My Boo”, “Love In This Club” and more from Usher’s 30-year career with fans experiencing the show with never-before-seen costumes and state-of-the-art lighting and special effects. The series of shows during Paris Fashion Week at La seine Musicale is the sole, exclusive opportunity to experience Usher’s highly sought after in demand show in Europe.

Rendez-Vouz Á Paris at La Seine Musicale:
September 24
September 25
September 27
September 28
Fan presale starts on April 19 at 10am, Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Venue presales on April 20 at 10am and tickets will be available to everyone on April 21 at 10am. Get your tickets HERE.

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Here’s the vibe: 75% attitude and 25% sexy.

Here’s the scene: We’re sitting in our Airbnb in Modesto, California. It’s 40℃ and I’m drinking a Harmless Harvest coconut water. An ice cream would just be perfect right now.

What’s next: I write the song “Biting Ice Cream” with Kyle Mischiek (sunsetto) and producer Corey Lerue.

Listen to the confident “Biting Ice Cream” on streaming platforms everywhere now.

Watch the song’s visualizer on YouTube.

I had just picked up my very first grill from my jeweller and I tried it on and it looked ICY. I was feeling confident and in my bag when the song just happened. We wanted to make sure that the 808’s had a lot of bounce to them but the melodies were still fun and playful. The result is a nice mixture between pop/rap with some alternative flair that’s undeniably a Maggie Andrew song.

Stay cool,

Maggie Andrew
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Brooklyn, NYC’s Dakota Jones deliver heart palpitations and short breaths with new single ‘Scared’, out 24th April.

After showcasing smooth and seductive rhythms on previous releases this year, funk 4-piece Dakota Jones pick up the pace on their latest track ‘Scared’ in the run up to their new record Heartbreakers Space Club (out 2nd June). Excessive and understated all at once, the song explores a lack of trust in a hedonistic relationship. And, yet again, the band operate as a well-oiled musical unit, knowing not to convey more than a simple pounding beat and mere traces of electronica, allowing the effortless vocals to do the work up to the song’s woozy climax.

The sound of water dripping in a pitch black room. Can’t even see a foot in front of you, until a light flips on. Mirrors everywhere, your reflection on repeat, receding into infinity, nothing but your own demons looking you in the eye. Dakota Jones.

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Don’t miss the accompanying music video, which sees lead vocalist Tristan Carter-Jones dressed in a striking white outfit under a lone spotlight in a dark room. Nobody else is required, as the sense of detachment and agitation is perfectly conveyed. Her vocals may invite you in, but the eyes tell a different story.

We wanted the video to reflect this feeling of isolation, desperation, and sort of being lost in the wilderness of your mind. And trying to confront all of those feelings at the same time. That’s how this song makes me feel. Like being in a dark room in the dead of winter, staring yourself down.” – Tristan Carter-Jones.

Dakota Jones have been stomping around and making noise for nearly 8 years now. Featuring Tristan Carter-Jones on vocals, Scott Jet Kramp on bass, Steve Ross on the drums, and Eddy Marshall on the guitar, Dakota Jones have moulded their sound into something at once commanding and vulnerable, spontaneous and deliberate, familiar and refreshing. Harnessing a timeless groove and magisterial queer black power, they first burst onto the UK scene in 2021, easily translating their formidable energy as a live act into their debut record. Channelling furious energy inspired by the likes of Chaka KhanJanis Joplin and Marvin Gaye, the group showcased their uncensored songwriting and were unafraid to take a deep dive into life’s most visceral emotions.

The result, ‘Blacklight’ went on to win critical praise from the likes of The Times, Classic RockDIVA Magazine and Echoes Magazine – establishing them as one of the best new funk/soul bands to emerge for a very long time.  Since then the band have been busy in the studio writing new music, whilst continuing to build their live reputation, following that gritty funky sound wherever it would take them; through some of NYC’s most respected venues, on tours exploring America’s coasts, and well beyond.

the Hudson Valley, NY based indie rock-folk band Setting Sun reflect on change, both internally and externally, with new track and lyric video “Same Face” out everywhere now. The band’s self-produced first album in ten years, The Feelings Cure is due out May 19 via Young Love Records and is available for pre-order now.

In celebration of “Same Face,” Setting Sun invites listeners to join a contest to remix the newest track. Download the MicSwap MultiTrack app here for mobile and desktop and access the seven stem tracks of the complete song. From there, users can then make their own mix of the song, and enter the remix contest by posting it to Instagram and tagging @SettingSunTheBand for a chance to win all ‘Pro’ apps from Future Moments,

Plus, join Setting Sun live in Woodstock, NY for their official album release show on May 18. Tickets are on sale now via

“Same Face,” out today, explores the emotions that come with returning to a meaningful place after significant time passes. The track emerged after frontman Gary Levitt moved back to Hudson Valley, NY from Brooklyn, NY, a return that encouraged him to evaluate the various changes to a place and person that naturally occur over time. Levitt says, “Some things had changed, and some seemed paused in time. Those that were paused in time were still different because I had changed. ‘Same Face’ captured that feeling for me.” It’s a song that can best be heard as a soundtrack to a neighborhood walk. Levitt adds, “I picture myself walking around looking at the people when listening to it.”

Scottish six-piece – PARLIAMO – have unveiled their new single “You’re An Animal”.


A funk-laden guitar pop anthem filled with hazy melodies that flutter and float like the last rays of sun dipping behind the horizon on a languid summer day, “You’re An Animal” arrives as the first new music from Parliamo this year.

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Taking primary inspiration from the laid-back electronica-infused indie pioneered by the likes of Primal Scream, Super Furry Animals or Blur, with a healthy dose of the dazed guitar-pop rhythms reminiscent of Swim Deep or Peace also detectable amidst its sunny substance matter; “You’re An Animal” finds the band facing up to our fear of failure with a fizzing new release.

As vocalist Jack Dailly explains of the track:

“The lyrics [of “You’re An Animal”] centre on projecting your own failures and insecurities onto someone else in an argument: when you really should be having a go at yourself, you deflect the blame and double down. It quickly became an effective live number, with loads of people who had seen us live asking us when it would be released.”

Initially written over two years ago, “You’re An Animal” has been finessed to perfection at live shows and their home studio ever since. The final version was recorded, mixed and produced by Jamie Holmes at Castle of Doom Studios in Glasgow in 2023.

Amaris’s (pronounced Am-uh-ris) debut indie pop single “Lemon, Lime & Bitters” is reminiscent of The Killers in sound and Susan Tedeschi in her voice. She wrote the song during the pandemic when she was a senior at Cornell and she and her husband, who’s from New Zealand, were in the midst of the immigration process. She would drink lemon, lime, and bitters, her husband’s favorite drink and a popular cocktail in New Zealand, when she really missed him.

But, the song also takes on another meaning of grief and loss. She found out she was pregnant and continued school online. She ended up miscarrying. In that same year, she got pregnant again only to lose their second baby too. The grief of those miscarriages was crippling and the following year, 2022, only made it worse as she lost five family members in the span of one year.

“’Lemon, Lime & Bitters’ is a great example of how a song can gain power and further its meaning with time. I wrote it in November 2020. Back then, it was about me imagining a life without my husband by my side. Now, it’s about grief, loss and the will to overcome,” shares Amaris.

There wasn’t an exact moment when Amaris decided to become a singer-songwriter. Writing songs was a gift, not a goal, when she began composing at age six. At 12, she taught herself guitar and pivoted to a more introspective songwriting approach.

Now 24, Amaris continues to write songs on topics and emotions that are difficult to express. With roots in gospel music and influences such as The Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, Nina Simone, Joy Division/New Order, Hole, Jon Foreman and The Drums, Amaris is creating her own flavor of goth music. 

I think about memories and ghosts and how maybe they are the same thing.Hear “The Crown” over on your preferred streaming platform.Watch the official music video on YouTube.I had a dream where someone I loved, who had died, was alive… and mad at me that I had missed their birthday. I imagined that they had been living in another city for years and hadn’t thought to get in touch. This was my secret hope, that maybe they’d faked their death, walking around somewhere else. I woke up feeling bad that I hadn’t bought them a present, and angry that they hadn’t mentioned they were still alive, which was honestly in character.I wanted to make a song from the point of view of someone haunting… or being haunted. That feeling of déjà vu, that you’ve been somewhere before, maybe in a dream, maybe a past life. A memory that’s so vivid it’s like it’s happening again.

The cover art is a still from the music video, a woman from the back zipping or unzipping her dress, her hand contorted behind her to reach the zipper. I like it as a metaphor for slipping into or out of an identity, a soul or a body.

I used footage from a cult classic titled Carnival of Souls. I had already written the song, but the plot fit so well. In the film, Mary (played by Candace Hilligoss) wanders around town trying to find her place, but can’t figure out why she’s sometimes invisible and inaudible to others. She experiences more unsettling things and is haunted by strange visions. At the end (spoilers ahead!) we realize that she had actually died in a car crash and it was perhaps her ghost that we have been watching the whole time.

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The Crown” is the third single from my debut album, Blue Girl Nice Day, out on May 26th. I appreciate you listening to it.

La Faute

Tiiva returns with their dreamy, self produced new single ‘Even If You Can’t Save Me’

Born from going off piste with an open heart, the artist and producer reflects on finding sanctuary in nature. Sharing more, Tiiva explained; 

‘I wrote this after a camping trip to the mountains, we lost the keys to the car and ended up stranded, sleeping under an old oak tree by the lake, with a fire and the end of a pasta packet, smoking by the river and meandering up the valley in a window of time we didn’t know we had. I wrote this about escapism in love, rediscovering your own resilience in nature and healing alongside close relationships. It felt like a window of strength in vulnerability through all the noise of thoughts and the chaos that they create. I am grateful to have found this moment as a letter written from the past to future me, rediscovering what it means to save yourself.’

Even If You Can’t Save Me follows the release of Teenage Dirtbag’, a knock-out cover that blessed our airwaves back in February. Originally released by Wheatus in the year 2000, Tiiva’s rework offered a queer spin on the anthem adding a hypnotic, synth heavy twist that resonated with many.

Since their launch, artist and producer Tiiva has made a name for themself with their recipe of reflective lyricism, pop euphoria and weightless production. Writing songs with humbling transparency, Tiiva’s fearless approach to music has resonated with many, already scooping support from the likes of Clash, DIVA, Them., The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland and many more. 

Tiiva takes inspiration from Charli XCX, fka twigs, James Blake and other artists who choose to stray outside the lines in pursuit of their art. With an undeniable skill for courageous storytelling, through both their lyrics and sonic choices Tiiva continues to thrive as they push on with the construction of their multifaceted, abstract pop world. 

How do you manage your emotions when it comes to potential rejection?

My song, “Bulletproof,” has a double meaning. It’s about being pushed so low by your feelings of inadequacy that the mental restrictions on what you’re worth actually begin to loosen. Embracing the sensation of being protected from the negative emotions surrounding unrequited love, recognizing that there is a state of clarity and vitality in despair and rejection.

Listen to “Bulletproof” on streaming platforms everywhere.

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The lyrics are inspired by my personal experiences. There’s an anger and hopelessness that comes along with wanting something you feel that you can’t have, and that emotion, so overpowering you would do anything.

When I was younger I fell very easily into that role, and it wasn’t until I got a bit older that I decided that it’s easier to let the pain of rejection go. If you can’t have who or what you want, then it’s best to accept that not everything will work out for you. It’s ok to fail. Being ok with those things will make you happier, and your life easier.

Liam Barrack

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Pink Mexico today shares the new single, “Shame”; an existentialist gaze-soaked crusher that takes the band’s doomy indie into some of their moodiest territory yet. “Shame” is the second single to be released in anticipation of their Mirrorhead album (due 5/19 via Quiet Panic) and follows the March release of the psych-infused “Dungeonhead”.

Reflecting on the track, Pink Mexico’s Robert Preston Collum explains that “It’s a shame we as humans are so insecure and selfish that we’re incapable of having respect for one another. The only undeniable certainties in this life are; no one decides to be born and we all die.”

Mirrorhead is the first album release from Pink Mexico since 2020’s Idiot Piss Illiterate (Broken Clover Records) and was written and recorded during the period that album was released. While Idiot Piss Illiterate rode on a frantic garage rock undercurrent, Mirrorhead swaps ragged pace for bruising waves of heavy sound (“Junkie Smile”, “Victimhead”, “Shame”) interspersed with moments of stripped-back exposure (“Fuck It I Quit”, “Muring Calm”). The result  is Pink Mexico’s most definite and tangible work. “Mirrorhead” is not only a record but a recollection of memories and experiences embroidered through experimentation and through the reconstruction of self. Through the unknown, Collum revisited music writing and re-imagined his work, tracing a new and personal path.

Mirrorhead was produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Jeremy Scott. Robert Preston Collum wrote all songs, sings, and plays drums, guitar & synth on the album. Additional tracking was provided by fellow band mates Grady Walker providing bass and Paul Blackwell on guitar.


Socials: @neillfrazer

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