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INsiders Guide: MNYS, mlbacard¡, Cassian, Django Jay, Po Purple, CJ Mirra, viisi, Tara Macri, Matt Fasullo…

MNYS’s upcoming single, “Sacrilegious” will drop this Friday, May 12 via Adventure Cat Records. This is the second single off the project, leading into his summer EP that will be released in July. 
“i never saw you coming” says it all – the perfect person/thing/job/anything that unexpectedly walks into your life at a time you didn’t know you needed it. This is a personal track and came together so easily, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. – MNYS
MNYS otherwise known as Nick Cozine, is a candid genre-disrupting writer and producer outside of his artist project. He has worked with Iann Dior, MGK, Travis Barker, Lo Spirit, Kailee Morgue, The Wrecks, Bearings + more. 

mlbacard¡ becomes an instant, an unequivocal new name to watch with her smooth yet melancholic debut song “KETCHUP.” Penned during a tough moment suffering with immense sorrow, this instant new music gem was influenced by legendary acts, Portishead & Air.  The song is available everywhere now via Believe.

Watch the video to  mlbacard¡‘s “KETCHUP” now:

Stream / Playlist – HERE

Speaking about the song, mlbacard¡ Expands “I was a lost soul, swimming in a fish bowl; I’d trap myself in the inevitable cycles of depression.  I felt misunderstood and didn’t accept the way society conventionally measures success, the world felt empty, therefore I felt empty.

Today’s release will be the first of many new songs by mlbacard¡ This year who cite the likes of Biig Piig, Metronomy, Brockhampton, 070 Shake, The strokes and countless others as influences who adds “Instead of doing my homework, I would be writing music or literally doing hours and hours and hours of research on new music playlists is my Holy Grail.” Bringing her own sound together, there’s an inquisitive sonic spirit and a compulsion to work through her difficulties via music in an honest way.

As an introduction to mlbacard¡, it shows an artist first and foremost obsessed with music and all its possibilities, but also with heart and a drive to own her own narrative. “I definitely want there to be a sense of humour to what I do because although life can be confusing, you might as well make a joke out of it rather than dwell in your own sadness which is what I’ve been doing for way too long,” she nods. “Now I’m wanting to reinterpret those things into something that can be for the better.

Sydney-raised, Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Cassian delivers his long-awaited remake of Australian legends ICEHOUSE’s beloved song “Great Southern Land.” Wielding his signature melodic house and techno production style, Cassian breathes new life into the track that once rocked all of Australia in the 1980s. This new take from Cassian, which has served as a key moment in his live sets over the past year,  is released via RÜFÜS DU SOL’s respected label, Rose Avenue Records

Originally released in 1982, ICEHOUSE’s “Great Southern Land” became a staple of Australian pop culture. Following its massive popularity, it received an official release in North America and Europe, bringing the sound of Australian new-wave around the world. After receiving the blessing of ICEHOUSE mastermind Iva Davies, Cassian now gives the track another tour through the airwaves in 2023, this time taking it to some of the biggest stages in the world, such as Coachella, Printworks, and more. 

As an Australian, I was born with this song in my blood. I dreamed about making my own version for 10 years before reaching out to see if it was possible. Having full approval from Iva Davies/ICEHOUSE and being involved with the legacy of this song is probably the greatest honor of my career thus far, one that I don’t take lightly. 

After I was given the stems, I spent the past year slowly, carefully & respectfully piecing it together. Around 100 versions later I’m proud to present the final, which I even mastered myself. Huge thank you to management, to Simon Moor & of course to Iva and his team for making the impossible possible.”   —Cassian

Following on from his February drop ‘Django’s Back’, Preston’s up-and-coming rapper Django Jay has returned with the visuals to his latest unapologetic track named, ‘Cartel’. Underpinned with a cinematic production courtesy of Scott Styles, ‘Cartel’ is an anthem for the streets. Tapping in at just over three minutes long, Django Jay sits centre stage with his unapologetic attitude and fearless bars.

Gearing up for the summer months ahead, South London’s very own Po Purple has unveiled his brand new charged-up single, ‘Control Alt & Delete’. Housing production from Belgium producer Spxghett, ‘Control Alt & Delete’ is an eerie Drill track that boasts Po Purple’s raspy tone and skilful lyricism throughout. Filled from top to bottom with gimmicky punchlines and head-turning bars,

London-based artist, and composer CJ Mirra follows up on his debut single by revealing his captivating accompanying video ‘Self Medicate’

Watch it HERE

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Directed and edited by award winning director Simon Ellis, it’s an entrancing and mesmerizing view of the world which sees Ellis weave some incredibly detailed magic into every scene. With multiple accolades to his name, Simon Ellis’s success as a director spans across fiction, documentary, animation and more, picking up a diverse and impressive amount of awards.

Simon Ellis explained more behind the video’s concept:

 In a song where the vocals are so clear it seemed pointless spelling out what you can already hear just for the sake of technique – a tedious blight – and it made no sense to focus on any one nation by cherry-picking a random language. I opted for the neutrality of Esperanto (maybe Esperant-ish) which of course isn’t bound to a country and has a fascinating history. A created, universal language which most people don’t know, I find the paradox a bit mad and couldn’t resist employing it.

I often set up a fairly rigid visual system of some kind. It informs choices that would otherwise be swamped by endless possibility, gives the viewer something to journey with, and ensures a global glue across everything.

On this I divided the frame into ten equal vertical stripes, mainly utilizing the four middle ones to illustrate what I considered to be a particularly central sound. A structure unfolded from there, using combinations of the stripes for changing notes, plus occasional horizontal ones for higher frequency sounds that stand apart.

‘Self Medicate’ arrived as an intoxicating, maximalist, neo-psych pop release. The track balances between sharp electronics and hook-laden melodies merging flawlessly with psychedelics. The outcome toes a line entirely of its own, somewhere between Tame Impala and Toro Y Moi with the inventive allure of LA Priest. 

Taking inspiration from the world around him, lyrically Self Medicate was born in response to addiction.. Sharing more, CJ explained; “We all have the instinct to self-medicate with our addictions of choice, for me, it was filling the gap of finding a deeper sense of purpose.

When I watched a film about a guy who taught himself to surf and immersed himself in everything around surfing to help him overcome addiction and depression. The water, the connection to nature, the meditative quality of waiting for the right conditions, the rush of getting the wave, the physicality –  all combined to be powerful enough to change his life. That really made an impact and resonated with my own experiences in recent years”.

Good things come in fives. Dropping his first rough cut as a high school freshman when he was just fourteen, Matthew Borley, couldn’t have known that five years later he’d be touring Europe, playing packed-out shows in the South of France.

Initially sparked by his father during his teenage years, he was Introduced to select verses from ‘90s hip hop pioneers and most controversial rapper of his time, Eminem, Matthew was profoundly impacted by his connection to Hip Hops cutting and unapologetic persona. Being put on the likes of Eminem, while most of Em’s lyrics were PG-13 at best, his father was careful to only show his son lines that connect at a deeper level from cuts like classic “Stan”. Not satisfied with only hearing bits and pieces, viisi did what any typical adolescent would do: he snuck out an old laptop and dove deep down the hip hop rabbit hole. Eminem led to Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre to Tupac. Tupac to Biggie. Soon enough, Matthew’s obsession provided an escape that quickly evolved and made way for viisi.

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Based on the Finnish word for “five”, viisi represents past, present, and future. viisi returns to push the boundaries of what it means to be an artist in his upcoming ‘Liiminal’ series. Through his powerful and raw storytelling, his music transcends across unique and universal human experiences that have shaped him as an artist and individual. With a lyrical honesty and unwavering dedication to his craft, viisi is unafraid to delve into his personal experiences such as family struggles, fallouts with loved ones, career choices, failing, self-worth and more. Writing prose with messages of life and dreams and of merit and substance, his visceral approach to the story of his evolution will surely leave fans moved and stunned

Pop singer, songwriter, and actress Tara Macri has released the electric new remixes for her dreamers’ anthem “Waking Up In California,” reimagining the previously released pop single with over 12
million streams on TikTok as both a feelgood, club-ready summer bop and an extended, darker, EDM sweat-slicked banger. PRESS HERE to listen to “Waking Up In California (Alias One Remix)” and PRESS HERE to listen to “Waking Up In California (Alias One Extended Club Mix).”

From the infancy of experimenting with music in his parent’s basement to 7 years of him maturing his sound, Matt splices together the warmth and rawness of folk music with the underbelly of alternative electronic. 

Growing up in Stouffville, Ontario, Matt started playing guitar in 2005, posting covers of his favourite songs on YouTube. It wasn’t until college that he decided to start singing. Performing at open mics, he discovered his love for performing, and began producing his own music.

Being BIPOC and white, Matt always struggled with his artistic identity. When he discovered his love for music, it became a diary of sorts, giving him an outlet to vent and discover who he truly was. He contributes to a generation of artists who are consistently bending the rules in order to grow into the artist he strives to be.

Brasstracks is the Grammy award winning project of New York based musician and producer Ivan Jackson. Over the years, Brasstracks has evolved into an ever-morphing landscape where Jackson sets the framework.

The Brasstracks rap sheet runs for miles. The group scored two GRAMMY wins for their production work on Chance The Rapper’s seminal “No Problems” in 2017 (Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Album). They’ve also since been nominated for their work with Harry Styles during the 2021 GRAMMYs for Best Pop Vocal Album, ultimately taking home the Best Pop Solo Performance award for their work on “Watermelon Sugar.”

Brasstracks has appeared on Saturday Night Live, performing alongside Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles and Mark Ronson. Other collaborations include Anderson .Paak, Khalid, Mac Miller, and BTS. Brasstracks has also performed songs from their debut album on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The new Brasstracks era sees Jackson as an architect for this larger project of incubating artists and allowing them the space to grow.

Following the release of “Anesthesia” featuring Mandy Lee of MisterWives, Brasstracks unveils the title-track from the upcoming album. The relatable “Indigo” speaks about not being a morning person and sets the tone for the rest of the album’s theme about the double edged sword of being a night owl. Jackson shares, “I’m not good in the mornings, but I’ve always been productive in the evening. My productive evenings turned into productive late nights, which turned into productive early mornings. I remember waking up when the sun was going down for most of the winter. I thought nothing of it. My managers, my collaborators, my peers- everyone had more equilibrium than me. I looked at that like my superpower. If you know me, you know not to call me in the morning. “Wake me up when the sky’s more Indigo.” I knew I had the album concept on my hands. My nocturnal super powers.”

Sonically, “Indigo” is fun and playful, with its honest and relatable lyrics creating the ultimate sing-along anthem. 

“I Got What I Got” exudes a bluesy swagger with a strong similarity to Eric Clapton or Steely Dan. It was written after a night of boozy revelry with an old pal. The pair reminisced about their “Wild East” days of Prague in the early 1990s and how far they’d come with the wonderful wives they married. As they raised their glasses for yet another toast, one of them said, “It’s a good thing we ended up with what we got!” while the other rejoined with “And not what we deserved!”  

Collins explains: “’I Got What I Got’ is a song of gratitude for returning to life after a long time in the emotionally-barren wilderness, of finding redemption through the love of a perceptive and patient woman.”

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“I Got What I Got” is the first song from his upcoming sophomore EP, Songs for Grown-Ups.

Collins’s thought-provoking and boldly vulnerable songcraft has already touched many. His songs brim with literate and insightful narratives informed by his work as a screenwriter and a novelist, empathy, hard-fought wisdom, and smart pop hooks.

Collins received his first guitar at age four and started writing songs immediately. He pursued both guitar and piano through elementary school, high school, and beyond. In his late 20s, Collins encountered a lot of older musicians unhappy with their lack of success, falling into toxic patterns with alcohol and drugs. He didn’t want that for his life, and he desired an international career, so he pursued other options. 

Fast rising newcomer Coupdekat is back with the final release ‘it’s not you!’ –from
her upcoming EP FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, out 22 nd June.
Fusing bouncy pop production, sound effects and the playful vocal melodies she’s
becoming known for “it’s not you!” is the third single from Coupdekat’s upcoming EP.
Laced with lo-fi backing vocals and chanting choruses the young creative solidifies
her empowering yet tongue-in-cheek style, as she sings “I can’t decide what I like,
but it’s not you”, asserting herself and what she wants.
Talking on the track Coupdekat tells us: “‘It’s not you!’ is an empowering track about
acknowledging one’s desires and feelings rather than ignoring them. Following on
from F.Y.E.O, I speak about sexuality and identity; both topics I’ve struggled with
personally. My producer and I, Dom Anca wanted to create an upbeat dance/pop
song with introspective lyrics and raw vocals, continuing to create a genre-bending
sound. I only recently started working with Dom, but we immediately clicked and
bonded over a shared vision of how these new tracks should sound. Unlike songs

I’ve written previously, ‘it’s not you!’ is the first demo I wrote and composed on Logic
from top to bottom, before bringing it to a producer. Surrounding myself with many
talented female producers within the Loud LDN collective has motivated me to grow
and develop my skills in the studio.”

‘You (On Love)’ is the newest release by Apex Zero, as he continues to develop his living visual album ‘Drummer Warrior Storyteller’, following up the last single ‘Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)’. Made with brilliant, multidisciplinary artists, the album (so far) consists of films, paintings, metalwork, photography, costume design, drum circles, immersive theatre productions and more. 

‘You (On Love)’, produced by legendary UK Hip Hop beatmaker Micall Parknsun, is both an open letter to Apex’s wife, family, Ancestors, The Most High and all he loves, as well as an expression of his perspective of what love is, in all its multidimensional, multilayered forms. For this reason, the lyrics can be interpreted in many ways, with audiences at live performances already offering different understandings of it. The soulful instrumental gives a beautiful base for Apex’s heartfelt lyrical poetry, giving a real connection to the deep emotions that have been sunk into the track. 

As with all releases from ‘Drummer Warrior Storyteller’, the creativity extends beyond the music. Apex worked with three visionary African Caribbean women to create a film, photographs and a metal sculpture that capture and expand the message of the track. Photographer and filmmaker Ekua McMorris laid the foundation with her longstanding practice working with the family photographs of Caribbean families. Her work inspired Apex to interview his parents and mine the family photo albums and home videos for gems of insight about their family history. 

On a unique path to carve his own sound and legacy – Brisbane based singer, writer and Platinum producer Aaron Lee, aka AIRPORTS, takes an innovative approach to his music. Combining punk with drum n bass & EDM, he creates a sound which shimmers with hifi sonics and pop sensibilities, giving listeners something that they won’t have heard before.

Without skimping on relatable and well-crafted lyricism, this Australian one man army takes listeners on a journey into his own self-awareness, overcoming battles such as loss and life threatening illnesses, forming deeper connections with his fans. 

His latest single “NEED U HERE” demonstrates the songwriters desire to speak about raw, real and personal experiences. Touching on loss and everything that comes with it, the emotion-fuelled track covers loss of a loved one, as well as loss of true self and identity, allowing listeners to connect with his lyrics on a multitude of levels. 

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“NEED U HERE” is the perfect example of the artist tastefully blending two sonic worlds. Aaron shares, “Musically, I’ve always loved bands like Pendulum and how they blended rock with drum n bass. I’m more of a pop punk singer and have wanted to play with the idea of that over drum n bass in a similar but fresh vein.” 

Garnering acclaim from tastemaker media outlets such as Wonderland, Popdust, Earmilk, Live Nation’s Ones To Watch and Culture Collide, as well as spins from leading radio stations including George FM, ZM, Triple J & Kiiss FM, AIRPORTS exclusive and unparalleled sound is proving to be something that everyone wants to be a part of. 

In the background Aaron Lee is also a sought after writer/producer who’s client list includes Multi-Platinum JPOP group ARASHI, award winning projects for viral artists and global brands such as Coca-Cola & Fanta.

AIRPORTS continues to explore new sonic horizons abroad in 2023.

America is a song that takes the listener on a journey through a relationship, from meeting and falling in love, to inevitably falling out of love in tragedy. The title, “America,” guided our musical creativity. The swooping lead guitar riffs and the heavy, chunky rhythm guitars along with the 6/8 groove and thick bass lines create a patriotic feel that really embraces the title. The chorus was written first, and we couldn’t help but picture images of fighter jets flying over a football field coated in American flags and raging fans all bleeding red, white, and blue flooded our minds which led to the song becoming an anthem.

Listen to “America” out now on streaming platforms everywhere.

The artwork was created after our friend and graphic designer Ethan Sawyer and our drummer Zack Yeager looked through an old photo book of pictures taken in the 60’s in Nelson, BC, at Zack’s family cabin. We really wanted the artwork to help convey the melancholic, nostalgic and powerful emotions emitted by this song.

Thanks for listening,

Bealby Point


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