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INsiders Guide: Caroline Grace, Katey Brooks and WOLVES

Urban-pop outfit WOLVES, is set to release their newest single “Can’t No One F*** With My Baby.” They have collaborated with artistic geniuses “Clutter and Paste” on developing a trippy lyric video which pays homage to the 1966 surf flick, “Endless Summer”. “CNOFWMB” is a love letter to all the girls out there who are a force to be reckoned with. “2018 has been a big year for women’s rights around the world…WOLVES stand in solidarity for gender equality and we have the responsibility to portray the empowered woman in everything we do,” says Marc Avery, the band’s lead singer. “We’ve always been inspired by The RedHot Chili Peppers and wanted to feature some of the funk and surf elements in a hip-hopsetting,” says Sean Carney, the trio’s guitarist. 

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Katey Brooks has just released her stunning new single called “In Your Arms”, via Billboard. The song narrates the emotions of expressing your love for someone. Brooks confides, “Heart on sleeve, I wanted to tell the woman I love just how much I love her. This song is an expression of what she means to me and how much has transformed for me since I met her.  It’s about that good love, that breaks you open, challenges you, drives you and I think ultimately, makes you a better you”.

Brooks voice is as beautiful as ever, and the song it’self evokes a sense of intimacy between both the artist and the listener. “In Your Arms” is a single that’ll have you captivated, and Katey Brooks continues to deliver exceptional musicianship.

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L.A. based pop singer Caroline Grace releases her highly anticipated new single “Leave My Heart Alone”. LADYGUNN Magazine premiered the single and gave it high praise stating; “The track is reminiscent of the legendary pop acts of the past like Debbie Gibson and Robyn, with a jazzy piano and Caroline’s sultry R&B influenced vocals flying atop.” 

Caroline Grace has been busy as of late, she’s just performed 4 west coast shows with KYLE, and started her own indie label group called ‘Illuminate Creative Group’. 

I have been inspired by 80’s pop/dance music since I was a little girl, singing along to The Bee Gees with my parents, dancing to Brick House with my siblings, all of it, Caroline says of the new single. “I’ve been dreaming of making a track like this for ages and a few weeks ago, JD Walker and I did it. We started with a groovy piano and the song, melody, lyric and all were literally done in less than 30 minutes. The songs narrates the age old tale of the boy you’ve tried so hard to get over who keeps popping in and out of your life. Although song admits that yes, you may still have mad feelings for this person, you know it can’t happen, at least can’t happen right now. So for the time being, that person needs to “leave your heart the frick alone.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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