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INsiders Guide: Alextbh, Freddie Future, Dani Le Rose

Malaysian artist alextbh has released the brand new single“no space”. Speaking about the song, Alex told Wonderland Magazine, “I wrote this song after a hookup one night. The premise is pretty much “I wanted sex, I got it, I loved the feeling of it, and I want to share it.” It’s liberating — both sexually and in writing pop. I went to Denmark fully prepared to make some sadboy shit, so it’s funny that this song came out of that trip. I guess every artist needs a bit of fun Scandi-pop in their repertoire.”

Alextbh has also announced he will tour as support for Filipino-Aussie artist Jess Connelly on a run of Asian tour dates this February. The 2019 dates follow a notable direct support performance for Khalid last fall at his show in Alex’s hometown of Kuala Lumpur.

Artist Freddie Future has released the first single “Leave Me Cold” off his debut EP “Freddie Future (FF)”. Working alongside producer Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, Ralph), the EP details the story of a break up in slow motion. Each morning with a beat & keyboard loop that Derek had been working on, the duo would write and track the songs in the same day. Speaking of the EP Freddie said The sequencing on FF was originally based on tone/vibe, but as the songs started to grow, a story came forward that I needed to tell, in a way that allowed me to examine the past to rewrite my future. It soon became clear that this emerging narrative needed a new name to represent itself. Freddie Future was born”.

The first single “Leave Me Cold” is the crushing realization that you have been in the wrong once the other person has left. The song encapsulates heartbreak perfectly conveying the emotions we face in our relationships.

Canadian singer-songwriter Dani Le Rose has produced one of the most fascinating songs of the year called “SHELLSHOCK”. The single represents women’s sexual expression and the significant breakthrough we’ve witnessed in the past 20 years. Dani writes about the song It’s incredible to celebrate how sexuality has become more prevalent and public, rather than a suppressed mystery.  As we’ve come into this new age of expression, it’s provided women with the freedom to truly experience their fantasies. “SHELLSHOCK” is a representation of women’s sexual expression, and the significant breakthrough we’ve witnessed throughout the last 20 years”.

“SHELLSHOCK” gives us both urban and pop instrumentals, and combined with Dani’s impeccable vocals it makes for the perfect track. Be sure to check this defying song below.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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