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Exclusive Interview with UK Rap Artist Dizzle AP

It hasn’t taken long for Dizzle AP to build up a profile as the new kid on the block. Coming through with some weighty solo drops and collaborations with artists such as Benny Banks and BBK’s Jammer, he’s a juggernaut on the mic and dripping with energy, confidence and lyrics to match. Spinning different genres, tempos and deliveries, Dizzle AP releases his remarkable and impressive 5 track EP ‘Silver Lining’. Having recently dropped ‘Cash Machine’ as an EP opener, the project is an ideal insight to his talents and the perfect introduction to his sound.

Gaining recognition from the top names in the industry, including Beats 1 radio presenter Julie Adenuga and Tim Westwood, Dizzle AP’s attention-grabbing performances at events including Mike Skinner’s (‘The Streets’) – Tonga in London and Manchester, as well as London’s Eskimo Dance, Annie Mac-AMP sounds at Camden Roundhouse, Finsbury Park’s Sidewinder Festival, Wiley’s live show at House of Vans, and Jammer’s headline show at KOKO London have pipped him as a real all-rounder with uncompromising talent.

With a buzz surrounding his artistry Dizzle AP hit our radar’s, and we decided to chat to the rising UK sensation about his brand new EP ‘Silver Lining’;

Dizzle AP welcome to OLC! It’s a pleasure to have you here. So for everyone out there in cyber land, tell us when you first discovered your passion for music?

Hey, I have always been a big fan of music. My dad was a DJ and from young he used to bring me out on sets with him. So the passion for music has always been there.

How were you discovered?

I have always had a buzz from constantly dropping music in 2016. It was in 2017 when Jammer from Boy Better Know noticed me from a freestyle I had posted on instagram and mentioned him.

Who was your biggest inspiration in the music industry growing up?

I don’t think I had a person who indeed me, I would say the Grime scene as a whole was and is still my main inspiration.

If you weren’t a rapper, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

If I wasn’t a rapper, I would be doing something that I wouldn’t be happy with. I’ve never really thought about it as my path has always been set.

I know social media is a great platform for undiscovered artists, and I did read that Instagram played a part in your career, tell me about that?

I had done a freestyle in the studio and posted a clip on instagram. The lyric was ‘ You aint no Murkle man, yur dreads dont swing like Jammer’. I @ Jammer on the post, he had seen it and messaged me. The outcome was our first single together ‘Wave & Jagga’ and since we met Jammer has taught me so much and became family.

I love the song “Cash Machine”, tell me what inspired the single and who gave you the idea for the video?

Thank you, Cash Machine is alot of what I have personally seen and also been involved in. It gives people an insight of a certain lifestyle. The director 1192 Visuals is the man for this video. He had a creative idea which was different which I was happy to run with. Make sure you hit him up!

The song of course is taken from your brand new EP ‘Silver Lining’, What can you tell me about the record? Who helped you work on it and are there any special features we should be looking out for?

Silver Lining is taken from the quote ‘ Every cloud has a silver Lining’ and that message is relevant in my life. I always see the good in things and try to stay away from the negativity. This record allowed me to express myself more for my fans. I have no features on this EP as I wanted to make it more personal. Songs such as ‘Life of mine’ let’s you understand me more as a person and what I have been through in my life and the reason why I am the way I am now.

Grime of course has become a huge genre over in the UK; with artists like Krept and Konan establishing themselves in the US market, can you ever see american rappers using that sound?

Yes it has been proven, our culture has spread so wide most of us don’t realize and the more we push together the further our sound will go.

You had your EP launch at Blain’s Barbershop in Luton, where you and some special guests performed, what was that night like and who turned up to see Dizzle AP perform?

The launch party was Crazy! I got to do it in my hometown, Luton. Last year for the last mixtape ’11’ we had done the boat party in London on the Thames which was insane, so we made it easier for people in my town. Blain’s Barbershop and More 2 Music put on a great event, I had local artists perform on the night. Dutchie Fyz, Louis Chase, Loca, Mutss, Dibo, Dekar and also special guest Jammer. Hopefully we made it a night to remember.

Do you have any tours planned to promote the new EP and if so where can people catch you?

At the moment I am in talks with my team, we are looking at something but yet to be confirmed. We want to make the experience different then your average tour.

Do you have any plans to record a full studio album?

Of course, my Silver Lining EP is part of the blueprint

Who are some artists or producers you’d love to work with?

Anybody that I can connect with on a level. If we don’t connect then it doesn’t make sense in my eyes. I’m always open to collab and make greatness.

I have to ask where did the rap name Dizzle AP come from?

Dizzle I’ve always had from young, the AP stands for apply pressure which is a motto that I live by. In life no matter what it is u do if you want be the best you have to apply pressure, work hard and be consistent.

What does the rest of 2019 hold for you?

Expect more video’s from silver lining to drop, I have some exciting collaborations coming and also might pop up at an event your at too.


What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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