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INsiders Guide: Olivia Lunny, Tyra Jutai, Dan Owen, Lauren Mann, Mimika, Herizen, Kojo Funds, Brocarde, Leila, Xelli Island, Jeremy Roske, Sam DeRosa, Valencia James, KiNG MALA, Mike Taveira, John Orpheus…

The first look at Olivia Lunny’s new video for ‘Bedsheets’

“Bad Witch” is about money-hungry gurus, and the poor, unfortunate fools that fall for their schemes. When people are vulnerable they are most susceptible to following the advice of self-proclaimed healers and spiritual leaders, what I dub “bad witches”. This song is about the frustrations of being in a relationship with someone  who is under that spell, and trying to get them to come home to me – the good witch, newly reformed. 

The lyrics teach “It takes one to know one, but she’s a bad one. I was once one, now I’m a good one” – witches, that is. A lot of the lines stem from the real-life story. For instance, this particular guru would preach natural remedies and internal spiritual healing, but had so much face filler her expressions were strained. 

Stream “Bad Witch” – my new single – on ALL PLATFORMS  now. Or watch the official music video on YouTube: OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Shrewsbury-born singer-songwriter Dan Owen has never been one to conceal his feelings, actively normalising men’s mental wellbeing alongside healthy thought expression through his songs and beyond. Now, he exhibits the urgency of this in a powerful acoustic ballad titled “Radio Tower”.

Overlooking the beautiful English countryside, Dan Owen’s visuals show him on his car with a stripped back instrumental, but a contrasting powerful voice that follows alongside.

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Singer-songwriter Lauren Mann’s 4th studio album Memory & Desire is out today on all digital platforms! And to celebrate, Lauren is releasing the video for the album’s 3rd single ‘Don’t Make a Mountain’. Watch the video here.

I wrote both the songs on my new mixtape, my feelings hurt, at a time when I felt like I just couldn’t win when it came to anything emotional in my life. It was one thing after another, getting to the point where I was like, “If I just didn’t feel anything, this would be so much easier.”

“Bourbon,” the song I am sharing with you today, was written out of the frustration of being stuck in a relationship that always felt like it was close to ending. Although I had initiated it and wanted the relationship to be over, I still felt like it was lacking closure.

I wanted to capture that helpless yet uncaring vibe when I was writing the songs for this mixtape. Yeah, they’re super emo, but don’t you also feel badass when you’ve got “Bourbon” blaring?

my feelings hurt focuses on emotional exhaustion and being resigned from the full extent of your feelings and the consequences they bring.

I hope that you are able to relate and find comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one experiencing these emotions as you listen.

xo Lots of love,


You probably know Herizen from her roles on The Get Down [Netflix],  Dare Me [USA], and American Gods [STARZ]. She also lent her voice to Absofacto’s “Done with Love” and What So Not’s “We Can Be Friends” in addition to contributing music to the official soundtrack for the Major Lazer documentary, Give Me Future. Herizen has toured with Oliver Tree, performed at SXSW, and recently participated in The FADER’s  digital fort in summer 2020 creating small novelty ‘creatures’ for fans to buy, donating all proceeds to organisations that support Black Lives Matter.
Distilling emotional alternative, grunge distortion, hip-hop bravado, fearless experimentation, and R&B spirit into dark pop magic, the Cuban-Jamaican artist finds joy on the other side of heartbreak and unearths light from struggle. Tallying over 20 million streams and receiving praise from Complex, i-D, NYLON, PAPER, Wonderland, Vogue, and more, the singer, actress, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist explores these extremes on her upcoming EP. 

The original king of Afro Swing, Kojo Funds is back with a follow up to first single of 2020 “Vanessa”. Returning with a different flavour to the more light-hearted single, “Duppy” takes Kojo Funds back to his roots with a track for the streets.

Produced by his long-term producer collaborator GA (“Dun Talking”, “Million”) Kojo Funds attacks the beat on this war track, that shows he’s ready for the last 3 months of 2020 with his fresh new music. In true Kojo style he comes with a heated, but still catchy hook in his unmistakable, unique delivery and sound mixing road rap elements with Afrobeats.

He won’t be stopping here as there is lots more heat to come from the East London artist who has collaborated with the crème of UK artists such as JME, Frisco, Raye, Kano, Bugzy Malone, Wretch 32 and more. He’s also featured on a host of tracks such as Yxng Bane’s Fine Wine which was certified silver by the BPI, and on Mabel’s Finders Keepers which reached number 8 in the UK Official Charts Company Singles chart. He has racked up an impressive 10 million streams + and 10 million YouTube views globally. 

Watch out for more to come from Kojo Funds as he has a slew of hot new releases ready.

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multi-faceted rock artist and fashion designer Brocarde unveils the acoustic version of her recently released single, ‘Twisted’WATCH TWISTED ACOUSTIC VIDEO HERE ‘Twisted’ is an anthem for the misfits, while the original gothic horror epic video – WATCH TWISTED VIDEO HERE– perfectly depicts the contortion she experienced through her journey, the acoustic version strips the song back to its bare essence with Brocarde’s expressive vocals taking centre stage. Armed with an unparalleled lyricism that express anger and frustration at the world, Brocarde cannot longer be silenced, her lyrics are embroidered on the limited 1980s meet Victorian era clothes she designs, like with previous releases, she launched a capsule clothing collection of limited edition pieces for ‘Twisted featuring lyrics from the single, available on WWW.BROCARDE.COM
Written by Brocarde herself, ‘Twisted’ in the artist own words is “an anthem to diminish all boxes and preconceived notions and a rally cry to tear up the rule book, a refusal to be limited by others’ imaginations. It’s an anthem for all those who feel judged and misrepresented”. Reflecting on her own words she adds: “I’d just started to listen to rock music, it channelled my angst against the conformity and strict rules I had to follow in private school. I wanted to be a rock star and I was bullied for that, the other kids wanted to be doctors and lawyers. I was considered really weird,” she says. Her voice was silenced, her unique creativity knocked down, she had to be “normal”, disciplined, her talent for creating the unique clothes she wears abandoned to avoid being bullied.

‘Twisted’ follows the release of the ‘Love Me ‘Till I’m Beautiful’ EP, released in July, which saw Brocarde teaming up with Korn’s legendary drummer Ray Luzier. Clocking over 800,000 streams across platforms, while the video for the lead single reached nearly 1 million YouTube plays to date. The EP also featured the trained opera singer’s powerful coronavirus-inspired track, ‘World Upside Down’, which video was filmed on her phone during lockdown.

Leila couldn’t be further from your typical indie artist. Hailing from Neverheardofit Pennsylvania, her sound and lyrics carry their humble roots. A little Jazz, a little soul, a hint of strange and three shots of romance will keep this spellbinding cocktail of uncanny ballads in your head forever. Having grown up playing piano, singing, and dancing in recitals and competitions she was exposed to the industry at an early age, setting the stage for this artistic endeavor. Her love for Chopin and Debussy heavily influences her songwriting, infusing her sound with a musical maturity and sophistication.
Primarily inspired by late romantic classical composers and vintage Italian film scores, Leila describes her sound as “Subtle Freak Hawaiian Prom.” A syrupy vocal and hypnotic wave of guitars wash you away from wherever you’re sitting and into a velvet armchair at a sparkling B-list dinner party.
All songs, artwork, and music videos are painstakingly created by the artist herself by way of a full time career in software engineering. Her sheer determination is the driving force behind her upcoming debut album Glass Highways. Produced with Tim Carr (The Americans, Fell Runner), the ten-track release is a breakup album exploring the stages of romantic loss. Beginning with doubt and moving all the way through to reflection. Leila confides, “I tried not to be too prescriptive in my lyrics, but rather acknowledge the varied and at times dissonant emotions we face amidst heartbreak.”
Glass Highways is a vocal-heavy album, featuring bittersweet lyrics, inviting the listener to consider the dark and light of life in tandem, adding candor and humility to Leila’s story. Thematically, the album is romantic and lush, consisting of long, dramatic songs oozing with cinematic flair. The songwriter reveals, “During production of my songs, I try to feel like I’m enveloped by them. I want them to wrap me in sound and feeling, as if pulling me into a daydream, or LeilaLand, for that matter.”

Xelli Island is the independent dream pop project of vocalist, songwriter and shapeshifter Lianna Vanicelli. Having fronted one band after another since she was 14, Vanicelli tired from the conflicts of a group dynamic and has found strength and a clear creative direction as a solo artist. Her island is something of a mirage; a melodic, lyrical haven to the unbridled human spirit and travails alike. 

Hailing from Detroit and a blue-collar upbringing, the prideful half-Filipina made the leap to Los Angeles at the end of 2017 with barely enough money to last two months. It is from her unique, down-to-earth perspective of establishing a creative life in Detroit’s music scene, the whimsical, eye-opening experience of visiting loved ones in The Philippines since childhood, and finding her purpose early in life that Xelli is able to write from a place of charming yet humble wisdom. Her music is an honest reflection of both the inner and outer world that she moves through with lyrics detailing the beauty and the struggle of navigating through life, love, and this imperfect society we co-habituate today.

The project is a serendipitous result of Xelli working closely with producer and long-time friend Jon Zott. They have been co-producing and co-writing the songs since summer of 2019, with additional collaboration from bassist Mathew Hofman. Vanicelli is careful to avoid songwriting that feels too formulated. 

Her upcoming five-track EP Meet Me at the Waterfall sees the songwriter touching on love and loss in all aspects. She explains, “Not just romantic love, but learning to appreciate what’s in front of you. How powerful love is, how it lingers, how it hurts.” The message behind the immersive EP narrates how we’re all human and that being a human can be a strange experience. Vanicelli continues, “I love melding really human experiences with dreamlike sounds that make you live in those moments for a few minutes.” 

Jeremy Roske debuts his transformational new album, “HEARTSTORM,” out on October 30, 2020. Infused with modern and cultural influences, Roske’s sound is a unique mix of healing world fusion, soul music, and socially aware melodic messages doused in heartfelt folk. A founding member of the Earth Guardians, he’s spent his career writing and performing music to uplift and inspire the masses. Since 1995, he’s toured both nationally and internationally, released a critically acclaimed debut solo album “People Rise,” and continues to use his music to heal and inspire hope. Throughout the 11 tracks on his newest album, he takes listeners on a journey that explores the profoundly transformational journey of redemption, shadow work, and choosing love in the face of fear.

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The journey starts with the opening track, “Seed,” he brings to life the image of a lotus growing from the muddy waters through soulful mantras and vivid melody. Inspired by Roske’s meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, it was a track planted at just fourteen that captures a profound transmission of love and compassion. Followed shortly by the intensely powerful, “Remind Me”, inspired by a poem written by Roske’s older brother, which reminds us all to shine a light on what’s important rather than focus on the little, passing things. The start of the transformational experience begins to expand further on the illuminating world-fusion track, “Surrender.”

photo credit: Naserin Bogado

Sam DeRosa delivers emotional pop perfection with latest single “Sad Faces” and additionally reveals a brand new video following the official premiere via Flaunt Magazine. “Sad Faces” comes at a time where we all need to take a moment to pause for a mental health check. The new tune is the third offering lifted from her highly anticipated debut EP The Medicine due out November 13th via Monument Records. 
The NY-raised and LA-based artist elaborates on the COVID-19 era video, “I want every song on the EP to feel like a mood or color. Yellow is actually known as a color that makes people feel uneasy or anxious, so that’s why there’s a lot of yellow in the video.” She also tells Flaunt Magazine, “With ‘Sad Faces,’ I wanted to make the song sound upbeat and happy while I talked about something difficult… I think as a songwriter who’s now an artist, I’m learning to accept things I cannot change and to not worry too much about things being perfect. The mess is the fun part and my journey’s been a wild one, but it’s mine, so it’s awesome and I’m thankful for it.” Her pro-tip for self care and on managing your mental health? “Put your phone away for a little” and “quiet the noise” whenever you can. 

New York born, Sydney bred dark-pop artist Valencia James is making music for those in need. With a catalogue of music inspired by real life events, Valencia is on a mission song by song to give listeners something real, something organic, something true. 

Her latest release “All The Waves” was written amidst all the chaos, with Valencia bringing a brave and hopeful sound, reminding us that the hardest of times can actually bring out the best in us. The song speaks about how life’s struggles keep trying to knock us down, but where there is love there is still life and there is still so much more good ahead for us. Valencia confides, “All The Waves takes inspiration from a really long, hard season I was going through that lasted really up until now and it’s become even more relevant with everything going on in 2020. It’s my way of comparing my fear of the waves to how I feel about the situations in my life and the hits that I’ve taken being likened to a succession of waves breaking over me.”

Valencia gets vulnerable in one of her darkest times and gives us a glimpse of how there is always hope on the horizon alongside co-writer and producer Harrison Wood and Peter James, whose works include contributing to a Grammy Award-winning song. 

“All The Waves” was mixed by Sydney-based Ben Whincop (Stan Walker, Missy Langcaster) and mastered in Paris, France by Bruno Gruel (David Guetta, Kelly Rowland), and brings us Valencia’s signature dark and edgy voice aligned with new passion and hope. With influences ranging from Dua Lipa, Khalid and Halsey, Valencia delivers a honest and poignant song, casting light when we need it the most. 

“All The Waves” is currently available worldwide.

KiNG MALA is the moniker of El Paso born, Los Angeles based alternative soul artist Areli Castro. Touching on themes such as lust, recklessness and badass femininity, KiNG MALA isn’t afraid to spill her guts. Setting out with the intention to create brave and unapologetic music, the bold and brazen artist is delivering her own distinct sound, just the way she wants it. Castro shares, “Thats really the inspiration for the name KiNG MALA, king cuz fuck being someone’s queen, and mala literally means “bad bitch” in spanish.” 

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KiNG MALA doesn’t hesitate in spilling her feelings. Her music narrates letting go of fear, being honest with yourself and those around you and ultimately living your truest self. Life is messy and we shouldn’t feel ashamed to show our emotions and speak our mind.

 “Homebody” is some of Castro’s most honest work to date, with the songwriter not openly admitting her feelings and not trying to disguise who she is at heart. She confides, “This song is about my social anxiety and how much I really just want to be home like… all of the time. I’ve struggled for a long time feeling like I belonged and trying to be comfortable with myself. I truly always feel awkward and dorky and misplaced at every party I’m invited to, and the more I talked to people about it, the more I’ve realized most people feel the exact same way as I do.”

Sonically “Homebody” features a throbbing bassline, infectious layered harmonies and feel-good piano melodies. Who needs to go out, when you can party to KiNG MALA from the comfort of your home?

Produced by Rob Auerbach and mastered by John Greenham (Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Katy Perry, Banks), her music evokes a youthful energy while maintaining a musical sophistication. 

KiNG MALA hopes her music may allow others to feel confident and cool, confiding, “I hope it helps people feel okay with what they feel, I’m a person with very intense feelings and it took me a long time to realize that that’s a gift not a weakness.” Raised in a hispanic home, the artist is passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+, POC and Indigenous communities and being open about mental health.

Photo Credit: David-Simon Dayan

Mike Taveira is releasing his new single/video, “Karma.” Pairing poetic lyricism with contemporary R&B vocals and catchy hooks, Taveira delivers serious pop prowess on his latest release. 

“Karma” is the breakup anthem for anyone who feels like their ex has yet received the karma they deserve. It’s for those of us who have been left broken and questioning the entire relationship, only for our ex-partner to seemingly move along in the world with no trouble. “I do believe in karma and I do believe she is coming. She just likes to wait for the perfect timing and I was impatient, which led to the song,” Taveira writes. The pairing video, which was created in collaboration with Canada’s Drag Race star Lemon, showcases how it feels when karma just won’t give you a break: “We wanted to have a simple but effective video to showcase how it feels to constantly receive karma on your end and the result came to dodgeballs being decked at my face.”

Yuh ready?! ⚡ “ELECTRIC”⚡ featuring rapper/composer Jordan Hamilton has that big pop sound with that island vibe!  Streaming now on all platforms. ✊  

The OFFICIAL VIDEO features big doses of black joy! I’m singing about adoring loved ones, and I made the song and video with people who I have worked with for so long that they are like family: Jordan Hamilton, producer GawdDammitMichael, Chaenel Mattis, Patrick Hodgson. They got that ELECTRICITY I ADORE. 

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“ELECTRIC” is about the moment chemistry strikes. That initial spark when you first decide that someone is in your tribe. There is an activation that floods our senses with hope and joy and longing. The magic that catches our eye and gets us all in our feels. 

Smile at your partner while singing the chorus to them.

Text an old friend just to say hello. 

Celebrate the people you love and always remind yourself why you first loved them. 


Introducing healer – the up-and-coming indie bedroom-pop artist spreading self-love in second single “Cat’s Meow”. With its whimsical hook and candid text, this “Uke-Trap” artist delivers a track that is both bright and deep, capturing the universal feeling of missing someone you love while also acknowledging the happiness that comes with having someone to miss. “Cat’s Meow” blends percussive clapping, trap production, ukulele and of course a cat’s meow, culminating into a light-hearted and endearing single. The new release builds on the momentum of previous single “Make You Sad” and is the second in a series to be released ahead of his debut EP via Quadio Records. 
When you’re logging half a million streams with glistening folk pop hits in high school, then segue to Bright Eyes-evoking lo-fi emo jams in college, what could possibly be your third act? For Bryce Waitkus, the singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist behind War is Over and Okay Alright, you adopt the name healer, sign with Quadio Records (the independent label that recently partnered with Disruptor/Sony) and start making heartfelt, danceable indie bangers about the very real hope that mental health challenges can be overcome with self-love and supportive community. 

Looking back on ended relationships we know that our side can be fragmented and broken.  It can be tainted by nostalgia and pain.  I chose to make the music video reflect the glimpses into memories almost remembered but not fully.  I chose the retro 80’s futuristic lense because the world was excited about the future during that period and I wanted to bend it and blur it with images that would take away from that.   Often in relationships the pain comes from losing the optimism we had about them.  So I felt that this could help the listener visualize that loss.  

Relationships can often be hard to step away from even if they are harmful to your psyche and I hope this song will help anyone who needs the push to get out of that bad place.  

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Thank you for listening,


Ceara Cavalieri is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from California. Having graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology, Cavalieri has since dedicated herself to pursuing music full time. Her love for music stems from the age of three, where she found her voice and wouldn’t stop singing. In her teenage years she took to songwriting as a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings when her shyness prevented. With four releases under her belt thus far, Cavalieri is carving out her own distinct sound of incredibly infectious and candidly relatable pop. 

Her latest single “Damn” talks about how people can be deceiving. The haunting and intoxicating track features fun, quirky synths, punchy percussion and sassy, relatable lyrics. The dramatic visuals, which were directed by Nayip Ramos, emphasize how things aren’t always as they seem. Ceara confides, “I wrote this song about a guy that I was dating who turned out to be a complete narcissist and con artist. He thought he was the best thing ever, and that he could get away with anything, including lying to me and cheating. The song makes metaphorical references to religion and talks about how he thinks he is such a ‘god’ but his actions won’t be forgiven because he ‘isn’t my religion’.”

Photo Cred Steph Montani

Lead vocalist and guitarist Maxine Beck-Sinderby and drummer Thomas Franklin met serendipitously at a music studio in high school. The duo have since released two back-to-back EPs, titled Reflections, Vol. 1 and Reflections, Vol. 2; achieving them features on CBC Radio, and City TV’s Breakfast Television Toronto. Maxine’s undeniable musical talent runs in her family: her uncles are Grammy-winning Canadian musician Jason Beck known to the world as Chilly Gonzales and prolific Hollywood film composer Christophe Beck, known for his Emmy-award winning work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and blockbuster films FrozenFrozen 2Ant-Man and The Hangover. Franklin honed his craft first with international touring jazz drummer Bill Ransom in the US, and then with renowned Toronto musician Anthony Michelli. Both jazz and classically trained in multiple instruments, Franklin and Beck-Sinderby started writing and performing their music in Canada and Sweden; and both graduated in June 2020 from Toronto’s York University, with Bachelors of Fine Arts Honours in Music.

Georgia Black is a contemporary Blues singer from North London, heavily influenced by artists such as Shirley Bassey, Etta James and Peggy Lee. She kicked off her professional singing career fronting Agent Provocateur’s Dirty Stop Out, with The Clash’s Mick Jones, Bobby Gillespie and AP’s Joe Corre. Her time in the couture meets punk show-band saw her performing in venues such as Camden’s Koko and international festivals, including Vienna’s Life Ball Festival and Berlin Fashion Week.

Since then, she has been working on her personal sound, imbued with the old jazz, blues and soul influences she grew up on, and has recently teamed up with producer Joshua Woolf to develop this further. Working alongside Grammy Award winning mix/mastering engineer Aamir Yaqub (Rihanna, Sia, David Guetta), their time spent in lockdown was filled with online sessions, where they were able to perfect Georgia’s distinct, velvet sound. 

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“Invisible Enemy” was written at the very start of the lockdown and was inspired by a conversation Georgia had with a colleague of hers, Roberta – Georgia works as a Learning Support Assistant in a college for her day job. Roberta said, “Don’t you think it’s crazy that whenever we’re usually unwell, we feel we have to be the hero and push ourselves to go to work, but right now, to be the hero is the other way round?” This really resonated with Georgia and built up an image in her head of super heroes saving lives by staying at home, which laid the foundation for the song. Sonically “Invisible Enemy” is very theatrical in nature, showcasing cinematic soundscapes reminiscent of something from a Bond movie. Her soulful, sultry vocals bring to mind the likes of Lana Del Rey, whilst the seductive synths emit a mesmerising release. 

Radiating ultimate female energy at a time when females are dominating the UK rap scene, the pair spin the track with witty one-liners and hard-hitting flows. A song which is due to be an anthem for the females, Brixx once again emits her infectious vigour and proves herself to be a serious one to watch.

Cutting through with her debut freestyle “On Da Radar” earlier this year and cementing a solid place for herself within the scene with recent singles “Man” and “Ready” – new single “Bad Gyal Bounce” is yet another statement track for emerging rapper Brixx.

The fifth and final single from Hunger, “Shoebox” is a lesson in the art of letting go and shedding what no longer serves you – the climactic pop ballad blends delicate pizzicato strings and melancholic pianos with a driving 80s style pop beat, tugging at the heartstrings each step of the way thanks to Mali’s hauntingly evocative vocal performance and signature poetic lyrics.

BARBUDO deliver pop-funk with polished musicianship and pizzazz from their studio in the south of England. Brothers Ben and Harry Stanworth have taken inspiration from the pioneers of funk, soul and disco to give their contemporary sound a classic and stylish vibe that oozes charm and millennial zeitgeist. Their songs are instantly memorable and engaging, helped by the band’s laid back feel and knack for intricate and soulful melodies over playful lyrical themes. A dose of Barbudo is a welcome antidote to the tensions and pressures of modern life. 

Their latest single “Magnolia Mansion” has the expanse of an immediate disco hit. A byproduct of experimenting with an old tape machine, the track emits a smooth, sultry sound, whilst packing a punch through its move-inducing baseline groove. “Magnolia Mansion” encapsulates the feeling that comes late spring/early summer where everything starts to warm up and there’s a certain feeling in the air which makes you relax and have a good time. The brothers explain, “Magnolia mansion is in itself an ideal –  a place in the ether, that we all can transport to when the sun is beaming down but at the same time encourages us to think about change within and without, linking escapism and personal discovery.”

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Known for their unforgettable live performances, BARBUDO wanted to capture this same energy on the latest release, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere but with a tight rhythm section that’s reminiscent of the likes of The J.B.’s and The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. The result is a fun and vibrant bop, that nevertheless has heaps of musical maturity.

“Magnolia Mansion” is currently available worldwide.

Aaron Lee aka AIRPORTS defines DIY ALT-POP – Singing, writing, producing & engineering the majority of his songs as well as taking design & brand vision into his own hands.

This Australian one man army has begun to defy the laws of genre by drawing inspiration from his hip hop, punk rock past and packaging these infectious hooks into a digestible & polished pop offering. Without skimping on relatable & well-crafted lyricism, AIRPORTS takes listeners on a journey into his own self development, relationships & overcoming battles such as loss & life threatening illnesses.

His latest single “LOSER” is a bright and energetic bop which leans into his ever-evolving and often sarcastic social perspective. Taking sonic inspiration from his pop-punk roots but adding a modern electro-pop flare, “LOSER” details the love bombing stage of a hollow relationship that leaves him feeling less than impressed. AIRPORTS shares, “It’s when you look back and realise how bad a person made you feel for trying to love them, a fun & sarcastic take on the drama of it all”.

Recently highlighted by tastemaker media outlets such as Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, Wonderland, Popdust, PopularTV and Culture Collide; AIRPORTS has also gained spins by leading radio stations George FM, ZM, Triple J & Kiiss FM.

In the background Aaron Lee is also a sought after writer/producer who’s client list includes Multi-Platinum JPOP group ARASHI, award winning projects for viral artists and global brands such as Coca-Cola & Fanta.

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Photo credit: Walid Labri

London, UK—Bakar returns with his first new music in over a year. The London artist – who over the last few years has become one of the freshest and most vital new voices in global music – releases a new single “1st Time.” Get it HERE

“1st Time” is accompanied by a video by director Hector Dockrill, famed for his work with Jorja Smith, Ray BLK, and Skepta among others. Watch it HERE.

Produced by Bakar and longtime collaborator Zach Nahome“1st Time” is set to build on the global success of 2019’s Will You Be My Yellow? EP and its standout sleeper hit “Hell N Back”, which has been streamed over 100 million times to date and spent most of the year on the US alternative charts, where it is currently top 10. Earlier this summer, the song peaked at #1 on the Adult Alternative radio chart for two week, where  it broke a decade-long record set by Kings of Leon.

Scribz Riley has shared new track “On My Sleeve” feat. Kaash Paige and announced the release of his eagerly awaited debut EP Wish Me Luck on November 20. Listen to “On My Sleeve HERE and pre-save the EP HERE!

Hailing from East London, but residing between London and LA, Scribz has worked with artists such as KhalidH.E.R.J Hus and Cardi B over the last few years, establishing himself as an acclaimed award-winning producer and songwriter, notably achieving two Grammy awards along the way.

With an edgy sound that blends multi-genres with R&B and Rap, Scribz has introduced himself as an artist in his own right this year with the singles “East Side,” “Impress Me” feat. Headie One and “Mandy,” cementing himself as a name to watch. Having clocked up almost 4 million streams, he has received playlist support from the likes of 1Xtra and been tipped by the likes of Complex, Notion, GRM Daily and Flaunt.  

Parachute features nine tracks including “Drivin Thru The Night” and “Burnin”, alongside cuts like the Diplo-assisted “Pick Your Battles” and forward-thinking “Constellation” which Petit Biscuit pinpoints as the future of his sound. The album explores themes of love, war and death and is the follow-up to his acclaimed 2017 debut Presence which has racked up 1billion+ streams so far.

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photo credit: Bekka Gunther

Trilingual electro-pop sensation Betta Lemme turns sexism and double standards on their heads in tongue-in-cheek single “Mommy” out now via Ultra Music.
On the new track co-produced with Danny L Harle (Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, Clairo), the hitmaker challenges the stigma and stereotypes womxn face around aging. It’s 2020 — womxn should be unapologetic in owning their sexuality and their bodies, no matter their age, and the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist questions why men are applauded for doing just so over the years. Through its sarcastic demeanour and irresistible dance melodies, “Mommy” inspires womxn to get what they want and to never feel ashamed for it. Like every Betta Lemme song to date, there’s a duality in “Mommy.” Upon first listen, you’re sure to hear another genre-bending euro-dance-pop banger laced with unpredictable electric guitar solos. In between the lines, Betta Lemme finds a way to relate her songs back to the issues she cares about – whether that’s positive mental health and self care, womxn’s and human rights, among other causes. 

Photo: Eric Weaver

Restless modern rock 5-piece, The Dumes, return with “Liquor & High”; a fiesty (and irresistibly catchy) new-wave nod to being the crazy one in a relationship. Singer, Elodie Tomlinson explains, “I feel like at the beginning of any relationship, you should have to provide some kind of resume. This song is my resume. My references will say I’m crazy, but at least I’m telling you upfront so you won’t be caught off guard. You already know.”

“Liquor & High” is released with a sun-soaked visual that delivers a retro dive into southern California; from the band’s cameos as polyester-clad used car salesmen in westside Los Angeles, to a spin across the Joshua Tree desert in a ‘65 Mustang. The band’s smokin’ wardrobe is courtesy of Bandwagon Vintage. Look carefully and you might even see some threads as worn by Jim Carrey in the early 2000s. The video was shot by rising director Alison Roberto who had caught the band’s eye with her vibrant promos for musicians across the L.A scene, as well as Netflix’s Glow, 13 Reasons Why, and much more. “Liquor & High” is actually The Dumes’ second collaboration with Roberto this month; her just-released short film for Dr. Martens Presents features unreleased Dumes’ track “Drexel”.

SoCal-based band We the Commas show off their incredible range in their independently released debut EP SARB out now. Need a feel-good vibe that transports you to the beach? Press play on “Sherry” or “Custom Made.” Feeling like nothing is going your way and need a boost? Watch the Mad Max-inspired video for “Pissed Off” to find your escape. Want your R&B fix? Check out those vocal runs on “Sherry,” “Too Long,” and “All The Best.” No matter the track, We the Commas has something for everyone and any mood. Along with 3 new tracks on the EP, the trio share the ‘90s-esque, Full House-inspired video for new single “I Will” that’s sure to put a smile on your face during these trying times. 
Together the band of brothers Cam (18), Jordy (19), and Lenny Comma (23) coined the term SARB (aka Surf Alternative R&B) to describe their unique sound. Their SARB sound and style has since been applauded by the likes of Young the Giant, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Pink Sweat$, among others. Inspired by the warm sand and the inviting waves they cherish, the trio’s music encapsulates their stories as Black men living on the coast of San Diego. Lenny Comma explains, “We’ve been trying to figure out what genre to classify our music but it didn’t fit into just one space and nothing seemed right. We realized our music is its own kind of thing…” 

Post-punk project Peeling return with darkly poetic new single “Ego Death” and announce debut album release, Worshipper. “Ego Death” is a reflection on self-importance that backs songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anna Timoshenko’s hazy vocals against a swirling wall of textural feedback and the crisp drum beat of Michael Wallace (Preoccupations). The “Ego Death” single is accompanied by a whimsical visual that highlights the song’s lesson to not take oneself too seriously. Timoshenko explains, “There are way more crucial things to care about in the world than what people think of you. It’s a reminder not to let your pride or the fear of ridicule get in the way”. “Ego Death” serves as a fittingly thoughtful prelude to Worshipper, which is Peeling’s first release since the 2017 EP, 7 Years Of Blood (Buzz Records).

While Timoshenko has always been the songwriter behind Peeling, in the time between these releases the cast of musicians involved has undergone a notable transition from a collaborative effort between Toronto scene veterans Jimmy Tony Billy (Dilly Dally), Denholm Whale (Odonis Odonis), and Alejandro Cairncross (Golden Dogs) into a vehicle driven exclusively by Timoshenko. The impetus for this shift is found in Timoshenko’s deepening exploration of music production and time spent away from her hometown. While traveling in recent years, she began to experiment with a mobile recording setup and Worshipper began to take shape as a solo project. By continuing to pull from a broad range of influences that run from krautrock to no wave, this new incarnation of Peeling remains faithfully tied to it’s back catalogue by what Timoshenko describes as her “affinity for melodic noisy pop”.

Folk singer-songwriter Ryland Moranz is excited to announce the release of ‘If I Had Wings’, the first single from his new album XO, 1945, which is set for release on January 15th, 2021, through Tonic Records

The video for If I Had Wings’  features Ryland flying a plane which is apt given the name of the song, and it plays into the song’s theme – the exploration of the soul and the pursuit of happiness. Ryland developed a love for aviation at a very early age, through his grandfather, who was a recreational pilot and would pick him up at his local airfield.  By the time he was 14, he was a technically proficient (but unlicensed) pilot. Ryland did his pilot training in Lethbridge, Alberta – the windiest city in western Canada – where he still flies from today.  

‘If I Had Wings’ is a song about finding what you love and deciding to do that thing for the rest of your life,” says Ryland. “I’ve found lots of things to love during my short time on earth, and aviation blends them all together. It’s poetic, contemplative and horribly technical. It requires guts and gumption, a steady hand and cool head. It carries a mystique that is wholly unique and a style that evokes a simpler time. But most of all, it’s complete and total freedom. When shooting the video we wanted to capture the total freedom that comes from that kind of aviation. The ability to escape and explore, answering to no one but the weather and time.”

British singer/songwriter Katie Wood is known for her flamboyant charm and eccentric aura which flows deep within her veins. Her music dances intuitively between decades, with the artist blending her love for both past and present to create something that defies categorisation.

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Wood’s latest single “Where Have You Been?” depicts feelings of being infatuated with someone and not knowing how to deal with those emotions. The polarity between wanting to commit to someone but feeling as though giving into that is a sign of weakness. Wood confides, “It’s hard to admit sometimes when you’re in love for whatever reason… it can make you feel uneasy. I feel as though it’s tempting to romanticise a situation or idolise someone and the song represents that moment you realise that is what you’re doing, it’s like a daydream.”

Inspired by dark wave and post punk bands, including The Cure, Cocteau Twins, and Drab Majesty, Wood’s intention for “Where Have You Been?” was to hint at her forseed venture into this era. The track drips with cool, effortless vocals, fuzzed-out bass and echoes of 80’s instrumentation. Wood shares, “I think there is something inexplicably compelling about things that feel darker by their nature and I wanted to play on this element visually and sonically. Hence why the outro has me cackling like a witch in the vocals, I had fun while creating this song and wanted to show it.”

Wood’s music is immersed in emotion, using writing as a form of escapism and expression. The musician shares, “All of my music has a kind of sarcastic charm to it, even though I mainly write about my own life experiences I don’t actually take myself ALL that seriously and it’s part of who I am – to use humour alongside somewhat depressing and solemn subjects.”

Having garnered acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Paper Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, DIY MagNylon, MTV and the BBC, Wood hopes that her music will continue to enable others to feel powerful and like they’re not alone in this world.

Rising pop singer-songwriter Gillian Heidi is revealing her new single, “wonderin’ (ft. Michael Christmas),” out today on all streaming platforms. Beyond The Stage exclusively premiered the single, describing it as “a hint of Billie Eilish meets Halsey.”

Inspired by the buzzing local music scene in her hometown of Boston, MA, Heidi tapped fellow Bostonian Michael Christmas for her new single. ”I’ve actually been a fan of Michael [Christmas] for a while,” Heidi writes, “I absolutely love his style and how creative it is.” Christmas’ buoyant, playful rap verse brings an exciting and unexpected element to Heidi’s melancholic dark-pop stylings on “wonderin’,” a song that tackles relationship insecurity.

Though just sixteen years old, Boston-native Gillian demonstrates a musicality wise beyond her years. With powerful, reflective lyrics, rich vocal chops, and clever pop melodies, her songs are relatable but never predictable. She chronicles life’s ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and trials and tribulations with thoughtful clarity, poetic eloquence, and a stirring soulful voice.

West Coast funk hip-hop collective Downtown Mischief are floating and vibing their way through the pandemic with ‘Fall Into The Sky‘, the 2nd single from their upcoming album release Galactic Mantis, which will be out on November 13th.

Drawing inspiration from the Douglas Adams book Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy‘Fall Into The Sky’ is a posse cut featuring Downtown Mischief members: Old King Sundry, Krontokes, Wishbone Jenkins and Poppa Phat Smile

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‘Fall into the Sky’ was written in the studio,” says Poppa Phat Smile. “Old King Sundry laid down that bouncing beat with those weird magical woodblock sounds and we all freaked. We were just dancing around the studio feeling 10 feet tall because before we added the e-piano, the beat sounded so raw and confident. Then Wishbone Jenkins laid down the e-piano through a Red Panda Tensor to give it that glitchy sound. The keys really changed the feeling. At first we thought it may be too “happy”, but then we just gave in to the joy and started to float with the music.”

Front Country is a band on the precipice of a metamorphosis. As multi-instrumentalists, songwriters and composers, the instrumentation and setting have always been secondary to the musical vision that comes through no matter what stage they take. For a band with a genre in their name, genre has always been elusive for Front Country, as they refuse to pick sides or be constrained by any expectations outside their own singular aesthetic. From their beginnings in the SF Bay Area to their new hometown of Nashville, TN, Melody Walker, Adam Roszkiewicz and Jacob Groopman have been on a journey to discover a sound. 

While making their third album – their first in Music City – they feel closer than ever to what fans have heard in them all along. SLC Weekly called it “Rugged Americanaand Purposeful Pop”, and that seems as close as anything to describe the Front Country sound. To them, their namesake is about pushing the envelope, but never losing sight of their roots. 

Lani Renaldo is an artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles. Her passion and talent for songwriting began early on when she was one of six songwriters chosen to attend GRAMMY Camp at Converse Rubber Tracks in 2012. She then went on to study at USC’s Thornton School of Music, which further catapulted her musical education and career. 

Lani’s latest music is written with the intention of being utterly relatable. Her upcoming EP NOHEARTBREAK2020 is an exploration of being in your 20’s. Entirely produced, written and performed by Lani herself, the EP is about accepting where you are in the moment and not being so hard on yourself. The musician reveals, “It’s for 20 somethings that are transitioning and going through a new phase in their life.” The EP touches on women and sexuality, emphasizing the significance of being comfortable with who you are, whatever that may be. Through unbearably honest lyrics, Lani’s goal is to show others the importance of self-acceptance and to encourage others to be themselves, be uncomfortable and be truthful. 

NOHEARTBREAK2020 is inspired by artists ranging from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Hayley Williams, to Post Malone and SZA. Also pulling influence from producers including Timbaland, Pharrell and Greg Kurstin, Lani shows us an insight into her love of the 80’s, with the EP emanating big drums and distorted guitars along with a vocoder. 

Lani Renaldo has seen success performing with the likes of Alessia Cara at the AMA’s and opening for Halsey at The Shrine. Her collaboration on “Malibuu” with Matt Dimona topped Spotify’s Global 50 chart and currently has over six million streams. Constantly trying to evolve and understand her emotions, Lani uses music to be the outlet in which she expresses her discoveries, concluding “Do what you love, fuck the rest. If it doesn’t serve you, cut it out. Sometimes your truth will not match someone else and that’s ok. Misery isn’t worth the money. Follow your dreams.”

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