INsiders Guide: Union Of Knives, TEMPOREX, Flora Cash & The Fallen Electric.

Union Of Knives return with sinister and blistering new single

Following on from the enormous praise behind their recent singles Like Butterflies and A Tall Tale, which saw them collaborate with Ladytron’s Helen Marnie, Scottish electronic trio Union Of Knives return to continue the support for their forthcoming new album, Endless From The Start, with the blistering opening track There’s A River.

Much like what we have heard so far, ‘There’s A River’ sees the group continue their venture into bold and cacophonous electronic compositions that ooze dramatic and atmospheric aesthetics. Filled with a raw and soaring trip-hop direction, and mixed with their own distinct approach to production, this new offering cements them as a strong and captivating name emerging right now.

Speaking about the new offering, the band’s Anthony Thomaz said, “There’s a River is a song about going forward with clarity and pushing through the surrounding noise by simplifying the complex.  A conversation to self.”

While songwriter Chris Gordon added, “If you like your dystopian soundscapes with a sprinkling of hope and a dream-like narrative then There’s a River is the track for you. ”  

Union of Knives returned in 2020 after a 14-year hiatus following their 2006 rapturously received debut ‘Violence And Birdsong’. The band combines the pummeling urgency of industrial music with the cathartic release of ambient theatrics for a unique sound that mesmerizingly references goth, trip hop, and warped soul.


Endless From The Start is as diverse as it is uplifting, even in its darker moments the compelling sense of rhythm elevates a sense of shared spirit and mission to the fore. The voices underpinned by turn with swooping ethereal tapestries, foundation shaking subs, and twitching yet insistent beats, courtesy of drummer Peter Kelly (The Kills, Ladytron). There is an unrelenting unfurling of ideas and motifs.

You can also listen to There’s A River on SoundCloud:

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TEMPOREX (Joseph N. Flores) has created a shimmering, resonant and nostalgic collection of 10 tracks from his own bedroom. His world is a fully realized one where past and present coexist; tales of contemporary youth are sung over icy vintage synthesizers and dusty drum machine grooves. TEMPOREX masterminds the entire spectrum of this world, from production to art direction to the CGI in his videos.

Bowling is the hugely anticipated full-length follow up to 2017’s Care, a record made when Flores was just 15 years old which has in the meantime made him an underground sleeper superstar, accumulating more than 70 million collective streams on Spotify alone.

Retaining the earlier record’s lo-fi bedroom aesthetic, Bowling adds funkier exuberance to the mix, as well as the emotional candour of a maturing artist.

One of the most captivating and nuanced young artists coming through right now, this new full-length body of work stands to mark 2021 as a milestone year for an artist constantly breaking barriers between the virtual and physical worlds.

CLICK HERE to listen to Bowling using your preferred music service!


Unadulterated emotive Pop from Platinum Certified duo FLORA CASH

Soundcloud sweethearts Flora Cash are back to deliver a new, melancholic, and stripped offering called ‘Don’t You Look At Me That Way.’ As put by Earmilk, Flora Cash are the frontiers of a new movement in pop that is centered on unadulterated emotion. Following on from the previous single ‘Soul Mate’, it’s needless to say their latest track will be one that gets you right in the feelings.

Written from the point of view of someone experiencing a psycho-spiritual crisis, the single is filled with nostalgia and reflection, describing the individual’s fears, insecurities, and the need to be seen by her partner as she is, not as he wants her to be. Finding comfort only in her memories with the person she loves most in the world, her soul yearns to rekindle the unbreakable and non-judgmental bond that transcends all fear, pain, and doubt.

The instrumentation gives wings to the track’s meaning. Led by soft acoustic guitar accompanied by dreamy injections of piano and lingering backing vocals, the arrangement gradually grows throughout, becoming an increasingly cathartic opus. Teamed up with Shpresa’s distinguished and haunting vocal, the lyrics exude fragility whilst plunging the listener into new depths of emotion; raw, naked, and imperfect.

Speaking of the new single, Flora Cash commented:

“’ Don’t Look At Me That Way’ is written from the point of view of someone experiencing a psycho-spiritual crisis; a dark night of the soul. The only comfort she finds is in the memories she shares with the person sitting across from her; the person she loves most of all in the world. And she’s asking this person to really look at her; not a projection of what that person wants her to be, but the real Her. She doesn’t want to be saved, only seen.”

Listen to Don’t You Look At Me That Way on Spotify:

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Fresh summer single, “MOVE TO THE SOUND”  by ‘90S-inspired Alt-Rock band

Hot new grunge-alt rock band, The Fallen Electric, take a fresh spin on ‘90s era rock. Their latest single, “Move to the Sound” is the summer anthem we have all been waiting for – equipped with the perfect feel-good music for sipping a beer with friends on a hot sunny day. Bandmates Jimmy Ganzer (founding member, lead vocals, guitarist), Drew Barber (bassist, vocals), Joe Carrillo (lead guitarist, vocals), and Charles Weetly (drummer) bring on a fresh new take of the genre of rock, inspired by their alternative and grunge influences. The band most notably won the Ontario Battle of the Bands in November 2020 and landed a spot at the 2021 Ontario Summer Concert Series as a result.

Their latest single and music video “Move to the Sound” has a unique 90s-inspired rock sound –  allowing the listener to feel carefree, happy, and energized throughout. Directed and edited by bandmate Joe Carrillo, The Fallen Electric showcases their uber talent as each band member highlights their musical strengths. Joe shockwaves viewers with his powerful solo guitar performance. Fans of Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, and Tom Petty will enjoy this incredibly talented and upcoming band from Southern California. The ’90s are making a comeback and The Fallen Electric are here to stay.

“For musicians, it’s never easy. You only have a few moments to really try to connect with people and it’s pretty special when it happens. Our music has an eclectic but familiar flavor and it helps connect people to us. We’ve learned that people respond to music that’s coming from a real place and played with them, not at them. We want the world to know that while times are tough right now, the party will continue again someday and it’ll be better than ever before.” says Lead Guitarist, Joe Carrillo.

LISTEN to “Move to the sound” on Spotify:

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Written By: Edhuard Hakim

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