Exclusive Interview with Devin Kennedy On His New EP “SunDayDreams”

Rising singer-songwriter and producer Devin Kennedy has released his new EP “SunDayDreams”. This project includes Kennedy’s recent releases, “Sundress” and “Hurt U” (music video directed by Spencer Sutherland and available to watch on Vevo). Devin’s 2021 singles have landed him on playlists including Spotify‘s soda, Chill Pop and Fresh Finds, Apple Music’s New Music Daily and New In Pop, Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Pop and Brand New Music, MTV’s Biggest Pop, Vevo’s Incoming Pop, Shazam’s Best New Music as well as earning praise from pop superstar Meghan Trainor.

Kennedy says, “Over the last year, I wrote and produced the songs on “SunDayDreams” to help listeners reflect on falling in love, persevering through life’s challenges, and chasing after their wildest daydreams.”

Devin has collaborated with many other artists outside of his own artist project including co-writing with Ryan Tedder for Ben Platt’s single “Everything I Did to Get to You” , as well as producing recent singles for Alex Aiono, and EBEN. Recently, Devin was a collaborator on R3HAB’s release “Close To You” ft. Andy Grammar, and also produced Jake Miller’s upcoming single titled “Click” featuring Hunter Hayes

Hi Devin welcome back, how have you been?
⁃Hello! Thanks so much. I’ve been well! Staying creative and working on all this new music.
It must be super exciting for yourself being a musician that the world is now starting to form some kind of normalcy again, are you hoping to do some live shows again?
⁃I am very excited to get back to live shows. Playing live is the whole reason I started making music in the first place, so I’ve been missing it a lot this past year.
Now I have to ask about your writing experience you had with the incredibly talented Ryan Tedder, how was that experience for you, how did it come about?
⁃I was lucky enough to have a few songs featured on the NBC show Songland in 2020. One of the songs was released by Ben Platt. Ryan Tedder created Songland and starred as a judge on the show, so he played a huge role in finishing the song. I’m so proud of that record and very honored to have been a part of it.
What do you think you learnt from him and that experience?
⁃I learned that a great song is made up of a million little micro-decisions that all work together to make something special. A song can have great bones, but it’s really a combination of the little things that make a good song great.
You have you own EP on it’s way called “SunDay Dreams”, what can you tell us about it and what can your fans expect?
⁃I do, I’m so excited to drop this project! I spent a better part of the last year putting together some of my favorite songs I’ve ever worked on. Fans can expect an experience while listening. This project is designed to feel like one long daydream.
It features the first two singles “Sundress” and “Hurt U”, what inspired those two songs and why did you choose them as the lead singles?
⁃Sundress and Hurt U are centered around a similar topic. They touch on the experience of being so infatuated with someone, that it almost feels like you’re dreaming. Hurt U specifically outlines the feeling of having someone so special in your life, that you know there’s nothing that could ever change the way you feel about them. I chose those songs as singles because I think they represent my sound and my project very well….they are also two of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.
What song on the EP “SunDay Dreams” means most to you and why?
⁃I think Hurt U is the most honest song on the project for me. I wrote it with my super talented friends David Hodges and Whakaio Taahi and they helped me really tell a story with that song. It means a lot to me.
Is there any thing you’d like to say to all your fans out in OLC! land?
⁃I love you! Enjoy the EP….more music coming soon!
What does the rest of 2021 hold for you?
⁃I’m excited to continue to release music I’ve been working on, and get back on the road as soon as possible.
Thanks for having me!


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Written By: Neill Frazer

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