Sydney Rapper The Masked Wolf Earns Himself A Billboard #1

In 2019 The Masked Wolf was relatively unknown with only a few tracks under his belt. Later that same year, he released a track called ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’…and that’s where things began to take off. Though he’d been rapping for over a decade, Masked Wolf whose real name is Harry Michael, gained worldwide success through his single ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’, which gained a massive amount of traction thanks to TikTok in 2020. This year Masked Wolf took another step forward in his career signing a deal with Elektra Records in the US. The only other Australian on the label is , Tones And I. Following on from this freshly inked deal, ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ was re-released globally, gaining over 312 million streams worldwide. Also earning it’s self a Billboard #1, #1 on Shazam’s Global Hip Hop Charts and a music video with over 227 million views to date. If you haven’t yet heard his debut mixtape ‘Astronomical’ yet, be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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