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Fife five-piece SHAMBOLICS are back with incendiary new track: ‘Sharp As A Razor’. 

As they look ahead to a major slot at TRNSMT festival next week, the band will also be hitting a string of UK tour dates this autumn – many of which are already SOLD OUT. 

 SHAMBOLICS’ ability to produce addictive dreamy indie-rock anthems is unrivalled – a reputation that has long cemented them as established favourites on Scottish turf. Their potent sound has translated across the nation, earning media praise and selling out major venues such as St Lukes in Glasgow and The Water Rats in London in a heartbeat.

 Now, the group have unveiled a new track to add to their impressive discography: ‘Sharp As A Razor’. With a nod to an all-time boxing great, it’s ultimately a song about the joys of being carefree that has become something of a mantra for the band since the very beginning of their career.

 As Shambolics explain:

‘We wanted to write a proper thumping tune that would go down a storm live but still keep a bit of simplicity & swagger about it. The song is pretty much about not caring what people think or say about you. The chorus lyrics are a little nod to the g.o.a.t Muhammad Ali. We took inspiration from a rhyme he would use on the build-up to his fight against Joe Frazier.

Welcome To My World” is the hotly anticipated follow-up single to 2021’s warmly received “Dive In”, their debut on Whanga Records. Displaying a darker side to their heart-on-sleeve songwriting, the track delves into the kindred minds of TwinsTown’s leading lights: Donald and Stuart Mackay.

A track of classically-styled indie for the ages that recalls the likes of Orange Juice to Suede to The Libertines, the band invite the listener into their world with this infectious new cut. Through verses laced with shadowy undertones to a chorus brimming with a melodic, euphoric and soaring hook, its bittersweet juxtapositions are guaranteed to ensnare.

A sublime second helping from a band who are the definition of double trouble, TwinsTown are a Scottish indie-rock sextet as fronted by The Mackay brothers AKA identical twins Donald and Stuart Mackay. Perhaps best known from their previous projects Wingnuts and Wölves, the brothers have already earned their rock’n’roll stripes, performing legendary shows from the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow to the gig haunts of Amsterdam. Alongside the brothers, the band features Harry Dixon on bass duties, Mark Guyan on the keys and Wayne Robertson on the drums, the band have also recently enlisted virtuoso guitarist cousin Rodaidh Mackay AKA “The Weapon”, previously a founder to Aberdeen based band FaR. This indeed is turning out to be a TwinsTown’s secret weapon, with “Dive In” receiving great press and airtime, both locally and worldwide, and being championed, most notably, by Mickey Bradley of the Undertones on his weekly radio show, aired on BBC Ulster every Friday.

The new release finds the London-based electronic duo working with 4x Grammy-winning producer Kevin Killen (Shakira, U2, Tori Amos) to deliver a song of baroque-pop majesty and rising emotional gravity.

Combining radiant, synth-pop soundscapes with lyrical themes that bask in the warmth of those long summer days; “Summer Skies” offers poignant metaphor and evocative imagery as the band dwell on “treading the fine line between despair and hope”.

Recorded at the height of the pandemic, the tracks saw the band working with legendary producer Kevin Killen from separate sides of the Atlantic. Its lush string sections come courtesy of a quartet including Vicky Reid of The Mono LPs on cello, who also composed and arranged. Speaking about the challenges and highs of creating the track, Anderson and St John reflect: 

“It was a truly unforgettable experience working with Kevin Killen for many reasons – quite apart from his pedigree working with some of the greats including U2, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and Shakira, together we had to confront the challenges of strict Covid lockdowns both in New York and London. Kevin’s network in New York include sophisticated sound technicians who in the end designed a transatlantic setup so that my front room in Woolwich essentially became the live recording booth of his New York studio. This is an example of the spirit of music literally transcending borders and how the spirit of music lives on against all odds.”

I love listening to songs that make me feel confident in myself and in my relationships.

My new single, “Love Language, is an empowering anthem for all of the independent people out there.

 It’s a track that captures my evolution into a pop artist from my background in folk, showcasing my vocals, which match the song’s powerful production.

 🧡 Be uplifted by “Love Language” on your favourite streaming platform 🧡

All booked up, I got no time to sit around drying my eyes.

 I’m a busy independent young woman running her own career, so I know that I personally don’t have time for people that give you 10% when you’re giving 90%.

This can be much easier said than done, but that line really captures the mood of “Love Language.

I hope that this song helps you own your power,
Rachel Cousins

After releasing the audio to their track ‘Cutie’ which exploded onto the scene, Taifunds and Deniro5ive are now ready to unleash the official video on GRM Daily. A bubbly production with trippy transitions helps bring life to this summer track. Providing energy throughout with the duo and friends, they help to portray the atmosphere of the track. Similar to the original Tik Tok they released, it has a fun vibe but layered across many locations including elaborate balconies, residential areas, and studios.

The track will be their second release together and is set to cause a commotion this Summer. ‘Cutie’ is holding weight already with traction on Tik Tok, and this next generation of talent is going to hit the ground running

Growing up as childhood friends on the same estate in Clapton, Hackney, with their musical passion commencing in school, Deniro began home recording tunes, with no intention to put them out. Around the second lockdown in November 2020, the teens who are still in school made this single ‘Cutie’. The teens uploaded a snippet and video onto Tik Tok which stars their mutual friend Araloyin Oshunremi (a main character from Top Boy). The video received 100k views and over 700 organic creations.

Previously putting out a track and music video called ‘Kings’ on Mixtape Madness, the visuals accumulated 27k views for their first ever track. Their follow up track ‘Cutie’ is oozing with energy, a rolling piano that surfs across the rhythm created by the quick percussion and 808’s. A catchy chorus “this track here gonna be a movie”, which explains the fast growth on social media. Both artists bring their own flair and style to the track with inventive flows and memorable one-liners.

This highly anticipated track has all the components to form a serious summer anthem and this year it is very likely we will observe a loud arrival on the scene from these boys. The future is not just ‘Cutie’, we are only touching the surface of their tracks.

2020 brought stillness to all of us. Why, even one of the most electrically charged, visually compelling performers of his generation, Geordie Gordon, was grounded.

That March, the Toronto-based mastermind behind the electro-pop force, the Magic, and key contributor to U.S. Girls and Islands, was prepping for a long tour in support of U.S. Girls’ acclaimed, Polaris Music Prize-nominated 2020 album, Heavy Light, when all roadwork plans went out the window because of a raging pandemic. And so, with some measure of defeat pervading his heart and mind, Gordon retreated to his apartment to ponder the outside world, in isolation.

The gifted multi-instrumentalist inherited a familial DIY gene; the son of folk musician James Gordon and younger brother of subterranean rock music genius, Evan Gordon, Geordie Gordon was practically raised in the family’s home recording studio, Pipe Street, where, beyond developing engineering chops, he adopted self-reliance to bring his imagination to life. Gordon can play almost any instrument he picks up, which is handy because he has a lot of thoughts that could use rad soundtracks.

Nashville’s very own, Boon, the 18-year old writer, singer, mixer, producer, and master of all his own music- not to mention shoots and directs all of his videos- has immersed himself into the music industry at a young age with his father as Carrie Underwood’s lead guitarist since the start of her career.  Boon‘s releases “i might like u” and “You” were featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday”, “Fresh Finds”, “hyperpop”, “Salt”, and Apple’s “Alternative” playlists. Boon exemplifies the meaning of creating his own unique sound and style of production, classifying him as a true, young prodigy. His last release “Can’t Be Love” features an enhanced rock driven sound that is heard throughout his upcoming project. His next release “Somebody Else” is set for release on September 7th.

Despite his young age, Boon is making a claim of the new wave.

LA-based dark-synth pop artist, L’FREAQ, shares the official video for her newest single, “LOUD,” from her sophomore EP, Showgirl, due out on September 23, 2021 via Position Music. In a music world (and the whole world) where women have consistently been silenced, taken as a joke, out-shadowed and pushed around, this song reminds anyone who’s ever been shut up not to shut down. In fact, L’FREAQ recommends getting loud. As the ferocious beat slaps, the fiercely free lyrics gain momentum: “You ask me why can’t you sit down and shut up and wait your turn / I want it now so I guess you could say I never learn” and “I’m gonna be loud / I’m gonna break out / So watch my mouth / I’m gonna be loud / I’m gonna break the mold.”

On the new track, L’FREAQ says, I made LOUD as my war paint song. I’ve had so many experiences in the music industry of men trying to take advantage of me, specifically one man who led me down a dark alley when I was 16 and made fun of me when I said I didn’t trust him. I went into the studio with my cowriter, Chris Ayer, and we played badass movie scenes on mute of women standing in their power, letting their kick ass personas inspire us. I wanted to make a song that could perfectly narrate those movie scenes, so LOUD was born. This is the song I would play for the 16-year-old version of me, helping her realize that she doesn’t need a man to get ahead, and she’s free to take on the world.” 

Guyville is a Los Angeles based duo comprised of its founding members, Kat Hamilton and Emily Hulslander. The pair craft songs that combine elements of 90s rock, pop and country. As their name suggests, the legacy of Liz Phair brought these two powerful women together in songwriting bliss. The duo strikes the perfect chord with Hulslander’s intelligent pop approach and Hamilton’s confessional lyricism. 

Guyville was formed during your usual Los Angeles writing session in the Valley. What was unusual, was the easy flow and chemistry between the two prolific writers. Within a few hours, the duo had written their first song “Should’ve Never Dated”. Emily Hulslander had already made a strong name for herself in LA songwriting circles, but was struggling to find another writer who she could relax into the process with. Kat Hamilton was newer to LA, but felt unfulfilled as a writer. On that pivotal day, Emily and Kat found common ground in their failed relationships, artistic journeys and the women of the 90s. 

This connection is highlighted in their debut Guyville single, “Nothing”. The end of summer jam combines elements of indie rock and 90s girl anthems with a sprinkle of Shania Twain. “Nothing” celebrates the wonderful post- breakup feeling of absolutely nothing for your ex. In the music video, Hamilton and Hulslander frolic in rose gardens and dance along sandy beaches. The result is a bubbly, tongue in cheek ode to getting over it and moving on.

Multi-hyphenate artist, actor, entrepreneur SERAYAH unveils her special collaboration with Jessica Rich footwear. Available today, shoe-lovers will be able to shop from Serayah’s hand-picked shoe selection from the Jessica Rich brand.

The Starz drama series, “Black Mafia Family,” actress Serayah says, “I absolutely love Jessica Rich Collection, and what better way to show that than a collaboration. Each piece I chose is a personal favorite and all-year-round must-have.” 

Jessica Rich’s fearless footwear sets the tone for any occasion. The luxurious, high-quality heels can be seen on runways and at Sunday Brunch. Known for her signature, clear PVC heels, shoe lovers can’t get enough! In addition, Jessica Rich has been seen on many A-list celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Normani, Saweetie, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lopez, Hedi Klum, Rita Ora and more. 

indie-pop singer and songwriter Anna Shoemaker releases her new single, “Sick!,” out on +1 Records. “Sick!” is Anna’s first offering as she breaks out of the bedroom pop world into a more mature and intentional sound; writing her feelings as though you’ve lived them alongside her.

“Sick!” features glistening synths and hazy guitar riffs that lay the foundation for Anna’s distinctive vocals to deliver heart-wrenching lines that capture the feeling of late-night overthinking: “I’ve been feeling sentimental crying in the bathroom / I could get my shit together but I just don’t want to / Is it sick I like missing you?”

Anna started writing “Sick!” in her apartment in the height of the pandemic. During this time of solitude, reflection and excessive overthinking, writing and producing “Sick!” was a diaristic exercise for Anna as she traversed the end of a toxic relationship: “’Sick!’ is about missing that adrenaline rush a toxic relationship brings you and how it can be mistaken for missing the person,” she says. The final version of the track was co-produced by Anna Shoemaker and Khaya Cohen (AAM) with additional instrumentation from Middle Part. 

Trash-wave trailblazers Me Nd Adam are living proof that there can be no despair without hope, no discord without union, no darkness without light. The group is the depraved result of a relationship between a self-loathing egotist and a boisterous, red-headed emotional wreck who met in New Orleans, immediately hated each other, and parted ways. Yet ultimately Vince Winik and Adam Walker came to realize they had no choice but to embrace their differences and craft the emotionally turbulent, alternative pop duo, Me Nd Adam. Now living the dream in a small apartment in Austin, they’re sharing their hope-tinged despair with the world.

Known for embracing their Texas roots, Me Nd Adam fuses classic rock traditions with elements of alternative, trap and electro-pop. The sound is reminiscent of American songwriters like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen with a twist of contemporary pop production å la Marshmello and Louis Bell. The band’s influences range from Willie Nelson to Meek Mill, Don Henley to Metro Boomin, and Oasis to Blink-182. American Songwriter noted, “Now, if that’s not the personification of the breadth of American art, then I don’t know what is!” 

In the group’s first release following its debut album, American Drip, Part I (November 2020), the self-described “trashcan cowbois” have dropped “Get the Money,” an upbeat anthem about the incessant challenge of American work-life balance. The lyrics amusingly depict humorless hours wasted in the workplace, somberly dreaming of “a better life.” As Adam explains, “There are different things we have to do to be considered “normal” members of society and most of these things are tedious and terrible. This could be your job — paying taxes, waking up to an alarm clock or going to the DMV. You’re stuck ‘paying your dues,’ as your life slips away before your eyes.”

Stream my new single “Runaway” on SoundCloud and the platforms below.

I wanted to run away from all of the craziness that was happening around me.

Feeling anxious and trapped, I dreamed of leaving stress behind and starting over in a faraway place where I could be free of the sad thoughts and bad energy weighing on me. 

Thank you for escaping with me,

Mia Baron

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Written By: Neill Frazer

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