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Multiplatinum GRAMMY® Award-nominated hip-hop phenomenon, one third of Migos, and undeniable Atlanta heavy-hitter Takeoff reveals a new solo single and music video entitled “Crypto” with Rich The Kid today. It marks his first solo release in two years since 2020.


Listen to “Crypto” HERE and watch the music video HERE.


The track’s immersive production underscores bulletproof bars from Takeoff as he exclaims, “I wanna talk about Crypto. Meanwhile, fellow multiplatinum Atlanta superstar Rich The Kid pulls up with a show-stopping and stunning cameo of his own. Together, they canvas the streets in the visual directed by Rich Porter [YoungBoy Never Broke Again] and board a private plane. The computer graphics add a level of web 3 gloss to the high-energy clip. Through and through, it illuminates Takeoff’s airtight flows and superstar presence.


“Crypto” also just paves the way for more solo music to come.

I hope you are doing well! I am really excited to share my ~new~ single “Out All Night”, which was just released today, on Friday March 11! You can listen (and dance along) to it here.

Despite being written just before the pandemic, this song feels more fitting than ever, at a time when we’re all longing for connection, and a good n’ messy night out. Like many party anthems of the past, this song features groovy rhythms, crowd vocals, and soaring horn lines, and is best listened to while scream-singing into your hairbrush as a reminder that we can be whole all on our own.

Hope you enjoy it!


Indie-rock trailblazer Nice Vice has just released his latest single, “No Ends.” The new song vividly shows his inspiration from ‘90s rock icons and features melodic guitars, heavy undertones, and honest, reflective lyricism. “No Ends” is now available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms.

“No Ends” conveys to listeners the range of talent of which Seth Horst, known musically as Nice Vice, is capable. Being in your twenties is an exhilarating yet confusing time, and “No Ends” displays the personal strife of having to figure that out. Horst explores how to set boundaries, learn and maybe unlearn life habits, and simply understand how to let things be in his newest single. “‘No Ends’ went through a lot of phases,” says Horst. “The chorus of this song was originally a slower verse from another track, but after some experimenting and switching things around, it somehow turned into this! It ended up being my favorite recording process of all the songs on the EP!” Similar to his previous release, “Bloom,” the new single was also mixed by Zak Van Zeumeren and mastered by Theodore Papadopoulos. Both songs have been a thrilling look into the upcoming EP from Nice Vice, which he has described as having two main themes. “Half of the tracks deal with different stages of being in love,” explains Horst. “Some good, some bad, and just the general feeling of new love and how great that can be and then also how bad it can be. The other theme is ego death: dealing with your own personality, breaking points, and becoming someone else.” The EP, entitled First Dose, will be released later this year.

A fresh mix of electronic rock with a few drops of synth pop are the secret ingredients of the Vancouver-based band, OurGlassZoo.

Their debut EP in 2017 made it to the semi-finals of the biggest online songwriting competition (ISC) which featured high end judges such as Lorde, Kaskade, Tom Waits, Bastille, and the late Chris Cornell. The songs “Somehow Somewhere” and “Listen” got radio play in both Italy and the UK in 2018.

The follow up EP, Hindsight, was recorded at Monarch Studios with JUNO Award-winning producer Tom Dorbzanski (The Zolas) and Alex Penney. It was released through Sony Orchard and Volunteer Media on March 20th, 2020.

Since its release, Hindsight has received over 250K streams on Spotify, while the songs “Astronaut,” “Sins,” and “In Your Head” have enjoyed radio play in Italy, the USA, and Canada.

New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, Aubrey Haddard, announces her second LP, Awake And Talking, out August 16, 2022 and available for pre-order now, via Beverly Martel Records. Along with the announcement comes the project’s first single and video, “Just A Wall,” where Haddard examines her own reflection and begins to find self-acceptance. 

“Just A Wall,” arrives as the first single from the forthcoming LP, one that sets the tone for what’s in store, and continues Haddard’s trademark concoction of bold, raw emotional songwriting and electric guitar riffs, played by Haddard, that blur and blend lines between avant pop and indie rock. Now that you’ve gone and shattered the glass,” she sings over a bassy pulse, before boldly asking: “Whose arms do you run to?

Inspired by Greek mythology, Haddard says of the single, “‘Just A Wall’ is about searching for purpose. I was finding comfort in ancient stories, and started writing from a perspective outside of my own. In this case, the Greek myth of Orpheus, and particularly the Jean Cocteau film adaptation resonated with me, and chasing my muse.”

Tafa Peters, better known as T-Shyne, is solidifying his spot in the rap game. A longtime friend and collaborator of Young Thug, T-Shyne signed to Thug’s Young Stoner Life Records/300 Entertainment in 2020. T-Shyne was born in Granada and raised in East Hampton, New York which served as his first introduction to what would soon become a career in the rap genre. He began rapping as a teenager and eventually moved to the Bronx to further his career in Hip Hop. In 2018, T-Shyne released his debut project The Immaculate, which included features from Young Thug, Juicy J, Slim Jxmmi and more, followed by several singles including notable tracks “Side Steppin” ft. Young Thug, “Slime” ft. Lil Keed, and “Layaway” ft. Alexander Lewis and Chief Keef.

In 2020, T-Shyne released his single “Moncler” with Young Thug, which served as his first official release as a member of the Young Stoner Life/300 Entertainment roster. As a member of the Young Stoner Life family, T-Shyne has also been a part of notable collaborations and some of the label’s biggest moments including his appearance on Young Thug’s acclaimed On The Rvn EP, and Slime Language 2 – most notably with his appearance on “That Go!” alongside Young Thug and Meek Mill. Mor recently, T-Shyne was featured on Young Thug’s #1 album PUNK on standout track “Stressed”, alongside J.Cole and Young Thug.

Born out of untamed anger and frustration at the cruel state of the world, “bb” taps into a universal mood: its downcast melodies and restless guitar lines speak to the collective sense of agitation and boredom we’ve all experienced over the past two years. 

Weaving together an ansty mesh of gossamer vocals, driving ‘90s guitars and a steady drum beat, the track was first penned in September 2020 when vocalist Ali Genevich found herself increasingly restless in the face of the seemingly never-ending pandemic. 

Feeling disheartened by the “depressive daily routine” of being stuck inside with no social interaction — and even less inspiration to write songs — Genevich locked herself in her bedroom with a guitar when “bb” took its first breath and stirred to life. 

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track’s moody sound, Genevich says: 

“In the winter of 2020, every day really started to feel the same for me. The pandemic seemed to be getting just as bad as when it began back in Spring and like everyone else all I had been thinking about was the possibility for life to feel normal again. For a while I was just thankful that most of my friends and family were in good health and that we were able to keep ourselves afloat in such a crazy time, but of course that’s not all I was feeling. Both Jake and I felt like the past year had been so wasted.” After sharing with collaborator Jake Brooks (vocals/guitar/synths) the duo instantaneously decided to record a demo of the track at home, before getting friend and collaborator Scoops Dardaris on-board for production duties at Philadelphia’s Headroom Studios. 

With shoegaze-inspired rhythms and wallow-in-your-bedroom-worthy hooks, “bb” is as self-aware as it is sulky: touching on the inevitable guilt that comes with feeling forlorn whilst knowing that, somewhere, somebody else has it worse. 

Genevich adds: 

“The lyrics describe the racing thoughts you have while drinking alone, thoughts about how the world is unfair and there’s nothing you can do about it. You might try to pull yourself out of a dark place only to wake up to one even darker. It sounds sad, but it’s not. It’s just reality, and sometimes it’s ok to be angry with the way things are.” 

Queen of Japanese Hip Hop, AWICH, returned on March 4th with the release of her new album Queendom – out now worldwide from Universal Music Group.

The album kicks off with the title track “Queendom” which signals Awich taking the throne as a queen of Japanese hip hop while looking back to her life full of drama; childhood in Okinawa, meeting the love of her life in Atlanta, giving birth to her daughter, death of her husband and how she pushed through her pain to pursue her dream of becoming a rapper. 

The music video is directed by Spikey John, one of the most up-and-coming Gen Z creators and was shot in Awich’s hometown of Okinawa with her friends and daughter joining in. (Make sure to turn on English closed caption on YouTube for full English lyrics translated by Awich herself!) New album Queendom serves as her coronation. The 13-song set finds the MC swaggering over beats, showcasing her confidence as she raps about her ascent, challenges she faces and everything in between. 

Awich, who has established herself as a queen of Japanese hip-hop with her outstanding rap skills and strong punchlines inspired by her life experience, has been an eloquent speaker of life, love and forgiveness. Since her major debut in 2020, in just a few short years Awich has actively worked to redefine the hierarchy of the community in Japan, both in regards to women in hip hop, as well as around the Black Lives Matter movement. Her single “GILA GILA feat. JP THE WAVE, YZERR” and various cross-genre collaborations have attracted attention and acclaim both in Japan and internationally. She was also chosen as a face of Spotify “+81 Connect” campaign and artist of the month for “EQUAL JAPAN” with her campaign visual displayed at NY’s Times Square.

PHOTO CREDITS: Jordan Dudenhoeffer

 San Diego Alt outfit Creature Canyon unveil soul-inflected new single ‘Mirrors’, out now via Gnu Roam/Kartel Music Group. Stream ‘Mirrors’ hereWatch the video here.

Down and out from the inner turmoil of tumultuous relationships, Creature Canyon’s ‘Mirrors’ deals with confrontation, self-reflection (or a lack thereof), and eventual acceptance. The hypnotic track reflects the group’s own musical journey, featuring psychedelic R&B grooves, glassy guitars, and spacey synth tones, all supported by introspective lyrics. ‘Mirrors’ follows the release of recent propulsive single ‘Pressure’, which served as an introduction to the band’s texturally rich and well crafted new sound.

Directed by Christian Almazaan, the music video accompanying the single is “a visual contrast to the chill R&B vibe of the song,” explains the director about the bold and colourful visuals. The video brings two strangers together who are virtual mirrors of each other, and the healthy self-reflection that should support a relationship is quickly buried in the comfort of self-absorption.”

“Writing and recording ‘Mirrors’ was a journey for us both sonically and personally as a band,” Creature Canyon shares on their new single. “Each member brought their innermost struggles into the songwriting to help refine the lyrical content, which eventually shaped the overall narrative of the song, and manifests in the recurring line of the chorus “It’s the only thing I see, I’m my own worst enemy. ‘Mirrors’ felt like a place for each of us to experiment and express ourselves on the track without judgement. The finished product is one of our favourite pieces we’ve ever put together as a group.”

Punk-rockers Red City Radio have announced their new live album ‘Live At Gothic Theatre’ out on the 6th May via Pure Noise Records. The band have also released two singles ‘In The Shadows’ and ‘Love A Liar’ as well as accompanying live videos.

Will Ryte is a passionate and energetic Hip-Hop/Melodic Trap artist that strives to share his experiences through music. Based in Toronto, the artist/producer/engineer/guitarist has quickly become known for music that is highly relatable while simultaneously telling unique stories of his troubled past, including dropping out of highschool and finding himself in and out of being incarcerated for years. Following his passion for music ultimately led to the turning point in his life, graduating Canada’s leading music school, Metalworks Institute, with Honors, and releasing 2 albums, an EP, and an array of singles in the span of just a few years. With over 5 million streams worldwide amassed entirely independently, Will’s highly anticipated EP, Midnight Mood Swings, will be dropping April 29, 2022.

Photo Credit: Anita McAndrew

To Get Better comes as a radiant next move for the artist and producer on the rise. Glistening synths accompany a powerful sentiment that is here just in time to restore a little faith in human nature. 

Written as a response to the power of community, connection and friendship, To Get Better is an uplifting, effervescent next move from TIIVA. 

Sharing a little more, they explained; I wrote this over lockdown (I know but wait). There was a lot of fast cry- walking around Peckham, wine soaked lockdown poems, and a couple of blurry house party’s (no Boris- just the app). Over this time, I started to discover a community of people who, for all the best reasons, changed everything. 

We hung out on hills, made rituals, sharing and cooking. Sometimes poems and sometimes just sitting in silence listening to the wind in the trees. We’d all never had that time before- in front of us like a void, and finding this community felt beautiful, connected and grounding…like learning how to be myself.

 I don’t know how to describe the warmth and care that was brought by these friends, and probably couldn’t without missing the right words, so I hope this song comes close. Hang on to the friends who make you feel seen.”

A Santa Barbara native, Dawson Fuss has been singing his entire life, propelling him to pursue a career in music where he can transform emotions into lyrics through songwriting. “I come to life whenever I can perform in front of an audience,” he says.

His unique pop sound is influenced by artists such as Ruel, Rex Orange County and Conan Gray. In a recent interview, Dawson said, “Singing makes me feel liberated. It makes me feel Free. Being able to be completely connected with my body and mind while simultaneously connecting with the audience makes me transcend to a different realm. Any kind of negative feelings I have beforehand immediately vanish as I ease into the space of the song. It’s magic.”

As he matured, Dawson’s passion for music has continued to flourish. Recently, he placed in singing competition Teen Star Santa Barbara, judged by American Idol’s Randy Jackson. After showcasing his original song, “Real Boys Don’t Cry,” Jackson proclaimed of Dawson, “a star is born.” His 2021 EP, edge of adolescence, was met with raves from the press, and garnered over 100k streams and 20k fans and listeners on Spotify. In his latest release, “Nothing Really Changes,” following his 2021 release, Fuss reflects on the simplicities of childhood through rose-colored glasses. His music explores themes of confusion and challenges as he struggles with the difficulties of adolescence and balancing the sharp edge between being a kid and becoming an adult. When Dawson isn’t creating music, he’s a proud advocate of organizations, like The Trevor Project, who he partnered with during his previous release to raise funds, and exploring other mediums of art that he’s passionate about, including fashion and visual arts. Dawson has worked alongside video artist Anastasia Delmark, aptly reflecting his enthusiasm for various artistic means of expression. As he approaches the final months of high school, Dawson also embarks on his own artistic journey towards independence, grappling with the hurdles posed by adulthood and his new sense of autonomy.

Dawson continues to develop his unique voice through collaborations with writers Luke Matthew, Will Everett, and Yaron. Stay tuned for new music from Dawson Fuss in the coming months.

Indie Pop duo, All The Racket are set to release their upcoming single on March 24th, 2022. The single will be a part of their string of single releases throughout the Spring, and into 2022. 


“Big Move” is a distortion of indie rock sounds including guitar and synth; with an emphasis on an eventual return to home, incorporating themes of what home means in the form of a place, a person, and a feeling. Sometimes it can feel challenging to motivate oneself to return to where the heart is, and in Big Move, All the Racket is fronted by vocalist Phil McIndoe in a uniquely used harmonic minor key. The lyrics describe obstacles that may come in the way when anticipating positive upward change; such as pay, distance, and distant relationships. Ultimately, Big Move feels confident to push through.


All The Racket draws on a lot of different styles of music such as The Strokes, Death From Above 1979, Gorillaz, and Cage The Elephant. If you are a fan of any of these groups then you’re in luck that you discovered All The Racket. The fun-loving members of ATR (Ramin Mirzaei and Phil McIndoe) are massive music fans with both being huge fans of live music; they see as many shows as they can whilst one daydreaming of getting on the stage themselves dreaming of the day they can play it to their own fans. That is the goal of this band – to put on the best shows they can do without compromising the sound of their records.

 Indie-pop singer Gatlin releases new single “2000 Miles” with accompanying videoGatlin says, “’2000 Miles’ is a song I wrote about moving out to Los Angeles from Nashville at the start of 2021. It’s about my journey of finding freedom and happiness outside of a codependent relationship. I wanted it to feel light and breezy and something that people can listen to in the car/with friends and just feel a release! It’s about growth and finally deciding to put myself first.”

Berlin/Los Angeles-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and multimedia artist, Christina Wheeler, shares her third, touching single “Where Did You Go?” from her forthcoming LP, Songs of S + D due out March 25, 2022 and available for pre-save now.

With her own distinct “soul-gaze” sound combining soul and shoe-gaze, Wheeler boldly faces what life throws her way, regardless of how tragic, uncomfortable, or beautiful. 

 While previous singles “Asleep At The Wheel and “Into The Sun,” depict imagery of ecstatic self-destruction, “Where Did You Go?” paints a different–yet equally vivid, poignant picture. The track allows Wheeler space to ponder where her loved one may have gone, and try to envision their physical transformation into nature. The song’s final thirty seconds consists of a high note held by Wheeler that ushers in a sense of peace, calm, and closure—a moment that feels like the end of a chapter tinged with a lingering touch of wonder, hope, and curiosity about the unknown.

 “Where Did You Go?” continues Wheeler’s exploration of the full spectrum of human emotion, this time, confronting grief and examining how exactly finite our existence may be. Opening with raw, moving a cappella vocals, Wheeler explains the track “moves into a mid-tempo soul song that grapples with the confusion and grief over where to find those whom we’ve lost.”


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