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INsiders Guide: Megan Thee Stallion Teases New Album Is “95 percent done” at 2022 Webby Awards

Megan Thee Stallion was honored with the Webby Artist of the Year Award (presented by her Legendary co-star Law Roach) for her use of the Internet to blaze artistic trails and to advocate for Black women to be confident, respected and protected. Her 5-Word Speech was “Take bans off our bodies.” 

Webbys: You have so much to celebrate, you were just at the Billboard Music Awards. Had one of the best Coachella performances, Webby Artist of the Year. So I just wanted to know, what would you name this moment in your life?

Megan: That’s a good question… it’s so many things that I could call it. I don’t think I could really put a name on any of the moments, I can never put a cap on anything… I feel like everything is so big, everything is so colossal, everything is like blowing my mind everytime I do it so I’m just excited. I’m just excited to be here, I’m happy to be doing these things. And I’m always shocked, I’m like y’all want me?

Webbys: You shouldn’t be shocked, we all want you! It’s the Hot Girl in you, yes you are the Hot Girl coach!

Webbys: And you gave that to us. How do you feel about this moment on the internet right now with so many hot girls claiming their energy, stepping into their power?

Megan: I did not think that Hot Girl Summer was going to be this much of a thing, and can I curse? I don’t think Hot Girl Shit was going to be this much of a thing, I mean I knew I loved it and I thought it was fly, so to see that so many other girls, so many other women are like yse that’s me I’m living my Hot Girl Summer, I’m like yeah, me too!

Webbys: You’ve put together so many good TikToks when you go to events, so we just wanted to know –

Megan: yes, y’all are in my Reels, you’re in my TikToks, this is the internet’s biggest , the internets’ finest like how y’all gonna get on the internet without Megan Thee Stallion? So yeah, this is going in there!

Webbys: Hot Girl Summer is loading, so I just wanted to know what are some like upcoming plans, projects, that you’re looking forward to?

Megan: Anything I want to give away? Actually, probably like 95% done with my new album. I want to tease that for the hotties. I haven’t told them nothing about my album. 

Webbys: You heard it first, we’re getting it soon we’re getting it soon. You are our Webby Artist of the Year – so last question, what does that mean for you?

Megan: It means that I must be doing something right and a lot of people want to watch me.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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