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three-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated, multi-platinum, and chart-topping singer/songwriter Camila Cabello shares the cinematic music video for her new single “Hasta Los Dientes” [feat. Maria Becerra]. Watch it HERE. This morning, “Hasta Los Dientes” [feat. Maria Becerra] made its global broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU and across MTV’s global network of channels, as well as on the Paramount Times Square billboards.

It stands out as the latest single from her critically acclaimed third full-length album, FAMILIA, via Epic Records available everywhere now. Listen to FAMILIAHERE.

Fresh off a sold-out concert at famed cabaret venue Feinstein’s/54 Below, emerging musical theater artist and New York-based singer-songwriter Oliver Houser is poised to release “Gonna Be Alright,” this Friday, April 22, 2022. Meeting at the intersection of pop, jazz and contemporary musical theatre, the single expresses the pain of heartbreak as well as the joyful spirit of resiliency.

Recorded and produced during the pandemic, the single features Houser on piano, backed by a Broadway-caliber ensemble of rhythm, horn and string players including Julia Adamy (Hamilton), Tomoko Akaboshi (A Strange Loop) and renowned trumpet player Tony Glausi.  On June 24th Houser will debut his self-titled EP, a collection of his most personal songs inspired by his transformative experiences of heartbreak and healing. With equal passion for storytelling and music, Houser aims to express the full spectrum of the human experience through a signature combination of humor, wit and vulnerability.

Jonny Ash are excited to be releasing their newest single, Rosies.
Rosies is a track encased with intimate vocal melodies and piercing guitar riffs
throughout. The song portrays a story of a bad experience in a nightclub but
coming to terms with the difficult situation.
Explaining why it is already a band favourite, Frontman Callum said: “We can’t
wait to get ‘Rosies’ released, it has a more heartfelt feel compared to some of our
other heavier tunes. Playing it live never fails to resonate with people, always
ending in a sing-along of ‘I’m not going to Rosies again’. We are buzzing to just
get it out there and we hope you love it as much as we do”

I’m Maxine from TANDM, a Toronto-based indie pop band. “Accidentally In Love” is a song that’s full of sunshine and happiness, and with COVID-19’s never-ending misery we decided it would make for an optimistic and hopeful cover that could brighten up our lives as well as others. 

We’ve covered songs at our shows, but this was our first time recording one. When Popguru Sound & Vision invited us to be featured in the Coverama album (out May 20) with artists from the roster, this track from Shrek 2 which we had both listened to frequently as children stuck out to us. 

It was fun to take a song that already exists and shape it into something new. We hope you enjoy our version, and feel the love in the animated music video.

Available now on YouTube.

Appreciate your time! 


I’ve been hearing from my friends in their twenties that they hate their jobs, lack a sense of meaning in this world, and want more.

My new single, “Cheers,” reflects on this generational feeling of purposelessness. 

It’s a window into the millennial brain that so badly craves an extraordinary life and fears having “no legacy.”

Cheers with a glass half…empty.

Listen to my new song on your preferred platform

I decided to create a fun listening experience through chill and upbeat acoustic pop instrumentals, which I intentionally contrasted with the fear of running out of time expressed in the song’s lyrics.

It’s a somber and uniting message.

We’re all just big kids chasing big dreams.

Cheers to that,

Jordy Benattar

Instagram 🍻 Facebook 🍻 Spotify 

The name of our band rather accurately depicts the overall tone of an unrelenting unstoppable force. Tidal Wave evokes the melodic elements of indie rock bands, while creating compelling production-heavy ambient synth and guitar textures.

Sunbleached” is inspired by the feeling of moving on in life. Specifically, I was thinking about my younger self when I was finishing high school. I realized that I may not see some of those people for a very long time or potentially even ever again. There’s nothing wrong with people moving on in life and going forward but it can be a lot to process and accept that things will be different.

Watch the official “Sunbleached” music video on YouTube now.

During the making of the song, getting the vocals right was one of the biggest challenges. I ended up traveling to Joshua Tree National Park in California and spending time in the desert to recharge, and really figure out what the emotions and lyrics of the song meant to me.

In the hole where there once was a heart, I reach right in and yet I feel nothing.

At a certain point you’re worn out from wearing your heart on your sleeve and feeling everything so deeply that there simply isn’t anything left to feel. And in that moment you feel like it’s wrong to not be as broken up as you should be, but the physical truth is that you can’t put yourself through that hurt anymore.

We hope that you can relate to the melancholic notes of this track,

Connor Young of Tidal Wave

Joy” is an R&B-inspired song with a funky groove, deep organic bass lines, falsetto vocals, moving string parts, and a real ‘tension-and-release’ chord progression. 


SoundCloud | Apple Music | Bandcamp | Spotify

It’s about joy often being just out of reach. Even at the times when all the external things in our lives lineup in our favour, joy can still escape us. I believe this yearning is pretty universal, and I hope listeners can relate, no matter what stage in life they are in.

The chorus speaks of having joy in our heart and our hands, something we strive to understand. But the line “then it slips away like a summer day, it’s joy … come back” is really the anchor of the whole piece. It’s elusive, it’s hard to define, but we know it when we have it, and sometimes it feels like we can only hold on to joy for a brief time. This song doesn’t offer up a solution, it merely captures this strong human desire and expresses it beautifully. 

Jeff Eager

)) R.I.S.E. (( is a Brooklyn-based collective made up of healing artists: Boshko Boskovic, Gabriel Wade and Rebecca Nison. )) R.I.S.E. (( is an acronym for Reiki-Infused Sound Experiences. Produced and released by Muse Music, their debut album, WAVES OF POSSIBILITY blends ambient sound, chanting, psychedelia, spoken word, and multilayered instrumentation. The album welcomes listeners into a sound sanctuary of vibrational harmonics and dreamy hypno-poetic messages. WAVES OF POSSIBILITY is about creative courage, the archetypal and spiritual human experience, energetic connectedness, and the cosmic mystery within all of us. Presenting a never-before-heard combination of vocal toning, laughter, and intentional breath, the five tracks that comprise WAVES OF POSSIBILITY layer the unique instrumentation of steel tongue drum, shruti box, electric guitar, bass, tingsha, children’s toys, and notebook pages, amongst others.

Of their debut album, the collective shares: “The process of creating this album was healing in our own right as well as permitting to amplify our own expression. We met weekly in Gabriel’s music studio in Park Slope, where we recognized that the process of recording meant we would need to be vulnerable while using our voices. When sitting in front of the microphone we had the courage to ask each other for the energetic healing support that helped us cross the threshold into our capacity to perform, to be seen and heard.  The synergy of us three being there together became a powerful force that opened us to listening and feeling what was happening in our actual bodies.The practice of Reiki was integral to each recording session and we are grateful that we all met through Minka Brooklyn, a community-centered and spiritual-driven space for wellness and harmonious living”. 

Each track will be accompanied by a video showcasing different visual artists including Skylar Smith, Manon Harrois, and original footage directed by Better Life Consulting and Inspirit Hypnosis Arts. Today, they share a video for “Message from the Moon.” 

Fly Away” is about leaving a world of unrequited love, even if it’s only in my dreams.

It’s a self acceptance journey I am inevitably on; Radical Acceptance is the spaceship of choice.

Prior to writing this song, I was experiencing intense loneliness and self-doubt, which led me to facing a ‘do or die’ ultimatum.

I chose to surrender to fully loving and accepting myself completely; regardless of the world and what it could or could not give me.

What matters more is what I can give to myself.

Join me in my spacesuit, suitcase in hand, as I find myself walking through the city for my last farewell to live on the moon in the Lekan-directed video for “Fly Away.”

This song affirms for me that I really need to pour plenty into myself, regardless of where I live or what is surrounding me.

I hope this song takes you on a journey to love and accept all of you.

Thank you for listening,


Echo” is an exploration of the tip into obsession, the reckless romanticization of an oppressive dynamic, and the underlying sadness that often drives it. My intimate new single implies the often enticing nature of toxicity. Play it now on your preferred platform.
Producer Trey Mills added the “hey, hey!” heard throughout the track and it reminded me of one of my favorite horror games, Little Nightmares II. The sound inspired the metaphor of the echo, and the aesthetic of the game influenced the uneasy vibe.

The narrator, while claiming that the object of their affection refuses to let go, desperately clings to the past. The line “a notorious romantic…got the saviour to my god complex” reveals that it’s in fact the narrator who is unable to move on, that their love has turned to obsession and their perspective is distorted.

I hope you find it haunting!


Sangyeok Lee, otherwise known as Sangstaa, is an American rapper and producer, known for his signature R&B/rap hybrid sound that delves deep into the artist’s psyche.

As a young kid, he and his family immigrated from South Korea to Raleigh, North Carolina, and describing the transition as simply a “culture shock” would be an understatement. This was also where Sang was first exposed to hip-hop, a novel American genre to which he instinctively gravitated to. With a pianist mother and a guitarist father, musicality ran deep in the family and artistic expression encouraged. It was after his friend’s parents caught him fighting in the neighborhood that she jokingly called him ‘Sangstaa’, a play on his name since he was known as “a lil gangsta who can sing.” The name ultimately stuck.

Now living in Los Angeles in order to focus on recording music full-time, Sangstaa’s Raleigh roots run deep in his music. His breakout single, “Dramatic,” not only features his long-time friend and fellow Raleigh artist, the late Cloudy Nueve who passed away in 2019, but has also recently made Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Hip Hop (Best of 2021). Determined to keep Cloudy Nueve’s legacy alive, Sangstaa continues to use the distinct recording techniques they innovated, aiming to attract a larger audience to spread the love and knowledge of Raleigh’s arts and music scene. “We’re able to turn this pain into something beautiful,” Sangstaa said. “I know I’m going to make it. This is what I was meant to do.”

Sangstaa’s latest EP, You’re All I Know, marks a departure from his earlier R&B/rap fusion and goes into a more experimental nature. The project was inspired by a recent heartbreak, using his struggles as the fuel for his music, revolving around themes of internal battles, resisting temptations and staying focused within a whirlwind of emotions. Whether it’s love, life, loss, the hunger for success or the perils that come with it, Sangstaa is able to illustrate these themes in catchy earworm melodies amongst bright acoustic soundscapes created by his guitar.

New York, NY– Backline and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund have teamed up to provide no-cost therapy to music industry professionals in need. The organizations, which provide financial and mental health support to the music industry, respectively, are joining forces to fill a critical gap in accessing services.

Backline, the music industry’s mental health and wellness resource, offers a Case Management service that assesses and refers music industry professionals to care providers, organizations, and financial services to support their overall health and wellbeing. Case Managers provide a mental health plan that specifically matches a client’s needs, resources, and location. 

Clients who are not able to afford the mental health care recommended to them, can now apply for a grant via Sweet Relief’s Music’s Mental Health Fund. This grant is intended to cover unmet costs for a specified number of sessions with a dedicated clinician.

To formally launch the fund, Sweet Relief and Backline are running a campaign on social impact platform, Propeller, which hopes to raise $100,000 towards Music’s Mental Health Fund in order to provide mental health resources to approximately 250 music industry professionals and family members in need.

The campaign includes one-of-a-kind auction items including Bishop Briggs’ custom Coachella Outfit, signed guitars from Judas Priest, Dave Mason, and Bob Weir, as well as sweepstakes opportunities to attend some of the country’s premier music festivals including Luck Reunion, Lollapalooza, Electric Forest and more.

Music lovers from all walks of life can take part in this monumental opportunity to support a program that breaks down stigma and financial barriers to accessing support. 

I covered Ambitions because it is so compelling and precise in communicating those feelings of loss and dejection that come with seeing your dreams pass you by. As we grow and mature, our dreams narrow in scope, align more with our actual abilities and the conditions of our world, but the bigger fantasies don’t leave us. Hear my new single via SoundCloud or watch the video on YouTube.

When I first heard “Ambitions” by Donkeyboy, I was in my early twenties and trying to figure out what sort of life I would make for myself. I was signed to a small label and working on an EP, but knew on some level that I was never going to make it with music in that way. I ended up changing directions, went to grad school, pursued writing and built a literary community in Edmonton… yet always felt a pull to make music again. A song about fading ambitions and the ways in which some feelings endure and even grow in intensity after disappointment felt like the perfect song to return to music with.

Despite the longing and reckoning, there is underlying hope. With Tatiana Zagorac, we transformed these emotions into a karaoke fantasy wherein these repressed hopes and ambitions might play out.

Appreciate you for checking out my rendition,

Jason Purcell


Meg Mac continues her remarkable 2022 with the reveal of stellar new offering, ‘ Only Love’. A gorgeously poised offering from an artist who has built a passionate fan base on the back of her heartachingly honest pop, the track once again showcases Mac at her radiant, stadium ready best. Speaking on the video, Meg Mac states:

It feels like my calling, my purpose, my happiness but it’s driving me crazy and the root of all my troubles. How can it be the source of my best and worst moments.

The video arrives with a stunning video directed by Australian filmmaker, photographer, and visual artist Tim Georgeson. A  journey through the landscape and a struggle for identity,  the video features a mystic figure symbolizing everything that is just out of reach, everything that you desire, everything that you are not. An artist who has had his work exhibited across the world, Georgeson has created the perfect visual accompaniment to the enthralling ‘Only Love’.

PENTAGRAM HOME VIDEO – has released the first single from his forthcoming album due this autumn.


Immortal chanteur Freddy Carrie Cruiser (aka Pentagram Home Video) performs songs for the haunted — with love to Scott Walker, Serge Gainsbourg and the films of David Lynch

When the world stopped turning, Freddy Carrie Cruiser spent a year performing songs at night to an empty room on the side of a hill facing out onto a harbour. 

Mr. Cruiser performed the albums of artists like Scott Walker, Roy Orbison and Chris Isaak from opening track to close. These nighttime performances played out to a backdrop of films on mute — from the works of James Dean and Elvis Presley, to the realms created by Ingmar Bergman, Pasolini and the interiors and exteriors created by David Lynch

When there were no bars to frequent, Freddy found sanctum in these strange worlds and plucked from the ether this harrowing original single “Nothing Ever Dies”.

Delving into the lyrics of the new track, Freddy says:

“Nothing Ever Dies is about accepting that all things must pass but that life exists in the moment. Finding solace in the shadows can lead to the discovery that life & love is a revelation often discovered in the darkest moments & embraced when you’re ready to step out of the shadows.”

Socials: @neillfrazer

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