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My new single, “Tease,” is meant to create a wild feeling, carefree without judgment and no limitations to love. I want you to feel boundless in your expression of love as you listen.

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Produced by GRAMMY-nominee Akeel Henry (Giveon, Shawn Mendes), this was the last song recorded for my upcoming EP, Exposed. At first, I had my reservations about including it, but I ultimately decided to share this experience and time of my life.

Tease” is sensual, playful, and seductive.

 It embodies a feeling of limitless comfort and ease in love.

No shame and no blame, just let it flow.

Thank you for giving my music a listen,


BOYOCA’s latest single ‘Change’ gets a remix by hotly tipped producer Bacavi, out now via EMK – the electronic music platform launched by Kartel Music Group – STREAM‘CHANGE’ (BACAVI REMIX) HERE.
Dropping ahead of Boyoca’s set at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend on  27th May, Bristol’s newest electronic export Bacavi steps up with his synth sounds and club ready take on BOYOCA’s original chilled percussive mix of ‘Change’. Having made his debut on Icarus‘s Fly Boy label in 2021 with ‘Closer/The Bell Jar’, Bacavi’s latest EP ‘Never Do’ caught the attention of BBC Radio 1 Future Dance show and picked up support from KISS FM’s Leftwing:KodyKISS Fresh’s AmyElle and found airtime on Rinse FM, with Ben Malone naming him as one of his Future 5 Artists for 2022 on KISS FM.
Talking about his take on BOYOCA’s ‘Change’, Bacavi says; “BOYOCA’s music is so rich and soulful that I jumped on the opportunity to remix their latest single. I set out to flip the record into a dance-floor hammer with plenty of club adrenaline but I was also keen to give the remix a melancholic yet uplifting vibe. I love the contrast between heavy-hitting drums and more delicate melody ideas that float along the top”.

Febueder – return with a fresh cut of their arch and enigmatic indie/electronica: “Bootchie”.


Unconventional and yet completely irresistible, “Bootchie” rattles around like a toolbox in the back of a pick-up truck; its scattered instrumentation unearthing hypnotic rhythms in the most unexpected of places. With its shuffling percussion to the languid piano motifs, its jazzy inflections and brassy sunspots, the track recalls the off-kilter and obliquely-danceable productions of contemporaries like Gold Panda or Animal Collective, but hallmarked with Febueder’s understated sense of adventure.

While its title may be a knowing play on the word “boujee” (NB slang for something that is “Luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character” and a wry nod towards the dressy town of Ascot in which the band formed), the track itself is in actuality a tender reflection on loss, grief and acceptance. 

“The song has been described to me as a ballad. But a ballad with rolling delayed metallic percussion looping through it….” says frontman Samuel Keysell. “The song is about loss. Accepting a loss with reluctance.”

My latest release, “Happy With Me,” is a powerful protagonist anthem, throwing caution to the wind and believing without a doubt that you got the better end of the stick after the breakup.

Listen now onyour preferred streaming platform.

Watch the official music video for “Happy With Me” on YouTube.

Happy With Me” is a cheeky song, because I was the one broken up with! So in reality, he was probably fine. But that’s what I love about songwriting, it’s a fun way to channel your emotions and process how you’re feeling.

I wrote this track with my friend and frequent collaborator, Tally Margulies, who challenged me to let loose and take a playful approach. The song features production by DJ Coco.

The video for “Happy With Me” is the first of a four-part series. The main character appears in her own fantasy world, complete with dancing jokers and a wedding scene.

At times, this song was a tough one to write! Although it’s upbeat and fun, there is still an undertone of sadness and resentment.

I was hopeful that my ex and I would get back together, so a lot of what I was writing at the time had an undertone to it that everything would work out.

Enjoy listening,

Sara Diamond

An intensely personal reflection on growth in unexpected places, MisterWives’ last album SUPERBLOOM marked a moment of major transformation for frontwoman Mandy Lee and her bandmates: Etienne Bowler (drums), William Hehir (bass), Marc Campbell (guitar), and Mike Murphy (saxophone). The New York City-bred band’s third full-length, the 19-track epic found MisterWives greatly expanding their already-adventurous sound, introducing new textures and colors to their magnetic form of indie-pop. On the album’s soul-stirring title track, MisterWives close out SUPERBLOOM with a moment of pure triumph and a profound sense of possibility. With its chorus including a lyric Lee later adopted as a mantra in times of self-doubt (“I deserve congratulations, ’cause I came out the other side”), “SUPERBLOOM” draws much of its power from its graceful arrangement of so many potent elements: soulful horns and luminous piano melodies, hard-hitting rhythms and gospel-choir harmonies. 

MisterWives have come out the other side stronger than ever and as the band departs from the world of Superbloom and into the next they have launched their own label Resilient Little Records and partnered with PhotoFinish Records/Virgin Music.  The new chapter begins with the double single Easy / Where Do We Go From Here? released on May 25th and followed by the band’s biggest headlining tour yet starting the same week.  

5/27/2022 Napa, CA Bottlerock Napa Valley

5/29/22 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom
5/30/22 Seattle, WA Showbox SoDo
6/2/22 Denver, CO The Mission Ballroom
6/4/22 Dallas, TX House of Blues
6/5/22 Austin, TX Stubb’s Waller Creek Amp
6/7/22 Houston, TX White Oak
6/9/22 Nashville, TN Marathon Music Works
6/10/22 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom
6/11/22 Cincinnati, OH Bogart’s
6/13/22 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
6/15/22 Toronto, ON History
6/17/22 Washington, DC The Anthem
6/18/22 Philadelphia, PA Franklin Music Hall
6/21/22 New Haven, CT College Street Music Hall
6/23/22 New York, NY Central Park Summerstage – Rumsey Playfield
6/24/22 Boston, MA Leader Bank Pavilion

After wrapping up two wildly successful tours and releasing an irresistible track “Dance Alone,”, lively alt/indie-pop trio The Happy Fits release its accompanying official music video today shot at the Cameo Villa, here.

The Happy Fits will also be dancing across the pond to Europe and the UK this fall. In addition to the European & United Kingdom dates, the band will be performing at festivals across the U.S. this summer including Napa’s BottleRock Festival and Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Find a full list of dates below, with tickets on sale now via

The upbeat track’s visual, directed by Rahil Ashruff follows a woman, played by Lindsee Ann, finishing up some chores around the house, headphones on, rocking out to the track as if her surroundings and every care in the world disappear. It proves the track is good for everything, including bringing joy to life’s most mundane tasks. She eventually makes her way around the house, with Beverly Hills as the backdrop, only to find a house party happening in the backyard, featuring The Happy Fits in the midst of a live show, featuring actual Happy Fits fans in the crowd. It concludes as one might expect–she abandons the chores to surrender to the music as the trio proves to be incredibly irresistible. 

“‘Dance Alone’ is about social anxiety and the fear of striking up a conversation,” says Ross Monteith (guitarist/vocals). The video, however, is free of social anxiety, as the music serves as its antidote. The Happy Fits were able to reunite with Ashruff, as the director was behind the trio’s equally entertaining 2021 visuals for “What Could Be Better,” and “Get A Job,” for what the band calls an unforgettable experience.

Cameo was delighted to host The Happy Fits and help bring the band closer to their fans. A spokesperson with Cameo notes, “Cameo virtually connects talented stars like The Happy Fits with their biggest fans everyday so we were thrilled to take this even further and in-person for the “Dance Alone” video. It was an honor to host The Happy Fits and their real-life fans at Cameo Villa to capture the excitement, joy and personal connection the song brings to life.”

Theo Tams has reached the stature of a bona fide music veteran by now, but he’s also at the beginning of something new. 

The Canadian singer, songwriter, and performer has been playing since his teens and releasing music for the past 15 years. He has three albums and three EPs to his credit, along with a formidable collection of singles and…oh yeah, that championship run on the sixth season of Canadian Idol in 2008. Tams has put together a body of work that’s substantial and diverse. It speaks of an artist whose mission is growth and adventure — building upon his proverbial laurels, rather than sitting on them. 

With each step, Tams has made a stride forward, and sometimes even further. That’s certainly been true of the past few years, particularly with the series of three-song Trilogy EPs he’s embarked on, with the third just arriving and taking him into even more new sonic and lyrical terrain. 

Californian garage punk band GRUMPSTER have released video for new single ‘Better Than Dead‘. Better Than Dead is taken from the bands recently announced new album Fever Dream, their first album on new label Pure Noise Records. The record is out the 17th June 2022 and features previously released singles Crash,’ Looking Good’  and Fever Dream.’

Speaking about the new song the band said ‘Better Than Dead is about what it feels like to suppress emotion to the point of misery. It explores realising someone spent their years not feeling things and the front they’ve created to seem cold and untouchable. ‘

Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist, Loren Berí, releases his third single, “Greta’s Inn,” today, this time featuring multi-instrumentalist Kishi Bashi (of Montreal, One Jupiter). Picking up where “Prince V,” left off, the two narrate the story of characters they find in an otherworldly tavern, Greta’s Inn, in a fictionalized version of New York City. Loren Berí’s debut EP, Stray Cat Kingdom, a five-track collection written and recorded by Berí, is due out July 20, 2022 and available for pre-order now.

Both of Berí’s previous singles, “My Brooklyn (Is Better Than Yours)” and “Prince V” featuring Itamar, return to a world set in a romanticized, alternate version of New York City. Here, imagination and distorted reality meet, as Berí introduces a slew of characters, and in turn, various aspects of his life, over bubbling, synthy beats and tongue-in-check lyricism. The first single, “My Brooklyn (Is Better Than Yours)” premiered with FLOOD Magazine, who called it “a wildly magnetic—and hilarious—homage to NYC.” FLOOD continues, “The song pairs Berí’s bubbly synths and catchy melodies with tales of a fizzled cross-country fling, visions of Berlin and brunch and Bryant Park, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek digs..with a joyful, roving feel.”

In contrast to the first two Victory Chimes singles (“Holiday,” “Conductor”) which are narratives, our new song,New Modedoesn’t tell a literal story but instead links together a series of images. It touches on the issues of identity, facing demons, death, rising to potential and new beginnings. 

New Modewas written around this circular bassline. The wavelike feel inspired some of the water imagery in the lyrics that were written in a one stream of consciousness session. The perspective shifts from specific friends to a fictional character to myself. 

It turned out to be the featured song on the record because, for me, it represents the overall vibe of our new album, When The Fog Rolls In. The visceral feeling driven by the low end – the song is a bit dirty but there’s something beautiful and hopeful there as well.

StreamNew Modevia streaming platforms now & watch the official music video on YouTube.

Listen to the whole album:

In a new mode / On a fine line, you will

With that heavy heart feel / Forever stealing the moments that make your mind

When the Fog Rolls In began at a writing retreat at the Banff Centre of Arts. The songs written there were very much inspired by the vast mountain landscape and unique energy that exists there – being one of the oldest settlements in North America.  

The writing retreat in Banff was cut short by the pandemic, but we continued to write and record in my studio. We found it convenient with all the openings, closures and quarantines to mail ideas and recordings back and forth between my studio and co-producer, Alex Formosa’s studio. It was a different way to write and record but created a unique sound of this record – you can hear some of that isolation and solitude in these tunes as well. Those pandemic themes are definitely in the album; there’s worry and paranoia but also humour and absurdity. There’s also the joy of having a child and getting to spend a lockdown with a beautiful new family.

Thank you for listening,

Jeff Louch of Victory Chimes

First-Generation Armenian American musician SAUNDIA debuts her powerfully meditative new single “THE REMEMBERING” on June 3rd, 2022. Influenced by a range of genres from jazz, R&B, and funk, SAUNDIA began exploring music as a child, always encouraged by her immigrant parents to pursue her passion. From her beginning in the theater to attending Berklee College of Music, SAUNDIA found her groove in rhythmic style infused with incredible jazz-inspired vocals. After losing her voice in 2016 and navigating intense vocal therapy to recapture her singing ability, she wrote and recorded her debut EP. This project encompasses her journey of loss, rebirth, freedom, and empowerment.”THE REMEMBERING” embodies the collective energy of creating your own reality through a funky rhythmic beat and SAUNDIA’s soaring layers of vocals. The track itself reflects on the systems built to oppress and disillusion us, constantly holding us back from the freedom of self-expression and the power to forge our own paths. Beneath her unique vocal progressions, Sanskrit chanting billows in the background, a hypnotic sound that lures listeners into a sense of calm and reflection. As the track transitions from beat-focused melodies to acapella chants about dismantling the systems around us, SAUNDIA’s voice finds its sweet spot, flying over the harmonic hum with pitch-perfect precision.

Formerly known as Atarii, “Peytn” has created his own lane in the Hip Hop and EDM industries. Moving from fast paced, hard styled hip hop; like all of his biggest inspirations, (Mac Miller, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar), Peytn focuses more on making music that comes from experiences, simply to create new experiences for many. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Peytn breaks through society’s barriers and begins experimenting with a style all his own. Combining his production skills with his wordsmithing, he has truly brought something unique and game changing into the scene. Since the beginning of his career in 2018, he has made his way from being nobody in a big city, to collaborating and collecting millions of plays with talents such as Riot Ten, Bear Grillz, and Dion Timmer. Peytn’s biggest highlights come from many avenues, including multiple label releases with Never Say Die, Dimmak, Disciple, Bite This, and being played out by Excision at EDC Las Vegas in 2019. Although known through his word play and heavy hitting tracks, there is no genre that can confine or define Peytn.

Now residing in Salt Lake City, UT, Peytn rebranded from his former name “Atarii” to give better vision on his project and the future of his music. Having collected over 1.5 million streams on Spotify in his first year under his rebrand, Peytn is on a great path to become a household name. In other ventures of his career, Peytn launched an exclusive skatewear brand in late 2021 to be known as “Dead Dad Affiliated.” Dead Dad Affiliated has currently sold out of all stock and the community is impatient for another capsule to be launched.

This Isn’t How It Was Supposed to Go.

This Isn’t How It Was Supposed To Go” deals with getting over a breakup and the process of healing.

It’s taken from my new EP, Hurting, inspired by heartbreak and nostalgia.

It takes time to come to terms with how things end up playing out and naturally it can be hard to accept.

This song reminisces on the past and how the relationship didn’t end up the way I thought it would.
Hear Hurting in full on your go-to streaming service.

Had different expectations, I was on a different vibration than you

I love this lyric because it shows how we weren’t on the same page. So often in relationships we try to predict how things will go, but end up blindsided by how the other person is really feeling.

I’m excited for you to hear Hurting. These are some of my favourite songs I’ve written!

xx NOA

it came to me in a dream is a soundscape of the last decade of my life.

It is a window into my soul, touching on my dreams, fears, goals, and aspirations.

It covers pivotal moments in my life, such as reconnecting with the country that birthed me, and that which raised me, as I continue my longing for something that feels like home, both spiritually and physically.

🔹 Listen to my debut album, the entirely self-produced it came to me in a dream

on your platform of choice 🔹

This album features “Foreign,” which I wrote about being lost and getting to a juncture where you are forced to face yourself and the person you have become.

Foreign is about bravely sitting in those moments of uncertainty, letting yourself question the things that you’ve been conditioned into believing about yourself, who you should be, and how you present to the world.

For me, it is often in my sleepless nights where I am alone and cannot hide where I have these conversations with myself and am forced to reckon with the demons that haunt me.

Ultimately, it is in these moments where you really can face your truth and strive to align your being and your actions with who you truly are and want to be.

I hope that you receive it came to me in a dream with the love and vulnerability with which it was created.

It’s a record of joys and struggles that I hope you can relate to, experiencing catharsis and healing while you listen, just as I did through making these songs.

Thank you,


Socials: @neillfrazer

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Written by Neill Frazer

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