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Salt Lake City-based musician and TikTok star, Addison Grace, finally releases his highly anticipated debut EP, Immaturing, today along with its fourth single, “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love,” out now. In addition to the five-track EP, Addison Grace will hit the road beginning this August across the U.S. on his debut headline tour with support from Sydney Rose on all dates, and Kate Stephenson and Leanna Firestone on select dates. Tickets are on sale now via

On the rock-leaning, Cameron Hale-produced (Claud, Neon Trees, Khalid) “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love,” Addison Grace questions and challenges traditions like marriage and a picket fence, and gets sick of swiping to find love. Instead, Grace hopes for more out of life than just what might be expected of him and refuses to live a mundane, ordinary life. Beginning at age 18, Grace illustrates what they don’t want to be doing at ages 23 and 43, singing, “I don’t wanna be 23 / with a white picket fence / no job and no degree / if that’s in then / I don’t wanna fall in love / love, love, love, love / I don’t wanna be 43 / living half my life, nothing to show of me / if that’s it, if that’s it / maybe, maybe it’s just me.”

Los Angeles, California- MNYS has announced his beautiful new EP “…Before The Internet” to be released 17th June 2022 via Pure Noise.

“This is the first project that I’ve gone into with cohesive intention both sound-wise and thematically. Mostly chasing this feeling that I had “before the internet” as we currently know it – before we were all expected to be brands or media companies.” says MNYS.   He continues “most of my life, I’ve felt like an underdog – this need to prove myself. I talk a lot about the struggles of navigating personalities and relationships throughout life. Because even after you get what you think you want, it’s not at all what you expect it to be. So now I try to just blissfully play through music – just like I did before the internet.”

Immerse yourself in the lo-fi pop of this platinum selling producer MNYS (AKA Nick Cozine)
by listening to new track “Everything’s Fine” now”

 two-time Grammy Nominated artist Julian Marley announces his upcoming EP, 1692 via Monom Records and shares the first single, his take of the classic 1967 single “THE TIDE IS HIGH” written by John Holt of The Paragons  – bringing the classic single back to its Jamaican roots.

Speaking on the cover, Julian recalls: “I did Tide is High because I’m a fan of John Holt…because he’s one of my teachers. The song is a nice song…You know, it always gives me an uplifting feeling. We love to pay respect to our teachers and our elders. So, you know, this one is for uncle John, ya man – much blessings.” 

Arriving alongside the single to transport listeners instantly to an island dance vibe is the official music video, directed by Damanic Green. The accompanying visual highlights Julian’s roots – reggae tones and flawless vocals and showcases the Jamaican Historic Devon House, a heritage site built in 1881 by the first Jamaican black millionaire George Stiebel. Watch HERE

Julian Marley is the son of reggae legend Bob Marley and Barbados-born Lucy Pounder. He is a roots-reggae musician, singer-songwriter, producer and humanitarian. 1692, produced by Alexx Antaeus (The Rolling StonesEarth, Wind & Fire), follows Julian’s 2019 Grammy Nominated album, AS I AM, a project that scored millions of streams including collaborations with Beenie Man and Spragga Benz. Julian Marley is currently touring in the U.S. until June 18th and then onwards to Europe into July 2022. For tickets, please visit

Igniting buzz at an unprecedented rate as a different kind of rockstar, genre-shifting force and critically acclaimed Memphis luminary Duke Deuce unleashes a new single and music video entitled “Crunkstarz.” Listen to it HERE via Quality Control Music/Motown Records/Made Men Movement. Watch the music video HERE

The track hinges on a seesawing beat as Duke’s melodic flow bounces from charismatic verses into a walloping chorus. The accompanying visual opens with a biblical-style text, which displays his definition of a ‘crunkstar,’ “A person that is unafraid to live life as themself.” Fully embodying this mindset, he performs to a packed warehouse of fans, including one dressed like Chucky from Child’s Play. It hints at the power of the movement around him as he invites all “Crunkstarz” to follow! 

The release of “Crunkstarz” maintains the momentum Duke kickstarted with Falling Off” [feat. Rico Nasty], I Ain’t Worried Bout It, and “Running Out of Love” [feat. Dante Smith], which has already raked in over half a million YouTube views on the music video“Running Out of Love” attracted immediate praise, with Complex writing the track “shows a different side of the Memphis rapper…aka Duke Deuce the rockstar” and HotNewHipHop praising how he spends “nearly three minutes channeling his inner rockstar.” 

Forget what the Zodiac predictions are, 2022 is the year of Bethany. The Manchester-bred South West London-based vocalist is currently rising through the R&B stratosphere at a breakneck pace, shaping up to be one of the UK’s most promising rising stars. Inspired by the R&B monarchs Jhené Aiko, SZA, Frank Ocean, Cleo Sol and Mahalia; Bethany weds a classic, silky smooth bedrock of soul with auto-biographical, pensive lyrics. Bethany’s diverse sound palette could be heard across her trap-leaning heater, ‘Drip’ and the Y2K-inspired ‘Something Different’.  


Her latest single, ‘Something Different’ — produced by Squizzle and L808S — is smooth as molasses, pulling straight from the sultry neo-soul playbook. In just under three minutes, Bethany imbues the track with a downtempo aura as she glides over the stripped-back instrumental that melts into her vocal musings. “This year I wanted to focus more on realness. ‘Something Different’, for me, captures that moment of connecting and wanting more from a person and it’s a song that means a lot to me artistically because being able to explore these topics as a female can sometimes feel taboo,” said Bethany regarding the track.  

A 19-year-old visionary from Guildford, BEX is causing noise with self-righteous lyrics, cutting-edge riffs and protruding bass wobbles. 
Today sees the artist make her 2022 debut with thunderous new single – 

“Tiptoe,” – sees 

BEX amplify her sound with heavier bass plucks, annihilating drums and vocals at full pelt. 


Describing herself as, “A punk-rocker who wants the music to speak again” BEX is a young artist looking to reshape the rock industry through a lens of hard-hitting riffs, feminist lyrics and cutting-edge videos. Amongst this BEX balances out all the things that “suck,” such as: sexism, racism, fast fashion, judgementalism and heartbreak with pleasantly uplifting things like: riffs, self-expression, expressive art, inclusion, equality, feminism and last (and certainly not least) respect. 
Today sees BEX unleash her debut single, “Tiptoe,” and it doesn’t disappoint. Speaking about the track she says: 

“Lyrically ‘Tiptoe’ is about males who take advantage of women, ‘just because we perform it doesn’t welcome you off stage’.  The chorus reflects on men taking action and the consequences that come from it:

‘TipToeCause a riot overstep the lineResist arrest just to prove your liesCause a riot just to step asideNeglect then strikeProve them rightYou are a swine’

Elephante and SABAI blend their ever-evolving sonic styles and desire to “Love Again” on brand new single, available now.  A glossy guitar wraps around Elephante’s evocative vocals before a wistful hook takes hold and erupts into lush swells, showcasing seamless genre dexterity.

Listen to “Love Again”  HERE.

Love Again” is a song about recovering from a broken heart and all the trauma that comes with it. Its about climbing out of that darkness, and putting yourself out there despite the fear of getting hurt again.” 
— Elephante

They say, “don’t meet your idols.”  But it’s not always true, especially for fan-turned-collaborator, SABAI, when he met Elephante.  And with an artist like Elephante, who is extremely passionate about supporting and elevating emerging artists especially in the AAPI community, it’s an opportunity for a uniquely creative synergy.  The new single “Love Again” is a collaboration embodying years of working tirelessly and putting yourself out there to chase your dreams.

The origin dates back to Elephante’s 2016 release of “Catching On,” and SABAI’s instant connection to the single and admiration of his career.  In the years to come, both Elephante and SABAI continued on their individual paths, honing their crafts, releasing music, and touring.  Fast-forward to EDC Las Vegas 2021 when Elephante played SABAI’s single “Million Days” during his main stage set, and about a month later, Elephante invited SABAI on the Heavy Glow Tour.

“After the surreal experience hearing my song played on one of the biggest stages by an artist that I’m a true fan of inspired me to get back to my room and start working on a demo, which I labeled “Elephante x Sabai”. In the weeks leading up to the tour we were talking about ideas for new tracks, so I sent him that demo which evolved into “Love Again”. Honestly, this is a dream come true collaboration for me and I had so much fun working on this with Tim. Our taste in music is very similar and he’s so talented. I feel grateful for this opportunity.” — SABAI

On the heels of Elephante’s 88Rising debut [NIKI, Rich Brian, Joji] with his hotly-anticipated sophomore album, Heavy Glow, he continues his personal, sonic, and performance evolution.  Elephante is currently on his 20-market ‘Heavy Glow Tour’, which weaves his love for DJing live and playing guitar with stunning, dynamic visuals and effects.  This high-energy hybrid performance has a few final stops in DenverSan FranciscoPortland, and his largest show at The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on June 3rdSABAI, as well as yetepHoangnøll, are on tour as support.

Gearing up for a prolific chapter, rising pop songstress Annika Wells unveils a new single entitled “Stay High” today via Epic Records. Listen to “Stay High”HERE.

Produced by trusted collaborator and superstar Illenium and co-written with GRAMMY® Award-nominated phenom Julia Michaels and fellow powerhouse songwriter Jason Evigan, the track glides on heavenly beats and airy production towards a bold and blissful refrain, “Don’t want this night to end, so we gotta stay high. It illuminates the dynamics of her expansive voice and vivid lyricism.

About the song, Annika shared,‘Stay High’ is one of these songs that feels like a total full circle moment. To have Illenium, my oldest collaborator, and Julia Michaels and Jason Evigan, my songwriting idols, all on this song is insane to me. I’m so happy for it to be out into the world.”

Maintaining incredible momentum, the Bay Area’s fastest rising supergroup AG Club unveil a new single and music video entitled “Tru Religion” at all DSPs today via Epic Records. Listen to “Tru Religion” HERE and watch the music video HERE.

On the track, which was made in collaboration with Junior Varsity and co-produced by Jackson Shanks, a clean guitar riff wraps around soulful vocals. Once the beat kicks in, the group lead by Baby Boy and Jody Fontaine lean into a head-nodding groove before the hook takes flight on distortion straight out of a nineties anthem. The chorus rings out, “It feels so good, so good, don’t it?”

Jackson Shanks had the full true religion fit on in the studio,” says Jody. “Only thing missing was the hat. Feels good, don’t it?”

Hip-hop legend Method Man is back with the third installment of his Meth Lab collaborative album series. Releasing today, ‘Meth Lab Season 3: The Rehab’ delivers another incredible tracklist full of bangers featuring genre icons, Wu Tang affiliates, respected battle rappers, and noteworthy up-and-comers including Redman, KRS-One, JoJo Pelligrino, RJ Payne, Iron Mic, who were featured on the first three singles of the album – “The Last Two Minutes”, “Butterfly Effect”, and “Live From The Meth Lab”

The focus track for the album, “Switch Sides”, features Jadakiss, Eddie 1, and Method Man’s son 5th Pxwer. The song is full of the swag you come to expect from a Meth Lab release, and gives that perfect mixture of old and new school hip-hop.

The Meth Lab project is a platform curated with friend and collaborator Hanz On that draws upon the Staten Island hip-hop community to put on up-and-coming artists alongside some of Wu Tang’s finest and noteworthy affiliates. The album was recorded in Meth Lab Studios on Staten Island and will be released on May 6, 2022  via Hanz On Music Entertainment (H.O.M.E.) / ONErpm.

“This installation of the Meth Lab is shaping up to be a good one. We’ve had a lot of setbacks with this album, one being a pandemic and a lockdown. Amongst all the delays my team stayed solid and the album developed into a respectful body of work.” – Method Man

Brooklyn, NY native artist/producer Two Feet has bristled against the constraints of traditional pop songwriting for his entire career. The critic-approved album format and the handed-down expectations of what a song “should” sound like have never been how he approached music – and that’s exactly what his fans love him for. 

Whether it’s a bridge-less and hookless single like Platinum-selling “Go Fuck Yourself,” or an album like his 2020 major-label debut Pink (which holds several songs without a chorus)his unique approach has never held him back from reaching major milestones like accumulating half a billion streams on a single song, embarking on global headlining and festival tours, or amassing a cult-like following. He has graced stages at ACLBonnarooHangoutPukkelpop, and Lollapalooza Brasil & Argentina

Featured on countless playlists from Spotify’s Mint to The New Alt to Hot Hits, his pulsing, enigmatic sound finds itself at home amongst the best of every genre. Marked by bluesy, bass-heavy synths, compelling storytelling, hypnotic interludes, and lush instrumentals, it’s hard to not fall in love with the sound that is so undoubtedly Two Feet. To date, he has accumulated over 400,000 single sales and 60,000 album sales and amassed over 461 million video views.

In 2021, he followed up his debut with Max Maco Is Dead Right?, a voyeuristic concept album that delved deep into the troubled psyche of its fictional titular character Max Maco. Through his diverse discography, Two Feet shows his vast and ever-growing fanbase that his artistry cannot be pinned down or put neatly into a box. Rounding out the year, Two Feet embarked on a 7-stop North American tour and released a few poignant singles including “Until I Come Home ” featuring grandson, a collaboration his fans have long dreamed of which premiered on Sirius XM Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement. In addition to his extensive radio history and performances, including #1 alternative breakout “I Feel Like I’m Drowning,” he has also collaborated with artists such as MØ, UPSAHL and SHAED.

Ethereal Australian singer-songwriter Erin shares a glimpse into the softer side of her songwriting
with her single Still, revealed in a stripped, B side version on April 11, 2022.
The unguarded lullaby highlights the poetry of her lyrics which drive an effortless yet intricate
melodic structure, carried by her unique airy voice over chords that are subtly reminiscent of her
background in jazz. Introduced by the nostalgic click of a tape player, the song produced by Ken
Allars immediately thrusts the listener into Erin’s dreamscape sound, for a contemplation of stillness
that organically grew into a heartbreaking love story. “I wrote ‘Still’ on the 15th of October 2019, a
few days after I had returned home from Vietnam. I know the date because I still have the iPhone
voice memo. My guitarist played this pretty little French sounding guitar line. He was just improvising
a little to himself but I immediately heard the rest of the guitar melody in my head. I sang it back to
him to copy me and he put some beautiful chords to it. I sang Still over the stop, the words and
melody coming all at once and it’s the only song that’s ever written itself that way for me, so
seamlessly”, she remembers.

Described by UK critics as “one of the most innovative of their era” and that “even to this day they sound brave and fresh”, Martha and the Muffins returned in 2010 with Delicate, their first new studio album in eighteen years on their own Muffin Music label. The album was five years in the making and mixed by David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian, Robert Fripp). The songs range from the horn-inflected “Drive” and the anthemic groove of “Mess” to the perceptive “Life’s Too Short To Long For Something Else” and “Love Began With Eve”, a song that Daniel Lanois stated was “one of the most beautiful, original songs I’ve ever heard.”

Rising Inglewood, CA R&B artist and creative Brandon Banks drops his transcendent new single “Wonderland”.

In a masterful use of musicianship, the latest release from his upcoming EP Natural Progressions sees Banks overlay instrumentation, including tranquil guitars and hypnotising vocals, to build a mesmerising soundscape. Equally relaxing and contemplative, “Wonderland” juxtaposes the peaceful escapism of his music with Banks’ signature superior lyrical content, warning of man’s consumptive relationship with themselves and the environment around them.

Accompanying the release is a gorgeous music video where daydreamy vignettes of California call back to Banks’ roots as scenes of glistening sun, oceans, and forests intersperse serene cinematics. A captivating story seamlessly tapping into the connection between man and nature, it perfectly reflects the track’s ability to inspire reflection and growth. An artist through and through, writing, editing, co-producing and creative directing everything he works on, Brandon’s rare talent and consideration for his craft continue to underline him as a significant and powerful new name in the R&B landscape.

Despite the elusive nature of his drops and through only a handful of releases, Brandon has built an enviable reputation as one of the hottest emerging talents in the US: early collaborations with Mereba and Umi have led to recent credits on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy, with critical attention coming from the likes of Pigeons&Planes,

GQ and V Magazine amongst others, whilst seeing him rack up millions of streams across DSPs.

Meet the most unique and greatest lounge band in the land, King Salamander. They are thrilled to release their debut single “Welcome to Salamander Lounge” that is out now.

Fused by a love for sultry music, indelible nights, THE SALAMANDER and a thirst for decadence, King Salamander crafts an extraordinary sonic experience that seduces your senses and holds you close, utilizing custom-built instruments and silver tongued lyricism to create a new blend of lounge music that will have you swaying among a selection of lavish libations.

From late night lounge gigs to early morning practices, the ladies and gents behind King Salamander take their music (and their liquor) seriously. With influences of swing, salsa and big-band jazz, listening to King Salamander is an experience you will never forget. The band will be releasing new music, videos and custom instruments for a year straight starting in April. Often referred to by patrons as “mysterious, dangerous and sexy”, the group’s unique instruments, alluring stage presence and quality music will soon have you swooning.

“Headie One makes it clear that his talent is limitless.”

 “a true breakout star”

Febueder – return with a fresh cut of their arch and enigmatic indie/electronica: “Bootchie”.


Unconventional and yet completely irresistible, “Bootchie” rattles around like a toolbox in the back of a pick-up truck; its scattered instrumentation unearthing hypnotic rhythms in the most unexpected of places. With its shuffling percussion to the languid piano motifs, its jazzy inflections and brassy sunspots, the track recalls the off-kilter and obliquely-danceable productions of contemporaries like Gold Panda or Animal Collective, but hallmarked with Febueder’s understated sense of adventure.

While its title may be a knowing play on the word “boujee” (NB slang for something that is “Luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character” and a wry nod towards the dressy town of Ascot in which the band formed), the track itself is in actuality a tender reflection on loss, grief and acceptance. 

“The song has been described to me as a ballad. But a ballad with rolling delayed metallic percussion looping through it….” says frontman Samuel Keysell“The song is about loss. Accepting a loss with reluctance.”

Australian producer and singer-songwriter GG Magree unveils her most personal body of work to date, delivering her debut EP ‘Dichotomy’ on Monstercat. The seven-track package sees her embrace a raw pop-punk repertoire in its gorgeous strings, thrashing guitars, and haunting lyricism – a style that has influenced her artistry since day one. Spanning tracks that traverse pleasure and pain, the aptly titled single “BITCH” bars no emotion with GG balancing gritty screams between devilishly sweet vocals from singer-songwriter, Royal & The Serpent

GG shares, “‘BITCH’ is my beautiful tragic love story. It was inspired by a life experience I had dating a narcissistic psycho who treated me like shit, so I left him behind and wrote “BITCH”. While writing it, I fell in love with my best friend Royal & The Serpent. She was the real relationship that was meant to last.”

Detailing how good and evil can beautifully coexist, ‘Dichotomy’ is both an impressive showcase of GG’s depth as a musician, and a memoir of the toxic relationships that fueled her songwriting. From the dark piano ballad that forms the “Intro,” to the twisted euphoria in “Blood Rush,” it’s a swinging pendulum of her highs and lows spun into punchy verses and soul-baring visuals.

On the EP, GG adds, “Have you ever seen life in black and white? Most can only see in color. I look up at the moon and only feel the sun. The forks in my veins dualize good and evil. Maybe that’s why I only cry happy tears. Welcome to my dichotomy.

Coming off widely-praised live performances with her full band at Coachella last month, GG will continue to dominate the tour circuit with a string of headline dates and major festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Rampage, and Tomorrowland. Meanwhile on the big screen, fans can look forward to catching GG alongside best friend and famed actress Vanessa Hudgens as they unveil their own TV series that follows them exploring paranormal activity. 

‘Dichotomy’ Tracklist

1. Dichotomy (Intro)

2. Deja Reve

3. Eat The Love Alive

4. Already Dead


6. My Wicked

7. Blood Rush

 Indie rock band Hot Freaks are thrilled to release their new single “This Time Last Year” that is out now and featured on Under The Radar.
The band says, “’This Time Last Year’ is as dark and stormy as I’ve gone as a songwriter.  The lyrics are a serious attempt to understand a breakup and move past it in a positive way, but the overall tone of the song is somber.  If ‘Lovely’ and ‘This Time Last Year’ are cut from the same cloth of experience, ‘Lovely’ got a bit more of the optimism, and ‘This Time Last Year’ got a bit more of the dread.  Also this marks the first time real strings have ever been arranged for a Hot Freaks record!”

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