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Exclusive Interview with TikTok Star Gabby Morrison On Her Body Care Line “Lagoon” 

Born and raised in Florida, Gabby is of Jamaican and Trinidadian descent and is a trained dancer, actress and TikTok creator with over 3.5 million followers. Formerly known for her roles in Girls’ Night with Madi Monroe(2021), playing a lead role in Brat’s popular series Attaway Generalas “Kit” (alongside Dixie DAmelio, 2020) and Rooney’s Last Roll(2020), Gabby is no stranger to the being in the spotlight.

Gabby’s social media skyrocketed in the last year and she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. She shares her daily adventures with her loyal social media followers,  including popular dances, songs, travel vlogs, room makeovers, beauty routines & more. Gabby’s first ever YouTube video titled My First Video- Q&A w/ Gabby Morrison garnered 65.3K+ views. 

Since starting her career, Gabby has incorporated the hottest TikTok trends into top brand campaigns, partnering with Levi’s, Amazon, H&M, Spotify, Dior, Macy’s, Princess Polly, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Pacsun, Aussie Hair USA, Ulta, Boohoo, Brandy Melville, American Eagle and more. She is currently the face of hair care company’s GHD’s global launch. Now, Gabby is working on a personal passion project: her new body-care line called Lagoon with Beaubble, promoting body confidence by helping enrich and improve skin for those battling with highly sensitive skincare issues.

Outside of social media, Gabby can be found spending time with one of her 3 pets, practicing acrobatics and dance, weightlifting, spinning or traveling! Her philanthropic interests include Color of Change and National to End Homelessness. 

Gabby welcome to OLC! TikTok has become a huge social media platform worldwide, how did you start and what kind of videos did you start making when you began?

I started making dance videos when I started using the platform! It’s still a trend now but at the time those videos were on everyone’s “for you” page.  

Do you remember that video you posted that made your TikTok explode or the moment when you noticed your following growing?

My first video got way more views than anything I had ever gotten on Instagram, haha. But the first video that actually blew up was me in my living room doing ballet!  

What tips do you have for someone just starting out on TikTok or any Social Media platform and wanting to grow their followers?

My tip is to stay consistent! Anything you think would be slightly interesting to anyone or any trending video you love, think about a way you could make it! Don’t overthink it. If you love the video, I’m sure lots of other people will too! It’ll take time to get good at it just like any other skill. It takes practice!  

You have partnered with many large brands and just recently you’ve joined forces with Beaubble in creating a skin care line called “Lagoon”, tell me about how the partnership came about and why you decided to create this skin care line?

I have dry and sensitive skin and am prone to eczema breakouts. I find there are products that I like that work, but I wanted to make something I love. That’s why I’m creating Lagoon, the body care line.  

You’ve also done some acting, is that something you hope to continue doing? 

Yes! I’ve been taking acting classes. Every class and experience I take makes me love it even more.  

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Written by Neill Frazer

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