INsiders Guide: Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man, 38 Spesh, Wyn Starks, Benny The Butcher, Rome Streetz, FishxGrits & Curren$y, Heart Tide, Kool G Rap….

After teaming up to release Real Bad Boldy (2021), and Killing Nothing (2022) with Boldy James, Real Bad Man is cooking again—and this time with rising star Pink Siifu.

Real Bad Flights is produced in its entirety by Real Bad Man and features appearances from Boldy James, Armand Hammer & Chuck Strangers among others. 

“The concept behind REAL BAD FLIGHTS are that Flights are horrible lol” Pink Siifu declares.  “BASICALLY eye just been doin a lot of traveling since Covid started and it’s kinda been ironic af lol, so eye just wanted to make sum folks could relate to on tht end but also soundtrack style type shit for folks to play while at tha airport or in tha sky.”

“Working on all the songs for REAL BAD FLIGHTS, I approached it a little different than previous projects.  Siifu has stuff a unique vibe and sound, but, at the same time, he’s mad diverse” Real Bad Man added.  “I started making tracks with him in mind, from scratch.  I think there were probably 20 -25 tracks made over the course of the six-months it took to make this project.  We’d send stuff back and forth.  Siifu’s an artist with a very strong vision, most of the songs came back to me fully formed and arranged, and it was up to me to bring those songs to life by adding or subtracting from the instrumentals.  The goal was to not let the music get in the way of the song.”

Real Bad Flights is now available at all DSP’s.

38 Spesh has been so focused on producing for the last year, rappers finally got a chance to breathe. But that will end when he releases his forthcoming project 7 Shots, which will once again demonstrate how effortless emceeing is for the Rochester mastermind.

Upstate boss 38 Spesh is known for dropping guest verses that are the highlight of other artists’ albums. He has quietly become tastemakers’ top pick for “next to blow.” Just ask DJ Premier, Sway, Method Man, Lloyd Banks, or Mistah FAB. Further, his ear for talent heralded the arrival of Che Noir and the reemergence of Ransom. Not to mention, he signed Benny The Butcher to his label almost a decade before he entered the spotlight. And as far as his production, he may be the most slept-on beat-maker in the game. He has crafted tailor-made, distinctive sound beds for a who’s who list of emcees in the new underground.

Though Spesh has been content to play the background while helping others move to the forefront, starting this summer, he is about to go on an epic run, as its time for Spesh to take his place among the scene’s elite; and it all starts with his upcoming 7 Shots, the third installment in his evolving fan-favorite “Shots Series.” 

To get listeners ready for what they are about to experience on 7 Shots, Spesh sparked it off with the project’s lead-single “Last Gasp,” which featured TRUST mob capo, Ransom.  Today, Spesh returns with a new single “Painful,” which features Freeway and Che Noir. 

“This song is pure pain just like the title says” 38 Spesh reveals.  “Especially for me and Freeway because the track was brought together by a mutual friend of ours who passed away shortly after we made it.”

38 Spesh’s 7 Shots features collaborations with Ransom, Che Noir, Freeway, Eto and production from The Heatmakerz, Jimmy Dukes and Streetrunner

38 Spesh’s 7 Shots will be released on 9-7-22.

Also, for those in the NY metropolitan area, 38 Spesh will be holding an intimate listening party for 7 Shots on Friday evening.  The event will be catered and drinks will be provided.  If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP to me if you can make it. 

Wyn Starks took to “America’s Got Talent” this season to share parts of his personal story, and his unmistakable singing abilities, with America and the world, performing his original song “Who I
Am” in tribute to his late twin brother. Reaction from the judges and fans alike was swift, unmistakable, and inspiring, moving Sofia Vergara to tears and seeing the audience give not one,
but two standing ovations, all ending in a unanimous ‘yes’ from the judges, moving him into the

Following the loss of his hospitality industry job during the height of the COVID pandemic, Wyn
responded by putting all of his focus on his musical career, which led to his appearance on
“America’s Got Talent.” After sharing part of his story with the judges and fans, and just before he
began his performance, Simon Cowell could be heard quietly saying, “I hope he’s good.” Following
the performance, Cowell described Starks as “brilliant,” and closed by saying, “This could be a life-
changing moment for you. I really hope that.” Starks continued into the semi-finals where he gave
his last performance on the show, singing “In The Stars.”

Benny The Butcher and his Black Soprano Family (BSF) have released their biggest compilation project to date, Long Live DJ Shay, which is now available.  They also released a video for “Pandemic Flow,” featuring Conway The Machine & Cory Gunz.  “Pandemic Flow” is produced by The Alchemist.  

Long Live DJ Shay, is a celebration of the legacy and impact of DJ Shay (RIP), not only for BSF and Griselda, but his lasting impact on the culture.  Long Live DJ Shay is Benny’s Roc La Familia project, a warning shot for the streets that not only showcases himself and his label, but more importantly his burgeoning roster of talent; and those closely associated with him.  Long Live DJ Shay features appearances and production from Benny and his BSF brethren along with Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, Boldy James, Stove God Cooks, Krayzie Bone, Armani Caesar, DJ Premier, The Alchemist & Jansport J. 

“Long Live DJ Shay!  We put so much into this knowing he is watching down on us, and I know this is gonna wake everyone up,” Benny The Butcher confidently asserts.  “B$F is the biggest.  I promise you we them ones.  The album is top-notch; from production to the rhymes and it’s entirely mixed by the legendary Young Guru, so I know it’s gone pop out ya speakers the right way. “

No one questions Benny The Butcher’s stardom, but he is now officially an undisputed multi-hyphenate.  His acting debut in Griselda’s first foray into motion pictures, Conflicted, set off an influx of acting offers.  Benny also ushered in his new sports marketing agency, with clients consisting of NFL Players, BMX riders and freestyle skiers.  Further, Benny was tapped by his beloved Buffalo Bills to create the team’s theme song as they make a push for the Super Bowl and became an official team spokesperson. 

Keeping the plugs happy, Benny’s The Plugs I Met 2 sequel not only exceeded fan expectations, but was a press favorite; as it was included on EOY Best of 2021 lists from esteemed outlets such as New York Times, Complex, Stereogum, Spin, XXL and Hotnewhiphop (among many other esteemed outlets).  Perhaps, Benny’s biggest moment was the announcement of his new solo deal with Snoop Dogg’s newly helmed Def Jam Records; and in Snoop’s first act as Def Jam President, was his signing of Benny to lead the label’s reiteration.  That announcement lead to Snoop’s first Def Jam project Algorithm, which included Benny on the first-single “Murder Music” which also featured Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes.  To cap off his unparalleled run, Benny was nominated for BET’s “Best New Artist” award for 2022. 

Benny’s Black Soprano Family (consisting of Rick Hyde, Heem, Loveboat Luciano, Young World, Flexxbabyy, Cristina Mackey and its newest signees Fuego Base and ELCamino)imprint has experienced similar success, as projects from Heem (Long Story Short), Rick Hyde (Plates 2 & Stima), and their most recent collective effort, Trust The Sopranos, all debuted in the top 10 on DSP’s, and resulted in a 300% percent growth for all BSF artists on DSP’s.

Also, please be sure to check out Benny’s YouTube page, as he and BSF will be releasing the first episode in a three part series for their DJ Shay Documentary; which honors the success, influence and legacy of DJ Shay.  Shay was a man of many talents; teacher, father figure, friend and musical influence.  The documentary gives a rare, in-depth and inside look into Shay’s life; successes, and trials and tribulations.  Corresponding episode release announcements will be made by Benny & BSF. 

Something’s in life make too much sense not to happen.  Like Rome Streetz and Griselda/GXFR forming like Voltron.

Ever since Rome’s signing was announced late last year, fans couldn’t wait to hear him spit his grimy and intricate vignettes for the industry’s pre-eminent tastemaker label.

Now, one of NYC’s brightest emcees and writers has officially announced his debut Griselda project, as his newest masterpiece, Kiss The Ring, will be released on 9-30-22 via Griselda/GXFR Records. 

Kiss The Ring is Rome Streetz on steroids.  This album is my deepest thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  This is the culmination of all of my hard work and the times people said I couldn’t get lit making this type of music” Rome Streetz explains.  “Fast forward, I blew past them all and now they gotta Kiss The Ring.” 

With his ear always to the streets, Westside Gunn recognized and admired Rome Streetz’s talents and knew he would make the perfect addition to Griselda.  “When I think of NYC and bars, no one’s name comes up first before Rome Streetz.  He’s an emcees emcee and Griselda is a lot stronger with Rome” Westside Gunn confidently asserts.  “We made a classic tape and this is just the beginning.  Rome Streetz is the future; Kiss The Ring.”

Rome Streetz’ Kiss The Ring will be released on 9-30-22 via Griselda/GXFR Records.

New music from Kiss The Ring will be impacting shortly!

Inspired by the P lifestyle, and tasked with the service/responsibility of adding credibility and street knowledge to the game; FishXGrits is back and he’s brought Spitta with him!

Fresh off of releasing, I Am The Drug III, which featured the singles “Coochie Seller” featuring YN Jay and “ATM” featuring Sharp from the No Jumper Podcast, FishXGrits is back to announce his forthcoming project, Us Against The World, with what promises to be his biggest single to date with “Jernt,” which features Curren$y. 

“We made a couple phone calls, got in touch with Spitta, and he was like “Let’s go!” Spitta is somebody I have the utmost respect for! He’s official, he knows who he is, what he likes, and he ain’t budging. I was playing the record for him so he could write his verse and instead of just wanting the beat to loop so he could hurry up and get it done he says “Naw run that all the way back from the top, we ain’t gone act like you didn’t go hard on that” FishXGrits fondly recalls.  “It felt great to hear a legend say those words, and truly mean it. The vibe was one of the best I’ve had with any artist and I plan on working with the whole Jet Life crew even more in the future.”  

FishXGrits Us Against The World will be released on 10-10-22. 

Picking up the phone after having it on silent mode for a year, Finnish alternative rock outfit Heart Tide has dropped a brand new single ‘Miss Your Calls‘. With its arena-sized keys, synths and drums leading the way, the song marks yet another new style discovered by the artist as it leans in to indie rock and pop characteristics with infectious energy and a catchy, soaring chorus.



”After exploring much darker themes and sounds recently, I found it necessary to bring back some light and joy in some form, at least. That’s why ‘Miss Your Calls’ felt like the right track to release right now”, frontman Samu Hietainen describes the intentions behind the music itself. ”Lyrically, though, I wanted to have some contrast while also being a bit tongue-in-cheek about everything. As always, some lines are there for you to interpret but generally it talks about connection, whether that’s online or offline, and how you can miss connecting with someone — like friends for example — in a way that’s not edited or superficial. You also wonder if it’s going to be the same after a while”.

‘Miss Your Calls’ will also be followed by a 3-track remix EP, titled ‘Mood Remixes’, which will be released on Friday, September 30th. This EP features three remixes of the track for different moods, them described as ”rainy”, ”cloudy” and ”sunny”.

Heart Tide is a musical project and band of Finland-born composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Samu Hietainen, having covered genres and styles such as alternative, rock and pop. Its previous releases include a two-part mixtape ‘Vulnerable’, both parts having five songs, as well as standalone tracks ‘Blame’, ‘Few Things’, ‘They Say’ and ‘Where Do We Go?’.

Hip Hop’s golden era constituent, Queens’ native, the godfather of Mafioso rap, legendary and influential emcee,  Kool G Rap, broke out in the late 80s and early 90s as one half of the duo with DJ Polo. Together, Kool G Rap and DJ Polo released three undisputed classic albums; beginning with their debut album, Road To The Riches(1989), Wanted: Dead or Alive (1990) and Live and Let Die(1992).

Simultaneously, G Rap and DJ Polo gained notoriety as members of the Juice Crew, whose noteworthy membership includes DJ Marley Marl, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace and Roxanne Shante At the height of hip-hop’s golden age, The Juice Crew was the definition of innovative and not only influenced the culture as a whole (style, lyricism, creativity), but also impressed the importance of style, substance and technique upon the next wave of street ambassadors.  

After a successful run with DJ Polo and the Juice Crew, G Rap embarked on a solo-career, with his solo debut, 4, 5, 6(1995), which was preceded by Roots of Evil(1998) and The Giancana Story(2002).  Since then, we’ve only been intermittingly blessed by bodies of work from the Kool Genius Of Rap; Half a Klip(2008), Riches, Royalty, Respect (2011), Return Of The Don (2017) and Son Of G Rap with 38 Spesh (2018).

After recently announcing his return with fellow icon and Juice Crew member Big Daddy Kane with “Fly Till I Die,” and his recent induction into the National Hip-Hop Museum, Kool G Rap is back with the second single from his forthcoming Last Of A Dying Breed album, with the NEMS blessed “Critical” (which is produced by Domingo).

Kool G Rap’s Last Of A Dying Breed features collaborations with AZ, Sean Price, NEMS, Vado, 38 Spesh, Royal Flush and Big Daddy Kane; with production supplied by Domingo.

Kool G Rap’s Last Of A Dying Breed will be released on 10-14-22. 


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