INsiders Guide: Elia Petridis x Ariana and the Rose, Afta Hill and ASADI, Lil Baby, Skofee, WILD HORSE, LAVEDA, DEUX FURIEUSES, STEVE TRAFFORD…

Director Elia Petridis celebrates inclusion, representation, and the beautiful uniqueness in all of us through the short form Space Opera “Out Of This World.”   Inspired by the futuristic synth-pop masterpiece, “Lonely Star,” by Ariana and the Rose Inspired by the futuristic synth-pop masterpiece, “Lonely Star,” by Ariana and the Rose, the 17-minute musical amplifies the track using score and orchestra — but furthermore, it builds an entire story around the original 3:20 minutes of music that herald’s acceptance in all forms. 

Staring artist Ariana and The Rose and Non-Binary icon, Bex Taylor Klaus, the film explores how the unexpected can help us accept our differences. When Nebby, a rambunctious teenage alien, botches a standard alien abduction and instead meets Ariana, a former singer-turned waitress, the two learn that sometimes you need someone out of your world to recognize the unique you. In an alien-like look at the human experience of acceptance, Petridis says, “Nebby, the non-binary teenager looking for someone as they struggle to define themselves, to find their place in the universe, meets the one person on Earth that can show them it’s okay to be just the way they are. They are both brought together by the universal love of music, embracing it as a common language.”

Rooted in an analog production style, it purposely defies time and space, placing all of us squarely in an unfamiliar setting. Within the undefinable timeline, synthy music, and whispered vocals pushing the plot forward, we explore the innocence and awe of discovery reflected by the main characters. Even as the characters explore and learn from each other, Petridis captures that sense of childlike wonder we disconnect from as we age and allows it to sit center stage.

The short film was recently accepted into HollyShorts, an Oscar-qualifying screening event in Los Angeles, and has already notched up 9 Laurels and counting at smaller festivals across the country.  Don’t miss the immersive, awe-inspiring, and unique experience of “Out Of This World.” 

The film’s website –

Afta Hill and ASADI are Persian diaspora artists from Los Angeles and Toronto respectively, coming fresh off a live performance at The Ford in LA. Their new collaboration, “Citrus Dream,” is a smooth, nostalgic R&B pop track infused with traditional Persian instrumentation and inflections.

As the title suggests, the lyrics play with the comparison of passionate love and the refreshing, thirst quenching flavours of citrus. A highlight of the track is the ear-grabbing sitar riff played by ASADI which gives the song a danceable groove, unique from other contemporary sounds in this genre.

To close out the summer, Grammy-nominated rapper, mogul, and philanthropist Lil Baby has unleashed a new track Detox”The Atlanta native has launched himself into superstardom since his inception in 2017, and “Detox” is the latest in a long line of hard-hitting tracks that showcase the rapper at the top of his game. The new single is an indication that Baby has no intentions of slowing his grind and continues to fortify himself as the reigning champ of his era. To accompany the release, Lil Baby shared a new video for the track.

The single comes alongside the final show of Lil Baby and Chris Brown’s massive North American One Of Them Ones tour, and on the heels of an MTV VMA win for Best Hip Hop for “Do We Have A Problem” with Nicki Minaj. Baby is also coming off another major milestone, the release of his new documentary Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby. The documentary premiered Aug 26th on Amazon Prime Video, and provides an intimate glimpse into his earlier life leading up to the lightning transformation into one of hip-hop’s most elite. Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, reveals the journey of a young artist and advocator, as he sheds light on systemic oppression and the struggles that keep many from achieving the most desired American Dream. 

Keep your ears to the ground for more to come from one of Atlanta’s greatest. 

Skofee is a rising pop artist based in Los Angeles. Her music is left-of-center while maintaining melodies that satisfy the inner earworm, featuring candid yet affecting lyrics and lush harmonies over decadent tracks.

Born and raised in Wichita Kansas, Skofee’s house was filled with bluegrass and folk music. After attending high school in Boulder, CO and college at the University of Southern California, Skofee took her love for the music she grew up with and translated it into a more pop-based sound. Her 2020 debut Polished EP received incredible reviews from the likes of tastemaker press outlets including Ones To Watch, EARMILK, and even the LA Weekly, who said, “Skofee’s sound is super-contemporary, combining indie and pop to create a gorgeous, lush and emotional alt-pop vibe that certainly recalls Alison Krauss as well as the likes of Lorde.”

2021 saw the release of the Post Pop Remix of her single “Spiderman” (Post Pop being the moniker of producer Stefan Skarbek, who has worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Jamiroquai among others). This uptempo reworking saw several months of airplay on local KROQ-FM, arguably the most influential Alternative radio station in the country. In July 2022, Skofee released an incredible duet with famed Dutch singer/songwriter/producer and Grammy nominee Cimo Fränkel – a remake of Fränkel’s hit single “Where Do You Hide Your Love” which saw support from tastemaker radio outlet KCRW and was placed in A-list rotation on Amazing Radio USA.

Skofee’s sophomore EP, Joyland, set for a release in late 2022, touches on love, loss and the search for happiness in familiar places. Its release will be preceded by several singles from the collection – the first of which, her latest release and tropical house-tinged end-of-summer banger “Wind Up Hero.”

Sussex indie-pop trio WILD HORSE return with the rollicking and relatable new single: “Bitter”.


Breezing through buoyant instrumentals, relatable lyricism and soulful guitar lines that wriggle in the head long after the track has finished, “Bitter” lands as another polished cut of indie-pop from Sussex based-band. 

Tapping into the dull ache of uncertainty that comes with navigating relationships as a young adult, “Bitter” is a self-assured statement of intent from a fast rising band whose studio output is growing from strength to strength. With funk influences oozing through its catchy choruses and feel-good rhythms that are laden with a deeper relatability, vocalist and songwriter Jack Baldwin elaborates of the message behind track:

“The song is about somebody wanting more from someone who just wants something casual, and the general mixed emotions and confusion having a casual partner can create.” 

While all three members are still in their early 20s, Wild Horse formed in Sussex by brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and primary school best mate Ed Barnes. Playing together for over six years, the band have honed a heady sound that draws from a wide range of influences including Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles to Bruno Mars and The Jackson 5, with their strutting tracks managing to fall somewhere in the middle of them all. 

After relentlessly gigging since their teens, the band have gained support from BBC Introducing, Radio X amongst others, landing several BBC Introducing Track of the Day slots and enthusiastic reviews from a range of publications including BN1 Magazine, Sussex Scene, Eclectic Music Lover and LA Buzz Music. 

With the band’s earlier release “Coffee In The Morning” dubbed “a sensational track from one of the hardest working acts around” by BBC Introducing, their funk-tinged recent single “Joyride” was praised as “exquisite” by Sinusodial with Our Sound Music saying the track saw the band “in full light-hearted and summery flow.” 

New York dream-pop duo – LAVEDA – return with a scintillating new single: “Surprise”.


Chewing through a gauzy blend of 90s-tinted driving guitars, ethereal vocals and glimmering melodies, “Surprise” arrives as another glimpse into Laveda’s awaited second LP ‘A Place You Grew Up In’, due early next year. 

Bringing to mind the likes of AlvvaysSoccer MommyBig Thief or My Bloody Valentine, the track is a  hazy slice of feel-good dream-pop with a bitter sting in its tail. “Surprise” is gauzy and glittering with sun-drenched rhythms — but its lyrics take a darker turn. 

Jake Brooks explains:

“The lyrics are meant to juxtapose the happy sunshine feeling throughout the song. “Surprise” is about dealing with loneliness and loss in this modern age. The overall sound represents how bright and happy we present ourselves on social media. But in reality, everyone’s depressed and stressed over the rapidly devolving state of society.” 

DEUX FURIEUSES are sounding the alarm bells with new single ‘All We Need Is Sanctuary’, the third track to be taken from their new album ‘Songs From Planet Earth’.


Refusing to compromise on their stirring brand of articulate post punk that tackles issues of injustice with an unflinching attitude and meticulous musicianship, “All We Need Is Sanctuary” is an arms open wide plea for a world whose occupants are all too ready to watch it burn. 

As poised as it is punchy, the track pits ringing guitars against big drums with shimmering percussion and imploring vocals as the song contrasts the insanity of city existence during the pandemic lockdown with the sanity of a life in nature. Deux Furieuses explain:

“‘All We Need Is Sanctuary’ is our SOS from this scorched Planet Earth. It describes a journey from the pandemic pressure of an overcrowded city to an old world of trees, springs, paths and stars. An SOS from scrambled minds in search of the sanity of sanctuary, as the sanctuary itself is under threat of extinction.” 

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Steve Trafford has unveiled his new single “As Good As It Gets”, with a solo album on the way.


Polished and percussive, the new track blends gleaming ‘60s pop minimalism with alt-rock sensibilities as crisp vocals flirt with jangling instrumentals and a triumphant brass section. 

Written at home while in a “desolate slump” at the height of lockdown, Steve Trafford recorded “As Good As It Gets” by himself in his garden shed, before bringing in The Apples in Stereo vocalist Robert Schneider (Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control) and Hamish Benjamin (Danny George Wilson, High Water Marks) on production duties.

Of the new single, Steve explains:

“Lyrically it’s a tongue-in-cheek play on the double entendre phrase ‘as good as it gets’. Telling someone they are as good as it gets could either be very offensive or very beautiful. In essence that’s what it’s about: a cheeky joke and accepting your lot in life. Asking yourself is this as good as it’s ever going to be might mean you need to stop looking so you can find things. There’s moments when you want to give up, but then there’s moments when you’re very grateful. Spending a lot of time with someone means you have to accept all of their annoying flaws, yet you’re reminded that you really need and love this person.”

Citing a colourful range of influences from psychedelic-pop majesties like ‘Forever Changes’ and ‘Pet Sounds’, to 1960s rock, country, orchestral-pop, folk and beyond, “As Good As It Gets” falls deftly somewhere between them all. Steve adds:

“The melody is so simple: the whole thing revolves around 3 major chords like a nursery rhyme. My songwriting heroes had similar approaches — Lee Mavers, Syd Barrett, Ray Davies, Michael Nesmith, Lou Reed. I don’t compare myself to those guys but they had a simplicity to their approach that was so appealing and childlike.” 

This song is about desiring a woman even though she’s “Cruel” to you, and the heartache that ensues.

There’s a mix of pleasure and pain. You have fun together, but know it will hurt afterwards. The drums and bass have an up-tempo disco funk feel, balanced by a melancholic and almost eerie vibe from the horn melody. So it’s sexy and dancey, with somber undertones.

Have a listen to “Cruel” today!

👉🏼 Spotify

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The title of this track is also the title of our first full-length album, filled with nine soulful songs mostly about “amour” and heartbreak in a mixture of English and French. “Cruel” is a word that works in both languages, an essential choice for us as bilingual artists. Produced by Murray Pulver, the LP is recorded ‘live off the floor’ to capture our vintage soul aesthetic and live performance energy.

We hope you dig it.

– Nelson Sprout (Bass) | Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds

Exploring new sounds, “Ku Lo Sa” is a summer infused track is backed with a strong vocal choir melody now characteristic of the artist’s Afropop sound. Oxlade has built a solid profile over the past two years thanks to a pop, colorful yet edgy image, and a fiercely addictive afropop sound. With a strong following on social media, Oxlade is becoming a prominent figure globally. With the potential of becoming one of the biggest music exports from Nigeria, the Lagos native is preparing to release a new project soon.

“Anyone who listens can connect to my lyrics, and in turn, it connects me with anyone who is listening. My music is for people who take what I’m saying personally because it truly is representative of day-to-day life.” [Oxlade]
Oxlade broke out with the hit “Away” which received cosigns by the likes of Drake and Naomi Campbell and was named one of the “Top 50 songs of 2020” by Rolling Stone – making Oxlade the only Nigerian artist featured on that list.

Grammy-nominated singer, rapper, and entrepreneur Lil Yachty is taking his love for pizza to the next level with the launch of his first-ever line of frozen pizza, Yachty’s Pizzeria, for sale exclusively in Walmart stores across the country.

Yachty’s Pizzeria is the first offering from Deep Cuts, the U.S. brand for a line of premium frozen pizzas created by Universal Music Group for Brands (UMGB), the brands partnership division of Universal Music Group (UMG), and manufactured by Richelieu Foods, a private label company widely known in the food and supermarket industry for its superior array of brand products in the business segments of frozen and deli pizza; and dressings and sauces. Deep Cuts is a brand portfolio that works to create products that are an extension of a musician‘s artistry and business portfolio. 

I’ve loved making and eating pizza my whole life, so this is a project I’m really excited about and have been for a long time. We made some wild flavors but there’s still something for everybody. I take my pizza seriously so I’m looking forward to seeing what people think,“ said Lil Yachty. 

Yachty’s Pizzeria comes in four mouthwatering flavors, and features Lil Yachty’s creations that includes favorite cheeses, toppings and bold seasonings.

The complete line from Yachty’s Pizzeria, all priced at $6.98, includes:

  • Buffalo Style Chicken: Layered with Yachty’s own buffalo ranch sauce and covered in mozzarella cheese, this pizza is topped with spicy chopped buffalo chicken breast and crispy French-fried onions.
  • Hot Honey Cheese: Topped with a deep bubbly blend of Mozzarella, Provolone, Monterey Jack, Asiago, Romano, and Parmesan on top of a hot tomato sauce that’s sweetened with real honey.
  • Pepperoni & Bacon: A pizza crust that’s crispy on the outside with tender freshly baked dough on the inside covered in delicious, melted mozzarella cheese, smokey bacon, and deep layers of pepperoni.
  • Veggie Supreme: Topped with a special mix of bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and olives, covered with the realest blend of shredded Gouda and Fontina cheeses.

Capo Corleone is an international recording artist and music executive based out of Los Angeles. As the CEO of the highly successful C2 Management and founder and former CEO of Tree4ort Records, his musical endeavors shine bright. The alternative hip-hop artist has solidly embossed himself in global success, honing his international collaboration and artist development like no other. 

His latest single “Brakes” in collaboration with notable Polish jazz musician and global producer Kuba Więcek sees the unlikely pairing joining forces to create a hybrid between jazz and hypnotic hip-hop. Blending two worlds blissfully together, “Brakes” showcases transit-inspired melodies, energetic vocal energy and electronic euphony. Initiating their recording ventures virtually, they finally took to the studio in Warsaw to record their latest release. They explain, “It was really magical how quickly we worked together and clicked – we were really inspired by each other and it showed.”

 Raised on West Coast artists like Snoop Dogg, 2pac, E-40 and Nate Dogg, Corleone’s latest single “Brakes” epitomizes that ‘on the go’ feeling that never seems to ease up, exploring the idea that you’re running without brakes or the ability to stop. Corleone explains, “The place and time definitely influenced the writing and attitude of my flow and performance. “Running with no brakes on” as I say in the song was exactly how I had been feeling moving from city to city.” Igniting inspiration to live a life of your own accord, “Brakes” is just the first chapter of Corleone’s and Więceks’ upcoming EP Thank Myself, exploring unparalleled self-gratitude to one’s own accomplishments, remaining strong and succeeding despite life’s obstacles. 

Sky-rocketing to a charted position in the Apple iTunes Hip Hop Charts ahead of artists like Drake, Kanye and Eminem, Capo Corleone continues to garner huge success. He also wrote the walk-out song for European boxing champion Nina Meinke, bringing Corleone’s choruses to television screens around the globe. Paired with Więcek’s successful collaborations with Warner Music Poland, and critical acclaim from the likes of Downbeat, they’re shaping the sound of the future. 

Following the release of GUISE’s debut album Youngest Daughter earlier this year, the folk fourtet are confirming its long-awaited release on vinyl this Friday (9 September). Order online here.

Commemorating the release, the band are delighted to present a new tour video for Youngest Daughter’s magnificent opening track: ‘The Boy & The Thief’. 


A song that according to lead vocalist Jessica Guise “appeared like a snowball to the face”, so too does it burst from the blue with a supercharged sense of adventure. 

With its lyrics delivered at a breathless pace, ‘The Boy & The Thief’ envelops the listener in a tale of love and luck that will resonate with anyone who has ever been waiting for their numbers to finally come up in the lottery that is life. As Jessica explains:

“Sometimes writing a song is like carving a sculpture or fishing by the side of a very still lake, but sometimes it’s just like being given a present that you have to unwrap really really quickly before it disappears. This was the latter; it started forming in my head on a long walk home one day and I had to run home to get it written before I forgot it. It’s about a friend of mine who was having no luck in love, and how we both consistently made terrible choices… The video is a tongue in cheek tour video aiming to capture the spirit of friendship, adventure and honesty that’s behind the band.”

Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker shares his latest provocative single “The Stolen City” where he examines the forgotten, hidden past of the modern American city, along with its accompanying visualizer. The sophomore album from Moon Walker, The Attack Of Mirrors, is due out October 21 and available for pre-order now, including a limited run on vinyl available for pre-order here

Moon Walker’s unabashed observations of the flaws and failures of American society permeate the artist’s work, and the latest single, “The Stolen City” is no exception. Written while watching the Lena Waithe-produced television show Them, Moon Walker was instantly struck by the way modern American cities are quick to stamp out their true, often dark, history and culture in place of a more polished, idyllic facade. Moon Walker explains the show, made me think a lot about how, even to this day, geographical locations are stolen or gentrified and the history, culture, people, etc. that they were stolen from are often forgotten.”

“Despite not believing in ghosts,” Moon Walker continues, “the concept that places are haunted by their history makes a lot of sense to me. It’s terrifying to think about all of the horrific history (some remembered, some forgotten) that haunts every American city.”

When we last left Laure Briard three years ago, asking for “a little more love please” (un peu plus d’amour s’il vous plaît), her heart and voice were lost in a sea of voices and psychedelic effects. We’re not sure to whom the lament was made, but one thing is certain: it was heard. “My Love Is Right,” she affirms today in this first track from her new album Ne pas trop rester bleue (to be released next February). This simple sentence is, as often with Laure, as much a declaration of intent as a gesture of reassurance – both tender and fragile – offered to those who have been following her for a while.

‘My Love Is Right’ is about keeping faith and trust in love, she explains, finding the courage to not blame yourself when a relationship with the wrong person isn’t working out. It’s about finding the strength to calmly reassess the situation and say to yourself: no, it is not your fault!” The music perfectly illustrates this necessity for confidence and lucidity: a slanting, worried verse, as if played on a slope (we can hear the influence of Aldous Harding and Cate Le Bon) answers the main chorus, soulful and devilishly Carole King, consisting of four simple words – “my love is right!” – like a mantra for life.

This new confidence, this luminous clarity, is shared with the band at Laure’s side: the virtuosos Julien Gasc (on guitar), Vincent “Octopus” Guyot (on piano) and Raphaël Léger (drums), well-known names of the independent French music scene, are here at the peak of their straightforward, fine-tuned artistry – which is not to say their performance is lacking in sophistication. On the contrary: it is well known that the more confident the musician, the simpler his music. Their love is right.

To illustrate the music, Laure elected the illustrator Lou Benesch, with whom she has already collaborated several times. Lou, whose watercolor works inspired by tales and myths have touched a growing number of art lovers around the world, has produced an animated clip made of several paintings of Laure. These paintings represent the various states that the artist has gone through and that she expresses in this song. We find, in the final painting, one of her chimeras: her signature.

New Zealand indie alt-pop four-piece, Yumi Zouma, have shared their latest music video for the track “If I Had The Heart For Chasing,” which appears on their new album Present Tense – now available via Polyvinyl Record Co. and [PIAS] Australia.

The video is a visually striking love letter to life on the road, and the bond that exists between the members of the band. A living, breathing, scrapbook of memories, chronicling the past year of Present Tense-era adventures. Speaking of the new video, Yumi Zouma shares that it was Cut from a mixture of footage from our March European Tour shot by Josh and 35mm pics shot by everyone! It was the first time we had been together since 2020 and it really rocked. Enjoy and thank you if you were at one of the shows and if not we will see you at one of the next ones <3.”

Cumbrian four-piece  DEATHRETRO are back with jagged new single “Dark Hoss”, out now via Cosmic Glue.


A snarling slice of sinister alt-rock, “Dark Hoss” follows on from “Exit Point” as the second track of what will be Deathretro’s next full-length release.

Gnawing through a barbed labyrinth of industrial drum beats, slithering riffs and stretches of fuzzy static, the menacing new cut sees the band take a deft step forwards in style and sound. Adrian explains:

“”Dark Hoss” is the most layered song on the new album. Moving away from the first album where everything had to be played live, we’ve given ourselves the freedom to take songs wherever they need to go in the studio.” 

Capturing best their meteoric progression from their 2021 debut, “Dark Hoss” started life as a Cure-inspired track, but took a turn in the studio and shifted towards warped Depeche Mode-meets-Nine Inch Nails territory. 

Recorded in sessions between lockdowns and eventually finished this year, the track balances eccentricity with eeriness. With shadowy rock sensibilities countered by a surprise samba band turning up in the background, “Dark Hoss”’s inspiration is as offbeat as its sound. Kie adds:

“”Dark Hoss” is the subconscious architect: running wild, constructing strange and abstract worlds which blur the lines between life and loss. The moment when half awake in a dream-like state, the mind goes deep and vidily connects with the past, before we wake up and realise all that was is slipping away once again.” 

The release follows earlier punk-rock inspired release “Exit Point” and comes as the band are fresh off the back of two major festival slots at Kendal Calling and Bluedot this Summer. Stay tuned for more news from Deathretro in the coming months..

This is Afta Hill, a Persian-Canadian recording artist and producer. I found my sound that blends my love for middle eastern psychedelic, alternative R&B, Boom-Bap music. Together with ASADI — a Persian-American electronic music producer known for his rare middle eastern influence and impressive performance ability — we made the song, “Citrus Dream” over Instagram live. It happened very quickly and naturally, though funnily enough the song then took another year to complete.Listen to “Citrus Dream” out now on streaming platforms!Watch the official music video on YouTube, as well. 
 The music video for “Citrus Dream” came about when I was out in LA for 10 days in July for a show. While we were out there, ASADI, Kia (the DOP), and I were thinking about making this video.I thought it would be cool to act like the fruit salesman you see back in Iran where we’re from. Right then and there I knew I had to shave my facial hair into a moustache and get that ugly brown suit. Once we got the car and location down, the rest was easy — we just needed 55lbs of lemons.I feel like my artistry has completely changed. In the last year I lost my father, and since then I’ve looked at life differently. I see the fragility of it all now, I don’t have time to second guess anything. I trust my vision much more and I feel as though my voice has matured. I think that goes for my songwriting too.Thanks for listening,Afta Hill and ASADI

Running Violet, who started their journey in 2011, is an eclectic collaboration of musicians, harbouring various styles and unique stage presences. Their goal was simple; write fun songs, fill fun rooms, and have fun! Although this goal has been achieved countless times in cities all over Canada, the same goal remains.

What started as an online ad for musical companionships, which collected the attention Petr Balaz, Ben Muller, Jordo Arnott and Bradley Conner, resulted in hip shaking, tear-jerking, raging songs that occupied the rooms and stages of some of Toronto’s best live music venues, and underground parties. Running Violet started with its roots planted firmly in old school Rock & Roll, with guitar licks, tones and solos ricocheting from ear to foot. However, shortly before their first debut EP, “CANVAS”, they brought in the sounds of the modern era while still holding on tightly to the styles that shaped them. 

Currently, Running Violet is anticipating the release of their first post-covid single, “WNL (Who Needs Love)”, which is also the first Running Violet song fully produced, mixed and mastered by their guitarist, Petr Balaz.

Brooklyn indie folk duo (Vito Aiuto and Monique Aiuto) The Welcome Wagon are thrilled to announce their new album Esther set to release November 4th via Asthmatic Kitty Records. As a preview they released the first single “Isaiah, California” off the album that is out now.
Esther is the fourth full-length album from the Welcome Wagon as they return to Asthmatic Kitty Records, the label on which they began their musical journey. Fittingly, it is a record that explores the idea of home in all its beauty and complexity. Regarding the album, Vito of The Welcome Wagon says, “It became apparent to us that so many of these songs were about coming home, or leaving home, or reckoning with the homes we grew up in. Plus we wrote them in our home”, says Vito, laughing.

pop singer and songwriter Maryon King returns with “Boys Will Be Boys (Heartbreak Version),” a stripped-back piano version of her latest single. Wonderland Magazine exclusively premiered the video and called it “a captivating reimagination of the track.”

Born in Calarasi, Moldova, raised in Padova, Italy and London, and now based in Los Angeles, Maryon’s musical journey has been one of grit, determination and undeniable natural talent. She began her love affair with music as a child but her parents encouraged her to follow a more traditional career path. At 18-years-old, she moved to London to study languages but secretly switched to a music degree within a few months. Buoyed by steadfast determination, compelling pop prowess, and a soulful voice that belies her youth, Maryon immersed herself in the London music scene, revealing herself as a promising new act to watch.

Maryon released three singles last year, all of which performed impressive streaming numbers, and is now preparing to roll out her debut EP, starting with the release of “Boys Will Be Boys.” In addition to her own music, Maryon has also co-written and vocaled songs for Afrojack, Martin Jensen and Tiesto, performed on Sigala’s sold out tours in the UK and Ireland, and opened for BEKA on her sold out UK tour. 

Kelvin Brown known by his stage name Kelvyn Boy is an Afrobeats crusader and a household name in the Ghanaian Afro-Pop /Highlife space. The young musician and songwriter is a native of Assin Fosu in the Eastern region of Ghana. He has swiftly gained waves of interest in the local music industry and the world at large with his fresh sound and peculiar approach to the genre he chooses, which is setting him apart from his peers. Kelvyn Boy’s passion for music started at an early age where he used to sing with every opportunity that came his way. In 2008, he got his first musical opportunity to sing in churches and from that time he got noticed for his melodious voice and thereafter was recommended by others. In 2010 he was performing at Karaoke nights and pubs. The passionate artiste having been influenced musically by Michael Jackson, Osibisa, FelaKuti, and Bob Marley, who he says still inspire him because of their work ethic. He mastered the process of his music writing skills in 2012 and began adding his vocals on beats. He looks to soar higher in his music career just like his predecessors.

After a solid period of growth, Maryland-born, LA-based R&B riser Dana McCoy finally treats audiences to her sensational debut EP To Those Who Wait. Comprised of four sophisticated R&B gems with an electronic soul, McCoy’s signature style of lavish musicality shines across her polished body of work. With the EP title coming together as a manifestation and a reclamation, To Those Who
Wait marks a personal moment for McCoy moving out of a period of waiting while also struggling with the process of finding her artistic identity. Asserting that the EP is “the first seed of the good things that are coming my way”, McCoy’s debut project emerges as a gift to those who have been waiting and supporting her across the years. Before taking their final forms, the EP’s first two songs – “Standby” and “Leave the Light On” – initially began as a stream of consciousness, speaking to the hope of being loved; “Standby” comes from darker, emotionally intense moments of longing for someone to take a chance, while “Leave the Light On” channels a confident, more self-assured sentiment.

Lily Lane was undoubtedly born to entertain. Originally from Boston, the now Los Angeles
based pop artist stems from a musical family, with her older brother being 1/2 of the
multi-Grammy nominated duo, Sofi Tukker. Having spent most of her adult years living in New
York, Lane studied at the renowned Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU with friends Fletcher, Topaz Jones and Maggie Rogers and after graduating with honors she went on to sign with Wilhelmina Models in the curve division, becoming a champion for body positivity, female & LGBTQ representation. Making a bright entrance to the music scene, her musical endeavors shine, proving there are truly no limits when it comes to both her musical
capabilities and growing soundscape. 

Feeding introspection, timeless wordplay and soulful vocal energy into her repertoire, Lily Lane
is back and unveiling her sophomore EP Queen of Hearts. 5/7 tracks were written with producer Taylor Sparks (Kelsea Ballerini, Azalea Banks) in his Los Angeles studio, and were inspired by Mark Ronson and his ability to put a timeless twist on classic Motown writing. In her sophomore endeavor Lane’s exceptional musicality is brought to life. With hopeful undercurrents flowing throughout each track, she confides what she learned after a devastating heartbreak in 2020, “Sometimes the loves of our lives are our friends or ourselves or our pets. Partners can let you down. They may betray you in the middle of a pandemic out of nowhere after 5 years but that is life and the way I dealt with it is this EP. At the beginning of this project I was so caught up in my grief I thought it would end up a ballad-heavy super depressing downer, but this project turned into hopeful journey full of self love, finding your chosen family, and knowing that love and life won’t always turn out the way you thought but maybe it can be even better.”

This Autumn, esteemed singer/songwriter ADDIE BRIK returns with a brand new album: ‘That Dog Don’t Hunt’.

The album is preceded today by the new single “Gearless”, which is available to listen to now.


Released on 25 November via Itza Records, ‘That Dog Don’t Hunt’ is the Georgia-born, Scottish-based artist’s first release since 2018’s acclaimed ‘I Have A Doctor On Board’ and is confirmed to feature contributions from Deacon Blue’s Jim Prime, Alex Rex of Trembling Bells, and Robbie MacIntosh (Paul McCartney / The Pretenders).

Its lead single “Gearless”, is a deceptively breezy alt/country cut adorned with loping pedal steel guitars and glittering acoustic arpeggios. Tying-in with the wider record’s themes of misinformation, corruption and political tensions, Addie explains of the track: 

“We live in dangerous times. This is a poem about it. Though not directly related, the 1984 full interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov (master of Soviet propaganda), The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion, is a must see.”


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