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INsiders Guide: Lil Baby & Gunna, Lauren Minear, SKINNY LISTER, Glenn Astro & Hulk Hodn, Dan Oakon, Dubinski, Ayoni, SACRE, Seven Purple Tigers…

Grammy-nominated rapper, mogul, and philanthropist, Lil Baby has received an exceedingly rare RIAA Diamond certification for the massive 2018 smash hit “Drip Too Hard” with Gunna. The certification cements Lil Baby’s place amongst music’s elite, with only 85 other songs in history having received the prestigious certification. This is the latest of a long line of unprecedented milestones for Lil Baby, and comes in advance of his newly announced and highly anticipated album It’s Only Me

2018’s “Drip Too Hard” was an early sign to all that Lil Baby was an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. The track has amassed an ever growing list of accolades, including a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Song/Sung Performance, peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, was the first number one song at Urban Radio in 2019 and was the most played song in the format that year, reached an audience of over 1 Billion on US Radio, 345M+ music video views, and has earned over 4 billion worldwide streams to date. 

The news directly follows the final show of Lil Baby and Chris Brown’s North American One Of Them Ones tour, and on the heels of an MTV VMA win for Best Hip Hop for “Do We Have A Problem” with Nicki Minaj. Baby is also coming off another major milestone, the release of his new documentary Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby. The documentary premiered Aug 26th on Amazon Prime Video, and provides an intimate glimpse into his earlier life leading up to the lightning transformation into one of hip-hop’s most elite. Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, reveals the journey of a young artist and advocator, as he sheds light on systemic oppression and the struggles that keep many from achieving the most desired American Dream. 

Watch It Here

Indie folk pop singer-songwriter Lauren Minear releases her new single, Heartbroken,” an emotional ballad that she wrote after giving birth to her son during the pandemic. The single is from Minear’s debut album, Invisible Woman, which is set to release on October 15, 2022. “Heartbroken” is out now on all music streaming platforms.

For Minear, songwriting was her way of dealing with the emotional challenges she experienced over the past two years. She says, “‘Heartbroken’ is a song about going through a difficult time and feeling like you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror. It was inspired by my experience of being postpartum during COVID lockdown and the first years of the pandemic. Like so many parents during that time, I felt consumed by caring for my newborn and toddler sons, and also overwhelmed by the state of the world.”

“Heartbroken” was produced by UK producer Dan Weeks at WWW Studios in London (for The Online Recording Studio) who produced a number of other tracks on the album as well as mastered the entire album. 

Minear also collaborated with other producers and artists on the album including NYC music producer, composer, mixing engineer, and guitarist Dan Barracuda and guitarist and producer Cory Clark. She also teamed up with award-winning songwriter, Grace Askew (The Voice, Season 4) on the last track on the album.

Before they hit the road this Autumn, SKINNY LISTER, are releasing a new video for “Embers”. 


The band who are touring the UK and Europe in support of their acclaimed fifth album ‘A Matter of Life & Love’, invite you to bask in one of its most heart-warming moments.

A strident example of the Skinnies’ feel-good, shanty-folk at its very finest, “Embers” also embodies many of the core themes that course through their latest album. As Dan Heptinstall explains: 

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“”Embers” is a song about friendship. The simple joy we feel in the warmth of good company. It also raises a glass, and enjoys a moment of reflection, to those friends we may have lost along the way. A celebration of the here and now but with a healthy dose of nostalgia.”

Glenn Astro and Hulk Hodn are connected through a long-lasting musical friendship. With their Detroit-inspired house releases, they gained wider recognition by critics and listeners alike. Nevertheless, they’ve never been one-dimensional artists. Berlin-based Glenn Astro‘s diversified approach to production as showcased on labels such as NinjaTune and Tartelet bridges the gaps between ambient, hip-hop, techno and bass.

Packed full of lo-fi beats, Ghosts showcases collaboration between Glenn Astro and Hulk Hodn, one of the German beat scene’s most influential producers who continues to consolidate his sonic personality as a German underground hip-hop legend, part of the original “Hi-Hat Club”, a producer vinyl series on Melting Pot in 2009, and congenial partner of legendary underground rapper Retrogott. Known for bridging gaps between genres, they create a truly unique kaleidoscope of sound. The duo’s idiosyncratic identity makes them true trailblazers of their time. 

Their focus single “Sunshine” features UK singer-songwriter Treasure Bloom previously released his “Nostalgia” project via Kommerz Records. When he met his Berlin-based A&R’s they introduced him to producer Glenn Astro, multifaceted producer with releases on Ninja Tune under his belt. In one night the two produced nostalgic lo-fi pop tune “Sunshine” reflecting on the talented singer’s ambitions and his inner demons causing doubts. Beautifully dense songwriting and grimy production inspired by greats such as Dijon and Frank Ocean.

Gathering a cult-like following through with records on Sichtexot and ENTBS and shows with rapper Retrogott, the duo develops their exploration of new aesthetics even further through synthesized soundscapes and numerous collaborations with young talent from all over the world.

“Sweet Angel” is a heartfelt and reflective acoustic pop-folk vocal and guitar song by Dan Oakon. This is the debut single from Oakon on Acoustic Seed Records.

The lyrics tell a romantic story of a couple and a husband’s appreciation and love for his wife. The main hook is based on an amusing memory of when the two first met.

The production is warm, intimate and sparse with acoustic guitar rhythm and lead as well as lead and harmonized vocals with a shaker.

fast rising Edinburgh-based band Dubinski share upbeat indie banger ‘Beyond Me’ and announce the details of their upcoming self-titled debut album, due for release on November 11th via Gnu Roam/Kartel Music Group. Stream ‘Beyond Me’ Here – Pre-order Dubinski Album Here.
The new cut comes on the heels of the anthemic single ‘MTSB’,released alongside the vaporwave-inspired animated video, and ‘Soothsayer’ – a hard-hitting cut praised by CLOUT for its “classic UK indie rock sound but with a slick, modern cutting edge”. Lyrically ‘Beyond Me’, says the band; “is inspired by the sense of inability to change one’s self, with the goal of avoiding the eventuality of getting into one failed relationship after another. We used downstrum, stabby chords and syncopated passing chords to create an almost classic indie rock sound”.

After two stunning lead singles, Bajan creative and multi-instrumentalist Ayoni reveals her glorious new EP The Vision – her first official project since 2019’s critically acclaimed Iridescent.

Describing herself as a storyteller from the perspective of a queer Black woman, The Vision EP takes form via five stunning, genre-bending gems which brings listeners on a journey with Ayoni as she seeks curiosity, connection and sincerity. The theatrical twists and turns of each song’s production offers a welcomed unpredictability, instilling a largely cinematic effect to the music – with all of Ayoni’s lyrics coming from lived experiences and “the divine spirit”

Rapid-rising creative duo SACRE unleashes an explosive remix for the electric party anthem “05:00AM JUNGLE CHASE” (Neus Remix).

With heavy-set basslines and sharpened techno percussion at its core, “05:00AM JUNGLE CHASE” (Neus Remix) emerges as stadium ready anthem. Taken from their monumental retro-futuristic project LOVE REVOLUTION, the Parisian duo (Hawaii and Sukil) enlist electro staple Neus to remix the track into a new atmosphere. Building tension and release with quick-cut beat drops, Sukil’s distorted vocal melodies effortlessly glide across the chaotic instrumental with unwavering confidence. Dystopian effects and gritty sonics glow front and centre as they continue to cement themselves as flagbearers of modern electronic music across the underground sound sphere.

German-American indie rockers Seven Purple Tigers are excited to release their latest single “Clarity”, the first from their upcoming Daydream Echo Chamber EP, due to be released on November 4th.  The video for “Clarity” has also been released today, which you can watch HERE

“Clarity” itself is a song two plus years in the making. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the guitar and piano riff that would become “Clarity” was recorded. Initially, Phil had a bass and guitar idea, and Austin programmed some drums and played the keys in. The duo’s interest in developing the idea further that day waned, and the project remained on their hard drive for two years. 

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Back with the second offering from his upcoming album, Toronto based Eeshii The Free, formally known as ‘The Free’ unveils his latest track “AFRICAN HOVA”.

A true representation of Eeshii’s ability to seamlessly blend genre’s “AFRICAN HOVA’s” instrumentation effortlessly combines the sounds the innovator has grown up surrounded by, from Afro beats to R&B and Hip-Hop.

Talking on the track Eeshii explains: “I’m bringing my own seasoning to this boiling pot they’ve got us in, An AFRICAN Hova”

Kaisha reveals stunning new video for her silky-smooth latest single ‘Ego’.


Listen HERE

Rich velvety vocals teamed with dreamy production make ‘Ego’ the perfect tune to keep on repeat.

Born from seeing friends get hurt by men who should know better, ‘Ego’ is a track to remind the men, guilty of treating women badly, to do better. Sharing more Kaisha explained:

“This track is about men who pretend to be good guys. I often hear stories of situations where they’re incredibly nice to their friends but completely the opposite when it comes to the person in a relationship with them. Almost like a facade that they keep up for the outside world but when they’re complacent, their true colours shine through. Save us the time and don’t pretend to be something you’re not.”

Ego is the first single to follow Kaisha’s gorgeous, second EP ‘If Not Now Then When’ which came out last year.

After the release of his critically acclaimed record Dungeon Master this past Spring, Gus Englehorn is embarking on the second leg of his tour in support of his album in Europe.

Englehorn will perform at many festivals including Reeperbanh in Germany, MaMa and Rockomotives in France, Left of Dial, Hit the City and London Calling in the Netherlands as well as playing in key cities in the UK. Full routing is below. Tickets are on sale now.

Englehorn also shares today a brand-new video for the track “Sunset Strip“, a favourite gem by many on the album. “I had never even been to the Sunset Strip when I wrote this song so it’s really just a little story I dreamt up of one person’s terrible night spent on the Sunset Strip: being kicked out of parties, bloody noses, falling down stairs, social anxiety, almost being hit by a bus,” says Gus.

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ZELA, siblings from the North-East of England, have created a dark and imaginative brand of attitude-laced alt-electronic pop. Think Charli XCX meets Wolf Alice, with a hint of Doja Cat and Yungblud. Dirty, pulsing basslines meet distortion-soaked synths and driving, electronic drum beats, and the pair have become known for their signature use of sampling front-woman Liv Griff’s vocal and using it as an instrument in itself. 

New single ‘High Wasted Genes’ explores youthful freedom; bad behaviour, taking risks and the impulsivities that come with being human. This punky, dark-party anthem, born out of a time of social restrictions, is an unchained, passionate expression of Liv’s emotions towards the importance of surrounding yourself with those who set fire to your soul, and living in the moment when the primal urge to do so takes over. 

Pulsating 808s and vocal samples tear us into the track, before drummer Max Griff pilots the chaos with a driving display of live & electronic rhythm; a perfect example of the hybrid style the pair are becoming known for. With lyrics inspired by human connection, wild nights with friends, festival debauchery and relishing in the beauty of the comedown together; there’s also a deeper undertone to the track which explores themes of progressive politics in recent times, and embracing who you truly are to your core, flaws and all.

‘High Wasted Genes’ will be accompanied by stunning visual content in the form of the duo’s debut music video, directed and filmed by Ollie Rillands. Shot on location in Newcastle, the video sees the pair night-rioting throughout a disused hotel, an empty nightclub and a windswept Northern beach, in true high-energy ZELA fashion.

Following the release of their highly anticipated eighth album, Senses Fail has today announced the Hell Is In Your Head Tour. Support comes from Like Moths To Flames, Magnolia Park, Oxymorrons and Can’t Swim on select dates.

A complete list of dates can be found below. Fans can find more information and tickets HERE

Jayde has “always felt a compulsion to externalize my thoughts and internal conflicts.” Growing up in a small town in Ontario, surrounded by instruments at her grandparents’ house and listening to her dad blast Coldplay songs on his stereo, Jayde gravitated toward music from a young age. Her parents describe how she began writing little melodies and lyrics about how the wind felt or how the sky was blue. When she hit her adolescent years, she threw herself into any opportunity to create music, which involved many singer-songwriter competitions, small performances, and songwriting camps. Jayde excelled in these settings, especially when competing on CTV’s The Launch, receiving praise from artists and industry executives such as Jann ArdenScott Borchetta and Marie Mai.  

Jayde released a set of singles in 2018, which she felt were the first hints at her ‘real’ sound and displayed the intimate moments that she values addressing through her artistry. In 2021, Jayde released her debut EP titled Sad Songs About Sad Things. For Jayde, the EP functioned as an “artistic scrapbook” from a very transitional time period in her life. As the songs organically culminated, the project became monumental to Jayde’s artistic identity; she felt that it was important enough to share with others – her only hope in mind that others might resonate with her stories and take comfort in the connection. The EP was featured in outlets such as Ones to WatchEarly RisingBefore the, and The Hidden Hits, as well as notable playlists, namely New Music Friday CanadaIt’s a BopFresh FindsFresh Finds PopEQUAL Canada, and Radar Canada

Jayde is ramping up to release more music in 2022. She explains that “the new releases are some of the most genuine” to her creative identity, “this project came from a period of musical exploration but personal stagnation.” There was a great deal of existential dread involved in the creative process as Jayde questioned everything around her, including her personal relationships, her artistry, and her creativity. “Writing and recording this past year definitely wasn’t a glamorous experience. I would walk into a writing session and spill out my entire life to strangers, and we connected and made something from it. It was the most vulnerable I have ever been, and only through music did I process my emotions.” Jayde maintains tackling her “sad” subject matter, but her newest songs are moody, energetic, and incredibly empowering. Finally, having let go of any notions of who she should sound like, or what she should say, there is no hesitation in her latest artistry to dig into hard truths about what it is like to be a creative and navigate personal identity within the rapidly changing contemporary world.  

Young newcomer Fastmoney Ant gives fans a look at his upbringing in high energy new single “Say Datt,” featuringfellowChicago rapper Lil Zay Osama.Accompanied by a striking visual, the new record boasts about what Fastmoney Ant has lived through, what made him, and even what he’s gotten away with. “Say Datt” is the first single to come before the release of his album later this Winter.

“Linked with Chicago’s trench baby Lil Zay Osama and made magic, say datt.”

 – Fastmoney Ant

The young 21-year-old rapper from Englewood takes his experiences from the unpredictable streets of Chicago and shapes them with a unique mix of storytelling and high-energy production. He is able to switch from melodic to drill and everything in between. It’s not always easy to stand out in today’s music industry but with Fastmoney Ant’s voice and charisma, it makes him irresistible to new fans and listeners who see him as a breath of fresh air. 

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EDGEOUT Records and The Revelries are excited to share their self-titled compilation album.  This collection of songs features fan favorites like “Cliche Love,” “Girls Like You,” and “So High”  and is a perfect sampling of The Revelries anthemic pop-rock guitar-driven releases from EDGEOUT Records. 

The Revelries began as the brainchild of the 24-year-old Monroe, Louisiana-bred vocalist/guitarist Beau Bailey in his dorm room during the fall of 2016 at Louisiana State University. They worked to transform their band into their own version of high-energy, U.K.-style Pop-Rock performing to audiences in local Baton Rouge dive bars to private events to venues across the Southeast.

In January 2020, The Revelries signed a development deal with EDGEOUT/UMG/UMe and entered into their program THE STUDIO where they recorded their first full length album with GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Matt Wallace (The Replacements, Faith No More, Maroon 5).  The band’s major label debut is scheduled for release later this year.

EDGEOUT focuses on the development and curation of young mainstream rock bands and artists that will be the future rock movement in the music industry.  


Socials: @neillfrazer

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