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INsiders Guide: FJØRA, EDDIE ISLAND, ANNIE KEATING, Natalie Shay, Sabina Beyli, Caravan Dream, Colony House, Astralux…

Prolific musician, composer, producer, and songwriter, FJØRA (aka Alexandra Petkovski), presents an unparalleled reimagining of Sondheim’s most introspective and unique compositions and influences with her new project, “The Sondheim Series” out now.

Winner at the 20th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards for “Best Original Song” (“Déjà Vu”), she has worked with ensembles like the Penderecki String Quartet, BU Jazz Chamber Ensemble, Concreamus Choir, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and had works heard across multiple platforms such as SXSW, Disney+, TIFF, Billboard, Blumhouse Productions, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Freeform, HBO, MTV and PBS. Some of FJØRA aka Alexandra Petkovski’s more recent work can be heard on Pretty Little Liars, theme song “Déjà Vu” for Playstation’s video game series Deathloop (as heard in remixes by artists like Steve Aoki, Future and Madison Beer), reimagination of Linda Perry’s “What’s Up” for Welcome to the Blumhouse film series and custom music score for Adidas’s International 2022 Women Campaign. The passing of Steven Sondheim on November 26th, 2021, was the catalyst for The Sonheim Series, inspiring a project rooted in her childhood and musical education.

The Sondheim Series is a roughly 12-minute music EP, consisting of three pieces: two new arrangements of existing Sondheim works and one original work in the style of Sondheim, entitled “Maybe.” Each track was recorded by the Polifonia/Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and Concreamus Choral Ensemble, along with additional background vocals collected virtually online. They were composed, arranged and orchestrated for full orchestra and SATB choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) by composer, producer, artist, and songwriter FJØRA (p/k/a Alexandra Petkovski). Mostly known for her work creating music in TV, film, advertising and video game mediums, this project is the first of its kind, allowing her the opportunity to explore a compositional and orchestration-based space for an artist that influenced her throughout childhood and into university, where she wrote, produced and recorded a Sondheim-style musical for her Master of Music Project. To honor his legacy and share his works with a new generation of listeners, Alex funded and organized a project of such massive scale.

The Into The Woods piece “Giants in the Sky” is an ode to dreamers who crave adventure, the unknown, and climbing the beanstalk to a new, foreign land. For FJØRA, this is one of the first Sondheim songs she heard that profoundly touched her and impacted her on an emotional level. The instrumentation is a balance of tension, dissonance with resolution and consonance, elevating rhythms and descending crescendo embrace an organized chaos for which Sondheim is known. The SATB choir billows beneath FJØRA lead, culminating in an impactful representation of who Sondheim was.

“Children Will Listen” touches on the vulnerability of children and explores the space of who impacts a child throughout the growth. It was written to remind us that there is great power and responsibility in looking after a child and cultivating their world. Sondheim was known for his balance of light and dark, and this song embodies this balance poignantly. If anything, the darkness underlying the song acts as a bridge to the light, because without it the light in question would not exist.

Composed and orchestrated by FJØRA, the harmonic and melodic direction which unfolds over the course of “Maybe” was crafted in a similar vein to that of Sondheim’s musical style. Cohesive chaos, burgeoning and subtly explosive chorus combine with stillness and breath to create a sense of reflection. It inhabits a place with an abundance of meaning, and a myriad of avenues to explore. Following tangents and elusive language that is simultaneously specific and universal can be perceived in multiple ways and allows for room of interpretation — much like that of Sondheim himself. Above all, it is the “embracing of the tangent” which Sondheim inspired through his music that the Sondheim Series is rooted in.

The music of Stephen Sondheim has connected people all over the world. By creating this tribute to his life’s work on an international scale, employing live instrumentalists and choral singers, FJØRA strives to embody this worldwide connection — honoring his life and legacy. You can hear each of the reimagined tracks on September 30th, 2022, when “The Sondheim Series” is officially released.

Eddie Island will release his new album Folkstar on September 30th via Audio Network. The 17th season of American Idol featured Island as a top 20 finalist.  Also slated for release on September 30th is the album’s latest single, “Honey (You Said Love)”. The track follows previous singles “Grit Your Teeth” and “Black Cat”.  The sound of Folkstar combines folk, indie rock, and singer-songwriter music of Eddie Island‘s childhood with glistening, superstar synthesizers. In addition to Bon Iver and David Bowie, this record brings to mind The LumineersPhoebe Bridgers, and The Killers.  

NYC alt/country sensation – ANNIE KEATING – is back with the brand new single: “Lovesick Blues”.

Arriving on the eve of a slew of live dates across the UK and Ireland this Autumn, the new track is plucked from an upcoming eight-track new collection, the ‘Twenty 22 Tour EP’, which will be exclusively available at these shows.


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Casting a sultry Brooklynite shadow over a swampy honky-tonk jam, “Lovesick Blues” would be as at home in the ember-like aura of a Mississippi roadhouse or the neon glow of a backstreet city bar. Toying with the old to create something new, the single finds Annie tipping her hat to the time-tested formulas of master bluesmen like John Lee Hooker & the Groundhogs or Howlin Wolf, while peppering-in a contemporary character all her own. 

Written at her home studio in Brooklyn, NYC during a particularly lonesome chapter of her life; it would be the introduction of a classic British blues artist by her producer Teddy Kumpel, that would strike a chord with her mood and provide the gateway drug for unlocking “Lovesick Blues”. As Annie explains:

“I was feeling lovesick and knew I had to lean into capturing that through a blues song… My producer Teddy Kumpel turned me on to John Lee Hooker & the Groundhogs, absolutely brilliant, timeless roots blues and one of the first 3 piece British Blues bands. I was told he couldn’t read or write but memorised thousands of songs. He had fierce riffs and grit and I wanted that sound for this sound – like provocative, playful and fierce at the same time – so that’s what I was going for on this tune.”

Natalie Shay is an indie-pop artist hailing from North London. The multi-award-winning musician has established an ever-growing presence and loyal fanbase through her explosive live performances and unforgettable anthems, recognising her as one of the UK’s hottest emerging talents. With indie synth pop leanings and ferocious guitar playing, Shay’s references range from Haim and Taylor Swift to Little Comets. Her relatable lyrics touch on love, self-discovery and the everyday experiences of a twenty-something.  

Combining her youthful and charismatic aura with her classical training and time spent at the prestigious BRIT School, Shay has finessed the ability to produce undeniably catchy music, whilst maintaining musical maturity. Written alongside George Gianluca in his Brixton studio, Shay’s incredible new single “Heaven” came to life. Her new track comes of age in an ode to personal growth, exploring the point in time in which a girl feels like she has become a woman. Shay confides,  “I feel like in lockdown I learned a lot about myself and growth.  In essence it’s a song sung to my younger self about what I’ve discovered and how I see myself getting through life now. I think it’s important to reflect on the most unique parts of your personality, and as a songwriter I think transparency comes from writing about your own flaws, not just those of others.” 

Shay’s dynamic melodies pair with soaring vocal energy and the layering harmonies that bring an overarching warmth to “Heaven”. The familiar acoustic arrangements pair sublimely with Shay’s unique musicality, as her lyrical reflection captures key moments of her life. Portraying her personal story across her repertoire, “Heaven” is the next single ahead of Shay’s highly anticipated EP, where each track explores a key feeling sensed when writing during the lockdown. She continues, “I hope I can inspire other girls in particular to get into songwriting as so many female singer/ songwriters inspired me to do so and it’s saved, changed and made my life.”

Shay continues to pique the interest of audiences across the globe. Garnering attention from notable publications such as Billboard, Clash and The Line of Best Fit, to name a few, Natalie also performed “New Wave” on CBBC’s “Saturday Mash Up!” late last year, and has landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in 12 countries. She has also worked on EDM tracks with the likes of Grum and Kryder, racking up millions of streams to date. Having sold out venues across London, most recently the Camden Assembly and Oslo, tickets are now on sale for Natalie Shay’s upcoming headline show at The Omeara in London on 25th November. After a very big summer appearing at renowned festivals such as Reading, Y Not, Hyde Park BTS and 110 Above, it looks like 2022 will continue to be an explosive out her social media networks!

Back with her latest heartfelt release, US based 19-year-old Sabina Beyli is well beyond her years as she dissects the relationship between father and daughter in emotional masterpiece “Daddy’s Daughter.”

Opening the track Sabina’s distinctive and luscious vocals take the lead as she asks, “why do I ruin everything, make it as hard as it can be?”. Effortlessly blending genres, the hypnotic production lays the foundation for the rising stars raw and vulnerable lyrics as her vocals dance between tones, showcasing her powerful range. Building anticipation throughout the track, stacked harmonies and cut up vocal samples create an entirely fresh sound on the chorus, setting Sabina apart from her contemporaries.

Delving into the story behind the track Sabina explains: “I feel like nowadays it’s extremely rare for people to have good and healthy relationships with their fathers. Although my own dad and I are close, growing up most of my friends and relatives had absent fathers so I wrote ‘Daddy’s Daughter’ based on the experience someone very close to me had growing up. Once getting the permission and approval prior to writing the track I knew that I had to be as transparent and as honest as I could. I wanted the lyrics to be straightforward yet a little secretive, I didn’t want to give everything away and I wanted to keep a little back to allow listeners to interpret the songs using their imaginations. The writing process of Daddy’s Daughter was different to my previous releases as I wrote this song on Zoom with my producer Shane. I had already written 90% of the lyrics in my notes almost two years prior

after certain events took place, Shane was quick to understand exactly what I wanted, and the track came to fruition organically from there. I honestly just hope that anyone who relates to this song knows that they’re strong, super cool and I love them.”

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Caravan Dream are a multinational rock band formed in 2019 in the Middle East, while living as expats in the state of Qatar;  the band are – Hadi Assoum (Lead Guitars & Piano), Radi El Zouhby (Lead Vocals & Guitars), Rami El Zouhby (Bass Guitars) & Oleksandr Banashko (Drums). Each of the four members bring diverse musical influences to the band, ranging from Rock, Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Hard rock and Metal. They release their new single “Fantasy” on 15th September 2022 with an album to follow later in the year.

It was during the lockdowns at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic that Hadi became inspired to write the song Heroes Dreams” and shared it with his bandmates in a covers band.  It was a defining moment: the band decided to change tack and start writing and producing their own original material under a brand-new name: Caravan Dream. The new name perfectlyreferences the desire for fantasy and to reject the grind of daily routine (or “The Machine” as they describe it) to a liberated, free, caravan-like world as a kind of creative and emotional escape from the broken dreams left behind in their home countries in Lebanon & Ukraine. Few months later, Caravan Dream arranged and self-produced Heroes Dreams” which was later mixed and mastered by Dave Skelton in Ireland and released as their first single in the Summer of 2020.

The band subsequently released the single Into Your Maze”, mixed in California by Greg Johnson and mastered at state-of-the-art KATARA STUDIOS by Mazen Murad. The track which was deliberately written with a more obvious rock flavour to underscore the conflict that a person has within her/himself and deals with the love-hate feeling towards their addictions, people, commitments, and other attachments. The more recent single  “Moonlight” , releases August 2022, is spacious and grandiose and almost esoteric in its form.

The new single “Fantasy” provides a ‘perfect virtual space’ that we can all retreat to and escape the harshness of the real world. As Radi explains, “…a judgement free world where there is no place for natural disasters, wars and sadness. A world away from robotic and heartless surroundings where we all could be happily equal as non-clustered, unlabelled and uncategorized humans”.

Given the uncertainties and sadness in our current world it is indeed the “Fantasy” we all need right now.

With a sound that can only be described as “landlocked surf rock,” Colony House continues their authentic approach to indie rock with the new single, “Cannonballers,” out September 15, 2022. The song premiered exclusively via SiriusXM Alt Nation Advanced Placement. LISTEN HERE.

In a world that feels more divided every day, Colony House has continued to unite fans under its banner of hope and light. No frills, no gimmicks. Just heart-level rock and roll music. The Colony House catalog is as weighty and intelligent as it is light and approachable. Three studio albums invite the listener on a journey through stories of loss, grief, and heartbreak while welcoming them into the hope that comes on the other side. Their 2014 debut, When I Was Younger, included the instantly popular single “Silhouettes,” which became the #1 most played track on Sirius XM’s Alt Nation for four months straight. The band followed with their sophomore album, Only the Lonely, whose title and demeanor pay tribute to the vintage sounds of Roy Orbison and the Beach Boys. The surf-rock hit, “You Know It,” reached mega-viral status on Tik Tok, and has vaulted to over 100 million streams across all platforms after being featured as the soundtrack to Samsung Mobile’s nationwide ad campaign. The band has performed their songs for worldwide audiences with two appearances on both Late Night with Seth Meyers and CONAN, as well as The Today ShowVH1’s “Morning Buzz,” and MTV Live.

Astralux in Los Angeles

Rock band Astralux have unveiled their new single, “Desert Dream.” Thrilling, powerful, and enigmatic, the track is a sonic journey through the surreal and inspiring places we travel when the “Sun goes away.” The single is available for streaming now.

“The creation of the song itself almost feels like a dream,” explains Will Schlich, guitarist and vocalist for the band. “It started as a simple jam to warm up during a rehearsal, but as soon as we found that beat, the rest of the song came pouring out of us in a frenzy. In many ways, it’s the culmination of all our chaotic, creative energy.”

Rising South- East London rapper ML releases ‘Folks’, the next instalment of a slew of releases in the run up to his debut mixtape later this year. 

Not sticking to one sound, ML is a diverse musician who plans to show his versatility across all his forthcoming releases and whilst basing his music on current feelings and life experiences.

‘Folks’ features a skippy production with ML’s smooth flow and vocals. The track itself is relatable on many levels. Reflecting the loyalty that one may have for their friendship group or “Folks”. With a juxtaposing visual reflecting a narrative of someone who’s trying to find their path and pursue their dreams. At the start we see ML in a garden working, whilst a colleague tells him that his track is big, ML explains, he’s trying to do some ‘major things’. Throughout the video we see ML progress through jobs to pursue his real passion for music.

This is just the beginning of what is looking to be a fulfilling career for the young rapper.

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Los Angeles alternative emo punk band SAD PARK have today announced signing to Pure Noise Records. To celebrate the band have released a lyric video for new single ‘OMW’.

Speaking about the new single vocalist Graham said ‘The song is an expression of the sacrifices we give up to pursue this dream of making/playing music. It’s me working through the feeling of loving what I’m doing with Sad Park and getting the opportunity to travel around the country to play our music, but then being away from everyone and not ever being with the people that I love.’

Rowdy Rebel unveils the music video for his new single “Paid Off” [feat. Fivio Foreign]. Watch it HERE. It remains a standout from his acclaimed debut album REBEL VS. ROWDY—available now.


Directed by frequent collaborator G Train Productions,the visual might just be Rowdy’s most action-packed display yet. This time around, he, Fivio, and two masked female accomplices launch a high stakes big money bank robbery. Armed to the teeth, they take over the bank and enter the vault under the glow of red lights. The action continues as the police catch on only to be left in the dust. It matches the track’s bold and braggadocious New York swagger in terms without apology.

It arrives on the heels of the video for “New York” [feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Jadakiss]. It reeled in 3.5 million YouTube views and counting. UPROXX applauded it as “an anthemic to ode to Rowdy’s hometown.

REBEL VS. ROWDY is out now.

Neela is a multi-talented R&B singer-songwriter.  A lover of the arts, the songstress has found creative outlets in the local theatre and music scenes of Vancouver and Toronto.

In 2019, she released her debut EP, Lovers in Danger, with Beatchild (Drake, Justin Nozuka). In 2021, she released her second EP,  Prelude, produced by Grammy-winning producer, Chin Injeti. Currently she is anticipating the release of her third EP, accompanied with a visual film called Exposed produced by Grammy nominated producer, Akeel Henry and Kofo(Giveon, Loony, Shawn Mendez). She has secured grants for the large scope of this project (CA Council), a distribution deal with AWAL and working towards booking a national tour with her recent management.

An intensely personal reflection on growth in unexpected places, MisterWives’ last album SUPERBLOOM marked a moment of major transformation for frontwoman Mandy Lee and her bandmates: Etienne Bowler (drums), William Hehir (bass), Marc Campbell (guitar), and Mike Murphy (saxophone). The New York City-bred band’s third full-length, the 19-track epic found MisterWives greatly expanding their already-adventurous sound, introducing new textures and colors to their magnetic form of indie-pop. On the album’s soul-stirring title track, MisterWives close out SUPERBLOOM with a moment of pure triumph and a profound sense of possibility. With its chorus including a lyric Lee later adopted as a mantra in times of self-doubt (“I deserve congratulations, ’cause I came out the other side”), “SUPERBLOOM” draws much of its power from its graceful arrangement of so many potent elements: soulful horns and luminous piano melodies, hard-hitting rhythms and gospel-choir harmonies. 

MisterWives have come out the other side stronger than ever and as the band departs from the world of Superbloom and into the next they have launched their own label Resilient Little Records and partnered with PhotoFinish Records/Virgin Music.  Their new chapter began with the double single Easy / Where Do We Go From Here? released this summer, followed by the band’s biggest headlining tour yet. “Wrongside” was just released on August 31st.

LA-based rising alternative artist Ronboy, the musical moniker of Julia Laws, shares her latest ethereal single “Forget It” out everywhere now. The forthcoming poignant and atmospheric debut studio album Pity To Love is due out September 30 and available to pre-order now. Celebrate the album release with Ronboy in LA at Gold Diggers on September 30 with tickets and information available here, featuring music, merch and more. Preview the merch here.

It was during the making of “Forget It” that Ronboy knew she had a body of work taking shape. The sleek, mid-tempo production is bolstered with nostalgic, atmospheric instrumentation. Dropping into the bridge, Ronboy’s vocal mantra swirls around before rocketing into a high energy solo and final chorus, singing, Forget it too easy / Not your problem / You get it, you get it / You do away with it.” 

“‘Forget It’” was a distinctly fun song to write and record,” recalls Ronboy. “And as a bonus, has some stellar, inconspicuous personality.” Built around a demo recorded while sick, Ronboy shares,“I had an involuntary crack come out of my throat. I thought it had a vibe and dropped it throughout the chorus. Pitched a few of them around to follow the progression and coincidentally, they became the jumping off point for the syncopated rhythm and groove of the song.”

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Reagan Capaci (“cuh-pay-see”) is guaranteed to capture any listener’s attention the moment her raspy vocal tone emits from their speakers. Interestingly, the jazzy and nostalgic aspects of her music aren’t the only things about Reagan that spark intrigue. Reagan comes from “cult-like” roots, spending many years of her youth in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church where listening to anything outside of hymns was considered flirting with the devil, and drums were the inaugural anthem to hell. 

It wasn’t until Reagan and her family planted their roots in Las Vegas that the newly found culture made its impression on her. Through friends made at a performing arts school and an enlightening jazz program, Reagan was able to not only blossom as a vocalist, but have access to conditions that allowed her to embrace the complete beauty of music. After years of being shamed for vocal “over-performing” with extra riffs and runs in church, she found joy in songs by artists like Ella Fitzgerald, where she could feel the freedom of music, in colorful scatting,  flexible song structure, and more. With vocal stylings like Erykah Badu and a musicality comparable to Kehlani, Reagan is on par with the greats even though she hadn’t even heard of many of them well into her teenage years. 

Reagan would take in the challenges her loved ones faced and translate those experiences into music, with hopes of uplifting their spirits. With a passion to serve others, Reagan decided to pursue music full-time in the midst of finishing her 4-year degree in Arizona. It is with that same passion that Reagan is hopeful her music acts as a vessel and leads her to make a difference for those seeking solace. 

In the past two years, Reagan has ascended to new heights in her career. Right before the pandemic, she played a sold-out show in Phoenix, Arizona opening up for Doja Cat. Then in 2021 she won the 2021ASCAP Foundation Harold Adamson Lyric Award in the pop category. More recently, she has amassed a great amount of fans on TikTok after her last single “Don’t Recommend” was discovered by T-Pain on one of his popular live streams.  She now readies for the release of a new jazz-meets-R&B EP this fall that focuses on the rawness of the human experience. 

the ​​London-based Andalusian artist Selbor has released a new single “Lava in The Sky” via legendary French electronic label Kitsune Musique. The single is Selbor’s funkiest track to date, with a delightfully bouncy bassline, disco guitar riffs, and vocoder vocals – all topped off by a saxophone solo. As the song reaches its anthemic chorus and Selbor sings “all your troubles melt like Lava In The Sky”, it’s impossible not to give into the dancefloor catharsis. You can listen to the track below:


If you detect some Daft Punk vibes on “Lava in the Sky”, that’s no accident, as this track was written on the day the French duo officially called it quits. “I wrote Lava in the Sky the day that Daft Punk split up as a tribute to them. I’m a big fan of their music and just happened to be in the studio that day when we found out.” Attempting to emulate perhaps the biggest dance act of the new millennium is certainly a tall order, but Lava in the Sky succeeds not by directly copying Daft Punk’s homework and instead trying to capture the freewheeling spirit of their early work and translating it to Selbor’s distinct electronic pop style.

“Lava in the Sky” is the first new music from Selbor since the release of his debut self-titled album earlier this year, which blends elements of flamenco, disco, electronica, and indie dance into a unique concoction. The music of Selbor has already made fans of fellow artists like AgoriaCaribouRoman Flügel and most notably Hot Chip, who co-produced and remixed the single “Your Love”.

As is the case with all Kitsune Musique singles, each month a new artist is commissioned to create the artwork, and for September that featured artist is the Paris based illustrator Milena Bucholz.

Los Angeles-based artist and songwriter, MJ Ultra, crafts a cohesive mix of old school sounds and modern-day beats on his sexy new track, “Goddess,” out on September 29th, 2022. No stranger to creating music to inspire, MJ Ultra has seen placements in film and television projects like America’s Got Talent and Dancing With The Stars. His 2017 collaboration “Black & White” with Barcelona-based DJ Duo, Boxinlion, amassed over 50 million streams worldwide and put him on the map as an artist to watch. He’s performed across the country on multiple tours including a stop for SoFar Sounds Paris as well as locally at The Hotel Cafe and other Los Angeles institutions.  “Goddess” marks the first single off his upcoming body of work.

Imagine what happens when the smooth stylings of 70’s influences like Bobby Womack and The Temptations meet modern-day sonic charisma — that’s what you get on MJ Ultra’s new track “Goddess” produced by ERN (Aaron Haggerty).  From the very first note, you’re transported to a moment of euphoria, guided by MJ’s pure vocals, which wash over you in waves of warmth and feel-good vibes. Backed by classic Motown-style harmonies, the single reverberates with an old-school atmosphere that takes us back to the days of melodic-forward tracks and pitch-perfect vocals. Yet MJ Ultra finds a way to take this classic sound and fit it in with the urban mainstay artists of today with a bumping beat and hooky chorus. This is one track you’ll be listening to all summer long. And don’t forget to check out the coinciding video Directed by MJ Ultra and starring Corrine Wyse and Jesse Johnson, out the same day as the single

Rising bedroom-soul singer/songwriter Noah Guy releases a new single “5 MO’ MINUTES.” Listen HERE.

Through lush throwback guitar licks and an intricately flipped sample of Stanley Turrentine’s 1974 jazz composition, “I Know It’s You,” Noah Guy croons his way through a powerful breakthrough: All of the so-called “line-bangers” in his life that have eroded his trust in others and his visions for “success” are merely just projections. The story he shares is really a destruction of self, as his inability to balance the gives and takes of a relationship consequently bring it to a devastating end.

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“5 MO’ MINUTES” will be featured on Noah Guy’s upcoming project, joining his previous single 2 DOGS 1 LEASH,” a dreamy tune thatquickly surpassed the 1 million stream mark and gained acclaim from the likes of Billboard, 1883 Magazine and more.

Terry “Sir Will” Williams creates intoxicating hip hop and R&B releases marked by intense passion and an undeniable musical flair. Defined by years of overcoming poverty, inner-city life, and unforeseen challenges, the artist channels his inner resilience and uses innovation and versatility to confidently inspire others through his powerful music and authentic voice. With a natural talent for crafting hooks and creating relatable lyrics, Sir Will has built a dedicated fanbase of avid listeners.
Growing up in Compton, California, Sir Will overcame a difficult childhood with his family members selling and abusing drugs and loved ones involved in gang activity. Inspired by Los Angeles icon and local rap hero, “DJ QUIK”, who performed at his neighborhood’s annual block party, a young Sir Will wanted to achieve that same human “superpower” of becoming an influential rap icon who enthralled and motivated audiences around the globe. At just eight years old, a young Sir Will began songwriting, rapping and entering in local talent shows and performances showcasing his original music.Since 2021, Sir Will has released a series of infectious hip hop and R&B singles under his label, Will Do It Entertainment. Working alongside West Coast legendary producer Rhythm D and other icons such as Battlecat, Drumma Boy, Bobby 

Keyz from the Loopholes, and LA Reid’s son Antonio Reid Jr., is a sought after artist who has established himself as a rapper known for slick metaphors, great hooks and a captivating vocal clarity. He confides, “I want any listener watching me perform or listening to me wherever you are, to hear every single word that comes out of my mouth. I feel we do not have enough of that in today’s music, and I want to bring that feeling back.”Sir Will’s “Moment of Truth”, which features Arizona rapper JudgeDaBoss and showcases the artist as a powerful thought leader and a musical force to be reckoned with in the hip hop world. Thematically, the song explores undeniable confidence, determination and ultimately finding success after life’s trials and tribulations. Featuring effortless flow and lyrical prowess topped off with throbbing bass and heavy-hitting synths, “Moment of Truth” is an unhinged and potent anthem of perseverance. With production by 

Pandora Nightz, the song’s masterful and dynamic elements keep listener’s on their toes for a fresh and invigorating musical listen. 
His single 

“Weight Up” is a modern hip hop anthem dedicated to appreciating the beauty, decadence, and finer things in life with his signature charismatic feel-good flow.  “Weight Up” is all about investing in yourself; putting in the work and celebrating the results. As Sir Will puts it, “The term ‘Weight Up’ stands for whatever you’re doing in life. You can always do it better and go harder.” Antonio Reid Jr. brought together multi-platinum, Grammy nominated West Coast legend Rhythm D (Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Mack 10, Paperboy) and Grammy nominated, Billboard award winning icon Bobby Keyz of the Loopholes (Future, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Moneybagg Yo) to produce the hard-hitting, razor-sharp sound of “Weight Up”.

With influences such as 2 Pac, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne as well as notable battle rappers Tay Roc, Tsu Surf, Geechi Gotti, and Math Hoffa, Sir Will has no limits when it comes to fusing musical styles. “I’m from the West Coast, so you will be able to hear that in my slang, the way I talk. But I want you to hear the East Coast lyricism, all the way to that South bounce. I want to be able to deliver it from all areas like it’s never been done before.”

Outside of music, Sir Will finds purpose by giving back to the community and educating inner city youth on financial literacy. With more music on the horizon, Sir Will is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. “The message is simple – I’m here to create great music and deliver it from the perspective of someone who came from nothing and who has seen success before all the music and fame.” 


Socials: @neillfrazer

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A decade of “PAW Patrol” has given us thrilling adventures, lovable characters, and endless merchandise. From TV screens to the silver screen, “PAW Patrol:...


By sought-after demand, Brooklyn-born powerhouse artist Lola Brooke commences ‘GATOR SEASON’ with the debut of her eagerly-awaited new single “You” featuring GRAMMY® nominated, multi-platinum singer Bryson Tiller via Team...


The trailer for Tripped Up, has arrived starring Leah Lewis, who recently led Pixar’s latest animated hit, Elemental. The film hits theaters on October 20. “Aspiring...


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