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INsiders Guide: Annabel Gutherz, PLVTINUM, LOUIS COUPE, CAESAR SPENCER, Hedda Mae, SYLVETTE, R. Flex, Alice Pisano, QUARRY, Sid Seth, MARIS…

Montreal-based singer and songwriter Annabel Gutherz will release her orchestral-pop interpretation of “Life on Mars” by David Bowie, one of her all-time favorite songs. Coinciding with the release of the new Bowie documentary, Moonage Daydream, Annabel’s cover is a timely homage to the legendary artist. 

“My interpretation of the rich narrative conveyed through Bowie’s abstract and surreal lyricism is one of sadness, longing, and hope, with a commentary about society and the media that still rings true today,” Annabel comments. “I love the emotional dimensionality of the story being told, the melody, the production… everything! I hope to honor Bowie, one of the most prolific and brilliant artists of our time, and his lasting legacy with this cover.”

singer, songwriter and producer PLVTINUM is back with the release of his new single, “DIE4MYBITCH.”

“DIE4MYBITCH,” is a hypnotic introduction to PLVTINUM’s upcoming EP, slated to release later this year. Pairing cinematic production with sinister yet self-aware lyrics, PLVTINUM explores his internal struggle with possessiveness on “DIE4MYBITCH.” He elaborates: “On one hand, my instinct to engage in possessive behavior can be destructive to my relationships, on the other, it can lead to elevated passion and loyalty. This song acts as a device for cathartic expression – instead of attempting to rationalize my more unsavory attributes, I lean into them.”

Somewhere between a suburban misfit and a loudmouthed twenty-something, PLVTINUM isn’t your typical squeaky clean pop star. Blending the sonic textures of EDM, pop-punk attitude, and catchy pop-R&B, the New York-based artist unapologetically explores the darker sides of the human experience. With lyrics that touch on toxic relationships, sex, nihilism, ego and party culture, PLVTINUM has captured the attention of the post-teen crowd and emerged as a defining voice in the alt-pop space. He first broke out with his 2016 viral hit, “Champagne & Sunshine,” but his ever-growing catalog and fanbase — 2.3M Spotify monthly listeners, 86K Instagram followers, 1B cumulative streams — has proved that he’s much more than a one-hit-wonder.

Rising singer-songwriter LOUIS COUPE has unveiled his stunning new single “Where Did The Time Go?”. 


Pinning together dazzling piano lines with dramaturgic choruses, “Where Did The Time Go?” is as scintillating as it is stirring: heart-wrenching enough to catch a lump in your throat, but shaded with all the optimism of a young person with the world at their feet. 

A song that speaks to the classic romanticism of the past as easily as it does the rose-tinted blossoming of the future, Louis explains:

“I’ve always looked up to my grandparents and thought they had the best love story ever. They’ve been together so long and my Grandad still loves my Grandma no matter what — just as much as he did when they met — and I thought that was so inspiring for someone my age.

I guess I realised that I wanted to live a love story like that too. I wrote the song imagining his perspective and all the memories he’s collected over the years with my Grandma, in turn imagining all the memories I hope to collect in my life.” 

CAESAR SPENCER returns with the iridescent pastoral-pop of “Isn’t That What Jimi Said”.


Imbued with that warm afterglow of reflection that arrives with the Autumn season, the newest single from the Paris-based artist delivers both a tender tribute to the late Jimi Hendrix (who died on September the 18th. 1970) on the one hand, and a sepia-tinted recollection of endless Summer’s past, on the other. 

As Caesar elaborates of the song:

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““Isn’t That What Jimi Said” is a reminiscence about Summer holidays, and in my case, the ones spent in the South of Sweden. It’s about the Summers you have when you’re 16 years old. You fall in love with a strange girl and then you break up. Was it true love or just a Grease-style Summer loving fling? You’re not really sure and you don’t really know how to handle it.”

“The Jimi in question is actually Jimi Hendrix. It refers to the apocryphal idea that he smashed up his guitars out of sheer frustration because they weren’t able to sufficiently express the sounds he had in his mind. It’s the idea that the emotions you feel are sometimes so strong that you have no ability to express them in a reasonable way. You’re limited by the tools you’re given. That can be painful to experience but it’s also something that can drive great art. Consider the DIY punk ethos. The technical ability you have to play is less important than the glorious, anarchic energy and sound you’ve created. It’s an imperfect statement of intent which sometimes sounds more authentic and beguiling than something that has been perfectly crafted.” 

Rising Norwegian popstar-in-the-making Hedda Mae is set to make listeners smile ear-to-ear on her new EP “This Might Get Loud” out today via GEMS. The record is brimming with her warm, feel-good brand of 90’s retro pop that encourages a guilt-free pass to bring out the dancing moves started back in the time of the Spice Girls and S Club 7.

Here is the EP in full;

The “This Might Get Loud” EP already promises euphoric moments in the shape of the recent single “Another Stranger” and a bouncier moshpit moment in “Rhythm To Myself” also out this year. Fans will notice new tracks “Wake Up,” “It Ain’t You,” and “Winner” make the tracklist (below) to form a full-on, pop-bop.

Manchester-based art-rock five-piece SYLVETTE have shared a spine-tingling cover of Nine Inch Nails classic: ‘Right Where It Belongs’. 


The new track arrives as the band confirm a release date for their third album: ‘Single Thread’ – which will arrive on 25th November 2022. 

A sprawling rendition that sees Sylvette pay homage to the Nine Inch Nails original just as easily as they do douse the track with their own allure, the band initially released an early version of “Right Where It Belongs” on YouTube back in 2020. Having amassed almost 20,000 views since, the cover gained traction with Nine Inch Nails fans who flooded the video’s comment section “proclaiming they connected to it just as much if not more than the original.”

Quietly contemplative cover that’s laced with a heart-rending sense of feeling, vocalist Charlie Sinclair explains how it finds its place on their upcoming album: 

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“”Right Where It Belongs” is the first cover we’ve ever played together that really felt like we made it our own. The song is about questioning your reality and how going through change and trauma can distort the way you perceive yourself. It really felt appropriate for the theme of our upcoming album ‘Single Thread’, so we made it the closing track on the record.” 

Staking their place as one of the most prolific and intriguing bands on the Manchester underground scene, ‘Single Thread’ will emerge on 18 November and promises to show a completely new side to the group. 

Canadian artist R. Flex returns with ONCE UPON A FLEX. In collaboration with multi-disciplinary producer David Psutka (ACT!, Egyptrixx, Anamai), the 2-track EP recalls the melancholic grooves of 80’s R&B. 

R. Flex’s vocal performances are deftly evocative. At the turn of a phrase, they flit from soft and understanding to tragic and downtrodden. The result is their most vulnerable, paranoid, and honest work to date. Their ability to navigate 80’s R&B while traversing topics like sex with downlow men & public breakdowns, makes for a cotemporal record that reveals queer emotions, experiences, and events that were always bubbling under the surface of 80’s R&B. 

Taking influence from the likes of Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, & Luther Vandross, ONCE UPON A FLEX comes to life. “The Fog” unravels with cinematic soundscapes that captivate eerie tones and unparalleled ambiguity. R. Flex shares, “I ended up turning that feeling of moral ambiguity into sexual ambiguity. I, in turn, made a song about my experiences having sex with men on the downlow. Meaning, I made a song about men who have sex with men, but don’t identify as gay to avoid coming out.” Blended with a reverbarating rhythm and soaring vocal energy, they continue,  “I think for a song that pulls from quiet storm, which is already known for expanding masculinity to embrace domestic sensuality, this song pushes beyond heteronormative expectations.” Leaning into a realm of quiet storm, pop and trap, “The Fog” comes to life. 

“Hounds of Hell” is the second offering from the EP. Pinning down discourses into self-abandonment across both tracks, it’s R. Flex’s hope that the EP inspires listeners to feel. They confide, “I expose the paradox of centering oneself in the midst of a social ill while dissociating at the same time. There’s no centre; just an endless cycle of self-abandonment that brings the EP together.” Inspired by a line in Sky Ferreira’s “I Blame Myself”, “Hounds of Hell” serves something maniacal and yet vulnerable. Much like “The Fog”, there’s a tension, but the beat feels lucid, pairing sublimely with R. Flex’s euphoric vocals. 

Garnering humbling praise from the likes of Exclaim Magazine, Bandcamp, and The Star, R. Flex’s repertoire to date has been discovered globally, landing on queer playlists in Amsterdam, Toronto, and New York. Simply put, R. Flex is an underground star in the making. Supporting the likes of Haiku Hands and Khalifa, they also performed alongside BLCK*SYNC at the 2nd anniversary of Club Quarantine (one of the world’s biggest online dance parties). R. Flex is in demand and excited for you to CHECK THE FLEX!

Introducing Italian-born, London-based, Alice Pisano, a contemporary pop artist who made a bright entrance to the scene back in 2018. Since then, she has garnered a fantastic name for herself, offering listeners an ecstatic realm of lyrical bliss and contagious musicality.

Now, Pisano releases “Ink”, the second single from her upcoming EP Shattered But Still Cool following the relatable “Boys Like You”. Written and produced alongside Anthony Goldsbrough (Sam Tompkins, Charlotte OC) and Gavin Powell (Emeli Sandè, Jake Isaac), her new single explores how intense love can be for an introvert. Pisano confides, “I can get a bit shy in social situations, especially at big parties. But I also have a more bubbly and outgoing side, and having a crush on someone tends to drag me out of my shell. When I wrote it I was dating someone and I was in that initial infatuation phase, when you get butterflies in your stomach. It didn’t end well, but that is another story!”

As Pisano’s dreamy vocals rise above energised synthesisers, “Ink” is enveloped by blissful melodies and a blaring bassline that would find a home on any dancefloor. She has released yet another single that genuinely encapsulates her burning desire for true pop-perfection. Pisano explains, “I hope Ink can be a mood booster and make someone dance, feel good and energised!”

With shining global success, her debut single “Celebrated Life” garnered over four million Spotify streams alone. Following her successful debut, Pisano also had four singles enter the iTunes Pop charts, numerous radio plays on stations including the BBC and over one million views on TikTok with her single “September”. Her single “Open Up” was featured as the soundtrack to the summer trailer of the British hit TV series Hollyoaks. This year, Pisano played two shows at The Great Escape Festival and was one of the first 50 artists to be announced. Accumulating a huge amount of Spotify editorial support, her latest single “Boys Like You” made its way to Spotify’s Global Fresh Finds playlist, 6 New Music Fridays, New Pop UK, as many more editorial playlists. As well as garnering critical acclaim from online tastemakers including Clash, Earmilk, Wonderland and Atwood Magazine, “Boys Like You” is regularly played on BBC Radio Wales and Pisano was also interviewed live by H from Steps on his Friday Night show. Alice Pisano is truly proving to be a rising star in the contemporary pop scene.

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Milan-based Singer-songwriter QUARRY has unveiled his new single “This Is The Story”, taken from forthcoming LP ‘Positioning The Sun’ (out 14 October, via Lowfieye Records). 


With airy instrumentals, minimalist analog synths, steady acoustic guitars and gauzy vocals that descend into dramaturgic choruses, “This Is The Story” deftly balances the line between ethereal and enormous. 

The first song written for the new LP, the song tells the tale of a video chat between two friends. “One is depressed and is slipping into the quicksand of malaise,” Quarry explains, “while the other tries to lead him away from darkness and the dangerous no-go zone.” 

Sid Seth is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who forms a blissful blend of soul and pop into his truly unique repertoire. Originally from Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India, he moved to New York five years ago to study at the Manhattan School of Music, and has been pursuing music in the city ever since.

Emerging sublimely into the scene, the musician is releasing his new single “Simple Yet True.” Written in the depths of lockdown, he found himself alone in New York without friends or family. He confides, “I was feeling lost in a once bustling city that had abruptly fallen silent. I started painting without thinking too much, and unexpectedly produced a long forgotten image from my childhood which immediately inspired me to write this song.”

Working alongside producer Kris Crawford (Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Josh Groban), and Grammy winning mastering engineer Alex Psaroudakis, his latest endeavor came to life. With compelling conceptual approaches, Sid continues, “I wasn’t sure what to do so I started painting. As a child, fine art was something I really enjoyed but I hadn’t held a brush for years. As I started mixing colors, I saw an image that took me back to childhood. It brought me immense joy as it was a forgotten memory with my family.” Growing up, his mom introduced him to The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Boney M and Abba, while Sid’s dad introduced him to the rhythm and melodies of Hindustani Music and Indian Classical music. Paired with the soul inspired tones of Michael Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald, Sid’s enriching sound can be attributed to his vast musical influences.

Exploring the idea that people find their own stories in art, “Simple Yet True” opens with the tender tones of an acoustic guitar. As a keen guitarist and pianist, Sid creates the perfect backing for his delicate vocal energy, as the track envelops with raw authenticity. As he sings, “If you look inside these waters lies hope”, his soul intertwines with intricate musicality and soulful-inspired pop. The warmth in his tone and the tremendous energy he possesses makes him a trailblazer of this time, with the familial comfort of art pathing the way for his resonating lyricism.

Sid has performed in various venues in New York City, such as the Bowery Electric, Feinstein’s 54 Below, and the Green Room, as well as multiple cities in India. Having recently graduated from the Manhattan School of Music, Sid has gained humbling acclaim from multiple critics and the likes of Opera News. Garnering thousands of streams across his repertoire, we are set to see extraordinary things in 2022 and beyond!

Heavenly Bodies

• “”Heavenly Bodies” is about the rollercoaster of emotions in the unbalanced and intense first love I experienced in high school. I was in love with this girl, and I existed at her beck and call. She would only hit me up when her boyfriend wasn’t talking to her, and I would happily let her pick me up (which felt like flying toward the sun), only to throw me down (coming back down to earth).” – MARIS

• “Heavenly Bodies” is the debut single of MARIS and the first of several upcoming releases leading to her EP, Gravity, expected March 2023.

• “Heavenly Bodies” was written by MARIS with producer, songwriter, and artist Bruce Wiegner (Katy Perry, Set It Off).

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rising San Francisco-based DJ and producer, AIR APPARENT, shares his long-awaited debut LP, Chromaticout everywhere now, including the latest single, “Razor” featuring Meredith Bull. The bright and bouncy 12 tracks build an uplifting dreamscape featuring appearances from vocalists like ConstanceKcdeeyaGESSEllie Jones, and more.

The debut album from AIR APPARENT, the musical moniker of Indian-American dance musician Neil Sethi, is a splashy, vibrant fusion of ‘80s funk, electronic dance music with soaring R&B/pop hooks that chronicles the highs and lows of a romantic relationship. Chromatic is a buoyant, kaleidoscopic collection that puts AIR APPARENT’s range as a musician on full display as he wrote more of the melodies and lyrics than ever before. It’s a dynamic, dreamy fantasy that imagines summer lasts all year long, and transcends traditional boundaries of genre, carving a path to something greater.

“I wanted to play on the idea that electronic music doesn’t have to be one thing. It can be stretched and smeared in different directions,” Sethi says of Chromatic“The title refers to me expressing my vision of electronic music in a range of different colors, just how you can take a human experience and find 25 different angles and narratives within it.” As Sethi brings listeners into new soundscapes, he discovers more of himself. “The act of creating is often the best way for me to get to know myself,” Sethi says. “Even when making instrumentals, certain words start popping out, and I find that they were parts of me that I hadn’t expressed.”

Custie is an emerging alternative pop artist hailing from London, Ontario. His distinct sound explores pop music as it intersects with singer-songwriter, R&B and alternative music.

Custie accredits his knack for musical exploration to influences such as Frank Ocean, Prince, King Krule, The Beach Boys and D’Angelo. Custie has spent the past 3 and a half years developing his musicality and songwriting, as well as putting out short albums and performing.

As an artist at heart who has explored creative mediums his entire life, Custie finally decided he would try his hand at music at 13 years of age. In the beginning, he uploaded ambient instrumental music to his YouTube channel “Ci3 Music”, amassing over 21,000 views. He went by this moniker for three years, eventually releasing various short projects with his own vocals, including “MISSION 3”. More recently as Custie, he has released the single “Jamie Ashland” and done headline and co-headlining shows locally. In 2021, he won the Forest City London Music Awards’ Youth Award for winning the High School Battle of the Bands competition. At 19 years old, Custie continues to develop his songwriting, production, live shows and continues to try and push his boundaries musically, as well as expanding his name locally.

pop singer-songwriter Jeffrey James returns with his new song “Beautiful Ones,” the lead single from his forthcoming 2023 EP.

“Beautiful Ones” is the ultimate feel-good anthem. While working with producer Brett Truitt (Betty Who, Chord Overstreet), Jeffrey challenged himself to create a quintessentially “happy” song. He aced the assignment, crafting a song that beams with positive lyricism, catchy pop hooks, slick harmonies and his signature soulful vocals.

He elaborates on the songwriting process: “It was a damn near perfect, sunny day outside and Brett has an open and bright studio. It was the perfect vibe to write about feeling confident and careless, and thriving with your friends.”

Pairing rich vocals, R&B stylings and reflective lyricism, Jeffrey creates svelte, brooding tracks that provide deep introspection on the human experience. Since making his debut in 2016, he’s amassed millions of streams across his repertoire, received praise from tastemakers like Billboard and 1883 Magazine, and had his music featured in numerous TV shows and films. In Spring 2022, Jeffrey co-wrote “Breakout” with Grammy Award-winning DJDave Audé which climbed to number 5 on the UK dance charts. Over the course of his singles, collaborations and EPs, Jeffrey has continued to explore his sound, emerging as an exciting force in the contemporary pop space.

Like a long, dark piece of music, the pandemic started small, then got big, and loud, and painfully dissonant. Hot Buttered Rum did their best to cope with its indignities, as most did, and much of that coping was done through the business of making lots and lots of noise. The songs that emerged from all this noise-making are a little louder than any the band has released to date in what became the latest album, Shine All Night. Hot Buttered Rum hopes to help provide some cheer in the times ahead, whether those times are brighter, darker or, as so often, somewhere in between.

In anticipation of the new album, the band has shared several feature tracks in recent weeks including “No Reason Why,” “Find My Way,” and “I Want to be with the Dreamers” with coverage from outlets including Bluegrass Today, Bluegrass SituationAmericana HighwaysJambase and more. 

Hot Buttered Rum will tour select markets starting in September and will make stops throughout the West Coast and Pacific Northwest including their sold-out Camp Deep End festival in Navarro, CA.  Camp Deep End is co-hosted with ALO and Hot Buttered Rum.  HBR will cap off the year at Sweetwater Music Hall for a very special New Year’s Eve celebration.  All up-to-date news and information can be found at

Hot Buttered Rum on Tour

09.16.22 Camp Deep End – Navarro, CA – SOLD OUT

09.17.22 Camp Deep End – Navarro, CA – SOLD OUT

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09.18.22 Camp Deep End – Navarro, CA – SOLD OUT

09.29.22 The Get Down – Portland, OR

09.30.22 Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA

10.1.22 Bend Fall Festival – Bend, OR

10.14.22 Chico Women’s Club – Chico, CA

10.15. 22 Moe’s Alley – Santa Cruz, CA

10.16.22 HopMonk – Novato, CA

10.28.22 Arcata Theatre Lounge – Arcata, CA

10.29.22 New Family Farm – Sevastopol, CA

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12.31.22 Sweetwater Music Hall – Mill Valley, CA


“PREMEDITATED,” the newest single from Montreal’s SOMBRA, is a not-so-subtle determination to become your own person and not become a victim of a sordid, pre-determined fate.

“This song is all about my everyday attempt to avoid falling into the same mistakes and traps as those before me. It’s about wanting to find and establish yourself, and in doing so, feeling like you have agency, rather than just accepting your destiny,” SOMBRA’s mastermind, Matthew Cataldo says.

Cataldo – the Montreal-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist behind SOMBRA – effortlessly guides the song through intense melodies, forging a sound reminiscent of artists such as Tame Impala and Cage the Elephant, while staying true to his synth-heavy roots and blurring the lines between Indie-Rock, Alternative Rock, and Alt-Pop.

The song’s video is set in a vehicle aimlessly travelling down a winding road through a forest, creating an illusion of claustrophobia. Cataldo, who sings the song while shifting from seat to seat, occupying every space within the car, highlights the internal battle he documents throughout the lyrics.

“The video is very much aligned with the whole notion of trying not to live life in the rear-view mirror, and the duality of what I’m trying to be and what I’m trying not to be. My lack of agency is represented when I’m in the car, while the scenes set outside constitute the more emotional, parts of the song, where I’m desperately trying to break away from the road I feel predestined to drive down”.

Expanding beyond the realm of his one-man band origins, Cataldo is backed by a dynamic group, including long-time co-composer and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Jeffery Andrews as well as Argentinian-born bassist and backing vocalist Daiana Bolini (Zoocrates).

“PREMEDITATED” is the heavier, alt-rock centred follow up to SOMBRA’s danceable and synth-driven “PYRAMIDES”, which was released in July of 2022.  Both singles, together with a collection of upcoming tracks will eventually take the shape of a forthcoming album.

Fusing multiple genres, from Synthwave to Industrial to Alternative Rock, SOMBRA’s music is produced with an international mindset, with upcoming singles born in diverse settings including Japan, France, Mexico, and Argentina.

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The release of “PREMEDITATED” includes a B-side entitled “Jikoshoukai” (meaning self-introduction in Japanese), a more atmospheric track written while Cataldo was in Tokyo, and is darker, with heavily distorted guitars and piercing synth lines.

“In all honesty, “PREMEDITATED”,’ is excruciatingly personal. My father was diagnosed with cancer this year, and part of this song is really dedicated to him. Both he and I have shared similar mental health struggles throughout our lives. I want to learn from his mistakes, by forging my own path, without resenting him or myself for the decisions I make. The reality is, that we will never have unconditional free will living within a societal framework that conditions us since the day we were born. Certain things will always be predetermined, so we must accept this and live our best lives within that confinement.” Cataldo acknowledges that it’s tough to be vulnerable, and “PREMEDITATED” highlights the back-and-forth, and the notion of being “in control” that so many people wrestle with, but don’t necessarily reveal.

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Emi Jeen burst into the alt-pop scene as a solo artist in late 2015, telling evocative stories – at once hopeful and nostalgic; wistful and urgent; raw and graceful. Noted on stage for her theatrical energy and outspoken talent as a performer, it is also the exuberance of her dark pop style and aesthetic that leaves no one indifferent!

In 2020, inspired by many heartbreaking experiences in the music industry and various traumas, Emi Jeen drew international attention with her debut EP as an indie artist, The Other Side, a powerful pop-alternative manifesto featuring the hit songs, “Holy Water” and “Other Side.” If her music is in line with a therapeutic logic of exteriorization of her emotions, she does not hide her diversified musical influences which gravitate between the great female voices of the industry, rock-metal, and pop of the 90s and 2000s.

The emerging artist borrows the basis of her musical register from opera, which gives her a unique vocal dexterity, more surprising and spontaneous in live shows, and an unparalleled stage presence that she has developed over the years while performing in front of adoring crowds in Dubai, Morocco, Thailand, and Malaysia with the all-female band, A.K.A.

Emi Jeen reveals herself with confidence that is embodied in the recent release of the first track from her new project, Dark Lonely Summer, and the song, “One Million Perfume.” To begin a brand new chapter, and without hiding her international aims, the next EP entitled Why So Serious, to be released by the end of Summer 2022, promises a pop-rock 90s inspired production, powerful voices, and vulnerability.

Country singer/songwriter Trey Lewis reveals the secret to a good time in his new single “Give A Country Boy A Call,” available everywhere today. The collaboration with Country up-and-comer Hayden Coffman includes an official music video, illustrating their country boy demeanor while the two raise hell for a day in the country.

“Whether you are in the city, at the farm, fishing, or making a bonfire – we all know country boys do it better,” shares Lewis. “I teamed up with Hayden Coffman to make sure you know, you can always give a country boy a call.”


The unapologetically redneck track follows the success of six different single releases this year alone, including “My Ex Came Over,” “Single Again” and “How Bout We Don’t.” Successfully redefining the boundaries of Country music with his mega-viral hit “Dicked Down in Dallas,” Lewis caught the attention of millions garnering spotlights from Billboard, Rolling Stone, Barstool Sports and more. Lewis has continued to push the genre forward, releasing his Aug. 2021 EP Shut The Door and landing placements on streaming’s most sought after playlists such as Apple Music’s New in Country, Spotify’s New Music Friday and more.

Rising artist 12AM has released another insatiable hit with his latest track Nothing Into Something,” out now via Sony Music Entertainment Canada. The pensive pop song accentuates 12AM’s smooth and effortless vocals as he dives into the complexities of a relationship, sharing a story around the pitfalls of love, miscommunication, and learning to find success within yourself. “Nothing Into Something” is yet another example of 12AM’s detailed songwriting and knack for crafting melodic pop hooks layered over live instrument production. 


“When I wrote ‘Nothing Into Something’ my goal was to give listeners a feeling of euphoria,” shares 12AM. He continues, “Everyone gets into difficult conversations with their partners and loved ones, it’s how you come together to overcome the odds that makes the difference.”

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Vancouver musician Clark Graham returns with his highly anticipated new single ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’, thelead trackfrom his forthcoming album Southlands set for release on October 7th. Listen here

Packed with classic folk elements and catchy pop power, ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’ is a true pop single filled with anthemic lyrics and raw emotion that blend together to provide a song that feels both hopeful and lonesome at the same time. 

“‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’ is a song that’s inspired by the joy of a new love coming into your life and the regret of letting it slip through your hands,” says Clark. “At it’s core the lyrics talk about the sacrifice it takes in life to follow your dreams, and the personal cost that comes with pursuing your calling. Sometimes we can’t truly appreciate something or someone until it’s too late and they’re gone. The character in the song is left to wonder what might have been if he’d chosen to stay and be with the girl with mountains in her eyes.”


Socials: @neillfrazer

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